Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Epicure 6th episode

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Epicure 6th episode

The time is evening.

Red and gold smudged, mouth-shaped buildings.

In the central part, there is a garden with plants and plants, and the flowers of the season bloom in a little bit.

Women in gorgeous clothes, holding plates with good wine dishes on their hands, come and go in the cloister, and the music of the lute that calms down is echoed nearby.

Then there is the noise of people's chatter That can completely cover these.

I am now in one of the pubs in the Happy Street of Teardrop Capital.

"Ah ah! Wu Yong, the paladin of the Paladin, we can often hear it. "

"I did not expect to be such a young person."

"And it's still a pretty young boy! Sure enough, the poet's carols are exaggerated. "

"There is a straightforward look! Sure enough, it is not the same as the so – called warrior. "

"We are worried about the situation in the South."

"The legend of Wu Yong who retreats from the dragon, please be sure to talk about it."

"A few days ago, I also achieved a beautiful victory in the duel."

"The streets and alleys are talking about you as a gentleman with wisdom and courage …"

Countless business smiles.

And there are so many flattering words that I want to bring me to the sky. I also show a smile for business, and respond to the "glorious" of "I am so happy" that I am so happy that I want to dance. Discourse.

Magic makes it clear that if you say a clear lie, the sharpness of "Spirit" will be quite irritating.

– This is also a kind of battlefield, and it is still quite a nerve war.

"Oh, but the Paladin of the Paladin suddenly has to spend money on all aspects!

"And after that, there are reservations to see in the palace …"

"Yum. For the Hall of Heroes that reassures the people in the South, you can not let him be shamed in the king. We have all said it. "

"The stability of the South is also good, the preaching of the god of lights is good, every one is overhead."

"But it is compared with the dragon's treasure, it is really worth mentioning. But they all our mind, Sasha, please be sure to accept it. "

Then there is a list of gold and silver, papers, and gifts.

If you have not done the unreasonable job of tidying Varaseka's treasure, you might be dizzy.

There are so many quantities.

"How can you express your gratitude to the gifts you have prepared carefully?

Even if you are not used to it, you will also show a business smile.

"Everyone who is doing business with the capital, I must have surely get along with you in the future."

I responded with such an offensive answer. Next to Mr. Tonio's saying "So that", he began to promote various practical topics.

Generally speaking, that is the one.

– I am now charging a lot of political gifts in the pub.

A few days ago, after saying to my highness, "Beginning with money," I and Tonio continued to work on relationships with businessmen in the capital.

Those who are are in contact with the aristocratic society and who are greedily want to eat the above-mentioned class, and those who are active in the South, are selected.

They have a lot of money and often want to get in touch with the aristocratic society and the right holders in the South.

Then I was the one that gradually became related to the aristocratic society. It was also the name of the Paladin at the end of the world. It has a huge relationship with the development of the South and has such "investment value."

So all in all, the deal is set up.

Send a letter to all places, and Mr. Tonio and his subordinates contact.

For those who are interested, they gather in the pub to shake hands, drink together, laugh together, and then collect money.

In the future, no matter what activities you do, you will have no difficulty if you have money.

……Well, if you use the feeling of past life, it is very fascinating.

But of course, it is only from the feeling of past life that is is tempting, and there is no legal problem.

Whether it was given to me as a priest or as a tribute to the nobility, there is no law in this country in this era.

Even the Governor of Baghri, doing similar things in order to raise the operating expenses of the temple.

This kind of action is also necessary.

Having said that, it is the first time to collect so many gifts containing an attempt. Mr. Tonio, who can easily respond and give me support, really helped.

When he finished the policy, he said, "Although Mr. Will's course of action is "love and faith", the solution to the problem is to "break through with force" and "resolve with money". "You can not have anything, you can find a way." Smiled and nodded.

How do you say it, "Hey, I know." The feeling of accumulating rights first. "

……It is a happy thing to have someone who can understand yourself. Well.

"For the reputation and glory of William Ching -"


Now, these these people who have given out money, if I am alive, the best businessmen will be to squeeze into the aristocratic society that can protect protected the vested interests.

