Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Eika 26th story

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Eika 26th story

"Hold me!"


Holding my hand on Luna Lia, holding it, the action I chose at the beginning was to jump.

Jump in the direction of the back, and move to the corner of the dry water spray square.

In the case of a ready-to-shoot shot, the possible angle of the shot that can be aimed at is bound by itself, so it is difficult to slam the position near the angle directly below.

To ensure the corners, the range that should be guarded is reduced from round to fan.

At the same time, the "Sacred Shield" was launched again on the head.

Oh, the sound of the smashing of Yakuya is ringing again.

I want to chase our traps. The devils bend their knees and raise their swords.

Is it coming, so at the same time.

"The Dragon, Destruction."

Similar to the Stars of the Mole, "Captain Level", Talpeda sang in a muddy voice, the world still still full of ancient magic of the era of the dragon, "The Spirit of the Dragon".

Like the deformed dolls, the traps are prepared by the imps, one by one, because of "the Spirit", the mana that has been converged.

The magic of the ancient times used by the spirits of the dragon and its genus to improve the destructive power.

Even if I have a dragon factor, I am afraid that it can be expected to be quite effective.

Then, in order to confront, offset, the "Spiritual Spirit" used by the dragons of the gods is long ago.

Became the Lost Words.

If it is evil dragon Varaseka, you know that it is against against magic, but –

Regrettably, now is the time when the dragon has left, and Wallaseka is also dead.

The magic that can sing "The Spirit of the Dragon" makes it very rare. In order to destroy the "Spirit" of "The Spirit of the Dragon", no one will remember it.

"Hey !!"

The traps of the devils, set the sword tip of the dragon to rush in.

The one covered with viscous black mucus is undoubtedly a poison sword.

No matter which sword is stabbed, it is about life and death.

From the body of Luna Lia, who was hugged by her left hand, there was trembling and tension.

So I

"Oh, oh !!"

Join the momentum and pick up the fight as usual.

The left hand was holding holding Luna Lia, who made a small sorrow, and the right hand jumped forward and left in the front left.

At the highest speed that can reach the left hand of the trap, the right hand palm draws a small circle, and the twist of the wrist and the palm of the hand will swing the blade from the spurt outward.

Just grab the palm of your hand and pull it over.

"Oh !!"

Forcibly seize the sword and kick its body with a horizontal kick.

A trapped devil who was kicked like a cannonball, and his companion was involved in falling like a domino.

"" Lone "," Spider Web ""

While covering the spider silk to hinder the detachment, I lifted the sword that I had seized, and the traps that covered the net smashed like a harpoon.


Piercing, screaming.

Avoid the flying 弩 矢.

And facing the second wave of enemies.

"Growing" and "Oil"

Covered with thick grease restrictions action.

Regardless of the demons who fell, make sure the target uses the finger to depict "Inscription".

"-" Thunder whip! "

The attacking magic that is not used is often scored in the approximate position of the sniper shooter determined by the shooting.

The metal-induced lightning strike of the beggar was sucked in by a small hole of the size of the arrow, and it made a dying call.

In this way, there is no pause, and the "Solid Shield" is once again launched.

The well-trained body is like a well-prepared mechanical device.

Throw a lot of worry aside, and (the body) act for me as usual.

Devil's, the expression is distorted.

……Poisonous and cursed, and rare dragon-killing magic.

There are also the presence of Luna Lia, which should be guarded.

It turns out that it's really just a matter of thinking about killing humans like me.

The possibility of death is very good.

If you are cut by a sword, you die.

Death is caused by the arrow.

So I got the invincible me because of the dragon, again because of the fear of death …Very, the demons have considered it.

In this case, I have to say that this idea is too naive.

Because this is a matter of course.

Humans usually die when they are cut by a sword. If they are hit by an arrow, they will die.

This is fighting, it is violence.

I did not think that because the blood of the dragon became an invincible superman, I always tried to defeat this arrogance.

Ignoring the fear of death, exercise results a tough body.

This is the exercise of the warrior. This is the beginning of a fight on the hills of the dead, on the hills, and when Brad is fighting, the "self as a warrior" is formed.

"Amazing ………"

I heard the Luna Lia holding the whisper.

I tried to think about it, and the gesture of serious fighting including magic made her see it. This is the first time.

"Slightly changed your mind?"

Deliberately ask the past like a joke.

In fact, it is not such a good situation. The hand of the attacking magic that is usually sealed is played out, and it is just a situation that can barely cope.

……However, in front of the girl who should be guarded, I want to cover it with a rich expression.

"Hey. I understand that you are not just a dull good man. "

Quite a harsh answer.

The pale face, even so, smiled at me with resoluteness, and I smiled back.

「……Sa, what do you do? "

The corner of the dry water spray square has been covered with grease, and the range of penetration on foot has been limited.

However the attack of 弩 矢 is effective, it is also a priority here, so it is impossible to win the game.

Of course, the concentration will be weakened, and the movements with more gaps will be limited, but by the way, you can use the "Thunder of the Spirit" to defeat.

Then the most important one –

"Time is on our side."

Even if it is a bad road to peace and order, here is the "Teardrop Capital."

