Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitute 9 in the City of Epicure

Volume 4:Prostitute 9 in the City of Epicure

For a while, His Excellency Essell and I could not speak.

Under the seat of Essell, a hand was placed in the corner of his eye, and his temple was silently.

"In this troublesome time …No, just because of this time, "

It is precisely because of the political situation that the troubles of the evil gods have also been shot.

His Highness squinted like this and was silent for a while.

「……Not a little deep investigation? "

In a low voice, that's it.

I frowned at the words of my Highness.

"His Highness, the maintenance of the king's law and order is the duty of the Walter Poseidon."

I also do not want to step into the realm of others.

Here is the area they should protect and protect them, this should be their pride.

It is not a good thing that I intervene. This can be easily guessed.

Then, I think that my highness is not incomprehensible.

"Oh, I know. – If we can detect it, the sergeant warrior group may have noticed it. "

His Highness also smiled and took his hand off his face.

"Just, ah, Qing, have not you noticed yet?"


I do not understand what my highness wants to say, I can not figure it out.

The apostle of Fengshen, chasing the evil gods in the darkness of the city – I can understand this point.

"The genus of this evil god, his position is a problem."

"Standing, is it?"

The more I did not understand it, the head tilted slightly, and the smile of my highness became deeper and deeper.

"Assume that" The Sails of White Sails "is mixed with the genius of the evil gods. Have you accepted the words of the gods?

"completed him."

You should not give the enemy extra time.

Only for opponents who are not very predictable, others should respond immediately.

Answering this immediately, His Excellency Esser smiled.

"That's the case. I am a little envious of me who can not help but think about it. But this is the way to think about the heroes who hold Superman power.

However, this incident, for the apostle of the quick Fengshen, does not feel that it is a very roundabout way?


"In addition to the usury of the"Times of the Road", it is relatively superior-so they are the aristocrats and temples. Have you understood it here? "


After all, if you say it here, you can still detect it.

No, is it? If you think about it carefully, from the home of the usury that was wasted, it is like finding out the evidence of evil gods, things like monsters. There is no such thing.

The wind god and his apostles took this move for the purpose of the god of the wind, or the apostle did not follow the sex, this theft may be the layout or containment.

However, this alternative implies a state of affairs.

The apostles who were given a strong guard by the great gods had to judge the rapid correspondence between the evil gods and the sacred gods.

This is a complicated and difficult situation because it is considered.

This situation is true, that is to say, it is more appropriate to believe that what is involved, in this case –

"That is," above "?"

"Ah, this possibility, do not you feel big?

Agree to nod and fall into thinking.

This situation – wow.

"I have already known about the weaknesses of the" Defense ". While there are counts – this is the usual situation "


"In the event of such a state of affairs, it is impossible to predict."

What His Highness said is good.

– What is mixed in the layers of the nobility.

It is not true that the apostles of Fengshen can not easily take a shot and can not take a hard-line approach to quickly resolve the cause of the situation.

Assuming that this inference is correct, the genius of the evil god may interfere in this political struggle.

Nah. Suppose that even if there is no interference, but it is secret activity of the "Defense" or "Development", or the situation is revealed at an unexpected time – it will become an uncomfortable commotion.

According to the state of affairs, it will even shake the future of the development of the South.

「……Forecast errors, if that's the case, then it would be fine. "

That being said, squatting under the temple of the temple.

In the end, this person predicted where it was, and expected where it was.

Just like the world's first-class players and novices, the world on the board is completely different. His Royal Highness has always been "predicted too much" compared to others, and may be even more exhausted.

"So, maybe it will become a situation that can not be ignored. The information is not too much. Therefore, Ren Qing judged that he would be very busy with this idea in his future actions. "

「……Keep in mind "

Therefore, these things have to be thought out and dealt with well, so they have a serious expression.

In the more exhausting position, there are a root of serious response and the ability to respond correctly – is this lucky?

When thinking about this kind of thing.

"The joy of fully exerting power ….Is it more robust than the protagonist who pretends to be a tragedy? "

Smiled proudly at me.