If I let the South settle down and raise the market value there, I can make money in the transaction with the South.

To say one more thing is to use my popularity to sell things like "the Paladin designated merchants".

So I want to take it unceremoniously and use it without any politeness.

Yet there are also businessmen who can not care about talking well, basically, they are not enemies.

Then, this ensures the bullets, and the next place to break in is when you think about it.

And how was it? Can you please? "

There was such a whisper.

Because the breath of the breath that passed to the ear shook, snickering laughter.

"Well, scared you?" Sorry?

Senior woman, and Ms. Luna Lian, who is supposed to be the "defense", held the lute with a slight tilt.


Cut into a bite-sized cheese, and a salted olive fruit filled with a luxurious tall glass.

Oysters placed on the crushed ice hills made by Yan Ling.

On the white porcelain plate, the salt is roasted and the internal organs are removed to put the big fish of the herb.

On the silver plate is a roast pork ball coated with coarse salt and spices, and a sweet and salty sauce.

It is wrapped in large fragrant leaves, and steamed rice with flavor and color is added.

A beautifully curved bottle with a full range of fine wines.


"It looks so delicious."

"After all, it is the red wine produced in the Anger area."

The luxurious dishes come up one by one, the merchants admire exaggeratedly, or give this one a comment.

The "Teardrop Capital" is the intersection of land and sea, in other words, the city at the center of the intersection. The dishes are also quite rich.

……This pub is not the pub I found with Mr. Tonio.

For the receptionists, please introduce the tavern that Luna Lian introduced.

"I am very grateful to introduce you to a great pub."

"No, after all, the Cavaliers are kind to me ….If you can, it will be too happy. The owner will be happy too. "

In such a small response, Lutqin bounced smoothly and Luna Lian smiled gracefully.

Such a good quality store, such a good room and service.

I am afraid that if I have the money with Mr. Tonio, I can not raise it even if I have money.

However, she is proficient in the latest things and popular things of Wang Du, she chose this store at once and made an appointment for us.

Maybe you will be asked what you want to ask against the enemy.

……In fact, with such a reason to consider and hold the instrument with us with one hand, the obvious information is in front of us.

From the scope of what I can see, I am afraid that I will remove the "defense faction".

However, because of this, I have to ask her.

As can introduction of her under the "Defense", I can deliberately show the things that I want to show to those who hate me.

This is an important key point.

– The picture of me who sent the gift, what I want to say is the action that I want want show.

It's not completely clean, but it's about sure what the money is connected to the network and rushing to understand political work and strategy. "It's the way you can use your usual methods."

If you want to have a secret contact with me you will have a chance to negotiate, you can do it by intervening in one of the businessmen who attended this place.

When these were demonstrated, the early stage showed "there is a possibility of negotiation" and "there is a negotiation window."

……Even so, "it can be solved as long as the conversation is done" is the words of the dreamer.

On the contrary, the words of the real family will say "nothing can be solved even if the conversation is done", but there is already a wilderness in which you live and die.

No matter how much you fell afterwards, there was no loss in the window to open the conversation in advance.

Of course, these are not all things that my own mind has come up with.

The general plan is me. The details are after with His Royal Highness and Mr. Tonio.

Anyway, just consider these and try to test her.

Send a letter to Miss Luna Lian and reach a consensus. "In order to receive a businessman, I would like to invite you to introduce a pub." After saying this, she blinked in surprise and blinked her eyes, and put her hand on the pitiful lips to think about it – –

"Ah, please, please?" So happy …… "

That being said, do not squint your lips and narrow your eyes.

……Well, I think I have probably read most of my intentions.

But I also let the sophisticated senior woman fall in my hands, and I never thought about it.

The proposal was made on the premise of being read out. In fact, she did not have any loss.

Though it a fatal injury, it is also a topic of reducing the evaluation of several paladins. The acquisition of negotiation channels can also be plus point for spy work.

In the end she smiled and nodded.

