Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 3 King of Rust Mountain [Library Version Only] 2 – Next Volume

Volume 3 King of Rust Mountain [Library Version Only] 2 – Next Volume

The third volume of the king of the rust mountain

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"Courage, what is it." 》

– The question of technology and the god of inflammation, Brez.

In the depths of BeastWoods, the great master of the forest, the throne of the King of the Skulls is covered by swirling suffocating suffocates, decaying leaves, and withered trees, turning into a hell.

On the road leading to the throne center, the distorted figure – the inferior devils of the subordinates known as Spawn.

In the early summer sunshine, which is not commensurate with this picture, we ran in the dead wood forest road like the decaying ribs.


Good. The ubiquitous fairy, the illusory person, the person who is in the sunset and the fog -! '"

When the silver hair flew, Menel stopped and opened his hands and called out the goblins.

I listened to the voice of Menel from behind, while holding the gun.

Wake up. A gentle asylum, the king of the forest is facing a crisis! When it comes to grace, it is this moment! '"

In the thunderous throne, the goblins who lost their strength and consciousness because of the weak nature of nature, woke up and retrieved themselves because of Menel's powerful call.

Just like being attracted by his loud call, I can feel the atmosphere of the gathering of goblins around him.

The shuddering power of nature began to gather around Menel…

"'Pick up the sword and open the longbow! Salamander, the Gnome, the Undine gun, the Sylph blade … '

As I felt his reliability, I waved a short shot at the attacking enemy.

It is like a doll made by children playing with clay. The "Magic" is pierced by a short gun.

"'It's the time to blow the horn! To the arrogant aggressor – ''

When the humming enters the end, I inject a momentum and slam the enemy with a shield, and make a clay to squeeze into the sun, and a "magic" will fly and make it fall into the imperial group. Then immediately retreat to the oblique rear.

'' – Lower the four referees! '"

At that moment, a lot of death spread in front of my eyes.

The sudden release of the fire of the flamboyant is like the squad of the skilled shooter team will generally crusade the enemy.

The huge rock hammer is like lifting the ground's suffocating air and throwing the devil down to the ground.

Or the clear water emerges from the sludge, depicting a spiral running through the devil's chest.

In the distance, the whistling wind blade blows away the suffocating air and cuts the enemy's head one by one.

The goblins responded to Mener's call and made a fierce scream and launched a general attack.

"Well, I have to go!"


We rushed to the "Magic" that was being raided.

Stepping on the devil's will, we hurried to the depths …The king who pollutes the King of the Skull and disturbs the forest cycle should be in front of it.

We opened the rot leaves and we ran.

Then, in front of the throne, two demons stood in front of the ancient stone arches.

The appearance of the two demons is like a mixture of people and crocodiles, holding a hooked gun on one side and a sharp sword on the other, about two meters tall.

Their heads are reminiscent of dinosaurs, the scales are covered in a rubbery outer skin, the muscles are quiet thick, the slender tails stretch long and the tips at the tips of the tail are sharp.

– That is the "Captain Level" demons, Ulask.

"Attention to the tail thorn!"

Nice! The gun is over to you! ”

After a brief exchange, we spread around; as if we were responding to us, Urascus also flew to us.

I took a breath, slowed down, and then set the posture, and raised the tip of the gun against the Urasks brush that ran quickly. The Ulask, which was close to me, seemed to be confused. The footsteps.


Its reptile eyes shook and lifted the hook gun while moving left and right. But I am just moving the steps slightly, always keeping the tip of the gun at it.

Ulask was somewhat anxiously low.

– Because he can not find the gap in the attack.

I slowly moved and kept the distance between each other. Suddenly, I relaxed the posture with almost impossible to detect and created a gap.

Unsurprisingly, Ulaskos aimed at the gap and stabbed the hook.


I slammed it with a short gun and then sneaked back.

The short shot penetrated the hard scales of Urascus and pierced its heart.

"Hey …!"

I quickly took back the rifle, in order not to let him die again, just in case a shot was stabbed.

In most cases, this level of demons can withstand a level of "fatal injury" that is several orders higher than humans, even if it continues to run away while the heart is running through.

I pulled out the tip of the gun and observed it. I saw Ulasz's huge body disengagement, his knees trembled, and he fell to the ground.

Then its body turned into an ashes and collapsed.

"Call ~~~~~~"

I breathed a sigh of relief, and a voice of nostalgia sounded in my mind.

– My words will go straight, cut his head and end directly!

I can not help but smile. This is my father, Brad's evaluation of the strength of Ulask at some point in the past.

……Unfortunately, I have not been able to reach that area yet.

I do not know how much exercise I have to go through to catch Brad – but I think the distance between us is not so far away.


Menel also decided to win the game.

After several rounds of confrontation, Ulaskos poses to sacrifice a wrist charge, but the earth elf grabs the ankle from behind.

……Just now, Menel did not sing a spell. He has reached a level of mutual understanding with the goblins, and they are connected to each other. This is a master's stunt.

He took advantage of the Urasks' arms and forced the short sword into his body, only to see a certain spell bursting along the short sword.

Ulass snorted and slammed the white smoke. ……Zou Jing wins!

"Hey …I took it by the way. ”

Menel's eyes quickly grabbed a straight sword from Urasks's ashes.

The steel that makes up the straight sword is bright, and it is quite a good product.

"The altar of the Lord of the Forest …It's just deep in this. ”

"The demon of" Captain Level "is the guard, that is to say."


Some kind of rather evil existence is on the opposite side.

We looked at each other and felt nervous again – then crossed the stone arch and stepped into the depths of the throne of King of the Skull.

There was a rancid smell floating in the throne and turned into a poisonous marsh.

Menel quickly sang the two-person Water Walk, during which time I also performed Anti Poison to increase tolerance to poison gas.

Looking around, I saw the withered trees, the broken branches, and the discolored leaves covering the ground like a veil.

A huge old tree can be seen from afar.

The trunk is so thick it is very stupid to estimate the diameter with a few people.

I am afraid that if I watch it in the vicinity, I will only think that it is a rock wall.


"Yes. That is the division of the forest with the winter, "King of the King". ”

Like the undulating sea surface, the thick tree roots of the bridge are opened around the old trees …These roots were also dyed dark in the middle of the poisonous marsh that was covered with the ground.

In the black roots of the tree roots, there is a stone altar that is surrounded by huge roots.

“……It is that. ”

Close to the altar, a burst of "Spirit of Creation" came into our ears.


As long as you hear it, you can understand.

That is a curse. That is awkward.

Abomination, resentment, anger, contempt, and ridicule, the sound is like the boiling sound of "啪叽 啪叽" after adding these many negative feelings to the pot.

– "TabooWord".

That is the kind of "speech" that is so called.

It was sealed by the kind magician in the depths of the book collection, stubbornly rejecting the words of others, letting the wind settle, let the water decay, let the soil dry up, and let the curse of the fire fall.

The language that should not be spoken is now floating here.

We stayed close to each other as we watched the surroundings. By the spell of "Water Walk", our feet floated on the water surface of the poisonous marsh.


Standing on the altar, there is a demon. When both hands open and sing, the gesture of "Spiritual Spirit" is very similar to that of human beings.

Its body is covered by wild animal fur and its muscles are raised.

The cold face was as sharp as a chisel from the rock wall.

……There is a huge horn on the strange head that reminiscent of the elk.

It looked to this side and slowly stopped singing.

“……The guard, what happened? ”

It speaks a smooth Western common language.

"What do you think of them?"

Seeing the long sword in the hands of Menel, who asked such a question, the horned demon "hmm" understood it and seemed to nod.

My tension is getting worse.

"It turns out that, according to my speculation, that is the" Paladin at the end of the world ", William Qing, and then the other is" Swift Wings "of the Menor Daoer.

Wisdom, and intelligence gathering capabilities.

It is completely different from the demons of "The Warrior Level" and "Captain Level".

"General's Grade" – Horned Devil (Cernunnos * Note).

(Annotation:Cernunnos, Chinese translation for Cornunos, one of the ancient Roman Celtic myths, the name is "angular", is generally considered to be in charge of hunting, fertility, animals, plants, wilderness, etc, and has dominance The power of the underworld. The image is "Deer's first person" or "Sturdy male with a stag antler". A hand-held ring, a hand-held snake, frequently with snakes, deer, wolves, bears and other beasts. )

When I heard my words, the beast showed a smile.

"Since two of the famous warriors are coming, it is very simple."

At that moment, there was some kind of breath around.

Both Menel and I both perceive the breath – it is an ambush.

The strange devils, which are mixed with stag and ox, and snakes and lizards, appear in the shadow of the huge roots around them.

"You will die here."

Listening to the command of the beast, the demons attacked us –

"Menell, is this distance enough?"

That's enoughI will ask you later. ”

Menel slowly touched the roots of the blackened King of Skulls.

"Wang," King of the Kings ", one of the twins who ruled the forest between the summer solstice and the winter solstice."

The leaf-like text of the oak leaves emerged from his white hand.

Menel touched the roots with both hands and closed his eyes, like a priest who offered prayers to the gods.

Cornunos seemed to notice something and gave instructions to the demons, but it was too late.

"Here, your brother," King of the Oaks ", is deposited -"

Unbelievable power flows from it into the roots.

The black roots, the roots of the tree that lost strength, and the old trunks began to sound like heartbeats.

"- Wang is the power of the king."

The ground began to vibrate, and the roots of the old trees slowly squirmed, tying the demons who were rampant and dragging them into the poisonous marsh.

For a period of time, the voices of the devils and the sound of falling water floated in the air, and then they went to silence.

"I really dare to do it. It has clearly suppressed the "King of the King" … "

Cornunus looked down on the altar from this scene.

It instantly revealed an angry, shaken look, but it has already suppressed these feelings and recovered quickly.

"But as long as you do not knock me down, the result is the same."

Cornunos sang "Spirit" and he pulled the long-handed axe (Halberd) to his side and set the posture.

"We will knock you down. For this forest. ”

I took a breath and set up a short gun while talking.

"- In the light of the goddess of the goddess Lu Lafei Feilu!

I rushed out.

"Drink! Ah !! "

The long-handed battle axe broke the corner of the altar and countless gravels flew to me.

I immediately used the shield to open the gravel and protect the Menel behind. Now Menel is transferring the King of the Forest, where he is the king of the oak, to the King of the Skull.

But it is not completely unprepared, it will of course reveal a lot of gaps.

"The lights are burning, dispelling the darkness!"

I offered prayers to build an enchantment that radiated light around Menel.

Cornunos is a strong enemy. If he suddenly attacks Menel in the battle, I will probably not be able to support it.

In the time when I made a defensive action for this, Cornunus sang the selected "Spirit".

"Fire from Smoke" – "

However, this is the wrong choice.

"" Silent "," mouth "!

I seized the opportunity to release the spirit that made Cornunus close his mouth.

The next moment, along with the roaring sounds, the poisonous smoke and the fierce fire exploded in the vicinity of Cornunos with the momentum that was mistaken for the explosion.

– That is the violent walk of "Spirit of Spirits", which is triggered by the opportunity I seized.

"The best time to kill a powerful magician is when the magician sings great magic."

This is a teaching from Gass. If you can not be sure that you can sing the voice, you should not have a long chanting.

……However, it seems that this move is also within the expected range of the opponent.

Among the poisonous smoke spread out from the left and right, I ran out to the right and stabbed a short shot at the smoke.

A sharp metal sounded up. The long-handed tomahawk and the short gun that slammed hard entangled and smashed each other.

"Hmm …In the focus of prayer, I immediately saw through the nature of "Spirit" to interrupt it. ”

A gust of wind blew and dispels the poisonous smoke.

I frowned, and the appearance of Cornunos looked abnormal.

"Wonderful and wonderful."

– I am afraid that it is completely resistant to poison and flame, or to phenomena caused by magic. It is because even if it is bleed, there is no problem at all, so it will not hesitate to sing.

It would be nice if you could finish the humming, even if you did not sing it, it would produce a smoke screen, and there would be no loss of choice. Then it uses the smoke screen to get close to me.

Because of his very extremely strong patience and knowing that I am using prayer and magic, he has the margin of analysis.

……Very bad to deal with it should be evalu evaluated.

However, it is not easy to deal with, there are ways to deal with it.


I inject strength into my arm.

Hmmm …

In the face of the action I want to suppress the long-handed axe, Cornunus also fought against it.

Since it has be solved in the magical patience, it will be solved in the white blade.

Even the "King of the Kings" who used to fight with Brad in the past, the attack of the blade is effective.

I do not think there is a demon who has more patience than "King of the King". As long as you have entities, cut, stab, and knock, there will always be some kind of physical attack that can work.


The intertwined weapons bounced off, and both took a step back, then ran on the broad roots of the road and waved weapons. The positions of each other are changing rapidly, alternating with each other, occasionally with a three-dimensional staggered – and then with a particularly loud crash, we start the frontal force again.

We all want to suppress each other's weapons. The short guns and the long-handed axe collide and intertwined, squeaking again and again.

On the thick arm of Cornunus, blood vessels rise and muscles bulge.

And I was sinking, gritted my teeth, and squeezed out the power –


Slowly, the short gun suppressed the long-handed axe.

"Hey …You guy, is it human? ”

Cornunos has changed his face.

However, even so, it does not matter what humans mean, too much.

This is how it is only the result of exercise.

I slowly breathed out a sigh of relief and pressed hard again.

"Drink …"

"Oh, oh !!"

Cornunos suddenly changed the direction of power, or moved forward and backward, and made a variety of small moves to blind me; in the face of his actions, I just constantly injected power into the pressure.

……It should not have much experience that is positively suppressed by people.

It is impossible for me to be killed by the small flowers that Cornunos, which apparently reveals a shaken and unaccustomed look, can easily be seen through.

I use the strength of exercise, suppress, suppress, and crush it.

– This is the time to use the skills!


I flipped the rifle in one go.

The tip of the pistol hit the huge angle of the beast.


I did not use the power to break the corner, but lifted the front end of the elk-like long, big horn.


The humanoid has a huge horn on its head. If you force the front end of the horn, what will the neck look like?

"Hey …"

The answer is that it will be very distorted.

This is the result of the laws of physics and can not be shaken.

After I hooked the gun on the corner and pulled back, Cornunus completely lost his balance. The horn was dragged and the neck was twisted and twisted, and it was impossible to maintain the balance.

Just like standing on one foot, you will find it difficult to look up and the angle of the neck is closely related to the balance of people.

You do not need an experiment to know that you can not balance when your neck is twisted and twisted.

……After making a drag and pull, I knocked down the rifle.

This weapon is not used used for spurs.

The length of the gun is also more than 2 meters. I injected the force into the stick that can withstand the collision, and slammed it down. With the centrifugal force, the gun became a blunt instrument.

Hit it.

With the sound of the horn and the skull shattered, the gun returned to the corresponding feel.

“…………Oh, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! ”

In this case, the beast that continues to be fiercely resistant, is it the devil of the "General" – and its resistance has not lasted for too long.

Mener also completed his homework as I confirmed that beast was demonized to ashes and recovered the long-handed tomahawk left behind.


I did not notice it because of nervousness and hurriedness. Now I realized that Menel's face is also full of fatigue. A silver hair is full of smudges. I do not know if it is my psychological effect. It seems that his face is also thinner.

But this is of course, of course, Menel is the hardest in this incident.

On the day of the summer solstice, Snowdrop bloomed out of time – that was the beginning of the event.

A few days later, the fruit matured and rotted, the corruption fell, the trees frantically grew or withered and dying – eventually developed into the wild animals, the goblins also began to go crazy.

Menel noticed the anomaly early, and said with a very bitter expression, "The forest is mad."

– Under the command of His Excellency Esser, we came to the "White Sails Capital" to solve this state of affairs, and we accepted the commission.

Then we went to the throne of King of the Oaks.

According to Menel 's words, the winter solstice with the forest to the summer solstice is the "King of the Oak".

On the day of the summer solstice to the winter solstice, it is ruled by the King of the Skull.

The sun takes its light back, and on the winter solstice that winter is coming to spring, King of the Skull will transfer the royal power to King of the Oak.

Then the sun rises eastward and westward. King of the Oaks will once again transfer the royal power to the King of the Skull.

The nature of this forest is constantly circulating through the two ancient trees, known as the "brothers of the twins."

We went to the "King of the Oaks" for this reason.

Because the natural borders are maddening on the day of the summer solstice, it should be that "King of the Oaks" has not transferred the royal power for some reasons, or it is in an untransferrable state.

We are so speculative.

……That is simply not the case.

In another throne in the depths of the forest, "King of the King" is in a state of being unable to accept the kingship, and the incarnation of the "King of the King" appeared.

For this reason, even if the correct time has been exceeded, Wang Quan still stays in the hands of King of the Oak, so many abnormalities will occur in the forest.

If the powerful kingship is not in the right place at the right time, then it will only spread the disaster. It does not take too long, the forest will have fatal problems, and the damage it takes will take a long time to recover. The king of oak said so.

I asked if there was a way to transfer the royal power, "King of the Oaks" replied.

For him, it is like "King of the King", as for the "King of the King" is like him. If you do not show the power of the king, the kingship of the forest can not be transferred.

He used a voice that was like giving up everything and accepting the destructive ending.

“……Then, just register me here. ”

Menel said in a firm tone.

"The great King of Oaks, your royal power is kept by me."

Can not do it, the incarnation of the King of Oaks.

Regardless of the Holy Spirit (* Note) of the last era created by the Elven God, Sylvia, the time when the human blood is mixed can bear the heavy forest kingship, at most only one month.

(ELF) in the ancestor of ELF, in order to facilitate the distinction (ELF) in the same second term, but here again in the explanation in the second volume, but here again the explain, in this article, the fairy, elf , the elf is translated into the Holy Spirit.)

"As long as you can end a month, then there is no problem. The rest of the things I and this guy will solve. ”

"King of the Oak" was silent for a while, then asked.

"But if the" King of the King "has passed away, the soul will be shattered after one month."

"It will become like that."

“……Why, to do this. ”

"Because I have vowed to pay back my sins and then live straight ahead."

Menel did not have any shame in front of the king of Mori.

"By the friend who saved the soul of my benefactor, I swore to the great god. No other reason is needed. ”

"King of the Oak" is silent again.

After a long silence – he recognized that Menel had the power to challenge himself and announced the topic of trials.

"The next trial is Mori's secret instrument. The powerful warrior, magician, and the deacon of the god of lights over there, did not qualify for participation. ”

"I understand."

I met Menel and met and nodded.

After that, I turned to face the "King of the Oak" and said.

"I will wait here, no matter how long."

"It will not let you wait for so many days."

"The King of the Oak" to the depths of the throne.

I do not know what happened in the depths of the throne after that. What kind of tempering Mener has experienced and what he has surpassed.

But the next day, in front of me waiting for me, he came back.

His face was awkward, but he smiled proudly at the same time.

After that we immediately went to the throne of King of the Skull.

Numerous trees and shrubs did not obscure the path of Menel, who was in the forest, and we advanced the journey at an alarming rate.

Then I found the demons in the throne of King of the Skull and broke them – now and now.


I always feel that the events caused by the demons have increased a lot.

Some of the incidents were solved by ourselves, and some incidents were reported to us by others adventurers, as well as other types of events …But they can actually ruin the throne of the king of Mori, which is not an understatement.

There is something big happening – my heart is full of anxiety, just like seeing what is missing, there is a kind of uneasy uneasy.

When I think so.

"- Er, the son of man."

I heard a certain voice.

Looking towards the source of the sound, I saw a new figure on the altar.

– No, can that be a human?

At least people do not have skin like bark, and their hair and beards are not leaves and vines.

However, both Meren and I have seen that gesture.

Because the incarnation of "King of the Oak" has a similar appearance.

"I am" The King of the Skull. ""

The incarnation of the King of the Skull is so declared in a soft tone.

"The two courage to show off the arrogant invaders and the courage to come to the throne in order to transfer the stagnant kingship, I sincerely appreciate and thank you."

However, "King of the King" said so.

"First of all, we must correct the frenzy of the forest …. hold on a bit

With that said, Wang's incarnation opened his hands.

His mouth weaves and sings a singer that I can not understand. I am afraid that it is a kind of secret device of Sen – maybe it is the "Spiritual Spirit" unknown to human beings.

Soon after the king began to sing, the earth slowly began to sing.

Centered on the ancient tree of the throne and the King of the Skull, the vibration continued-the moment when the vibration gradually subsided, the change began to appear.

Everywhere in the vicinity of the poisonous marsh, fresh water began to emerge.

Though Menel can do similar things when he is in the kingship, the scale is different. With a tsunami-like momentum, the poisonous marsh was diluted and rushed away.

The buds grow out when they are withered and dying around the sin of the curse, or on the trees that stand upright or fall down. The sprout grows rapidly, grows into a sapling, grows into a young tree, grows into a big tree, and blooms summer flowers one by one.

After the refreshing scent expelled and washed away the rancid smell, the trees and the center began to grow, and the flowers and mushrooms began to grow. The land invaded by the poisons took back the essence of the forest.

The branches and leaves swayed, the breeze danced, and the sun shone from the cracks of the trees and shone.

"Wow ……"

It's like watching a reversal of a movie – the one that is in front of the eyes is the trembling of the soul, the reappearance of everything.

Even Menel looked at the scene with his eyes fixed.

"King of Mori, is it ….It is as good as the hands and feet to use the messy power as you wish. ”

When Menel is in the kingdom, he will be in pain at night.

Even if it is not used, just the kingship is boarding, and Menel suffers from the violent pain that even the prayers can not be cured.

The existence of King Mori, the structure is different from human beings, and Menel shrugged slightly.


"The son of man and elf, one day I can do this kind of thing."

This is the end of the singer "The King of the Skull".


"Although only one month, the king of the forest is boarding in the body of the skeleton. The blood of power and the people and elves that flow in the body have been tilted toward the elf, and gradually approached the container of King of Mori. ”

……Eh? I am stiff because of surprise.

No worries It does not change immediately. ”

No, even if you want me, do not worry …

Menel is also stiff.

"That, what will it become?

"As long as you do not slack off your exercise, when you are far more than a hundred years old, the sun and the moon cycle …In the end, you will be the new "King of Mori". ”

Having said that, Menel finally started again.

He groaned "ah, ah" and held his forehead with his hand as if searching for memory.

In fact ……The elf grandfather I once heard from my hometown said that the elf recognized by the King of Mori will exchange a contract with the king and enter the forest at the end of his life to end his life. His body will be turned into a beast or turned into a Giant rock, or turned into a tree – "

After that, his soul will become the king of the forest.

"Yes, I exchanged a contract with my brother" King of the Oaks. "

“……But I do not have the intention to come. ”

"Even if there is no plan, the forest kingship will represent this meaning, young seedlings."

"Resume right?"

"Not at all, if you expect, you can die as a child."


"You do not need to make a decision right now, so let's think about it."

Menel nodded when he heard the words of "King of the King".

His emerald pupil looked straight at the king of Mori, revealing a serious look.

"Next, the son of man, the apostle of the lights …There is one thing that must be conveyed to you. ”

The gaze of "The King of the Skull" turned to me.

"Do you know the mountains in the west that are surrounded by many reddish-brown stones?"

means:Rust mountain range? ”

The color of the mountain range is due to the huge hematite deposit there.


The king's incarnation nodded.

"The future is not far away for the son of thy.

From his mouth –

"In the rust mountains, there will be a black fire." The fire will burn, spread, and perhaps burn out everything in this land. ”

Poured out ominous words.

"That is, referring …"

"The beast is also from the mountains with rust. In the land, the giant evil spirits and the king of the suffocating king are sleeping with the gold of the mountain people.

Whether you want to resist, you want to resist, or accept, do it well – that day will come soon. ”

The words of the prophecy that were spoken in the mouth of the King of the Skull were loudly heard in the throne of Mori.

“……Can not you do anything? ”

"If the outcome is ruin, that is also a fixed number."

Menel asked this, but the king of Mori returned with a cold answer.

"King of the Oak" is also a feeling like this, my temperament is basically passive.

"For us, the fire of destruction is closely linked to regeneration. Whether it is human beings leaving this continent, the devil, or the king of evil spirits how to roar – the forest will survive. ”

The new wood growing around the tree with the withered trees swayed in the wind.

In other words, it is such a thing.

"So, the son of man, the young seedling, this is the advice to you, and the human condition that is returned to you."

– Returning our human feelings to correct the abnormality of the kingship and the fight against the return.

And then

"- Wu and I have agreed that this autumn will be fruitful."

After this announcement, the incarnation of the King of the Skull disappeared.

"It is said" King of Mori "."

On the way back, we chat while walking.

While walking in the forest, Menel always used the power of the goblins to open the forest to the road – but now, how to say it, the road is much smoother than before.

Once and for all, Menel took me into a wayly one – along the way, I could see the golden glow of the goblins in the shadow of the trees, or the hustle and bustle of the gap between the boulder.

This way

"No, it does not matter?"

No problemI know It is said that we well known. ”

Menel seems to be taking a shortcut, and once again and again, when the ordinary people mistakenly enter, the road will not be easy. It is the junction between the illusion of inhumanity and the world we live in. A place called the mysterious, fairy path of the forest.

The surrounding is shining, and the breeze itself is the refreshing air that emits light.

The day and night are changing alternately, and the leaves that are shaking like alive are bright and deep because of early summer season.

At the same time, the darkness of the coming is darker than any night in the world. In the darkness, the goblin who shined with the light flashed with a little bit of laughter and danced and flew into the distance.

To say that this is a fantastic scenery, it is indeed a very dreamy, but –

"Under this, if I and Menel are gone, there will be no no good end."

I can hear the laughter of the beautiful and ominous goblins.

It's not all welcome laughter, it also includes the laughter of the cruel fairy tale of the intimidation, insult, or ridicule of human beings who are foreign bodies. It's terrible.


– The strong magic of the abnormality condenses together.

The skin has a feeling of "squeaky", just like when using the powerful "Spirit".

I could not help but swallow.

"It does not matter, I will not see you." Even if I lose it, I will find you pulling you back. ”

"Pull back …"

"That's it, it is not my intention."

It seems that Wang Quan, who once stayed in Menel's body for a while, still has an influence on him.

He was originally a good goblin, and now it has risen several levels – it should be said that it has been smashed up several levels.

"Though I am planning to exercise myself …"

Menel said in a complicated mood.

"But it's worth it. Whether it is given by someone else or how it comes, strength is power. As long as you are proficient in using it like a hand and foot, it is the same thing. ”

In this regard, Menel has made a decision without hesitation in his own style, very quickly.

His idea should be – whether it is the power given by others, or the power of his own, power is power. The question is whether you can use it if you want it use it.

"From now on I will try to force one of one – the question should be how to to the" King of Mori ". Will, what do you think? ”

"I think it is very powerful, but the level of the topic is too high, I do not understand it very well."

That too

Menel walked with me, and his side looks like nothing changed.

As usual, he looks at the abnormal situation of the surrounding warnings and advances at a certain pace.

"According to the" King of the King ", after far more than a hundred years …Said to be the end of my life, so it should be two hundred years, three hundred years, or more …In such a world. ”

I really can not imagine it.

"I was no longer there at the time."


Menel nodded –

"I am guarding your tombstone while watching the future of your children and grandchildren – well, these things will come to to end."

“……You still have this plan. ”

"There is such a plan. Because I owe you a lot, how can you still have unclear feelings. ”

After hearing such a simple declaration, what should I answer?

I understand that what Menel said is serious, but because of the confusion and how to respond, I can only nod with a wonderful expression.

"But, um. After those things have come to an end, it is also a good way to live with the mountains and forests. ”

I listened to his words in silence.

"Half-elves, one day you have to make a choice.

It is the lifestyle of the elves who live in the forest, live with water and earth for a long time, and are close to the Holy Spirit.

Or choose to burn like a fierce flame, like a breeze, the human way of life. ”

This choice is precisely the fate of the birth of the two blood, Mener said.

"Disappear in the forest, become the kind of old tree, watch the future of your achievement, then slowly, wither, dying, returning to reincarnation – not bad."

He laughed.

"'There is life before you die,' this is what you said before before sermon ….It was a very strange, very stiff sermon. ”

"Ah, too much, even then I have worked very hard! …However, um, it is true. ”

"My life is very long, so I was planning to wait until the end of my life to think about that kind of thing. But there is not much real feeling, but finally some understand what you mean. ”

The so-called living, no matter what, will ultimately be attributed to death.

For this reason, considering "how do you want to die", you will inevitably be linked to "how do you want to live".

