Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitute 11 in the City of Eika

Volume 4:Prostitute 11 in the City of Eika

The Capital of Teardrops, located in the western part of the "Glasland Continental", near the mouth of the Sansen River, is a capital city with water conservancy advantages.

This Sansen River is a very smooth river. For hundreds of years, there has been no record of flooding.

But in the past, this seems not the case.

As it is now, the stability of this Sansen River has a origin.

– In the past, the world was still rooted in a mysterious time.

On a certain street, there is a quiet girl named Ilia.

Her mother is a chang woman on the poor street, and her father does not know who.

But it is a poor and cruel environment, she does not hate anyone because of her mother teaches her or because she is qualified.

But when Ilia was ten years old, her mother fell ill and went to the other side.

The girl who lost her only loved one, not working as a laundry woman, could not maintain her life. When I finally got to consider selling, the girl heard the voice of God.

The voice that sounded to her was the ancestor of all the elves, the goddess of change and unrestrained Reya Silver.

Reya Hill Wei'an is with the wind god Val, do not look at the mission and do not look at the qualifications, using the game mentality to apply the gods of prayer, as known.

– The girl accepted the voice of the gods, but she did not become a woman but a god official, and was taken over by the great temple on the street.

But the temple is not a paradise.

There was only a little bit of prayer for the girl, and the priests who did not get the prayers, because of her heart, she was filthy because she was was the daughter of the woman and the birth of her.

– The girl is still doing the laundry work in the temple.

But the girl did not hate anyone.

Quietly, always washing clothes.

Every day, you will not get food for your survival.

Compared with the life of the poor street, the surrounding maliciousness is relatively stable, and there are also kind people.

I feel calm and quietly praying, and the time is slow and I feel good.

Prayer or laundry, Ilia is not annoying.

The quiet girl accepted everything honestly.

……Such a girl, on a certain day, fell in love for the first time.

The other party is coming to the temple to pray, the prince of the neighboring country.

Although he did not have such a handsome appearance, he used a gentle gaze to say a thoughtful understanding to the girl who washed the clothes.

The prince, almost a weak and timid person, is a gentle person who will think for others.

He has a loving marriage contractor. She is a princess who has a gentle and beautiful evaluation in this country.

I can only use the prayers a little, and the inferior priest's Ilia can intervene in the gap, not at all.

Therefore, Ilia, as always, accepts everything honestly.

I miss the prince, and the girl prays as before, washes like the previous one, and spends every day smoothly.

The girl does not cry, nor resentment.

– The upper reaches of the Sanctuary River, the evil "Original Giant" woke up, at that time.

In the upper reaches of the Sansen River, the fierce giant who was seriously injured fell into a deep sleep because of the war of the gods.

In the past, the camp of the gods, and the "King of Scorpion and Sulfur", "The Baptist of the Lava", "The God of the Gods" Valaserka, and the hot breath of his body eroded the body. And eventually fell down.

"The Man Who Delivered the Scourge", "The Boiling Wave" – ​​"Gray Beard" Halbarz.

Because the giants were defeated, the evil dragons plundered the treasures of the gods, and the giant warriors of this giant family were circulated along with this story.

Halbarz is suffering and gnashing his teeth, and at the same time he will drop the heavy rain that can not stop.

Halbachez writhed his body because of the savage scorpion, and the river would frenzied.

At this time, Halbatez awakened, just to ease the mood, and destroyed the small country around.

This daunting "Original Giant", "Gray Beard" Halbarz, wakes up after a hundred years.

The giants' bad teeth and shackles brought heavy rain to the surroundings. People saw the roaring, evil giants in the "Ice Mountains" in the northern part of the storm.

– The streets of Ilia, as well as the neighboring countries, are in great chaos.

The escape that can escape, the fear of fleeing, the fear, the trembling of life.

Even with the war of the gods, the anger of "The Original Giant" is equivalent to the natural disaster.

Ilia, there is no place to escape.

So the girls are all accepted as before.

Do not cry, do not resent, pray quietly, waiting for the moment of death.

The stability of one's own, the reversal became a waiver that nothing can be done. At this time, the girl had the conscious for the first time.

But at this time, the prince appeared in the temple.

It was clear that when Iliah's chest was high, it was shocked at the same time.

– The prince, intends to summon the soldiers who attacked the giants.

