Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitute 3 in the City of Eika

Volume 4:Prostitute 3 in the City of Eika

Then, after a few days of boat trips, the "Graslande Continent" on the north side is no different from the "Southern Frontier".

There is no difference in climate.

There is no such thing as architecture, vegetation, or the races that live on it.

This should also be the case, the distance between the inland sea and the ship is only a few days.

As long as no dramatic changes have taken place. In fact, it has been understood, but –

"Unexpectedly ordinary, you have such an expression."

While traveling on some streets along the coast, I am on the way to travel.

Looking at the deck, I could not see the level of change, and Mr. Tonio seemed to be fooling me.

AhSome, maybe you are looking forward to it. "

……Well, I understand it theoretically.

There is no dramatic change in something, something like that.

Just, emotionally different.

Leave the area where I first raised my family, travel by boat, and travel to other continents.

It is a very powerful trip in the world where you only know the villages that live and the neighboring villages in your life.

What are the most powerful things, or what a beautiful cockroach, and unconsciously looking forward to these things.

Unexpectedly expecting and disappointing without permission. The so-called human heart is really a wayward thing.

Think about it like this …

"No, I have to start now.."

Tonio said with a smile.

He was originally a trader at the Chamber of Commerce.

In the "China Sea" event, a large number of transactions were handled.

Therefore, when the person who was on the mast was making a sound and the crew began to stir up, he already understood what he would see next.


Tonyo covered his forehead with his hand like a play.

The scenery that appeared there took my gaze.

The deep blue sea, the end of the clear sky.

The first thing you can see is the two towers.

Built with high purity white stone, the beautiful twin spires.

Immediately afterwards, you can see the lower part of the tower from the opposite side of the horizontal line.

Of course, the closer to the bottom of the tower, the bigger it looks.

The bottoms of the two towers are joined together and twisted like a double helix to extend further down – extending down –


Still, extend down.

The bottom of the tower, which depicts the spiral, is no longer a tower.

The huge wall of the city slammed several times and formed a huge white castle.


Even the biggest city I know, the "White Sails" is far from being comparable.

Boats back to several ports, colorful sails.

The rising smoke is proof of people's lives.

"This is the capital of the Kingdom of Fatel. Praised as "The Pearl of the Sea of ​​China", "The Glory of the Tear of St. Ilia ", the bustling capital"

Mr. Tonio, a smile emerges.

"-" Teardrop Capital "

I closed my mouth for a while, and I saw God in the way of the magnificent city.


"The Capital of Teardrops", located in the west of the "Grasland Continental" flowing river, the port city near the mouth of the Sansen River.

The river that flows slowly, the port city of its estuary.

The heavy canal, the waterway bridge.

It has the advantage of being able to carry large-scale water transport, and the abundant water resources have brought many people together. Since ancient times, the city has prospered with the "Teardrop Capital".

In the past, the "Great Confederation" era was also one of the major port cities, and its name was soloquent.

About two hundred years ago, due to the riots caused by the "King of the Kings", the period of the great riots of "Southern Border Continental" and "Glasland Continental" also continued.

Now across the tragedy, it has become the hegemon of the emerging southwestern part of Grassland, the capital of the Kingdom of Fateh.

– The port of the ancient capital that carries so many history is very lively and extraordinary.

The crew with the red tide on it laughed and said the jokes were disembarked, and the strong unloading workers here, carrying their chests and barrels, came and went.

In the surrounding warehouses, the merchants showed a humble attitude, but the face was not very careless, and the one hand held the abacus with color to negotiate.

It is often seen that pens and wax boards are close to the water, so it is cheap to sell stationery with high water resistance – this is also the case.

Afterwards, from the people who are dressed up, from the likes of nobles, priests, magical ambassadors and scholars, to the peasants who are sourcing from the local streets and villages, the staff …

"Wow ……"

The flow of people and the momentum of all kinds of people are very good.

"Do not go away"

Only after all, His Highness Essell is a nobleman with bloodlines.

Of course, if you do not pay attention to being stabbed, there is no doubt that it is a big event, and there are also conscious as a very important person.

Around the guarded soldiers marched around the mainland, drove a four-horse carriage, and I rode with Mr. Tonio.


However there was an ancient carriage that was shaken and the ride was not fast.

However, the unevenness of the road surface does not convey the person sitting, and it seems that the shock absorbing member is already developed.

The cushions are also very soft and sit comfortably than you think.

– This is the world where magic also exists.

In the Great Civil War, there was a history of many cultures and technologies lost.

Inevitably, there is a partial difference between the history of the past and the history of invention. If you think so, you can accept it.

The carriage is moving very slowly.

Though it is a boulevard, there are ordinary pedestrians. If the carriage under the brakes hits the car, it will cause an accident immediately, which is of course.

From the observation of the window, I am afraid that the canal also has the function of defense.

There are sluice gates in key areas, and there are canals, towers and whitewashed walls that divide the streets into areas.

I am afraid that when the war is over, the sluice will be lowered to block several canals, and those walls will be used as walls.

Ah, in this case, the water spray plaza and the big shrine that are everywhere can be seen everywhere. Are those plans used to gather the army in wartime and use the whole army?

But it is a flat city that attaches importance to administrative functions, it is impossible to despise the defensive power of accidents.

Even if it is not dangerous, it is also a very vibrant city.

The voice of competition.

Sorghum's hammer sound.

The voice of the weaving.

The housewife of the market talks and laughs.

Children running back and forth.

I do not know what the singer of the Holy Scriptures is from the temple.

There are children in the corner of the square, there are also blackboards, open-air classrooms and the like.

