Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Epicure 5th episode

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Epicure 5th episode

At this end of the party, I returned to his house with His Highness Esser.

The house where His Royal Highness lived was not the pure white city, but the huge mansion near the noble street.

However, His Highness Essell is undoubtedly the son of the second King, the younger brother of the contemporary King Owen, but not in the king's book.

When his brother Owen was succeeded, he was reduced to a family status – that is, he gave up the right to inherit the throne and became the status of the family.

The surname given was, south mark.

Yes, it is the South Frontier.

The name of the Kingdom of Fateh can be traced back to a long time ago.

The Great Federal Times is united under the name of the Commonwealth. It spans the two continents of Grassland and Sausmark and broadly dominates the powers of the region around the Sea of ​​China.

"Big Bang (Big Break)", and later became the current Kingdom of Fateh. The king of the kingdom of this kingdom – claiming to be – now it was, revived the country in the chaos after.

So now the Kingdom of Fayr, the orthodox successor who claimed to belong to the former Federal Republic of France.

……In fact, this is exactly how many historically correct claims of truth, it sounds a bit strange.

However, I am not very interested in this point.

What should be concerned here is that the Kingdom of Fatel is very successful, and advocates the existence of the former Fawtel Kingdom with the legitimacy of the past.

The former French kingdom is not only based on Grassland but also has vast territory in Sausmark.

What governs these are the princes headed by the Sausmark public with the blood of the royal family.

This Sausmark public family was interrupted in the "Big Dynamism" two hundred years ago, that is, the dispute caused by the commander of the "King of the King" was interrupted, but –

In the name of the tough, the first king of Dabbat II, regained the territory of the former Fauter kingdom that was lost again, and revived, in order to retrieve the glory of the kingdom's past, and began the development of the South.

But this is only a dozen years, and he suddenly died on his way to achieving his ambition.

After this, the gentle nephew Owen Wang was in the throne and spewed out on the dissatisfaction of the power of the king.

Coupled with the indecisiveness of the present king, the political situation is not stable.

However, almost Owen Wang may not be able to do so, it is not incompetent.

If the South of the implementation, if there is no clear way to ruin it, how many murders will the kingdom produce? He can understand this.

Therefore, the name of Sausmark's family, which has been lost to His Excellency Esser, was sent to the South.

"I think of this as" the king will decide to win the title of the wise younger brother who will compete for the throne, and at this cost the king will get the name of Sausmark and develop the possible territory.

Therefore, it seems that the procedures in this area have been carried out smoothly.

The opening remarks may have been a little long, so that His Highness Essell had a mansion in the aristocratic street of Teardrop Capital, but he could not return to the castle.

Strictly speaking, he is the Duke of Saussmark in the north of the "Southern Frontier", not the royal family living in the castle.

Then this became a lucky thing for me.

Managing the house of His Excellency Esser is a trustworthy maid elected by His Highness Esser.

This is more relaxing.

……Today, I am exhausted.

In a wide, well-divided room, lying on a soft bed, I sighed deeply.

Beautiful and brilliant party.

A sparkle splitting duel.

Can not be conspiring.

Then there is the glamorous female with gold and deep purple eyes.

All sorts have happened too much, really tired.

Even if the physical fatigue can be supplemented by the power of the dragon, there is no way to have mental fatigue.

Once you close your eyes, a comfortable sleep will come soon.

……This night, I fell asleep.


Wake up in the morning of the next day.

Open the window, unique to the summer morning, the fresh air drifted in.

I washed my face and then prayed for about thirty minutes.

Report to the gods and adults about the various things that happened.

Communicate ideas, express gratitude, and confess to them.

……I always feel that I can hear it, and the gods of the gods smiles at me.

In this way, the matter is conveyed, and even "nothing is nothing" is to be sacrificed, without any distracting prayers.

In the past, Mary did not know when she said that the empty part of our thoughts would be sacrificed.

At that time, I have not met the gods, I do not understand very well.

