Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Eihua No. 25

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Eihua No. 25

This is the memory of the past life.

When I saw a picture of the animal named Star Snake, I had a memory of "呜诶".

The photo of the Mole with a cute name captured from the front gave me a very grotesque impression.

This mole has a big claw like a mole, and its nose is a star – it is better to have a shape like an anemone.

This is the usual phenomenon of simulacras (the phenomenon that humans will see the three points of concentration on the face of an adult).

Surprisingly, the nose of the pink protruding nose of the flesh, according to the optical illusion, will be seen as the face of a monster holding a creepy eye socket.

Huge body with huge claws, disproportionate little face. Pink tentacles creeping face, completely empty eye sockets.

This strange monster of horror, but if the angle of view changes, it is just a little strange nose rat.

– the words of previous life.


This is different in this life.

The one that led the few traps around and swayed in the frontal alleys was something that could remember the photo of the star-nosed rat.

Covering the body's dense animal hair, large claws on the hand.

Wonderful little face, a few flesh-colored tentacles stupid, humanoid demons.

In the brain, the name was pulled from a book related to the devil that has been read many times.

It is true that the shape is, "Captain Level", Talpida.

The body is light, and it is made into a demon who is good at approaching the war. With the trapped devils, the swaying creepy swaying posture gradually approaches.


Luna Lia sucked a cold breath because of singularity, and cringed.

Like the electric shock, my back neck flashed aversion.

Just because the sense of crisis was awakened while pulling out the short sword and flipping the body, waving back to Talpida.

ting! A fierce metal tone was emitted, and the hand holding the handle had a strange feel.

The next moment, jumping up and down on the stone road is the blade of the short sword that is easily broken, and the front end is unknown shape …弩 ((volt)!

It is expected that the second shot, the third shot, and the prayer will be added immediately.

The prayer of the Holy Shield.

The space flashed through the dazzling light, forming a few translucent shields that bounce off the shackles.

Is there a "curse of the curse" engraved on the arrow handle, and the curse that is released it a purple mist that wants to erode the shield, but it suffers because of the poor output.

It is a very dense "engraving".

……Just rubbing your hands and feet, paralysis and weakness, confusion and many other symptoms will come, it is the curse of this.

There are multiple snipers that can not accurately grasp the position of the shooter.

The sniper from the window and the roof – not just that.

I am afraid that walls and the like are also useful for "eyes of confusion" to make the eye of the gun, which is inconspicuous from the outside, an arrow – sized hole.

Even if I can not think of it, the devil will not be considered.

Several, the same hostility.

In the surrounding buildings, several of them were used to set up the demon with such flying props, giving up the hidden atmosphere and revealing the killing.

Grasp the situation.

The cold horror of the back has flashed.

……This time, maybe it will die.

Not weak, as a result of extremely calm analysis, such words emerge.

Now, more trouble than anything, it is not that there is no decent equipment to develop into a battle in the street.

Undoubtedly, this dry little water spray plaza is the area of ​​killing that the demons have carefully constructed.

Although it is a common use, only a short dagger is broken, and the other shooters are prepared to use a special winch to pull the heavyweight cymbals.

Unexpectedly, it can be fired without making too much sound. Whether it is a metal plate armor or a giant beast, you can ask questions and use fierce pronouns.

However there is a disadvantage of low burst performance, it is enough to make up the amount here.

There is a thick curse on the arrow handle. There is no doubt that the arrow is also poisoned. It is enough to kill me.

……There is no invincible person in this world.

The devil's "The King" was sealed by the heroes, and the evil dragon Varaska was also crusade.

– Holding a famous sword, a magic sword?

If you run a life like a human being, what is the number of moments without a sword?

– Bath the dragon blood, exercise with tenacity and strange power?

If you are proud of your tenacious strength, join the winch to increase the penetration of the cockroach and prick the hedgehog from all sides.

– The opponent is loved by God and awarded a miracle?

If you can use use prayer to heal the wound to alleviate the toxin, just use the curse and poison that difficult to solve with this prayer.

That is, this is the case.

They understood my ability and then killed it.

Life is death.

Then ironic is like God's teaching – if it is a living opponent, it can kill.

