Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes of the City of Eihua No. 7

Volume 4:Prostitutes of the City of Eihua No. 7

"That's the, the funds for the activity have almost been raised."

After telling this, I always felt that Esser's Highness showed a wonderful expression.

「……This type, this, how to say. Work that is entangled with worldly desires, I think you should be not good at it. "

"You can care about money, only living in a cemetery or in the mountains, and you can not help the saints who travel in the clouds."

If you talk to money, you will have desires. So there is nothing wrong with staying away from it, but it is not the same as scorning money.

If there is no conspiracy of wearing a cane and a bowl of clouds, even a priest should not despise money.

Explained with this feeling, His Highness smiled and nodded.

"This way, ah, it turns out that it is said to be influenced by Bagley." But it was a little unexpected, it was acceptable.

「……The accident is on my side. "


「……It does not matter if the guards do not bring one, His Royal Highness. "

"Hey, Willie. Do not call it like this here. Call me Uncle too. "

"Big, uncle …"

"Now I am walking in the kingdom with no purpose, a negligible poor aristocrat."

Wearing a plain dress compared to usual, called the sacred nickname of his shoulders.

Because of this sense of violation, I always felt a subtle expression.

Me and my Highness, walked on the road of the "Tear of the Rain" in the morning.

This is not the bustling avenue, but the pedestrians are sparse on the road, and the guards are not taken.

……Because of His Royal Highness, he said that he would sneak up the street.

"Well, if you say it, you will bring some people with skills."

"So why?"

"It does not make sense to go with you." At least, imagine the scale of attacks that will occur in in the streets and lanes. "


After being so asserted, it is indeed like this, still accepted.

It is extremely appropriate to assume the assassinations of several people can protect it the temple and have the strength to suppress their power. It is me.

In addition, if you want to say it, your highness is not a layman.

But it did not reach the level of the person, it was a swordsman who could immediately block a knife and a knife even if there was was attack.

It seems that there is also the experience of courage, and there will be no panic in an urgent situation. However I know that I am walking, it seems to be accustomed to the action of very few guards.

Of course, if you are surrounded by completely armed forces, or if you are attacked by Yalong's group, even if I can not protect it, the possibility is very high …

This point of view, even in the center of the city, even if there is such a vision is meaningless.

– As a conclusion, His Highness has carefully considered his own safety.

"It seems like I can understand it ….You are often, you do not feel conscious of your strength.

"In this respect, it is not very effective."

I am special, different from others ", such thinking seems to be terrible with arrogance.

However there may may be a feeling of past life, there is a sense of disobedience from the framework of "ordinary people."

Even if it is a fact, even if you have gained a strong and reputation far from people, it is really difficult to be a hero.

"Well, human beings, no matter who has their own ideas, are ordinary ….Me, too "

「……Is that right? "

To be honest, from this person who can see the "higher duty", I have not thought of such a discourse.

"Hey, I also have a young age? …My words are unbelievable for things that I can certainly do, and I can not do this around.

Why, everyone, there is still a lot of blame for such simple things.

Said his Highness, and shouted with a smile.

"It's easy to be self-conscious, at the age of ten. Doubt, are there any person who have a position to wear a high hat behind me, but they are taking me as a fool, often sing the opposite, I feel that I am special.

In retrospect, almost I have been emotionally unstable, I was told by my brother. "

"Being a brother?"

"Yum …."You are not special, just the brother I love. However, this excellent intellectuality and discouragement is a special gift from the gods.


"So I also imitate my brother to say this."

With that said, His Royal Highness smiled.

Give me a warm smile.

「……Although you are special, it is not special, "

But I admit that my ability is special, my personality is not special.

No matter what the man is, there is nothing else, so I told you.


I always understand that there are so many people who do their best best this person.

Even the head of the Bagley Temple, who is tough on anyone, is also a reason to admire His Highness. I feel that I can understand.

Also, His Royal Highness is also loyal to His Royal Highness King Owen.

"So, Willie."