In other words, the transaction was established.

So now, I have no complaints in the finest pubs, dealing with the flattery of the merchants.

Very unaccustomed to the situation.

It's even easier to wrestle with Warcraft or explore the depths of the forest through the grass.


Although it is decided, there will never be a sigh.

This continuous entertainment is mentally very tired.

The head of the Temple of Bagley, has continued this to make the temple prosper.

However the practice of continuous solitary practice in the deep valleys is also very powerful, it is more difficult to get out of the mud.

……Again, it's really amazing, so think.


At the end of the reunion that started in this way, it was already late at night.

Looking at the departing merchants, I and Mr. Tonio sighed.

"Oh, it will still be nervous."

"Is it even Mr. Tonio?

"Oh, such a big party, after all, is"

Mr. Tonio is now different from the usual awkward look. Of course, he has a good beard to comb his hair and wear high-quality clothing.

It can be said that it is the style of the energetic businessman, very reliable.

……It may be that there are some atmospheres that lack roots and tendons, and they are deliberately doing this in order to be more intimate. Think so.

「……Considering the wind review, I do not want Mr. Will to attend. I do not care if I come to the agency. "

"Because this is really dishonest."

Let the other party pay, I think we should go directly to face to say hello.

This is directly the issue of etiquette.

After saying this, Mr. Tonio smiled softly.

"Even if you come to such a world, you are still better than anything."

A warm smile.

The gentle uncle, looking at the growth of the nephew, could not help but emerge, such a smile.

……Really, Mr. Tonio has always taken care of me.

"Then, let me say hello to the pub director" (Note:This is private, that is, Tonio said, Chinese can not see it, but I know it in Japanese, so mark it)

"Ah, okay. Let me share it with me. "

Well of course! If you can, this pub wants to use it in the future … "

Is she playing the lute piano today?

Wearing a color that makes people feel a little calmer, reveals less clothes.


What am I going to say, when I am confused?

"Unexpectedly, I am used to being in such a situation."

She said so.

"The bards are all about your origins in unison. The noble origins are not necessarily fake …? "

How come? It's not a serious person, the origin of the border is born. "

After a light smile, she covered her mouth with her hand, and laughed.

"However, it seems to get used to it."

"Just just mingling."

After shrugging her shoulders, she was a little silent for a while.

After this–

"A question, I want to ask."


"Why, pass me? …How much more is the other means?

Ah, she said so, it is.

There is no other way to give the opposite side of the intelligence and to maintain the negotiation window.

It is necessary to give extra points to such action, and it is said that it is not without it, but also –

"I always feel that you seem to be working hard."

After answering this, her expression moved with amazement.

For a short moment, she slightly frowned.

「……Is this, sympathy? "

Use a deliberately suppressed tone.

"This is it."

In this way, I nodded.

「……Is not the spy very difficult? At the same time, smile, make acting, and speak out the wrong words. "

At least I, I really felt it today.

Although it may just be be inappropriate for me, it is unexpectedly hard.

"Just kidding"

"I am not kidding ….It's painful to have no sympathetic world. "

After saying this, she seemed to be silent in the moment.

"Maybe it is like this?"

Then I muttered.

There are some, hard sounds.

……Really, it must be very hard.

"The position may not be able to get along well. You also have a job, I understand it. "

It's not what I want to let her know what to do, or what she wants to be soft, not these things.

Understood that she is not on her own side, not a person who can not care, on top of that – even then,

"It's rare to know each other ….I want to do what I can. "

Even if the other person is at work, standing in a position of opposition, there is no reason for me to burn hostility towards this person.

There is no reason to hesitate without letting other people bother and have no damage.

I swear, if there is any difficulty, I will borrow a force whenever I do it.


Miss Luna Lian, she always felt a little subtle expression silent.

「……You, it's weird. "

"this said"

"Is it a good old man, or a fool?

"Oh, I am often said this too."

Really sharp, I feel straightforward.

「……Really, strange people "

She slowly and bitterly smiled.

– Not a fake, it is a real smile.

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