Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Eihua No. 24

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Eihua No. 24


Mr. Samuel, who led me for the purpose of the restaurant, said that "something happened" and left.

I am afraid, think about it for me.

As my habit, I roughly confirmed the structure and retreat of the building and then entered the store.

The store is a two-story building, which is common in the large houses of the "Prairie Continent" (Gulasland), like a pattern of mouth-shaped structures built around the atrium.

In this configuration, it is possible to illuminate from the atrium portion, the possible windows and doors are reduced as much as possible, and there is such an intention.

The world is still not peaceful, and crime prevention-that is, restrictions on external contacts as much as possible, and avoiding the intrusion of dangerous things, understands the reasons for the popularity of such structures.

In addition to this kind of store, there is another advantage to adopting this configuration.


Let the practitioners in the store lead the way and step into the moment.

The first thing that comes to mind is that the bright red space, with the light of the candlestick swaying, subtly changes the color of the corridor.

I do not know from which room, the music of the comfortable stringed instrument came out.

In the atrium, the plants in the West, which are invisible in this place, are very flourishing.

– It seems to be the incredible atmosphere of a country that is come, not knowing which ones you do not know.

In the case of a closed space, it is easy to brew a mood and atmosphere that is different from usual.

……It is a beautiful structure.

I thought about it, I was taken by the clerk, and after passing through a room on the second floor, I said, "I want to see the courtyard," I hope to go out of the corridor.


Go out from the red cloister and look at the beautiful courtyard while walking – the same, there is a man who puts his hand on the armrest and looks out over the courtyard.

There are old injuries on the tight face, a good workout, and a tight slender body.

The hair is carefully combed to the back, the old man.

He looks at this side,

"Oh, this is not the Paladin?" – Adventures

This gently smiles at me.


Gulangtree Al Wessada Gaga.

The contemporary owner of "The Short Sword of Magic". "The right of the defensive faction.

"It is my glory to meet."

Answer within the scope of not lie and rude.

Of course, this encounter is not an adventure, but an arrangement.

There are all kinds of things in various positions, "I accidentally meet in the cloister of the restaurant that goes down the road, and if I ignore each other, it is too rude, so I chatted." It is like this. It is this time. Thing.

My words are not good at this aspect, so I am grateful to Mr. Samuel for sorting things out for me without any faults.

For a moment, quickly patrolling around, just –

"There are no strange eyes and ears ….Ah, the guardian is a little bit. Let them leave "

Gulangtree always showed me a smile that was more than I expected. I said so.

"I can not win the fear"

"No, this is a matter of course as a soldier."

But smiling, like the smile of an amiable old man, the other side of this smile.

So, Then, what kind of words do you want to say? "

His eyes are complete and he is not smiling.

……I stared at my unfeeling eyes.

Hmmm …

I can not help but wince when I see this.

At this time, Gulangtree's old eyes suddenly softened.

Ha ha ha …Oh My God. His Highness is also really bad. Actually sent this innocent person. Is this really the same, is not it like I am blaming young people?

"Ah, ah haha ​​…"

I do not know how to answer it. I smiled awkwardly.

"Plus, are you a magician? Also can not lie. And because it is a devout priest, he is also bound by an oath. "


Gulantry's old eyes were thin and suddenly smiled.

"Honest words. Honest vows. ……For the indiscriminate dialogue, it's really dazzling for the residents of the muddy water.

Some words of a playful taste were made.

– I can not help but say that I read a few "honest" breaths from it.

"There is no such thing."

「……Hey? "

"If you are a person who is used to turbid water, you will not say this."

After smiling at him like this, the old man in front of him smiled softly.

"- It's just like this."

The roots of the plants that are not seen in the courtyard are very thick, and the leaves are bright and full of vitality.

Breeding the plants that could not grow in this place, I am afraid that there is no magic, and the essence of the gardener repeats the research.

So, Then, Lord Wang Di, how do you say? "

"Things about the devil – things have the possibility to reach the top." Regarding the exclusion, I want to help you with your cooperation, so that "

Tell the pre-ordered words.

But this, the man in front of him, is different from his position.

Thinking about what kind of answer you will get –

"It turns out that it is."

With that said, he nodded repeatedly.

"If it is the internal affairs of (His Highness), then your highness can handle it. Tell me what it means – well, this is the case. "

Then reveal a complex expression and sigh deeply.


There's nothing to be done. Please, please convey to your Highness, "I have already understood it."

Unexpectedly, agree with the words.


"Oh, it looks very unexpected."

Was it a little careless to show it?

The old man of Gulangtri emerged as a smile of the old man.

"It's really different from the position of the highness, but we are all eating the country's shackles ….It's foolish to have a fire in your own home, and it's stupid to fight around the interests. "

First had to put out the fire, he laughed so much.

The smell of lying here is completely absent.

"His Royal Highness knows this."

Oops. AhSo I said "Go" to me. "

EH eh? It's true that through your words, your highness has intention of intervening.

Not a person who is suitable for negotiation.

It is such a thing that I can not lie, and I am bound by the oath.


"There is another thing."

I took a slow breath.

I have to say my personal topic.

「……Very embarrassed, anything else, because there is a private matter that wants to ask questions. "

"Oh, what else?"

He seemed to accidentally squint his head.

There is no clue to "private matters" between me and this old man. This is a natural reaction.

……Already, it is more than two hundred years old.

