Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitute 14 in the city of Eika

Volume 4:Prostitute 14 in the city of Eika

Later, Miss Luna Lia asked for treatment in several places in the red light district.

There are really many patients, pray for miracles, and the burden of repeated prayers makes the head groggy.

The Capital of Tears is a metropolis.

As long as I am alone, I can completely arrange for it. The "Southern Frontier Continent" with a small number of people is different at the end, which gives me real real feelings.

But the things to do this have not changed.

It is just that that instead of the gods and adults, to do what the gods want to do.

The gap in treatment listens to the status quo, confirms the state of the economy and health, and records, the problems points.

In a room in the brothel, many future guidelines were considered –

「……Can you really do it? "

Miss Luna Lia said so.

"Because I am used to it, I always do it."

Answered with a smile.

Already, I have not known how many times I have used these hands to treat.


Miss Luna Lia stared at me like this with a different color.


What's the matter?

"you ……Alive, happy? "

Quietly asked.

What is the intention, so slightly tilted her head, she continued to say.

"Although I do not know where I heard the song, you made a strong oath to the gods." Then, just follow the oath and live. "

EH eh?

That's it, nodded – and she always felt that she was a little expressionless.

Let her a little bit of asters and gold, then ask again.

「……Happy for someone else to sell themselves completely? "

Use a quiet voice.

Quietly asked.

"I always feel that you look very unintentional, very flat ….It's not a reminder to save people and spread the light of the gods.

Since I was engaged in such a work, I have provoked my desires and fanned people to make them feel better. I know that both hands are not counted. "

I did not intend to make you happy to dance, she said so.

"Do you have a desire? Is your life a happy life? – Are you happy? "

In these eyes, there is no feeling of demeaning my intention in this voice.

– That's why it feels like there is is something real.

I tied my lips and changed my expression.

"I am very happy. My life is a happy life. "

So asserted.

"Well, of course – the battle is very painful and terrible, and I hate being killed." Going to a place full of plague and filth, there will be no pleasant mood.

What I have done done is thanked, not just that. If you become famous, you will have a corresponding position and establish an enemy. I want to be gentle to me, and people who want to use me also have it. "

"Yes, people like me will appear."

Luna Lia, who said something like a joke, shrugged with a smile.

To be honest, compared with the undead, she is very cute, really.

"But even so, being loved is a joy." Good deeds are a happy thing. "

Someone with a head down, if I can go up, I will feel up.

When someone who has regrets successfully returns to reincarnation, I will also feel saved.

Not all are things that can be done well.

Not all can save.

There are also places that my hands can not reach.

But even so –

"Can you go with the quiet god of the gods, and keep going like this …This must be a happier thing than to use this power to satisfy all kinds of desires. I think so. "

By the way, it is various, and it is various, and it is various.

I think most of the desires can be satisfied.

……However, at this time, I do not feel much value in this kind of thing.

I have not been confused by the dragon factor, or maybe it is thanks to it.

"Well, how do you say …It's that feeling. "

After saying this, Miss Luna Lia –

「——……Ah, this way. "

Suddenly, I nodded as if I could accept it.

"I always feel very flat and incredible. But people with an atmosphere like yours have seen it somewhere, I think of it. "

She has eyes of different colors and is very interested in the location several times –

"Yes, that's true. – You, it's like that. "

「? What is similar?

Some care.

Say I am similar, in the end …

"A very good marriage partner, a good family ….You are the one! "


I was so shocked that she was opposite to her with an expression that she could understand.

Looking at my expression, it seems that her expression is very funny and very clear.


"Knot, knot, get married !?"

"Yeah yeah"

She nodded so much.

Is it very happy to solve the mystery? It is different from the elegant smile that usually covers the corner of the mouth. It is a innocent smile like a virgin.

"There is a good marriage, just satisfying with my wife. People like this are like that. "

「……No, no, I, single … "

"Is it old – fashioned with the gods, is it like this?


If you say so, it is difficult to refute.

Why is it wonderfully hot on the face?

"Oh, shy, shy."

"No, no, no."

I was told what I was getting married, and I did not imagine what the goddess' wedding attitude was like like – I'm sorry for not thinking about it.

"The original – come here – so, ah, this way, no matter what kind of trap is used, it is useless, invincible."

"Is it invincible?"

"My master, though, is a superb woman who has played with many aristocrats and is scared. People who really love each other, have a good marriage contractor …It seems that no matter what I do, I laughed and never figured out.

I do not know how to follow the trend, and finally said to me, "This time, I am getting married." I can not say anything completely. I can only say "Congratulations" to her. "

This is what you can hear from your ears.

The goal is to target singles, or men who can marry without hesitation for politics and contract. These words.

"–If you can, then, when you are in love,"

She seems to be looking at a distance.

I am thinking about it, every day with the master.

"Love, yeah …"

What kind of mood would it be?

The memory of the past lives of the cockroaches is like the lack of bites by the insects. I can not think of this feeling.

"Oh, even if the Paladin is interested in love?"

"This is because it is this age."

Meet a cute girl, what.

It's just a little dream, can not say no, yes because it's age.

「……Oops, you can not fall in love when you are old, do not you have this limit? In the tea party of the elderly, the aristocrats who lost their partners, they constantly hear what they are jealous of – "

Yes, terrible.

But it gracefully covers the corners of your mouth and laughs, it's terrible!

"Well, but, yes ….Still do not take it too much. "

She shrugged and smiled.

"In love, accidents are things that do not make people crazy."

For women of this age, it is a very thin voice.

She is so in love with her.

"Is it really an overestimation?"

"Oh, for example, yes ….If you do not love me, you will die for what you see. This kind of person has been seen several of them. "

"I have seen a few people …"

"I have seen it."