Even if the basic capabilities are different.

Refine the tactics.

Prepared by:

Complete props.

If you grasp the dominance, you can kill.

Even if it is me, there are no exceptions.

While I did not think it was was great, I expected the demons to have longer hands.

The human field, the center of the city, so far a large number of demons mixed in, thoughtful and exhausted preparations to attack.

Though in general, I have been on the side of the dominance in combat, but this form has finally been reversed.

– Now, I am the side That was being hunted and the side that was dragged down.

How to kill it?

The opponent has preparation time.

The superficial coping means, the opponents are also expected to have a high probability.

How can you exceed your your opponent's expectations?

The formula for this action is completely the out of the action is completely out of the reorganization posture regardless of the action.

It is absolutely unfavorable to stop in the middle of the opponent's killing field.

However, there is now Luna Lia next to it.

While protecting her, can I completely get rid of the alleys that do not know what to arrange?

Inspired by the spark of thinking, such thoughts crossed in the brain.

at this time.

「…………Ah-ah, it failed. "

From the side, there was a faint voice.

She is as sad as this is not a big deal.

Put your fingertips on her smooth face and squint slightly.

"Sure enough, the devil is really barbaric. It can be used by people, so there is nothing wrong with getting people involved.

Hey, Sui Ya once again hit the "Sacred Shield".

The durability of the shield is gradually reduced.

Deepen the prayer. Overlapping the holy shield, standing in the position to protect Luna Lia.

"Well, though not what I can say, right?" This is self-confidence. – Hey, what are you doing? "


The attack of the Shield is constantly strengthened. I stare at the demons who have reduced the encirclement, and quietly ask back.

"That is, hurry." Because those guys are looking at you, not me. "

Cold, like a mocking tone.

"What should I do if I am hit by the stream? If you are a great man of the Paladin, should not you start to act to protect me? "

Covered eyebrows.

A scornful look.

There is no smell of lies.

But, no –


She is shaking slightly.

This is enough.

"No problem, please feel at ease."

"Ha, what are you talking about? You

Seeing my expression in this situation, I can see if it is generally favorable or not.

In the context of not forming a clear lie, racking his brains to say cold and ruthless words.

No fighting power.

There is no such thing as subversion.

Staring at me smoothly (killing), obviously depending on the situation, it will easily die …Obviously, she has a warm feeling for her doing these things for me.

Kicked your concern, sorry.

But no problem.

"–you, protect me."

After this assertion, she closed her mouth.

Then, in the mouth, shaking, I want to rack my brain to say something, please do not.

「……呐 "


「…………This kind of thing, I am, really do this? "

"It's okay"

Answer the words that you asked asked to go up and answer immediately.

Originally, this is a suspicious person who is good at hiding the true heart, but has no feeling of lying.


She lowered her eyes and whispered.

"I want to frame you?"

I know

"I sold you?"

"This also knows."

"Is it an enemy?"

"I do not think so."

"If you get paid, whoever will wag his tail to the woman?"

"Though I have said it several times, please do not belittle yourself."

「……Enough is enough. Really, enough. "

Shot out of the vector.

Several "Spirit", cursing.

Weaken the Divine Shield – with a wet eye, she smiles slowly.

"It's like, the words of persuasion. – It's a bad person. "

Soft voice, like loving me.

As usual, the words of mischievous words are always feeling that there is no bad mood.

"I really betray you, I am terrible?"

Haha. Then, in order not to suffer from horror, it will not work.

Can not hesitate in the casino.

– Description, I always feel that I have been connected to the first time.


There are dozens of enemy demons.

Beside the women who should be guarded, the complete crisis, the desperate.

– Brad's words will definitely smile proudly.

This is the battlefield of men.

This is the wish of the warrior. There is no shortage as an opponent.

So, I did the same.

Luna Lia's waist on the bracelet, hugged it – facing the demons who were coming, because they were not used to it and some were not handsome, even if they showed their teeth and laughed.

– Sa, want to kill me? There we go.

Like the temptation of this smile, the enchantment of the prayer was destroyed.

Together with the sound of the broken glass, the glittering radiance particles scattered – the unpleasant demons, rushed over.

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