Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Eihua No. 12

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Eihua No. 12

When I came here, what suddenly came out of my mind was the avenue of the developing countries of the past.

The ash is peeling off, revealing a brown, living wall.

The front is full of billboards and advertisements painted with bright colors. Or graffiti.

In the open-air frame opened with a slightly faded cloth, it is full of fruits and spices, wild vegetables and decorations.

People walking on the mainland have a wide variety of clothes and can understand that people of all walks of life come and go.

The smell that reaches the nose is also complicated.

The smell of the barbecue from all the restaurants, the smell of the most people and the perfume, or the stench of garbage or dirt thrown in the corner of the alley.

A variety of odors mixed with a fuzzy scent that irritates the nasal cavity.

You can hear the bargaining negotiations and chats from all over the place, ordinary jokes, laughter and roar.

In short, all kinds, active, and energetic.


But it seems that some people like people to hate, I am not very annoyed about this place.

Suddenly, memories of past lives emerged in my mind. Maybe in the past, there are accidents when I strolled in such places.

"Mr. Will, because it is too crowded, how can we meet at the mansion in order to find someone in the wrong place?

"I know, well, we are not children."

Mr. Tonio, who walked side by side, nodded.

However, this kind of the past life can be solved by a mobile phone, there is no time to contact means of this life, this kind of thing is not determined in advance.

"But the gates of this place are closed after four o'clock in the evening because of the security relationship."


There is a door where there is a bridge over the canal that you can say.

……It is true that in order to maintain law and order, it is necessary to limit the exchanges of people in the middle of the night.

Even if the magic lights are so popular, this era is still more more dark.

From such a late night, from this area to other people, people who want to move into the darkness have no serious purpose at the beginning, so they can understand the restrictions on the exchanges, just …

"I saw the feeling, but it seems that there are many hotels, the drudged judgment is declining, and the time has passed carelessly …"

"I have to stay overnight or have a place to stay." Well, this place, love hotels and brothels are over half. "

So it is

Use the rules to make more money.

"All in all, understand, if you get lost, pay attention to the next time."

"Go to the hospital to enjoy …Haha, it's a bit difficult for Mr. Will. "

Mr. Tonio shrugged like a joke.

I heard this sentence and thought a little bit …

"Well, it is difficult to enjoy it."

I came to the conclusion and shrugged with a smile.

– Buy spring and sell spring. Very commercial transactions in ancient times.

To say good things is to be out of touch with reality, only for a false love of one night.

If you say Good things, buy women for one night with money, as an outlet for venting desires.

Although I did not discuss this idea of ​​good or evil, at least I will not enjoy it.

Miss Luna Lian, who had a different color from the eyes, met and understood.

Even if you are so beautiful, you will not be honest and dishonest.

Saying that gambling is also included, the magic makes it seem that there are so many singles …

This is because love is "more than you want to be missed." Vanity – that is, the elements of certain is lies, may have this reason.

"Speaking, the position of each temple is awkward, does Mr. Tonio know?

"I have been about to it, after all, I have been separated from the king for a long time …"

The crossroads of the alleys are confusing and crowded, a little overwhelmed, when talking about such a dialogue.

Was it pushed by the chaotic crowd, there was a man who crashed in – I immediately reflected the hand that stretched over.


Reaching out is only the girl who seems to be tanned in the teens but half of her skin.

Gray hair, a lot of patches on the clothes.

Her hand is aimed at my arms. A bag with several coins –


"You, what do you touch!"

The girl turned around and tried to open the hand I was holding.


Because the fear of frightening and the sound of frightening leaked out.

– ah -, if it is a recidivism, it is is going to be handcuffed.

"It's too small to see people coming in from outside.

So tell her that after the hand was released, the girl stayed for a moment.

"I am coming in, please be careful."

Then a little smile appeared and went to the crowd.

"Mr. Will?

"What's wrong, Mr. Tonio "

"is this okay?"

A worried look, I nodded with a smile.

