Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitute 19 in the City of Epicure

Volume 4:Prostitute 19 in the City of Epicure

The stench of rancidity and urination is mixed, and the unpleasant smell is faintly transmitted to the nose.

The stucco peeled off, revealing a corner of the red brick alley, and casually throwing broken porcelain, fruit peels and the like, emitting a lot of fluttering sounds and numerous feathers gathered.

– This is a deeper place than the bustling street and the red light district, near the entrance to the place known as the slum.

"This is, in this depth, the place where the person acts as a lair."

"Though it is …It's hard to go in again, Will Brother. "

Wrinkled face back, the gray hair is light and slim girl, tidy.

Now, I am asking her to take me to somewhere on the poor street.

……For a moment, because I do not know where to divulge it to Scola, Luna Lia, who is associated with the Guardian, is kept secret.

"Though I know my brother is very strong. I am not like this, so it starts to be true, it is the place where the bad guys gather. After being stared, … "


Although I can not think of other acquaintances who are familiar with this place, please ask her.

"Is it really unwritten, what is it? If you can not sell your neighbors, if you bring them into trouble, you will be sanctioned, and what is the rule. "

"…… there are

This may not be a bit, my prediction is a bit naive.

Forcing young girls to take the road to dangerous areas, though not so …But what should I do?

Stand in the same place and start thinking a little.

– Although confirmed again, assassination is difficult.

The mayor of Maynard, who was replaced by the demon, was protected by the powerful officers of the goddess Walter.

The assassination is considered to be the shortest route – if Mr. Samuel and Menel Doyle are here, even if the assassination is carried out resolutely, it will be easy and successful.

But unfortunately, Menel went to the hometown of "Irene Forest" because of the revival of "The Country of Flowers".

Then when it comes to me, although Brad taught me the minimum of this skill, but in the past few years, I have not tempered these things.

"Squatting" such as "sneak", not to mention "behind the beheading" exercises as it is a case of getting the paladin 's social position, it is not good to conduct such exercises.

As the leader of the development of the South, riding on the shrine, I have to worry about not taking it.

Then, well it is taken for granted, no matter how people do not practice, they will not be able to reach people.

Even if there is a lot of magic and the like, it is only so strange that you can pass through the defense of the temple.

At this time, it was really troublesome for Menel, and I had to realize this again.

If you go back safely, please ask him for a meal.

……In short, the assassination is not above, and I have to do something other than assassination.

At the moment, the second plan, using the strong position of the paladin and the hero, "the replacement of the captain by the devil" is the main point, but the current report is not reliable.

The replacement of the Maynard district governor, Khula, has steadily achieved a stable position in the "Defense."

As the leader of "The Pioneer", under the command of His Excellency Esser, and his direct subordinates, I openly say "that person is a demon!"What will happen if such a speech is made?

Maybe it's direct "because it's what people like them say, almost it's a little rude, just check it out," maybe it will be like this.

But in turn, "What are the plots of the" Explore "that want to frame our heads …", the possibility of being so considered is also high.

Szkula will induce such development. If you enter such a process, the other party will also be decent as an organization, and it will become very stubborn.

If this is the case, it will be very difficult to overthrow it.

It can be expected to get help from Raytheon Walter, but basically, the opposition of the gods to the world is limited.

During this time, "Mu Ling" and "The Messenger" were frequently encountered. Some of them felt dull, but the gods did not show up in the world.

In this case, the daughter of the god of the ancient apostle of the apostle, and the relatives and friends of the apostle of Val God, Mr. Samuel. It is also possible to see that that action judgment is "a case that is being processed and is expected to be resolved."

In fact, it is not a desperate situation that is helpless, or not to expect too much.

It's better to think about the worse possibility than to expect it.

For example, what does it take for Stowe to bind the Maynard district chief before being replaced, so that he does not know where to live?

If I am with Khora's position, how can I "use it"?

Probably, this way, the use of "forbidden words" and the protection of evil spirits, hints, and so on, use various means to make him a line doll.