“……I want to see the future of your achievements. ”

Just choose the appropriate living method for this.

Menel said this and smiled awkwardly at me.

His smile stayed in my heart.

“……I may not be able to do such a big thing. ”

"Do not say stupid things."

Menel shrugged with a smile.

"You, what have you done so far with me?" The empty hand killed the dragon and knocked down Chimera. After that, he continued to create several adventure legends, letting the barrows (Troubadour) boil, and now defeating the generals of the generals …So far it has been a full legend.

……Then, anyway, you will continue to create the legend with the sullen face. ”

Menel slammed my back.

"I will fight side by side with you – if I can live to the end, I will disappear in the depths of the forest at the end. Of course, I will speak such words and play handsomely. ”

“……Will become a legend. ”

"It's not bad to each other, right?"


I can not help but think that it would be very happy if I did not.

Of course, it is also common to sacrifice in battle. In that case, you do not know who will die first.

If I survive, I will definitely die before Menel.

But this is no way to do things – but I can not help but feel a little lonely, I feel sorry for Menel.

However, being able to portray the future with such a smile is definitely "not bad".

"Will …What kind of death do you want? ”

"That kind of thing, I have not decided like Menel yet."

Menel seemed to have widened his eyes very unexpectedly.

“……I still think considered a lot. ”

"About this …"

I sighed deeply.

"Though I have considered it, the reality has changed too fast."

Nowhere to vent, shouted.

"After leaving my hometown! After returning to God, it became a knight! When I came back to God, even the lords got up! Bi's songs seem to have spread to the Northland …According to this situation, I can not predict what it will be like after ten years! ”

After I said this, Menel laughed haha.

"Human life is short and intense, and you are better in it. This is the fate of a hero. ”

"But the hero is good or else, can you let me seriously plan my life!"

"The hero who plans to live, feels different from yours, makes me want to laugh."

"It's too much!"

We talked about the sky like this, talking and laughing – suddenly, Mener stopped.

It's like confirming what's going on, and keeping an eye on the dark voids between the trees, and then.

"It's here."

Suddenly, the half-elves of the silver hair extended their hands to the gap between the trees.

Then the trees retreat like a concession – like a breeze blowing in a space that is blurry and shaking.

Under the guidance of Menel, we took a space to shake.

In a blink of an eye, it was like the incredible feeling of crossing the water – and then the field of vision opened up.


There are no trees around and it is not dim at all.

Looking up, the summer sun hanging over our head casts a dazzling light.

There are a lot of rain clouds floating in the faraway place, it is the windy summer sky.

Looking down, the road squats smoothly and extending to the horizon of the distance; the fields are arranged side by side on the left and right sides of the road, drawing a beautiful natural color patchwork.

A gust of wind blew, and the rich ears of wheat swayed.

"Oh, here, yes-"

It will not.

"The BeastWoods have already been released." Here is Wheat Road. ”

"A day?"

As I talked around and looked around, it was really familiar, it was "Wheat Street."

However, the throne should be at the deepest part of the forest.

Even a straight line does not know whether there are tens of kilometers or hundreds of kilometers of danger, just one day?

"The path of the fairy" is such a road. However, it is limited to places I know, and it is not possible to go anywhere. ”

"If you can go anywhere, it is already a weapon ….The mystery of the forest is terrible. ”

You can not fight with the elves in the forest.

I recalled Brad's teachings.

After that, I took a step forward – suddenly, I thought about it.

"I first met Menel, and then after leaving the forest with Mr. Bi and Tonio, it was also here. "


The breeze blew.

Among the wheat fields, the wheat rustles.

"It's been two years since we met …"

I left the city of the dead to start traveling and married my partner.

Destroyed the dragon; became a paladin; hit the devil, Chimera; after that, also worked hard – this is a short period of time, long time, forget the time.

I am already seventeen years old.

(Annotation:The last sentence "I am already seventeen years old" refers to the virtual age. If the literal translation is "I am seventeen years old," the mood is very poor, so in order to meet the end of the prologue, I have saved the virtual age, hereby Remarks.

The third volume of the king of the rust mountain, the first chapter

The purple vine flower hangs down on the gazebo and sways in the wind.

This is the lord of the South Mark, the lord of the center of White Sails. The white walls of the mansion are brightly colored. On the flower stand of the window of the mansion, the summer flowers are blooming with bright flowers.

"- It's really hard for you this time."

It is still still the morning when the sun is still quite soft.

In the gazebo in the atrium of the lord's mansion, His Royal Highness of Sosmark, the lord of the White Sails, said solemnly.

"No, it should be 'this time too'?"

He suddenly relaxed his look and smiled half-jokingly.

Just when I am not good at adapting, I hesitate to answer.

"Yeah, we will will call us when we have something."

Menel responded with a frivolous tone.

"Because the Lord of the Paladin is also my courtier."

"I am not your courtier, but I have been involved in it and I am arrogant?

"As long as William Qing is acting, it is worthwhile to bring a hero like you."

"I am not a giveaway for a roadside stall!"

"Even if you, you are also a friend of the Paladin."

The two responded one after the other.

"Just like a friend fighting for a friend, the knight will fight for the people and the monarch – right?

"Serving, devotion, and loyalty, almost on the surface, a beautiful proposition, what about it?" If you are burdened with too much, people's dissatisfaction will accumulate. Once you start to doubt the other party is resentful from the bottom of your heart, it is difficult to ask at the crucial moment. Is this the world of humanity? ”

If there is no such a hero, a bad situation, or a quarrel, what will it be like? Menel said that he showed me with exaggerated movements.

There is no direct master-slave relationship between Mener and Esser, and they are courageous and will not worry about speaking. If you start to negotiate, you will not be polite even if you face the royal family.

I can not remember what they used to start the conversation …The dialogue between them increased when they came back. In the past two years, His Excellency Esser and Menel have talked about a lot of topics.

"Oh, it really is." If the Lord of the Paladin escaped, it would be scary. I will come up with with the corresponding rewards, but I can not let this layer of fate break. ”

"Yeah yeah, this kind of mind is very important. In that case, this kid will be loyal to you. ”

His Highness Essell seemed to laugh in a good mood and seemed to enjoy chatting with Menel.

……For the time being, I do not mention this. What makes people feel scared is that they just seemed to talk and laugh, while repeatedly asking for remuneration and bargaining under the surface of the water.

Looking back, the flow of the topic seems to have turned to the rewards.

"I will give you money and the corresponding supplies afterwards. Closer to home, William Qing. ”

"Yes, yes, what is it?"

"I sincerely want to discuss with you …Can this Mr. Menel give it to me? ”


His Excellency Esser showed a serious expression, saying it in a serious way.

"The high-spirited goblin makes the hunter with excellent wrists, and the half-elves that are not aging, there will be no scruples in the conversation …I want it, I really want it! ”

"His Royal Highness, Menel is not an item, even if you say you wanted me, after all, he is not my thing."

In the face of His Excellency Esser, who spoke very much, I smiled and answered this.

"If Menel wants to serve His Highness, that is another thing -"

"I will not serve anyone! How could it be like being sent and sent like a cat or a dog! ”

However, in the face of the invitation of His Excellency Essell, who was reduced to a courtier, but also a king, Amneel refused mercilessly. He closed his emerald eyes and waved his hands to argue that there was no room for negotiation.

“……Oh, oh, it's a pity, no matter how many talents I want, I want it. ”

Seeing the reaction of Menel, His Excellency sighed.

His Excellency Esser is the "Grass Land" in the north, the younger brother of "The Kingdom of Fatel", and the Sosmark of the "Southern Frontier". He must have worked hard for many things. I often feel that there are not enough talents and lack of materials.

"As long as there is another ship, just have another person you can trust …You have also encountered it, such a thing. ”

"Yes, recently …I am very empathetic. ”

I was elected as the lord of the "Beast of the Beast" and is now advancing in all aspects.

Therefore, I feel the hard work of such a thing.

"Right, how is the situation in Hegang?"

"With the help of everyone, it was fortunate that it was was built, but there still still few problems -"

"Well, let's talk about it. I can give more advice to me. ”

"Is it stingy, is there only advice?"

"Of course, support for materials is also possible, if it is as a reward just mention."


Just when His Excellency Esser and Meinel negotiated, they smiled at each other.

At the entrance to the atrium came the footsteps of stepping on the gravel.

Mmm … num …

While wiping the sweat, he came over to the Bart Bagley Temple, the great shrine in charge of this "White Sails Capital."

His plump body was wearing a goddess suit with gold silk and silver, and his movements were flustered. Because of the heavy pressure of his usual duties, his character became irritable and his expression was quite severe.

He is still as usual, what to say, to use euphemistic words to express, is a person who will not make a good impression – but even so, I still respect him.

Before he arrived at the pavilion, he bowed down to the Temple of Ethel and then turned him attention to me and Menel.

That is the invisible observation of our sight.

“……Hey, is that a peaceful victory? Hey, I still thinking that you are flattened as a hero, an unparalleled brave or something, almost at the same time because of pride and complacency and defeated once. ”

In the face of the shrine of the temple, I did a trick.

It is because he is the one who will say such things, so I will be since since and always respect him.

After I smiled, the Bagley Temple shouted and looked to one side.

"Oh, Bagley, you are here – then, let's listen to the report on this incident."

His Excellency Essell looked at our interaction and laughed.

Then I put away a relaxed expression and showed a serious look.

"The black catastrophic fire will be ignited in the rust mountains. The fire will burn, spread, and perhaps burn out everything in this land. ”

After reporting the outline of the incident and the culprit has been defeated, and with this prophecy attached, the table of the pavilion is surrounded by silence.

That prophecy must be reported to His Highness Essell.

“……《The King of the Skull does say so. ”

"The King of Mori, is it?"

His Excellency Essell said softly, picking up the temple.

"I still think that that Warcraft and the devil are finally coming to an end, and then it is the unclear 'fire of the disaster', 'the king of evil and the suffocating'. The devil's "The King", which was previously told by Will, was sealed in the city of the deceased. The incident is one by one, no end. Really, this continent is really not boring. ”

His appearance looks quite exhausting.

……After becoming a paladin, I saw the adult several times reluctantly deal with the disasters caused by many large and small Warcraft, demons and other incidents.

In fact, the victims' villages received assistance, which was acquired by His Highness Essell's negotiations with his country. In order to prevent the victims, the knights were patrolled and the adventurers were temporarily hired to attack the culprit.

In order to implement these measures and deal with the corresponding documents and deal with the science to conduct command and condolences to the people, of course, the rule of the city on weekdays can not be stagnant.

I have never seen the leisurely rest of Esser.

It is like being worried about this.

"Hunter, after all, what level of ability does the" King of Mori "have? What is his prophecy worth trusting? ”

The shrine commander asked the lower house to ask.

"Good name, uncle."

"Do you have any qualifications for others?"



The two men screamed at each other.

These two people are still the same, and the phase is very poor.

"That, that, please take good care of both …"

"Hey, want me to get along with this guy who does not know etiquette?" There is also limit to making jokes. ”

"Oh, yes. What I hate the most is the guy who is so self-respecting. ”

The head of the Temple of Bagley took up his arm and looked down on the person.

Menel frowned and held his hands, and the two showed each other aversion to each other.

My best friend and my esteemed person are so troubled by the fact that I can not help but feel overwhelmed, but.

"However, as an object of trading, it's impeccable?

His Excellency Essell smiled at the two people.

“……Well, indeed. I admit that he is really capable. ”

"If it were not, then he would not be sitting on the same table with him."

The two replied reluctantly.

At the next moment, Essell cast a sight on me and closed one eye.

"Oh, that's true. No way, I will answer you …Check this out

Menel took the map from the leather container he carried and spread it on the table.

This beautifully crafted map was acquired from Mr. Tonio, a well-known businessman, and a detailed map of the land in The Great Federal Times.

Because it is a map two hundred years ago, there is a big gap with the present, but there are Menel's notes everywhere on the map.

When everyone looked at the map, his fingers were drawn on the map.

"In the end," King of Mori "is the node of the Earth's magical cycle around the Ley Line -"

His fingers pulled out the line that did not exist.

Then it points to the point where the dotted lines representing the veins intersect.

"It is the master of the throne. Its true body may be the Holy Spirit who is boarding in trees, big rocks, or beasts that have gained wisdom in nesting in the throne for many years, and so on. There are various types … "

Menel pulled the hanging silver hair behind his ear and breathed a sigh of relief.

"In any case, they have lived for more than a hundred years, two hundred years, and are still directly connected to the earth.

They have accumulated a lot of memories and knowledge, and continue to the magic of all the fields connected to the earth into the forest, the mind of the forest. ”

This world is made up of "Spirit".

If it is a good magician, even the swinging sound of the trees and the sunlight leaking between the leaves can feel the slightest "spirit" from the fluctuation of the magic, and then read the information.

……Of course, the information read from it is very limited.

Like me, and even the brethren who grew up with my loved one, "Wandering Sage", it is impossible to know everything by listening to the swaying of trees.

However, this is a we read "Spiritualism" in the context of human thinking, which Gas has said.

If it is more intimate with nature –

"The King of Mori" are used as prophecies based on the corresponding basis. No, it is better to predict. "


After Menel's firm tone was said the, the head of the Temple of Bagley said quietly.

“……It seems to be a matter of priority, His Royal Highness. ”

"Well. – "Rust Mountain", the ruined dwarf capital, the devil's lair … "

Under the shadow of the pavilion, everyone made a heavy expression.

It is no wonder that there have been turbulences in recent times, including incidents that do not need to be mention. On this, there is also a "fire of disaster" that has spread from the devil's lair.

No matter who is willing to be depressed.

– So, I laughed.

"This is really good!"

The sight of the three men turned to me.

I tried my best to show a smile on my face.

"- Thing means, you can make a big noise!

Most problems can be solved as long as there is violence in the muscles that have been exercised.

Brad really said a good thing.

"The position of the problem has also been judged. There is no need to worry about the desolate enemy territory That will bring in other people! That is to say, this is the event that brought me the door …! ”

I said with a strong fist, and Essell's Highness was also affected and laughed.

"Haha, this is true ….Can you give it to you, Lord of the Paladin? ”

Of course

Hearing our conversation, the Brigley and the Menel sighed and sighed at the same time, and then realized that the other party slammed away.

"If you have any requirements, I will arrange for the ministry to start doing it-"

"No, there is no need to be so anxious."

His Excellency Essell smiled a bit, and I nodded to this sentence.

But in the order to blow away the dark atmosphere, I deliberately made a morale, but I also have the same opinion.

Everyone present is a very fast-moving person, so everyone should be aware of it.

– Almost about the "fire of the disaster", the "King of the King" is saying that "the day will come soon," but with "together with us to make the fruit.

In other words, if there is no unforeseen event that can not be predicted by King of Mori, at least it can be considered safe until the fall.

"We do not have detailed information about the Rust Mountain Range. Can intelligence collection be handed over to you? ”

"Yes. I will go see the friends of the bard and the dwarves who live in the river port …Regarding the prophecy of "King of Mori", you will know that that secret is only present. ”

Everyone, I know, nodded.

Summer to autumn is the busy season for farmers who make up the majority of the population.

The receipt of summer wheat is not over yet. In the autumn, it is necessary to plant winter wheat, and also use the fruits of the forest to fatten livestock, and others wait for the fruits to be harvested.

The threat of World of Warcraft and the devil has finally decreased. In such a period, dangerous rumors can not be spread and the people's uneasiness is incited.

"It does not matter, there will definitely be a way."

I did my best to show my smile after saying this –

"Well, after I said this, I began to feel the same."

“……Hey, do not be called a hero, the brain is congested, and it's negligent. ”

The elders of Essell laughed, and the head of the Temple of Bagley was worried about us in the usual style.

I looked at Menel and smiled a little.

After that, we agreed on a lot of trivia and then left main hall.

It seems that there is still something to be even between His Highness and the head of the temple. It is really hard for them.

"Then, what should I do? Up Next

"First go to Bi Na to collect the information of" Rust Mountain Range ". At this point in time, she should be in the square. ”


As we walked down the street, Menel nodded and put on her coat and covered her hood.

There are some reasons for him to be scrupulous about other people's eyes.

“……Pledged of

Menel frowned, as if to say as expected.

Our destination, the sound of a three-stringed instrument (Rebec), echoed over the square.

"The fierce World of Warcraft is rampant over the border;

No trace of people crossing the road;

The voice of lament succumbs to the north wind in the distance;

The only thing that rings through the forest is the roar of the beast. ”

Singing …It is quite familiar with Wu Xun's story.

The demons that manipulated Warcraft spread the disaster, making people suffer.

At this time, a young warrior soldier who did not know where he came from and was protected by the god of lights appeared.

The young warrior changed the beautiful half-elf hunter who was guilty of poverty because of poverty, and he saved himself as a friend from the predicament and went to the city together.

But what they encountered in the city was the Wyvern that attacked the city.

The young warrior suppressed the dragon with empty hands and broke his neck. His reputation was far – reaching; he told the lord about the plight of the people, and the lord appreciated his consciousness and awarded him the title of the paladin.

Then he recruited brave adventurers with his own fame.

Finally, the Paladin and his party marched toward the base camp of the demon of Warcraft and the desolate valley.

Because of the despicable trap, they had to retreat.

But he broke through the predicament with the sealed evil sword, but because of the friend was seriously injured, the paladin was swallowed up by the darkness of the sword.

He was misled into the mad warrior, and he woke up because of the iron fist and words of the half-elf of the friend.

They greeted each other with tears.

Then they took back unity and challenged Warcraft again.

"The heroes who are blocking the heroes in the expedition are a huge Warcraft;

The lion's head slashes sharp claws, and the goat's head releases evil magic;

The dragon's head was sprayed with red lotus fire, and the tail of the snake was stupid behind him;

Its fierce snoring is enough to tear the wind, and the earth that it passes through keeps shaking. ”

Leading the World of Warcraft is the big Warcraft Chimera with three heads.

The warriors set up the shield wall and waved the sword to bravely challenge the World of Warcraft.

Swordsmanship is sharp and fast, and the degree of swiftness is far superior to others. The swordsman who has the title of "through" is also among them.

"The Paladin at the End of the World" William,

"Swift Wings" Menel Road

Going forward together. ”

Then, from here on, the singer's words began to inject heat.

"Ah, the great god lost in history! Silent soul guide!

The god of light, the ancient god of light, is the master of the life!

At this moment, in the darkness of the border, she once again guides the hero and re-emerges her light in the world! ”

The battle with Chimera is really very strong.

It seems that that William Qing used his strength to confront Chimera, and then he took the Chimera empty.

Ah, the beaten Chimera flew up and hit the rock, causing the rocks to break apart.

It's amazing, I can not help but admire, what a hero.


However, Menel, who is by my side, has made a bitter face.

There are many beautiful descriptions of half-elf hunters in the story.

Whenever he starts to be active, the audience, especially women, "Yes!"Yeah.The ground screamed.

"Ah ha ha ……"

How much is the brown hair and the younger blue, my words are not so conspicuous …However, Menel is a half-elf, silver-haired and emerald-colored pupil, which is quite obvious.

For such a reason, Menel is quite eye-catching, so I feel a little uncomfortable.



I heard the Wu Xun story that was sent from the opposite side of the crowd and infused with the heat to defeat Chimera.

I heard the song full of pride and heat.

Menel suddenly, relaxed his expression.

“……Really "

He showed up, there was no way, the expression, smiled.

At the same time, the crowd sent out "Wow!"Great cheers.

– William Qing used his love gun to run through the head of Chimera's lion.

After the end of Wu Xun's story, people threw up the rewards.

We estimated the time when the audience dissipated, waved at the bard who was packing, and shouted at her own voice.


It was just the volume, and the pointed ear moved a bit, it seemed to be hearing my voice.


She slammed back to the side and showed a bright smile to us.

"You are here!"

She flew over.


I caught her and turned a few laps on the stone road. She gave a happy smile.

Very characteristic red hair, cute smile, like a child-like physique, the half-Halfing bard.

Our friend, Robina Goodfero, is also very happy today.

"It's still the same, very popular."

"Yeah, thanks to this, this is already a fixed repertoire!"

"Today is also a big profit, hehe!"

"Really, I have earned so much by the sweat of others."

Menel smiled and said said.

"There is no way, just at noon, just give it a little more!"

Bi smiled and looked up at us with her hands on her hips.

"What are you going to eat?"


"That kind of choice will make your fans sigh."

"Noisy you."

"More like that, how? The elf's elegant feeling, you think. ”

"That, the meat with vegetables."


I could not help but laugh.

The elves in the story are elegant races that live in the depths of the forest and live in harmony with nature. They do not seem to give the impression of eating meat.

In fact, since you live in the depths of the forest and live in harmony with the forest, you will also eat meat as a predator. I remember that I learned from Gass before. The name of the elf's shooter is famous because they are excellent hunters.

In fact, Menel is quite a meat pie.

"What is good for Will?"

"I want meat too. It is rare to come to the White Sails Capital once. ”

"Sure enough, the soldiers are meaty."

– The topic may be a bit far away. In the countryside, there is very little chance of eating the meat of livestock.

The chances of eating are generally to slaughter livestock that can not be raised in the winter in the fall, and when the animals die.

After all, cattle and horses are valuable laborers, and it takes a long time to slaughter a domestic animal and disintegrate it. In addition, if it is sold in the city, it can be exchanged for money.

For these reasons, the daily food in the countryside consists of bread, wheat porridge plus beans, and occasionally the meat of birds caught by hunters.

Every day, live livestock are brought from the countryside to the city, then slaughtered and disintegrated, and the meat appears in the store of the butcher's shop.

The urban population is very large, so "to eat meat today" is a fixed demand, so there will be special operators and shops established.

Then, if there is a special butcher shop, the number of restaurants that can make meat dishes by these stores has also increased.

Therefore, the city can eat meat dishes stably.

There is no reason not to eat.

"It's really lacking elegance."

"Do you want to eat this, then what do you want to eat?"

Menel asked this question to Bi, who deliberately spread his hand.

I? Yeah

The red-haired bard puts on a little thought and then –




The three carnivores were attracted by the smell of meat and entered the mass cafeteria in front of the crowd.

"Big ~ Uncle ~, what's the day?"

"Salt mutton!"

After occupying a table that can accommodate four people, Bi shouted at the owner of the brown skin who was cooking in front of a large pot, and got a powerful answer.

"Whoa! Then you have to be three people, full of some! ”

"Good le!"

Then put it on the plate is a piece of meat That has been stewed for a long time and is steaming.

The side dish is a boiled vegetable and a bread that is fermented with simmered wheat, which is similar to the feeling of the previous steamed bread.

This "White Sails Capital" faces the inner sea and is a seaport city, so it is quite interesting to see the food culture of various places here.

"Ah, this is the cuisine of" The Land of Dry Wind "(Yalid Currymet)?

"Yes, it is the food of my hometown."

Bi Yi saw the source of the cuisine.

"The Land of Dry Wind" – I have heard this name.

The climate is very cold, just like the dry wind of its name blew across the earth, everywhere is vast grasslands and wilderness, remember the land of nomads.

While there will be exchanges with caravans that travel to distant Eastern countries, there are places on the plateau that are dominated by the demon tribes. It is quite dangerous.

Then what made me especially impressive was that –

"Is there really a half-man and a half-horse race around there?"

After I asked this question, the owner smiled and nodded.

"Well, there are oh. There are a lot of terrible bow and arrow masters there …Ok, eat more. ”

He said back to the kitchen.

Menel, with a hood, looked at the lamb again and again.

"It's the meat below the neck to the ribs."

This ___ the part of the meat.

It looks delicious and I look forward to it.

However, I did not immediately start, but took a sigh of relief.

"The goddess Mader, the kind God, I am about to enjoy these foods because of your kindness." Please giv the food prepared here as a blessing and become a food that supporting our body and mind. ”

Put your hands together.

"Thank you for your grace ….I'm gonna start now! ”

Thank You!


As usual, I prayed, and Menel and Bi also cooperated with me.

Then we picked up the knives in front of them and wiped them clean. We began to cut off the cooked boned lamb pieces.


Everyone used a knife to disintegrate the meat at hand and become silent.

It is often said that people will have silent when they eat crabs. It seems that sheep are also like this.

I inserted a knife, cut off the meat around a bone, and bit it down.

Slightly touch the taste of the sheep and the chewy taste.

It's just a bite of savory taste that makes people feel that it's really eating meat!

The steamed bread of wheat is very soft. Though it has a taste, it tastes very light. It is like eating rice. When you eat meat, you can occasionally add a few mouthfuls of bread.


It certainly is.

Right? Ah, it's delicious to eat with bread. ”

"It turns out that there is such a way to eat."

I stuffed the vegetables and the cut meat into the cracked bread.

Great delicious

But at this time, my hand stopped.

"That said, I have something I want to ask about."

I started the topic.

Yeah, what?

"There have been some incidents …I hope to get as much information as possible about the Rust Mountain Range. ”

"About the Rust Mountain Range?"

Bi temporarily removed the line of sight from the salted meat and the knife and looked at me.

"The poet's poem is not free? What is the reward for intelligence? ”

She laughed mischievously.

"Report, remuneration? That

"If we set out to go to the Rust Mountain Range, we will tell you the first thing in the trip. The material of the latest adventure story, can you? ”

Mener decisively said before I wanted to say something.

"OK, the deal is set!"

Becker nodded.

For Bi Shuangkou, I seem to think too much, and the instantaneous strain is not enough.

"I do not know much about it."

The knives and salted meat were temporarily put back on the plates and they were told.

"The Rust Mountain Range" was called "Iron Mountain" two hundred years ago.

There is the genus of the gods of Breez, who is the genius of inflammation and skill, the kingdom of the mountain people, the kingdom of the black iron. ”

At that time, they joined the "Great Confederation", which is a powerful country, Bi said.

"But, in the chaos of two hundred years ago, that country disappeared.

In order to stop the devil's attack, the Dwarf Maharaja of the Rock Museum and many elite warriors were killed in the mountains.

……"Black Iron Mountain" did not know when it began to be called "Rust Mountain". The mountain, which has been infiltrated with countless blood and numerous weapons, has become a mountain of the devil's lair. ”

That is the end of the black iron.

The mountain range is full of bloody smells, as well as weapons that are eroded by blood and decayed the tragic wreckage of the past glory.

"What happened to that battle at that time, I do not know the details. There is really no intelligence at all. ”

"Why is that?"

"The dwarven warriors and people who are fighting against the mountains, as described in the text, are all gone. And then

Breaking a sigh of relief.

"The fate of the dwarves who fled from the country is really too miserable …Will, a year ago, you protected a dwarf refugee. Should you know their situation? ”

I remembered it.

I remembered it – it was mud, it smelled bad, and the beard on the thin cheeks pulled the scum, showing them tired eyes.

"The people who were exiled from their hometown because of the war was aware of what happened at that time.

……They will not tell others about the mountains of their hometown and the last battle.

Because it is the memory of pain, tragedy, and humiliation – and the memory of glory is also the only way to maintain their self – respect and embarrassment. ”

No accompaniment.

But it is just an ordinary statement, Bi's discourse exudes some kind of courage.

The fluent and easy-to-understand voices of the ups and downs, as well as the way of speaking, are deeply appealing to the audience.

"Because of this, it is a secret that belongs only to them.

People who are not destroyed by the people of the "Black Iron Country" will not know those things. "

Therefore, only knowing this.

Sorry, Bi smiled.

"More intelligence – remember that there is a dwarf immigrant on your river port."


"After knowing these things, if it is not someone else, but you are asking …Should be able to get the answer, certainly. ”

“…………Inquiries Specifications Inconsistent Talks

I smiled at the blue and nodded.

How much are they to me?

– While I recall the serious faces of the dwarves, I imagined the prosperity and destruction of the black kingdom of the mountain people.

After that, I went to the south with the "White Sails Capital" and Miner, who was still planning to sing while walking.

We spent a few days returning to "The Beast of the Beast" and stepping into the "Fairy Path of the Fairy."

The incredible scene reappeared, day and night alternately changing, the forest squirming, the goblins whispering and the dark night. I walked cautiously in awe, in a place that still makes people's backs cool, after a long time.

After crossing the exit of the fairy path, the incredible aura, the vision widened.

– Can feel the oncoming breeze.

Looking back, we are already standing on the hills of the evening.

Over the countless standing trees, dyed into a dark red sky, the orange sun is slowly sinking.

The surrounding sky began to dye the color of the night, and you can see the light of the stars slightly.

