Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitute 2 in the City of Epicure

Volume 4:Prostitute 2 in the City of Epicure

Eighteen years old late autumn.

I fought with Evil Dragon Varaseka and crusade him.

Under the protection of the gods and the spirits, and with help of their companions, they tried their best to win the decisive battle.

If you come again, do not feel that you can do the same thing at that time.

However, after waiting for the dragon to wait for me, it is not the "happy life of the paladin after this". This is a gratifying and happy ending.

The body has absorbed the dragon factor, and one foot has stepped out of the human field, losing the weapon and armor that it loves, and dealing with it a lot.

– Really, the hero's duties are not at all easy.

In order not to let the people who fear the dragon become a mob, the news of the dragon slaughter is going back and forth to appease people.

Encounter boring turmoil and negotiate with the forest giant's tribe.

The colony of the surviving Forest Residents Elf (ELF) found in the crusade of the cruel dragon, "Flower Country" sent relief supplies.

Several small-scale battles were carried carried with the demonic party that escaped from the "Black Iron Country" of the mountain's inhabitants.

Of course, there is also the usual work as a lord and the retreat of Warcraft. Report to the "White Sails Capital" and the future agreement.

"Southern Frontier" is a snowy, stable autumn and winter period, I have been pressed by these many things –

Then what are bothers me is that the body I was cursed by the dragon took these carelessly.

After a period of time, even if I did not admit it, I had to notice it. For me, eating and sleeping gradually became unnecessary.

Can eat well, the corresponding stomach will be hungry.

However, even if you do not eat for a few days, there is almost no change in your physical condition.

If you can sleep well, the corresponding one will become sleepy.

However, even if you do not sleep for a few days, there is almost no change in your physical condition.

But the teacher of Hailam who has been looking for "Sage Academy" has talked about it, it seems that it can only be considered a dragon factor.

– It is precisely because of not eating, not sleeping, and not knowing the power of the dragon itself.

In addition, when it comes to the fact that I do not know why it is weak, it can be inferred that there is almost no accumulation of fatigue. It has an incomparable strange power, and it will not fall without exercising strength.

……Yes, exercise becomes meaningless.

This is really a headache.

What Brad would say if he knew it.

Serious curse, what.

It will become dull, do not interrupt the tempering of the technique, or something.

Feeling more and more visible, talking about similar words, it is very troublesome like the wilderness of the wandering Brad.

Power and technology are the two wheels of the car.

What is needed to maximize the power of efficiency is more power.

Gradually become the body of the warrior, with the technology to adjust.

This is the essence of exercise.

One of the wheels is now gone.

Even if you exercise, there is no effect of exercise.

Maybe it will become a fatal wound to the warrior, so think.

– So in a nutshell, doing the exercise above.

Till then squeeze out time. I have not busy, and did not rely on the power of the dragon to cut sleep and eat.

I feel that most things are lighter, and stubbornly use the props engraved with the "engraving" That can increase the weight to build muscle.

Or it is to give the weight of the muscles of the dragon to increase the burden, and exercise the equivalent contraction.

The sword and the gun that are swinging magic will be re – recognized and streamlined by the body movements of Dragon Force.

Or give yourself a multi-weak or slow-acting "Spirit" to compete –

After trying to do it, the movement became slightly sharp and the muscle strength increased.

Peace of mind.

Sure enough, the so-called muscles will respond to persistent exercise.

Then as long as there is violence in the muscles after exercise, most problems can be solved.

– No loopholes, flawless theory.


Doing a variety of things proves the perfection of Brad's theory.

When I arrived at the winter solstice, I was 19 years old, and then winter went to spring. Most of the situation has stabilized.

Of course, in the spring, even the warcraft that woke up from the hibernation came out from the nest, but even if you do not want me, I can already deal with it.

Many adventurers pay for the Warcraft Hunt.

Among them, there are black-haired thieves who have red-haired magic with a scorpion wand. Slightly remember some of the stronger ones.

They are also constantly taking risks and their reputations are rising.

Among them, Menel took Ms. Tina and went to the hometown of Irene Forest.

In the confrontation with Varaseka, I was bathed in a breath, and my Mithril chain mail melted away.

It was originally with Menel's silver bowstrings and arrows. It was the hero of "Irene Forest", something of Terpion.

It seems that I intend to send the relics, and then take the rescue for "The Country of Flowers".

