Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitute 23 in the City of Eika

Volume 4:Prostitute 23 in the City of Eika

"Oh !?"

The sound of sorrow sounded in the alley.

The length of a person.

A body like a human.

In front of them, the posture of the ruined hood is similar to that of people.

However, this is by no means human.

From the two eye sockets, human beings who give birth like a baby's hand will not not exist.

The tip of the tentacle, like a small finger, creeps strangely.

Like this creeping activity, its hands are deformed and the fingers are deformed toward the sharp claws.

– "The soldier level" demon, Bangna.

Do not rely on vision, perceive sound and vibration to act, the demon that is the most adaptable to the dark, for this –

"Wow, ah ah ah ah !?"

They – Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Ted, Mr. Gini three brothers rushed in.

Although it made a shameful voice, the action itself is true.

Mr. Rhodes, who initially held a slightly larger round shield, defended the straight claws and bites, and pressed his shoulders to stop the movements he wanted to hold.

During this period,

"Abominable, hateful! die! Give me death! "

Eee! This guy!? "

Mr. Ted and Mr. Gini walked around from the left and right, playing with a bright sword and a warhammer.

Even if the body of the demon's Banner is extremely tenacious, after all, if it is hit by the sharp blade, it will be hurt and bleed.

Banner put his claws on the stone and scratched it, making an unpleasant creaking riot.

However, the three brothers did not leave, did not leave, slammed, beat, and continued to give harm to Bangna.

If a person is targeted, the person will will defend and the other two will attack.

If you retreat, the three will even pursue the attack. If you want to forcibly break through, the two will jointly stop another person from attacking from behind.

– Leverage the use of quantitative advantages.

"I'm sorry!"Sorry, this sentence is really heavy.)

Banner bleeds a bubble from his mouth.

Is it a killer? The small shot of its eye sockets stretches out with a horrible momentum.


The oily mucus swayed out, like the baby's hand, and was smothered by Mr. Gini wielding a small shield.


From the back of the round shield, Mr. Rhodes made a one-handed sword to the belly of Banner.

From the back of the shield, aim at the combination of the one-handed sword and the round shield at the abdomen and armor interface, but it seems that the plain defense is also highly sturdy and extremely aggressive, extremely practical.

The sharp blade destroys the tough skin of the demon and tears the abdomen.

Then, when Banna was afraid, Mr. Ted will change his sword.

Actually it will be clenched to the backhand and waved.


With a strong hand guard, squat to Benner's back neck.

Although it is an excellent sword skill that can be used by the opponents of the whole body armor.

There was a squeaky dull sound.

Finally, Benner swayed and fell.

"Oh ah !?"

"No, do not, do not care!"

"Hit, hit !!"

Even if it fell, it would not care. The three men continued to attack.

They wore brand new armor, armed with bright weapons, and the tears on their faces were covered with tears.

Looking at it, this group of scenes –


I nodded.

While it is still immature, it can not be said that there are no short comings, but it was originally a tacit understanding of the brothers, and even the actual combat experience is not without.

If you put on a little better equipment, it will be stable, and when you think about it like this.

"The target facilities have been suppressed -! Run one to get there, no problem!? "

The blonde fluttered and put down the helmet, and the sergeant Miss Cesilla came over.

She saw the three people almost turned gray and standing continued to beat the devil, and stood up in a flash.

Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Good Mr., Mr. Gini, is also stained by the gray of the demon, and his face is twitched because of horror.

Because Miss Sercilia came over, she finally realized that she had already defeated the demon.

Stop the action and watch her three people in surprise.

Miss Sécilla is facing such a trio –

"Very good, can you overcome without the help of the Paladin ?!Good bones! "

In this way, holding the fist tightly to appreciate the action, could not help but smile.

The three brothers who have been stubborn, showed a dull expression, and then slammed down.

The joy of pride and the like, the mixed smiles of various emotions appear and look at each other.

Miss Cecilia over there smiled again –

"But if you go, train again! Every aspect is still too tender! "

The smiles of the three people were frozen, oh, and the sound of sorrow was heard again.

– The red light district in the afternoon is as quiet as a micro sleep.

This place is especially lively after sunset.

Then send out the guests who stayed in the morning, and then clean up, and this will become a commotion.