Hold the sword with a slender wrist.

Standing with trembling feet, shouting in an uncharacteristic manner, recruiting the warriors.

The prince, the weak and timid prince – the giant who has given up as the opponent, did not give up.

Of course, the results have not progressed. The powerful priests of the temple shook their heads weakly.

There are not many people who want to challenge the fearful "Original Giant."

Even so, the prince did not have to give up, leaving with a few partners.

Without power, I could not be the prince's fighting force, just watching this back–

Then this day, the girl no longer gives up.

Ilia prayed.

In the already clean and icy temple, I have already walked a lot of people, and I prayed with all my heart.

Pray, pray, pray, almost lose consciousness to sleep, wake up and pray again, just keep praying constantly.

The girl's constant prayers have caused the normal track to deviate.

I finally could not stand it, and even the Elves' Spirituality came down.

"–You are doing hair!"

Then the goddess who appeared, is the attitude of the old woman wearing a frost coat.

The old woman shouted with a dreadful voice that seemed to weaken the listener's soul.

……The spirit of the Elf god Reyal Hillian will change the posture corresponding to the coming season.

Spring is a naive and lovely young girl. In the summer, it is a young girl with a sultry spirit. Autumn is a full-bodied beauty, and then winter is a granny wearing a frost coat.

The goddess Reya Hillian, who is seen in the winter's own gesture, is more annoying than anything else.

In the sanctuary of the elves of the mountains and the sea, most of the life will fall into the winter. It is because of the anger of the elf god.

"It seems to understand."

The chilly, extremely cold wind raged in the temple.

"Awareness is already done."

Elijah groaned in front of God and answered straight.

"But please be sure to protect me for the battle of the prince."

Then the girl is lingering and describing the thoughts of the prince.

I could not hide things in front of God.

I have been hiding the thoughts of this matter, giving up all the things of life, and on the day I watched the prince, I will not give give up this matter.

All confessed in front of God, and pleaded for help.

「……Not swearing. Was it the god of war? "

But the elf god with the old lady's posture laughed at this pleading.

Ilia once again prayed for the care, the impatient goddess, no longer intends to conceal the malicious and refused again.

"Know it is rude, but still, please be sure to give me care."

"Even so, no ….I do not like this young girl, I'm not in the mood to accept the request of someone with such eyes. "

When the third goddess refused, Elia raised her face and said.

"So, offer this eye. Please be sure to give me care. "


In an instant, Ilia's vision was closed by the darkness.

The goddess took the light from the eyes of Ilia.

The next time Ilia prayed for the protection, the goddess said that she did not care about the soft feet of Ilia.

Ilia gave her feet.

The next time Ilia prayed for the protection, the goddess said that she did not care about the beautiful voice of Ilia.

Ilia gave her throat.

– In the darkness, the foot that loses strength, the voice can not come out, but Ilia is still praying to the goddess for protection.

Finally the goddess asked.

"If the prince wins, the prince will officially combine with the princess. – I will be an unreported love, with eyes, feet, and throat?

It does not matter, Ilia, who can not make a sound, replies.

Even giving up the combination, even giving up the return.

Even so, at least want to be his strength.

– This warm miss, do not want to to give up.

Be sure to say that Iliah has held the goddess' cold frost coat.

The goddess, the elf god Reya Hilyan, was silent for a while – suddenly, asked.

"Hey, how did you see the whole body? … …Give a miracle casually, and when you think about it, you will reject this lifelong wish, and take your eyes, your feet, and your throat. "

– is a proud god.

The elf god is angry because of this most undesired name, please be sure to listen to my appeal, please do not refuse, just do not refuse this time.

Several times, repeatedly praying for protection, please listen to this appeal.

It must be the same as your existence, with firm belief and strong pride.

This is what I did not have to give up all all kinds of things –

"So, it looks very enviable and looks beautiful? Hum

The elf god with the old lady's posture seemed to impatiently snorted and kicked the floor eagerly.

"But, it is not the god of war. Also not sad, absolutely not good! "

The goddess kept continually kicking the floor.

– Then, I left in front of Ilia, who lost her eyes, feet, and throat.


On this day, heading for the journey of the "Ice Mountains" where "Gray Beard" Harbard, who lived in "The Original Giant".

