Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes of the City of Episode 10

Volume 4:Prostitutes of the City of Episode 10

What do I mean by that?Today is a day to remember. "

Mr. Samuel finally released his sly expression and said with a smile.

However the hair was combed back at the party, the curls are now in the air, and there is always an atmosphere that is easy to get close to to.

"The visit of the paladin who sent the dragon slaughter can be boasted. – Oops, is the maid of my family not rude? Though it is working here, it is really cold. "

"No, she received it kindly. – How is the injury?

"So beautifully cut, I will cure it immediately."

During the conversation, he patted his injured wrist.

He nodded to me in front of me

"- The insults of the previous few nights were all withdrawn and I was grateful to you. At that time, I was really sorry. "

With that said, I stopped my foot and lowered my head.

Courtesy and correct, beautiful action.

"Can you accept my apology?"

"Yes, of course. – Bet on the name of the light, do not leave old complaints. "

"Yes, rest assured."

With that said, he burst into laughter.

"If I am resentful, I am going to escape." After all, it is too bad to be an enemy of you. Unforgettable

With a refreshing smile, like a smile in the summer, I reached out.

The smile that raised the corner of the mouth emerged and a handshake of reconciliation took place.

For a while, as a very basic pre-preparation, I came after I investigated the basic information about this person.

– Samuel Senfund. Governing the nephew of Baron Morifu, the Morifade Port in the southwestern part of the Kingdom of Fateh.

The baron of Senfide, the baron was low, the baron also successfully developed the natural area of ​​the surrounding area of ​​Senfude, and promoted the interests of the aristocratic family through commercial transactions.

The current owner, Baron Morifu, has a warm personality but is weak. Since the death of his wife, he is not willing to be active in the territory.

As an alternative to acting in the city, he is, Samuel.

He is mixed in all aspects.

A good-looking, self-satisfied family impression, and a good person who is good at communication, participates in poverty alleviation activities, and invests money.

In addition, because of his father's illness, he likes martial arts. When he was a child, he went to the famous martial arts who went to the mansion. He was a master of several genres of swordsmanship.

– The opposite is easy to get excited, and soon quarrels.

At one party, the three aristocratic children who have not good at the insults insulted the father, and angered and provoked a duel to the whole staff. They knocked down the three people together and let them bear a minor injury, let them take back back the speech and plead guilty. S story.

I always feel that if I drink alcohol, I will turn to the wrong direction. There are many duel events and quarrels.

For a small reason, I took the sword and turned into a duel. There are also aristocrats, and the bodyguards of the merchants, and there are such things as they hit the shoulders and hit them.

However, there was no closing after this.

After the drunkenness, there is still no such thing as the technique and judgment of the deceased. After adding alcohol, he will go to the remedy of the situation.

With reference to these, most people have "evaluated with too much nowhere to vent their power and are too anxious." "I thought about it when I was a child."

If you get married, you will calm down. If you get married with Miss Cesilla, you will be fine. There are also nobles who say such things.

It is only that people who feel that they are not completely evaluated in the world.

In the words of drunken anger and rushing to the crown, the battle with him was too good – in his atmosphere, he felt a concern.

"Then, though, I said that I was visiting and hurting. – Really visiting and then drinking tea and chatting and finally going home. Is not this kind of thing at all?

……So today, at the same time as the reconciliation, I came to determine that.

"If you really want to say it, just drinking tea and talking to you about martial arts is also very attractive."

It seems very exciting to talk to a swordsman who has such hard work and talent.

As for the swordsmanship and the like, the story of the Wuyong so far, there is a feeling of wanting to hear, but these are the fun afterwards …

"- Almost there are some direct, who is the duel, who is it?

All in all, look at the first shot.


「…………It's all right, it's just a duel. "

"When I can do this, I think it is best to do this."

With a roundabout strategy, the slender mind that did the job beautifully did not start at first.

In short, when you can force it, you will force it up.

"If you want to thank you, show me sincerity!" Sincerity

DuangDuang is forced to go up!

