Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitute 13 in Eihua’s capital

Volume 4:Prostitute 13 in Eihua’s capital


I was amazed and did not know what to say.

"Ah-, Luna's sister! Long time no see

"Oh, 蒂"

Tidy yelled at the girl in the hood with a bright tone and ran over.

The girl, Miss Luna, also took off her hood and smiled at the pedestal.

I could not help but be dumbfounded.

……It's a lot of smiles that have a few times, and it's a bit like a man-made smile. It's a very warm smile.

It is also different from the usual high-quality clothing, but it is a bit plain, like a men's clothing with less clothing.

If the long black hair is lightly tied and almost no makeup, it looks like a village girl.

"I have not seen it for a long time, life is no problem? Have a good meal? "

"Well, it's fine!"

"This way. If something happens, go to the gods and adults to help? I have already asked them well in advance.

Soft sound.

Touch the tip of the pediculous hair.


I looked at it with complete stunnedness, and Miss Luna Lia looked back at this with different colors.

「…………So why are you here? "

I asked the seemingly surprised expression.

Regain the atmosphere just like a mother, and replace it with air full of suspicion and warning.

「? Sister's acquaintance? Will's brother's words wait for the red light district – hehe! Ah

Tidy hurriedly closed his mouth.

How do you say it, showing an expression like "I have said something that I should not say if I'm not careful …"Gosh?

"Difficult, is it that Will Brother is the guest of Luna's sister?"

Gosh? That

"Well, that's it."

When I was confused about how to answer, Miss Luna Lia, who gave a positive answer at once, came over and took my hand.

Did you accept the positive answer from Luna Lia, and Tidy made a desperate attempt to make a sin.

What happened

"A woman who knows a well-being, a man who sneaked into another brothel, is it customary to be blamed and forced to shave his hair beard?"

Ah, this is terrible …Plus, very disgraceful.

In this era, men attach great importance to reputation and decent.

If women are ungrateful and shaved, they can only hide from people and let others know that they are at home.

I am not familiar with her – ide I complained with my gaze, Miss Luna Lia responded with a gaze to "Do not say it soon."

"That's it, this person, I will borrow it. OK? "

"- I do not want to be kicked by a horse" (Note:hindering others from being kicked by horses)

Mr. Tonio shrugged.

Repeatedly, I repeatedly gave me a sinful act.

"Oh, all in all, let's go?"

"Hey, hey …"

When I was still confused, I was taken taken away by Miss Luna Lia.


"So why is this place?"

I was so surprised when I walked on the road.

Not a normal and elegant tone, probably the original tone.

"If you just want to play a woman, would you like to introduce you to a good-natured child? Good year, it's still good for the year. "

"No, no, not like this."

「……Well, that's, you are like the type of brothel you will be afraid of. "


Only when you are conscious, you can not say it.

When I come to this store, although Brad will be happy to move forward, I will shun it.

"Mr. Samuel, if you want to participate in poverty alleviation, you are invited to this – "

「……? Son of Fu Morid? Did not you fight with him before you?

"Reconciled. Is a good person "

After answering this, she became completely stunned for a while, then smiled bitterly.

"In this place, there will be no shrinking."

"If you do not solve it early, it will become more and more difficult."

Apologize, thank you, and reconciliation.

If these things are not done earlier, they will gradually become busy in the daily life and be buried in "This is something that can be pushed backwards."

……Pushing backwards, things that are not done after this delay are unexpectedly many.

"All in all, it's time to merge and learn about the status quo in advance – Miss Luna Lia?"

"I lived here near this time."

"- nearby?"

This is a very unexpected statement.

……Although I do not know the details, in the scope of hearing, basically selling spring women is not the same as senior daughter-in-law.

The accumulated experience and achievements of the aides will become priests, divisions,

Or in the previous computer games, the role can be transferred to the upper profession, unlike these.

– Selling a spring woman, can not be a senior wife.

It is a wild donkey, or in a brothel. While there are differences in this aspect, the selling spring women are basically made by the lower women.

Then the senior daughter-in-law who is the target of the upper class is a woman with a certain social class who has received many skills education.

Not only the starting point is different, but the end point is also different.

Even if the brothel is so expensive, it will not turn into a senior wife …Even if you do the same thing, it is not a connected profession.

So I think Miss Luna Lia is also a certain social class, generally it is.

"Do not explore. – For men who are not close, there is no plan to elaborate. "

If you say this, you have to interrupt your thinking.

"That's it, then I have to visit acquaintances."

There is no false feeling in this discourse.

In fact, idi is also an acquaintance, like walking on the road like this is also very familiar with the road.

The most important thing is that Miss Luna Lia has no special breath.

I feel like the people who receive the protection of the gods, and the atmosphere of the unique silence is not felt.

From the sacred genus of the evil gods, the kind of rustling hair and the alert that came up from it were not felt.

Mr. Samuel has a strong sense of god, and some can see the inside.

This person is really just an ordinary person.

Of course, it is safe for the average person, I do not plan to be so stupid, just-probably, this encounter is really accidental.

「……What is going on here? It is not good to think deeply about these. "

Miss Luna Lia also got a conclusion similar to me, so muttering.