The forest is endless, the river runs through it, and it bends and extending far into the distance.

Just move your eyes and you will see a town built close to the river.

The town is divided into two shades.

A city of ruins consisting of dim gray and green covering the plants on it.

And the towns where people live and live, composed of the soft red of the brick roof and the white stucco, which is built up next to the ruins.

– In the past, after fighting with the undead, and bidding farewell to the three, I went north from the city of the dead, and then saw a half – sinking city before meeting Menel.

Through human hands, it is now being developed again.

“……If you look at it this way, it is become quite big. ”

Menel said softly.

"Well, in just two years, it has expanded a lot."

We chatted and walked down the hills, greeted the people in the town and walked on the road in the evening.

Then we found Mr. Tonio near the pier.

Mr. Tonio seems to be talking to the person in charge of the warehouse, noting that we are ended the conversation and waved gently to us and walked over.

"Two, welcome back."

"Yes, we are back!"

"It's really fast to come back, something different -"

"Successfully solved, and it has already been reported to His Royal Highness."

After hearing my words, Mr. Tonio widened his eyes.

I looked at Menel and showed a mischievous smile.

"Really, it is amazing. What kind of trick did you use this time? ”

"The so-called mystery of the fairy ….Can not be used for transportation, so it can not be used commercially. ”

"The acquisition of intelligence seems to be much more convenient. Please tell me the details after the convenience. ”

"Oh, is it a secret technique that I still still want to find out? Enthusiastic about business. ”

"Because I am a businessman."

Mr. Tonio laughed.

Though Mr. Tonio gave a rather tired impression when he first met, he felt quite frustrated in recent times.

Sure enough, if the business is going well, then confidence and a sense of accomplishment will show up in the look.

……After defeating Chimera, the adventurers are still here, and Mr. Tonio has developed a redevelopment plan for the city.

First of all, the team of adventurers who fought in battles carried out large-scale raids on the various dangers of nesting in the remains. After that, we received support from His Highness under the command of Esser, repaired the river port, and rebuilt the remnants of the building materials to re-create new Home.

Then, with the new home as the base of work, the wood was harvested from the tree-filled "Beast of the Beast" and the wood was made down the river …In this way, in the deepest part of "The Beast of the Beast", Mr. Tonio started the timber business.

His behavior is in the middle of the bull's eye.

The surrounding area of ​​"White Sails Capital" originally lacked wood as a building material and firewood as a fuel for reasons of development.

On the other side, "The Beast of the Beast" is located on the upper reaches of it, and there are remnants of the river port that can be further developed. The timber resources are also quite rich.

Since there is demand, then as long as you find the way to supply the output, you can naturally make money.

But it is a matter of course to take it for granted, and to clearly see through and seize the opportunity of this opportunity, it is true that it is in line with Mr. Tonio's style.

……On the other hand, after knocking down Chimera, along with the momentum of the surrounding area, I was pushed to the position of the lord.

What to say, what they expect from me is to be able to protect this piece of regional security, as well as the title of the paladin Who can be the representative of this region and negotiate with His Royal Highness.

There are not many things that need to be decided.

In other words, generally I am a lord, I do not have have a family.

……Please allow me to repeat it again, not even a home.

But I will not be living in a certain village, if I join as a new resident, I will be forced into the top class of the village.

Some people think this is not fun, and some people want to use me.

I, it will also have affects the relationship between the villages, and use my presence to put my own village in a favorable position – I think it is only natural that people with such ideas will appear.

As soon as I thought of such a dispute, I began to hesitate and could not live in a village without thinking about it.

There are also ways of ruling that do not settle and travel back and forth between the territories – there are such stories in the history of past lives – but this method also has many problems, so I do not want to use this method.

Therefore, I joined Mr. Tonio's business.

I funded and helped to ensure the safety of the business, and the reward I got was to settle down in the newly built town.

Together with the adventurers headed by Menel and Mr. Restov, I ensure the safety of the town, command the war against the warcraft and the demons, and perform treatment.

Sometimes I will respond to other people's requests to go to the Beasts of the Beast, or to the priests led by Miss Anna, the priests headed by Miss Anna, and the cousin of Esser and the parties.

In this way, I spent a day and a day.

– Just at that time.

Hearing that the forest is already quite safe, the mountain people – a group of dwarves came here.

It was me who first met them in the forest. They were quiet messy, covered in mud, endured hunger, feared the beast, and finally arrived here.

Their appearance looked very bitter, so I arranged food and temporary accommodation to help them find work.

However the dwarves are a race with both hands and craftsmen, we do not expect them to have in – depth expertise for this wandering dwarf – but after communicating with them, there are many people among them. They all have the knowledge of forging, leather processing, or woodworking, pottery, textile, carpenter and so on.

I wondered why I had such a craft. They were still so hard, and asked why they came to the deepest part of the "Beast of the Beast", but they did not give me the answer.

Regardless, since they have such such technology, I have invested in their technology by spending more than half of the money they have gained by exploring the remains.

I propose that I will give the carpentry, I will give the carpentry, I will have the wood that has been harvested, and the Warcraft leather that has been hunted back into a finished leather processing plant, or a slightly sized smelting field, charcoal, When the pottery of the pottery furnace and so on, and the bills were taken out, they all widened their eyes.

Then, they are asked for high asking or additional conditions, and they were negotiate with me violently, and then rounded their eyes because of the interest and conditions I said.

……But for me at the time, this is an inevitable choice.

Such as textile workers, woodworkers, masonry, carpenters, forging, leather, charcoal and others is incredible.

Initially, some of the existing products can be purchased and replaced by laymen, but one day there will be need for professionals with the appropriate technology.

However, there are not many good craftsmen who are still in the depths of this "Beast of the Beast".

And so the technical staff I dreamed of appeared in front of me, I can not let them do the simple physical labor of wood, idle, and it is too wasteful!

They have the value that allows me to invest fully.

……However, if you simply lend money to them, they will only doubt "what are you trying!"

There are many individual experiences during the wandering, there are many people with strong vigilance among them.

There are several people who stubbornly insist that "you should not owe people!"

Therefore, in order to get their trust, I visited them several times, explaining the situation again and again.

– That is the first few persuasion.

You are necessary, I bowed down to them, their leader, Mr. Agnaluo –

“……If I was deceived by this adult, I think that is really helpless. Everyone, what do you think? ”

He said good things to me on the side, I still remember the feeling of joy at that time.

Then, after a while, various workshops were built, and the sounds of hammers, saws, and textiles sounded, and the flames in the furnace were ignited.

When the workshop is completed, some people will open a shop with the workers of the workshop. The types of goods exported to the "White Sails Capital" will also increase, and the number of ships coming and going on the river will increase.

Of course, if the ship is in a state of keeping empty, it will be wasteful, so it will be loaded with the goods to be sold in this town. After the sale, the goods produced in this town will be carried back the river.

The circulation of materials and money will increase the corresponding flow of people.

Now, half of the remains that submerged in the water have gradually become the base of river trade.

Vessels loaded with wood products and leather goods go down the river along with the logs, while the boats full of goods in the lower reaches of the river are sailed by the wind.

Every day, the number of people increase, and the sound of hammers and saws of the builders building the building is heard all day long.

I am very pleased with this.

"Come on, go back."


– Now, people call this town "Torch Port".

The third volume of the king of the rust mountain, the second chapter

I slept in the night of my home in the light River Port, and I had a dream.

A dream that is nostalgic, the city of the dead.

"Listen, Will ….After all, what exactly is the Holy Spirit? ”

In a pale gesture, Gass whispered as he stroked his chin.

"In the distant ancient times, the gods created the language, carved the words, created the sun and the moon divided into the night and night, and gathered the water to divide the sea and the land. The fire was born, the wind was born, and the tree was born.

– Earlier than the gods, earlier than humans. ”

Brad also leaned his bones against the wall and listened casually to the teachings of Gas.

It was a calm afternoon.

"The water, the earth, the fire, the wind, the wood, all hosted the great" Spirit of Spirits "of the ancestors. They are not mere phenomena, but phenomena with a clear will. ”

"The phenomenon of having a will …?"

"You probably can not imagine it …Well, there is no fairy trick here. If that kind of person is present, Hilfer will dance and you can simply explain it. ”

No matter, forget it, Gass shook his head.

This "or not, forget" is not "or, this kind of thing does not matter", but "or whatever, anyway, one day you will meet, in general, first remember in your mind" or "just forget."

In fact, I met Menel, and now I understand the meaning of the phenomenon of "having the will".

"After that, these Holy Spirits were divided into two systems because of their own own will. The first type is with the next genus, the goblins, in a type similarity to the phenomenon of instability, permanent existence. ……And "King of the Sea" wanders in the depths of the sea vortex, "The King of the Sea" Sen The King is standing quietly in the depths of the trees. ”

The fairy is a group of people who can recognize the Holy Spirit and the Fairy that exist in the illusion of the reality and can communicate with them. It is also called the "shaman."

I heard the words of Gas, nodded, and then took notes.

The so-called memory is to listen to, think again, and finally record.

"But the other party chose a different path."

"Different roads?"

"There is no choice – it tends to phenomenon, it does not exist when it exists, and it does not know when it will be blurred, shaken and dissipated, and there is no clear life and death – the way the Holy Spirit survives.

It is a clear, alive, clear death, with the physical body – the way humans live. ”

As a ghost, Gass said this, a little irony.

Gass himself understood this and shrugged.

"This is because those guys fall in love with humans."

Hearing the romantic wording of Gas, Brad "Hey!"The ground spurted out.

Gass instantly faced Brad and blew the pebbles with power.

That hurts! What are you doing? Father! ”

How noisy shut up! ”

Gas continued to say as he was angry, really.

"In the Holy Spirit who has the life of the flesh, the group of the Holy Spirit belonging to the wind, the water, and the wood has negotiated with the goddess of the goddess, Ria Silvia.

The goddess is hedonistic and capricious, but for this reason she is quite close to the Holy Spirit who is indefinite. ”

Then the goddess fulfilled the wishes of the elves.

"Then, the elf was born as the goddess of the goddess Reyal Silvia. They are races that have a long life like trees, agile movements like blasts, and flowing waters and elegant words and deeds.

The passionate goddess took the idea of ​​the Holy Spirit to marry humans and let them combine with humanity …It is said that a hybrid between humans and elves is also born for this reason. ”

Having said that, Gass shrugged.

"There are used to be an old saying, 'Home flowers are not as good as wild flowers', just because you do not have them." There are both positive and human interactions among the elves, and the beginning of the age of the Holy Spirit because the flesh is more free than imagined.

……The ancient elves who yearned for human contact disappeared naturally due to the flow of time and life. Now both parents are human beings, and the children born are sometimes half-elves, which is the afterglow they left behind.

On the other hand, the era of the Holy Spirit is remembered, and the elves who lived in a deep life with their companions in the depths of the forest preserved their purity. ”

“……That means. ”

"This is not a better side, what is the topic of what. However, there are so many elves who have made their choices, and that's it. ”

But this seems to be a topic of deep concern, but the attitude of Gass is very simple.

"So for this reason, the current elves are quite closed ….If you are familiar with it, it is a good group of guys, but it is quite difficult to be treated as a family member. ”

Brad added.

"They are very slender, but they are agile warriors and highly skilled hunters. Tracing back to the source, they are the Holy Spirit, so many people have the qualifications of the fairy.

……Well, do not fight with the elves in the forest, because it's really scary. ”

There are also some of the goblin who have left flesh and turned back to the Holy Spirit. Brad said so.

"That is a bit strange though …However that even keeps the body transformed into the presence of the Holy Spirit. No other races other than the elves can do it.

They are the genus of the goddess of the forest, and they are originally closed to the Holy Spirit. Very close to human beings, and far away, it is a great existence. ”

Gash made a summary of the topic of the elf.

“……However, it is also useful to obtain the Holy Spirit of the flesh in a different form from them. That is the elf of earth and stone.

The division is in the hands of the unchanging attributes of the earth and stone, the destruction of the palm and the flame of creation, their relationship with the goddess Reti Silvia is not very close. After all, they are not guilty of human living. ”

"Is that the case? So why bother to get the flesh? ”

"They are blaming human technology. Mining ore from the soil, refining with fire, and making metal – this very interesting technique has attracted them.

In general, the Holy Spirit and the Fairy do not like metal very much, so the Holy Spirit is also a rather strange type. ”

Gass shrugged.

"They went to the god of fire and skill, Bretz's knee.

Breez is a silent and stubborn god who likes to create things with his brain, but once excited, he will become a god of anger and battle that brings terrible destruction.

He communicated with the Holy Spirit who showed interest in the craft, confirmed their firm will, nodded in a word, and gave them their own body, giving them their flesh. ”

The development to this point is the same as the elves, says Gass.

“……Then, the dwarf was born as the family of the god Breze. Dwarves are tenacious and long-lived like land and rock. They are able to see through the darkness like a flame and are good at using furnaces.

But the destiny of using the metal that the Holy Spirit hates makes their nature deviate from the pure Holy Spirit, and the Fairy also avoids them. Therefore, there is no such thing as a fairy. ”

I listened to the words of Gas in silence.

This is a very interesting topic and it is very valuable.

Elf and dwarf. Similar to humans, and different races from humans.

……One day in the future, will I meet them in the outside world?

"Instead, they believe in being the goddess Brez, looking for the ancient" Spirit of Words ", mixing it with the techniques of metallurgy and engraving, and engraving" Spirit of Spirits "into the objects – that is, to be able to engrave the mark. No craftsman can surpass them.

Most of the dwarves live in mines. Their ancestors were the the Holy Spirit of earth and stone, so they like to live in the cave. They are very difficult of drinking, have great strength, have many beards, are excellent craftsmen, and are excellent fighters. ”

When I heard this, my eyes slammed into Brad.

"Well – that group of people is real."

Brad simply said, nodded.

I trembled in surprise.

In this tone, Brad is sincerely appreciating them.

"Let me tell me more."

"Even if you want me to say more."

Well, Brad pondered for a while.

"The guys are quite silent …And, for the meaning of the battle, what is courage, have a deep understanding. Just like the straight spine, they have a core in their hearts. ”

At this time, Gass would not be joking.

He listened to Brad's words with a gentle look.

"On weekdays, they are thinking."

“……What are you thinking about? ”

"Thinking is enough to give yourself a reason to fight for life."

Brad's eye sockets ignited a fierce blue-and-white fire.

"Then, when the reason is found."

Brad took a deep breath.

"–They will burn their souls, point to the courage to face the battle, and never fear death."

Brad said so.

Let the Brad say so much.

……It's too great, I can not help but be excited. The so-called dwarf is the real warrior!

"I pay tribute to the dwarf warrior. Those who met at least with me and fought side by side with me were real warriors. ”

I am very much looking forward to the day I met them.

What kind of face do they have?

Straight back, combed neat beard, shiny axe, full of pride, a forward-looking look.

I imagined such a dwarf while dreaming about the day of fighting side by side with them.

“……I do not really like the group of dwarves. ”

Gass said in a somewhat unhappy voice.

It's an unexpected line.

"Is it so?"

"Hmm …Of course, I admit that they have good knowledge and skills, and I admit that there are many warriors who are well-informed. ”

Gass said this and his his breath.

"That that group of dwarves …Why is it so so secluded and so stingy! It is simply unbelievable! ”

I blinked and could not help but look at the side, and Brad, who had disbelieving expression, looked up.

– No matter what you think, this is all the same kind of reprimand.

In the darkness, I woke up.

The first thing I saw was the ceiling with wooden panels.

Really made a very nostalgic dream.

"Ahhhh …"

Unconsciously, I understood the real reason for helping the dwarves at that time.

……It is because of heartache.

The straight back, the neat beard, the shiny axe, the proud, unrelenting look – not because they betrayed my imagination.

Was Brad …They were recognized by the Brad as a warrior. They were all dirty, covered in mud, and their hands and feet were very thin. Their eyes were full of anxiety and warning.

Desperate, humble and kneeling, watching my reaction.

Seeing such a situation, I can not help but feel my heartache.

You are not like that!

Not like that.

You, in fact, are a very powerful group of people!

You are, more and more –

At that time, I must want to say this.

……Of course, it is just a matter of pushing the ideals of my heart to them.

But even so.

Even if I understand this, I still can not do it myself.

I hope they can get back their pride.

I hope that they will not be so despicable, and they will see the same sight as others.

I hope they can stand up.

……Because of this, they are now able to live up in this town with their heads up and let me feel happy.


I slowly got out of bed.

The bed was made up of several layers of straw underneath and white sheets on it.

Unlike sleeping in a straw pile, the body does not get stuck in the straw.

I quietly opened the door and walked out of the hallway to the side of the well.

Now my house is located near the town center.

It was changed converted from a mansion with a relatively complete structure in the ruins. Though I do not want to live in a big house, if I do not live in a big house, everyone will worry about me. People around me also advise me to say that sometimes there is be guests visiting and staying, so I still live in a big house. It is good.

The result is a situation of hiring a servant.

It is a maid lady.

Because of the memory of past novels, I was a little bit motivated when I heard the employment of a maid …

“……Ah, good morning. ”

"Ah, young master, it's early."

"Hey, haha, it's really messy to sleep with your hair! Put your head on it and comb it! ”

The applicants are coming to the nearby aunts.

……Why is this the reality?

Of course, they are also very active and very reliable in the fields of cleaning, cooking and washing clothes.

Thanks to them, I have plenty of time in my time, and the time I can use for exercise has increased.

In the past, Gas has said that in a sense, time can be bought with money, just as he said.

I used a bucket to hit the water from the well.

Pulling and pulling, I suddenly thought that if there is a hand-pressed water pipe, it would be fine.

I remember that I was going to prepare a one-way valve, using a structure that was pressured from the water …But I do not know the detailed structure.

Think carefully, we can not use metal in such a large amount. Although I made a conclusion while washing my face and mouth.


Finally, I poured the water on my hair and combed the sleeping hair neatly.



I was covered with a little water and combed meticulously.


Squatting, the hair bounced again.

"Hey, hey …!"

I combed my hair again carefully.

“……This is definitely no problem! ”

Pull it up again.

It is really enough to entangle people.

Comb, bounce, comb, bounce …

“…………This, this time must, can! ”

……Bounced up.

"Oh wow!"

I poured the water from the bucket onto my head.

“……So will it be full of water? You. ”

In the courtyard in front of the house.

Menel smiled and said, it was a fool, and pressed my head.

Hmmm …

I tried to resist his strength and lifted my neck back.

This is Neck Training.

The power of the neck is very important.

When the head is beaten, or when the foot is hit to the ground, the strength of the neck is used to protect the head.

If the strength of the neck is very weak, it is very likely that you will have troubles at once.

"Come, nine times … ten times! ”

"Hey, hey …"

I slowly breathed, and tried my best to raise my neck and push it back.

"Good, exchange."

"Call ~~~~~~"

We repeat this rhythm, repeating basic muscle exercises and soft movements.

The arm, the foot, the abdomen, and the back will be different depending on the date, but the parts used during the battle will be exercised without any omission.

A flexible and strong body is the foundation of all. If you do not exercise and continue to get enough food, your body will become slack.

There is no way to exercise every day when you are working or traveling.

I recently got a base, so I can do enough exercise again. If you do not exercise, I'm afraid there is no way to suppress Colnos by force.

……I often think that Brad can maintain that muscle during his travels.

Is there anything wrong with it? It would be nice to ask him before.

"Okay, then the next is …"

"Air swing."

What we took out – not a sword.

It is three times the weight of the sword, and the long, thick wooden block and the hand made of things.

"Okay, hey."

First try a wave.

The device slid open the air and sounded clear sound of "squeaky" sound.

Brad once said that it is because he usually wields a heavy exercise device than a weapon, so he can wield weapons in actual combat. I agree with this point.

"It's still the same, the strange force that does not match the appearance."

Menel said dumbly.

His body line is very slender, explosive and agile, but the power is just as good.

"I hope that it is not in line with the appearance, but the appearance can also be commensurate …"

Of course, if someone else sees my body, I should feel that I have exercised quite a bit.

While it feels like this, it will not give people like Brad, who is "a burly man!"The feeling of muscle bulging. However there are also bone problems, I also suspect that it seems that that the world is full of magic and other factors, strength and muscle are not proportional.

I want to give more impressions of "hardcore men", but "there is no way to completely harden up" including personality, so unfortunately there is is way to achieve this goal.

"It looks easy to get close, is not that good?

"People, you will not the type of creature you can not be."

"Know it."

After we talked for a while, we started to wave.

Menel took a lot of empty swings than I did and we repeated the movements while pulling back and counting.

Use your feet, use your body, use your arms, and use your sword.

Let the body be carefully linked throughout, from the footsteps to the tip of the sword.

I confirm my current actions and continue to sharpen my actions toward the future.


Suddenly, I felt the sight.

Sometimes Mr. Restov and other adventurers will mix together to see our morning workouts, and sometimes nearby children will come to watch our workouts.

However, I always feel that this line of sight is different from them.

I am looking for the source of sight – with.

Opposite the small vegetable garden, someone hides in the shadow of the fence and sneak aside.

The man kept the black hair he had never seen before.

"Menell, you will stay the same."

After I told Menel, I took a step toward it.

But may it okay to watch us exercise, if you peek at it, you may be misunderstood as a thief by people around you.

The world is unexpectedly rude. In such cases, disputes often arise, and sometimes getting bad can lead to bloodshed.

If you want to see it, just say hello to us and just go into the courtyard and look at it.

Neither Menel nor I care about this little thing.

"Good morning, Siri."

After I made such a noise, someone on the opposite side of the fence was petrified.

Looking up at me in trepidation …It is a dwarf male with a black hair and a bow.

Although I can not tell the age of the dwarf, his beard is very short, so it is probably a young dwarf.

"It's a good morning."

"That, that, early, morning …Good.

After I met the dwarf male who stood up in a panic, I realized that he was was tall and the bones were very thick.

But because he bowed his back, he showed a treacherous look, and there was no sense of oppression brought by his physique.

"If you can, do not stand there, come inside and see?"

I judge that he is an introverted person, so try to say as calmly and gently as possible.

"That one ……"

His previously distracted eyes slowly stabilized –

"Hey, Will, what are you grinding?"

At this point, it was due to I felt very slow, and Menel broke the air and walked over.

"Um? Who, you, have not seen your face. ”


Because of the appearance of the new character, Mr. Dwarf's shoulders slammed on the shoulders.

"What, I will not catch you." Are you interested? If you want to see it, let's see it. ”

Well … really, no.

Menel talked intimately to him, not good.

In this case, in such a way as to talk to such people –

"No, no! Excuse me for both exercises, I am very sorry! ”

He bowed his head to us, and the action was flustered, it gave people a very thoughtful feeling of courtesy, and then ran away in a panic.

But there are retain him, there are fences among us, and there is no reason to stop him.

"Hmm …

I looked at the back of the moment and then cast a hateful sight on Menel.

How to say it, generally it is rude to the dwarf, but now I feel like letting a cat who is hard to come forward run away.

"Oh, sorry."

Is Menel aware of this, raising a hand and posing a sorry gesture.

"For that kind of people, that would be counterproductive."

"Yeah, that's true."

"He is interested in exercise or interested in you."

There are reasons for someone to peek at us, basically these two.

"Exercise over there? The dwarf is the race of the warrior. ”

"No, his appearance is not like a warrior. Is it interested in the rumored paladin? ”

I talked to Menel like this, and I continued to vacate with a little regret.

I always feel that I can form an intimate relationship with him.

– Will he still see our exercise?

This kind of thought slowly dissolves and disappears in my mind during the period of concentration.

The sound of the hammer and the sound of the saw floated in the air.

The loom works and the sound of silk woven into the cloth floats in the air.

The sound of the children's hilarity came from the hutong, and the voice of the disciples was heard by the master.

And with these sounds, the songs sung to keep the pace of work are also introduced into my ears.

After completing all kinds of work, I visited the afternoon of the dwarf street – this is a general term for the roads around the dwarfs – the clear and strong singing voice at the entrance.


Looking around, I saw a variety of expansions and renovations in stone-built homes. There are many houses that give people the feeling of workshops.

The clothes line was pulled up everywhere, and the clothes fluttered in the wind.

Still as lively as ever, I thought as I entered the street.

When I walked into the street, a saw sound stopped.

Several dwarves who were doing carpentry on the side of the road stopped their work and took off their hats and gave me a deep ritual.

I know one of them, the chubby figure, the vigorous, fluffy beard …

"Work is hard, Mr. Soli. "

"No, where! Welcome, Paladin, only one of you? ”

"Ah, haha, the purpose of my visit here is that I can not bring friends with a big fanfare. Is Mr. Agu Nalu there? ”

If you are looking for Agu Nalu, he is at home! Holtz, you have to go a little to inform him! ”

Upon receiving, the young dwarf nodded and put down the tools.

"Ah, it does not matter, do not have to.."

"no no! If we have to wait for the lord to visit, the Aguuna Luna guy is also unsettled! ”


The young dwarf nodded and ran out.

If this is the case, it is now a matter of telling the other party before the visit. If you go too fast, it will be rude and cause trouble to the other party.

Advance notification is the time to prepare for the other party.

……In this case, it is rare to have such an opportunity, just talk to Mr. Soli.

Most dwarves have fewer words, but Mr. Soli can speak.

He smiled and said that was was born, and there is no way.

For me, he is also a very easy person to get close to, and it is easy to talk.

"Is it a good life recently?"

Hahaha. This is a far cry from the past! I can do what I like and sell it again! Do not worry about tomorrow's food! Really grateful! ”

"That's good. Have you had trouble or trouble with your neighbor recently? ”

Ah, yes

Mr. Solley cited the noise of the forged house and the dissatisfaction of others with the noise.

There are several situations that arise from the troubles caused by dwarves and human habits, and the problems encountered in the details of life.

I took out a copper container like a pencil case that combined the pen and ink, and remembered the notes on the back of the special bundle file that was recorded – these files were the wrong ones before. Paper is very expensive.

"Oh, that carrying a pen, I really can make it."

"This is what Mr. Aguunalu did for me a long time ago. "

"It turns out that if I did it, I can understand it."

Being able to carry out the stationery of the notes is a very difficult subject, but after I placed the order, Mr. Agu Naru quickly prepared for me.

There are really many great craftsmen in this race of dwarves.

Moreover, ……Recently, humans and dwarves have had a lot of wandering in this town. But we can not like them, we are not qualified to say more, but we can not always provide them with work … "

"This is indeed."

"And then again, young people with healthy limbs do not work. It's not good to wander around all day. "

"Depending on the situation, it will also affect affect law and order."

I nodded when I heard Mr. Soly's words.

The evaluation of the development of this land has spread and it is a good thing to increase the number of people who come to this area. But of course, it is not a simple matter to provide work for for.

But there are many other industries such as loading and unloading river goods, reclaiming the remains of urban civil and construction work; industrial and commercial, forestry, or services such as restaurants and pubs – but even so steady stream of jobs that can support dozens of people.

……It is important to be engaged in a certain job.

People who have a real sense of contributing to society will be proud, but if they do not have a job, they will lose that pride.

At the same time, if there is no job, there will be no income.

The instability of money makes people fall into a situation where they do not know what tomorrow will be, and no matter who they are, they will feel restless.

A man who has lost his pride and is in a state of anxiety and uneasiness may be recklessly beginning to commit crimes.

What should I say …For crime, it will become a "easy to find excuses" state.

I have been forced to go nowhere, and there is no way.

In order to survive, this is no way.

Anyway, I can not live for a long time, just what what I want to do.

This is no way. Anyway, there is no future. The fault is not me. The fault is to push me into this desperate society.

Like that guy has also stolen many times, and did not die – well, take courage, go on!

This will become the case.

……Why do you imagine this? I also fell into a very bad state in the past, which is not a fake.

I can roughly describe the thoughts of who are forced to desperate or who are about to fall into desperation.

Then, if such a person increase, the crime will increase.

Of course, there are also people of high moral character who endure not to commit crimes, but there are also ordinary people who can not bear to commit crimes.

As long as the two exist in a certain proportion, the increase in crime is inevitable at the point in time when the total number of people who are uneasy to find work increasing.

If the crime can not be avoided, the law and order will deteriorate. If the law and order deteriorates, the expenses and resources for supervision will increase accordingly …The vicious circle begins.

Be sure to sever this possibility from the root cause.

In this case, it is impossible to avoid the increase of immigration, we must find ways to increase work and develop the economy – this is the solution.

