Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Epicure 20th episode

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Epicure 20th episode

After deciding to accept my commission, Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Ted, Mr. Gini's three brothers have a very good skill.

"First go back first. If you dress up, it's a bit conspicuous. "

"And Titus said, you ran a little and bought a few old clothes. The coat is going to be worn out. "


Tiet took the silver coin for payment from me and kept seeing her heading for the market.

Then, Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Ted changed their expressions.

「……Then, when it comes to "pharmacy house"


Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Ted, also showed a complex expression.

「……Do you know what you are doing? "

"Do you sell unusual hallucinogens?"

Then its source is probably the South, and the proceeds are flowing into the stronghold of the demon relationship, Mr. Samuel said.

There are also slum closures, and for demons, I am afraid it is a stronghold.

"Well, right. I am doing it during the year. Plus the Walter Temple retreats from here, earning a lot in one breath. "

"In this case, of course, under all kinds of karma, there are also guys who want to snatch this interest, and what to say next …"

「……Yo, how's it going?

"It was killed, in a way that is unrelenting."

Mr. Rhodes wrinkled his face and muttered.

"But it is a relatively large party, it has been killed in turn. People in this place understand it. "You should not shoot."

"The result is as far far away as we are, or to sell some medicine little by little, to earn some sweet residue …It's like this. "

"Hey. * * Meaning:As a result, what about those guys? Paladin, you know. "

The middle of the two explanations.

Suddenly I realized that I can say so, Mr. Gini muttered.

"Stupid, stupid"

"If you hear the words, you can not go back."

「……Anyway, I can not go back anymore? Brother!

With that said, Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Ted suddenly looked at each other's face.

"This is also true."

The two nodded at the same time.

"What happened to those guys?"

"It's a group of demons."

Into silence.

Once more

"The devil's group. Ah, the cultists like the evil gods are also very likely to be mixed. "

It is quite difficult to disguise as an intellectual of another race. If you are a lower-level demon, you will a number of "Spirit" to repair your appearance, and there will be a sense of violation that can not be hidden.

Like Szkula, the devil that can be integrated with a high degree of precision is rare. It is better to say that it is the "General".

In this case, it is certainly to have human facilitators – just when considering these.

"Evil, the devil's group, yeah …"

"The devil is that, eat people."

"What can be used for magic …"

I was aware that Mr. Rhodes was very scared.

YesI have been fighting the demon too much, often **, but.

Ordinary, the so-called demons, is quite a threat.

LOLNo problem. "

So, smile at them.

As much as possible without fear, full of confidence, this feeling.

"Please give it to me. If you have anything, you will run run away and hide it – "

Take a breath.

"Then, if you are lucky, if you get into the gap, you can get a knife ….One thing to kill the devil. Can you brag in your life? "

Very delicious? I almost have to say this way, I said the above sentence.

– Of course not a simple thing, everyone here knows.

Even me, too, Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Ted, Mr. Gini.

Holding ambitions. Once, go out and take risks.

In actual combat, I know the horror that comes from the depths of my body. Seeing flesh and blood flying, depressed, cruel.

On top of this, people who say "what is the battle is very simple" are not.

But even so –

"Oh, yes."

"Delicious things"

"Okay, okay, kill the devil …"

No matter who you are, you have to be stubborn.

From the back of the troupe, he had a patched old coat and arranged the attire in the unobtrusive alley.

The jacket even had a scorpion, so it was dispelled by a simple "Spirit" with deworming power.

– Almost it's good to have a scorpion as a transvestite, it's expected to do a big move after that. I do not want to reduce the concentration because itching.

"This is very convenient."

"Dispel it?"

For Mr. Gini, there have been several "spirits" of deworming.

"Oh, I want to."

"Me too!"

"I also want-!"

By the way, such "speech" that avoids detection is also applied together.

If you are engraved with the "inscription" that will react to malicious and hostile.

It is the stronghold of the demons, and there is a possibility of users who are mixed with magic.

In this way, the countermeasures to avoid the magical warning network are necessary preparations before the breakthrough.

Even so, even if people people do not have magical literacy say "There may be a trap of magic", the act of alerting to unknown threats will become strange.

Mr. Gini's hope is to take a boat.

It's best to put on an expression That you do not think you do not know.

"So, that's the next thing, first of all."


"If you do not come back even if the bell rings next time, can you send this letter to the design place? If it is my letter, it should work. "

"To understanding!"

Send it to His Royal Highness.

I got permission to act on the genus, and today's action was notified in advance, though …In case, if I fail, I have to entrust the aftermath.

……Even if I am strong now, I will die if I die, and I will die when I die.

As for the fact that that actual combat is often a victory for the strong, of course, I was not in actual combat.

"So, let's go."

Then ask the pedestal to stand by, and we headed for the dark slum.

Because of the repeated illegal reconstruction, and the prominent upper part, it is like a lot of dark alleys like caves.

