Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitute 27 in the city of Eika

Volume 4:Prostitute 27 in the city of Eika

When the sun began to tilt, the sky began to stain red.

The countless red brick roofs of the orange reflecting the sunset are connected together, as if they were in Haiyuan.

Then on the opposite side of this orange sea, you can see the city like a prominent boulder, a distant white wall.

In the wind, the cloud that is completely unaware of the bloody turmoil outside, with a little envious feelings while controlling the posture in the air.

But it was fin finally landed on the roof.

Hmmm …

The same as electricity, it is painful.

The impact came from the right arm of the two squats.

"Will …"

I confirmed the wound and became the same Luna Lia, to her,

"Nothing, no problem. – Do not look at me like this. After a hundred battles?

But this is trying to be reluctant, this kind of injury, really can not get used to it anytime, pain is pain.

Pure pain is also very difficult, and his arm has a metal rod. This picture also has considerable mental pain.

To be honest, I also want to cry out.

But there is no way to cry, and the spirit switches to the confirmation of the situation.

No injuries

EH eh? No problem – though it is very scary, it is. "

A horrified expression, but a smiling Luna Lia.

In a situation that is quite stimulating, it is remarkable to say this.

"Take a little more"

"I can really say this because of this injury …"

"Because I have been through a hundred battles"

Try to make a bright voice, talk to you, and quickly confirm your injuries.

Two of them, hit the right shoulder and forearm.

The status quo is very painful, try to move or loose the palm of your hand, the unbearable painful attack – should be seen as almost impossible to use.

I have to pull out the company by strength, and I have to say it is bad.

Because the a barb on the way, if you want to pull it out, you have to do a lot of painful awareness. One does not pay attention, only the arrow stays in the body.

Plus, you have scored a number of fierce curses, even if you pull out, you can not fully recover with prayer.

Forcibly cut open or, it may not be unplugged, but it is better to make a big move than to do a lot of bleeding, so it is better to let it stab the activity and then fight after treatment.

Only, only the venom of the arrow is full, praying deeply for detoxification.

……But there are a few points that are resisted. I can not do it completely, and I feel a lot of paralysis.

It is severe, but fortunately, the body with the dragon factor is quite resistant to toxicity.

A little bit more, it's okay to do so.

– In other words, the conclusion is that you can fight!

The memory of the hills of one of my temples was awakened, and Brad shouted.

When the state is good, the soldiers at the time of perfection are of course very strong, so.

In actual combat, whenever the swords and punches intersect, "good state" and "quantity" will go away with fear.

What should be accompanied is the "bad state" and "incompleteness", and then the weakness associated with it.

Accumulating fatigue, injury, timidity and cringing elves can only be a real warrior when they erode the soul. I can understand it a little.

"-, Will …!"

The wings make a sound of slap the wind.

I think the winged demons flew up from the cracks in the surrounding buildings, patrolling around and catching us.

The devil's mouth with a strange shape – slammed, smashed like a new moon.

Can not escape, like saying this.

A distorted smile because of joy and abuse.


Because of the expression of horror, Luna Lia approached me with no words.

The army looped and hugged me tightly.


Ah, the demons now think that I am forced into a desperate situation.

I think I can win.

I thought that I had not choice but to escape ugly, so I thought so.

「……Can you underestimate me? "

Showing your teeth.

I have no strategy to run up, do you think so?

If you think so, this is your defeat.

The demons lifted the sword and squatted –

"-" Thunder whip "," Spider Net "!!"

This moment, like the sound of a broken clock, or the loud sound of a cannon.

Converging Mana to change "Spirit", Lei Guang flashed in several places in the space branch.

Stimulates the nose, like the smell of the atmosphere burning.

"Hey !?"

The sorrows of the devil's high notes.

Radially spread the net of lightning, catching the winged demons, burning, and shooting down.

If you flee to the roof, most of the demon can not aim at us because of the angle of the angle.

While winged individuals can catch up, the individuals with flying ability are originally a few, and can become the air in which the obscured objects hardly exist.

When it comes out, it will become a bait for a wide range of magic.

And the strong thunder of "Thunder's Spirit" and the thunder that flashed in the air, here to launch a strong magic, the matter of this level of war should be spread immediately.

The sergeant warrior and the knight, the guards, will fully assemble the equipment.

After that is –

"Let the time, just!"

In the ear, the sound of the bang.

Running on the roof.

On the road, like a few meters of cliffs, holding Luna Lia did not hesitate to jump over.

While landing,

"Links, Tracking …"

Singing the "Spirit of Spirits" That holds the power of tracking,

"Ice of the Ice!"

Shoot the ice in the back.

The arrow that is released gleamingly drags the tail of the snowflake to draw an arc, climbs the roof, and hits a trap that wants to catch up with with.

Cracking sound. The crystal of ice in the shape of a sagate bounces off and dissipates with an untimely clear sound.

Because this knocked over a circle, the demon caught in the back fell from the end of the roof.

I roughly confirmed this and ran on the roof.

What is necessary is time.

To some extent, if you run back and forth on the roof, you can expect reinforcements immediately.

However, the demons are also desperate.

But the winged individuals seem to have been almost killed by the "Thunder of the Thunder", but even so, they climbed up from the roof one by one, and caught up in the nearby roof.


Put a demon flying up from the side of the roof,


Gently turn the toes and kick the fingers holding the hilt.

Because of the painful distortion of the demon, the sword that was taken off the broken hand and flew in the air.

This moment, the axis is re-twisted again, and the same kick is used to release the cross kick.