It's scary …

"But, with death, you can win love?" Is it better to feel that it is a heavy problem? "

「……Well, this "

"Even if this is not the case, the so-called" falling in love "

Contains surprise, and slightly disgusting sounds.

「……Ah, it's a good idea to fall into it, yes. It's smashed into it. (Note:Both of these are trapped, the latter is equivalent to falling into ing, Chinese is not understanding)

They broke in.

In this way, she repeats.

"-Is it annoying to the guests?"

"I like it the most. Only at that time, no matter who is true. – People who like people like them too, injected "the favorite" from the bottom of their hearts.

She laughed.

Cover your mouth and elegantly.

"Well, it seems that you will not work for you."

「……Really lucky, right?

"Is it finished without being cheated?"

"It's not like this"

Slowly shake your head from side to side.

"I seem to be unable to be your guest ….It seems that friends are not okay? "

After saying this, let her eyes stunned in surprise.

–friennnnnddddssss !!!


For a stunned look, she nodded.

「…………What did a male friend think about?

"Do not try to think about it …"

"I do not think friendship between men and women can be established, I."

Well, I do not feel that I can not understand it either.

"But, yes. Really what you love and lust for me, these things do not seem to feel. "

Unexpectedly, a friend's words may be able to become.

With that said, she laughed. It is a very satisfied smile.

The canal flows with the cool water.

Summer night. The magical lights illuminate the road along the river, and the cool wind blows.

「……Can you catch up at four o'clock in the evening? "

In the countless pavilions that light the lights, you can hear laughter, cheers, and high-spirited.

Different from previous life, in the life without a watch, the grasp of time is very embarrassing.

"No problem, there should be no leaking bells."

Slowly, I was walked with a subtle feeling of hollowing out.

Always feeling, is a steady mood.

"Hey, William ….Speaking of it, can you let me hear about the love of the gods (Mrs.)? "

"Not a lady. Also, start to love – "

"Oh, this is not okay." Unexpectedly, maybe the gods of the lights also like to be said so? "


How come, how come.

……No, the gods are adults.

"Well, let's do it first ….Why did you decide to offer a career to the gods? "


Retrospective memory.

That, the last day of the age of fourteen.

– Desperate the day before the winter solstice.

"The day before the adult, I know. – Raising my parents, I am charmed by the undead god, "


"Injecting love into me, the most important importants. So I want to guard, use swords and magic as weapons, and challenge the evil spirits. "

That day will not be forgotten.

"Of course, what is the winner is equal to no ….I will be killed soon, and I will die soon. The gods will send me a voice. "

will not forget.

Never forget it.

"The weight of life. Despair of death. Compassion for all life is about to pass away. The consciousness of battle. – As long as you do not forget these, you are qualified, so to speak. Going forward together, say so. "

Until the end of this life, she was guided again.

I am absolutely, will not forget that scene.

"- So, I also prayed to move forward together. My career, become your sword, become your hand, so pray. "

At that moment, the contract was established.

Passing the goddess, bet on her lights.

"This way ….So, is it victorious? "

"Victory. Have a good return to the soul of the parents, that, in the correct cycle. Looking back now, it's also a thousand-years – generally it's completely eyeing. "

"Is it not dead?"

"Being not dead"

Her face wrinkled.

"Like the mythical hero Tan …It does not matter? This

"It does not matter."

"Are you actually an unacceptable accident as a marriage partner …"

"Stop talking!"

I know, I know.

There are things that are known but there is no way to do it …!

"Well, okay. I will not marry you. ……Feel sympathy for someone who is with you. "

"No, it's lost."

"Even if you are still obedient to the gods (Mrs.), have you always kept a clean body for a lifetime?"

"I feel a little bit like this recently."

If you can not see the grandson's face, Gass will sigh.

Raise, raise a dog or something, what is it …!?

「……I will accompany you to the one-night, docile child or something to introduce to you? "

"This method of changing your mood, please stop it."

I do not care about the innocence.

not real.

「……In this way, I was given the protection of the gods, and I became a paladin at the border. "

"It is such a feeling. Ah

Although there is some hesitation, this is something that can be inquired.

"What is the feeling of Miss Luna Lia before she reaches her current position?

"Do not ask so sincerely and fearfully. – Also, it's okay to throw away the title. Really. "

"No, but …"

"The concern here is really a childlike look …"

"Hey, hey! Then, what about Luna Lia! "

Gradually this person is becoming more and more outspoken!

"No, such a funny story."

She – Luna Lia smiled and shrugged.

"The young girl of a poor farmhouse was bought by a trafficker, bought a red light district, and grew up …This is the time to sell the spring woman to death. Occasionally, the master was taken care of.. "

"Say it is the master's words -"

Well. Because of the age retreat, the girls in the brothel are taught musical instruments, such as the "Lona Lia" of the previous generation. ……Look, my eyes are different in color? "

– Iris heterochromia.

The same asters, and the glamorous gold.

"The bluff is effective and seems to be very interesting. The master bought me and taught me a variety of traps. Feel these fun …When I was aware, I became a senior daughter-in-law. But


「……As a result, there may be no no change. EVERYTHING

Full of banter, and sad voice.

Hehe. This kind of thing, for whom to say it, is the first time. "


"- just, is not it a lie?"

"Ah, I can understand it, it's amazing."

She did not worry at all, shrugged her shoulders.

"To make a slightly mournful behavior," this kind of thing is the first time. " If you say so, you can seduce it to a man because it is a habit of inadvertently. "

「…………Wow-the terrible habit -…

With such a feeling, half is acting as she plays with her.

We walked side by side on the road in the summer night.

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