Then, the defendant sent a message, "Public preparation of a formal verification site", etc., these, decent speeches will be delayed, and the "original district governor" will be prepared prepared.

Undoubtedly, the capital of the human body was replaced by a evasive inspection of the pipe section during the inspection period, and was replaced with a gangue-like pipe length after the innocence.

Finally, for the unsightly paladin, use strange doubts to bring useless confusion, so accusation and social counterattack – it will be like such.

However the whereabouts of a follower is unclear, "That is the spy of His Royal Highness" Development ", so it is missing." This is the end of the story.

If you are brought into such a development, you will be helpless.

Therefore, if you want to report it, "this is very convincing, check it right away," and I want to do it under such a very realistic situation.

However, if it is the threat of the devil, the words "Southern Frontier" will not be reviewed.

On the surface, this "Teardrop Capital", "That is the devil's replacement!", Making people think that this is something that should be checked immediately.

If human beings are used to peace, the feeling of crisis will be slow.

It is also crucial that peace is a problem now. It will not work if you do not have anything about it. Even so, I always feel that it is not quite flat.

No matter how it is done – it is confirmed in the brain, with the plan of Mr. Samuel.




Turning over the corner of the alley, the trio of the pedestal.

They suddenly met with me, and their faces were always squatting.

Good Afternoon

I tried to make a smile and give them a voice.

They reported the names of Rhodes, Ted, and Gini.

(too many children at home) beyond the rude brothers, want to be an adventurer in the "Southern Frontier", fame and go there, just …

At the beginning, he was dispelled by the fierce World of Warcraft and reluctantly returned to his life.

After that, there was no setback in luck, as sailors traveled between the mainland, but they fought and dismissed on the working ship.

After that, the profession exchanged for it, and the end it seemed to be the worst place in the slum street to drink and talk like a dream.

「……Hey, what about typical scum?


Tidy said quite mean words, and the three brothers yelled.

Still as rude.

"Well, if I say it is like scum, I am like it!"


"You are still young and have a future, the future."

"Let the Paladin help you."

……Maybe the root cause is not such a bad person.

"Then, the Paladin adults seized us …"

"What should I do?"

"Though there are some that said said, it is not useful."

"There is no such thing."

Nod Their words, in general, seem to be creditworthy.

"In the depths of this slum, there is a man called" Pharmacy House ".


The three brothers changed their look.

"Want to let you lead me there, how much is it to pay?"

"Wait, wait, wait! That guy is terrible! "

"It's impossible to do it! do you know!? "

"If you do something like this -"

Judging from this horrible reaction, it seems that the information beforehand is correct. In order to destroy the demons replaced by the Maynard district governor, Mr. Samiel, who was repeatedly attacked and investigated by the righteous thief, collection considerable information.

……Around the street, the king is hiding in the dark with the staff of Kula.

Even if you point out the existence of Sko Kula, you will be surprised by the above …The first thing that should be done is not the identity of Kula, but the existence of these subordinates.

In order to help the poor to enter the poor street, what should be said, found the devil's stronghold! There is a demon hidden in The Teardrop Capital! And that's exactly it.

If you appeal properly here, the upper level and the temple of the Kingdom of Fateh will have to act.

When the tactics of maintaining the law and order are perfect, if you do not fall into the passive first-hand disclosure of information, the citizens can be suppressed to a minimum due to the suspicion of suspicion.

Then, if you start the search for the lurking forces of the lurking, you can eradicate the demons and cults who act as the feet of Kula.

If the game is gone, there will be no decisive action that that full preparation.

In this way, "Teardrop Capital" was infiltrated by demons, and now it can not be asserted that it is a normal situation.

– In this understanding, I was fully aware of the above and sued the mayor of Maynard.

If you can bring bring in this situation and then report it, even the Walter Temple should not be ignored.

"At least" I should check it out on the spot, "and there is a total awareness of the name and crisis.

Of course, Szkula is not an idiot. If I see that I am making a big move and the end is disintegrated, I predict that there is also the possibility of this future plan to escape.

However, the meaning of my public action here has emerged. ……Yes, reliable Apostles can move freely.