I will be suspected according to the situation, or it will be said to be stupid and ridiculous. On top of this consciousness, I look into his eyes.

ThisWhen things come to an end, it does not matter. "

EH eh?

Put your right hand palm on your left chest.

Straight, tell this words.

"- From the end of the southern end to the end, the cause comes as the messenger of the dunning."

For this discourse.

The old man inherited the "Sword of Magic" has widened his eyes.

"Now, I am the agent of the sage. Also got the words of the key

……As a loan two hundred years ago, the short sword and silver coin of "Engraving". Please add interest back, this time I am here for this. "

Representing the words of urgent in a respectful manner.

Until the end of this discourse, Gulantry always kept his eyes wide open.

「…………Surprisingly "

Then he whispered.

"Too surprised. Really, I was really surprised. ……Actually, such a day really comes. "

Then I stared at me intently.

There is no worry about this suspicion in this behavior.

"- can believe me?"

Well of course! So far, there have several several false promotions that are not worth mentioning. BUT …Mary Brad, report such a surname to achieve great cause, and your urging words with false hypocrisy "

There is no truth that he does not believe, he said so.

After that, it was still awkward – "surprising", the old man in front of him was so whispered.

at this time. Slightly, the entrance to the restaurant was full of turmoil.

It seems that the group is coming in.

「……Then, sir. After waiting, things will stabilize. "

EH eh? I will also convey to my grandmother. "

Gulantry Al Wesas Da Gha. "The magical dagger" contemporary homeowner, softly laughed.

"- I sincerely look forward to the visit of the Paladin"

The next day, I walked on the street in a brisk walk.

Every step of the way, the light shoes on the stone floor.

"I always feel very happy?"

"Generally like it"

I smiled and replied to Luna Lia.

There is no problem in the slums.

Dagabo's business is all right.

……In this way, I cleaned up the devil – related things and helped the high – ranking negotiations. After the treatment is completed, return to the "Southern Border Continental".

I always feel that there is a feeling of being with me in the future.

「……In this kingdom, I do not think there is any anything I can do. "

So mumbled.

"To make good deads as decorations, go back after a while, I think so -"

"Can you say that when you do not have time?"

「……Well. A little thing that can done done, right?

After saying this, she smiled bitterly.

眯 Thin eyes with different colors, soft.

"A little? Though I think that quite a lot of things have been done, is the Paladin adult really good at modesty? "

"This kind of thing -"

When I said this, I heard a song from the square.

"Where come from here in the south – holding a light in the light to illuminate the night -"

Not a bard song.

The song of the game of the child running back and forth in the square.

"The devils trembled in the blink of an eye and only ran away and ran away."

The rhythm is singing well, and it looks like the devil's retired song.

……This, how to say it, it is mine.

"Is the Paladin adult really good at modesty?"


Can not help but stunned, Luna Lia smirked and laughed.

– Recently, she often laughs.

Just laughing like this, she gave a very soft atmosphere over there, and could not help but but at at this expression.

「……What's the matter?

At this time, she hangs her lips like a mischief and squints her head slightly.

It is a reflection of the heart.

"No, it's not something, it's a big deal …"

"Oh, obviously you will be fascinated."


Hmmm Appreciate me, can I? ……Or try to look at it? "

"No, no need"

The action of the arm wrapped around, just like this, there is a strange fascination.

Although I understand that it is just a mischief against me, even if it is so, I can not help but blush.

"It's really boring."

"Is it not unhooked?"

"This is really a fish that eats strange things. It's such a charming bait.

"I feel that I saw the hook in the gap."

Ha ha

Keep throwing away the light words and walking.

It's completely whimsical to each other.

Between friends, nothing is a dialogue.

"But sure enough, I still need to be vigilant? Or, once it is the position of a paladin, the words of a woman who is kneeling – "

But when she said this, I wrinkled my face.

Stop and gently raise your hand to interrupt the words.

"Luna Lia ….Say what you are squatting, even if you are joking, do not say it. "

After saying this, her eyebrows wrinkled.

「……What is this, preaching? "

"Friends say this, just do not want to hear it ….I think your amazing beauty is an outstanding person. So please do not do this. "


She closed her mouth and said nothing for a while.

Then, once, sighed.

"It's really bad to say that these characters are not lying at all."

「……? That

"That is to say that you are too serious ….Ah, almost to the destination. "

From the main road, I do not know when I crossed into the hutong and finally arrived – there are two small intersections, round squares.

Because the water sprayed out of the water, the sprinklers that were flaking off the ash stood alone, and there was always a feeling of desolateness.

– There are people who want to meet, she said to me.

So I came here today.

Maybe it's her employer – she is following me because of a commission somewhere – maybe there is such a thing.

Or, there is something because someone else wants to come into contact with me because of something else.


Though a lot has been considered.

Why, at the back of the neck, the fear shrinks.

This way

"Oh, it's inside."

I said to me in a quiet voice – but I I stopped.

……Because of the brain, the dangerous apocalypse flashed.

Now, I do not have a sword. There is a short sword for daily use.

From the conditions, it is not bad. – But, how come.

It's all.Eh

At the same time as Luna Lia's words.

I used the enchantment of "Spirit", and the atmosphere that was hidden until the limit felt like it rose around.

Depressed alley.

Striking from the surrounding buildings, the strange smell rose –

In the broad day, the attack.

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