Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Eihua No. 22

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Eihua No. 22

Feel the power of Fagu and celebrate the victory together.

After that, we reconfirmed that there are no remaining enemies in the mansion.

In the room inside, several things like strange drugs are guaranteed as evidence, then –

"Bound," "Knot"

The dying "Captain Level" demon Fagu, again, carefully tied with "Spirit".

"Sorry, can you roll this into a roll, can you help me?"

The jacket used to change the clothes here wrapped in Fugu, took out the self-made string from the arms, and asked for assistance from the three.

The "Big Spider" in "The Beast of the Beast" is the twisted by the silk of the nest of.

If you tie it up, you will not break it if you do not burn it.

"Although it is good -"

"Take this guy up, then …"

"What to do next?"

When I was tied to Fagu, the three asked.

Yes, the problem is next.

"Oh, that's it …"

A lot of things have happened that might make them them too burdensome.

Sorry, when I think about it, I just want to say it –

"This is all right."

"We know the sprinkle"

Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Ted said this in a refreshing tone.

Mr. Gini tilted his head.

"What is good, big brother"

"Really, you are stupid, Gini."

"The Paladin is dressed up like this and retreats to the devil who sneaked into the street."

Why do not you think it's something that can be made public? Mr. Ted announced his reasoning.

How to say it, very confident.

So it is Big brother is really smart! ……Ah, but, let's talk. "

Mr. Gini also accepted it completely, then turned around and his expression sank.

「……This thing that kills the devil can not be advertised … "

"Ah, this is a crusade that can not be advertised – so our Wu Xun must not be able to say it."

"But, forget it. Taking risks with you always feels confident and courageous. "

So no problem.

We are ourselves, and now we feel that we can come back again – like the comfort of Mr. Gini's back, Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Ted seem to smile so easily and happily.

"Oh, no, that …"

"Sa, we are starting again!" Even if you can not brag Niu Wuxun, can you get a lot of tolls? "

"Re-buy weapons and armor, start an adventure trip …"

"Ah, big brother …!"


Interrupt the conversation with a very sorry mood.


"What's wrong?"

That, then.

Should I say that I am very sorry, or is it good news?

「……Speaking of this matter, it's good to go out. It's better to ask me to help me out. "

Gosh? The three men all looked down.

"It's better to start now to pull the guy who is tied up to the public, pull it back and forth in the city center and put it in the temple or the place where the Knights gather."




The eyes of the three people are very big.

All in all, according to the declaration, the demons caught are pulled out of the slums.

Converging with the pedicle.

"Oh wow !?"

She was shocked by the demon who was squatting.

But after explaining the reason, she unexpectedly calmed down.

"Oh, this, so disgusting …Are the demons like this? "

In this way, I watched the demons with great interest.

Unexpectedly, it may be suitable for being a scholar or an adventurer.

In general, let the helper help, this time prepared a little more people to pull the truck.

This is a slap in the face of the devil's guilt, the tied demon on the cargo platform – we walked to the city center.

By the way, the push-pull trucks were asked by Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Ted, Mr. Gini, and I walked alongside Ti.

This is not a great move to want to be lazy, just to fix them quickly when the devil breaks free.

This is very important when the biggest strength is empty.

Fugu's words were engraved on his body with magic, and he could not help but feel the color of despair.

……Well, almost I am sorry, I will not give you any point to escape the gap.

All in all, the parade in the city center with such a feeling – in fact, turned into a very big commotion.

"What is it?" It is close to the girl, because of the devil's abnormal shape makes a sorrowful girl.

Purely because of children who are interested in running and the women who hold the children.

Surprisingly wide-eyed, the tower ran out to the young people who communicated news to their companions.

After being seduce and tempted to "what, what,", I came close, and after I met with Faugu, I wow! A strong male who leans back to the ground.

It is really a variety of reactions.

It will be clear at a glance that the monster of the monster is bound and taken away.

While they are basically all around, there are all kinds of people in the big cities.

Is interest and responsibility more than self-defense, and there is "What happened?"To the person who asked us to walk next to us.

Whenever such person appeared, Tidy proudly and eloquently told us about it.

"This Rhodes, Ted, Gini three brothers! I can not tolerate the slums who do evil – "

With the help of the paladin adults, the three men of the righteous sneaked into the slums and retreated the devil who sold the poison.

……Though it is not as good as Bi, it is quite realistic.

Then I want to hear these, people with strong interests, and I like to say people.

I can not help but want to say something to others.

When they saw it, they told the words of Tidy to others.

Although sometimes there are people who are proud to say their own eyes, this is the so-called diligence.

"Yeah, this will become a celebrity tomorrow."

"No, no, no, no!" Why are we like the protagonist …Almost a supporting role!? "

"We have been hiding behind you all the time, and finally ran away …"

"It's just temporary leak, right?"

"If you miss it, you can not do it."