If this issue is ignored, the state of affairs that continues to develop will be very bad.

Increased immigration, competition for simple physical labor without skills, deterioration of public security, and then formation and expansion of "immigration to the aborigines" this form of confrontation, causing disputes.

Then, initially, main economic disputes will develop into discriminatory treatments for a certain type of people, and the economic structure and the difference consciousness will be intertwined. That is already the bane of the impact on future generations.

And this bomb, called the bane, is counting down in the current state of progress. If we do not disassemble it, it will explode in later generations.

In the memory of my past lives, all countries have imposed restrictions on receiving immigrants and refugees. This is a considerable social problem, but after I have taken this position, I finally understand the truth.

This is actually a very difficult problem. If it is is not good to increase wealth and work, develop the economy, and deal with this problem as soon as possible, it will develop in a more serious direction like snowballing.

……Really, as Gass said, in this world, it is extremely important to let money increase and continue to cycle. My head hurts.


Mr. Soli seems to be somewhat worried about me who is in meditation, so he said in a loud voice.

"Ah, nothing, sorry. I will will for countermeasures when I go back. ”

All in all, discuss with Mr. Tonio to set up a public utility – harbor maintenance, irrigation, etc., to receive labor.

The next step is to use the wisdom of those who know what the details in this regard. The most basic way in this case is negotiate and unify the opinion of all parties in a down-to-earth manner.

In order to prevent riots from happening, it is important to develop the economy before that, and to moderate the friction between different cultures.

Just when I thought about it, the timing was just right. The young dwarf Mr. Holtz, who just ran away, came back.

All right. Sorry to have kept you waiting

"Well, thank you very much. Sorry to bother you. ”

I smiled and lowered my head. Mr. Holtz's eyes widened and he shook his hand in a panic.

WHERE You are too angry! ”

"No, it helped me a lot. Mr. Soly, thank you today. I will have a chance to talk later. ”

"It is my glory for the Paladin to say this. If you can, I welcome you at any time! ”

After that, I nodded to the two and took the step.

Looking around, I saw other dwarves on the street bowed their heads after paying attention to me.

Of course, in terms of social status, I am indeed in a position that will allow them them to do so. If they refuse to do so, they will be bothered, so I can only accept this attitude …However, in any case, I always feel a sense of restlessness. I do not know because of the relationship between memories of previous life, but also not used to it.

To get used to this kind of thing, I have to be a little more angry.

But if I get used to being respected by people, I always feel that something important inside is slowly paralyzed, which makes me feel a little scared.

……It is really hard to be great.

"Suddenly, I am really sorry."

"No …Welcome to visit. ”

In the reception room of a very large house in Dwarf Street, a dwarf said solemnly. There is no hair on his head, and the iron-gray beard is carefully edited and full of majesty.

He is the leader of Dwarf Street, Mr. Agu Nalu.

Sitting next to him is an old dwarf I have never seen before. The dwarf has white hair with no characteristic and is a rough person.

……His eyes look very tired.

"This is the immigration representative who came to this town a while ago, my uncle Gulangdilu."

“……Please take care of me.

His words are few and he bowed his head.

"I am William, who served under His Highness Essence of Sosmark, and was entrusted with the management of this" The Beast of the Beast. "

I put my right hand on the left chest and the left foot stepped back slightly.

Since he is a representative of a team, it can not be taken carelessly.

Mr. Gulandilu also returned to me the same ceremony.

His movements are quite coherent …This means that he understands the ancient rituals? In other words …

"Please come to the seat."

Just as I turned my brain, Mr. Agu Nalu's words interrupted my thinking.

He advised me to sit in the seat.

Good, thank you.

I could not refuse this arrangement because of the positional considerations, so I sat down with the idea of ​​holding my own words.

After a while, Mrs. Agu Nalu's wife sent tea.

……Some women say that they are as beautiful as a goblin, others say that they are very rude and have a beard, etc. There are various rumors.

I knew the answer after I became intimate with them. The correct answer is that both sides are right.

When I was young, the dwarf women were a little fat, as beautiful as a goblin. I wonder if they were not in in the accidental table. After they got married, they quickly became the style of a woman.

And dwarf men do not care much about such changes.

In addition to the dwarf culture, the dwarf male would say "Do not let foreigners see our women!"This kind of feeling does not let women show up …

I think that the dwarf woman, who was accidentally seen by people, became the source of intelligence and formed a rumor of "polarization like a goblin" and "no, a beard".

……Therefore, I am not clear about Mrs. Agunaru's wife, whether it's a goblin or a beard.

Anyway, I took a sip of herbal tea and considered the next development.

"The Kingdom of Black Iron" has an important position in their hearts, so it is better to wait a little longer than the abrupt inquiry, and wait until the atmosphere becomes softer.

"Mr. Qurandiru, where did you come here?

I feel the unique aroma and bitterness while asking the right topic.

"- in order to die."

I got an unusual answer, let me spray the herbal tea in my mouth.

AHEM!Amount, rude. ”

"Lord Gulandiru, if you are so direct, William will naturally be surprised."

Mr. Agu Naru said this as if he was blaming.

Mr. Gulandilu showed a troubled expression and was silent for a while.

I was sitting in a sitting position waiting for his next words.

Mr. Gulandilu slowly sorted out his thoughts and said in a calm tone.

"The old man has not been a long time …I hope that I can can die while looking at my hometown. ”

"- William, Lord Gulantilu is a survivor of the Western Hills.

I heard this sentence and I was able to understand his thoughts slightly.

Me too, maybe after the old age, when the death is near, I will want to look at the hill where the temple is located to meet the death.

"The mountains of my hometown are no longer our mountains. But I heard that there is a hero who used his human hands to retrieve the tree sea of ​​Warcraft. ”

But even so, I can not understand all the thoughts of Mr. Gulandiru.

How deep is his thoughts.

"Looking at the mountains that I miss, I imagine that one day in the future we will get back to the land of our hometown again. If it can be so gone, how happy it is. " Everyone exchanged this and visited the place with partners who share the same ideas. ”

No matter how eager, but never able to return to his hometown – what a sorrow.

It is always unwilling to recapture the land of my hometown.

I feel happy just because I am looking away from my hometown. It is also how many storms I have experienced to say such words.

"Maybe this will cause you trouble, but no matter what kind of work we are willing to bear, please also give us a corner of the town to let us live."

I don "t understand.

Can not understand his mood.

……But that's why.

"Do not worry. Well, I'll do what I do best.

I feel that I must must show him the will and responsibility of being a town governor.

I took the hands of Mr. Gulandiru.

"Must be – will protect you from the irrationality of this world."

I said so.

Looking at his eyes, pouring my mood into it and passing it on to him.

"Oh, oh oh …"

The hands that I held being trembling.

I could not help but look at his hands …When I turned back to sight, I saw that Mr. Qurandiru had fallen into tears.

Thank you very much!Thank you very much!

He took me back with a trembling hand.

Mr. Gulandiru repeated this action again and again.

In the past, two hundred years ago, there was a monarch in the Kingdom of Black Iron.

He is short and slender, not good at martial arts and is good at reading. He is a person who does not talk much and often meditates.

He is known as the mansion of the rock, the last king of the "Black Iron Country", Oulu Guru.

He inherited the country from the hands of the first king, and the kingdom was well managed, but the soldiers still lamented.

Says:Our contemporary kings are not protected by the god Breez, but by the intellectual god Enright.

The people do not hate such a monarch.

Whether it is a warrior or a warrior, he treats everyone equally.

He understands the feelings of people who are not warriors.

The soldiers are dissatisfied with this.

They always stand at the forefront with danger and do a good job of sacrificing life, but they are treated the same as those who are not warriors.

Dajun, this is looking down on us! The soldiers sipped the drink and lamented loudly.

Only the name is very exaggerated and brave! What is the actual state of affairs! They waved their fists and roared.

Even if I heard the lamentations and anger of the soldiers, the monarch Oluvan Guru was only a little troubled and laughed.

Although with a little discord, the kingdom is still running smoothly.

That is an era of peace.

People sing the prosperity of the country, and there are happy faces everywhere; even if there is a little bit of misfortune, other people with surplus will lend a helping hand.

No one hates the world, ends his life on the streets with anger and pain.

– But the storm is coming.

The demons came from hell and the world was broken.

The southern countries that are listed in the "Great Confederation" were defeated one after another and burned. The demons' forces were approaching the "Black Iron Country."

– The King of Devils has several titles, but his real name is unknown.

It is "The Undead Sword"

It is the "king of the king"

It is "Pure Evil"

It is "Endless Darkness"

It is the promoter of war.

It is "Mocking Everyone"

– It is "The King of the Eternal People"

……The defeat has been very obvious.

The southern kingdoms of Sosmark's continent are always at the forefront of fighting the forces of evil, and are known for their power.

The "King of the Kings" has easily captured these countries as if they were the same Opponents, even if they have the underground cloister of the famous Black Iron Mountain, they can resist the days.

And it seems that even the dragons of the ancient times joined the army of "The King".

Just when every soldier is stunned and wonders what to say – the messenger is here.

That is the messenger of the devil.

"-Do you want to follow" The King "?

The devil said so.

"The King" likes the sword.

"The King" can gather troops and can not produce weapons.

If you use the skills of your craftsmen to serve the king, the king will let go go of the Black Iron Mountains.

Since the soldiers exist to protect the people, then this is the correct answer.


The demon announced that he would come back to the answer three days later and then left.

The dwarves left have made a bitter expression.

– After that, people began to talk.

But there should be a password, the rumors spread all of a sudden, and everyone is discussing it.

Maybe this is also the means by which the devil used to disturb the pace of the dwarf.

Only the monarch does not say a word.

The dwarves were quite closed.

It has been already said that only the object of selling weapons has changed, so it is ok.

The mother holding the child complained that if she was involved in the war, the child would die.

Only the monarch does not say a word.

Of course, there are also a lot of people shouting, how can you believe in the devil, until the last flame of life is extinguished, you should fight to the end.

However, as for how to fight, the people are talking about each other and making various opinions and making decisions.

Everyone is very confused, and everyone is listening to their feelings – there have been many bloodsheds.

Everyone is lost.

Only the monarch, still do not say a word.

Then, in the case that the courtiers could not reach a conclusion, the day of the appointment came.

For the first time, the monarch Oluvan Guru, who has never said a word, spoke.

"I will make a decision."

He said this, and came to the devil who came to listen to the answer.



Oluvan Guru has swept the devil's neck like a thunder without a warning.

The demon slammed down.

The Kingdom of Black Iron "-" Call Dawn ", the spirit sword is not stained with the blood splashed by the devil, and the shining light shines.

"The iron you want, the weapon you want – I will let you enjoy it!"

The dwarf and slender dwarf monarch raised the sword.

The people are boiling.

The soldiers shed tears and burst into tears.

Because they understand that they misunderstood their monarchy.

At this point, the devil's head fell to the ground and laughed.

"The dragon will come."

He spoke with blood in his mouth and said with an ominous voice.

"The dragon will come! The dragon will come! Valacirca! Will smash the disaster! ”

The devil's head rolled his eyes, laughing and screaming.

"Nothing will stay!"

Olu Vatican stepped on the devil 's head.

Then he just said a word –

"I will not let that happen."

The preparation for the battle is constantly advancing.

Axe Shield helmet armor.

The dwarf warriors wrapped their bodies in steel.

"Take the devils of hell down and kill them all underground."

The monarch Oulu Guru is so declared.

"Let this underground corridor becared their grave."

All the people and soldiers follow the monarch's jealousy and are ready to fight the devil.

A ferocious trap.

Complex maze.

Preparing for the defending city.

They only completed it in a few days, after which Oulu Gururu ordered it in the conference hall.

"All the fighters, and the young fighters who are not yet mature, leave the Black Iron Mountains."

The people protested against this order.

Since they also intend to live and die with their monarchs.

You want to say that we are tired!

Please let us stay together too!

Olver Guru is very calm when he hears the anger, disappointment, and pleading of the people.

For a long time he listened to people's voices, and when the momentum slowed down, he tapped the floor with the tip of the scabbard of "Calling the Dawn".

When I heard the sound of the whole audience, the noise was even lighter.

After seeing this scene, the monarch put his hand on the hilt and said that he stood up.

"My people, I will die. The soldiers who remain in the mountains will also die. ”

When he heard his words, people returned to silence.

The monarch Oluvan Guru said that it is the words of the person facing death.

"- But I will not let" The Kingdom of Black Iron "die."

His words are filled with calm determination.

"My people, I regard the kings as my children. Because of my selfishness and commanding the kings to face the painful future, my chest seems to be torn. ”

However, I still have to order the kings.

The monarch, Orvan Guru, said.

"Live it!"

He continued:

"Even if you lose your hometown, your heart is filled with humiliation and remorse! Leave the mountains and live!

This is, I ordered the battles of the kings! The princes are not escaping now, but going to different battlefields! ”

His voice sounded through the hall.

"Our king and warrior, in order to hold on to pride and hold on to the name, will die in the mountains where the ancestral spirits sleep! And the princes must abandon their pride and bet on everything to survive! Never let the fire of the furnace go out! ”

Then he took a deep breath and shouted again.

"Junjun, let's go live! Fight for survival! Until the moment of revival! ”

This is:

"- my last order!"

This is the last words of the last monarch of the "Black Iron Country" known to the survivors.

He left the hall with the soldiers.

Then they completed the preparations for the battle with the demons – the army that ravaged a lot of demons and the dragons of the ancient times, and the battle was at the last moment, and all the members were sacrificed.

The people who left the mountains and the soldiers who protected the people became the homeless people who lost their hometown.

Many refugees are heading north, suffering, suffering from humiliation and breathing –

Even so, they clenched their teeth and buried the king's words deep in the past two hundred years.

Some people become craftsmen.

Some people become mercenaries.

In this way, I spent two hundred years.

“……This is our secret, the legend of the people of the Black Iron Mountains. ”

Mr. Agu Nalu said this, because of the alcoholic and red-faced bald dwarf leader.

"I was not born at the time, but Lord Qurandiru is …"

The white-haired dwarf, Mr. Gurandilu, shed tears.

But he also drank a high number of spirits, he was really a mess.

After that, I asked if they could tell me the past. They nodded quietly and told me about this past.

"Old man …The old man was just a guard at the time. ”

He sobbed and sucked his nose like a child.

"You can not have fight with the warriors' predecessors …Can only obey orders …Together with the people … woo woo woo woo …… "

Mr. Agu Nalu looked worriedly at Mr. Gulandiru.

"That's also not an easy thing. In the cold wind …Unable to bear the hardships of the journey …ChildThe child is dead. Always laughing, encouraging the cheerful children around the people to cheer …Gradually because of fatigue, even the smile can not be exposed …I became sluggish because of fatigue, just because I had a cold, I could not move …Then just like that, dying …Just carrying him, the old man's back died …! ”

From time to time, there are outliers of the demon aiming at the long queue of dwarves to launch attacks.

There is discord around the scarce food.

Even if you travel to the North, there are refugees everywhere, it's hard to find a job …

"How many people have died, I can not remember it …Drinking muddy water and eucalyptus roots is easy. The young girl began to sell her body in order to drink a porridge, and some men could not stand it and began to steal and be killed. Everyone is skinny and even begging … "

I listened to his words quietly.

Listening to him telling the courage of the king, the lament of the people, when I came back to God, even my eyes began to show tears.

"Even so, we have survived …Lived down. Crossing the era of chaos, in the next two hundred years, I survived. The idea managed to survive … "

Mr. Gulandiru said softly.

"Then, Lord William. You even got it back here …I took back the land with human hands. Not only that, but also with to to drop tears. ”

Mr. Gulandilu looked up at the rust mountain range …No, it is the direction of the Black Iron Mountains.

"One day, we will come back. One day, we will return.

One day, we will realize the words of the Lord … "

His voice is shaking.

"What makes us so confident, how precious it is …What a grateful thing … "

Thank you, thank you.

Mr. Gulandilu said this me again and again, and then slowly lay down with the drowsiness of the spirits.

In order to express the hard memories, he sipped the high spirits again and again, and it became natural.


"You can speak out frankly, and Lord Glandudi is very happy."

Mr. Agu Naru said with a squint.

“……Do you understand, this is our origin. ”

"I really appreciate you very much …I told me about this unspeakable past. ”


After such a conversation, I left Mr. Agu Naru's house.

While drinking alcohol, I was immersed in listening to Mr. Gurandilu's story, and I did not care much about the time – I went outside and saw that it was already at sunset.

The dwarves also ended their work, either returning to their homes or taking a break at the pub.

Many ideas are turning around in my brain.

Black Iron Mountains.

The dwarves who survived.

The belief of the Maharaja Olu Vatican at the time.

Or Brad, Mary, and Gas, who lived in the same era.

Terrible "God".

Prosperous, peaceful "Great Federal Times."

……And, the prophecy of the King of the Skull.

I walked aimlessly, thinking about these things without thinking.

Going back, the sky has become quite dim. It is already evening.

The night of this world is dark compared to the previous life because of the little light.

Which way is this? Just as I was troubled by my home without any personality, the pub's radiance reflected my vision. I walked over there.

If you see the store's signboard, you can know which way it is is. This town is such a scale.

Then I heard a seemingly noisy voice.

Who is fighting with each other?

Is it a fight in the pub? I thought about speeding up the pace, and then I saw who broke through the pub's door and flew out.

– I caught him in a panic, only to see the compiled black hair flying.

"Ahhhh …"

A closer look is the dwarf who came to see us in the morning.

He seems to be being smashed.

I caught him because of surprise, and stopped the action for a moment.

He seems to be surprised too, but he is the first to recover.

After rushing to give me a ritual –

"Stop it!

He shouted like this and returned to the battle of the pub.

Just a glance, I roughly grasped the situation.

The chairs and tables in the pub were turned upside down.

There are two men fighting.

It is two human males.

Both sides seem to be craftsmen and so on, and they are quite strong.

They seem to have drunk a lot of wine, and their faces are flushed.

'Ah -? Stay while you are!? ”

"Without your business, do not squeeze in!"

The two were accompanied by a wine smell, and the mood was quite high.

Other guests showed a look that they did not want to be involved, and they stunned the two.

The maid girl is troubled with a look and I do not know what to do.

"So, let's stop!"

Mr. Dwarf wants to open two people, but he can not do it anyway.

How to say it, he is always being slammed.

He is also very energetic, and I know a little after observation.

He is not used to fighting with empty hands and people.

His movements were treacherous, as if they were afraid of being hurt, and the craftsmen who were so merciless and used to fight are simply squatting behind them.

In this dangerous age, people who are not used to fighting are quite unusual.

Such strength and physique, as long as you hold on to each other, it is quite effective …


"Stop your hand – hey !?"

Oh wow, the fist is in the middle of the goal.

I have a reason to watch the battle like this casually.

……It is because everyone present is not pulling out the weapon.

It is not an era of peace now.

The two craftsmen are also, of course, will keep the short sword in their waist or hide in their arms.

But they did not pull out their weapons, and further did not use violence against unrelated people.

That is to say, according to the truth of this world and this era, although the two people are passionate, they still hold the bottom line.

"If you want to add trouble to the store – go outside, hey!

"Enough, shut up!"

"Damn, it's hard enough!"

Therefore, I think we should wait and see for a while.

Mr. Dwarf also worked hard in the way of Mr. Dwarf, and the two craftsmen would fight for some reason.

If the lord suddenly breaks in, then things will be big –

"Drink, hello! Hold the guy! ”

"After killing this guy, let's continue."

Just when I thought about it, the two quarrels seemed to unite.

It seems that no matter how to play the dwarfs, they will stop them, so the two decided to exclude the dwarf and then continue.

In fact, they are two, the relationship is very good?

"Enough, oh, oh, go away!"

Hmmm …

They pressed the dwarf's neck by one person and the other continued to use the knee.

Ah, it's time, it's not enough.

If it is a man's empty-handed fight, it can not be tolerated, but it can not several several people to besiege a person's violence.

“……Stop it? ”

I walked into the store and said so.

"Ahhhh …" So bothering

"What happened, it is …"

The two looked back at this side.



Completely petrified.

Both of them opened their mouths.

The same is true of the audience.

"Stop it? If I continue, I can not turn a blind eye. ”

The red-faced faces of the two men turned into a blue-green.

……So I just want to avoid my direct involvement as much as possible. There is really no way.

"I do not have a big idea, both of them just drink a little more?"

I looked at the faces of the two people in a similar way. I saw that the two men nodded without saying a word.

Nodded quite hard.

"So, today, like the ones present, apologize …After that, please go home and rest? It does not matter, you will not be held accountable again. ”

After I smiled and said this, it seemed to be scared. The two men shrank into a group and apologized to the dwarf and the maid.

What is the strength and excitement of the wine, once it is awake, it will become quite empty.

"Trouble you!"

"It's really a lot of wine, I'm very sorry!"

They apologized with such feelings and left with compensation.

– Sure enough, the two people are together. It really is a good relationship.

All that was left was the dwarf gentleman who was was swaying and bruised, and the dumb maids and guests.

……Well, then, what should I do now?

Mr. Dwarf seems to have been beaten a little bit unconscious, but soon wakes up.

Specifically, it was the calmness of the commotion. Before I wanted to use the sober prayer, he returned to God. It was really tenacious.

"Ahhhh …"

He sneaked around and understood the situation and stood up with an amazing momentum.

"This, this time …!"

"Wait a minute."

He wanted to bow to me, but I held his forehead.

"Your face and head have been hit quite a few times. Can not suddenly stand up and bow down. ”

"Amount, yes …"

The damage to his head does not seem serious, but it can also cause serious situations that can not be used as jokes.

After listening to me, Mr. Dwarf calmed down a bit.

I asked the maid to borrow a chair and let him sit down.

"In addition, please give me another towel and cool it with well water or something else."


After returning to God, the guests have been reduced a lot.

Well, after the end of the work, I plan to come to the pub while complaining and noisy, and then I am enjoying the fights that have happened there …Suddenly the lord intervened to stop the fight.

The guest will naturally change places in order to avoid trouble.

It really adds a lot of trouble to the store …I thought about it, then opened my hand in front of the dwarf's alder-colored eyes.

"Can you see a few fingers?"


"Okay, no problem. Do you want to vomit, have a cold or have a headache? ”

Not really.

"Your name is?"

“……My name is Lu. ”

After some hesitant silence for a little while, he said so.

This is not like the name of a dwarf who uses a lot of voiced sounds (* Note) and a little rude feeling.

(Annotation:Voiced sound is a unique syllable in Japanese.)

Probably a short name or a nickname.

"Mr. Lu. Although you may may already know, I am William. Many thanks for your attention and advice!

His answer was quite smooth, and he did not see dangerous symptoms such as hands and feet and nosebleeds.

However, it must be observed for a while, it seems that he is not serious. But

"It's really good to be beaten and knee-shouldered like this, and it's still safe and sound."

“……Because tenacity is my strength. ”

With that said, Mr. Lu, who is black, narrowed his eyes.

It is better to use the prayers instead of using ordinary treatments.

I thanked the maid, and then wiped the part of the dwarf who was beaten with a wet towel.

then …Where is the boss? Caused a commotion, I want to apologize to him. ”

"Ah, my father is now bedridden …"

The maidservant said so, sadly lowered her eyes.

Therefore, it will become such a situation that allow to fight in the store.

"Do you need me to come to the clinic?"

“!? Really, it is really impossible to bear! ”

……It is really troublesome to be prominent in status.

It's okay! If you know someone is sick and you do not care, the gods will be angry with me. The paladin abandoned by the gods, the current tragedy is not popular with this story. ”

I joked and shrugged, and the lady's expression was softened.

"When it is successfully cured, please be sure to go to the church to offer some tributes, and it does not matter."

"Yes, yes, definitely …!"

"So, Mr. Lu, I will be back soon, and please rest quietly for a while.

I said this and went to the part of the pub.

The uncle's disease in the pub itself is not a serious situation.

It's just a little difficult skin disease.

However, it is a disease that affects the appearance. Considering the decline in the impression and evaluation of the guests, I can understand the reasons why he does not appear in the store.

I put my hand on the sick part, and after praying, the skin immediately recovered.

"Oh, oh oh …"

"Thank you very much, thank you very much …!"

"This is the power given by the gods of the lights, so thank you and thank God."

I laughed.

"That, that, it should be said that it is remuneration or giving, that …"

"Be as much as possible."


"Please pray as much as possible to the gods with gratitude ….As far as money concerns, please give them as much as possible within the scope of your abilities. ”

After talking about a less interesting joke, the boss uncle and daughter laughed.

This is what the Lord of Bagley Temple said to me in the past. If you do not ask for a treatment, then the ultimate free treatment will be taken for granted, and then the neck of all the priests will be tightened.

Even if the heart wants to give treatment free of charge, the priest can not live on the meal, so it is necessary to ask for more or less.

"So, if it's convenient, try our home now!

"The father's food is very delicious!"

"Wow, thank you very much. In fact, I did not pay attention to dinner even if I did not pay attention to it … "

We talked about the sky like this, and when the atmosphere was slightly relieved, we went back to the pub …I saw Mr. Lu repairing the gates of the pub.

Ah, it's said that the door broke at that time –

"Amount, what are you doing !?"

"It's boring to wait forever …"

"Even if this is the case, you still have injuries …Amount, great! ”

The door that was damaged in the open area was almost perfectly repaired.

It is clear that only ready-made tools and materials are used.

I am also seventeen years old (* note), and I have lived in this world for 16 years.

(* Annotation:This refers to the virtual age.)

More or less understand woodworking and crafts, and you can do it yourself, just because you can understand.

"Oh wow …"

The grades are different, but it is only an emergency response that does not require a lot of effort, but it is only a high level of skill.

In a short time, the door was beautifully repaired and impeccable.


"This is really amazing."

The father and daughter of the pub also admire.

"No, it's no big deal …Compared with William, who is … "

But Mr. Lu said with a low head.

"Strong and courageous …"

……It seems that Mr. Lu is the kind of person who is not confident about himself.

Inadvertently, there are reasons for past life memories, and I understand his mood.

But because of this …

"Do not be so good."


His majesty looked up and looked at my sight.

I could not help but recall Mary's appearance, and the tone brought some gentleness.

If it is her …If I am so depressed, I will say so.

"Do not say that you are weak, have no interest in anything – do not curse yourself like this."


"The discourse is that it has power …Have the power to bind people and curse people. ”

The red-eyed eyelids swayed because of doubts.

"If you are cursing the enemy, do not let yourself curse your heart." We ourselves should be the most reliable partner in our heart, right? ”

This is something that I have not done before.

It is therefore impossible to make a high appearance when saying such a thing …Thinking so, I still showed a soft smile, so asserted.

Regardless of may you do it it or not, sometimes you have to do this.

"…… yes / yes

Fortunately, Mr. Lu's back feels a little straighter.

There is a kind of dish called "canned" in this world.

Mix the ingredients with water, wine, salt, and vanilla and spices in a wide – mouth jar.

It is main a hodgepodge, but if it done done a critical person, it will perfectly reconcile the taste of the soup, the flavor of the herbs and the stimulation of the spices, which is very delicious.

Now there is a wide-mouth jar with a lid in front of my eyes.

The maid's lady took the thick cloth in her hand and opened the lid. The smell of the smell spread out.

This is the canned fish of the river fish.


It is a big fish that can be stably captured by the "Light River Port" (* Note).

(* Annotation:White and red fish are a unique fish classification in Japan, classified according to the color of the fish.)

Add chopped summer vegetables, slightly aged wine, and mix with rock salt and herbs.

With hard multigrain bread, goat-flavored cheese, and light wine diluted with hot water, it is considered a high-quality food.

Even if the staple food is a porridge with a little bit of broken vegetables, the side dish is a pickled dry goods – it is already a good food.

When I was treated in the poor village parade of "The Beastmaster", sometimes the villagers said "Please eat."Once again, the more amazing food is coming up, and the way it is can not be imported.

In this era and in this region, there are many kinds of dishes that ignore the nutritional balance and the pleasure of eating.

……In this way, I have a real sense that the culture of flavoring must be based on the foundation of wealth.

Because of this, it is really grateful to be able to eat normal food.

"The goddess Mader, the kind God, I am about to enjoy these foods because of your kindness." Please giv the food prepared here as a blessing and become a food that supporting our body and mind. ”

The prayers on weekdays have completely become my habits.

……Prayer is a very effective means of switching and organizing your mood. I learned this after I was born in this world.

"Thank you for your favor."