……Now, I feel that I have have understanding.

This ended the prayer, and the training brought in the hand came out of the courtyard with a wooden sword.

Prepare for exercise to relax, concentrate, and focus on the wooden sword.

The wooden sword that engraved with the "engraving" that made the weight increase became heavy.

Then at the beginning, very slowly, wielding a heavy wooden sword.

Lifting a very heavy wooden sword, with a very slow movement like a snail moving forward, lift it to the top of the head and wave down.

Keep a low center of gravity and never shake your body.

Contrary to what it looks like, there is a load that can make people sweat.

The heavy weight is swiftly swept by the momentum, and it is kept moving very slowly, with a different load.

Like a forging, more solid, heavy and tough material, slowly and slowly, perform a basic series of actions.

After these exercises are completed, this time is changed to speed.

Like a swallow that can cut the wind, the wooden sword tip depicts the arc dancing.

Depicting the big circle and slamming opponents who attacked the overhead.

Depicting a small circle, blocking the attack of shooting down overhead.

Feet, body, hand movements.

I plan to confirm each of these and repeat the actions several times.

It was only a short trip of the boat that failed to perform a satisfactory exercise, and a number of violations were deposited throughout the body.

In order to eliminate this sense of disobedience, I am constantly repeating the exercise of both action confirmation.

I am tempted to temper my body and immerse myself in the exercise of adjusting movements and techniques. When I noticed, the sun has risen high.

From the servant, "I'm going to be early." When this sound came, I could become hot all over the body.

……Wang Du is a place not used to it.

It was because of the unaccustomed place that that he hurriedly repeated the guns and tried to avoid the failure.

Take control of what you can do now, and the value of it.

Think about this this way.

After taking a shower, I hurriedly replaced and dressed with the help of a maid and attended the breakfast.

His Highness, Essell, came a little later and sat down in the seat.

……Did not let him wait too much, so let go of it.

In the large living room, a long table that allowing many people to sit.

On the tablecloth embroidered with delicate embroidery, the dishes have been set.

The fragrant bread contained in the cage was filled with butter in a small bowl.

The white plate is filled with a dish of meat with a lot of green vegetables, accompanied by a brown sauce with sliced ​​mushrooms.

Next to it is a large piece of bacon that is steaming.

A variety of fruits on the high plate, beautiful and brightly decorated.

"Get started"


At this time, I was confused.

This place is only under the seat of Esser, and me.

……Of course, it is not that His Highness is not under my command.

Headed by the head of the temple, his majesty is within the scope of what I know, and there are several powerful people.

To be honest, regardless of the small-scale work, in this aspect of the political activities of the king, my "value as a chess piece" is only the degree of meeting.

The important role of doing business is they. Not me, obviously so –

"What about the others?"

"Let them go outside this time."


"Do not be so vigilant, there is no plan to say anything messy."

His Highness shrugged as he said.

"There is only one thing, I want to apologize."

"Apologize, is it?"

"Yum ….I seem to insult the look of Qing. "

At the end of the day, Essell closed his eyes and touched his chin as if he was looking for words. After that, he continued his words.

"Even with a strong God's protection, and being nurtured by heroes, I got the hero of the dragon.

It's just that it's coming from the border. If you go to the king's place, you will only be overwhelmed and you will not be able to do the basic response.

Therefore, "do nothing", like the shackles of noisy children …It does not look like this. "

"No, Your Highness. You

"The trick of yesterday was ended in an almost completely unobtrusive form." But it is a nobleman, not everyone is good at ingenuity and observation. There are many people who can not do this.

In particular, once it becomes the target of conspiracy.


If you say this, you can not say anything.

"And, Qing has an oath that can not be broken. I forgot this, and the order of "Do not act" is my fault.


"Do not show such a troubled expression. To be frank, it's the use of "smart use."

As a boss, I misjudged the power of the Metropolitan Department of the Paladin. Then I will fix it. This is the case.