"Yes, what is it …That, uncle? "


His Highness nodded heavily.

"The honey bread in that stall ….Do not you feel delicious? "

So, the eyes sparkled.

I was exposed and always felt a subtle expression.


Baked bread has a different aroma.

It is a scent of a hot air, and it is scent of a scent of a scent.

And add the sweetness of the covered, slimy honey.

「……Very delicious. "

"Yum, just like expectation."

His Highness raised his head and put a few coins and a copper coin that was missing half of it to the owner of the stall.

Even if the price of the copper currency is the smallest amount of money, it is not unusual to divide the currency by two points and one quarter.

It is only due to the era of "value of money" is still understood as "the value of precious metals contained in money".

……Speaking of the museums in the past, I feel that I have seen half of the Roman silver coins. Is that because of this?

Considering that these have finished eating the bread, thank you for your kindness to the goddess of the earth, and start walking again.

Is this still a residential street, not the same as the avenue, and there are very few pedestrians.

「……However, is honey and bread the price?

"Some tall …No

This is my feeling of living in the "Southern Frontier".

Just as the price of the capital circle in the previous period was relatively high, the prices of densely populated areas were natural and tend to become quite high.

"Yes, the price of the city is somewhat low ….Do you understand, Willie?

"Cereal price …Then is the price? Uncle


After saying this, His Royal Highness walked away without words.

To the front is the road where the shops are lined up.

After asking the price in the front of the store – this time, the price of metal products is relatively high.

Not very energetic.

……But the boulevard is very lively, after leaving a few roads, this is the case.

"I want to confirm these directly."


His Highness was covered with gray eyes and his thoughts were revealed.

"Willie, can you understand where?"

"That, yes?"

As a reference for sorting out thinking, I asked about it, but …

There has been some decline in cereal prices.

On the other hand, prices tend to rise.

Based on the economic knowledge of Gas, I will consider the intelligence so far, um.

"That is the development of the South, this one."


"The true state of" Defense "is also"

"Because the South pioneered the multiple classes affected by the loss. The proposition of defense is the majority policy. "

A short conversation to confirm all aspects.

However there is some confirmation of the part that I knew beforehand, there is a real feeling that the price of the item is confirmed on the street.

In principle, as a defense issue …In summary, it is the economic struggle.

"It's not just the economy, there is politics ….The first king wants to concentrate his rights on the throne. "


Revision, a compound issue of political economy. ……Well, I can see it gradually.

Slightly sort it out.

First, King Egbat II, personally, promoted centralization.

I have not done this for ten or twenty years, and I am planning to be a lifelong job.

We have the power of the local aristocracy to concentrate the kingship, create a strong state system, and then transfer it to the children and grandchildren.

Well, the type of male who was chased after the death of the "King of the King", his career dream is easy to understand.

It is the development of the South that takes that approach.

It has the legitimacy of recovering the lost territory and lost land of the Kingdom of France, exalting the name of the righteousness that is hard to defy, and sending personnel supplies to the south.

……Even so, the majority of the families that used to dominate the southern territories have been cut off, so in fact most of them are directly governed.

Then, if you start the development, first of all, no matter which development village, you should plant the grain as a daily staple food.

After that, we will push forward to a certain extent until there is a surplus in all aspects. In order to obtain money, we will export grain.

In particular, the northern part of the "Southern Border Continental" has the convenience of shipping with the "Zhongzhihai", the inner sea.

As a result, only the food production in the densely populated surrounding areas is less than the grain produced in the south. The grain has flowed into the cities led by the "Teardrop Capital", causing the grain price to collapse.

What is bothering here is the existing grain sellers – local nobility.

Especially the country lords, exporting grain to the city to get money.

The so-called price collapse is linked to their lower incomes, and the decline in income is associated with a decline in influence.

If it becomes a larger – scale development, there is an excuse to develop, such as a bureaucratic group with authority.

With the accompanying taxation, the distribution of labor and the like, it can increase the burden on the local aristocracy.

In order to cope with the changes that have taken place in the various territories, and to establish a permanent army with strong coping power, you may continue to advocate this.

