Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Epicure 4th episode

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Epicure 4th episode

After the duel.

Passing through the crowd of spectators who were far from the crowd, the gray-haired king, His Royal Highness, came closer.

……The cheeks are groaning.

"His Royal Highness, I am very sorry."

What happened?

"That, that, sorry, Your Highness. Please do not blame William. "

Miss Luna Lian, in the case of knowing rudeness, still inserted into the conversation with such feelings.

"William is his father, to protect me …"

「……Oath to God?

"Yes, only this will never break."

Then there is no way. The so-called priest holding the protection is like this. His Excellency Esser deeply sighed.

To be honest, I would have felt that there would be no way to anger him – this adult is very easy to speak.

If you feel that even if you do not mean it, you will not any anything that does not make sense.

"Though I do not know who it is, I strangely chose the rough means ….However, it is not very elegantly solved? "

In this way, His Highness whispered and smirked.

"Samuel, who is the baron of Morifu, but also the top five Western swords in the court."

"Insufficient muscle training"

Answering with the same whisper, His Highness clap his hands and smile.

After that, she smiled at Miss Luna Lian and looked around the audience.

"When everyone is enjoying it, my knight seems to have caused a commotion! When I first arrived in the capital, I immediately had a duel around the beauty. It was an enviable man! "

Both arms wide open, exaggerated to say the highness of the joke.

With a kind laugh, it sounded.

"It seems that I have won the goodwill of a beautiful woman. I will talk about this man who is not like this. – But now, first of all, applaud the duel of this honor!

After saying this, first of all, there was a sporadic applause, and finally it became a grand clap.

Taking this as an opportunity, the instrumental performance that was stopped because of the turmoil of the duel was reopened.

I returned to the atmosphere of the party.

Several people took their hands to the center of the stage and began to dance in a comfortable and elegant dance.

"- Han, how is Qing going to dance?

「……Is this a joke? "

"Although it's a joke, but Qing is the winner, it is necessary to behave like a winner."

"Talk back to my partner."

"Is there not?"


"Is there not there, there?"

Can not help but frown.

That, I understand it even though though you said it.

"–you already know?"

His Highness frowned slightly and rolled his shoulders.

"Though I understand it, it is because of this."

"Do not lie to me."


After a quick exchange of conversations – I made up my mind and turned my head.

For a girl with an impression of iris heterochromia, smile gently and carefully reach out.

"Miss Luna Lian. – If you can, can you dance with me?

"Okay, very happy. William Daren

Like a flower bloom, she laughed.

……Really, if you only look at painting, it is like a very good hero Tan. If you only look at paintings.


The sound is elegant, slow, and bright.

On the magnificent chandelier, engraved with "The Spirit of Light", shining around the light.

Beautiful smooth stone floor.

I took Miss Luna Lian's white hand and danced.

Put the bracelet on her waist, very slim – or S-shaped.


I can not help but a little heartbeat.

When I decided to go to the kingdom, I briefly practiced the simple part of dancing. There is no problem in this part of dancing, but –

To be honest, I am not the same as the immunity of women.

It's really unwilling to dance with each other and sexy women who are perfectly dressed.

For the confused look of me, the girl in front of her eyes evokes a lovely lip and laughs at me in a mischievous manner.

I am back with a smile –

"So, you are also a group."

I put my face a little closer and whispered in a casual tone. As a result, Miss Luna Lian shook her shoulder and was shocked.

The pace is a bit confusing.

Gently stand up again and dance again.

If you look at the people around you, you can only see the extent of shaking a little.

She looked at me with wet eyes.

The timid, relying, begging for forgiveness, including a trace of flattering aiming at me.


For this, ignore this beautiful acting staring at her eyes.

After a while, Miss Luna Lian gave a soft breath.

"It's a terrible person."

"This is my line."

I admit it more quickly than I expected, and I will return the appropriate words.

Though I do not know who the script is, the general expansion is like this.

First of all, in the vicinity of me who is acting alone, Miss Luna Lian plays the poor woman who is entangled in the drunk, and then asks for help.

If he hesitated here and did not help her, "this behavior, not in line with the Paladin" became the seeds of the scandal.

If you go to the rescue, it will be involved in the turmoil of the duel by the momentum at that time.

When he was involved in a duel, Sammy's who played the drunkard threw the mask.

Taking the unfamiliar Western swordsmanship as the duel rule, and then using the drunkard's acting skills to induce my surprise attack, formed formed a trap.

If I lose here, "the paladin defeated by the drunkard" will not promote my strength.

Even if I am overcome the unfavorable conditions and win the game, if I am very embarrassed, or if I am frustrated by his self-respect, I will inevitably be said the "barbarians who do not know the manners of duel".

Then it is the last.

Even if they did not step on these mines, they won gracefully – Luna Lian, the heroine who was saved by the hero, had a reason to approach me.

A loving and sad woman who is entangled.

Swinging the sword forward to help, and the opponent who defeated the evil man as an opponent.

Then the women who were saved, even very shy, are still actively approaching –

Well, um.

