Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Epicure 18th episode

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Epicure 18th episode

What happened What happened? The one in the temple! "

Very urgent screaming.

How long has this shake been?

"The one that said …Hello, can you say that you are facing up– "

"No, I did not let him notice it!"

For the sudden visit to me in the middle of the night, Mr. Samuel's look in the living room and the maid's lady in-depth exchange changed suddenly.

This man is an apostle of Fengshen and has fought against the genius of the evil god.

……It should be known that something in the Temple of Walter sneaked into it.

"Why is there something in the temple!"

"wait wait wait! The sound is too big! "

Samuel clung to my shoulder and stopped me from trying to ask.

I finally noticed it.

There is still a blue-haired maid lady in the room.


"Nothing, that guy knows about my activities. No problem

However, now is the world that does not know where there are ears and eyes. Mr. Samuel said this and nodded to the maidservate.

The maidservant nodded and responded, and then injected magic into the sword engraved with the "engraving", which was placed in the square of the room.

Just a little aim, is the "engraving" of the enchantment system. I am afraid it is anti-spy.

……It always feels quite right. Is it good to say that it is a maidserver who does not have the corresponding skills.

The young lord of the blonde officer. The assistant's blue-haired maid.

Then the real face is the apostle of Fengshen, running the thief "Airwalker" in the night sky of the kingdom – how to say it, really powerful.

If this is not a reality but an entertainment novel or something else, it must be a person like him.

"- Taiwan came up"

Soon she lowered her head and the maidservant quit.

With the sound of the door being closed, I and Mr. Samuel's shoulders were slightly off.

Like a good consultation in advance, a long sigh.

"Hey, it's a pretty panic …"

"Of course it will be flustered. After all, the heart of the district chief has not beaten. "

"Do you know if there is a heartbeat?"

EH eh?

Mr. Samuel smiled bitterly.

"The prototype is also aware?"

"The devil of Nailu"

Their bodies are temporary things, just the rewriting of the one in the opposite world.

Most of the individuals have decent organs that the heart, and the weaknesses are similar, but the function and movement are not exactly the same.

"Do not consider the possibility of being a dead person?"


Immediately after returning, the righteous thief of the Aeolian apostle seemed to be surprised and looked up.


"There is no such thing as resentment against individual undead. In the case of the ranks related to the gods, Sita Ghannet will not play this hand. "

How to say it, times there are many many things with her, but there is no doubt here.

And in the case of crusade against the evil dragon, Sitagunet should also use considerable power, and should be honest for the time being.

"very close look"

"Though not close …But after several battles, there have been fights together. "

I will not misread her means until now.

「……Indeed "

The smile of Mr. Samuel became thicker.

"I, I learned the revelation of the god of my family."

He said this, he put his index finger and middle finger on his forehead – sing the word of prayer and lean over my forehead.

As soon as his finger touched his forehead, the image that flowed through it like a ripple did not know what it was.

One of the prayers, "Common Pray."

The original image of the surface consciousness is originally transmitted to the other party.

After all, it is limited to the image of the surface layer, and it is easy to resist the surgery. It is a technique difficult to use in various situations.


The images that are transmitted are very strong things.

The first thing I saw was the inflammation of Honglian.

The pillars burned, and the powder of the fire was scattered with the collapse of the bombing.

The shouts of the masses.

On the chaotic streets, the demons are raging.

Metal sound, footsteps.

A list of silver armor.

The sanctuary of the prayers is the team of the Walter officers.

They appeared to attack the devil, but they also had no way to fight hard.

The devil dexterously blended into the flames and the masses, not letting his position be caught.

The head of the superior sergeant warrior who was squashed in the temporary headquarters while arranging intricate information and being commanded, was cut off from behind.

The old man, the slender body of the Maynard district, swelled up.

……This is like a clay elephant that a child kneads.

The hand with extremely twisted claws twists the huge head. Then there is the unbalanced slender body.