"Are you blackmailing!"

「……Oh? Is that apology a fake? "

"So, say the Paladin, you do not seriously imitate the little punk! I have to laugh! "

He shrugged and smiled.

「……Hey, my family still has no clear banner, and the communication itself is quite extensive …But before the banquet, the young people of the "Defense" got mad. "

Was provoked, so.

"Before," I can not say it out loud, but there is no rebellion from His Royal Highness, "is" What is the sorcerer of the Dragon Slayer? Is not it using exaggerated rumors? "

Hook your fingers in a circle.

"Then, on the same day, you see, you are pretend to be romantic, in the final analysis, it is the strict control of the young man who is smothered by the gods," and "the courage to not convince the woman ", was also advised to drink

Ah, while I know what will happen next, but it is too shameful to not respond, and through the wine. It is a failure to think of it.

It was swayed by the singer, and it was stunned by the singer. ……Well, because the wine only knows who is talking. "

"I was not drunk at the time ….And obviously there are complicated preparations. "

"Ha ha ha, how about it. It's weird to be completely drunk. "

From several places in the discourse, I feel the smell of lying.

He also knows that I am a good magician. It is too rough as a lie. I am afraid it is a lie that is known to be lying.

……This intention can also understand that this occasion is lie and can be reassured.

To be honest, if the name is said here, the credibility of the information about Sammy's will have to considered considered a little.

For those who can can sell acquaintances, the idea that they are not being sold is somewhat overconfident.

then …He did not simply sell acquaintances, he also gave me several intelligence.

Sure enough, the commotion aimed at me, no doubt the "defense party" side.

However, what he can get in this matter, how can he not think, is a character who dances to according to other people's meanings.

In this case, it is true that he – this kind of thinking, let the thinking circle in the brain, he narrowed his eyes.

"Well, the biggest gain is that knowing that the Paladin at the end of the world is a rumored character and character, is not it?

Lift your mouth and make a refreshing smile, so to speak.

The smell of lying is completely absent. Sincere words.

「……Is it a fight for confirmation?

"When the Wu people understand each other, it is best to use the sword to test. – And, with the strongest border, the goddess of the goddess of lights, test the sword. Is not it something of interest? "

So it is

Indeed, this is not a lie.

"Speaking of God's protection. – When you are in a duel, you can feel the breath of the Wind God Vale on your body.

Have you also received protection? "

Calculate the timing and counterattack.

Just like from the past, the head of the Bagley Temple, I felt the strong protection of Thor's Wald – I do not know why, the atmosphere of the people who received the same high level of protection, faintly understood.

Because his atmosphere is extremely thin, it is really not confirmed.

How would he respond to this topic and consider various modes.

"Wal's protection? There are no such things. "


However, the unexpected answer immediately.

"There is indeed a patron saint in the port …But before, I was defeated in the gambling that I felt can win, and I was trained by the younger ones.

The Fengshen that will not let me win there is really bad in my bones. Really. I definitely laughed at the way I lost. What kind of care gave me a good job, bastard! "

Ah, it turned out to be the case.

There is no lie at all, a beautiful answer.

It's impossible to get my words to be confirmed. Think about it.

"I really have a good relationship with Miss Cesilla."


Suddenly there was no accident to leak the name of the moment. Even if the name of Fengshen Vale did not shake his smile, it was deeper.

A little can see the atmosphere of the sword-like sword. A much sharper atmosphere than a duel.

The smell of the scent is very similar to that felt at the crime scene.

Fast, sharp, and brisk – and, both inside and outside.

"But it is a woman who is nosy, she is very important to me."

Rich in suggestive words, very much.

"There is nothing to worry about. In the walk of His Royal Highness, he occasionally encountered it. Apologize for the matter that was found in your duel. "

Because of this stinging atmosphere, raise your hands.

It seems that it has caught the key.

Thanks to this, you can probably grasp it. I wonder if this is not the case, come visit – and sure enough, he is like this.

