Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the city of Eihua First story

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the city of Eihua First story

Deep in the chest, the heart beats strongly.

With the circulation of blood throughout the body, energy like magma is spread throughout the body.

The long-lost decision really went away, and the power of the dragon was very strong.


Release the horizontal kick.

Taking the momentum of the action from the axis of the foot and kick it out violently, holding the "Warrior Level" demon with the big shield that almost plugs the road, and hit the shield directly –

"Hey !?"

Kick the shield and hit it directly.

Kicked the body of the demon that was folded into a zigzag shape, and flew straight out of the aisle to the wall, and it gradually collapsed into gray.

I did not see this last, but I would wave one of the handkerchiefs from the aisle next to me.

"Ah ah!"

Pulling open the ax handle and rushing in, so by waving the momentum to call its elbow to its side head, making a strong hit.

Grab the wrist of a demon like the armor, and take your thighs to your shoulders – just throw it to the door next to you.

The dry sound of the wood cracked open.

– By the door, pierced the body of the devil.

It became a state that can only be said so.

……Just because they are active in slums, they are almost all distorted, they are mostly demons of human form. The fighting technique for humans can be used universally, and it really helps a lot, while thinking about it and confirming the back.

"After, is there an abnormality?"

"Oh, oh oh"

Nothing in particular

"If you are strange things, please let me know."

Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Ted, Mr. Gini three nodded fiercely.

They picked up the weapons of the demons that were knocked down, their faces, and they followed me with fear.

Is there experience as a team of adventurers? It is really a big help to have a good warning on the side and back.

Brad, much the battles on the broad flats and avenues are simply armed, long-term exercise, the number of people to decide.

In the forests and ruins of poor vision, the importance of these elements of geography, wisdom, and sensitivity in the battles of the city has suddenly increased.

"Where there are enemies and what time to fight" is easy to understand.

Basically, there are many occasions in which the posture is set up in advance, straight forward, or shot, or hit with a weapon.

Relatively poor forests and urban areas, it is difficult to grasp the position of the opponent first.

Not one or two are ready, but it is aware that the battle has already begun, and that the opponent is already in a few steps, and anything can happen.

In the forests and the urban areas where there is no local geography, there are many things that are fooled by a number of laymen who have been enlightened.

The weak are easy to hit the strong one.

So being exercise is not meaningless, you can not underestimate your enemy because you are stronger.

Even if you exercise any more, you are proficient in "Spirit of Spirits" and have the protection of the gods.

If the key is stabbed to death immediately, I have no choice.

"Please keep alert"

I have two eyes, two ears, and one consciousness.

The direction in which you can pay attention is limited. If you concentrate on fighting, how can you have loose attention to your surroundings?

So at least about the back and side of the alert, can give them three brothers peace of mind.


It is clearly a dark corridor during the day.

It is only the tiny light that comes in from the closed Baimen, and the magical light that produced "the spirit".

The building we attacked was a two-story building, quite deep.

Because of the strong choice of water in the waterside, the location of this base can be judged without the existence of a basement.

If the devils use the words "Spirit", perhaps it may not be impossible to make, but – this is not the permanent base of the devils, but the base of the degree that may be abandoned at any time.

From the perspective of investment and return, there is no such reason.

Therefore, it is best to judge the direct suppression in order. I walk straight in the building and repeated break into the demonic room to fight.

In the room inside the building, the cold human bones feel like no one.

On the ground covered with wooden boards, there are several garbage thrown, and there are several rooms that can only be regarded empty rooms.

It has clearly knocked down nearly ten demons, ah.

"Hey, hey, these guys, where are you going to sleep?

Mr. Ted's question is also the most reasonable, but –

"The devil of Nai is the rewriting of the underworld. Never sleep or eat. "


"So probably, here is their room ….Living like this "

In the middle of the night, everyone is sleeping with time.

The empty rooms are side by side, with gorgeous and red eyes shining in the darkness, and a few demons who are standing still.

Is it imagining such a creepy scene, and the faces of the three people are getting worse and worse.

In fact, even it is a creepy topic, there is no concern about their time in this regard. It is a match with time.


I slammed the next door.

In the case that the ceremonies are very bad, in the case of the situation, the enemy is holding up the weapon on the opposite side of the door.

After the kicking, the observation is a fixed form.



Can not help but suck a cold breath.

There is no demon in this room.

Hey, countless flies fly back and forth to make a sound.

There was a small white on the floor, and the fat mites climbed up and down.

– A late step to stimulate the sense of smell, full of room, almost stinking the stench of the nose.

I wrinkled my face and walked into the room silently.

"Hey, what …"

"Is there no devil?"

"Here, what room"

The three people shivering, whispering that these were followed –

After understanding what it was, the blood was lost, and his mouth was standing in horror.

I also wrinkled my face tightly.

– In front of the open door, in the canteen, scattered carrion and human bones.

As a daily food.

There is a warm meal at the dining table.

The story of this kind of thing, irreplaceable, I was taught by Mary.

This is, this important thing has been trampled on the same scene.

Corruption stinks and creeps over the pot of flies.

The table was stained with rot, and there was no boneless meat thrown on the plate.

In the corner of the room, throwing away the messy bones and carrion of this level. It is like the viscera that is filled with water and floats with the same rot.

From the shape of the waist and ribs and the cranium, it can not be understood that most of this is human.

「……Hey, hey … "

"Abomination, evil …"

VomitingKeke, cough …! "

There were three people who vomited at the entrance to the room. I drove the flies and stepped into the room silently.

– Unforgivable.

– Unforgivable is that they do not have the necessary food to eat.