For Samuel, the reservation after this, with the help of the god of the wind and the magic of the maid, monitor the head of the district.

When they are a disadvantage when they are fighting opposite each other, they are about monitoring and following. I have a lot better than me.

If Skoura, who pretends to be the mayor of Maynard, wants to abandon his position and flee, at this point he will lose the advantage of society, including me to pursue the crusade.

If you do not run away, but stay behind, tighten him from the outside, eradicate your opponent's hands and feet, and report it when you are steady.

Sitting is dead, and running away is also dead.

A lot of the results were done, and bringing such developments to the best is the conclusion that is reached.


"Because of very important reasons …Anyway, go there. "

Looking at Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Ted, the eyes of Mr. Gini.

「——……Really, please. "

I am deeply, bowed my head.

After bowing his head, the shaken breath passed over.

"Hey, God Knight, adults."

"Do not be like this, what are you looking down on …"

"What the hell is it?"

Even though I said so, I just bowed my head.

Ti also said that slum-like divisions are very sensitive to strangers.

Unlike Menel, I do not have the wisdom and knowledge to be smart in this place, to find someone to follow, or to make a positive breakthrough.

Then, the situation of the frontal breakthrough, of course, became the possibility of the riots that made the target of the "pharmacy house" run away.

If you can not make sure you take the lead, you can not do it.

"There is a possibility of resentment for the things that lead me. I understand it very well. Remuneration will be prepared as much as possible. And how was it?

I lowered my head and asked again and again.

At the beginning, Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Ted, Mr. Gini, who wanted me to look up, understood that I would not silent after moving.

「…………Hey, Mr. Paladin. "

After talking to me, Mr. Rhodes.

"I have already understood this way of speaking.

No matter how bad the neighbors are, not knowing each other is not the righteousness here. Not to mention the fact that it is sold to outsiders. After that, the people who were sunk into the water were us.


"Dangerous bridge, will not go."

His statement is very understandable. If you can, you want to avoid the crisis of life, whatever, no matter who is in common mood.

Although it may may be feasible to feel pleading with sincerity and remuneration, even this seems to be too capricious.

……Temporarily retreat, look for other means, when thinking about it.

"呐, 呐"

Mr. Gini is out loud.

"Big brother, big brother."

What's the matter?

"I can accept it, think so."

This is a hesitant and serious voice.

"Gini …?"

"Because, Lord Roed ….It's obviously a person like us. This person is not screaming, but "Please," bowed his head.

Though I do not know the reason for the Knights of God. This, how to say, is such an important thing. What is the street, what is life, what is important, what is important, what is important?

Poor language, it seems to tremble.

「……We, obviously, still want to change. Obviously it is like this or want to change …Although it failed, it should not work, it's obvious that I still want to change it.



For Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Ted, who want to blame, even Mr. Gini is more excited.

「…………I am envious of this person. Thinking about why this guy is always, thinking about how different we are from the Paladin, damn it.

There is really only one thing. If anything changes, even if if do, think so. This person, if it fails, it will be fine, think so.

So ah, say refusal, the ghost knows what to do. It must be very cool, I thought about it, although I thought about it, I thought about it.

……However, if I do this, I, how do I say, see the big buddies, the glittering things at that time, like the feeling of muddy …

Although I can not say it well, this is, how to say it, very …Very … "

I can not say anything.

Me too, keep looking down and hear such words.

"Is it annoying?"

Mr. Rhodes said.

OK, OK … Hate

Mr. Gini answered this.

Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Ted, a little silent –

"Is it, hate it?"

"If you hate it, there is no way."

"If we endure something that we hate, we will not do it at all."

The breath of bitter laughter.

"Rod Brother, Ted Brother …"

"Well, good to scatter. Anyway, if you think about the way of life afterwards, you will not do it. "

「……Ok, it's decided. Look up, Mr. Paladin. "

I'm looking up and saw them laughing.

– It's a nice expression, I think so.

"What is the reward, is it true?"

"I do not care about the price of the sky?"

"Even if that's okay …"

"Yes, please!"

I did not say anything nodded.

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