Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitute 17 in the city of Eika

Volume 4:Prostitute 17 in the city of Eika

……You can understand the actual battle.

The so-called Walter officer warrior is terrible.

They are warriors who are seen by Raytheon and are basically serious and loyal.

That is to say, there is no distraction and serious exercise, and it is extremely faithful to the position that I am responsible for.

Of course, everyone's muscles are very solid, and the skills are thoroughly recorded in the body, because of the maintenance of the law and order, the corresponding practical experience.

– This way, how can you think it will not be weak!

There is a lot of things that can be learned by one by one in order.

In particular, the use of the shield is already full of the beauty of the scouring.

Close, then take a small gap in the impact of the shield when hitting each other, aiming at the flank and sliding into the wooden sword and the like.

The shield is suddenly pushed out to seal the field of view, releasing the changed spurs from the top of the shield, and the target is switched to kicking the result.

If I hit it with a shot that was more powerful, I would keep my hands, elbows, and shoulders with a shield and fight back immediately.

In particular, the action of "cracking in" with a shield is exquisite and exquisite.

Speaking of the shield, being there is an impression of protecting the body, the shield is erected and the edge is twisted into my shoulders and legs.

In one breath, the movable range of the hands and feet is limited.

Their swords are definitely not looking forward to killing.

Not greedy, not rushing.

A solid posture makes it easy to shoot, and let the opponent accumulate damage a little bit and eventually make it inoperable.

……However the one-shot kill is very handsome, if there is no accumulation, there is also part that can not be done in the reality of the battlefield.

To say why in actual combat, because of the tension and anxiety caused by bad movements, and the blow of the killing will be resolved, there will be a big gap.

So defensive victory, you can say so.

Simple and prudent, fighting methods such as needle-punching into the gap.

Completely defensive without gaps, the whole body is tenacious and tenacious.

Of course, this is also advantageous in the game judgment.

"Ha, ha …"

With such a long-lasting war as a rival, I have been out of breath for a long time.

After all, all of them are skilled fighters with such solid defense. In any case, it is difficult to distinguish between winning and losing with one strike and two strikes.

Of course, letting force and rough win are possible, but this is not a killing, but a comparison and a skill. If you can not learn it, it makes no sense.

Therefore, the single game is completely implemented with one heart and one mind, just …

Is it because the rare outsiders participate in the atmosphere, and everyone is gaining momentum.

This is already a enthusiasm to the outbreak, exuberant to shout, and then exhausted, one by one comfortably stumbled on the floor of the training martial arts was dragged to the corner, but also to fight …

In the end, how many people have been repelled. From the 50th person, there will be no more counts. The side always feels like it, and a dead body is tired. The word flashed in the brain. (Note:The challenger is in a row with each challenger for 2 minutes, and 100 challengers should not repeat the game. Baidu)

"Hey, hehe …Hey! "

The sergeant warrior, who is a big man across the street, is still screaming with a shield and screaming in.

Sink down with a shield next.

The two shields violently collided with each other and pushed each other, and then no one lost.

Starting from here is the strategy of injecting power.

Where to retreat, where to open, or to continue to press it.

The opponent's action is pushed to half, and the jaw is tight.

Both sides leaked a heavy breath between the teeth that were bitten.

"Hey, hehe …!"

「……咕, 咕 "(Original is" う う, う …! "" …Ginger

While staring at each other with squinting eyes, they pushed with a shield.

I stared for a little while – at this moment, the next moment, suddenly changed each other 's shield to bounce off and stab the wooden sword.

The wooden swords bite together and make a blunt sound of each other, and the sword and the shield violently hit-

In order to limit the attacking action of the opponent, the two sides naturally indented the distance and became a close battle.

Both sides lost the shield and the sword twisted together.

I grabbed his clothes and he grabbed my clothes.

……Pulling my strength is very strong, training and fighting are doing a good job! This person!

With a slight push of the past action, the attack is reversed.

Hold the opponent's arm and twist it, throw it up and throw it out.


It would be quite difficult for this person to fall on the floor with his back on the floor.

