Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Eika 1st story

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Eika 1st story

– Love, love and pity.

"The elf god Reya Sylvan, playing the harp singing"


"Come on, choose!"

Let me choose the weapon first. I feel that I have a good adherence to the rules of the warrior. I chose one of those Western swords and took it with my hand.

Immediately the opponent took a handful of it.

Time is night.

On the white walls, there are golden candlesticks and red cloth for decoration to make the stage look lifelike and luxurious.

The gentlemen and ladies next to them were noisy and surrounded us in a circle.

Face to face with me is the pretty good youth who put the blonde hair behind.

Did you drink a little bit of wine, your face was red, and you could smell the wine.

He took off the blouse of the silky, luxurious evening dress and gave it to the unclear.

After that, you must must exercise vigorously. This is to prevent the clothes from being broken.

I also quickly took off the blue evening dress and turned it into a white shirt – and then bothered.

I did not bring people who can put clothes.

Ah, sorry about that.


Where is there –

「……Give it to me, Knight. "

It is a young woman. I feel a little older than me when I was 19 years old.

Her black dress is a shocking bold design with a white shoulder.

Beautifully tied black hair, neat nose.

What needs to be specially pointed out is the color of her eyelids.

On one side is the mysterious purple color, on the other side is the gold color that reminds me of Varaska.

– is an iris heterochromia.

It seems to be the pupil that will be sucked in.

Plus a cute lips with a light lipstick, depicting the curves of the neck.

Under the thin dress, the fleshy chest – the conscious of putting the line of sight inadvertently, control yourself to remove the line of sight.

"No matter what, I will accept it?"

Can not help but go to sympathy, as if to done what a be done, with a trace of sad and slightly trembling voice.

In the trembling smile that is aiming upwards, how to say it, there is a fascinating glamor that can not be attracted.

– Advanced ** is really terrible, think so.

Body movements, gestures, and slightly slanting movements of the head, beautifully impressed the line of sight and impression.

Compared to the opponents who do not know why they have to make a duel, to be honest, it feels terrible.

From the point of view of the position, it is just a matter of hiding the beauty behind him. How to say it is really a normal thing …Feeling, the back is numb.

「……Though it is bothering you, can you put it with you? "

"Very happy to"

Give the folded top to her and she will help me quickly.

In short, the problem of the top is solved.

Next is –

"Can you give up?"

"What's wrong, no courage?" Haha, or the dragon of Dragon Slayer!? "

「……You seem to drink too much wine. If it is a joke, it is a bit too much. "

Because when you are drunk, you should be a joke. I plan to hide this meaning in it and ask him to make a proposal.

He smiled with his nose, heading for the white tablecloth, with colorful dishes, the long table with the flame of the candle …

With a knife that can break the wind, the apex of the candle placed on the luxurious candlestick is cut obliquely.

The apex of the candle blows in an amazing momentum, and the fire of the wick that falls on the floor is extinguished, and the candle is still standing.

A stark cross section of the candle.

Though drinking alcohol, this sharp sword road is noisy around.

I meant it well.

「……This way "

So, already, there is no way, think so.

I also walked into the table and waved the Western sword appropriately to the candle.

– Nothing happened.

「……Ha, is it empty? "

Look at the confusion of the lively people and the mockery of the dueling opponent.

I gently picked up the upper part of the candle and picked it up like the surrounding.

– Cut it.

The erect candle was cut by the blade and it looked like it was not cut, and it was cut beautifully.

……You and I have a gap in strength. It is such a show.

It caused a commotion more than just doubled, and the dueling opponent was shaking.

Of course, I also understand that this is not a provocation.

– My display is for the people around me.

If you see such a power gap, in order to avoid the death and injury of the dueling opponent, who will something to help solve this situation, think so.

Though I slowly scanned the surroundings, it seems that no one has come in to arbitrate.

This is very troublesome.

It looks real and I have to fight.

"Bet on Honor"

The young man of the opponent pointed the tip of the sword to the sky, and the part of the handle and the hand guard was lifted to the front of the face, posing a salute.

Being prayed like this, I can only respond.

I also raised my hand in front of my face and put on a salute.

Unlike the usual etiquette of border warriors, it is the duel of fine swordsmanship.

"Glory to the good gods"

At the same time as the formal etiquette ends, the oath begins immediately.

The next moment, I have to be shocked.


The young people stepped in at a sharp pace.

Like the snake's tongue, the tip of the Western sword is oppressed.

– Three paragraphs faster than expected.


With the sound of the wind breaking, the blade screamed and blocked.