"There is also this accident …"

"Is it the guide of Leia Silvia?"

Because it was a sudden encounter in front of the Temple of the Elves, it really might be like like this.

Just so involuntarily, the two walked together on the road.

Did you go into the red light district from the bustling street, the taste of the fat powder became thicker, and you often saw women wearing a unique atmosphere of thin cloth.

Large and small lodgings everywhere.

Because it was was still before sunset, I could hardly hear the kind of squeaking sounds like this –

"Right, just to see this place."

Miss Luna Li whispered, coming over and covering my arm with my body.

"–Not a little, please accompany me?

The lips are like a crescent moon.

……She smiled in confusion.


The smog of smoke is everywhere, and the conspicuous brothels with red pillars are like the outside world.

Narrow room.

In front of me, there is a woman with open clothes.

– Reaching out.

YeahAh, call … "

Leaking out the sound of hot air.

"A big mouth to breathe – exhale -"

I used the sound of due diligence and unhurriedness to say so.

"Oh, ha …Cough, cough … "

"There is no doubt that it is a disease of the respiratory system. – The goddess of light, Gulesfil, gives the patient the bedside, the dim bedding, and the lights. "

Consciously let the heart calm and pray.

The cough of the woman immediately stopped.

"No, thank you very much …That, thank you

"I have already received it, please do not care ….Yeah

I always feel a little embarrassed, the skin's luster is also very poor, and there are several rashes, and the disease and fatigue have left a shadow on the beauty.

Unconsciously, sliding your fingertips and engraving several "Inscriptions" in the air.

– "Clean words." Plus "Strengthened Prayer" and other slightly preventive care.

Depicting "Engraving", after the prayer, her temperament slightly improved and the rash disappeared.

"Ah, I always feel that my body is getting light …?"

"Slightly purify with magic. But do not be too big, if you can, please take a break during this time. "

"Good, good"

"So, the next one -"

It was a brothel that was brought by Luna Lia.

She is talked to the old lady through her daughter – in – law, and soon the treatment for this lady – in – law was complete.

This way I can not refuse if I am ready, and there is no need to refuse.

I am fully buried in the treatment.

"Okay, please take it easy. What are the symptoms of care … "

While talking about these, pray for the protection of "Healing Prayer".

In addition, "Pure Words" and "Practical Strengthening Prayer" are used together.

……Just, if you look deeper, it is the cruelty of the above.

There are many people who work with a weak body like a patient.

Because of the labor environment and income problems, the body can not get a rest.

Even if you can accept the treatment of the prayer, you need a corresponding price, and the priest who originally held the care is more busy.

……Even so, there should still be a brothel with a certain strength, a cheap accommodation fee, and the status of the wild donkey.

「…………Quite cruel. "

"What do you expect from the status quo?"

After treating about a few dozen people and muttering to herself, Miss Luna Lia sitting next to me said this to me.

Nod Very understanding.

"It was used beautifully …?

"After all, the good people who hold high prayers are wandering aimlessly. Is not it a loss if you do not use it?

She did not want to to deny the use of me, and shrugged her shoulders.

Did you know that I can tell the lie? It seems that she has recently mixed in the language action.

「……Having said that, it's really strong. Ordinary priests, it is common for ten people to look blue. "

"Fortunately, it is very strong." Even if you have hundreds of people, you will feel bad. "

"One person is worthy of dozens of priests ….The hero is really unreasonable. Some people are uncomfortable "

"If you have such a helpful person, even if you feel sick,"

Even Mary, probably, will say that.

"I am really grateful to be with me to do these things."

I relaxed my mouth and thanked me.

I always feel that I have been hit by a variety of minds, and I am very wary …Unexpectedly, if you do not get caught up with these, maybe it's a very good person.

When thinking about this – Miss Luna Lia, wrinkled her face.


"What people are helping, what are you?"

For me who is holding holding head, she muttered like what she spit.

"Even if you are just a person, you will get sick anyway. After you return to the mainland of the South "

Shrugged his shoulders.

"No one will be saved ….I am only slightly self-satisfied and sell people to acquaintances. "


"You can not be here all the time?"

It is indeed in the "Teardrop Capital", which is a short stay.

I will one day return to the South.

"How many people can be treated by heroes during this period. Thousands of people? Tens of thousands of people But these people, everyone will return to the original after you go back. – "but this time you have used you, the status quo of this place is like this."

It's not something that should go deeper, Miss Luna Lia said.

The different colors, purple and gold eyes, like staring at me as I see through.

「……Is that the case?

AhAlthough I feel that this is like a hero of a good man, there will be complaints from the adults, which is very clear. "

"Oh, because this is the right theory."

It is true that I will go back someday.

Unlike the hometown's "Lights of Chuangang", after the cure, "If you have another problem, please call me." This will not work.


"In short, I have to do it, even if I leave, I will not read read to return to the original state."

In this regard, the words of the means are not well though though out.

……All in all, it may be that that you have have found something you should do.

After nodding his head and shining his eyes, Miss Luna Lia lowered her eyebrows and lowered her head.

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