In the past, the so-called religion has been passed down for thousands of years. The long-term preservation of things must have its corresponding advantages and effectiveness. This is the case.

To be taken for granted, it is a matter of course.

"So, cheers!"

I raised the cup to Mr. Lu, the dwarf who is a black-haired man.

Mr. Lu also respectfully raised his glass to respond to me.

Then I used a large wooden spoon to remove the dishes from the jar and put them in the pottery plate.

“……Ah, it is delicious. ”

The entrance to the fish is instant.

The taste of the soup penetrates into the chopped vegetables.

Because the food is seasoned for the workers, the salt is a bit heavy and matches the wine very well.

Lu also agreed to nod.

I took the hard bread and took some soup and tasted it.

Cheese also has unique flavor and is very tasty.

If you eat cheese alone, the taste will be very strong and over-headed, but it will be right right to eat with the bread.

For a long time, both of us enjoyed the pub's cuisine with great interest.

Mr. Lu originally had a very stiff expression, and now it is beginning to give off a soft atmosphere because of the delicious cuisine.

"Say, why is Mr. Lu going here? "

I suddenly asked this question.

The dwarf is undoubtedly seeing two people fighting, so because the goodwill wants to stop them from entering the pub.

No matter how you think he is such a person.

However, this area is a lot of streets for humans.

Fortunately, there is no obvious opposition between the races of the "Light River Port", but even so, each other's culture and living habits are different.

Inevitably, the living areas of each other will also be divided to some extent.

Why is he here as a dwarf?

“……Ah, that, the amount. ”

He seemed to want to say something, and I nodded and waited patiently.

"I, I am, just moved here …"


"So, so, that should be said, in order to grasp the geographical situation? Still, that, the amount … "

Ah, it's an adventure, I think so.

But this does not require me to export, I nodded and urged his next words.

"Similar, the same action as the expedition …"

He shrank into a group and said so.

"I do not think there is anything strange about this. This is a necessary thing. ”


There are also some people with bad character in this town, but I am concerned, Mr. Restov is also supervising, and no one will say anything to openly make some mess on the street.

Since it is just a walk, it will not cause too much trouble. It is very important to first walk around the land to master the terrain.

Of course, there is no means of transportation in this world, no detailed map of the town, no traffic signs, no house numbers.

If you do not walk around, observe, or remember it, you will not know what the street is like.

……Mr. Lu peeked at our exercise, in addition to his own interest, it also has the meaning of confirming the location of the main hall.

"But the people of the Ming clan are very busy for the deployment …"

“……Ah, is Mr. Gulandiru? ”

"Ah, yes."

"It does not matter, that side has been processed."

I do not just listen to him talking about past events and hardships.

It is also mixed with Mr. Agu Nalu, such as the distribution of living areas, lending temporary residences to those in need, sorting out the number of people who want to be settled, and the skills they possess, etc. Advance.

So I told Mr. Lu that he did not need to worry, I do not know why Mr. Lu looked at me with a look that contained many emotions.

It's like a roadside child looking at me – including envy, respect, jealousy …In addition, it also implies the feelings of self-abuse and inferiority – looking up.

“……It's amazing. ”

I always feel that it is a familiar look.

Because, the past life I exposed is also such a look.

Because of this.

"Strong, reliable, and manageable …Really, someone like me wants … "

"So, Mr. Lu is going to try it out?


I can not help but feel I can not leave him alone.

"A certain degree of strength can be acquired as long as you have a good diet and exercise. A certain degree of reliability is execution and habit. If you manage it, you can it it by the experience of others. ”

Those things can be acquired with ordinary flesh and mind, plus a little execution.

Whether it is past life or this life.

If you can not get it …In many cases, it is due to the blow of something, the loss of enthusiasm for things, or the desire to lose enthusiasm for things. This is what everyone will encounter.

Judging from the knowledge I have memorized, I have also received corresponding education in past lives, and have produced enthusiasm for some things and made some achievements.

But I can not remember where I was stumped …In addition to will, ability and talent, this situation is also linked to the environment and luck.

If they are maliciously thrown into a cruel and harsh environment, and if they are unfortunate, they will be defeated, defeated, and convinced. Of.

Then if he can stand up again, he needs to see the opportunity.

……Life is not necessarily a good thing, even if it is something that looks beautiful, it is not necessarily a good thing.

Anyone who likes to belittle others and let others suffer. If you look for the cause of the person's distortion, you will find another injurer. If you look for the cause of the perpetrator's distortion, you will find new injurer.

After leaving the city of the dead, I understood – this irrationality is the reality of this world.

……The undead silk taugunet said that to create an ideal hometown with only excellent outstanding undead, now I think his words are not so difficult to understand.

Of course, it is just not so difficult to understand.

Whether it can be accepted or not is another matter. I have not accepted his point of view – I have already made up my mind not to accept his point of view.


"It is also a fate to meet here. If Mr. Lu …If Lu is convenient, do you want to help me as a follower? ”

I have made up my mind not to accept the ideal of not dying, and in this case I must choose the corresponding living method.

At this time, I can not say, "That's goodbye," and turned and left, but should lend a helping hand to those who are frustrated.


In the face of helping his hand, Lu's eyes were free.

"That, that, this is, serious …"

Lu's reaction was hesitant, but I nodded and smiled at him.

Even if you give a helping hand with goodwill, the other party will not necessarily hold the hand.

Trust needs to be accumulated a little bit, and helping others needs to be down-to-earth.

Few people can think of an idea at once, put it all into practice, and solve everything.

With this in mind, I will say it again. Even if Lu did not accept this, I am prepared to continue to deepen my enthusiasm with Lu and persistently lend a helping hand;

"It does not matter, I did not talk about it for a while ….Because the magician can perfuse others, you can keep silent, but you can not lie. ”

"Ahhhh ……I seem to have heard about it. ”

"Yes. That is true. Then, I am also one of the magicians. ”

Gass:When the magician lies, it will weaken the power in The Spirit.

Depending on the user, the power of the spirit will be corresponding or light or heavy, or dull or sharp. The "Spirit" of a liar who is accustomed to lies will lose its weight and sharpness as time goes by.

There is studied, there are still many many magicians.

This is the reason.

"So I will not lie. If you are tempted to try something, I want to help you. ”


After hearing my words, Lu was a little silent for a while.

He timidly reached out and shrank back.

"Though it may cause you trouble …"

Then, take a deep breath.

"Please let me follow you!"

I held my hand hard.

Lu Gang moved to this land, plus the terrain is not known, and it is already at night, so I sent Lu to the streets of the dwarves.

……Then I found out that that seems to be any commotion.

As I thought about what was going on, I was close, and I saw a group of dwarves carrying a few murderous lights on the lights.

"Little Lord!"

After they discovered Lu, they changed their faces and quickly approached.

"Where have you been!"

"Where to go, let us know first!"

"Everyone is worried about you …"

There are many other words that are like a machine gun.

Though I can really feel the meaning of concern from their words …

"Woo. Woohooo. "

Lu's eyes turned.

"In any case, peace is good!"

"Hold, sorry …"

……Ah, um.


I can not help but feel that I understand the environment of Lu Changda and the problems in it.

However he does not know how noble he is, his bloodlines are among the most prominent among the dwarves.

According to the past events of the dwarves I heard, the dwarves embraced the sorrow of the revival of the Kingdom of Black Iron.

They want to recapture their lost hometown, which is of course a good thing.

In order to achieve this goal, noble blood is also one of the core, I can understand that they do not want to lose Lu's mood.

……However, this case, this seems to be a poison for Lu.

First of all, the adult male is just a person walking up the street, and coming back later has caused such a big commotion.

Probably the dwarfs raised Lu Yangyu very cherishedly, and even cleared him from having a good fight with him.

But I do not think Lu is guarded by the grown-ups.

I have read this case in the memory of past lives, so I know.

– Excessive protection and excessive interference.

Do this and do that.

It should be like this, it should should be like that.

It is correct to choose this option.

How many children are like this this – all that is decided by the people around them – is the parent's discretion, mobility, and willpower.

I now understand why when Lu said "when coming to adventure", why did he shrink up?

Because he was raised and raised in an environment where such things are not allowed.

"All in all, do not do this again in the future …"

One of the dwarves wants to end the topic like this.

Lu showed his feelings like a suffocating expression and nodded.


At this point I inserted it.

But this is a family problem of others, if Lu continues to live in such a situation – I do not want to see the future of Lu.

"I am William G. Mary Brad."

I gently put my right hand on my chest and performed an ancient gift. That kind of etiquette is used in the case of the superior to the lower level.

– There are many older people among the dwarves opposite. After paying attention to my name and actions, I hurriedly performed the etiquette for the superiors.

"First of all, thank you to everyone. I talked with Lu's occasional encounter, and chatted late, so … "

"How, how dare to be …!"

It came from the opposite crowd, that is, the lord, that is the voice of the paladin.

At the same time, there was a sight with the assessment of strength, but I did not make any disguise.

I am showing my strength to the dwarf.

“……It is true

"Strong terrible."

The dwarves whispered.

The dwarf with a scar on his face said in a solemn tone.

"Not just that. Even everyone present at the scene will be defeated together. ”

He warned the partner like this.


This is a bit exaggerated.

If you say that everyone in the room suddenly becomes an enemy, I will probably hesitate to deal with it and lose it.

In any case, the dwarf with a wound on his face pushed the dwarfs who heard the words and looked bloodless.

"My name is Guru Reitz. I apologize for the sorrow of the Lord. I have indeed accepted it. It is really fearful. "

He cast a sharp eye, it is the eyes of the warrior.

"So, are you here?"

"I want to welcome Lord Lu as my follower."

The noise spread.

"You said, let the young masters be the followers?"

Pledged of

"That is to say …"

The commotion expanded.

"The Lord, the lord of the Paladin is very dangerous!"

"That is to go hunting Warcraft with the Lord of the Paladin …!"

"Please reconsider!"

Some dwarves shouted like this.

Lu's eyes are free and his forehead sees sweat.

I stared at the Lu.

"All in all, think about it for another night …"

"Yes, we will also discuss with you …"

Hearing the words that the dwarves released one after another, Lu's face rose.

This is almost a conditional reflection.

Just when will you focus on the head.

"–you, what do you want to do?"

I only said this question.

Lu Hao's eyes widened – he heard the sounds around him, he was a little confused, his eyes swaying.

After that, I clenched my lips.

"I, I want to …!"

With a voice that seems to be squeezed out, Lu declares.

"I want to learn from this lord!"

His voice unexpectedly had penetrating power and resounded throughout the audience.

Feeling shaken by this sudden change, the dwarves were silent.

"What is the so-called warrior! What is the so-called courage! I want to grab this answer with my own hands! ”

His words are full of heat, like the heat of the flame.

"- If not facing the danger! If you can not take a step on your own!

How can I know what a warrior is! How can I know what courage is! ”

Lu straightened up the back and the braided hair jumped up.

His large red-yellow eyes are staring in the burning light.

"I want to be a person who will not let the great ancestors and the ancestors be ashamed! Even what is fighting, what is courage, what is noble, do not know, what a dwarf!

You do not going to change your mind! ”

The rough mountain people were suppressed by the roar of just one person.

It's amazing, I think so.

To be honest, I did not think that Lu will be so clear.

He is even better than I thought.

"Mr. Will! Please let me be your follower here! ”

Lu said that he was close to me, kneeling down and extending my hands to me.

Brad's voice flashed through my mind.

– The hands that are the soldiers are handed out to give up their own "sincerity" symbol.

– Use your hands to wrap his hands, accept his "sincerity", or refuse, choose one of them.

– Do not be too rash when you pack. Because accepting the meaning of the "sincerity" of the warrior is very heavy.

The night of a temple.

In the eye sockets, the bones of the white and white fires shook and squatted and laughed.

– What is the meaning of entrapment? That's …


I firmly wrapped up the hands full of heat that Lu stretched out.

"- protected by my hands."

It became a strange handshake.

Because of the excitement and tension, Lu, who showed a stiff, uneasy expression, looked up at me.

Then I feel relieved to relax my expression.

"Though simple, I have accepted the vows of the followers. – So from now on you will accept my instructions as a knight who serves the monarch. "

I patted Lu's shoulders as "啪" and "啪" while while looking around the dwarves.

"I have a question for you. My fame is not enough to let Lu be the Lord for the time being? ”

……The so-called followers are not a low-profile identity in this era.

In order to gilt his own experience, many noble children and even the royal family became the heroic and noble knight's followers.

For the kingdom, I am a companion, the servant of the king of Owen, the servant of the Ethel, the lord who governs the most borderland.

It is not a very high status from the social sequence, but I am personally famous.

– "Flying Dragon Kill", "Warcraft Kill"

– "The Passer of Lights", "The Paladin at the End of the World"

Regardless of the identity of Lu among the dwarves, I have the confidence to follow me and not to shame him.

Hmmm …

"Hmm …

When I heard my question, the dwarves were swaying.


At this time, Mr. Gururez solemnly said.

"Guru Reitz, is this your approval?"

"This is the will of the Lord."

"But ..

"This is to understand the dilemma of waiting for me. I have never said the will of a slavish discourse from an early age. "

After Mr. Gururez repeated this way, the dwarves who wanted to refute were silent.

"Less Lord, there is me waiting to convey it on the ancient land."

“……Thank you, Guru Reitz "

"But ..

In the face of Lu, who was hesitant to thank, Mr. Gurureez took a "but" as a turning point and cast a sharp eye on him.

Lu was shocked and shook.

"I will wait as a young master to die today."

"This, this is to say …"

"Since you have offered sincerity to the outstanding fighters, then do not take your life. To serve the monarch, you must have a good job – in the wake of the sudden death of your life. ”

The dwarf on the face made a harsh expression and said so.

For his serious words, Lu also tightened his expression.



Then, Mr. Gururez looked at me.

"After that, the old man will go go with Grelandi to greet him. – The Lord, please. "

"Please give it to me."

Hearing my answer, the scar on his face was distorted, revealing a rough smile.

That is what reminds me of Brad's, the smile of the warrior.

The third volume of the king of the rust mountain, the third chapter

The dark man's dwarf Lu became my follower.

Mr. Gururez did not violate the agreement. He persuaded Mr. Guranti, and Mr. Gurandilu also officially greeted me.

"Well, therefore, Lu. While there are many followers who are raising their own expenses …In short, my words will provide you with equipment and will you a salary. ”

"This, is that okay?"

"I can not say what I can not do. I have to rip off the current dwarf immigrants. How many ghosts I have. "

There are still many dwarves still deploying the basic materials of life.

It's impossible to say how much money I can collect from them.

"So let's discussion the amount of salary."

Huh? That, as long as I can serve Sir Will, I will … "


"No, no, no."

"This is what other people told me before. Money is very important ….Well, welcoming a follower and hiring a maid is a different matter. ”


"I do not pay you the equivalent, you do not accept the equivalent, it also means your job, your 'sincerity' is worthless."


"But it would be be vulgar to label anything, it is the easiest indicator to understand, so you must have make a good relationship."

Gas will definitely say that.

As I thought about it, I asserted it with a firm tone.

“……Really mature. ”

"Just to work hard to become mature."

After such a conversation, we decided on salary and other details.

Lu will move to live with me and will join us in the morning exercise.

……Then, I started to think about what I was taught from, and I was confused.

Mmm … num …

"Okay, another round!"

I took Lu around the town for a long run.

– Think carefully, I have been a disciple until now, and I have never taught anyone.

However I tried to recall what Brad taught me, I have been training so since I was young and I have a lot of differences with the body that has already developed.

In what order should we teach the methods of combat, the way the soldiers survive, and so on.

How can I let him learn this?

During this period of thinking, I understood it again –

Brad is also, Mary is also, Gas is also, but it seems very natural to give my knowledge and technology to me …But in order for me to absorb so much knowledge efficiently, how much effort did they make?

Including some points that are not important, such as the pace and the posture to teach which one, even if it is such part, standing on the side of the professor needs to follow a certain rule and spend a lot of effort.

Finally Sprint all the way! ”

I encouraged Lu, who was about to kneel down but still clenched her teeth, and ran together.

……I really feel that I am far from the three in the field of education.

However, there will always be one day.

One day, I will catch up with them.

You've had a long day Take a few steps to adjust your breathing before, and then it is a workout! ”


"Strength is the basic in the basics of combat. My master once said that as long as there is violence in the muscles that have been exercised, most of the problems can be solved. ”

“……Yes, it is! ”

In order to be able to stand side by side with the three.

In order to be able to smile and say to the three, I also came here.

In order not to let Lu's "sincerity" presented to me be shamed.

……Let me do my best to do it.


However this is the second time, I am afraid that I can not protect this piece of regional security and the title of the paladin who can represent this representative of this area and the royal court.

Therefore, as a follower of Lu, the first thing I did was to educate him as a warrior and pursue physical strength.

I will frequently enter dangerous forest areas and even more dangerous places to fight countless dangers. I want to serve such a person, but even if I can not protect myself, then I can not talk about it.

However, I am not doing the main thing at all.

……There was a small gathering on that day.

According to the pioneering policy of the Kingdom of Fatel on the "Southern Frontier", many people from all regions of the "Prairie Continent" in the north moved to this land. For example, the owner of the "White Sails Capital" sheep restaurant is the "dry land" from the northeast.

Mr. Restov's words are based on the characteristics of the appearance and the serious and silent behavioral character. I think he should have been born near the "Ice Mountains" on the north side of Peking University Road.

Needless to say, His Excellency Esser and the Pagoda Temple are the capitals of the French capital, Teardrop Capital.

There are also many people from the small and medium-sized kingdoms of the Kingdom of the French side, the Union of Kingdoms, and the southeastern part of the war, which is still in the midst of the war.

Others come from the various islands distributed in the "China Sea", the great forests of the elves, the mountains of the dwarves, and even more more distant places.

In addition, there is a wandering nation like the Bard Bi, who originally lived in a fixed place and likes to wander.

In this "light river port", there are really all kinds of people gathered together. Therefore, people in the same country and the same cultural circle who are easy to get along with will live together and form streets and districts with various characteristics.

– Each has its own characteristics, and vice versa.

The same behavior will have different meanings in various cultural circles. Some actions are a serious insult to others. In addition, the business habits are different, so the contract and payment methods will be inconsistent. Or the fundamental root, the language is unreasonable.

This will naturally cause all sorts of troubles.

The situation was particularly serious at the beginning.

The scale of quarrels expanded, and the helpers called for help. Even the plural groups in the town led a small and old war.

At that time, before the development of the situation turned into a more serious situation, I resolutely suppressed with Mr. Menel and Mr. Restov. The cultural differences are really terrible.

……If this kind of situation is left, it will only make the chaos expand. Therefore, I have transferred many consultations with the priests and set the rules and punishments that are limited to the town.

The rules when doing business.

The rules for the use of ships and ports.

When a problem occurs, tell the lord or his subordinates the reason and reason, and wait for the referee.

What kind of punishment should be accepted by those who do not comply with these regulations.

Join the chaos, what punishments should be accepted when the helper expands the confusion, and many other things besides.

……I really feel that the past two years of "successful two-year-old defeat" (* note) is indeed a reason for existence.

(Annotation:"The Law of Success and Failure" is one of the criminal laws of the Japanese feudal era. It means that for for "two people in Japanese", no matter who is right or wrong, both sides conflict must be punished. )

This "White Sails Capital" under the command of His Excellency Esser and the Pagoda Shrine who runs the Great Temple in "White Sails Capital".

In any case, in addition to the tough correspondence between rules and punishments, a softer correspondence is also necessary.

It is one of the arrangements for the representatives of the various groups to gather and hold regular gatherings.

On this day, I handed Lu 's exercise to Menel, and participated in the rally in order to show up as much as possible, listening to their opinions and recording them.

The rally began some late in the morning, including noon, until the end of the afternoon. After the rally was disbanded, I walked to a pub.

It was the pub where I talked to Lu.

However there was was problem until that, I came to confirm that the boss's disease did not recur.

I think that is serious disease, it should be no problem, but if it is caused by living habits and nutritional imbalances, sometimes even if you get a cure for the prayer, it will quickly recur.

Prayer or miracle is not omnipotent.

"- Th one."

If it is in business, it should not be easy to step in as a lord, so I confirmed that it is indeed a signboard in preparation.

There was a voice in the pub, just as I wanted to knock on the door.

"I am sorry to ask such an urgent request, then please."

"Nothing, I will finish it."

The door in front of my eyes is open.


The person standing in front of me can not help but widen his eyes.

"Oh, Lord Lord!"

Behind him, the maid girl covered her mouth with a surprised expression.

“……Really, hello. ”

At the entrance to the pub –

What I happened to meet was the dwarf with a wound on his face, Mr. Gururez.

The pub's boss's disease was cured and there was no recurrence.

They are passionate about entertaining me, but they are still ready to trouble them when they are in the store, so I refused them and left the pub to take the road.

Mr. Gururez is walking by my side.



Our destinations are in the same direction.

Mr. Gururez is very dwarf-style and keeps silent, taking a step in a word.

He revealed a serious atmosphere, it is difficult to talk to him, but –

“……Mr. Gururez, are you going to that store? ”

I can not stand this silent atmosphere and throw a topic.

"After ten days there was a big celebration reservation, so they commissioned me to collect the corresponding amount of meat."

"That is, hunting for a living?"

"No, the business is a mercenary, the kind that sells its own skills. But how many will use some crossbows, traps, etc. -"

"Similar to part-time job?"

Period. "

After trying to talk, he replied in an unexpected and fluent tone.

So, mercenaries, selling their own skills, and Brad is the same industry.

The old wound on his face was obviously caused by the sword, so I can understand it.

On the avenue in the afternoon.

The sun shone brightly, and the workshop in the distance came and beat the sound of the hammer.

People talk about various topics walking on the road, and we are the same.

Occasionally someone will notice me and nod to greet me.

“……This is a nice town. It is really impossible to imagine that it has been established for a few years. ”

"Well, thanks to everyone's help."

Upon hearing my answer, Mr. Gururez nodded.

Then I went silent again.

……This time the silence does not make people feel embarrassed.

"Lord of the Paladin."


“……I used to be a warrior of the Kingdom of Black Iron. ”

Mr. Gururez, who walked by me, showed a very stable expression.

"At the time, I was still immature as a warrior, and I was not allowed to die with the Maharaja and I."

His tone is quite calm.

"I am obeying the fate of the Maharaja and guarding the rest of the people. Most of the people armed with weapons are hired as mercenaries to earn daily meals.


"It's very difficult to settle down. We wandered and wandered in many places and arrived here today.

But I understand that there must be a lot of emotional entanglement in the depths of his heart.

He said in a voice that permeated many emotions.

"Less master, please also, more guidance."


I stopped and changed my expression.

Put a fist in one hand and put it on your left chest.

"Under the light."

So swear.

Sweat flows down my neck.

On the grass in the courtyard, I and Lu are fighting.

Menel watched the battle.

Hmmm …

After repeated consideration, I finally decided to start from the next stage of the foundation, empty-handed fighting.

Lu Tiansheng has a good physique. I do not know if it is a natural character of the dwarf race. It has not been much exercised but it is very powerful.

I think it should first be taught that he has a great influence on the fighting skills (* note), starting from letting Lu have confidence in his ability.

(* Annotation:The fighting skills here refers to all kinds of skills in empty-handed fighting, including techniques such as hitting, twisting, throwing, etc., such as Japanese judo, Chinese picking.)

Hmmm …

– But this is really unexpected.

Though I want to be stronger …But in the face of my full push, Lu was able to hold hold.

Because it is simply a wrestling confrontation, it is stuck in some way.

Obviously, I have not received any special training, but the strength is so great, plus this intuition.

……Can only say that talent is outstanding.

"Hey, hey …"

I can understand why Lu will hesitate to throw a punch.

Indeed, if you are born with such extraordinary strength, it will indeed become like that.

……In fact, maybe even if you do not plan to hurt others, you may inadvertently hurt someone.


Therefore, I am trying to make a full expression.

Said in a tone of indifference.

"This is, your full strength?"

"Hey, hey …!"

Very powerful force pressed me to sizzle.

But I took it down and pushed back.

Brad's exercised body can be as thin as it will lose to this level of stress.

"You can continue."

"Hey …!"

Let's just let it go.

Despite the noise.

……Probably, Lu wants to start from this point first.

"To this extent …"

I fell down and made all my strength from the front, slamming against Lu.

"Hey, ah !?"

Slowly, the foot on the ground at the foot of Lu left a hard-supported footprint, and I pushed it straight behind me.

"It's better than I won." I want to be stronger. ”

So it's more fun.

Use all your power.

I said this in my heart, and adjusted my figure into his arms, and pulled the back and slammed it to the ground.

In order not to let his head hit the ground, I pulled his collar.

Hmmm …

"Okay, it was Lu."

At this time, I will not be merciless.

Habitual pain is also a part of training. I am already aware that I may be hated by Lu, but even so I must must it.

Though it is, you must take it it …



"What happened to the just move!"

Lu stood up immediately and asked me with his eyes shining.

Obviously a long distance, was thrown away, tasted the pain, but did not shrink at all.

It is really tenacious and very positive.

"The move just now, ah …Menel, come here. ”

"I want to be a laboratory bench …"

"After all, if you look at it, it will be easier to see, please."

"Working hard, you are bothered!"

"Really, no way. You have to throw me out beautifully! Beautiful! ”

– The day when Lu became a warrior, maybe it will come earlier than I thought.

Magic training in this world is sometimes similar to acting and calligraphy.

The use of "Spirit" must use the correct volume, pronunciation to make a sound, so voice training is a compulsory course.

Similarly, to use the text, which is the "imprint", the correct handwriting is necessary, so the stroke training is also a compulsory course.

As a result, the magician's handwriting is quite beautiful.

The magician who serves the privilege also serves as the clerk's mission on many occasions.

I am no exception. After being trained by Gass, the words written are quite beautiful.


In the office.

I hand-held a quill made warcraft feathers and carefully wrote down the succinct and unconventional articles from left to right.

The paper used is the most advanced category I can get, and the ink is good.

After writing, I used the ink-absorbing sand to suck the excess ink, and then folded the paper carefully.

First, fold up and down into three stacks to hide the content, then fold it into three stacks in the lateral direction, and then prepare to seal.

Put the red wax on the fire and bake it for a while, let the wax drip onto the paper to close it, and finally press the stamp with the stamp ring that was just made last year.

The seal consists of a shield, a light on the shield, and a ring of light that is illuminated by the light. It is mine, exactly the coat of arms of the "Mary Brad House" – the family.

Before I thought about what kind of seal to make, I decided to use the mark of "The Ring and Fire" by the ancient lace Philip, and the symbol that symbols the shield of the Paladin.

Finally, I reconfirmed that the sender is my signature and that name of the recipient is well written written on the back.

The recipient is the head of the Bard Valley.


The content of the letter is the commission of the investigation document.

In the throne of the forest, the words spoken by The King of the Skull.

– In the rust mountains, there will be a black fire.

– The fire will burn, spread, and perhaps burn out everything in this land.

– In that land, the giant evil spirits and the king of the suffocating king fell asleep with the gold of the mountain people.

The past of the dwarves.

– Dragon will come.

– Dragon will come! The dragon will come! Valacirca! Will smash the disaster!

It is necessary to use this as a basis to investigate the information in the Temple of the Sage, which is gathered by the temple or by the magician.

After all, that is the enemy of this time.


If the "Fire of the Disaster" and "The King of Evil and Deficiency" in the Rust Mountain Range are the demons of "General", I have the confidence to win.

Even if I was besieged by many enemies, I could think of what I was trying to do. I have accumulated such a level of experience during these two years.

In the worst case, there is nothing to do, and there are also existence of the ace of Over Eater.

As long as you do not suddenly die for of a mistake – of course, as long as it is a battle, this possibility will not be 0 – I can win the battle.


"The God of the Gods" (Varassera)

I remember that this vocabulary refers to the constellation of six stars in the Elvish language.

It is a constellation of two stars connected like a handle, and a four-star curved like a blade …

Each star is given the name of Raytheon, Mother Earth God, Yanshen, Elven God, Fengshen, and Knowledge God – the names of the six gods.

"The disaster. The gods of the gods. ”

The proud elves used this name to call each other, even to the point of fear.

There is no doubt that it was born from the time of Taikoo –


I have never fought with the dragon.

Even in Brad's story of Wu Yong, there was no presence.

So I can hardly guess how strong he is and how much he has.


The dragon was born in the world when the ancestors created the world. In the battle between the gods and the evil gods, the dragon exerted an incomparable power second only to the gods.