「……The gods will understand me. "

However I did swear to the gods to dispel evil, I do not think that people people sin because of hunger are evil.

While it is a good good to feel that being hunger and poverty is not a crime, it is not evil, but ordinary behavior.

But it is not specifically to support affirmative crimes, if it is because of a reason, I do not want to use swords to face each other only by preference. Like the priest warrior Miss Cesilla, if the god of order is involved in the maintenance of the law and order, I can not say such a thing, even though it is …

Fortunately, I am just a general citizen who is hanging out. One or two thieves, even if they let go, there is no problem.


Mr. Tonio showed his usual steady smile and nodded to me.

Just at this time.

"Your sister! I do not apologize when I hit people! "

I heard a roar.

"So I did not mean to be embarrassed!"

Huh !? No, no sincerity, sincerity! "

……One is the voice of the child who just ran away.

The side she ran away seemed to be in trouble again.

"Oh, this, already, after all, you can not hear it …"

Though Mr. Tonio was complaining, he still could not be heard.

Continue to cross the crowd and move toward the turmoil center.

"Let go, let go!"

"Well, let me be honest!" Hello, give me here! "

Did you drink alcohol? The face is very red and thick. There are several people who want to forcefully control the girl who has just stolen.

……In the broad day, I dare to do it.

"Hey, we have to go back to the" Southern Frontier "!

"If you do not want to be accidentally killed, you will be obedient."

"Let, let go, metamorphosis!"

Are you afraid of being involved? The people around you are just sitting around.

"What, if you are honest, you will feel comfortable."

「……That, Mosimoxi? "

Though I have thought about a variety of very old-fashioned threats, let me speak to him first.

After all, it is still on the street, and it can not be transformed into such a violent incident.

Well, think of a way to tell them well – think so.


「…………Ah, what? "

"No, but how come?"

They saw my face, and they seemed to notice what they were, and their eyes were wide open.


I tilted my head.


A person makes a sound like a mosquito.

"Ah, um. Is such that "

Is it true that that is said that the "Southern Frontier" is back.

Thinking of this nod, then.


Their red faces lost their blood in one breath.

Eee! Yes, sorry -! "

I panned back and forth, and left like a runaway.

I always feel this, it is like a reaction like a bear.


I really have to show a subtle expression.

The people around them also stopped the noise, and looked scared when they looked at it. The girl who had stolen looked at me with a sad expression.

At the time of this trouble, Mr. Tonio inserted it in with a slightly louder voice.

Yeah. That drunk too much. What do you think of Mr. Will?

"Is it all seen as a monster? So terrible? You

After playing it for the people around, the air around it eased.

The people standing on the side of the scene walked up again and returned to the flow of people on the road.

"I always feel that after the development of the South, the kind of land is flowing and increased."

"The unemployed people join the trend with the South as the goal?"

"I really spared me …"

"Prices are rising, society is also unstable, ah, hate hate."

"It's so good in the past."

"I said that the economy will be a little better, there is no real feeling …"

The dialogue between people in the range That can be heard is really not good for the South.

What do you think of the development of the South, and the feelings of this ordinary citizen who is unrelated, is this feeling?

……Well, this is the right thing to do, think so.

Even in the past, the various national policies, "Why are budgets here?" There are many countries where national dissatisfaction is pervasive.

It is better to say that everyone appreciates the country's policy, which is even more terrible.

"That, that …"

Slightly immersed in thinking, when the sleeves were pulled down.

「……Thank you, thank you. "

The stolen girl is aiming upwards, looking at it like she wants to say something.

"Nothing is ok, do not care ….Ah, yes. "

Just right, this is also a certain fate.

"This place is the first time. Can you take the road a little? Of course, there will be a thank you. "

After saying this, the girl nodded straight.

(Note:This girl uses the language of the hot girl, which is not well expressed in Chinese)

"There is a public drinking station over there, where there are many cooking and disaster relief. Ah, that restaurant, it's delicious. "

The square and the road over there are watching under the guidance of the girl.

The gray-haired girl said her name is peddling.

