Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitute 16 in the city of Eika

Volume 4:Prostitute 16 in the city of Eika

The next day, in order to meet people, I walked alone on the bustling avenue of The Teardrop Capital.

It seems that in the sky that peeks into the clear sea, the other side extends out of the cumulon imbus cloud.

There are tall buildings around, and the seams of the stone brick floors are very beautiful.

Dressed in brightly colored clothes, the dressed people come and go with the maids.

From time to time, you can see the carriage slowly passing through the center of the road.

Because the target building is large, it will not get lost.

So I got out of the mixed crowd, walked forward, and started walking on the sidewalk with a roof like an arcade, and it became a little dim.

At the corner of the sidewalk, there are a few stores roofs connected together.

There are several fast food canteens, plus a local shop lined up with amulets, and a fresh fruit shop with colorful fruits.

Looking at these and moving forward, the roof was interrupted and the view was full of light.


– There is a big building there.

White painted walls, wide stone steps. Large columns.

If you do not look up from a distance, you can not see the apex of the apex.

With a very large shrine as the center, several buildings around it are connected, enlarged and woven into a facility.

But the temple of "White Sails Capital" is also very large, this is a more different specification.

Under the bright sun.

The front of the building porch, boasting like the pattern of the sword of Lei.

The "Teardrop Capital" is also boasted at the largest scale, the great temple of Raythew Walter.

I always felt a little moved, stood a little and stood still, staring at the Great Temple.

……Of course, I also understand that this touch of to some extent included in the calculations of the architects.

From the dimly separated arcades, the light in front of the Great Temple exudes. In order to awaken nature and touch, the reverence of the mood, this is an intentional arrangement.

However, this is not a cheap arrangement even if it is arranged first.

From the design stage, the angle and darkness of the building, the sense of openness and occlusion.

I can understand very well that this is done with serious and exhaustive thinking.

How can the light of the gods of their own faith be displayed in an easy-to-understand way? It is the crystallization of the builder's technology and beliefs.

It is like the scenery like the great smashing of the human cause.

After looking at this for a while, I took a step toward the temple.

Look around the solemn temple decoration and walk to the agreed place.

As seen in the square in front of the shrine, there are other images of the gods and the ancestral halls that are mixed in, and there is a lamp of the gods of the ancestors.

Because the number of the names of the gods who have been illuminating recently has been increased, it seems that the establishment of ancestral halls and statues has increased.

Is there a number of worshippers, and there are many incense offerings in front of the ancestral hall, swaying white smoke to give a good smell.

This is the proof of the gods who are lighted and admired by people.

When I saw this scene, I always felt that my chest was warming up.

"Ah, William, here!"

I heard such a bright sound.

The voice that sounded to me was was the woman who made the blond hair easy to shake – Miss Sesilla, who was met on the street before.

"Ah, thank you. Good noon! I have to trouble you today. "

In response, I also made a bright voice, and waved and walked over.

The object of meeting is her.


"Samiel's thing seems to be reconciled. I really do not know how to thank … "

When you meet, it seems to be the topic first.

She is not afraid of her sincerity and fear, so she laughed.

"If you try to talk when you are not drinking, it is better to say that you are willing to vote." I still want to talk to him about martial arts. "

After saying this, she showed her look.

"Once again, I am here to take care of you the day before. I can not listen to my unreasonable request today … "

"I can not afford it. This is just a small matter. "

I used to talk a little bit, and through a small road, I conveyed to her in advance the purpose of private visit to the Temple of Walter.

Nominally a thank you for the day before, and a report on the settlement with Samuel.

And, because there is no exercise opponent in the king, so can I use the practice of the Walter Temple, this feeling.

Of course, even this is not a lie, it is not all said.

It seems to hear suspicious rumors about the Walter Temple's in-depth investigation …There is also such a purpose.

Actually, I did not feel any suspicious atmosphere. Do you want more, or say –

"The training field is deeper through the monastery. Please"

While talking, I passed through several corridors and went deep into the depths of the temple.

The front of the huge curved entrance – in the dim temple, swaying a few lights.

The swaying fire illuminates a huge, weighty stone statue.

The right hand holds up the sword that symbolizes the thunder, and the young man who holds the balance in his hand can not but but reveal the majestic image of the sigh.


Face it and pray quietly.

– The goodness of the gods, Raythew Walter. The god of the light, the god of the father.

The head of the company is order and judgment. There is also integrity and loyalty, and earnest respect for the universal virtue. From the upper to the lower levels of society, there are many believers in Walter.

The mythological era has begun to achieve Most of the great cause, the great gods associated with the establishment of all countries, among the six gods, the gods with the deepest relationship with the heroes.

First of all, as the wife of Walter's wife, Martyr, because of his compassionate temperament, there are many excellent officials, but he does not have a good relationship with martial arts figures.

The elf god Lya Silvia and the knowledge god Enlight, from the temperament of the first person to see the artist and scholars, but really few heroes.

Free and unrestrained, independent and free-spirited, always wearing a smooth and beautiful sword or a wind-walking posture of the wind. (Note 1)

Respecting the smelting of steel, the unyielding courage of the unyielding tough guy, backed by the burning flames of the furnace, holding the ax and hammer in the hands of the god Breze.

Then, in the end, it is rigorous and upright, bright and straight, with the dazzling Thunder Sword as the symbol of Raythew Walter, is the god of the brave man's belief in the three giants.