They are covered with tough dragon scales, huge and agile, and they are able to manipulate the intellectuality of "Spirit".

Powerful wings capture the blast, sharp fangs are as thick as trees, and sharp claws can rival swords.

Most of the dragons are now disappearing from this world.

Some people say that the war of the gods, their number has dropped sharply, and some people say escaped from this poor material world and finally sublimated to the dimension of the gods.

No matter how many doctrines are the truth, basically the dragon does not exist in this world.

Only a lot of gorgeous legends and various kinds of Yalong species of the genus of the dragons in the past have left the proof that they have actually existed.

"…… dragon

I repeat it again.

Their strength is second only to God.

The "Mu Ling", which was ruined by Gas, and weakened by the power, is so dangerous, so desperate.

……At that time, I was once on the verge of death.

If there is no goddess of light to help, I am afraid that I am already dead.

The horror brought by the undead has come to my mind.

My back is shaking.

“……《Muling and the dragon. ”

I do not know which side is stronger.

However, it is absolutely impossible for the dragon to be much weaker than the snail Gunet.

Then you must must be as cautious as possible.

When I think about it, I want to ask the shrine to investigate if there is any clue when there is still Yu Yu.

The temple and the "School of the Sage" (Academy), which Gast once belonged to, have a wide variety of books and a lot of talents.

Occasionally, elves who leave the forest to pursue knowledge will join the Sage's College, and may be able to inquire about the ancient heritage.

"Call ~~~~~~"

In order to sort out my mind, I breathed a sigh of relief.

I am also a man, a warrior who has been trained by Brad.

Also recognized as a strong.

But at the same time, after a lot of actual combat, I understood a little.

In reality, actual combat is very harsh and cruel, and you can not neglect it at all.

Once started, one party will die.

"I hate it …"

My long-lost, my hand trembled.

An opponent with a higher level than me, an opponent with a high probability of defeat.

Will brutally and mercilessly take away their own opponents.

"Really, hate …"

Mary's face naturally came to my mind.

The incense-like scent that came from her when she hugged me.

Will. William – will call me like this, my mother's voice.

“……I am really scared. ”

When I whispered so much.

"Do not shake me!"

I could not help but startled.

Thinking about who heard my words.


"Okay, come again!"

That is the sound coming from the window.

I looked out and saw that Menel was conducting a mock battle with Lu.

"watch out!"

Hmmm …

Menel took the simulated sword that he had been made for exercise, wearing armor, and kicked Lu to the ground.

"When wearing armor, I have been hesitant to fight people. What do you want? You want to be compassionate with Willby, no, it is more naive! ”

With a squatting Lu, Menel provocatively.

"Come on, what's wrong, have you surrendered?" Do you want to flee home with your tail? Little Master? ”

"Return, still early …!"

Lu waved the analog sword.

Menel did not avoid it.

He used the headband to withstand the simulated sword that was swung from the front.

The low crash sounded, but Menel did not close his eyes because of the conditioning.

"Hey, positive attack is this degree? Is your arm so thick that it is used for decoration? Ah

Menel kept the state of being hit by the simulated sword and approached Lu, staring at him.

Lu trembled and timid.

"Oh, obviously scared? Just cry like that, run away, how? ”

"No, no escape!"

"That made me a little more awkward! Give me the power, you coward! ”

"Wow, ah!"

Lu once again waved the simulated sword, and Menel successfully took the armor.

The sword that Lu Quanli waved clearly should have penetrated the armor to cause a considerable impact, but Menel did not show a painful expression at all, it is him.

– Recently, Menel took over the part of the training that constantly forced Lu.

Lu is too gentle in any way.

However the strength is great, the skill learning is also very good, but in fact, in the simulated sword fight and the freehand fighting, the force should be weaker than his Menel to knock down and throw.

Lu's gentleness will make him resonate strongly with his opponent and hesitate to hurt others. As a person, there is no doubt about virtue …But as a warrior, it will only be a defect.

So now, Menel screams at him, kicks him, and forces him with an abominable tone, constantly stimulating Lu's heart.

Just like the training to kill birds in order to make me accustomed to killing, Menel's behavior to to let Lu get used to "the battle is to bear tremendous pressure" and "to attack the opponent in order to survive".

……This is the first step.

Easy Fancy Box

Hmmm …

A very powerful voice came out.

Lu's simulated sword hit the armor of Menel's body and further fluck him.

……It hurts. There is no doubt that the pain is messy.

"Oh – that's pretty good just now, a bit imposing."

However, Menel did not show it.

Though I frowned slightly, I kept a calm expression.

"It is that state."

This teacher is very good.

In fact, he also has the experience of caring for others, and maybe the qualifications for teaching people are better than me.

"No, thank you very much!"

Then, Lu is very straightforward.

But sometimes he will be timid, sometimes he cares about the feelings of the other party and he will be merciful. Even if he faces Menel, who is screaming and horrible, his eyes are not free.

The red-eyed eyelids shone with light, screaming as they rushed toward Mener, who was overwhelmed by the ranks of warriors.

– So good, I think so.

It can be felt that Lu will gradually become stronger every time he goes through a battle.

Things can not be done done can can done tomorrow.

Things that can not be done tomorrow can be done the next day.

No matter which one is a small change.

Sometimes I will make mistakes in the direction of my efforts and a little backward.

But what if this change lasts for ten days?

What if it lasts for 20 days? What if it lasts for 30 days? What about fifty days? What about 100 days? What about thousands of days?

What if it continues?

– The so-called warrior is not born to be a warrior.

Will suffer many injuries, make many mistakes, repeat small growth, and eventually become a warrior.


Under the window, Lu was kicked down by Menel, rolled to the ground, and the whole body was dirty.

But in my eyes, his figure is shining like a jewel.

If he continues to polish in the future, he will certainly emit more dazzling light.

When I think about it, I do not know why the uneasiness in my heart has been eated and turned into a gentle atmosphere.

Brad, Hunedoara

Brad, maybe you are also in this mood?

Lu was in the midst of constant persecution and struggling; when he was eating at noon, he was completely in the cafeteria.

Can be so stubborn Lu's physical strength without a drain, Menel is really amazing.

But then again, he himself was also very expensive, saying, "I went out to eat, and I will hand it over to you."Then he staggered up the street.

It seems that I do not want to to show students the weak side.

How to say it, it is like a wild animal, or it should be said that there is a style of Menel.

"Give, lunch."

Auntie, the housewife who came to work in the morning, said, put the big bowl on the table, which contained the soup of vegetables and bacon made for us.

In addition to the softness, the term heavy is used to describe more suitable high-density multigrain bread and boiled eggs.

……All in all, the weight is sufficient. This is also to keep fit.

"I can not eat, eat, go down …"

"If you do not want to exercise in vain, you can put it in even if you can not eat it."

If light exercise does not eat food, then it can not be called exercise. ”

Eat a lot of food after exercise.

This is the basics of Brad's repeated education. If you can not do this, exercise will not be exercised.

In the hunger strike state, the muscles of the exercise will also shrink, so it is better to to exercise.

"It does not matter if you eat slowly, you have to eat all of them."

"Yes, it is ……"

After ending the prayer before the meal, I poured the boiled herbal tea into the cup while watching Lu slowly take the food.

This is also the same as daily exercise, to drink without saying a word.

In the face of exhausted objects, I did not specifically talk to him to more him exhausted, so he kept silent.

Such a heavy, sour-sweet bread, in Germany, has been in Germany …I thought about these gossips while biting up the characteristic multigrain bread.

“……That, thank you again, thank you very much! ”

Lu put it in a posture and said.

“? What's the matter?

"You invited me to be your follower, exercise me like this, give me food and salary …Really, thank you very much! ”

Lu Chi Yang's eyelids stared straight at me.

I put the bitten bread in my hand and looked into his eyes.

“……Do you know, our past? ”


"That, then, about my position?"

"Absolutely imaginable. But I did not go into the details, if you want to say anything, you can it it any time. ”


Lu's line of sight dropped a little. The name Lu is probably also an abbreviation.

I still do not know his real name.

"My blood …That, in the clan is quite noble. ”


"My parents died very early …Therefore, I grew up under the guardianship of everyone in the clan. ”

"This is the case."

He is very much cherished by everyone. But

"There are is a voice in my heart that says, can you go on like this??"

So it will have a feeling of inferiority.

"The pride of the dwarf who believes in the god of ancestors is the pride of the warrior. But I need to take up the whole clan, but I am so weak and so timid … "

This may also include the sense of duty and responsibility that people born with the birth of a prominent life.


"When I heard your rumors, I was embarrassed. You have created many legends and are also the lords of a region. – I want to be like you. ”

Lu's nervous expression disappeared, and his face smiled.

So …Being able to serve you like this is like dreaming. What is a warrior, what is courage, can learn from you, really makes me happy. ”

The smile he showed, even made me wonder why it was itchy.

“……Thank you! During this time, I will try to be worthy of being a monarch. ”

I smiled a little shyly and replied.


"But, with regard to courage, I have no confidence in teaching you?"

There was a bitter smile in the smile.

When I heard my words, Lu showed some confused expressions.

It does not seem to understand what I am talking about.

"That one ……"

"That is, I do not have much courage."

“…………Was it against the dragon and Chimera? ”

For his question, I nodded.

I think that I am a warrior facing the terrible monsters. – But, what is it actually?

I really do not think so.


"The challenge is sure to be able to defeat the enemy. Can you say 'have courage'?

Lu Hao widened his eyes.

"Definitely able to defeat, the enemy …?"

"Be able to overcome."

It did win.

If I am going to fight with the dragon again, it will be my victory in the ninety-nine times.

In the face of Chimera, as long as the right weapons and armor are equipped, you will not lose it.

"Frankly analyze the words of the battle – I am overwhelmingly stronger than the dragon, compared to Chimera. As long as they are handed over to the exercised body, they can be defeated. ”


Lu Yiyan does not send.

A pair does not know what to say.

"I am probably much stronger than you and everyone else think."

In fact, the specific ability to grasp the gap between me and ordinary people, probably only Menel, Mr. Restov and several other people with great insight.

"I am not afraid at all. Whether it is a dragon or a Chimera. ”

Fear of the power of the enemy, only once.

Only the existence of the black mist gathered made me feel desperate, my knees were soft, and I fell to the ground.

Then, at that time, let me stand up – it was not my own courage.

If I have only one person –

It will definitely be defeated by despair, until the storm will huddle in a corner and hold your head.

"It is not courage to defeat an opponent who is much weaker than yourself." It is not a courage to defeat an opponent who is not afraid. ”


Lu asked in confusion.

"So, what is the so-called courage?"

“……I also want to know the answer. ”

At that time, I was able to stand up due to of Mary's blame.

In order to guard the three, I just took the steps of moving my trembling feet.

I do not have much great courage.

It is better to say that it does not rely on the spirit, but to constantly exercise the body to prepare, and win the battle that should be won.

Maybe my character is still the same as the previous life, it is a coward.

“……What can be done to challenge a stronger, desperate enemy than yourself? ”

The moment of battle is approaching.

But there is no time to lay down the battle to ensure victory.

At that time, can I fight?

……Do I have that courage?

On the afternoon of that day, when Lu and I were working together on the office documents, I felt that someone had entered the entrance.

Is it a guest? As I thought about it, I ended the processing of the document and knocked at the door.

"William, I am back."

That is the voice I know well.

After opening the door, I saw a man standing opposite.

A face with a beard, sharp eyes, and a well-trained physique.

The thick cloak made of Warcraft leather is full of how to wash and clean the blood and weeds of the enemy, forming a spot of smudges.

That is the adventurer with the "through" title –

"Mr. Restov! Welcome back, what is the situation? ”

"The commissioned Warcraft has all been crusaded. – This time, the demons of several "Captain Level" led the soldiers to wander around.

"The Beast of the Beast" is very broad.

It is physically impossible for me to solve the problems of Warcraft and demons that are inhabited everywhere.

It is a long-term problem to ensure that you have the strength to solve all these tasks and the strength of the trustworthy personality.

On the other hand, Mr. Restov is an adventurer looking for a strong enemy and a reputation and glory that will make him excited.

There are several martial arts stories that are telling his swordsmanship and the speedy spurs. Among the ruthless adventurers, he is a man of principle and determination, and his words and deeds are quite noble.

As a result, I am basically consistent with his interests.

I guarantee his food, clothing, and shelter, while providing a steady stream of enemies.

And he borrowed his skills from me and defeated the enemy to get Wu Xun.

I am an employer in name, but Mr. Restov is an old qualification, and I have learned a lot from him.

We are not a relationship but a symbiotic relationship. It is now very harmonious.

"There is not much exception. As for the details, I will report to Anna as usual. ”

"Yes, then please."

Moreover, ……I heard that you received received a new one. ”

He said that he turned his eyes to Lu.

“……Instrumentation, not very good. ”

He said this in a low voice.

Mr. Restov has been touring in distant villages for some time. This is the first time he and Lu have met.

"Ah, uh …"

In the face of that sharp vision and direct wording, Lu was a bit timid.

For a while, Restov looked at Lu without saying a word …Then he hurriedly leaned forward and reached out to Lu, who stood up.

"The back bow is too low."

He gently patted Lu's back and took Lu's shoulders, pulling Lula up.

"The shoulders are too far forward. That posture looks listless and the instrument is very poor. ”

Listen, well, he said.

"If you are a man, you should stand up, stretch your spine, bite your lips, and do not let your eyes go." When facing the other side, the eyes or lips should be compared. ”

"Yes, it is ……!"

"Okay, it's better to be a little better."

Mr. Restov always looks at each other's eyes.

"I am Restov, what is your name?"

"I, I am Lu."

"Lu? What do you think of William? ”

"I, I respect Lord William!"

Yes, Mr. Restov nodded.

"So as a follower, you should not make a behavior that makes the owner shame!


"The back should always stand up and the line of sight should be straight and steady. When you talk, you feel right about it and say it right. If you can not say it, then choose silence. – This is a great man. Understand?


Hearing the words spoken by Mr. Restov, he straightened his back and stared straight at it.

Inadvertently, I understand Lu's mood.

What should I say …If Mr. Restov looks with such powerful eyes, if he says this, he will feel that he can can it.

It is also a talent to be able to make this belief.



Is it alright


Mr. Restov is basically not very much, but we have been in contact for several years, and I can understand it if he wants to say something.

"It does not matter in this case?"It means "I can interrupt the words and deeds of this kid, etc.?"

"It would be better to say that I still want to ask Mr. Restov. "

"Was I?

Mr. Restov slowly nodded.

"You are called Lu."


"Let me say a few words a little."


The experienced and direct Mr. Restov looks very cohesive with the frank Lu.

“……Yes, Mr. Restov. ”


"What do you think is is courage?"

I suddenly remembered this question and asked.

He frowned and looked at me and said said.

"Though I do not know what you are thinking about …However, if you think about it like this, you will not get the answer. The so-called courage. ”

After that, time passed.

While collecting intelligence, we are alerting the "Rust Mountain Range" …As a result, from the summer to the fall, it was so smooth that it was so disappointing.

A good harvest of wheat, everyone held a lively harvest festival, and opened a banquet with new brewed beer and fruit wine.

Mr. Gurandilu and Mr. Gururez and Mr. Restov, they tell each other their own adventure stories. They are all rough fighters.

Menel slammed me and Lu's shoulders in a very good mood.

Then in the fall, the fruits of the acorns and other trees fall, which is a good time to let the animals enter the forest. The fruits of the trees that have been eaten with nutritious value are getting fatter and ready for winter, and part of the innocence is after slaughter or smoked or marinated to prepare for the winter.

In order to collect winter firewood, fruits, mushrooms, etc., the number of people entering the forest has also increased.

This year, I got the agreement of "The King of Skull". The forest is fruitful and everyone is very happy.

The adventurers are very busy this season.

So far in this region, humans and livestock entering the forest have become the targets of Warcraft, so people can not use the forest and are subject to many restrictions.

It is suicidal to step into the depths of the forest. Everyone is forced to live this life.

However, in the two years since I came here, this situation has been greatly improved.

I have repeated large-scale Warcraft crusade with the adventurers.

Large areas have been included in the field of human activities, and the scope of World Warcraft has been reduced, and the area where animals can be grazing and fruit is collected has increased.

Having said that, the fact that this is the "Beast of the Beast" has not changed, and there are still many World of Warcraft that will invade human beings.

Meeting the Warcraft and exploring the remains buried in the forest is one of the important tasks of the adventurers in this region.

They are hired by the villages, and the village provided them with accommodation, a few dollars, or a settlement of Warcraft leather as a reward. The adventurers used the World of Warcraft hunters in the left-wing village to attack World of Warcraft.

In this way, the safety of the village is guaranteed, the adventurers are paid, and sometimes the big prey is solved for glory. Of course, sometimes you will face death.

……Occasionally, some adventurers have entered into intimate relationships with the girls or widows in the village, and they have stayed in the village.

In any case, the World of Warcraft leather, bones, wheat, vegetables, firewood, etc. they received will be sold together in this "Light River Port". The adventurers used the money to reorganize the equipment, and the villagers bought back the farm tools, necessary daily necessities, and livestock.

The other side of the "Light River Port" is the acquisition of ingredients and fuel to support the people.

In addition, craftsmen rely on supplies supplied by the countryside to work.

They are engaged in smelting, pottery, carpentry, weaving and other professions, making goods for rural and urban areas.

There will be regular or irregular loading of goods that can not be produced around the "Light River Port" from the "White Sails Capital".

The laborers removed the goods from the ship and replaced them with woodwork, pottery and so on.

Merchants are profitable through the river trade between "White Sailing Capital" and "Light River Port".

Some people also got the warehouse here, and the people in this town shop for customers to make a profit.

As a lord, I say that, but most of the practice is to deal with the priests borrowed from the head of the temple. According to this situation, the funds and labor are collected everywhere, and the film is ruled and operated.

For example, from the beginning of the year, to the labor in a period of time, port, warehouse, market fees and so on.

The economy, industry, and administration of "The River Port of Lights" are working like this.

Nowadays, various industries in the town are expanding year by year, and the labor market has changed little by little. We also guarantee that we have certain seller advantages.

The immigration tendency of the "Prairie Continent" in the north has increased, and we are not forced to go without a road because of economic development.

Even if there are occasional waves, the economy here is in a virtuous circle of proper balance.

However this is a matter of happiness, it is also the case of debt management (* Note).

(* Annotation:The liability management here and the fact that the enterprise uses all or most of its income for investment, capital turnover, loan mortgage, etc., and the risk is extremely high)

Further, if this balance collapses, the vicious circle that has been maintained so far will be flawed in the blink of an eye.

For example, if the rural areas of the "Beast of the Beast" as the cornerstone were attacked by Warcraft and produced a large-scale victimization?

Then, it will lead to a food crisis in the "light river port" that relies on the supply of food and fuel in the countryside, coupled with fuel shortages and the labor industry ceases – this is the case.

If the situation evolves into such a situation, the number of merchants coming here will decrease, and the number of ships coming and going will also decrease. In that case, the tax will be reduced, the corresponding capacity of the executive will become a dull, and the Warcraft will be more more arrogant – if you fall into such a chain, it will be very difficult to stand up again.

Objectively speaking, there is too little margin and buffering in the event of a situation.

– So the trouble must be eradicated at the early stage of emergence and germination.

"Drink, ah!"

With the imposing voice, I was lifted up and the world turned over.

When I used my arm to make a body to reduce the damage that hit the ground, there was a strong trampling vibration near my head.

……But there is a certain degree of mercy, it is indeed that I lost.

Beautiful! It's very good to do it just now! ”

I looked up and said this in a happy tone.

"No, thank you very much!"

Lu responded to me like this.

Lu has been instructed by many people in these months, and now the spine is quite straight, giving a very refined feeling.

But I have not experienced actual combat, my skills have better substantiated, and my words and deeds have become decent.

……He really has a lot of talent.

The test of limiting weapons and fighting, even still inferior when compared with me, Menel and Mr. Restov, has been quite vivid.

Especially fighting skills, very powerful.

I have already noticed when I repeatedly trained Lu, and the dwarf race has a fairly high degree of adaptability to the fighting skills.

They are quite stout, although they have great strength, but their height is very low. Lu is high among the dwarves, but it does not exceed the height of humans and elves.

Low height means low center of gravity.

People who do not understand the fighting skills often have the impression of pushing in the fight, "force from the top, and force to defeat the other side." In fact, there are indeed many occasions to do so.

"In keep to center the gravity as low as possible, let the opponent float from below."

If you do not understand it, imagine a picture where a big ball and a small ball with only half its diameter collide with each other.

If the two collide, the ball will sink and the big ball will float.

If your feet are off the ground, you can not work hard.

On the other side of the ball, the bottom of the ball is stabilized, and the reaction force of the ground is used to push the other side up. This is one of the principles of victory in the correct use of fighting techniques.

In this sense, the short and strong body is quite advantageous.

However, the short arm length is a difficult point, so it is more suitable to use a long-handled weapon when using a weapon to fight …Just when I think about it.

"The Lord of the Lord, the Lord of the Lord."

There was a voice calling for me.

Looking back, I saw a woman standing by. She looks like a linen hair and looks very serious.

"Miss Anna."

This is the priest sent to me by the Lord of Bagley.

In the governance of the town and the sacrifices, I received a lot of care from her.

……Bi once said that the relationship between Miss Anna and Mr. Restov is suspicious, but I have not felt the atmosphere at all, so the truth is not clear.

"What happened?"

"Some urgent cases are coming to you."

"Please, is it? And what's that?

"We received intelligence that witnessed the undead in the forest."

"Do not you die …"

Recently, there have been many many incidents caused by Warcraft and Demons, and the events related to the undead have been gone.

……《The events surrounding the Beasts and the undead will be reported to me via the Temple.

But it can be be handed over to the adventurers, they certainly do not have the means to the deceased return to reincarnation.

With zombies and shackles as opponents, as as many as the warriors of the Mace will smash them without leaving the original shape, they can solve the problems of the threatened people …But then how to say it is a bit colder.

I have experience with three people, Mary, Brad, and Gass, so I have some feelings for the undead.

Therefore, this type of case is as much much possible by me, even if I can not do it, it will be solved by other priests.


I suddenly thought of it.

This event may be just right as Lu's first battle.

Because of the relationship between the gods who believe in the lights, I have a considerable advantage for the undead.

I am more likely to support when I am in danger than fighting with Warcraft.

Lu This incident is handled by me. Are you going to be with me? ”

“……! Yes, it is! Please let me follow you! ”

Lu's expression sparkled.

In the forest that still has the summer aftertaste, there is a strong atmosphere of earth and green.

The weeds under the trees grow densely, and the trees and vines grow very vigorously.

Though it is much better than the summer, the vision is not good, there is a certain danger.

"But the dwarf's vision can be seen in the dark, do not rely too much on vision."

"Yes, it is."

I turned back to remind me to walk behind me.

Lu was wearing a riveted leather plaque, wearing a helmet and holding a shiny tomahawk in his hand.

His original material is very strong, and if he puts his back on his back, he looks very handsome.

“……Confirm it, what is the next direction? ”

"The" Pillar of the Column "in the west, that's right."

Recently, because of World of Warcraft has been crusted, the field of human activities has expanded a lot.

Hunters and adventurers who have entered the depths of the forest in order to pick up wild vegetables, hunt, and attack World of Warcraft have discovered many new relics.

This time we are also going to repel the destination of the undead.

The place that was discovered by the discoverers of "The Pillars of the Column" seems to be the small, high hills of ancient, decaying wooden pillars.

"That was the place where the discovery report was recently submitted, but it has not yet been explored. If you want to list the reasons, one is because it is located deep in the forest, and – "

A gust of wind blew through.

It was foggy around.

"I do not know if it is because of the terrain, the ancient magical enchantment, or the prank of the Holy Spirit that originally lived here. It's easy to fog. "

There is a faint white mist floating around, and the more you move forward, the stronger it is.

"The last reason is that there is an unclean atmosphere. The hunter who is the discoverer said that saw the undead … "

It seems that the sightings are very embarrassing because of the horrific relationship between the discoverers.

With a creepy breath, I saw something moving in the fog – probably that feeling.

It is also possible to simply be an illusion.

Or it is Warcraft, or the kind of Golem that left the maze (Graham) –

"I do not know what will come out. If it's filled with the mist is filled, let's get up and go.


After that, we went forward in the fog for a while without saying a word.

Suddenly, the horizon widened.

"babble ……"

After I came over, Lu sent out a sorrowful sorrow.

“……This is really great. ”

I was also shocked by the situation in front of me.

It is located on a hill deep in the mist and stands with countless wooden pillars.

Yet it has faded in half, it seems that in the past these wooden columns were coated with a red paint.

"Hey, people feel …Creepy.

"Yeah, but it is very solemn."

In the faint white mist, there is a decaying, faded red pillar.

The more you look into the depths, the more the scenery in the fog is, as if you are shaking gently and gently.

It is like the shadow of a very distorted and slender blood-colored giant.

In this place, the wreckage of the work That was once established by mankind was quietly stood.

After signalling, we set foot on the damp land and proceeded cautiously.

This time, Mener and Mr. Restov are not there.

This is not a case that requires full staff to be dispatched. In addition, there is also the prophecy of the "King of the King", so they are allowed to stand by in the "Light River Port".

But I regret it a little now.

Such exploration, if you want to say, Menel is more suitable.

As a half-elf, he is keen, and the help of the goblins is better than me.

Even so, there is no way. This time only I have to think about it.


We look around, while we are close to the hills.

All in all, the column is confirmed first, and it is really wooden.

The pillars are made of a good material, made into an octagonal or hexagonal shape, deeply buried in the ground.

– The red – colored decoration probably contains the customs and religious prayers of a certain tribe that has now been lost.

Just as I thought about it, inadvertently, a warm breeze blew.


Lu sent a sigh.

The pale pale pointed to the shadow of the pillar.

– There is some kind of existence that is looking at this side.

"Woo. Woohooo. "

I immediately set up "Yueyue" and looked at the direction of Lu, who was pale.


The split face.

Decaying tan skin.

Empty eye sockets, messy teeth.

That's …

That is exactly –

"That's not a rotted body (zombie)."

I smiled.


"Come, look carefully."

I leaned forward with the luke.

It was a black hole in the eye socket, and the teeth were carved from the bird's feather roots and were cut into humanoid wooden figures.

Probably, the same wood as these pillars are used.

"Is it a grave guard?"

"Shou guard, keep the grave?"


Since the configuration of such a terrible doll, probably –

"Here is this …Graveyard, probably. ”

I look at the wooden pillars that stand side by side.

This one piece of Stanley must be …Tombstone of someone who used to live in this land.

With such a thought, this incredible place can be explained at once.

"Most of the horrible dolls are meant to scare the robbers."

But some someone may think that it is just a district doll, the same is true of dolls of the past life. Those humanoid objects that feel like resentment can be frightening.

For those who have guilty to steal the tomb, this grazing guard seems even more terrible.

But it is impossible to get rid of those unruly people, it is quite effective to be able to retreat those who are not prepared.

In the words of past lives, it is a fake anti-theft camera.

"It will also be due to the magical enchantment or the contract with the Holy Spirit of the land."

In order to let the important person who takes the first step, rest peacefully.

This is the result of people who have spent a lot of energy in the past.

"Although I do not know how many generations of time I have spent, this is done through the infusion of many people …A place full of thoughts, probably. ”


I put down my gun and kneel down.

……Put your hands together and pray.

We are not coming for the tomb.

Please rest assured.

After ending a period of prayer, Lu also made the same move with me.

“……That, but. ”


"So, no one, where are you?"

"If this is a cemetery, I think it is very likely to be wrong."

“……? However, if you feel the graveyard, it is more likely to appear undead? ”

When I heard Lu, I picked up my head.

"What for? Everyone is well enshrined? ”

Basically, there are some bodies in the cemetery that are condolences following the correct process.

Not to mention the impression of giving people, it is better to say that the probability of the undead is very low.

"It is easier to get the hidden body and the body of the dead wilderness to get the help of the undead. – Because the god of the gods, the god of the gods is correspondingly gentle. "

I said gently.

"Do not die …Tender

"Tender and gentle. Very gentle. ”

I shrugged my shoulders.

In this regard, I have to admit that I once fought with him.

Undead silk Guganette, very gentle.

However, I am afraid that many other people do not want to accept this kind of gentleness from the perspective of the gods, so they call it the evil god.

But that name is by no means means a denial of the gentleness of the deity.