……It is not all that we are going to the other side.

Escape is also good to hide is also a good tactic.

If the opponent who can not beat the battle is almost desperate, it is better to say that even if you are considered a man, you should escape with courage.

They seized the opportunity and then gambled on the opportunity to win.

Grasping Fagu is their Wu Xun.

Not my thing.

"Please stand up. – Everyone is already a great demon killer. "

So laughing at them, they are really complicated expressions.

Or use your index finger to lie under your nose, or scratch your head, or hold your hand and let go.

Then organize the hair and support the clothes.

They are always a feeling of not getting used to them, they stand up.

– Kill the devil, the posture of the soldiers.


I feel happy too, and I just raised my eyes.

……Immediately after this, the murderous knights and sacred warriors were screaming, and the metal sound of the high – pitched armor was rubbed, and dozens of people ran over.

Received a notification.

"This, the person of this truck! wait wait wait! Wait, stop! Do not move!

They were screamed and stopped.

The three men are still standing on their chests, and they are pulling straight and sweating.

– Well, well, it can not be done done overnight.

But I was a very murderous Cavalier, I was scared by the name I posted (the rapid) attitude softened.

The name of "The Paladin at the End of the World" is more edible.

Together with the three people and Ti, also solemnly dealt with the temple that brought the nearby god Brez

In this way, the demon is extradited, explaining why – not not all of them are spoken, they are answered within the scope of what can be said without lie – and then their faces change greatlyly.

Immediately dispatched several knights and sergeant warriors to the homes of the slum problem.

For the captured Fagu, recruiting powerful magic from Sage Academy, using a few rare magic to force the information out of the head, took such measures.

The "Lingling" of this kind of inquiry system is in a fairly close position of "Forbidden Spirit", and above this, at most, it only has the effect of extracting part of the surface thinking.

Thinking like a heterogeneous existence of demons will be more difficult to read.

The magic of the technique is also quite embarrassing, and the face has been languid for several hours.

For the time being, I can not eat meat …I missed these words because I was quite mad at thinking.

Even so, the house of the problem, and the interrogation of this magic, if there are these two, our eyes will grasp the essence without any problem.

It is enough to expose a large number of demons inside the "Teardrop Capital".

……In fact, I am slightly worried about the response after this.

"Teardrop Capital" seems to be peaceful for quite a long time.

For those who are responsible for maintaining law and order, may may some slack.

If this is the case, it would be no good to explicitly blame the demons for their uselessness.

Though the countermeasures for this worst case are not unconsidered –

Fortunately, the knights and sacred warriors of Teardrop Capital are diligent and have a sense of mission, and are excellent people.

– Because we marched on the street with demons, the rumor that "there is a demon exists" has spread very widely. It is impossible to judge this and eliminate rumors.

From the information available today, we actively disclose information that is difficult to induce panic.

Increase the number of people on the street, and strictly control the useless disputes and repeat the notice.

With these ingeniously, in the slums and suburbs, the devil may search according to thoroughly according to the location.

Found that the crusades of several devils, propaganda this result to calm down the hearts of the people

– I saw that such a plan was prepared early, and I let go of my heart.

This almost forms the desired form.

……Now, on the upper level of the Temple of Walter, the district chief Maynard, the demon of the statue, replaced by the "General".

He has social status and trust, and also has political position. It is not an easy thing to accept when it is reported in the most peaceful time.

What are you talking about, is not it a conspiracy? It's impossible, it's going to be stupid like this.

For the surroundings too, do not expect too much keen response.

Most likely, "What the hell is talking about?"Such a feeling of reaction.

It is clear that it has been peaceful so far. Suddenly, it is unbelievable to say such things, and I do not feel that I will act actively suspected.

In terms of past life psychology, it is the so-called normality bias (Normalcy bias, a kind of cognitive bias, ignoring bad information about yourself …I do not know what Chinese is, Baidu is not, this is the Japanese)

This invisible defense protects the company.

It is like a city plug guarded by several moats.

If you stupidly attack, you will be hurt when you are attacked.

However, this precaution is something that may be destroyed.

For example, in this way, what happens if you deliberately cause the commotion of the demon's lurking.

There is a demon lurking in the street.

The hero appears and retreats to the lurking demon.

But the Knights and the Temple are still in action. It seems that the sacred gods of the evil spirits seem to lurk in a deeper look –

What is I say if I am told the Mayor of Maynard?

The surrounding reactions will also change, and the name of the prayers will be established immediately.

For the side of the Kula side, it feels like a flight is better, but –

If you abandon your current position and run away, Mr. Samuel, who monitors the temple, can make an appropriate response.

– This is the general.

This time I am completely thinking about it.

Actually, I didnt intend to care about it. I did use up the means.

……But even so, this is a battle.

Flipping on the strategy, waiting for the opportunity, there are things that are forced to the weak road to bite the throat of the strong – I obviously should have known.

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