Then, like the two people who missed the trip, I heard the rumors of "The Kingdom of Black Iron" and "The Country of Flowers", a large number of dwarves, countless elves (ELF) and villains (half ring) came in .

They missed each other and staggered.

Most of the dwarves, the inhabitants of the "Black Iron Country" in the past, or their descendants.

I heard that the mountain of my hometown was taken back from the evil dragon, and I came back to help the revival fly.

Among them are those who have established positions in various places, those who have accumulated wealth or their children, and those who have nothing to displace.

But there are all kinds of people, in their eyes, they burned in order to repay the past Oluvan Guru, in order to get back the enthusiasm of their hometown.

– I am very happy about this.

Elf (ELF) are not the same as the dwarfs. There are a few people from the "Flower Country".

It is very long-lived, rooted in its own forest, and guards the order of the forest with the Holy Spirit, and then continues to the race that lasts until the end.

However, they are also wise races, and there are also some elves who start traveling because of curiosity.

Most of the elves were taken care of by the "Country of Black Iron" and "The Country of Flowers" on such a trip, and they became close to each other. They immediately came back to participate in the revival as soon as they heard the rumors.

Most of them are just because of the small grace. They can say that they will not make a decision in an instant.

– They have their eyes, high and clean.

Small people are very simple.

Roadside cooks, avenue artists, or diviners, or small goods, groceries, of course, there are pharmacists, poets.

They live by wandering and walk around.

There is no reason to miss the lively area that caused the commotion.

Come with a sparkling, very happy eye, make the place full of excitement, and then leave like a storm.

Along with this trend, of course, the former pioneers also came.

However the popularity of the Southern Frontier is increasing, it is a pity that such a dramatic population increase.

Of course, I did not do anything. The "Lighted Port of Sichuan" has Mr. Tonio and Mr. Restov.

From the perspective of the whole, there are only a lot of parts that can be handled by His Royal Highness Esser and the Shrine.

Therefore, in the spring I am for them, the main thing is the work of fund transfer.

Together with Menel, Lu and his family placed in the "Country of Black Iron" to carry out the work of recycling Varaskar's death and treasure.

The treasures of Varassera are very huge.

A dragon has been collecting treasures since the age of myth.

A sapphire ruby ​​that can make make people doubt their eyes.

Glittering big secret silver currency.

Luxurious fabric woven from gold silk.

Numerous magical props engraved with "Engraving".

Then there is the treasure chest that contains these, the magical treasure box, and the scattered gold coins and silver coins around the buffer.

Can flash to the eyes like this this, countless people are crazy and not enough to describe, the glory of magic.

Together with Mr. Lu and Gururez, these trustworthy people, I am doing a light job of sorting out these treasures and listing them.

Then, in order not to let the unscrupulous people take the shot, they will be included in the treasure house of "The Kingdom of Black Iron". Lock it up again.

It's just that, it takes a month's work.

Then register the treasures on the list and the easy-to-calculate values ​​to the dwarves, elves and humans.

……Gold coins and some magic items have a rough market price, but there are also things that can not calculate the value clearly mixed in, and these are retained.

There are also some items that can not be identified, and these can only be called the gades of the city of the dead.

And Hailam's teacher from Sage Academy went to the appraisal.

In any case, as soon as possible, the gold coins and coins that can be calculated will be allocated, and the funds will be invested in the "Flower Country" and "Black Iron Country".

The part that was given to me was handed over to His Royal Highness Esser and the Shrine of the Temple as the grant for the development of the people.

However the work of allocating the treasure of the dragon was completed in this way, it was very troublesome to die.

When the seal of the seal was untied, when I wanted to disintegrate, a dwarf man who touched the dragon scale because of curiosity slammed the pain and rolled it.

……The death of Varaseka, still dead, still has a very high concentration of hernia.

I was hurriedly given treatment. "How do you disintegrate this?"

As a result, the woodworking tools that have been repeatedly given multiple magic and prayers are disintegrated, even if the saws are broken, the number of both hands can not be counted.

In the end, there are still a few ways that I can not cut it. Only I use magical weapons to cut the parts.

Only when these are successfully disintegrated, the dragon scales are also good internal organs or bones are poisonous. There is no way to do this.

This is done together with the homework of registering the treasure list, repairing the ruins of the Great Shrine of the "Black Iron Country" and then performing the purification ceremony.

It is also going on today.

……Yes, with the power of the lights, I used the Prayer of the Sanctuary to purify the site and offer prayers with powerful detoxification and purification power.