"Many lives have passed away in the midst of the miserable, desolate, and sad sorrows that people can not stand. Without the death of the god Taganette, I can not stand this. Therefore, it is like the blessing of the elf god will make the season and nature change, and the undead god gives all the life to meet the life of death to subvert his own destiny.

That is, as the undead, the right to stand up again. ”


"Oh, of course, I understand what you want to say. For many people, let alone be happy, it is better to say that it is a blessing to trouble others. ”

I shrugged my shoulders.

"The survivors are also, if the rotten corpses of their parents are gone to hug themselves, it is unbearable to say." The deceased is also the case. Most people are filled with regrets in the face of death, and they start to run away without leaving much rationality.

To be a rational undead …There is only a very small part, and people with strong will and soul can do it. ”

But even so –

"Even so, not death does not give a curse, but a blessing. This is an unshakable fact.

He hopes from the bottom of his heart, "You do not have to end your life with remorse, let your soul shine, subvert death." ”


Lu seems to want to say something very much.


"The Wood Spirit of Undead" …Amount, how can you say that even Sir Will can not do it. Have you ever encountered the Messenger or something else? ”


"Why, why should you look away?

No, it isn't. Though, how should I say that? hey

"Not what hahaha?"


Set this scene aside first.

After that, we walked around the hills for a while, and we did not see suspicious objects.

"Well, it seems that this is probably an illusion."

"Well, is it lost?"

"Ah ha ha ……Well, sometimes there is such a thing. ”

It's rare to make up your mind and do a good job of the first battle, but it's empty.

Lu with a little empty and depressed expression, unable to drop his shoulders.

"Ahhhh ……But, however, the hunter said that he felt some kind of unclean breath! ”

"The breath is a very embarrassing feeling. If you think about 'seeing the dead!' in such an atmosphere, you will probably think that that you feel the breath?

"Though it is very likely …"

Having said that, there is something to be concerned about.

If it's really wrong, if there is nothing, then it's better …However, it would be awful if the victim appeared after the conclusion of 'no problem at all'.

Just as I thought about it, when I circled the hills.


In the fog, at the foot of the hills, in the shadows of shrubs and weeds, I feel something flashing past.

"Lu, here."

We approached as we stepped on the weeds.

There is a decaying threshold there.

It is set at the foot of the hills, where weeds and bushes grow.

"Oh …The entrance to the interior? ”

According to the size of the hill, the area should not be very large.


It is also possible to set up magic and traps for the robbers.

However, it is still necessary to confirm.

I said apologize to the deceased in my heart.

"I want to investigate here too."


I erect my ears.

Very carefully pushed open the threshold.

The door is not locked, it is an extremely simple structure. After a long period of time, I finally managed to open the door.

lightWell, ok. ”

I concentrated my magic on the "Spirit of Spirits" that I loved to grab "Yueyue" to ensure the lighting of magic.

"Next …"Burn it, "Flame." ”

Then use the spirit to trigger the flame, and the torch will be lit.

"Lu, you are holding this."

YesBut why use two kinds of lighting? ”

"If you are a non-dead person with night vision ability and wisdom, if you want to sneak into the darkness of human beings without night vision, what time will you choose?


"If you understand it, then it would be better."

The magical light can not be eliminated by water. On the other hand, the "eliminating spirit" that can eliminate the magic light can not extinguish the existing flame.

If you have two kinds of lighting means, the possibility of losing both at the same time is very low, which is one of the basics of exploration.

Get ready for the light, and then confirm the equipment on the body. We set foot on the muddy graveyard, paying attention to whether the road will collapse and proceed cautiously.

Soon we arrived at the mysterious room at the deepest part of the tomb.

At that moment, the intensiveness of the intensive to abnormality hit my whole body.



The whole body is stiff and the hair is blown up.


This is not right.

This is not an ordinary, naturally occurring undead.

[- Welcome to my residence. 】

In the depths of the darkness, a certain sound sounded.

My back is cold.

This kind of rich, people can not help but want the breath of knees – I have the impression.

Lu's hands holding the prisoner's handle trembled violently.

[I have not seen it for two years, what about the warriors? 】

A pair of red eyes appeared in the darkness of the depths of the mysterious room.

He laughed – he narrowed his eyes and smiled.

The third volume of the king of the rust mountain, the fourth chapter

There are several wooden coffins in the room.

The ceiling is arched and the water-like text depicted by the bright red is displayed on the wall.

But it is a bit deep, it is not a wide space.

“……I have not protected your spare power and run away. ”

I said this Lu, and I stepped forward.

Then adjust your breathing and focus your consciousness on the magic cycle –

[Oh, wait a moment, the lights of the warriors. The dwarfs over there are also. 】

The other party seems to have a smile.

[If you want to fight, it is your victory. ……To say why, today I am not "Mu Ling". 】

After I said this, I realized it.

His breath is not as rich as it was then, it is overwhelming.

However the breath is strong enough to the extent of the general Warcraft, the devil can not be reached anyway, but in turn it is this degree.

This is not the one that transcends the absolutes of common sense.

I stretched the gun tip of "Yueyue" to the front, only in the depths of the mysterious room, engraved with the ancestral totem, and on the altar of the animal bones, stood a huge crow.

The crow had a lustrous black feather, and the red eyelids were very ominous.

"……" messenger

The Messenger is lower than the mighty "Mu Ling" and is a commander of the gods who show God's will.

Very much so.

The smile of the other party has become more and more intense.

[Ah, rest assured, I have not shot the dead in this mysterious room at all. 】

It said that the souls of these deceased people have been attributed to reincarnation, even if the battalion that gathers half a sling is helpless to you.

The crow narrowed his eyes.

[Oh, oh, because of the relationship you have smashed, no matter how hard the work there, for the time being, there is no way for "Mu Ling" to come to this place. 】

Lu seemed to be shocked and took a breath.

– But, for the time being, is it?

In the feelings of the gods, it is for a few years, or decades.

[So I sent the messenger like this -]

"Let's catch a big fish lavishly?"

[It's right again. Oops, still as keen as ever. 】

I do not know why, the more I feel the dialogue, the more pleasant the mood of the crow standing in front of me.

"It's a bad interest."

[If you say so, after all, fishing itself is a very bad interest for fish. The so-called god is such a existence, which can not be measured by the scale of human beings. 】

The hunter felt an unclean breath in this "Pillar of the Column".

That is probably the messenger of the undead in front of me, the good thing that this crow is doing.

As long as the bait in this area is witnessed by the undead, I have a certain probability of being hooked.

If you do not get hooked for the first time, just change your place and come back again.

It is a godly act that has a long time.


"That is, the purpose is not to avenge the past?

[Well, first apologize to you. 】


[When the previous "Mu Ling" dissipated, you were surprised to see the unscientific side. 】

The crow said in a very serious tone.

[The so-called "Mu Ling" is to distort the power and spirit of my gods into the existence of the Holy Spirit and human beings. The birth of "Mu Ling" will bring some feelings more or less, will be impulsive, and tend to be naive. ……Even so, this can not be used as an excuse. 】

I stunned and opened my mouth.

God – is the real, real "God of the Gods"! – Actually said the words of apology.

"Ah, forehead, ah …"

Lu's mouth is one by one.

……The other party is only by virtue of the breath, it can make people convinced that "this is the messenger of the gods".

And he is in a friendly communication with me, it will be no wonder that it will be chaotic.

[Well, Dwarf Jun. The light warrior lord had confronted me. While he was consumed a lot of power by his master before, he is really a strong enemy.

It was a long time since the pure man had wiped out "Mu Ling". After that, his ability has gone up one level, so if you hone down, you will one day be compared with the heroes of mythology-]

"Sita Ghannet."

I deliberately interrupted his words in a tone of courage.

Although he does not seem to actively want to fight with us …But what is before us is the apostle of the evil god with dangerous thoughts.

We do not know what he is trying to do.

"I do not have the idea to chat with you. What are you coming for? ”

[It's ruthless. Just chatting, is not it good to accompany me? Am I not old with you? 】

"What is the relationship between me and you?"

[We have had such a hot night together, plugging in and inserting each other, is not it? 】

"I do not know that Shen Ming likes to make jokes."

The crow screamed and showed his smile.

[Today, there is something to say to the strong warrior who will let me ascend to heaven. 】

"It's okay to break your neck?"

[Do not be like this, it's terrible. 】

I was in a heart-to-heart conversation with the undead.

After trying to talk to him seriously like this, I deeply felt that the god of the undead god Taganet, even that power is also scary, but the other parts are even more fearful.

This god is communicating with people.

Talking to me with a playful word, joking.

If he talks to him about troubles, he will listen carefully. Maybe it will make people resonate with him.

He will work with the other parties to find a solution to the troubles, or to direct the other party to the right direction with the power of the gods.

– With a sincere attitude. ……Yes, it's so scary.

For this reason, the undead silk Guganette is an extremely dangerous god.

I am afraid that the person attracted by the god will eventually turn into a non-dead person with his own will, and he willing to join his own family with his own will, and swear allegiance to him with his own will.

From the beginning, the goddess of the gods, Luces Philippe, has always sounded an alarm in my mind.

……She is desperately telling that she can not be close to the undead.

"I will not be in your trap. So, what is it? ”


The crow slaps his wings and corrects his posture.

[Beat my warrior, the paladin of the lights. 】

That is commensurate with the name of God, solemn movements, solemn words.

[- Accept, this is my revelation to you. 】

At the same time, a strong impression rushed into my mind.


Looking back, I am already in the dark.

It is a deep underground, even in the deep darkness of the sense of distance.

In that darkness, there is only one pair of gold eyes that can be seen.

It is a long, narrow eyelid that splits vertically and slenderly.

The huge body of "the existence" squirmed, and the scales made a harsh sound.

I looked up at "the existence."

No way to move.

Obviously thinking that you must fight, but the body can not move.



After I thought about it, I noticed it.

It is not course not possible to move.

Both hands and feet have been torn, and naturally it is impossible to have any movements.

– The faces of Mary, Brad, and Gass are in front of my eyes.

– I am sorry that you have worked hard to raise me up.

At that moment, the "that exists" tooth rang.

It's like ridiculing the incomprehensible and ignorant challenger, ringing again and again.

Then, the light, lit up.

It is stored in the dragon's abdomen, a hot breath.

The condensate of the radiant heat that moved from the abdomen to the neck, then –

When the breath illuminates the face of a dragon with fearful eyes –

I lost consciousness.


Consciousness returns to reality from the burning body.

"Call ~~~~~~" Rime table

I breathe in a hurry.

It's only moment of loss of consciousness.

However, that is a very profound experience.

That is without a doubt "my death."

It is very likely to happen and die.

[William, you challenge the dragon with the help of the lights – and then, you can not beat it and die. 】

The prophetic words are full of real taste.

……If it is the snail Gunetnet, who is not dead, it is possible to read the future.

[If you do not want to die in vain, do not fight with the "God of the Gods" evil dragon Varaseka. 】

The red eyelids stared straight at me.


[If you do not believe it, just ask Gu Lai Fei Lu. Ask her to challenge the evil dragon with my current strength and your care to see if I can win. – The answer should be the same. 】

The dark crow's mouth speaks the human language. This scene is very unusual, but it is why his words are heavy.

"Why, tell me this."

[Because you have shown the qualification of a hero. 】

The crow answered very simply.

[I love humanity. I am concerned about heroes, just like your masters.

The hero will carry the soul That shines with light, go beyond the impossible, break the law of irrationality, and I feel from the bottom of my heart that the is is a very beautiful. I believe that it is human beings, no, it is the embodiment of all possibilities of existence. 】


[Because of this, I want to keep those forms forever. I can not stand to see such a soul is dragged down the ground by the mortal things, and is in a desperate situation, because pain and regret lose the inner light. The same is true of the vulgarity That was smashed by the Varaseka. It is almost going to let me spit it out. 】

…… vulgarian?

Well. Your investigation has not been covered yet. – That guy, evil dragon Varasuka is just a vulgar. 】

Just as it was to be spit out, after such assertions, the undead silk taugunet began to tell us about the evil dragons.

["The Gods of the Gods", whose name comes from the period of the Great Gods and the Great Gods.

– At the time, I still belonged to the camp known as the Good God. Then the guy, Varassera is also there. Its mouth overflows with hot and suffocating breath, and the overwhelming body is covered by red scales. Among the dragons who serve the six gods, he is also a particularly powerful and ferocious individual. 】

Varaseka is a powerful and cruel dragon.

It said unscrupulously that it would join the Good God camp because the enemy dragons and giants are very strong, and the rewards paid here are very refreshing.

“……The gods who are really good and kind will want to hire him. ”

[If you do not hire him, he will join the enemy. Even the group of good old people will still calculate a certain degree of gains and losses. 】

Indeed, it makes sense.

In the midst of war, more or less will use some bad mercenaries.

[The guy is attached to battle, victory and treasure. Victory, then plunder, and feel happy for it. ……The smell of a beast, the idea is simple and easy to understand? Because of this, the six gods are also very cautious when using him. 】

Investing in the rush and winning, then the nameless dragon began to be called "The God of the Gods" (Varassera).

[On the way, I betrayed the camp of the gods. After that, the details were skipped, and the gods made the final decisive battle. Basically, the good and evil camps were in a state of losing both sides. Many deeply wounded dragons and gods have gone to the other side of the world. After that, the direct intervention of the gods in this world was limited. 】

This is the myth that is circulated in the world.

Because in this world, there is indeed a god to intervene, so as long as the gods are not deliberately trying to spread the wrong story, then the mythical synopsis will be correctly passed down.

[Varaseka savvyly, escaping from the final big battle – then fell into a deep sleep. 】

For the next fight and plunder.

[Dragon's sleep is very long, and when he wakes up, he will join the war. If there is no war, then you will incite the fire. He does not pick the camp, he will choose a camp of gods to join. At that time, the plans of the gods will be disturbed.

-As far as I know, the war he finally participated in was the chaos caused by the demons of hell. 】

Great collapse. "The end of the Great Federal Times.

[The guy met "The King" and joined the "King of the Kings" camp – in order to use his shackles and desire to satisfy the common things. Regardless of the sword, "The King" is not attached to the treasure.

Then Varaseka captured the "Country of Black Iron", suffered a very serious injury, and fell into a sleep for healing. So he got out of the battle, and he escaped beautifully–

"Please, please wait."

Lu, who was stiff, shouted out in a panic.

"Injury? You just said that a very serious injury? My ancestor, he- "

[Ah, what, you are the son of the dwarf of the mountain. 】

"Yes, it is."

When I heard the answer, the crow laughed.

I laughed very happily.

Hahaha. This is really, the so-called fate! Ok then. "The origin of the country of Black Iron! Let me tell you the truth by my undead silk Guganette! The Maharaja of the Black Iron Mountains, Oulu Guru, is a true hero! 】

It is like a child showing a treasure to a friend.

He said said innocent voice.

[Look at the ear! Be proud of it! The famous sword of the generation, "The Call of the Dawn" took away one eye of the evil dragon that existed since the gods! 】

When he heard the gods proudly admire the words of his ancestors, Lu shivered his hands and fists.

"This, is this true?"

[Well, there is no vain. I recognize him, his words and deeds are very happy, it is a great hero! 】

“……Oh … "

Lu's mouth could not bear the whining sound.

"Too, great …Great!

The crow, who is not a messenger, looks at this figure with a smile.

If you only have a look at this scene, it is really unimaginable that will be a evil god.

– But it is this god, since his feelings have made many undead people born, distorted the principle of life and death, and brought disasters. This is also true.

[William, the soldier who lights up. Perhaps one day, you will surpass the greatness of Oluvan Guru and cut the head of Varassera. ……But now is not the time. Avoid the battle, let the females rise and continue to exercise. 】

His words are really trying to guide me.

[Even if you can not agree – even if there is a victim. 】


Just when I hesitate to answer.

The next moment.


A cold current passed over my back.

[Look, the dragon's sleep has become shallower. 】

The sound of the ground sounded inside the mysterious room.

– Hey …

The earth is shaking.

For a while, the buzzing sound from the bottom of the earth came into our ears.

– Hey …

It was like a terrible sound that even the soul was held.

My hand is constantly shaking.

……How long has it been because I am not afraid of the snoring of creatures?

– Hey …

A very long snoring sounded, and then the shaking and snoring suddenly stopped.

[Dragon is demonstrating. For that guy, this is just the degree of turning over when you are waking up …Go back to the territory and you will soon be confused. 】

The crow, who is not a messenger, said something unhappy.

– In the rust mountains, there will be a black fire.

– The fire will burn, spread, and perhaps burn out everything in this land.

– Dragon will come.

– Dragon will come! The dragon will come! Valacirca! Will smash the disaster!

The ominous words are reviving in my mind again.

"Drink, ah, ah ~ !!"

Lu's tomahawk level slashed toward the cheek of the big lizard that ran away.

The big lizard was hit by a heavy tomahawk and became vulgar.

[Well, there are four heads in the west and west. What should I do? 】

The messenger of S. Guganette made a harsh cry in the air.

I waved the slinger without saying a word, directly hitting the head of a lizard that jumped out of the bushes west-northwest.

Red flowers bloom in the air.

I almost never went to see the second eye, and immediately cast the next stone, hitting the eyebrow between one two the lizards that followed.

At the other end, Lu shielded his teeth with a shield, and the imposing battle axe flashed past and defeated the enemy from the front.

However the first battle was beyond the schedule, it was unexpected, but Lu's movements were quite good.

Mmm … num …

The last one was also unknowingly screamed by Lu, who used his movements to engrave his body in training to fight and defeat.

– Even so, until the last moment the big lizards were struggling.

[Understanding? This is the so-called "Dragon Roar". 】

Let the living creatures panic, the king's pressure.

Gass had previously told me that only outstanding heroes can justify defeating the dragon.

Indeed, just the snoring has caused this level of panic, and the miscellaneous soldiers, even if they are gathered together, are only the elements that accelerate the chaos.

– After the dragon's whistle.

We left the mysterious room that warcraft who ran out of the earth, and then appeared in front of us was was the roar of the dragon.

The crow who was not the messenger did not leave, but flew happily to me.

At that time, we began to deal with the Warcraft who rushed to us and were too lazy to count.

Although I am very grateful to him, I feel that there is some intention behind this, so I can not be frankly happy. What language should such feelings be used to express …

[Oh, North West, there are also bad enemies added. 】

The ground shook regularly.

The sound of the broken tree "squeaked" and slammed.

That's not the sound of a four-legged creature moving –

It is Forest Giant. Even if you are, it is a bit tricky to deal with that. 】

Along with the terrible sound of tearing the trees, a giant wearing a fur and standing more than 3 meters appeared.

He had a stick in his hand and a white foam in his mouth, and he was obviously in a state of panic.

After seeing that, Lu yelled "呜 Wow" and raised himself.

[I was suffering from the snarl of Varassera in the state of negligence. It is not normal now. 】

What to do, Lord Hero? The messenger crow said so, looking down at me from the air.

The red dragonfly looks really happy and makes people angry.

Forest giants live in the depths of the forest. While there are differences between tribes and individuals, it is not a big one for the giants. It is roughly a gentle race.

[Would you like to kill? 】

How come?

[So stop? That one? –How to do it? 】

-You do not already know?

Brad in my mind is roaring.

"As long as there is violence in the muscles that have been exercised, most of the problems can be solved!"

I threw away the slinger and rushed over to the giant.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah ah ah ah ah !!"

In the mouth of the forest giant, he foamed with a stick and swept his stick.

The stick is very thick, just like the tree trunk is cut down and used as it is.

Face that, I –


Stopped, folded my arms tightly, supported the round shield with both hands and left shoulder, and sustained the attack from the front.

A strong impact was uploaded from the shield.

I was pushed back a distance and smashed two tracks on the ground with my bare feet.


"This, kind, degree …!"

I pushed back.


The forest giant who ran away was horrified by this strange feeling.

He flipped the sticks in a panic and waved his arms and accidentally slammed them out.

And his chaos was all picked up by me with a round shield.

If it is an ordinary shield, I am afraid it has been torn apart because of the impact. But this shield has been engraved with a few remarks in the past two years, and it will not be so simple and broken.

As I took all the fierce blows, I gradually shortened the distance from the giants.

"Call, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah a!"

The giant finally took the stick with both hands and swung it from the top.

It is an attack that is released from the front by taking advantages of height and weight.

As I thought about it, I was able to judge that I should make such an attack during the violent walk. It was really amazing.

"Hey, hey."

Tilt the shield and let the expected attack be be to to my left hand side.

The attacks so far have all been followed by me, but the blow has been removed, and the giant has lost its balance because of the unexpected feel.

I seized the opportunity and twisted my body while struggling, grabbing the giant's thick arm.

He turned his arm up.


Then I turned my body all over again.

The giant who is leaning forward is not able to hold on.

The hand uploaded a wonderful touch of heavy objects floating – the next moment, the earth trembled fiercely.

"Take and throw the giants out?"

【……Throw it out. 】

The undead is so responsive to Lu's stunned words.

I did not answer their idleness at all, immediately suppressed the body of the giant who was thrown by me, and then prayed to the god of the lights.

The content of the prayer is to restore the chaotic object to the normal "Sanity."

The power of the gods and adults has played a role through me, and it has indeed passed back the feeling of effectiveness.

"Hey, hey, hehe …?"

The eyes of the forest giants have returned to normal.

【……You are still the same, always doing something dumbfounded. 】

"What a dumbfounded thing is dumbfounded."

Because the "Wakeful Miracle" will be weakened if it is not in direct contact, it will take some steps to use it for the panicked giant.

It is necessary to achieve these steps, and I just happen to have such power.

Most problems can be solved as long as there is violence in the muscles that have been exercised.

If you add skills and magic, the effect will be even better.

Brad's teachings are basically correct.

"I am so sorry ……"

"Nothing is ok, ah, is there a problem with the way home?"

"There will always be ways."

"Ah," I, a little, understand a little, giant language. ""

"Oh," This is really very grateful. ""

This is really a very chaotic conversation.

"That, dragon," Dragon, roaring, very dangerous "…"

"Ah, although terrible," must return to the tribe. After that, we will move to a slightly safer place. " ”

"Ah, then, William, please quote the name of the Paladin William," If, meet, people, my name, William. "

William Paladin, William. "Understand, thank you, Lord William. ”

After I cast the forest giant and approached him with a "miracle of lucidity," the forest giant returned to normal.

But it is back to normal, we have encountered very big problems when we want to communicate.

We are not very good at each other's language.

Most of the language used in this world is derived from the original "Spirit of Creation". The relationship is similar to distant relatives, but Giant language is a very small language, so teach me the gauss Remember to be vague.

Therefore, now we both both languages ​​at the same time to enable communication to be established.

"I am the Gangdok's Gangou," um, the Jordan of the Yoon, William.The human brave, William 哟 "

The huge and rough palm of Mr. Ganggu coincides with the palm of my hand. This is the greeting of the Giants.

It is like comparing the palms of adults and children.

"I will not forget this kindness. Call me if there is any anything in the forest. 》"

"How do you call you?"

"As long as you shout," The Jordan of the Yoon, William came, and the trees will be conveyed to me.

They are called forest giants and seem to be very close to the Holy Spirit and the goblins.

After that, Mr. Ganggu bowed to me again and again, and then walked toward the inside of the forest.

“…………I saw the giant for the first time. ”

"me too. scared me. ”

"Would you say giant language?"

"Because my master is the one who really reaches the realm of Bo Wen's strong memory …"

Just as we communicated like this, the messenger crow fell from above.

After it was calmly trying to fall on my arm but was smothered by me, I slammed it and slammed it to the ground.

[You saw it too. That is the pressure of the cologne that even the demons of hell are afraid. 】

The red dragonfly of the non-death messenger shines, saying so.

This is the topic before continuing the screaming of "The Disaster".

[In this era, no other hero in this region can surpass you. If the guy wakes up and asks for war again, then you will only knock him down, but you can not do it. 】

"So it is necessary to tolerate the emergence of sacrifice? That, even we are enemies, this is not like your style at all. ”

After I said this, the messenger crow showed a very bitter expression.

[I also feel very hateful, there will be thousands of lives, even tens of thousands of lives will disappear into the world. But as long as you are alive, you can save more lives. I can only persuade you. ……If I can do it, I even want to to the the "Mu Ling", and I will cruel the guy myself. But unfortunately, because of someone's reasons, my strength has been weakened by more than half. Because of someone's reason. 】

Undead is very ironic about me.

"Is there other signs of action for the gods?"

[The group of guys have their own more ambitious plans. If you want to say it, because of the joys and sorrows of the small things, I and the ancient lace Philippe are the variants. 】


[This proposal is not pleasant to me at all. But from the current situation, it is already the most appropriate method. – Think about it, the passer of the lights, the paladin at the end of the world. 】

After this announcement, the messenger crows spread their wings.

[Goodbye. Let's meet again someday in the future. 】

He said so to to fly toward the fog.



I showed a very bitter expression.

Lu looked at him with a confused look.

"Mr. Will seems to be very concerned about the undead god. "

"I hope you can say that he is being targeted."

But God apologized when he was, he even left a notice to kill me before he wiped out his "Mu Ling".

“……The gods to the guts to the world and perform their will on the ground. ”


"Lord Will is the hero who symbolizes the god of light – that's why."

"I do not die, I am selling people to me."

It is not hostility, but a useful existence for the other party.

In this way, the other party's hostile emotions are gradually eased, and the past goodness is used as a shield to slowly and slowly disintegrate each other.

For a moment, the ending of the immortal knight came to my mind, and I immediately shook my head back and forth to take this ominous imagination out of my head.

– Undead silk Tagunet is really a master of the mystery of the struggle.

“……Next, what will happen? ”

Lu seems to be very upset to ask.

"Do not say, even Sir Will …That, can not beat the dragon … "


For his problems.

“……What should I do? ”

I have not been able to find the answer.

– Because of the roar of the dragon, the creatures of the forest have violently gone.

The report of the victim was conveyed everywhere, and I had to deal with it in a hurry.

Send adventurers, priests, and frequent letters to the "White Sails".


Then, in those matters that have come to an end now.

I am in "The River Port of Lights."

Even now, the roar of the dragon continues intermittently.

Along with the roar of the dragon, although it did not run like the first time, all kinds of creatures began to change their habitat and caused many conflicts.

Of course, human suffering has also happened a little bit.

The number of people and horses on the road has decreased, and the round-trip of the ship seems to have a lonely atmosphere.

The rumor of "roaring the dragon" spread at an alarming rate – everyone is fearing the evil dragon in the Rust Mountain Range.

The so-called dragon is such a terrible threat.

If he woke up and flew here on a whim, let alone the "Light River Port", even the "White Sails Capital" was only destroyed.

People will die one day.

But if you hear the growl that is your own death, how many people can remain remain calm.


I am now reading the letter from the temple through the magical light in the dimly closed office with shutters closed.

This is a reply from the head of the Temple of Bagley.

The content on the letter confirms that the intelligence of the evil dragon brought by the undead is not empty.

"The plague of the disaster" Varaseka.

The real cologne (ElderDrogen) born since the time of mythology.

Its claws can tear steel, and its scale can break the sword of the hero.

There is also a breath that reflects his nature, evil spirits and fanaticism.

– evil spirits and fanaticism.

That nature, I want to forget and forget.

That was the nature of the different variants of the dragon and chimera that were encountered two years ago.

The material born from the evil study of the devil of hell.

The demons took advantage of the breath of the sleeping dragon. These studied mixed with the breath with World of Warcraft and domesticated it.

There is no doubt that there is a high demon around the evil dragon, and the letter from the head of the Temple of Bagley is so warned.

I really do not think that I am not mature enough to win.

He kept saying that it is not a shame to escape.

He thinks that I want to challenge the evil dragon to write such a statement.

Why does the shrine chief think so?

What exactly is he, how do you look at me?

– I am still worried about this.

Then the evil dragon is about to wake up.

Just as the undead and the King of the Skull say, there will be victims.

I am afraid that the sorcerer who wakes up will first attack the surrounding villages with the intention of playing, causing human death.

Then, the situation is not the only way to end.

In such a place where I will be attacked by dragons at a certain time, it is certainly impossible to form an active and coordinated logistics.

The circulation of will will be stagnant, cars and horses will no longer be in contact, and Warcraft will once again be arrogant in the human field.

The commercial industries supported by logistics will go bankrupt one after another, and then there will be unemployed people.

The people trapped in food began to commit crimes and the law and order deteriorated. The administrative organs were unable to control and the authorities were swept away.