Of course, we are obsessively observing us who have sneaked into this alley, and have come to entangle us, there are such things as

"Hey, this is very dangerous in front of you. Brother, give you a special fee. – What, Rhodes, what's wrong?

"Oh, a little deal."


"Guide to the person who went to talk to the" pharmacy house ", ah. Now you know? "

"Oh …"

I did not have a deeper account of wearing the robes' hats deeply.

……No matter what place, if the locals are their own, it is easy to act.

In this way, through a few unsanitary, winding dim alleys, crossed the square where people with bad character gathered.

The turbid green water curls and is difficult to flow next to the canal.

We finally arrived at the front of a building.

「…………It is here "

Some dirty, ash-stained, cold buildings.

But the front is pretty, the road next to it is filled with fresh garbage, the feathers squeak, and the bugs crawl around.

It is like the smell of a nose, spoilage and feces.

– Even if it is complimented, it is not a place to stay for a long time.

If you keep keeping staring in front of the building, you will be warned, so you will remove your sight as soon as possible.

First of all, there is a waterway next to it, which is very bad.

The so-called water, accident is a a barrier that can not be underestimated.

For example, if a demon with characteristics like fish and amphibians jumps into the water from the window of the building and flees in the sewage, it is very difficult to track it.

Then, being knowing the way to the place, the street is generally complicated.

If we can disperse and escape, even if we can catch one or two, there are quite a few separate escapes.

As long as there are people, you can grab them at the escape ports everywhere, but –

After all, you can not force such a dangerous job to the three brothers who are now with you, and further say that if most people are close, they will not noteded.

If dozens of unseen warriors are close, they will be rumored in such a place.

If you think you your opponent is often alert accordingly, it is hard to imagine that there is no response.

– Most people's words are noticed before they are close.

– A few people will be dispersed and run away.

Considered a lot, very good configuration.

In this case, how can we …

I only considered a few seconds, I said to Mr. Rhodes.

"That, let them know if we visit first?"


Mr. Rhodes knocked on the door knocker of the front entrance.

Is it a vigilant attack, a thick wooden door that is often seen in such slums.

「……Who, ah?

Returned to the ambiguous sound.

Opposite the door – there are human shapes, but not human breath, one, two, three.

It seems that there is nothing wrong here.

"Oh, I am Rhodes on the rubble road."The Pharmacy House, is the way for you and this guest. "

"lead the way?"


Nod, I went straight ahead.

But it was confirmed again, most people's words were noticed before they were closed, and a few people's words would be scattered and run away.

In this case–

"Slightly, there is something I want to ask."

I bent my right hand, the little finger, the ring finger, the middle finger, the index finger to form a fist, and pressed it tightly with my thumb.

Daddy, I feel my heartbeat is getting stronger. Whole body blood, getting hot.

Push Mr. Rhodes with his left hand and stand in front of him, then raise his clenched fists –

Excuse me

A fist that fell from the slant like a pitcher broke the main entrance.

The sound of the thunder-like sound broke open, and the hinges flew away and immediately resumed the action and jumped up.

After jumping inside the entry board,

"Hey !?"

A demon standing on the front of the door was caught in and fell.

Fly through the momentum, grab the robes of the figure posing next to the door, and pull the knees.

"Hey …!?"

– Like a dry clay, the wonderful feeling is not the human body.

Peel off the robes, below is the head of the "Soldier" demons, "Trap Kid".

He did not hesitate to break his neck. A nasty voice came from the wrist, and the demon became gray in the hands.


Then, another demon who had regained his position from the shake of the surprise attack pulled out the one-handed sword and stabbed it.

Leaving sideways and rushing in, grabbed his wrist and interrupted the pulled arm while swiping his foot.

The back of the head fell to the floor, chasing down with the heel facing the face. This also became gray.

The demon who was knocked down by the doorboard at the beginning of this period stood up and wanted to escape.

……Catch up, screw down, and cut your hands and feet into pieces.

For a moment, such raging thoughts flashed through my mind-consciously at this moment, I spit out a sharp breath from the clenched teeth, suppressing this impulse.

"Let's Fall, Spider Web"

Release the range controlled spider silk. Entangled the escaped demons to stop them.

So close, use your fist to make it powerless, and use the "Music of the Paralyzed" to suppress the action.

If the devil is killed, it will turn turn gray.

But this ash can also be used to indicate the existence of the demon, it is better to speak after the living demons.

"Really, the real devil …"

"Oh, really …"

"Ah, ah wow …"

"Please take this one-handed sword and follow me. Basically following me, it's no problem to escape and hide as I just said. "

Mr. Rhodes, who quickly swayed, Mr. Ted, Mr. Gini gave instructions and they nodded with a blue face.

"Go quickly."

Most people's words are noticed before they are close.

A few people will be dispersed and run away.

Then, before the opponent realizes that the situation wants to escape, it is good to knock down one by one.

I was in my heart, quietly nodded with Brad.

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