However, the second sword, the third sword,

The sword wind is low, and the soft, high-quality steel collides with each other to make a crisp sound, which echoes high.

Only the right hand holding the Western sword, the left hand on the waist to deal with the posture of the fine swordsmanship, I felt inside.

Obviously not, the drunk sword.

"What happened!"

But it looks like a drunk, it is so awake.

The blush on the face is makeup? The smell of wine in the breath, is it intentionally containing a distilled liquor in the mouth?



The slash that aimed at the right foot was dispelled, and the backhand was a spur but was bounced up.

In a row, the blade was swayed with the momentum of the blade, and the steel collided with each other and sparked.

In response to this gorgeous battle, the audience's snoring has further increased.

The challenge of reflex nerves, the ultra-high-speed response to the purpose of the Western swordsmanship, and the slender duel rules that allow opponents to win a bloodshed, is not the same as usual.

This seems to put the left hand behind and the sword in the right. I completely lowered my body and stepped out of the pace to understand the rationality of this posture.

– How wonderful is it, this one.

This is a leisurely consideration, even if I have to add files.

No matter what it is, compared to defeat, victory can hold me and His Royal Highness.



Injecting power to wield the western the sword and hit the blade with a strong force.

Unlike the crisp sound before this, the fierce sound of mixed voices sounded, and the opponent's sword was greatly opened with his arm.

For the opponent's sword that is hurried to resume posture, come back with a stronger, faster hit.

His arm was pushed wider and shaken.

The duel with the Western Sword is a super-fast and slender world.

I accept that.

– But even so, if there is is violence in the muscles that have been exercised, most of the situations can be solved!

If you use speed and technology well, and then you are strongly impressed by your opponent to push it over, your opponent will be a disadvantage in a short while.

Even if this is the case, there is no excessive use of the power of the dragon, and it is suppressed to the power of human beings. That is to say, the opponent's muscles are not enough.

Give him another blow in his pain and step in.

At the close distance, I mixed a foot and let him fall. I was a little sorry to leave a wound on the opponent's shoulder.


The shirt broke and oozing red.

The base of the deltoid muscle on the shoulder is most of muscles in the upper body.

Even if you gently cut it with a Western sword, it is difficult to have a profound impact, so you have a sense of security.

After satisfying the conditions of victory, I immediately retracted the knife and retrieved the distance.

Because it is a high-speed action, most of the surrounding audience, do not know what happened.

"It seems that I accidentally got my feet off!" Sure enough, I drank a little more! "

So, shout out loud.

The opponent who was knocked down looked at me with wide eyes.

"It seems like the blade has scratched the shoulder when it fell down …You, treat the owner right away. "

In this way, the urgency of the other party's followers, the followers approached with sincerity and fear.

「……The wine is really scary. "

Reaching out, very unexpected, the opponent took my hand straight.

Help him get up, hehe …

"Greetings to you"

Whispered in a whisper.

In this way, with the frustration, the young nobles withdrew from the stage with the companionship of the followers.

After I returned the Western Sword to a follower, then I read it in my heart.

Among the audience, you can see the statue of His Highness IJssel.

The cheeks are groaning, strange, to hold back the expression to laugh or to hold back the angry expression, is it over there.

If it is the former, it would be fine, think so.

IF That, is there no injury? "

"Oh, very lucky."

Because this gentle voice looks back, it is a woman in a black dress.


The master of the chess and calligraphy, the flower of the social world – the person who sells smiles and spring.

"This way …Great, I feel relieved at once. "

Unreal, like a smile of flowers.

But this is a bit of a heart, a bit of acting.

I always feel the revelation of the gods or something else, and the back is slightly numb.

It was not the direct pressure of Varaseka, but the time when it was was detected, the snakes and worms with venom were already mixed into the clothes, like this cold.

"Can you ask me again about the name of the Cavaliers?"

「……My name is William G. Mary Brad, Ms. "

"Well! So sure enough, you are …Have you taught your high name? "

After her hand was placed on her chest, her eyes opened and she was very surprised and opened her mouth gracefully.

Then, use a gorgeous fan to block your mouth.

"Williams – please be sure to call me Luna Lian (Lunaria)"

As if it can reverberate in the brain, say it with a comfortable voice.

If you are a man, you will not be able to to conceal your head and quietly approach the distance you will feel shy.

However, if this behavior comes up, the good intentions may be shaken or the love is not good.


What happened to this person is more terrible than the tip of the Western sword.

Very beautiful, especially gentle impression, but –

The opponent who wasted with a venomous dagger was close to the feeling of being around.

……I felt like Isaiah, who was close to me. Why did I become like this? The thoughts in my mind have so far flown.

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