Originally, it should be the place where the nose of the eye is only the dark ellipse that is open there.

I know the name – the devil that is shaped, the match with Kula (specular, can not be found in the Japanese dimension, find the place)

Freedom to change your own posture, the extremely dangerous "General" demon.

After the devil made a horrible roar, he immediately hid in the darkness of the street surrounded by fire.

After that, the bodies of the officers and soldiers were left behind.

Among the rubble, one of the fallen bodies Looked into the line of sight.

This blond, beautiful head –

"Ha, ha …"

Retrieve consciousness from the images shared by Pravhal Prayers.

Very, as a nightmare as strong as revelation.

I adjusted my breath a little, and the lady maid who had just made a cup of tea for me.

I was grateful and sighed.

「……Let me see this "have been gambling for me a few times, do what you like", so the god of bad heart, really. "

Is not it a choice? Mr. Samuel, muffled and wrinkled between the brows.

……It turns out that that is is a a strange god.

"What a very detailed revelation?"

"Even if you are a corner of the big god, there is also a reason for this. This is a special detail. "

Well, there is no way for the opponent to be like this, so muttering and nodding.

"Shaping the devil, is it with Kula?"

「……The chaos of the devil's "The King", the most daunting "devil of the national collapse" in the era of "Big Bang"

Not because of the fighting power.

It is a powerful magical warrior that can be used freely in the "Forbidden Words", and also has a powerful horned demon with magic, Grununos (Kernunnos, Cernunnos).

With a very strong carapace, the god of the devil, the beetle demon of the sacred warrior who is heavily guarded by the Dimension of God Diyari Guma, Scala Baeus. (Oh, Japan Wei can not not find it either.)

Those "Generals" who have encountered so far have more combat effectiveness.

This person is not a direct part of this danger.

The presence of Grunu Nuos and Scala Baeus on the battlefield may kill thousands of miscellaneous soldiers, but Stowe Kula is only alive and will kill tens of thousands of people.

His ability to transform, and the disguise of human beings, there are so many dangers.

"A Klau, who started to act in the darkness of the city, is even worse than the military of the 10,000 devils."

Nodded to Mr. Samuel's words.

So think about that. The demons with the ability to transform into the city, this situation with the large-scale arson incident.

And this demon will keep the heads of the security organization's heads physically cut down, and I do not know where to go to the city. What will happen?

Can not maintain management, can not suppress the chaos of the law and order maintenance organization.

Suspicious people, in order to protect themselves and the family's life and property began to "self-defense" citizens.

Among the citizens who have been involved in the riots, they are more secretive and active in the next level of demons.

If this is the case, it will be hard to imagine how much time and labor to squirt.

According to the situation, it is really a city, and there is a possibility that a country will collapse.

– It is such a demon.

"The goal of the side of the Kula side is -"

"The cultists who break into the evil gods will be brought to the streets with the next demons. Savings materials and personnel, in a certain moment, the timing of the revelation, should be like this. "

Recently, I used the thief to sneak away from my eyes and ears, and I defeated the small positions several times. He said so.

"In terms of political work, the difficult speeches and actions of the" Defense "have increased. There are a lot of speeches and actions to fan the crisis of entering and leaving the South … "

"Because there are many strong bases of demons in the South."

"I do not want these guys to be close, that's it."

Although it is not easy to say it, the devil's stronghold in the "Southern Frontier" and the street of the deceased as the seal of "The King" also exist.

In order to resurrect their king, do not want to let the human power circle south, this is the whole opinion of the demon camp.



"But to the that same thing is the head of the Walter Temple …"

"Can not publicly claim" is a demon. " Even if you want to use magic to expose the prototype, if you release the mantra without consent, you will not be able to to complain when you enter the singer.

The social position protects him.



There is a total understanding.

The situation is very deep.

In this case, then –

"Now we started to sneak into the Temple of Walter, can not you kill it?"