The king of the French king, the king.

If the demon violently walks for a long time, of course, the warriors and the warriors belonging to the Knights will come over.

In this case, it will be inevitable for the devil.

Talpida is like a mouthful of mouth-like mouth, with a dense, fine-toothed bite.

"■■■■■■■■■■ -!"

Like the noise, the language of the devil is shouted.

What was indicated, there was no time for this, and the trap kid broke in.

Can not you break the cans? I thought about it for a moment, then denied this.

The demons are basically good at traitors, and they are embarrassed.

Think that there is a higher strategy as well.

But what's next – the moment the brain thinks so, the trained flesh is slickly converted into combat action.

"Destruction exists!"

The strong destruction of the vortex smashed a group of leading demons.

However this gap distracts from the remnant of the sacred shield's durability, it seems that the attack from the beginning has been reduced.

Is the end of the shooting pulling the string, or is the warning striker a change in position?

When I thought of this moment, I heard the broken sound of the shutter door from the beginning.

Looking up, I saw the winged demon with a sword, slanting down like a gliding to kill me.

"Hold me, force!"

Re-holding Luna Lia and rushing in.

"Oh, yeah ~ ~!"

Rushing over and avoiding assaults to counterattack.

I bet on the whole body weight of the body like assault, and my fist collided, the flesh of both sides squeaked a squeaky voice – this fierce collision, winning by strength.

The fist broke the face of the devil.

The attack of several traps that rushed into this gap, while protecting Luna Lia, responded appropriately, resolved, and in turn seated the weapon and cut it.

I noticed Talpida, who wants to sing "Spirit".

"" Silent "and" mouth "!


Seal your mouth.

The trap kid rushed out, I used my right hand to shoot down the short sword that aimed at the abdomen, and used the reaction force to hit the lone boxing (a kind of hit technique).

Straight hit, smashing the broken hand.

Then, the other traps of the little devils swung the sword, and rushed in like Thunder to fight the throat.

In this way, holding the sword throat, the trap is passed through the trap.

In this way, I just pulled it out and wanted to move to the next opponent.

– Hey, the head of the trap kid bounces.


The next moment, the pain in the right arm was noticed.

On the right arm, the sputum is puncture.

"Oh, ah !!"

After I pulled my hand from the throat of the trap, I jumped up.

Throughout the body of the dying demon, I just stabbed several squats.

"Wei, Will …!?"

All right.

From the singularity of several curses that overlapped, the scary sparkling black light of the curse chain overflowed and wrapped around my arm.

Pray to the gods.

Several curses that hold the most deadly effects are are purified, but prayers can not catch up with the curse.

Luna Lia wants to pull out and reach out.


Hey, he was opened by a high-density curse.

Almost at the same time, the traps were pressed over.

There is no feeling of hiding the attempt. I have a short sword that has been applied to the "Death of the Dragon" and wants to the surround my posture.

……Suddenly, I remembered the movies of past lives.

In the shooting battle, the fallen actors and the table were used to cover the actors who performed the action.

However, in combination with the reality, the large – caliber heavy firearms held by the servants can easily penetrate to some extent.

But "I do not know how to feel it", the audience will see the sofa and table as a solid shelter.

It is, that delusion.

It should be understood that the words of the large crossbow on on on 盔 upper 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 upper 盔 uppers 盔 upper 盔 uppers 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 Jia 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 Konan 盔 Jia

But I do not know when, I used the trap kid as a shelter.

Killing the shooting of the companions, the reasons why the devils are jealous, obviously there is no!

"Hey! Hey …! "

The field of view begins to shake.

The balance feels very strange.

Even so, the body is still fighting.

If you are surrounded by demons, you will be stabbed into hedgehogs.

"Will, Will …! Cheer up a little …! "

Even in this arm, Luna Lia is also together.

– Will not let you succeed.

Impossible, let you succeed.

"" Lone "," Spider Web "!

The spider silk is open.

The moment of opening, suddenly, through the avant-garde trap, the devil's scorpion stabbed to my right shoulder.

A strong impact, maybe the shoulder bones are shattered.


In the direction of the group, somewhere in the back row is lurking.

No, it can not stop it.

Do not leave.

But where?

Road It is within the expectation of the devil, there is definitely a trap.

Break the wall into the house? Maybe it's still unexpected, but if you break the building with magic, I can not take it with my Luna.

But then, where are you going.


This time, flashed in my mind.

Through the shadow of memory, the apostle of Fengshen.


"Fog !!"

Forcefully, like a howl, inject all Mana to unfold the fog.

In the moment when Talpida sang "The Spirit of Offset", I hugged her with the arm of nothing –

"-" accelerate "!"


It is like an added house surrounded by water sprays.

To the window on the second floor, I jumped all the way.

"" accelerate "!"


In order to kick the momentum of the window frame, fly and jump, and accelerate with the triangle jump.

The body creaks.

The sorrow of Luna Lia holding her voice.

"" accelerate "!"

Once again, fly on a higher wall.

The wind in the ear snorted.

In the field of view, the rough building flows obliquely downward.

"" accelerate "!!"

The throat is also called like a dry, the last jump.

— The sky, extending.

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