Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Epicure 8th episode

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Epicure 8th episode

My Royal Highness and I walked towards the scene.

Every step of the way will increase the houses at the crime scene, the masses who talk to each other, and the stop sounds of the group of god officers who may approach them from approaching the scene are interlaced.

That is the sergeant warrior group of Wald (Vault).

The priest of Thor, who is in the order of the palm of the hand, loses the protection if he is unfair and corrupt, so the credibility in maintaining law and order is very high.

On the street, no matter where anyone is targeting the thief, "The Skywalker" talks about it.

The behavior so far, and the outline of this crime, even if it is a lot of misunderstanding, can be fully understood.

– "Airwalker" is a thief who acts alone.

The basic goal is to carry out big-handed businesses that clearly violate the law, and believers who are mixed into the city to do evil.

This time, it was pointed out that that "Times of the Road", the home of the usury that is famous for its bad debts.

Inviting in the middle of the night to the early hours of the morning, silently letting the bodyguards not move, easily tying the people in the house, burning the evidence, nailing the evidence of the evil to the wall, leaving their mark –

When guarding the security of the streets, the Ward officers and officers warned that when they came over, they slowly escaped.

Of course, the sacred warriors of Thor, who is in the order of the palm of the hand, will not easily watch him run away.

However the trained catchers were chased after being trained, it seemed to let him escape.

This reason is also very powerful.

"It seems to jump to the roof and escape."

And so on, people are talking about three-story buildings on the road.

In the words of past lives, it has the same height as the telephone pole.

Even if they are exercise any more, even if they can can exert a higher physical ability than their predecessors, even then it is impossible to level.

If the rumors are facts, it is very difficult for an ordinary catcher to catch him if you can easily jump to the human being there.


"Can you imitate your words?"

After revealing the complex expression, His Highness asked whispered.

"It's hard ….Just jump up, though not impossible. "

"It is only natural that this can be done, then what is the problem?"

"If I do it, things will be destroyed."

In addition, if the power of "Spirit" is fully jumped, although it is not impossible, the momentum will cause the tiles to break and the roof to be kicked.

I do not think there is a height to release the margin of "Spirit" that counters the momentum of the drop.

Or, the merger uses the "engraving" that offsets the momentum of the drop -? The use of double projection in acrobatics is too dangerous.

"At least, first of all, not magic."

Have to draw this conclusion.

"It turns out that, well, it's not a good job with thieves."

If you lie, it will become dull.

The thieves who are closely related to hypocrisy and the magic based on "Spirit" are not good.

And here is the urban part, so it is not good with the goblin.

"However, who is this, who is it?

"If you want to say something, there is one."


When talking about these things, I walked past the sacred warriors who searched the relevant people.

The golden hair is tied together and looks like a serious woman. Around the age of twenty – the same age.

Silver breastplate. The belt is hanged with a guarded sword, a baton for hunting, and a rope.

The female sergeant warrior is really rare …Thinking about these eyes, look at the past.


Did you notice the sight, she looked at this side – and then saw the next door to Esser, the eyeball fell.



Miss Goddess warrior, shivering …

"Wait, wait a minute!" come here! "

This shouted.

At the moment, Essell wanted to escape, but it was stopped by me.

– Your Highness, Your Highness. If you are screamed by a sergeant at the crime scene and want to escape, the commotion will become extravagant.


"Why do you follow the shackles and watch the crime scene of the thieves …"

"Ha ha ha, do not say that. It is also the duty of the politicians to confirm the appearance of the city. "

"Though it is like this …"

We are now being taken to the house of the crime scene.

Well, um.

If you detect more than the royal family, you can not place it among the culprits.

When I entered the mansion, I saw the imprint of the thief in a flash.

Painted on pure white paper, fixed by the fine-edged dagger is the shattered "Spirit of Spirits."

The literal is "God is everywhere." Then the end of the word, the vortex and the eye – the pattern of "The Eye of Typhoon."

How to say it, leaving what can be said, the corresponding messy look.

……The possibility just thought of seems to be in the middle.

"His Royal Highness! Please take a moment to consider the safety of your guests. "

When considering such a thing, the wrinkled face of the sergeant warrior stared at her highness.

The lady of the sacred warrior who pulled us down the house, the name seems to be Sécilla.

The young lady of a countess's family, who had heard of Walter's voice since she was a child, entered the temple and now manages the squad of the sacred warrior.

……If you find your highness, you will definitely panic.

LOL. This time there is a paladin temple … "


His Highness smiled and defended, and Cesilla looked at this with a sharp eye.

"Please stop him in the Knights' Hall."

I am sorry

It is indeed true that it may be too much to get into the crowd.

"After waiting for the search, some people in the team will send send you to the house."

"Thank you"

"No, this is duty ….Also, friends are also annoying to you. "

「……Too much hassle

I do not understand what the head is saying is slightly skewed.