The assassination of the simplest is not very good.

「……Sure enough, do you think so?

For this proposal, Mr. Samuel nodded with a smile.

"If you say what you said, then Mr. Samuel also thought about it, these hands. "


A strategy with many complex factors is easy to reveal flaws.

The immediacy is high, and the simple action has the value of discussion.

"I also think that it is best to do this."

He is the right thief of the Emperor's secret activities, "The Skywalker."

To become a submerged assassination, it is better to say that he is more suitable in terms of skills.

"But the guard of the Temple of Walter is tight. Especially now, it is the summer of the nobles who own the territory. ……Do you think you can go go through? "

"Hidden activities, not telling the truth is not very proficient"

Even if I get the power of the dragon, I am not a secret type of smart warrior. If you want to say it, it is a heavy warrior type wearing equipment combat.

Sneak into the task to tell the truth, is outside the profession is –

"Even if Samuel's skill is also?"

"I am also very difficult. Many considerations, judging the success rate of intrusion is up to 70%.

Seventy percent. There are three failed budgets in three times.

Subtle numbers.

"After the invasion, if you do not pay attention to what you found, then you will surrounded by the Walter Warrior. If you are caught, you will be finished. "

The length of the district is a demon! Even with this claim, the time when the armed forces broke into the temple and involved such atrocities was not convincing.

If you are disarmed and restrained, the devil's means of smashing the side of it is more than one hand.

In this case, before the fair venue review, "the sudden death of being caught in the disorder" is the end.

"Yes. In turn, I also want to know, can we break through the powerlessness of the sergeant warrior regiment? "

"No way ….If they fight for their opponents, they have to fight for their lives.

Magic is also good to protect or the power of the dragon is liberated to challenge, it should not lose to them.

However, today, they experienced their training. That defensive sturdiness.

Do not kill, quickly and weakly easily break through to the demon disguised as the length of the pipe – what, do not think I will do it.

They bet on faith and arrogance, even if the hands and feet are broken and the body is cut, bite me. This has already taken away away life.

Killing the important team of the officers and soldiers who maintain the security forces, even if the crusade of the match with Kula will follow many problems.

……Before that, I will not discuss it in order to kill the innocent people for the sake of justice.

"In this case ……Slightly diverted attention, I pretended to be drunk or something else, and the commotion of quarreling with the sergeant warrior near the shrine, Mr. Samuel's words broke out.

"Etc., etc. Just the success rate of intrusion, do not think about it as a benchmark That can easily kill the "General" demons. "

Ah, yeah.

……But it is a matter of course, even a fairly talented person, one-on-one instant killing the "General" demons is very difficult.

Only Mr. Samuel, who sneaked in, even broke into the battle, and if the battle became a commotion for a long time, he would give a work up the work and even be in danger of being killed according to the situation.

"If you have a good luck, you will not know if you get into the soul …"

Subtle probability of intrusion, a more subtle probability of surprise attack.

This kind of hesitation is taken for granted.

「……What do you want to do to guide the secret invasion to Miss Sesilia? "

"That guy, do you think she is the type that can you do this kind of trick?"


Though it is a good person, it is not suitable for this kind of inner action, so.

Here, the words of the Bagley Temple can be solved with more than enough, but those who are not here can not ask.

"You, in the name of His Highness Esser, applying for an interview results a one-on-one situation …It can be considered like this. "

"When I am with Kula, such applications will be avoided." Because it is an old man, it is not difficult to make an excuse.


Although I tried to discuss a few methods later, it is likely that such assassination will become useless during this time, and I have to end with such a conclusion.

"Of course, I can not always let the demons who are shaping them stay in the seat of the captain."

EH eh?

It's like a bomb that does not know when it will explode, just like the place where the country is.

Placement is completely undiscussed.

「……I've gotten deeper into it, I'm going to let you work together. "

"Original, this is the plan."

There are one means that can be derived.

"From the periphery, let's get married."

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