I almost read my heart, it was my eyes, I could not help but surrender.

"So, please."

Tenacious, wise, humorous.

His Royal Highness, Esser, is a trustworthy adult. Slightly awkward.

One day, can you be such a person?

No, it's not something that can be done, but to work hard.

– Given the past life, if you do not work hard, human beings can not grow up.


"–That's the way, guard the people who come in, and take a little deeper and explore."

"Always felt ……If Mr. Will is there, it will not be boring. Is this the fate of a hero?

no problem? I was so worried about Mr. Tonio.

"Oh, because this is the path of my choice."

On that day. On the day I swear to the gods, I chose my own destiny.

If there is honor and glory, victory and joy, there will be distress and despair that can not help but regret it, but – everything is my own choice, the result of this purpose.

Good things are good or bad, I just want to have the consciousness to accept it.

– I was aware of it when I thought about it.

Probably, His Royal Highness is the same.

In the position of His Highness – probably, with his brother – what is the decision, now is the way to live under His Royal Highness.

That is the fate of that person's choice, so that person can stand so straight.

"I chose it myself, because I decided to do my best – so, no problem."

"This way ….However, when you are in pain, talk to you around? "

"I do not know when I will run run away again …"At that time, please let me discuss with you. "

"Well, I am very happy."

Mr. Tonio, nodded steadily.

This person has been listening to me all the time.

ButHaven 't said it yet, it's too slow. "

Now, even we visited someone's house, the maidservant opened the door and waited in the reception room.

However, it is still not as big as the room of His Royal Highness.

Because it is still very broad in the city, the taste of furniture is also very good, fully understood the taste of the owner.

"No way, after all, suddenly visit ….The other party must be surprised too. "

After Mr. Tonio's smile, the horse uploaded a knock on the door. The door is open.

Thinking about which the owner is preparing for the ceremony, the result is a maidserving lady with a plate full of tea and snacks.

"excuse me"

In this way, she arranged tea trays and teacups in a manner that was was ceremonial.

This place is often there, thin red tea.

Though it a slightly different flavor than the previous black tea, this also has this delicious taste.

Then put on the things, the plate of the snacks.

Cut the pound cake of the relevant thickness and arbitrarily apply berry jam.

Jam, that is, you can take out the high – priced sugar fruit at will, and the economic situation of this family can be understood.


Tonio leaked a little mutter.

"The master is preparing. – Please wait a little longer, wait a minute.

The maidservant is a girl with blue hair and blue eyes that she has never seen before.

The monotonous black dress is a white apron, not a decorative white band on the head, but a white triangle with some rustic feel.

How do you say it is not decorative, but like a servant who actually works.

But her expression changed and she was very poor.

Not a standard etiquette smile, but a real expressionless. It is because the appearance looks like a worker, and it feels like a doll.

Is it a cold person, still not welcome? When she thought about it, she quit from the room.

The owner, still not coming.

……When I waited, I became the topic of political relations with Mr. Tonio.

"That is to say, the" Development "and" Defense "are opposites …"

"Hum …"

"I do not know a little, how can I act to make the form better?

The economic oppositions associated with centrally centralized actions are very cumbersome.

Because I can not predict the next move of my highness, I'm talking to Mr. Tonio.

"Hum …"

Mr. Tonio slowly took his account from his arms and began to think about it while turning over.

"Humu, it turned out to be the case. – Ah, this is really interesting. "

Considering about ten seconds or so, Mr. Tonio smiled softly.

It is different from the steady expression of the past, and it seems like a wild beast.

……Hey, you you say that?

"Ming, understand?"

"In the" White Sails Capital ", combined with the policy of coming in under the temple – well, the policy that can be thought of, the degree is such that"

"Make me want to hear"

It is like a request to overwrite Mr. Tonio's sentence.

「……I am afraid it is a conversion to commercial crops. Is this not the case?

Suddenly I started from the conclusion.


However, I can not understand this conclusion.