In the heavy rain, in front of the prince and his party, there are several elite wandering warriors and wandering magicians.

But the princes were surprised to pose, they were not hostile.

It is said that they accepted the revelation of Fengshen Val, as the pioneers rushed.

It is said that Fengshen Val, among the apostles who gave their support, requested the assistance of the giants of the "Ice Mountain" for all the people who might participate.

The prince has has no clue to this protection, asks why he is holding his head.

The apostles, Fengshen accepted the pleading from the elf god and answered this.

The elf god of the spring young girl, together with the goddess of the boyish attitude, sings and dances and runs in the world to the spread the spring.

Among the great gods, the two gods that make up the unrestrained double wall also have relationships that can be called relatives and friends.

This friend, who is not in a shallow relationship, personally visited in the winter gesture and landed on both knees. Therefore, Fengshen assisted without saying anything, so to speak.

The prince did not have clues to the protection of the elves, and he suddenly turned his head.

Then finally arrived at the Prince of the "Iceland", but around because the giant's roaring Mana violently chaos, because of the storm did not know the giant.

But I do not know where it came from, and the hidden people who got the deep protection of the knowledge god Ainlet appeared to indicate the road.

The prince has has no clue to this protection, asks why he is holding his head.

The sorcerers, the knowledge god accepted the pleading from the elf god, and answered this.

But it is an unrestrained elf god, the god of knowledge is a friend of ancient times, and the invisibles who are far away from the secular world are most dependent dependent on the elf god.

At the cost, because of the unrestrained guardian of the elf God who easily caused turmoil among the gods, the knowledge god constantly used his steady eyes to do his duty.

A god like a daughter, personally visiting in the winter gesture, knees on the ground, so the knowledge god did not say anything to help, so to speak.

However, as the prince did not accept the clues of the elf god, he tilted his head again.

After this, there were also a few pillars of God's apostles who joined the prince's line.

Among them, there is also an apostle of God who is not a good relationship with the elf god.

Because Walter, the god of the gods, was tempted, the streets of order were surrounded by agricultural land, and the nature where the elves were boarding was avoided, and the goddess Martel was passed down.

Another apostle of the goddess (the elf god) also visited the elf god in a winter gesture and landed on both knees. Therefore, the mother god answered the same answer without saying anything.

– A large number of apostles of the gods, and the protection of a large number of gods, began the fierce crusade of the "Original Giant."

"Gray Beard" Halbarz, like the alias "Reducing the Scourge", "Boiled Waves" is as raging as violent.

The sky is raging, the earth is shaking, and the booming sounds three days and three nights, echoing intermittently.

Then, finally …Despite the sacrifice, the heart of the giant giant was stabbed by the soldiers.

The prince became a hero, triumphant, and combined with the princess.

But the eyes, feet, and throat were dedicated to God, Ilia, who became a great priest with a strong protection from the elves, sent this cheer to her ear and only dropped a tear.

I do not know what kind of miracle, tears turn into shining pearls, sinking into the mouth of the river flowing through the river –

"- Ten the Sansen River will not flood, and the estuary of the tears of St. Ilia, the beloved son of the elves, promises prosperity.

Therefore, "The Pearl of the Sea of ​​China".

Therefore, "The Glory of the Tear of St. Ilia ".

"Tear of the Teardrop, that's it."

It is decorated with bright orange roof tiles, and the households with soft white walls continue.

On the side of the canal where the boat came and went, one of the bridges was crossed, Mr. Tonio said.

Is it because of traveling with Bi, it is a very skilled story.

「……St. Ilia, what happened after that? "

"I have lived for a long time, and there are also short-lived ones. Sometimes, when the elves come to meet the gods, there are all kinds of sayings. "

Though I wasted my grief, I feel that there is a type of after-sales.

However the actual suffering has no end, the story can be summed up with the congratulatory words of "Congratulations and congratulations."

This must be such a wish, like a prayer.

"So, it's almost the same."

From the return of Samuel's real house, we went around.

Everyone around the house feels more and more bells and whistles, with a strong taste of cooking oil and fat powder.

"This area begins with the bustling street – the district where the red light district and the slum street are adjacent to the bustling street."

We prepare for the assistance of the assistance to the poor.

However so far, I have been watching this city's glorious place …What is the inside of this Ronghua?

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