It's really good.

It took decades to improve the economic power of the royal family, to cultivate bureaucrats and loyalty to the central government, to promote centralization, and to the turn the Kingdom of Fatel into an anti-bureaucratic power that is increasingly concentrated.

……It turns out that Wang Xia, the power of the future vision map, and the means to push it hard, is a very good person.

However, he died suddenly due to a stroke.

But the thesis of assassination, no matter who is the conspiracy, in general, the king has fallen down – so what remains is the south of the pioneering situation.

If the first king finished with his tough means, the local forces already already dying.

Even if the king of Owen replaced the throne, they could not resist it.

But when King Egbat II fell, it was still only the stage.

The economy and politics were forced to desperate, and the local aristocrats who were swallowed up from the bottom up thought that this was a good opportunity to change the policy from the centralized power line, and began to criticize the development of the South.

However, it is difficult to get a lot of approval for "our political and economic interests are damaged and opposed."

Therefore, it is such a feeling that the current Kabbah, who is opposed to the "defense of defense", is the center of Gulantry. "Because the danger is uneasy about defense, how should the South develop?"

Or in the form of an unpublishable scandal, "the scattered territory of the South, that is the seed of the rebellion."

So the court began to argue, and the merchants began to warn.

Seeing the possibility of a pause in the South to open up, I have to keep the action.

Inevitably, commercial actions have become dull, and many prices have become higher. If they become higher, the impact on citizens' lives will also appear.

In this case, the means of public anger will be induced to open up to the south.

Therefore, "the change in prices is the fault of the development of the South. If the national expenses invested in development are used more in the existing territories, there are always ways to solve various problems.

……Of course, this "sound method" that sounds good is not necessarily a specific plan. It is common knowledge in the world.

After quite a long thought, that is to say, the so-called "defense" is –

The true meaning of the above mentioned people who are worried about defense.

Concerned about the local forces that caused losses due to the development of the South.

Aristocrats with suspicion and vigilance against His Excellency Esser.

Because of the political situation is not stable, the unsatisfied middle-class citizens, and the people associated with them, are still fanning.

That is, the above complex.

Then, of course, even if it is a "open-cut", it also has complex members, and it is not rock solid.

Such as the cult of the king who wants to continue his policy, there should be a variety of people.

Further, being the mood and position are opposites, but because the political enemy and the affiliation have the deeds here – such a person, no matter which division has it.

"Do you understand the status quo?"

"Although yes, understand -"

Where to invest money, where to exaggerate violence, where to talk with sincerity can be resolved – even if you can not achieve this, you can be in a good direction.

Say what is effective in the end.

Just like the ropes that are complicatedly entangled, the various things are connected together. Even if you can understand the approximate structure, you do not know where to pull the rope to pull it.

"It's amazing to understand it alone – quite powerful, for this chaotic situation. So recently, the robbers who pretend to be thieves have appeared in Wang Du. "


Aaah! I have left a good seal with a good swordsman. There are many rumors and I agree. – It is said that it seems to fly in the sky. "

"Aha ……"

If the political chaos is disordered, the order will also be chaotic.

There are so many things …It feels like this.

Even so, it has not reached the end of the period.

If you find the deficiencies and adjust them, it feels like there is always a way.

Well, where is this inadequacy? I can not fully review my words.

「……Where did you fall? Uncle

"Ha ha ha, Willy, even if you can not read this." Though there are several ideas, it's simple and powerful … "

In this way, what time to hear from your Highness.

"The Air Walker" has appeared! It seems that the usury of the Western "Times of the Road" was engaged! "

This way, the call came.

The citizens who came and went on the road heard this voice, oh, the face was sparkling and began to squat.

It's a king, I really like watching the fun, when I think about it –


The eyes of His Highness are shining.

Once again, I fell into the dilemma of revealing a subtle expression.

The struggle of the deeds, the duel of the party, the senior woman and the flying thief. – The so-called Wang Du, really does not make people boring.

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