But it is such a great hero god Walter …In fact, Raytheon has many regrettable anecdotes in mythology.

As the eternal rival of the brothers and gods, the dictatorship and the tyrannical god, Ildlit, could not win without the help of his wife, the goddess Matil.

Was tossed by the friend Fengshen Valle, and was tempted to escape by the elf god Lyia Silvia.

The searched knowledge of God Enlight was thrown into the work That was difficult to complete, and was taken away by the inflamed god Brez. This kind of anecdote is very famous.

Then, when the evil gods and their genus rioted, they gathered these outstanding gods and their apostles, and prepared military resources from all sides. It is probably a Raytheon who tried his best to send out the military.

……Basically, every time it is hard labor.

It is only the head of the Temple of Bagley that teaches me that these anecdotes are "a rare indication of order."

Originally, the so-called order is not something natural and natural.

The things that existed were chaos and were dangerous and unknown.

Step into it, remove all kinds of chaotic elements, or suppress it, control it, seek the structure of confrontation, and constantly make it work.

This is the basic reconciliation of order and justice.

The fruit of the tree named after the order is just sitting still, just waiting for it to get it.

In-depth, analysis, countermeasures, recruiting comrades, adjusting, or adjusting and improving the existing functions, the end of countless hard work is finally flourishing, and the fruit of order is born.

Then the laziness will gradually weaken, and soon the fruit will be lost, and eventually the trees will wither.

As such, the serious expression of the Bagley Temple, even now remembers.


To the great Lord God, let me use the thanks of the temple facilities and pray to them.

After a while, my eyes opened and I saw Miss Sesilia praying beside.

She closed her eyes and held the atmosphere of her hands and prayed. How to say it was like a saint in painting.

……Mr. Samuel is particularly concerned about her and feels a little understandable.

Hu …Sorry for the waitting. Sa, let's go. "

After a little while, Miss Sesilia's prayer ended, and I smiled at her.

I always feel that there are some, challenging smiles.

"Now it's not on duty, and the superb sergeants gather their time to practice."


"Plus, do not look at me like this, I still have some confidence in my skills."

In fact, it feels so great, is that really the case?

"Gambling on the reputation of the Warrior Warrior, will not the Hall of Heroes go back after arbitrarily …"

Miss Sécilla smiled at the canine teeth.

She smiled like this, always feeling similar to to Mr. Samuel.

"Please carefully, let's go back after tasting our strength."

This, very, making people look forward to.


The vast martial arts field is in the hall, full of sweat, leather, and steel smell.


The sound of the momentum is echoing.

The wooden sword that will be rolled down will be be pushed open with a small shield.

This is the time to go to the side, but Miss Cesilla is beaten with a small shield.

If the wooden sword is blocked, the body posture will collapse. Contrary to this prediction, it seems that being blocked is also incorporated into the induction, almost perfect timing.

The so-called Walter sergeant warrior, in order to do the rough movements, also used the prayers to become the front of the line, especially the use of the shield, it seems that this is the case.


Reluctantly leaned back to avoid the distance.

"Though I just got it ….Sure enough, it's William, even Samuel can not win. "

"No, it's dangerous."

Though Mr. Samuel's fine sword technique has a lot of training, Miss Sécilla's one-handed sword and Xiaodun's response are not inferior to this. It is a well-trained and refined sword.

……However, after all, there is still actual actual accumulated by me for a long time.

"Going on"

Suddenly stepped in, alternating the ups and downs.


I do not know how to deal with it, the moment when the moment passes through the moment, the moment comes closer to the shield and the shield is entangled, suppressing this to the chest with a wooden sword.

In a moment of attack and defense, I held the power of killing and killing, forming such a form.

「……I lost "

After Miss Sécilla's declaration, oh, the sound is around.

After the end of the exercise, slowly simulate the battle after the body heats up.

This time has already experienced three wars, and the audience has increased a lot.

"Take that Sicilia …"

"But Sesilla has just won a victory."

"No, it's a flower, just send it."

"I can really make a flower really rich."

Indeed, the competition with people This level of position is decent, and in order not to let her lose face too much, the second battle waterproof gave a win.

I can understand this, and I am really good at it. I know a lot of people who know more.

……Brad taught me this, "the means to avoid unnecessary resentment and disputes", and the people of Wangdu used "flowers" to express them. ELEGANT

"Who, that strange man is gentle and elegant"

"I do not want to be smart."

"The face I have never seen … …"

"No, I have seen, the apostle of the god of the light – the dragon of the dragon," The Paladin at the End of the World ""

「! That hero …! "

"Speaking, I heard that I have followed the rules of the Ethiopian King."

Helping Miss Cesilla to get up and make a variety of voices into the ears during each other.

Because the dragon factor reinforces the hearing, their interactive laughter conversations are heard all at once.

– It seems that there are people people who know my face, and there is no need to hide them.

"Excuse me, my name is Will! Miss Cheng Silla's kindness borrowed the corner of this training field … "

While looking around, I talked to the adults who gathered here.

It's rare to come, and if you do not fight against all types of people, you lose it.

Further, in order to achieve the purpose of in-depth exploration, I want to have a good relationship with them.

"If you can, I will ask you to play one-on-one with you!"

This shouted to see, everyone, scrambling to take the initiative to take my competitive opponent.

……Compete with the prestigious Walter Prisoner.

……Just, can you have a good relationship with them?

Mixed with expectations and uneasiness, I re-tightened the wooden sword.

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