"That is, the grain produced in the south is exported to the northern cities. It competes with the villages in the traditional northern territories that do not have special products, causing oppression. "

And, starting with the already stable areas of the South, the grain production is reduced, the arable land is converted to fiber and oil, and other commodity crops are– "

Mr. Tonio said in the air with his finger on the map.

"Is it a contract to change the output variety to a less competitive species and then integrate the direction of grain input into the South?"

「……Oh, no, this is – "

"It is the future situation that the strength of the princes will remain the status quo, and the economic power of the Wang family directly under the jurisdiction will become stronger.

But the immediate interests are a problem, can the poor people predict?

Ah? .. Ah …The economic dissatisfaction and the pressure below the dissatisfaction of "the life is as bad as ever, and the life is broken."

In fact, because of this dissatisfaction, or the forced action, the people who have no political gaze are the majority. Is it better to simply point it out?

That is to say, "Everyone produces and sells grain as it has been so far, and it is no problem as it used to be." It's better to say that we also buy it. "

I have not been able to to do this in the past, because there was a lot of uneasiness in defense and traffic in the early days of the development. There is always a way to make food self-sufficiency a legacy of the problem.

I do not know when the traffic will be interrupted, and I can not do a leisurely planting of crops that are based on money.

However, as you can see the prosperity of the "White Sails Capital", you can understand the same thing, now …At least in the area of ​​the South Frontier continent near the northern coast, there are few concerns in this regard.

Taking this as an opportunity, we will seek a big conversion of production. It really seems to be there.

In this respect, if you give in or too much emphasis, it will be dangerous to become a single economy, but you can understand this.

"In addition, the fear of His Royal Highness in the southern rebellion also the other party to see the reduction of grain production and rely on the export of the North?"

AhCan you see that collar is covered? "

And that's exactly it. Regarding the "defense concerns" of the "Defense" policy, let them see that there is a certain degree of understanding and concessions here, giving each other a sense of victory.

Food-especially the savings of staple food grains-is a huge factor in battle.

This aspect of the self-sufficiency of this aspect of the self-sufficiency, the formation of the situation of the state of imports from the North, can indeed become an element of suppression of the insurgency.

……His Excellency Essell did not have a prejudice against Owen.

In this case, it may be better to say that there is only a little bit. If such a (slightly prejudiced) attitude, if you barely let it go, it would be better to say that people that concerns about the rebellion should be relieved.

In this way, the "defense faction" won the victory and the result, and the relative "permission" "the pioneer" was slightly advanced, forming such a situation –

In the end, His Royal Highness laughed at the end, like this.

"I also scored in a variety of other places – oh, it's fun. Business opportunity, this is! Can the prospect of investment here be understood? "

"Many …Grain system? "

"Now it's cheap to buy, and the chance to aim for appreciation is short-handed. But it is still quite delicious here and shipbuilding. If the North – South trade is booming, then no matter how the ship is – "

Such a quick explanation of Mr. Tonio is very exciting.

He was very rare when he showed his teeth and smiled. He could not help but watch, and Mr. Tonio was aware of it, coughing and clearing his throat.

Is it a little shy, his face is red.

「……Rude, it's messy. "


In this way, I laughed.

Normally, but it is a polite person, if you are excited about business opportunities, you will show such a smile like a gambler.

"Mr. Tonio, very handsome. "

People who are serious, very handsome.

After saying this, Tonyo became more and more shy and smiled.

However, I did not expect anyone around me to see through the chess.

……Is it not very lucky to actually meet Mr. Tonio?

When I thought about it – again, it sounded a knock on the door.

Reflectively posture.


So, a young man entered the room.

Blonde curls, quite a good youth.

Waiting for the owner, I and Mr. Tonio stood up and saluted and paid tribute.

"Ah, ah – what, if you can, make everyone happy, then it would be great …"

In the stiff voice, you can hear some apologies.

……Really, I am embarrassed to be unsolicited.

He – the face of Samuel S. Fudler's face of the previous duel opponent's visit, was very shivering.

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