I do not know if it is the first name of the full name or the name, and I do not want to pursue it.

By the way, Mr. Tonio has generally reported his name. I am not the full name but I have reported Will.

I am not going to deliberately publicize that I am a paladin.

"Then, the neighborhood of that place is best not to go in a younger brother like Will." Is the sphere of influence of people with bad character "

"Ah – just like that, a lot?"

"Recently -…The Temple of Walter became cold. The priest started not to to enter this place very much. Naturally, the sisters in the red light district can only rely on that side. "


With the knowledge of past life, the management of the sex industry is not thoughtful and is a sign of danger.

The basic kind of work is carried out in a secret room. What is there – violence, forced sex outside the contract, and the like – when it happens, those become necessary.

If the security organs manage these well, no problem will happen, but most of them are not so smooth.

They are engaged in the sex industry and they are weakly disregarded by the society. There are also some unspeakable parts, because various reasons can not expect the protection of the usual security organs …

As their second choice for their livelihood, they rely on anti-social violence organizations.

……In other words, the so-called "small little brother will appear appear if you are in a custom store."

In this way, money flowing into the sex industry's a source of funding for violent organizations. Violent organizations can hire more people and worsen the security of the area.

In areas where law and order is deteriorating, it is difficult to start a serious industry. As a result, poor people can only engage in sex industries, form such a trend and cycle, and law and order is getting worse.

It's just such a thing, obviously it should be known.

"What is going on in the temple of walter?"

The priests who met Miss Scyria in the incident, everyone has a discipline corresponding to the service of the gods and a serious tolerance.

They take a cold attitude, and there is some sense of violation.

"No, I do not know the details. I used the principles of the temple to make irresponsible things like the three. More than it is. "

"Is the policy changed?"

"Well, no, so I do not know if I said it."

"Ah, sorry, sorry."

A little bad smell of things.

Could it be said that something happened to the Temple of Walter?

Looking at it with a smile, put the speech just put on the shelf in the mind.

……After that, if you do not go to the Temple of Walter to visit, you can not do it.

"Then, there is a red light district over there. Together with two men like Xiao Ge, is that the purpose? "

Tidy made that, how to express it, made a gesture suggesting that men and women meet.


"Ha ha ha, this may be fine."

It seems that support can not help but plague how I react, Mr. Tonio answered with a steady smile.

The tanned girl saw our reaction, I know, laughed.

"Men are all satyrs ….Ah, if you want to go to the red light district, there is the temple of Leia Silvia. If you have money, you can do the prayer to avoid the disease. "

Looking at the front of the pedestal, I saw buildings like the chapel and the temple.

On the door, there is a pattern of vines surrounded by fairy spirits – engraved with the seal of the elf god Lyia Silvia.

……The goddess God Mathil is the patron saint of the couple, and the elf god Lyia Silvia is the patron saint of love.

This love also includes a one-night stand for money trading.

Because of her unrestrained, unhesitating cut-off relationship, and the like of a night, I understand the elves of these things.

In the prayers given by the goddess of the earth, there are more cares related to pregnancy, birth and child-rearing. In contrast, the elf god is the main point for the protection of pregnancy or the protection of sexually transmitted diseases. The difference is obvious.

This kind of personality is too much, and the sexual relationship about derailment or chaos will be too tolerant. The elf god belief will be a little frowning for some strict people.

How to say it, the goddess God Mathil is the mother, the elf god is a woman.

– The relation is very bad, this statement can be understood.

"It seems that I have not made any money recently. If you can, you can can make some money. "

As the saying goes, some places in the temple feel that they have not been repaired.

Lighting is also very economical.

To be honest, there are some, even to the extent that a dim and difficult to enter atmosphere is brewing.

– At this time, in this dim temple, a person came out.

Women who wear robes and hats are very worn.

Looking into the past, she also looked over here.

From the shadow of the robes, the black hair, and the feeling of where I have seen, the glamorous feeling of gold and the eyes of the aster–



I can not help but stiffen.

It seems that she is the same reaction.

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