"The scorpion of the Baron of Senfide, Samuel"


The Western sword of the duel makes it!

"Do you know each other!"

"This, unfortunately, it's a young girl with that guy …"

Miss Cesilla showed a bitter expression.

"That guy is always playing alcohol, drinking, always going to quarrel and causing a duel commotion. – When I heard the Paladin 's hall being entangled in a duel, I was very scared.

Did not let him be seriously injured, thank you very much, said the lowered his head deeply.

It was such a situation, was it?

……However, at that time, he was obviously not drunk.

That person, really thinking about something – like that, involuntarily thinking about it, how Miss Cesilla has understood how I am silent.

Panic look.

"But, but, not a bad guy! I have a good job at home on weekdays and I am enthusiastic about poverty alleviation activities … "

Start to list his various advantages of Sécilla.

Here, His Royal Highness Wang Di, smiled and said a word.

"It turned out to be fascinated by him."

"No, no, no! I am just, young and tame …! "

……Ah, how to say it, very gratifying.

I felt that I had come to the king for a long time and heard a conversation that made people feel happy.

Well, first of all, regardless of the deceased Miss Cesilla, and the acts of His Royal Highness, the timing of the words is inserted into the words.

"No problem, I know."

For her who is stunned, I continue to use words.

"What is necessary to master that sword is to keep keeping exercising ….I do not think it is something that rude people can master. "

After laughing and saying this, Miss Sesilia's expression also eased.

"So, I think it is very suitable?"

The loose expression once again raised the red tide to stiffen.

……It's fun, this person.


In this way, the walk with the highness is about to end.

After being exercised by several people, a very serious officer of the priests sent them back to the house.

The so-called Walter priests, everyone has a very serious and straightforward words and deeds.

Raytheon seems to like people like this.

Then just because it kind of person, everyone has exercised very much.

Walter holds the property as a god of war, and the people who get this protection are people who are not slack, very serious temperament, such words –

It is understandable that Raytheon Walter and the Temple of Bresz, the gods of the gods, are particularly powerful.

As they watched, they left the words of a good speech.

I am really annoyed when I am very busy. I am really sorry.

I will also apologize again.

– Then, regardless of this.

"So, look at the scene, how?"

"Probably, I think it should be guessed …In this case, maybe there is a problem. "

"what happend"

I probably, from the side, it looks like a wrinkled face at a glance.

"–Because that is the apostle of Fengshen."

Jump on a three-story building with one foot and land like a feather.

Even if the world is vast, there are very few gods that give believers a variety of protections.

And that imprint – if anyone who can understand it, can see it.

"Wal? …….Or is it not an ordinary believer? "

"Only to this extent, the Walter Corps of Warriors has long brought them to justice."

Fengshen Val. Gass made a casual vow to make it a patron, a god of wind and freedom.

The general manager is a traveling and commerce, freedom and communication, even it is such a thing – there is a harsh and destiny fate, love the bloody chaotic nature, so it is also the god of gamblers and thieves.

Incidentally, it is also the ancestor of the small human race, portrayed as a neutral boy, but

The little people have no interest in their origins, and the inheritance has not all stayed.

The casual Fengshen is also not interested in his past actions. Even if he asks, it is only "Why?"Such an answer.

Therefore, the origin of the Xiaorennationality is strictly unknown, and this is a relatively famous statement.

"Obviously, that is the god of Fengshen who does not know anything directly – or accepts the call of God and gets a strong kind of protection.

"That is, with you?"

"I am afraid it is."

……The Wind God Val is between the good god and the evil god. It is hard to say which side is biased towards the god of goodness and the god of nature.

It is troubled by other good gods and mischiefs, chased everywhere, punishable, and comedy, and there are many comic words.

If you do not bleed and tears, you will applaud whatever you like.

For the very strange people who give give prayers, the gods who like to cause chaos, also have have this pillar god in the great god.


"Wind God Val is, everywhere, the pioneer of the gods"

Even so, Fengshen Val is listed among the great gods, the close friend of the main god Walter.

Follow the wind, discover the evil that is hidden in the shadows of all places, and use his fine swords to give the pioneers of the first blows of the gods.

The evil attempt to detect the evil spirits took the lead, and even the Raytheon and Yan Shen, who are famous for their bravery, are not.

When those who are cruel and unreasonable, when someone spills blood and tears, Fengshen often runs in front of the gods.

– Accord to the words "Swift Ears" on the hymn, "The Fast Foot", this How often the honorary name of Fengshen Val.

"This, in action, is to say …This, the corresponding grid "


I have already understood what I want to say.

His Highness also showed a complex expression, and he put his hand on the corner of his mouth.

"What are the tricks of the evil gods in this" Teardrop Capital "?

The words that leaked out is accompanied by a very unlucky impression.

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