"Learn the winner!"

I heard the voice of the referee who did not know who was starting to know – but I also, after all, reached the limit.

In the middle of the martial arts field, the whole body fell softly on the knees, and the big words fell.

The thick pillars that stretched out to the ceiling, and the curves of the staggered arches, it was so beautiful, think so.

No one has any strength, in the middle of silence –

"Ha, hahaha …"

The soldier, who was thrown out by me, suddenly smiled for no reason.

Is this just the heart of the people, as if they are not knowing who is laughing, and then they laughed one by one.

"Ha ha ha ha!"

"Ha ha ha, though, it does not matter!" The so-called hero is terrible. As a result, all the members have been entertained! "

"But I finally knocked down the hero! It is our number and tenacious victory! "

"Ah – Yes, surrender, I surrender …"

Excellent! So shouted out, then everyone laughed together again.

Miss Sesilia, who had just gone out from the training field, came back with a lot of lemonade.

Everyone cheers together.

……As an outsider, can you fit into the circle of the temple you have never seen before? It is really very disturbing.

It is not so easy to eliminate the awareness that people are not good at interpersonal relationships since the previous life.

But unexpectedly, there is always a way to get involved.

In particular, if the soldiers are in any case, it is the two sides who can make a living and understand each other and identity with each other.

……Sure enough, the muscles are very good, Brad smiled so slyly in his head.

After the exercise, the merger and exchange meeting, together with the cafeteria in the street to have lunch, became such a passing.

Everyone cleaned the battlefield together, because the sweat and stains were removed with the prayer of "Clean" and then left.

While walking in the colonnade of Lin Lizi, one of the priests and fighters interacted with each other.

How is the form of the South?

This time, there is is no white-edged game of magic and prayer, if it is added, what kind of expansion will happen, and the like.

Or what kind of opponents have fought in the South, and so on.

For a moment, is there anyone who has a prejudice against me, how many have been investigated, but –

"Well, if we become leaders, it seems that there are all kinds of opinions."

"We are still in the field group."

"According to the circumstances, because of the revelation of the gods or the intention of the top, maybe it will change where the fat Mr. Bagley will change. "

"If you do this, you are a trustworthy comrade."

If you say so, you can only accept it.

Like the public, it seems that the scene is also like this.

Of course, the suffrage of the times is not true. If it is too much, the following boycott will be there. It is only natural that there is no harm.

Everyone yelled and said that Wu Yongtan had arrived at the dining hall.

The sergeant warriors made an unfettered voice, and several clerk aunts responded with an amiable voice.

I will send it to the food immediately.

It is simple cuisine.

The large plate was filled with multigrain bread. The wooden bowl contains a soup that looks salty and boiled.

There are bacon that is cut very thick, and cut into large pieces of leaves and roots.

It seems very delicious.

Everyone suddenly became quiet and prayed to the gods and food.

Then, try the dishes …

"Wow, delicious."


"This shop is good for cooking."

The officers and gentlemen of the sacred warriors stood in unison.

Multigrain bread, stuffed heavy, satisfied with the fasting.

The salt of the boiled soup penetrates into the tired body after exercise, and the ingredients that are added casually are very sensational.

Especially when the bite of bacon is bitten, the oil is delicious.

The vegetables that absorb the soup are also great.

"Here, it's all seasoned by the flesh workers …Completely become the designated merchant of the warrior team "

Miss Cesilla, who is so bitter.

"When you talk about the official, you tend to solve all the impressions in the temple …But will also use the outside store. "

"In the office, it's true that the daily priests who have prayed for prayer are correct, just …If the field of to maintain the law and order, the use of shops in various places is also within scope the work.

Observing the look of the store, actively talking to the people living there, and maintaining the relationship between the soldiers and the local residents is also an important task. "

Miss Sécilla wants to say that if it is considered that "officials are enemies", the local residents will have no resistance to the bloody people and friends who are hiding crimes.

Not only that but but it also various means to deceive officials.

"It is a matter of course that this request is a priority, rather than letting people who are almost irrelevant cooperate and listen to the voice of the family.