「……I feel very strange? "

When he focused on the scenery, His Excellency Esser talked to me.

Mr. Tonio, as a person followed by me, showed a steady expression of silence.

Even if there is no difference to this huge identity, after all, the dialogue of His Royal Highness is very rude.

"Oh, very ….It's a very good street. The people on the road are very energetic and have a lot of smiles. "

"of course"

His Excellency Essell said nod.

There was a smile on his face.

"I am the hometown I am proud of"

I was a little surprised at this discourse.

That's it.

For this person, His Highness Essell, this city is the birthplace of birth.

……I want to do more for him as much as I can.

"Then I will come back to my house, even there will be will no rest time, I want to let you attend the party from tonight."

I nodded to my Highness who told me with a serious expression.

Full of energy.

"What should I do?"


His Highness Essell stared at me with a very serious look, so to speak.

"- absolutely nothing to do"


……Though I swore and I did not plan to do anything.

Really ?!

But I always feel that I have have an excuse for the perpetrator, I have no lie, please believe me.

Arrive at the gorgeous mansion, clean the body that has been bathed in the sea breeze and take a break.

Trim nails and hair and spray perfume.

Put on a formal, well-dressed dress, as a follower of His Highness, attend a party at a house.

Then I was taken to the place where I felt shiny, and the great gentleman and the dressed lady continued to come in.

His Highness Essell did not have a proper dialogue, and smiled and talked about the topic of failure in the South.

I smiled like a doll, and only when the highness gave me the topic, I would respond to the answer in advance.

But it is a bit embarrassing to say it, it feels more and more like a slap.

– Even when I met with contemporary Daga, I was honest.

"I have not seen you for a long time, Your Highness."

"Ah, Dagab. It looks healthy and better than anything. "

He tied his hair to the back, seemingly more stable than the original.

Because of the blood of the elf, although it is a slender figure – but the scar on the tight face, greatly betrayed this impression.

……The slender body is not because it is thin, but it is tight, as long as it can be understood.

It seems that I have encountered it, and his experience has been heard.

Gulangtree Al Wessada Gaga. (The Last paragraph is wizard's dagger)

The contemporary family of the martial arts family, "The Short Sword of Magic", who made a great contribution to the rise of the Kingdom of Fateh.

In the "Ice Mountains" in the north, fighting the evil gods from the south.

In the battle with the Western Union of Kingdoms, the command of the night attack has achieved great results.

In the East, hunting mercenaries and fallen thieves from the area that is still in constant war, known as the "Hundred Kingdoms of Disorder" –

If you want to say it, you can finish the military history of the decades of the war of the Kingdom of Fatel, one of the veterans of the kingdom.

One of the important figures in the "Defense" against the development of the South.

He stared at me with a sharp gaze –


Just saying that.

"That is, rumored?"

"Om, let me introduce it, this is William."

The handle was placed on the left chest and a gift was taken.

Dagabie returned a ritual – after that, I did not see at me.

I also did not speak reluctantly and did not mention the subject of gams.

……No, the situation that can be done.

"Dragon Slayer.Oops, the tears of women and the exaggerated story of the bard, this is the case. "

"Ha ha ha, there is no serious merit, don't you say that?"

Gently exchanged a deep smile…

After this, His Highness Essell and Dagabo, Gulante, had been in the air for several times.

The air is tight, even if I understand.

"Please be careful …….This year, there are still many ideas for the South. "

"Om, I will pay attention to it."

That being said, Gulantry left old.

Aristocratic dialogue …The aristocratic dialogue is very difficult to understand in the clouds.

What does that even mean?

In this way, I have lived in an unexpectedly simple world, and I do not want to go to the world where "the grown – up is very handsome" is used as a bad language!

Behind the hateful sweat, His Excellency Esser told me.

"It looks a little tired, how about blowing a hair dryer ….I still have some people who have to meet. "

The consultation beforehand has also been heard.

This is the meaning of "Where are you going to pass the time?"

"So, let me go see the flowers in the courtyard."


The conversation was exchanged in such a way that it was retired in a manner that was was ceremonial.

If you accidentally let the evaluation of "Southern Frontier" be lowered here, it is just that such rumors may make your evaluation of His Highness lower, so terrible.

I went out into the courtyard and I was relieved.

Because of the reason of "Spirit", there are light lamps everywhere in the courtyard at night, reflecting the beauty of the flowers.

In the middle of the white flowers and blue flowers that make people feel refreshed, the beautiful summer flowers are symmetrical, and the gardener's efforts can be seen from this courtyard.

The fresh vines and the sound of water spray also bring the warm air of summer night to the cool air.

I forgot everything a little and walked slowly through the courtyard to enjoy the flowers and plants.

– Then, thinking about going back almost, this time.



Like the voice of what is arguing, coming across from the hedge.

"Please do not, do this …You can help by

Around the past, I saw that a good-natured aristocratic youth seems to be unreasonably forcing the look of someone in a black dress.

Judging from the occasional news in the party, she is a senior woman, and she interjects her feelings …Though this an instant thought.

The woman in the black dress came with a line of sight that I seemed to rely on – the trembling lips, what I wanted to say, but nothing.

I just shed a tear, so even if I had to decision a decision to intervene.

– Serve as a hand to save lamenters.

I swear by the gods.

No reason to not, no.

Then calm down and intervene with the feeling of "because of what is arguing" and "she does not seem to like it."

The young aristocrats opposite, like drinking some wine, I do not know why I looked at me very aggressively.

Then it was involved in the trend of having to fight, which which the passing of it.

This, what?Is not the aristocratic society too terrible?

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