The gods of the dwarves exchanged in turn, and today they use daily prayers to purify them. The death of Wallaseka is still not purified.

Every day, the ceremony is held every day, and finally there will be some results. It is expected.

What is stubbornly filthy is not the existence of this level.

It is even possible to feel the stubbornness of that kind of resentment.

I always feel the laughter of the evil dragon in my mind, I will shake my head around.

……It seems that it will take a while to wear the equipment made of dragon scales.

Then yes, early summer.

But it is hard to say that the situation is completely settled, I and the trusted businessman Tonio, His Highness Essell, took the boat.

Crossing the sea, heading for the Kingdom of Fatel, its capital, The Capital of Tears.

This is both a request from His Highness Esser, and it seems to be the call of the Kingdom of Fatel.

It is almost a period when it is necessary to open up a political movement in the relationship. At the same time, if you do not introduce your country's unidentified dragon hero, all kinds of things will be very troublesome.

I can not refuse if I ask for the eldership of Esser, who usually take care of me.


The sound of the waves.

The refreshing sea breeze blew.

The white wings of the seabirds in the distance, alternately screaming the lively sound.

A few white scorpions took the wind and expanded greatly.

– Traveling by boat, it is the first time.

Maybe it was because I got the dragon factor, I did not have seasickness and enjoyed the trip.

Across the north, "The Plain of Grassland" (the mainland) is the vast inner sea called "The Sea of ​​China".

There are islands everywhere, and the harbor is not lacking.

It seems that the island of the hometown of Gass is also in this "Sea of ​​the Sea", but it seems to be in a more western position than the current route.

If you are close, you can also become a traveler, and some regret.

I heard that the island seems to be peaceful now, raising sheep, living quietly and leisurely.

When do you want to see it, what is considered on the deck?


"Ah, at"

His Highness, Essell, spoke to me.

In the gray hair, the eyebrows are wrinkled and the line of sight is sharp.

Combining with a dress without gaps, as usual, is a smart and capable style.

"I want to talk about it now …"

And what's that?

Because of this serious voice, I also corrected my sitting position.

"What can the" defense faction "do for Qing?

"for me ……Yeah?

"It is said that the" defense faction "is also the same as the" explore faction ". There are various intentions inside. In principle, they do not agree to open up with the fear of defense.

"Defense on defense …"

Now you get it. You should feel it yourself. "

EH eh?

Warcraft, demon, demons, giants. – Plus, the dragon of mythology.

"Southern Frontier" is a scary box filled with danger.

"I do not want to worry about a child who has been asleep, there are many ideas. – I have said before, it seems to be related to the seal of "The King" "


I talked about the street where I was raising the dead, and I talked to His Highness Esser a few days ago.

Even if it is His Royal Highness, my words about the successful crusade of the dragon are not casual, but I listened well.

– The demons want to destroy the seal of their king.

It is safer to manage the location of the seal that Garth has not told me so far than to place it. His Royal Highness also understood.

However, His Highness understands that it is not the same as everyone understands.

"That it is is public, it is better to say that it will cause a dispute." I know only a handful of me and Qing …Let's stay silent. "

I am not aware that this is closely linked to the ruin of the future, and those who are noisy and want to maintain the right of self-discipline will definitely appear.

The past life seems to be like this. The so-called politics is really complicated.

If you are involved in such a world – I can, respond well.

……I have an uneasy thought on my face.

"Do not worry, do not do bad things."

His Excellency Essell reveals a smile that makes me feel at ease.

Trustworthy, adult smile.

"In any case, it is the intervention of the" Defense "….Qing is already the guardian hub of the "Southern Frontier". Do you understand this? "

"Oh, well, how can you say …"

"The Paladin at the End of the World"

"The Lights of the Border"

"Warcraft Kill and Demon Kill"

"Three Yingjie Reincarnation"

"The Goddess of Love"

The Liberators of the Black Iron Mountains

And finally, the Dragon Slayer –

Such great praises are counted.

"A scandal about Qing has the possibility of shaking the future of the South."

His Excellency Essell showed a serious expression.

The wrinkles between the eyebrows are getting deeper.

"There will be all sorts of things happening. Be sure to be self-respecting and not cause unnecessary commotion. Known


I responded in a special spirit.

No problem, I am already an adult, please rest assured! Pay attention to your behavior and never get into any conspiracy! These, I was really thinking about it at that time.

……Then the results are as you know.

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