Because of this, even if we can not be relatives, we must have a moderately non-restrictive relationship with people in the region.

Rigorous security policy.

The red light district used to be very stable, since they can be accepted in the area.

But then –

"Why, the Walter Temple has retreated from the red light district?

When I asked the past, the air of peace immediately frozen in one breath.

"Do you already know?"

In the sound, there is a hard taste.

There is obviously a feeling of being picked out of bad things.

"Details, the details are not sure …"Why did you retreat, and the people there are so (question)?

Hesitant to answer this question.

Miss Sécelia put her hand on the slender chin, revealing a complex expression …

「…………Say your own shame, oh, though though

"Yes, it is"

A sigh.

"Become too informal, let's just say that ….One person, with the wife, became the result of a relationship of love, and became a bond for redemption. "

Ouch ……

"Because there is a little room for discretion, I have privately dispatched it to the temple in the distance, even though it has become like this …It's just this matter, and the Mayor of the district governor is irritated. "

The so-called district governor, the governor of the plural temples, is responsible.

A position that is even stronger than the head of the Temple of Baghley. If you say this, this greatness is easy to understand.


And, let the soldiers team retreat from the red light district?

But this one –

"Oh, generally you can not say it out loud, a slightly biased view is a too rude judgment."

Seemingly aware of my thoughts, Sécilla nodded.

"Grandpa Maynard, is not it too old to start to suppress anger? We are so rumored. "

The so-called is that feelings are out of control.

The big one, the officer, also nodded with a complex expression.

"In the near future, it seems that forgetting things has become serious."

"The people who used to be more calm are …"

"There are some recent ones …"

It seems that it has become a frustrating atmosphere.

It should have a delicious lunch, and there is always a feeling of dryness without taste.

「…………Ah – well, good, do not say it! "

Here Miss Miss Celia has a strong clap.

"Which thing I said just now, if there is anything, even if there are more gods to protect, people will grow old and their character will change. No matter what the world has!

The mayor of Maynard is the one who has made excellent actions so far! Even if it gets older, it becomes a little bad, and it can not cancel each other!

William Qing, the gloomy topic is rude! The great Walter swears, regretting the swearing of others behind the scenes! "

Miss Sécilla said that she had made a prayer in her hand with a seal.

How to say it, already, is a way to change the atmosphere like a man.

Everyone was brought by this momentum, and the air of frustration disappeared.

"Is there a question about the perceived red light district?

"Hey, after several treatments."

"I am very sorry, we are also looking for a chance to speak out, but now -"

The Walter Temple can not move, so let's talk about it.

It is true that the temple of Raytheon, which flattered the order, will not simply subvert the policy of the district governor.

Yes. Wait until the mood of Mr. Chang's manager has stabilized. "

I said so, smiled and nodded.

After that, they were joking in the cafeteria and doing martial arts handouts and faith lectures.

It took a lot of time to get out of the store when the smile disappeared.


Grab the problem.

It is not a topic of huge and complicated rights. It is completely because of the retreat of its own problems.

Let's start with the preparation of money, and go to the shrines of other gods, and consider these walks and find commotion in front.

It seems that the group of high-ranking priests passed, and people let the road open and pray together.

The raised flag has the coat of arms of Thor. The color of the discharge is the red color indicating the length of the tube.

I also retreated to the bottom of the road and closed my hand. I saw a monk with a number of entourages, and walked over in a luxurious, sloppy, gray-haired old man.

Ah, this is just the age of the old Maynard district governor – so, the moment of thinking.

– The back is trembling, and the cold is pouring out.

Because the feeling of the expansion of the dragon factor was told.

The old man, very strange, this way.


However, there will be such a thing.

The high-ranking servants of the Walter Temple in the world, such as this.


Suddenly pressed the corner of his mouth.

Resist the aversion to the cold, pretend that the prayers are bowing, hiding the breath, and waiting for group to pass.

I hope that there is something wrong.

But this, for the mistake of completely ignoring this unknown, is really too much sense of violation.

……Because humans, if the heart does not beat, it should not be alive.

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