……Can you accept my sins? "

His Excellency Essell smiled and said this to me.

My little chicken nodded like a glutinous rice.

"This is what I can not stand, His Royal Highness."


Ordinary people will not lower their values ​​even if they bow their heads. The so-called royal family will lower their authority if they bow their heads.

– though the highness looks very relaxed, I will be very concerned about it.

"That's it, Qing will go to work next time."


"I have to work too."

Very bright smile.

"Wait, please wait. You

"How much is better than the person who is useless?" Wang Duzhong does not have a certain amount of experience before he can rest. "

Yet he wanted to say something in a panic, he was overshadowed.

"du, the details of the capital city do not know anything!"

"Let the responsible person explain it …Yes, it shows that I am interested in the details, that is, it seems to be motivated, which is better than anything! "

"Do not come up with a expanded explanation like a tough guest!"

It's a nice smile!**

Although it is necessary to let me go to work anyway.

"What if I fail?"

"Of course I will help you."

When I say what I take for granted, I will answer this expression immediately.

Because it is a natural answer, for a moment, thinking about the crash.

"Though it may be wrong, I do not have any. I hope that Qing will soon become the battle of the court battle.

Because it seems to be qualified, I want to let you experience all kinds of things in the current situation, I think so … ……Now you get it.

What this Qing should do is to experience the atmosphere of the court work, to fail at a level That is not fatal, and to say that I am as persuasive.


Said so much, I finally understood.

Indeed, as His Highness said, Fartel seems to be very stable in these ten years, and I have heard of it.

Several wars about twenty years ago, peace with the small and medium-sized kingdoms in the west, and now trade prosperity.

There is no direct contact with the "Ice Mountains" of the genus of the evil gods. The large-scale south is also rare recently, and the defense network is basically complete.

The Eastern "Hundred Kingdoms of Controversy" is also, although it still still unpredictable, it is said that it can begin to see more stable signs.

The biggest problem in the country is the development of the South.

It has been constantly suppressed in the interior.

I am going to get there this year, just how much to do something, suddenly "stop developing!" All retreat! "Such extreme conclusions will not come out, nor will they look like they can come out.

As long as the average fan does not come out, the big political trend will not be suddenly changed by a hero who appears quietly. If you think about it, this is a matter of course.

Then in this long and cautious battle, what makes the situation drastically change is the people like His Highness …

As a result of their fighting, they are "gradually leaning toward development" or "gradually relying on defense."

That is, what you are doing now is this.

Of course, I am not an insignificant piece.

The name of the Paladin at the end of the world has a weight and a place to use.

There are many places that are unfavorable if you are despised.

However, if I am confused, I will lose everything, and it will not work. It is not like this.

It's not like a battle with Wallaceka, a decisive battle.

That is to say, how do you say I am too motivated to be too ignorant when I do not know …Accurately it seems that my self-awareness is over. So shameful.

"Can you understand the situation?"

YesLet me be shy in scope "

I am very important, and if I fail, it will become incredible! What, in front of people who are doing really important work.

Really, it is shameful.

If you have a hole, you will get get into it, or you will want to get smaller and then disappear.

"Leave praise in the history of heroes or brave people. If you can get get such a degree, it would be best.

……Having said that, it's almost time to have breakfast, to be cold. "

His Excellency Essell worried about me and immediately switched the topic away.

Me and my Highness quietly offered prayers before meals and began to eat.

"Well, sort out what I just said. Is it going to work more in various jobs in the future … "

Cut the meat and egg rolls with a knife and throw the subject away from the squat with the usual feeling of chatting.

The important words are over, that's the way it is is.

"What does Qing want to do? Regardless of what the charity activities of the merger and accumulation evaluation are, or else, try to increase your faith. "

"That's it."

I am, think about it.

I use what I can do to work in the court work, right?

Here is the one. The most important thing with the muscles –

"I want to start with the money."

The eyes of His Royal Highness fell.

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