"- There is no plan to fight again with you. If you can, if you want your cooperation, just think about it. "


After this notification, the atmosphere was gently retracted.

The stinging feeling disappeared. It's beautiful, it's beautiful.

"Really, the feeling of" The Dragon Slayer "is terrible. Is it a good theory to completely abandon the use of feelings?

"Of, I feel a little difficult to handle ….These are coming to an end. At the moment, how is the promotion? "

"It is a difficult road. What is necessary is time?

When the woman's topic ended, he asked, and he answered with a wrinkled face.

"If you do not mind, can you ask where is the problem?"

"many places"

I also wrinkled my face.

Unexpected worst answer.


For me who can not help but say nothing, Mr. Samuel seems to be thinking about something.

– Then he nodded and said something like he thought of something.

"Yes, ah, there is something to please you."


"Ah, my, I have also made money for poverty alleviation, recently, several temples in the slum street and the red light district are a bit harsh.


"If the political situation is chaotic, the nobility and the merchants will go in …"


If the supporters who are generous are not willing to contribute, these places are the first to get into trouble.

If you can, the Paladin Temple is also a hand. Mr. businessman over there, speculate that it is the vault manager of the Paladin. How? "

"Oh, of course ….If you can, in addition to the Mori Fude port, you want to say all sorts of things.

Was thrown into the topic, always silent – silently observing Samuel's – Mr. Tonio smiled.

"Ha ha ha, there is no leak. Even so, it is the jurisdiction of the father's house. But it's just that it's not a good thing to say a word. "

That's enough then, after this incident, the contact – and the next negotiation

"It turns out that" the next negotiation "…The window is very important. "

"Oh, take care of it ….When I think about business, I think I can fully support it. "

"This is really happy."

Mr. Samuel sighed and nodded to me.

"If you can ask for your words, it will be big help for me. – If you have a "promotion", you can contact us at any time with the business. "

"Help me a lot. After all, I do not know anything about the king. It's great to have a relationship with someone who knows it in detail. "

"What, just to apologize to you." If you can communicate well in the future, you will not be able to take advantage of it. "

Though it is a session that does not touch the core level.

Even so, in the language of Mr. Samuel, I felt close and respectful.

"William, sir, are you working with your next brother, Wang Tien, during this time?"

"Oh, I think the result will be like such."

This, let's say – well, he hesitated.

"Maybe it is an extra care ….Many of the kings are very complicated, and maybe they do not know who to believe.

If you do, may be better, if things that should be done, if they are piled up, they will be scattered everywhere when they are aware, and then they will be confused.

– The so-called freedom is not necessarily all good. "

Gradually, the words leaked by Mr. Samuel are full of real feelings.

"At that time, I will confirm the vows to God again and solve the things in front of me one by one. I saw the road when I noticed it. "

「……I am very grateful. "

I smiled and nodded at this worrying words.

……As a result, all kinds of predictions are correct and incorrect, and there is a vision for what the highness has, and it is necessary to persuade it slightly in order to make it happen.

There are very few things I can do for this.

Act accordingly and show the presence of the chess piece as His Royal Highness.

If you can, how many people can pull the "Pioneer" is the age of ten thousand, and this is not necessary.

Regarding the genus of the evil god, now, if Mr. Samuel, who has reached an agreement in private, gets information, he will go to crusade.

For the purpose of the beginning, about Dagabo, go there and find some reasons to visit.

While I feel that most of the situation has become complicated – indeed, the things that are troublesome to think about are beyond me, and what I should do is unexpectedly simple.

Help those who have difficulties to attack the sacred gods sooner or later.

As in the past, I swear to the gods.

As Mr. Samuel said. – Can not be confused by the complexity of Wang Du. Go ahead.

"Speaking, it is purely interesting ….What vows did Mr. Samuel make to the gods? "

"When you get into a dilemma," three times, fight for your life ", you swear, just pray for protection …."

Just praying like this, repeating this sentence constantly, he showed a very bitter expression.

–In my investigation, the number of activities of the thief "Airwalker" has exceeded ten times.

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