Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitute 15 in the City of Eihua

Volume 4:Prostitute 15 in the City of Eihua

That's it, somehow strange friends, one more.

But with Miss Luna Lia …No, it's a friend with Luna Lia, and even then I have not changed anything.

Accompanied by His Highness of Essex, a variety of ceremonies and evening parties, daily activities in the "Teardrop Capital" unaccustomed activities.

……Though I was watching from the side, my highness was really busy every day.

Spreading smiles to many people, sometimes face-to-face conversations, persuasion, bringing assistance, inducing benefits, and being very diligent and doing all sorts of things only within the scope I can see.

– Recalling Mary's words.

The biggest danger That "is we act with good purpose, so it must be accompanied by results."

Even in past lives, people do not necessarily act in a theoretically correct manner.

If the words of a nasty person do not agree with certainty even if they have some correctness, the words of a person with great grace will defend even if they are somewhat unreasonable.

If the enemy who insists on persuading becomes a strong one, it will be despised by the trusted person, and there will be people who have once turned into an enemy.

Names, interests, deeds, likes and dislikes – there are many elements of action, and they are intertwined.

Legitimacy does not necessarily lead to action.

A person who speaks of legitimacy, his manners, will make people act.

Then His Highness Esser understood this in particular.

Meet with a large number of people, dialogue, and gradually, continue to insist on, and want to promote the talks of the South.

Then even in this, His Royal Highness is not anxious, but calm.

I remembered the story of a pastor's novel, the grandfather of a cleaner.

When you are in charge of a very long road, it is just the next step, the next breath, and the next sweep. Just consider the next thing.

This will be a pleasure. Pleasant, work progress.

In the way of His Royal Highness, I always feel that I have some fun and enlightenment.

I am often ordered to accompany such a descendant of Essell and go to various places.

If you stand silently, you are often politely asked to tell a few stories about Wu Xun.

Although I have thought that it is really effective, but the so-called "hero", it seems that there is a corresponding publicity effect.

No matter where I go, I will not noticed accordingly, be talked, and be met.

What is surprising is that, of course, dressed like a knight, walking along the main road with His Royal Highness, I heard the cheers from the citizens of the city.

But there are many people who have no good intentions in the development of the …This is the matter.

Wu Xun's poem "The Paladin at the End of the World" created by Bi is extremely popular even in Wangdu.

To find out what to look at, it seems that the previous duel was quickly made into poetry by poets, and it spread widely.

Protecting the paladin who was entangled by the drunk nobles, the beautiful senior wife promised to fight.

The poet will not let let go of such a delicious pinch …What I heard in the corner of the street, how do you say it, this has been over-beautified.

In the poem I was said to be very handsome, and the evil aristocrats of the dueling opponents were defeated. Luna Lia was very pitiful and illusory, and became such a feeling.

It feels like a foreshadowing, accidentally meets before the party, and can not move away from each other's songs – adding such a story, and finally embracing the kiss on the cheek to end.

"What a beautiful love?"

"It's perfect to remove it from reality."

Ah Want to be a reality? "

"If this is a reality, because my valuable friend will reduce one person, spare me."

After the bitter smile said this, Luna Lia laughed and screamed.

"Will, do you value friends more than lovers?"

"In such a position, it is very laborious to make friends."

To be honest, I am more happy than my lover, Qing, I, and my friends.

It's hard to imagine what it's like to whisper love to lovers.

Hehe. Is not it harder to find a lover in this way? "

"Yes. Dressed up on the surface of people who are close to the love, there are also. "

"(I am) a person who is not honest with the Paladin adults! What will hypocritical love become? "

"Yeah, money or something?"

But they were talking to each other with serious expressions, we all laughed at this time without knowing it.


As a "Palace of the Paladin", there are many political issues.

I saw the needle and went to the red light area several times for treatment.

Even if assistance is provided in this form, you must first grasp the structure of the problem.

"God officials, I have always been very grateful."

"no, I 'm fine. Thank you, please be sure to show the light to the gods. "

"Well, then the god of the lights, thank you very much."

Oops. What is Mr. Luna, who is familiar with Luna? If you can, can you come to us, there are children who are sick. Of course there will be synergy? "

"Good is very happy. Even if there is only one copper coin, as long as you offer a sincere prayer to the god, everything will be treated. "

There is no positive name, because of the nature of the red light district has not been actively sought.

I was not a paladin in this neighborhood, but the feeling that "Luna Lia is familiar with the good man of the gods" is accepted.

……Well, there is no hidden faith in the ancient Lacey Phil, and there are some people who are probably aware of it.

All in all, go back and forth with Luna Lia, who will lead the way and introduce it to me –

"All in all, first praise, admit, let the other person think that they are special, let the other side dance comfortably."

"If you can not find a place to celebrate?"