Afternoon is the narrow time zone of this gap, surprisingly calm.

"The savvy Miss Cesilla, and the three brothers who shivered because of this discourse, told them that" because there is a covenant " .

Just walking on the road in the red light district, the handsome blond man – Mr. Samuel came over.

"Oh, it's so smart."


Though it is like joking, but because you can not lie, you can only smile.

It is not an accidental encounter. It is a purposeful meeting.

"In general, there is no conspicuous action in the purpose of the mission. There seems to be no line of escape, so what is it in the end?

"–No matter what you are thinking, you just tighten the rope, but it does not make you feel creepy."

Aaah!It's hard to predict the ideas of these guys, oh.

Suddenly, he raised his face and his mouth hoisted slightly.

「……Bored from the surrounding level, there are good gifts. "

Just across the road, a group of several patrolling sergeants came over.

After hurriedly nodding their heads, they also noticed me, and squinted and returned.

……Because the devil's presence was exposed to the public, near the red light district and the slums, the patrol of the temple was back.

Because of the unclear state of affairs, Szkula, who pretended to be the mayor of Maynard, withdrew (patrol).

After all, the patrol and the disaster relief were abolished. As a result, the argument that I went back to the nest of the evil gods became the mainstream.

Even if the district governor has more corresponding rights, it will only be suspected if he insists on his own strong opinions here. It is better to be accountable for the previous speech.

……As a result, the gentlemen who came back were very quick.

To plead guilty to many things during the period, to return to trust as a task, first from the beginning of treatment and disaster relief.

Increase, pressure, increase patrols in places with bad public security, and introduce labor places to the poor.

Until the only part of my life that I can not do, I'm working hard to improve my work.

The road is a little better than before, and the atmosphere is getting better.

"Recently, I heard that you follow the training and treatment of the officers and soldiers."

"Hey. Because the three people who know each other, mix in and train for them, and also give thanks. "

"I heard rumors from Sacylia, saying that there is a reward for exercise. But it seems that those guys, the feeling of being in the front, is ok? "

But it did give Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Ted, Mr. Gini three brothers killed the demon's Wu Xun, but the strength did not catch up with the name.

It is highly probable that the name will be thrown out in the state of the front, and it is highly likely that it will be unreasonable and then shattered.

Mr. Samuel's fears are taken for granted. I also thought a lot about it.

Then there is one answer.

"It's good to go deep into the exercise until you catch up with the name."


Exercise is justice.

After saying this, Mr. Samuel showed a surprised expression – and then laughed.

"Yes. As a result, the soldiers are like this. "

"Is the name chasing from behind, or chasing the name in front of it, it is not enough."

"It's all right."

It is me who promotes their Wu Xun.

If you let the imaginary name move ahead of time, if you let it go, you can say that there is no responsibility.

Therefore, an environment for exercise is prepared.

If you can with with the exercise of the Walter Poseidon Warrior, you can learn quite a good skill after a while.

……However, it is here. They will not be taken care of on this and should not be taken care of.

Though immature, they are also warriors. Not a child.

It's an insult to their enlightenment as an adventurer who wants to act again, like a mother who wants to bother anything.

"If you can be a good warrior, then you will be fine."


So, after that, what can be done for them …

"I want to pray like this"

Only offer prayers.

I hope to have a good guide.

I hope that on this road, there will be kindness and justice, as well as a lot of happiness.


Samuel offered this word and nodded slightly with his eyes closed.

I am afraid he is also praying for them a little.

After that, I walked a little, silently.

Looking around, confirming that there are no eavesdropping ears – I said the subject.

「……Then, there is something you want to ask. "

"Ah, got the contact, the other party promised."

With this answer, let go of your heart.

The possibility of being severely rejected is also considered.

"The people over there are waiting in the restaurant – why do you want to meet specific?

On the one hand, Mr. Samuel wondered.

"You and that person do not feel that there is any connection."

"Yes, it does mean that there is no right talk, because of the attachments of His Highness's Highness have only met. Close to meeting for the first time "

「……So why bother?

"There is a reason, you can not help but see each other."

Now, probably.

I feel that if I yell at him, I will respond.

"- An important thing about the ancient langry of" The Short Sword of Magic ".

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