The devil fell from the roof and fell to the road.

The flesh is crushed and squeaky.

From below, the sorrow of the passers-by was heard.

Let's go It is a demon! "

While shouting at them, I jumped up and flew over the roof of the slightly tall building.

So the top of the roof – the leaping ridge, to the opposite flat.

Kneeling there.

"Hey !?"

The tens of demons that ambushed over, let them eat body collisions.

It was also a few drops, quite a strong drop.

Run out again, this time there are three demons like the ones blocking us.

Each of the deformed, inflated, developed muscles, with a thick round shield on the hand, is as thorny as a shortened cuff. (Sleeve:The weapon used by the Edo era to catch prisoners by weblio)


Use the thorn to hook me or Luna Lia's clothes rolled up and stop us from moving forward. It is so planned.

If one hand is injured and the other hand is in the state of Luna Lia, the one can not be completely resolved. Some dangers.

I turned my brain for a moment –

"Sorry to throw out"

Luna Lia apologized.

Gosh? throw–? "

Then I threw her out.

Injecting the dragon's strength, sturdy, high.

– The same sorrow as the silk rupture.

In this way, the three demons of the round shield and the armholes rushed into each other.

However the demon seemed to be shocked by my actions, she still bent down on the roof, and a shield was set up in front of the two.

The purpose is to take my one shot * and hit it with the sleeves.

The posture of the round shield is quite perfect.

The palm of your hand, or the head, will be blocked with that round shield whenever you want to aim.

In this regard, I just rushed to make the position of the palm of my hand on the side of the flank –

To the erected shield, score a blow from the front.


The place where the three people worked together to be the most stable and defensive, actually rushed over the the target, and the demons did not expect this.

The demons who are wide-eyed, stepping back and forth – this time,

"Yeah, ah, ah, ah !!"

I am more forced to press.

Although the demons are resisting, they are still dragging back and forth-just like this, the feet are vacated from the roof.

Together with the tiles that have been exchanged, the devils who have fallen.

The ground is a weapon, so who is this?

The so-called high-level battle, the height itself can solve the opponent for me.

Even if you do not penetrate the opponent's defense, it's good to use the exercised muscles to fly.

So what is necessary is a more dexterous and balanced feeling than thick.

It's a big bad move to make a heavy sense of ground warfare – thinking about it,

"Yeah, ah, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah


In the air, she caught up with Luna Lia, who fell with the sorrow, and hugged her like a circle in order to disperse the inertia.

Landing, while confirming the remaining chasing down a lot of demons, and sprinting again.

Step on the roof tiles that are subtly different in color and jump.

Wriggle the body, slant down, and fly over the roof of a slightly lower building on different roads.

Looking at the words of Luna Lia,

「……Oh, ah … "

Still, with a tearful mouth and a mouth.

「……Sorry. It scares you. "

I thought about this sentence while thinking that I did not really apologize.

But it is an instant matter, she is also so screaming, and it is of course reassuring.

Even thinking about it –

"Well, ~~~!

Luna Lia could not help but cover her mouth and her face became red.

"Stupid, stupid! This fool! Can not believe it!

I pinched my flank.

It hearts

Roll up the wind.

Scurry, jump, and sometimes release magic, and sometimes fly close to the devil.

I just held Luna Lia and continued the escape drama on the roof.

– The feeling of expansion due to the dragon factor, telling me something.

I am afraid that the reinforcements have arrived.

In this case, the demon is cleared, and this is over.

So, when you think about it.


The roof in front of the opposite side.

The "Captain Level" Talpida led several demons and blocked us.

The commander personally stopped.

Is the devil finally forced to a desperate situation? So, the moment that was considered in a moment.

Talpida, a strange little face with a tentacle, raised his hand –

"" "The Fire of the Fire!" "

The demons, released the magic of the fire.

However, this level of sweeping is not a problem.

Use the prayers of the Holy Shield to strengthen the defense –


This moment, I widened my eyes.

The goal of Fire is not us.

Like the miracle of the shield that appearance, draw the arc of fire magic, one by one, hit the surrounding buildings.

The upper part of the dense high-rise house, because of the load-bearing problem a lot of wooden.

Plus, is there any oil in advance, or is there a "speech" used to sing in advance, and the burning begins to spread out with considerable momentum.

kindare you crazy!? "

There is no way for Luna Lia to shout.

Set fire in this dense metropolis.

What this brings, is understandable.

But Talpida, who led the devil, did not know the number of him, and he's stupid.

"If you escape, the flame spreads and kills the people."

Sound like a noise, so announced.

"Sa, ah, the Paladin. – Do you want to guard the vows? "

Like humans, it is a plausible face with anemones.

But I am here, I really saw the unique feeling of a sinister sinister.


– It is calculated, think so.

The demons' strategies are probably covered until here.

Lead, ambush, surround. It is good to use this encirclement to kill, even if you can not kill it, you will completely hurt your opponent and weaken your strength.

Then with the injury to escape, use the fire in the place where you escape to the road with the house –

Innocent citizens will enter the grand roll.

In short, the opponent is a paladin.

Set an oath that will not abandon the lament.

In this situation, understanding this and abandoning the words of the citizens, breaking my strong pledge of the gods, will greatly reduce it.

But do not abandon, stop to fight the devils –

One arm was killed, how many toxins were surrounded, and there was no arming, holding this state of Luna Lia.

It's the same thing to fight the flames, guard the citizens, and fight the demons that are prepared to kill me.

– Maybe it will be dead, the corner of my head, the extremely calm part, so whispered.

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