"This is evidence of immatureness. If the hair is thick, "I am like a man", the words of an ordinary uncle, "a mature man is awesome …"And so on, you can do a lot. "

"Even if you can not find it?"

"Yes ……"The shape of the ears is so cute. I always feel like it, and it is very convenient even if I do not pick the object.

The conversation I heard, how to say it, it's amazing.

Next to my treatment, Luna Lia talked with the lady who had met her.

Occasionally, the young lady, who seems to be almost a trainee, explains a variety of things –

"The performance is very important. Let it be comfortable, behave shyly, and rhetoric, "

"Performance, is it?"

"Yes, it is especially important to pretend to have a feeling and pretend to be shy. If you are dissatisfied with a man who is abusive, you will be more rude and more uncomfortable. Protecting the body is very important? "

"It turned out, I learned."

"When you're done, the excitement of the will will cool down immediately. I will lean over and look at the situation with a mournful look. It will make him him cherish your hand. "


"In short, it is necessary to give the other party a high position and be recognized as an illusion. Men are very weak about this – "

The way to make men anxious.

The place where the lips are used.

Finger movements and how to use the fragrance.

Jealous and flattery of manners and timing of use.

Prevention of bad breath and body odor.

Let it contribute the wording of money and valuable gifts.

Finally, from the movements in the bed to the shackles of the sputum, the maintenance of the genitals, in the conversation, the way she teaches in language is multifaceted.

Has she completely abandoned her cage, even if she knows that I will hear my own words. Still not looking at it.

Plainly, I talked about the explicit topic of the girls in the trainee.

"If a woman is old, she will lose her color and the will will leave." Can rely on money and gems. – Real love or something, please take the dog. "

How practical.


"Lanna's conversation, how do you say it?"

Yikes. Disillusioned with the stage of commercial women? "

While talking, because I was heading to the next treatment place, I was walking on the road where the brothel was standing.

At the intersection, there is a bottle of rainwater for the firefighting, and I feel the countermeasure against against fire.

However the feelings of the past generations of the fire prevention and fire suppression are often forgotten, in this era, fires in cities of this size will become major disasters.

"Hmm, it's amazing."


For her slightly squatting, I beheaded.

"Repetitive accumulation of refined technology will make people see beautiful things."

There is always a feeling that I am a warrior.

In order to destroy, kill, defeat the technology, tempered daily.

Known as a hero, crusade against a strong enemy, and promote the teachings and prestige of the gods.

Though I do not think this this is bad, just –

「……Letting someone see a beautiful dream, I think it is a very powerful thing. "

Dreams and fantasies that have been made well, even if you know that this is false, can be the power to survive today.

I also think in the poetry of the bard like Bi. It is very powerful to make such beautiful things.

"Destruction, such as killing, defeating, etc., compared to these …Certainly, more

Luna Lia, who was walking next to her, stopped.

Looking back, I saw that she was really, showing an indescribable expression.

Like a smile, like a cry, an incredible expression.

「……You really are different. "

Because there really is conscious, squinting.


YesReally, strange people "

She narrowed her eyes and said so, just –

"You too, teach your wrists to others free of charge"

"Oh, my one is okay." Nothing to compete with the child, no.

"This is the case …"

Because of this sentence, I can not help but speak without words.

Yet there are all kinds of so-called daughter-in-law, they are children who are owed debts and are sold to brothels.

The caves of the worst places to be able to understand – that place to said be "sexual extraction" – compared to that, it is still very good.

In order to make up for the income that has been reduced because of unemployment, people who become wives as temporary emergency work are not the same as these people.

Being restrained in a brothel, if you do not pay back your debt, you can not be free. AND THEN –

"Think about your own debts and look for objects that can be redeemed for yourself." It is very difficult for a wife to become an ordinary owner. "


"Because I only know how to make a man ecstasy ….Ordinary children's words have always been seen in ordinary families, but they do not know about the management at home. "

So the ending is broken.

Or it is to become a position like Xiaoyan, which is correspondingly complicated.

Luna Lia faintly said.

"Become happy, generally you can not say no. Everyone, if you find a good man, you can be happy and can not do it. – Also used me. "

Ironically shrugging her, it looks very helpless.

Then she suddenly smiled bitterly –

"So please be careful not to be deceived by a prostitute ….It's absolutely inappropriate for people like you to seriously consider getting married. "


"right. Let go of selfishness and be a friend's advice. "

For a while, walked silently.

Boats come and go along the waterway.

The sailor holding the paddle in his hand, holding the ballad that he did not know.

"So, for a few days in a row, it seems to have considered a lot. What do you think of?

「…………Well, okay. Not much.

But it is not a means to make this a lot, all of them are refreshing.

But also for this gentle friend.

"Even if you only have a little bit, do not do anything."

I injected my mind, so I whispered.

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