This is a man's words, no matter who is going to be jealous, more than once thought about the situation is not it.

So, under and other circumstances …For women who have been rescued by the battle and who are now presenting good intentions, they will doubt where to go.

Want to believe as much as possible, is not this kind of thought a human touch?

– Sweet traps.

Even so, even if you look through it, you can not explicitly reject her.

If the helpless, cold-hearted treatment of the object with good intentions, this time is the "bad feelings of women's kindness, barbaric and not funny guys" such a bad comment is formed.

So I took a slightly tough action against this beautiful senior woman.

Then if you can arrange the pieces around the important people, then you can do it.

"It's very subtle"

The so-called extremely brilliant strategy is like this. There is a corresponding result everywhere.

Then, even if the other party can fall within the range that can be thought of, there is no big risk.

Tu Long's "The Paladin at the End of the World." "Speaking of this time, almost Sammy's lost to me, in the dispute of women wrapped up in drunkenness, and the opponent is still the hero of the border"

Well, being there still will some be blame or bad reviews, but in the defeat of the North, he has no bad reputation, the young people drink a lot of wine to carry out the duel of the degree of rumors, smiles and let the past many people.

The other party is the priest who who the protection of God. Therefore, the drunkard will not aim at the heart or the head without a compassionate blow. The risk of death is extremely low.

Then I completely regarded Miss Luna Lian as a victim, and there is no evidence of collusion, so I can not investigate it.

That is, the party that lays the trap has almost no risk, and there is a huge risk.

A strategy like a textbook.

"Is it what you want?"

"So, what do you think?"

With a hidden smile, stepping.

I also followed the dance steps, and she slammed around.

The skirt of a black dress with a skirt wrinkled. And the bright black hair, gently floating up.

Turning her head on her face is a flowery smile.

"- Looks like, is this terrible woman?"

I can not say the judgment of a clear answer. For a moment, I still have it.

「……Did not look down on His Highness Esser? "

Of course, the so-called strategy, the one that is implemented is overwhelming.

Because of the right time, the right to act in the right place is the one that comes first.

Therefore, His Royal Highness will not be expected. The cause of the duel turmoil caused here will damage my reputation. This strategy itself.

But he said, let me go dancing.

That is to say that.

– Because I do not know who is showing the hostility, set the trap, configure the pieces, pretend to be unconscious and dance with the opponent to let the opponent move.

The words of His Royal Highness are the instructions.

If you understand what is relevant to the hostile, as long as you know that there is a corresponding use method, this is the case.

I have "not lie," I have confirmed it. I can not do such a shrewd action that my opponent can act unconsciously. It is also a declaration.

"Is it a gentle person?"

Miss Luna Lian, licking my eyes with different colors, then smiled quietly.

– Probably, this time is a real smile.


In fact, it was exercised by Gas, and it is a superb magic in the general level …In addition, I also got the power of the dragon …Though I can not lie, the corresponding one can read it the lie a little.

"The Spirit of Creation" is a discourse of power.

The spirit of "Spirit" will weaken because of lying.

Then now the common language of the West is the descendant of "The Spirit of Creation."

– So, as long as people make a sound, they contain "honesty" or no, I do not know why.

To be honest, I was born at the end of the border growing world, and I can read the situation to a certain extent, mostly because the memory of the previous life matched this power.

……It was also very scary for Miss Luna Lian at the beginning, and this is also the reason.

Kindly loving words and manners.

No matter which one, there is no "honesty", it is terrible.

It's like a feeling of repeated expression by the expressionless person "I like it most." If you say this, even people who do not have the magic can understand it.

So, to a certain extent, they argued with each other.

……However, even so, let the skilled senior woman fall in my hands, I have no such naive thoughts.

Just like I have muscles and magic, as well as the protection of the gods, she has skills, acting and negotiation.

That is, her expression muscles, body lines and gestures have been exercised in a different direction from me.

People who exercise will be strong. How much, even if you meet for the first time, you should not be careless.

Simple reason.

"The so-called excellent magic is not exaggerated by the poet, but real ….Can you tell that there is no honest words? "

You see, it has already been read out.

It was like a spying sight and nodded lightly.

"I really know what it is."


So she laughed.

"Because I have ever talked to people who are magical."

That is to say, let the people who can not lie happy, let them believe in what they want to act according to their own ideas, she has mastered it, I understand.

The advantage of meeting for the first time in a blink of an eye disappeared.

So the people who exercise are terrible. Strong in strength and able to respond to a wide range.

– Elegant, slow, bright songs, only the afterglow to the end of the song.

I took her hand in a ceremonial manner and took a gift.

She also returned a gift.

"So, then again"

When she left, the distance between her and me was shortened.

Because there was no maliciousness, I could not react at once. She straightened her back and left a kiss on my face.

"One day, I will thank you again. Paladin Adult

– When you left, there was a faint smell of good smell.

Summer flowers, the smell of white gardenia flowers.

She left a smile on my look back and walked away in a cool pace. I think I used the expression of dementia to watch her leave.

Seeing from afar, His Highness Esser was laughing at the ninja.

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