The demon of the underworld does not need to feed for nutritional supplements.

It seems that Mana or what is used as a power source activity, becoming fatigued, will not be fasting.

So this is the game.

Imitating humans, half of the game mentality to adjust what, table or something, try to imitate these things.

The material is – yeah, the existing things are just fine.

Because this is, the game.

The wreckage of this kind of thinking is clearly understood.

I have also seen the evil tastes of the demons several times in these years, but – this, long – lost, poor.


A mountain filled with flies and mites, dead carrion and bones.

In front, I fell down.

"-" Worm Repellent "," Bug Repellent "

Sing the "Spirit of the Locust" to disperse the flies.

The flies fled like black fog.

Close your hands and close your eyes.

God is an adult.

Please be sure to direct their souls to the low of joy.

Until returning to the reincarnation, pray for this heart to be steady and pray for this soul to rest in peace.


– Short, even after so infused with thoughts and prayers, stood up.

However the momentum of the surprise attack here has been suppressed, it is almost time for the opponent to notice that the attack has begun to adjust.

That is, for the devil, it is an attack of a small number of unidentified people.

After retreating and reorganizing the situation, do you fight back, or kill it in this place. They are forced to make these two choices.

But the retreat is safe and reliable, the fact of "returning" will throw away the dangerous winds that they built in this slum.

If you escape from the tail with such a place, considering that it will hinder the activities behind you –

"Probably, almost big is coming."

I told the three brothers who adjusted the chaotic breathing.

In the state of tension, I read these things – did they become enlightened, and their eyes calmed down.

Look at each other and nod each other.

– With the sound of the destruction of the ceiling, the demons jumped from the second floor.

This is like the wonderful composition of humans and fish.

Especially the left and right separated, protruding opaque eyeballs.

It is like a nose that is cut off, and a skin like scales. The skin of the fat head.

I have the smell like a stinky mud, and I put it on a rusted armor with a short gun. The cruel "Captain of the Captain" demon, something called Fugu, I know.

Around the corner of Fagu, the trapped children of "The Soldiers". All wearing armor, fully armed with a sword or hammer.

The body wobbled wonderfully and approached us.

For this situation –

"Oh, wow !?"



BEHIND The three people made such a sound, and then they rang the sound of the tower tower.

"gii, gii, gii"

Fagu smiled awkwardly.

"The son of man can really do it."

I ignored the opening game before, and I rushed in.

A kick kicking Fagu's gun machine jumps into the inside and lifts a powerful wrist –


I used the palm of my hand to enter the face.

Fugu's cheekbones were broken, his head was twisted in one breath, and the table was rolled in and blown away, so he slammed into the wall.

Many of the uneven teeth that broke were flying into the air.

– In this way, I became a storm.

Next to the trap boy, he used a hand (karate noun) to run through the head, and took the action to pull the warhammer back.

The cross-cut smashed the two bodies and folded them into a U-shape to fly to the wall.

– In the hand, the warhammer is completely distorted.

Sure enough, ordinary weapons, it seems to be no longer, so thinking, I throw the bent hammer to break a knee.

In the case of becoming unable to escape, I raised my foot in order to release the final blow.

Hey, the heart beats.

The whole body is getting hot.

Kick your head.

The head that was kicked off suddenly spurred to the ceiling.

The overwhelming force that comes out.

There is some kind of pleasure from the brain.

Next, the sword was swung from the left and right sides, and the rough sword road was taken with both hands.

To the devils who are squinting, they wave their fists and release kicks.

Like the soft oil clay, the devil's body easily fell and was torn.

"Oh oh oh oh ooh oh oh !!"

Long-lost, furious.

The enemy to hate, the reason to fight, there is no shortage in order to give full full play to strength …

– Do not be complacent and self-satisfied with this power, and remain modest and cautious. Otherwise, it will become the cause of destruction.


Grit your teeth.

Breathing deeply, calming, and letting the power of the power to become big and big will be small.

The impulse of inner violentness is eliminated with care.

Not impulsive and violent.

With the exercise and technology in mind, the trap kids will be suppressed.

– When human beings are driven by the anger of justice, they can become extremely cruel.

In the name of violent walking, as long as there is justice to punish the opponent, people will become extremely ruthless to the enemy. Untie the shackles of violence.

The curse of the dragon oozes out, this time.


Even if it is too furious, it can not untie the shackles, and squatting at yourself again, sliding into the gap between the last armor and the sword.

Extend through …

Making an unpleasant scream, the trap kid turns gray –


When I noticed it, Fagu, who started flying at the beginning, disappeared.

Looking around, I saw pure black blood trailing from the gate to the corridor.

"Oh, the Paladin."

"Oh, hehehe! ……Special medal? "

"Do it, do it! Do it …! "

Fugu, pierced by the sword and nailed to the floor, is there.

Surrounded by them are Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Ted, and three brothers of Mr. Gini.

"Hey, Paladin!"

"Sure enough, this guy thought that we had run run away and completely forgot us all of a sudden and got rid of hahaha!"

"A good sneak attack! Thank you to Val god. "

They suffered a few injuries, and tears of horror appeared in the corners of their eyes.

Even so, I am proud to laugh at me.

– Please hand it to me. If you have anything, you will run run away and hide it –

– Then, if you are lucky, you will get kn knife in the gap.

– One thing to kill the devil. Can you brag in your life?

"What we are good at is running running."

"Yeah yeah"

"Only this will not lose."

Because the tension of the battle has disappeared, and the three people who are slowly laughing and tearing while laughing, like I was driven, I laughed.

– The violent impulse of the fearful dragon, no longer know know where it disappeared.

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