Probably, compared to those who die die under the dragon's claws, there will be countless people who die in the chain caused by the dragon's play.

A region, a society, collapsed just because of a dragon.

This is absolutely not allowed for me.

I must act.

It would be too late to wait until the dragon moves.

If there is a direct victim, it will not be able to stop the chain of adverse effects from spreading.

This matter must be resolved before the dragon tooth tears the human.

Obviously, I still have no way to make up my mind to take action.

In the river port, it seems that some people say that the paladin is timid.

It is not completely impossible to say that they are aresense.

– [You carry the dragon with the help of the lights – then, no effort, no death. 】

The words of undead are not a lie.

The revelation is real.

I can not beat the dragon.

It is impossible to win with my current strength.

……Just when I was born with such consciousness, I became unable to move forward.

Looking back, I have already put my hands together and started to pray.

I do not know what to do.

I rely on the god of the lights, and prayed to her.

However, no response has been received.

……The gods did not give me any answers.

This is also true.

The gods are not convenient traders, nor are they amiable friends.

But now I hope to hear the voice of the gods.

I hope she told me that that is is a way to win.

Or command me, even if I can not win, I have to fight to declare justice.

Obviously, the gods can say so, as long as the gods say so, I must be able to fight.

Hmmm …

The snoring leaked from my mouth.

The memories of past lives flashed in my mind.

Dim room.

The light of the display is bright.

I can not move myself.

Let time go by inaction.

Let time go by inaction.

A sense of anxiety burning in the chest.

I am squatting.

Falling into tears.

Even so, still let time go by, doing nothing.

Can not move forward.

Can not move forward.

I squeezed my courage again and again, and even then I still can not move forward.

I can not take it in one step, and I am immersed in the comfort of maintaining the status quo.

Then the tragic ending is slowly approaching –


How much have I changed since then?

Different worlds.

Different environments.

A sturdy body.

Unbelievable power of magic.

The power of miracles given by the gods.

I was given the ability to stand shoulder to shoulder with the heroes in the story. I got that power.

I have always acted like a hero, so –

– So, what changes have I made?

It has become stronger, and more things can be done. What about it?

In the face of setbacks, can you stand up?

In the face of despair, what can you change?

……In the end, my character is not the same as the previous life, is it the ultimate?

In the depths of my heart.

In the dark mud, the murmur sounded.

……It's great to fight and win with an opponent who can definitely win.

Being praised as a hero and showing a humble attitude, I feel very good.

Do you think think about it occasionally, in this world, you can become a successful person?

Accept the family's love development and growth.

Gained the power of extraordinary.

Become the center of the partners.

Respected, recognized.

Very happy?

– But, in the face of the battle that can not win, it looks like this.

In the depths of the heart, in the black mud, the voice complained lowly.

Located in the depths of the mud, it is the past me.

"I laughed.

It's like telling nothing, you understand?

– Because I am you, you are me.

I slammed my chest down.

I understand.

I understand it myself.

I am very clear that this is just a timid.

This was the side of the inferiority that was severely reprimanded by Mary at that time.

But now, I will blame my mother, it is gone.

Already gone.

You have to stand up yourself.


How can I stand up?

I used to live in the past.

This is also the case, probably, if there is no Mary, I will still be on the ground.

I do not know how to stand up.

Thinking back and forth in the circle.

I know that I am in a very bad state now, but I do not know what to do.

……I do not know how much time I have been thinking about.

The knock on the door rang. I looked up.

"I am coming in."

Menel pushed the door open without any scruples and walked in.

Seeing the dimly lit room, he frowned, and the goblin who whispered light illumined the room.

"You are still troubled."


After hearing this answer, Menel sighed.

"So I did not notice it ….Look outside and become a bit of a hassle. ”


After being said by him, I realized that it seemed a bit noisy outside.

I opened the blinds a little and looked out the window.

– I saw many dwarves gathered in front of the mansion.

"We want to ask the Lord of the Paladin!"

"Is there any plan to cut down the dragon!"

Mr. Gulandiru was present.

Mr. Gururez is also present.

There are many other people I have ever seen. Everyone is an old dwarf.

They carried carried rough weapons and yelled in their mouths.

"After asking about that, what do you want!"

Face to face with them is Lu.

He is alone, facing many dwarves.

– Unlike the day, he did not tremble.

"If we are going to fight the dragon, then we will go with us!"

"If the paladin is possessed by the timid leprechaun, then we will go to the mountains ourselves!"

"The failure to attack the dragon is the fault of my dwarf!"

"The dwarf must bleed!"

"You must wash your past shame with blood!"

The crowd shouted loudly.

Do not do that Are you planning to commit suicide? ”

Lu screamed to stop them.

"The dragon is a strong enemy! Lord Paladin is considering countermeasures, do not bother him! ”

In the face of the open hands shouting Lu –

"Though I do not know what order the Paladin has made to you, please do not delay the time!

"I have not received any orders! I am letting you not give up on yourself! ”

"You said that we are giving up on ourselves?"

"Even if all of you go to challenge the dragon together, you can not leave a scar on the dragon!"

"What do you say -!"

We are just going to ask the will of the paladin! Please let us pass! A dwarf said to be close to Lu –

"I said nothing else!"

The next moment, Lu grabbed the dwarf and threw him out.

Lu grabbed the wrist of the old dwarf, smoothly resisted it, and then slammed his back to the ground.

The dwarves near Lu rioted because of the power that Lu showed.

"Everyone has already – everyone is old, even I can not beat it! Stop it! I do not want everyone to die in vain! ”

Lu Ting got up his back. Hearing the cry of Lu Haoran, every dwarf kept silent –

Then, Mr. Gurandilu came out and said slowly.

"Little Lord ……"

"Gu Randil."

The two men's eyes met.

"Less master, very beautiful ….You have grown a lot. But, but that's why. We, we, etc.-"

Mr. Gu Randil's face is distorted and messy.

"We are fine, it does not matter if we die …"

He said this with the sound of extrusion.

"We, I want to die with my king, on that day, in the war in that mountain."


"But on that day, we were not allowed to die. Lived another two hundred years …Got away with pride …The two hundred years of the wandering, really, very, very long … "

Lu silently looked at Mr. Gulandiru.

"Already ok …Already ok …Already enough, the old man has done enough, already, can you …Just as we kept thinking about it, when we kept thinking about it – then, we knew that the hateful dragon was still alive!

I hope to continue the battle of that day, I hope to be able to fight, you said something wrong! ”

Mr. Gulandiru said while grabbing Lu.

Lu withstood his movements and the two were entangled.

"Let us pass – let us ask the Lord of the Paladin!"

"I will not let you pass!"

Mr. Gulandiru's aging and well-developed body flew into the air and fell into the courtyard.

Just like this action as a signal, the old dwarfs all pressed to Lu.

And Lu will kill them all, throw them, and fight.

The screaming and snoring intertwined battle lasted for a few minutes – the last one stood, Lu.

"You asked what was wrong, Gurandilu."

Lu looked up and stood in the same place, and said to the dwarf who was kneeling in the courtyard.

"All of you are thinking about death now, but you do not want to win.

This is, no. This is, no.

……When the proud mountain warrior gives up his life, he will only win. ”

His eyes are very straightforward.

His voice is very gentle.

"Teach me this, is not that everyone?"

– They are thinking about it on weekdays.

– Thinking, enough to give yourself a reason to fight for life.

Brad's words revived in my mind.

It does not matter. Do not worry, I agree with you. ”

– Then, when that reason is found.

"Lord of the Paladin, will definitely make a decision. At that time, I will go with him and get back the glory of the dwarf again! ”

– They will burn their souls, face the courage to face the battle, and never fear death.

"Under the name of the last monarch of the" Black Iron Country ", Oguru Van Gogh! His grandson, I am Wendalu, will surely take back back the mountains of the ancestors! ”

His roar rang in the heart of the dwarf and also rang in my heart.

……With a bang, my heart beats hard.

In my chest, a heat slowly came out.

Yeah man. He, Lu, is such a person.

When I met him in the pub, it was also the time when I became a follower and screamed.

Always, is a courageous person.

– Then, I swear, use my hands to protect his "Sincerity."

“……That guy, really handsome. ”


"Can not lose to him."


I nodded when I heard Menel's words of lightness.

Do you remember?


"Your vows."

After hearing what he said, I showed a little bitter smile.

"Sorry, I forgot a little."

"Hey, I think so."

– I will offer you my life!

– I will dispel the evil things as your sword, I will use your hands to save the unfortunate!

"You, let's calculate which side you lost, you can not win or not, but in the end, those things have always been left behind by you."

If you calculate the gains and losses.

In the end, you should not take care of this piece of "The Beast's Forest". Just go anywhere else.

"You, because you must have this, so do it."

It's okay to do this this time, and Menel laughed.

I also smile back.

There is no need to think about how to stand up and how to get courage.

For someone who wants to protect, something that I want to believe.

–When you are desperately trying to take a step, what is courageous, then naturally will emerge from the heart.

As long as you make up your mind, the things that follow are simple.

I went to the entrance with Menel, who was behind me.

Feeling that both myself and Menel showed a smile.

Pushed open the door –

"Go to the crusade!"

Then I declared this in front of Lu and the dwarves who fell to the ground and were muddy.

Everyone stopped acting because of surprise.

I put my posture and expression on my face and said it again.

"I have decided to go to the crusade. Lu Wendalub, the words you took back to the ancestral mountains are very good. – Can you come with with? ”

After hearing what I said, Lu Hao rounded his eyes.

After that, his red-yellow eyes sparkled and he laughed.

"I believe you will say this to me. – Very happy! "

Menel shrugged.

"is this okay? So simple, I promised it. ”

"Mr. Menel is the one who wants to follow it, and he has to pretend!

"Oh, I dare to say it."

Menel nodded with a smile.

"The opponent is a dragon, and even if you gather more, it does not make sense. The defense of each village must needs manpower and can not be divided too much. Members are me, you, Lu – come again, need a leader who knows the mountain road two hundred years ago. ”

"Old man …"

"No, I am coming."

The self-recommended Mr. Qurandiru was stopped, and the dwarf with a wounded face, Mr. Gururez self-reported his name.

"Hey, Guru Reitz."

"Can't be handed over to someone who wants to die. And you have the responsibility of commanding your compatriots. ”


A closer look at Mr. Gurure's clothes is not dirty.

It seems that he has not been swallowed up by the madness and challenged Lu.

"Please let me lead the way."

"Please, please."

It would be great to have a cool-headed person.

In this case, I, Menel, Lu, plus Mr. Gururez –

"Let me be one more. The preparation for the trip has been completed. ”

Mr. Restov suddenly appeared in the shadow of the building, so.

Still the same, people who will not let go of strong enemies, I laughed.

"Very welcome. – This will be decided. "

"Five Man, are you going to find the devil and the evil dragon?"

This trip will be very embarrassing, and Menel laughed.

"Is there a chance to win?"

"No, no."

I am so asserted.

I am not completely confused because of my confusion.

I checked the magic book at hand, opened every page of the magic book, or remembered to move with Brad and exercise. I considered a lot of means.

On the basis of such thinking, the conclusion that has to be drawn is that –

"There is no means to kill the dragon."

The opponent is not naive to be knocked down by odds or special props.

– Because of this, the dragon is the dragon.

But at the same time, the world is very realistic.

There are no computer games that have ratings, HP, etc. If you are not lucky, you will be killed by a weaker opponent. Conversely, if you are lucky, you may kill a lot of opponents.

You are opened as you as the long as you have the flesh, you are opened your neck, broken your head, and through the heart, even if you are a dragon, you will die when you die .

No matter what the gods say, no matter how low the possibility, but it should not be true that there is no possibility of victory.

Well of course!

"It is a very inferior battle. – Can you come with with?

I look around everyone's face.


Lu nodded first.

His eyes are clear and straight.

"There is reputation and glory ahead."

"This is the wish of the warrior."

Mr. Restov and Mr. Gururez said in a calm tone.

It's not a battle.

"I have become accustomed to accompanying you in a mess."

Menel shrugged and he could make a conclusion.

I declare again.

"- Start, kill the dragon and get back to the mountains!

The people who gathered because of the turmoil, and the dwarves, made cheers.

Once you are determined to act, there will be unexpected luck.

This is also the case at this time.

We are preparing for the departure, and wrote a letter to His Royal Highness and the Prince of God to explain the many things and entrust the aftermath.

After that, I checked the equipment in the courtyard, and a red mass rushed to me with a very fierce momentum.

I hugged her, and then I held my hand and held it in a circle.

"Wow, ha !!!"

Noisy and cheerful laughter.

It is a very memorable voice.

"Hey, I am coming!"

"Long time no see, Bi!"

Sharp ears like leaves, red curls.

She is a cheerful little human vagrant poet – Robina Goodfero!

"I have not seen you in these months. Where have you been?

"Oh, I went to the" Prairie Continent "in the north, and I came back from the kingdoms of the French side in the west of the Kingdom of France!


The information in those places is basically only in seen in books or heard in rumors.

Bi and me – because this area has not stabilized, I am so busy, even the North Road has not been to – the radius of action is completely different.

"Is the north cool?"

"Well – compared to this kind of thing!"

"Compared to this kind of thing?"

"The dragon is roaring !! You have to go to crusade!? ”

"Well, I have to go to crusade."

"So, according to the agreement, let me make songs!"

"Of course it is very welcome!"


Excited, Bella pulled my hand and danced.

We circled in the courtyard.

"Creating a new Saga Dragon Narrative Poem (Saga), but a bard's dream!"

Bi laughed.

"I started to spread from the previous day ….Is this necessary? ”

Bi reveals the old smile.

"Well, it is very necessary. Inquiries Specifications Inconsistent Talks

If I go to the crusade to know the evil dragon is widely known, the human heart will settle down.

To this end, the media of this era – the power of songs is indispensable.

"Little things …….But, I hate the ending of sadness? ”

She raised her eyes and looked at me like this. I nodded.

"In order not to become like that, I will work hard."

"Well, come on." Because … …The recent tragedy is very unpopular! ”

"Is it a problem that is not welcomed by the audience!"

When we chatted about some stupid things and laughed happily, Mr. Tonio, who was late, arrived.

"Bi, you are running too fast. Please do not leave me alone. ”

"Oh, sorry, sorry."

"Weir. – Grain, travel equipment, mountain equipment and other materials that I feel are necessary. "

It's not Mr. Tonio, it's moving fast.

That said, it's too late.

I decided to crusade Long Mingming is just the thing –

“……Mr. Tonio confirmed in advance that I will leave? ”

"Yes. Even so, I am worried that I will not catch up, and I have a cold sweat. I do not know when you will be on fire. "

Because Will's movements were always very fast when he was about to fight, Mr. Tonio said and laughed.

"Although I do not know if Will is hesitating or waiting for the opportunity, it has helped me a lot."

"The song is sung in waiting for the opportunity! That is more handsome! ”

"If that spreads out, William Ching will become a sturdy and handsome man!"

A few days ago, I happened to listen to the poet who was not Bi in the streets of "White Sailing Capital". I only heard that the poet described me as "the big man of the top of the earth", "having a pair of sages with endless wisdom." Eyes and so on.

But it is indeed necessary to carry out certain touches, I still feel that it is too exaggerated to use such a statement in the area where I live.

“……I will also be confused. Very ordinary. I do not want to die, I will be afraid of pain. ”

"But are you still going?"

"Yes. Because I made an important oath to the gods. ”

After saying this, Bi showed a gentle smile.

"Oh, that line allows me to use the lyrics? – The devout warrior who serves the gods, the brave man who lights the lights, the luck is always accompanied!

Bi said so, playing a three-stringed instrument.

Mr. Tonio also showed a steady smile every day.

"Well, I will not let you not mess, because now is the time to make a difference ….If you are other items you need, please let me know. ”

I thanked Mr. Tonio and thought a little bit about it –

"There is still a large object that I hope you can prepare."

I am determined to implement one of the programs I have thought of beforehand.

Then we decided to postpone the departure date one day, the night before departure.

I entered my sleep, and when I came back, I was already under the starry sky of phosphorescence.

Under the feet is a dark water surface that reflects the starry sky. In the water, a large number of lights are reflected.

Behind me.

Going back, standing with a lighted figure holding a long handle.

It was someone who covered his eyes with a hood with a cloak.

I already know the identity of that person.

“……For a long time, the god of light is shining. ”

As usual, I gently lowered my head.


The gods did not respond to this.

She stood for a while without saying a word, then –

【……The possibility of victory is extremely small. 】

Said so.

[If you do not die, the god Gutagnet said. The current embarrassment is impossible to meet the dragon. ……But as long as it takes years to hone, it may be possible to reach the field that touches the dragon. 】

"In that case, what about Sosmark's mainland?"

【……Most of the human life circle will collapse. The rest of the waves will spread to the northern continent. 】

"Sure enough, will it be like that?"

【……I am going to go ah]

I nodded and then lowered my head deeply against the gods.

"Thank you very much. Thank you for telling me that it does not matter if you run away. ”

Hearing this sentence, like a little surprised, there was a slight swaying breath under the hood.

The gods are generally silent in organizing language.

……If the gods command me, then no matter what my heart is, I will definitely go to fight the dragon.

The god of the gods is so generous to me.

During the time I was confused, the gods did not respond to my prayers, nor gave me any revelation – that is, it must be be.

[more …I do not expect the death of you.

I heard the gentle words spoken by the gods, and my mouth relaxed.

"This is my glory. Thank you very much for that.

[Even if you are still so gonna go. ……In order to comply, the vows to Yu Li. 】


[Then, I will not say that, it will be contrary to the will of rest. 】

Under the hood, a breath of smile came.

[Because the vow of that day is an oath between Yu and Yu. 】

– Please go with me.

That day, I did say that.

Say, I will offer you my life!

Say, I will dispel the evil things as your sword, I will use your hands to save the unfortunate!

I did swear so.

[Your Majesty. 】

Hearing this sentence, I kneel down and kneel down.

The sound of the hood was gently picked up and passed into my ear.

I can feel the gods approaching my breath.

[The rest of the orders, William. 】

A white, small hand was placed on my head.

[Do not be afraid. I am with you.

Do not stand back to to the rest is your god.

I will be your strength, help you, and the rest of the lights will guard you. 】

The Spirit of the Gods.

Infuse the feelings.

Slowly, infect and pass to a corner of my body.

[Go, the rest of the knight, the dragon will crusade, realize your vows. 】

I kneel on my knees and look up to the glory of the girl who is smiling and smiling.

Then put your hand on your left chest and make a vow.

"–under the light."

When I woke up, I was able to feel the warm vitality filled my body and slowly circulate in my body.

The words and thoughts of the deity of the gods ignited a light in my body.

After that, be prepared – we will take the river boat off the street and down the river with everyone's grand farewell.

In order to fight the dragon, in order to achieve the oath.

– Then, that night we got off the boat.

Very simply, the boat in the shadow of the nearby rocky field near the river.

"So, let us give it later."

As a representative of several people, the man who slammed his chest and his that he wore a shiny steel breastplate with a bright red sheath around his waist, his arms thick and his cheeks flushed. He was a 30 – odd adventurer.

He was the man who was called "Bluffer" by Mr. Restov at the pub two years ago.

Then I learned his name, Mr. Marcus.

"Well, please, please do as you said."


Nodded, Mr. Marcus smiled.

"Thank you for giving us money every time. Thank you very much. "


"Please take care of it in the future."

Then he said, "Come on!" After taking a shot of Mr. Restov's shoulder, he and his companions went down the river.

I and Mr. Restov quietly watched them leave.

Well, I thought about going back and I saw that Lu showed some chilly expression, and Mr. Gururez was somewhat surprised.

But Menel did not make the same expression as they did, he also showed an expression that he wanted to ask.

ThatWhy do you get off the boat in this place? Let's not say that in order to get off the boat and get off the boat – "

I heard the question of Lu, and I "nod" nodded.

It is true that it is the right way to go down the river and go through the forest to the Western mountains. But

"In the past, the demons will know our actions."

Lu revealed a face that suddenly became obsessed, and Mr. Gurureez nodded "as it was".

Yes. Among the mountains, the devils with the wisdom of hell are also with the sleeping dragon.

– If some stupid actions are foreseen by the other party, then the dominance will be in their hands.

"Because we are descending from the river, there will probably be some low-level demons or their sorcerers who monitor us in the distance – in order to attack us where we landed. If the commander – level demon is traced to the road we are coming to, we will want to hurry and kill us. ”

I still do not know what the relationship between the devil and the evil dragon is.

live in harmony? Do not care about each other? Hostility. Even these are not known.

But – after rushing into the enemy's base camp, the devil will be handed over to the evil dragon, and they will stand by and watch – so the assumption of subjective expectations should be ruled out.

At least they will meet each other, or in the worst case, to join forces, this consideration is more appropriate.

……During the time when I was hesitant, while confirming the equipment and various intelligences I had at hand, I certainly considered the strategy of attacking the mountains.


We came to the shadow of the rock by the river, and Lu Hao with my eyes behind me.

There was a river boat that I made Mr. Tonio secretly prepared.

The most ideal situation is a surprise attack. However, the Rust Mountain Range is an area where you have not set foot, and you can not use the goblin path.

So, the method of choice is this.

"Go up the river."

The Rust Mountain Range used to be called the Black Iron Mountain, and there is a thriving dwarf kingdom.

In terms of the technological level of this era, the metropolis can only be built next to large-scale water sources.

Well, of course, there will be huge water flows in the vicinity.

I analyzed the nearby geographic information and confirmed it with the dwarves. The water source is the branch of this big river.

That is the tributary that flows to the west more downstream.

So we go upstream, and then go to the upstream divergence point and then down the river –

Invade it from the other side of the mountain.

"The demons set the battle at the main entrance, and we kicked their back door hard."

Because of this, I am calling Mr. Marcus and they are our shadow warriors.

They will be divided into several times to disperse the ship, and then repeatedly the ship's deceitful behavior, and finally went down to "White Sails Capital" to disturb the devil's sight.

……Just like the name of "Paper Tiger."

Incidentally, the transposition is supervised by Bi. She said:"Must be the kind of knight-style, habitual combat! Ah, though the handsome guy can, but the playboy can not! Also very thin and not good! ", very energetic. Thanks to this, Mr. Marcus became the "Palace and the One" in the song's impression.

"The Knights of the Shadows" in my Dragon Slayer's Story, so the adventurers who participated in the event are very morale. At the same time, I also chose the members who can deal with the lower demons. They should do very well.

The rest is in the time when the attack, we have to rush into the back door of the mountain from other routes – just when I think so, Lu reveals what he seems to want to say.

And Menel slaps the shoulders of Lu like "啪" and "啪".

"do not mind. This guy sometimes makes a natural expression, using this method. "

“……However, I know that William is both wise and brave, I did not expect even the military to be so great. ”

"Although I do not think there is anything great about it …"

No, Lu shakes his head around.

"When it comes to the south of the" Light River Port ", it is the lakeshore city where the" King of the Kings "was crusted. It is a very dangerous area! Facing the whirlpool of the magical fog, it is said that even experienced adventurers can not help! It's really a great idea to break through there, and it takes a lot of courage! ”

Lu said so.

I, what should I say? Seeing his reaction, I scratched my cheeks with some confusion, saying so.

“…………No, actually, there is my hometown. ”

Everyone has eyes that are as big as an egg.

The third volume of the king of the rust mountain

In the morning sun, the invisible ship was silent, but at a very fast speed.

This is the result of my invisible remarks on the ship, plus the goblin that Menel called the wind, and sang the results of the "Shunfeng" and "No Sound" mantras.

Devils who attempt to resurrect the "King of the Kings" may also be able to to monitor humans in the other direction of the river. If I was spotted in a strange place, I wasted my plans for the back door, which was too stupid, so I was ready to do everything.

Others have used a number of techniques to hide the ships that flow upstream.

To achieve this level, it would be impossible to find out our ship if we do not possess the multiple elements of confrontation headed by "The Spirit of Seeing."

In fact, in the process of going upstream, there is no suspicious sight at all.

It should be possible to think that the devil did not find us.

……If you have resolved by devil, and we are waiting for us in the direction of our advancement, then we can only helplessly make a big break.

Prejudging each other like this is very similar to moving in the fog.

Unlike games like chess and chess, there is no way to fully understand each other's actions.

Only consider as as many possibilities as possible, choose the road that has more choices, believe in your decision, and move forward in the fog.

"It's really difficult …"

I said said in the fog.

The ship is now in the fog.

– After that, as the ship set sail, I roughly said about my birth experience.

Though everyone was surprised, no one doubted my words.

After all, this time there is such a degree of trust between the members, plus I am treated as a hero, it is easy to accept the basis of a specific birth.

In particular, Menel listened very calmly to me, on the contrary, the most responsive was Lu.

Mr. Restov and Mr. Gururez initially had their eyes open, but as I follow them one by one, they calmed down and listened to me.

However, when it comes to the topic of non – death, the situation is reversed.

Because Lu knows that I am being stared by the undead, so I listened calmly to me and even added it.

Conversely, the other three did not know about it before, and it was very surprising. In addition, when I said, "I was stared. I might have been involved in this journey, and I frowned.

Devils and dragons, no matter who they are, do not want to meet more enemies anymore, me too.


However, concerning the undead silk Tagunette, I do not think he will actively attack this side.

Though very reluctant …Although very reluctant, he seems to like me very much. Though very, very reluctant!

Just thinking about it, I feel that the red crow will fly from somewhere.

I shake my head from side to side, throwing out irrelevant things out of my head and looking into the fog in front of me.

这 是 The fog of confusion. ”


I nodded when I heard Mr. Gururez's question.

"This is the magic of the Sage Academy, the magician of the Sorcerer's School, and the magic of" The Enchanted Alley ". – though I have heard the rumors, this is the first time I have seen it. "


With the unknown, Mr. Restov also appeared to be more than usual.

Lu is a gleaming look.

"This is not one of the most important magics. I know that there is such a magic in the deepest part of the big forest in my hometown. It should be used only by the elders of the highest level …Is it not an elder elder who has lived for a thousand years, but a human being who has lived for only a few decades? Learned and used this magic? ”

Really? I nodded when I heard the question from Menel.

Really awkward. This is the case, even in the actual battle, the "Essence of the Existence" is released.

"I will make a channel now, wait a little."

I concentrate on consciousness.

Read the "Spirit of Spirits" boarded in the magic flowing in the fog, analyze its structure, and interpret its context.

– After I came to the human circle, I realized that the handwriting of Gas is very characteristic.

When I was so convinced when he taught me, when I came to the human activity circle and contacted several orthodox magicians, I carefully followed the readability between the handwriting and the gauss handwriting. The gap is amazed.

What should I say?

It's not the hard-to-resolve code of the program. It's better to say that the is concise, but it's a bit too succinct.

Genius gaus has been compressed to the limit for ease of use, and the readability is very poor.

He did not let people other than himself understand the meaning of the "Spiritual Spirit" he wrote.

Probably, even if you bring a very powerful magician, you can only shake your head and sigh in the face of the fog of Gass.

"Hmm …The configuration of this "Spirit" is here, this is here, so … "

Of course, there is no point in meaning for me.

"Gas's words will put put this here …This is the case. This is a trap that makes people think of this. ”

I danced my fingertips and injected "Spirit" into the proper position in the fog.

Then the mist gave up a tunnel.

"Come on, let's go."

This is similar to the opening key of the home.

It did not cost me too much.

Through the long passage formed by the mist, the field of vision widens.

A refreshing cool breeze blew.

In front of the river, on the shores of wide lakes, stone-built urban shops spread out.

It should be said that it is an ancient medieval style, and you can see the towers and the beautiful arched waterway bridge in the distance.

……And all of this is old and turned into ruins.

The roof of the building is full of caves, and the plaster on the walls has been devastated.

Weeds grow between the stone floors of the street, and green vines and moss entangle the building and cling to it.

The street where people used to live is like a sleepy, covered with a layer of green decay and dying.

And the sun shines softly on it all.


My back is shaking.

It's really nostalgic for this memorable scene.

How many times have I been dreaming of returning here?

The slender riverboat did not make a sound and went smoothly along the river.

On the clear waters of the lake, we reached the lake that glowed by the reflection of the sun.

– Can see a small hill.

Above the hills, the remains of an ancient shrine stand quietly.

Just kept the appearance of that time, nothing changed.

"Ahhhh …"

Tears spilled over the eyes.

The torrent of passion in the chest rushed, and I could not help but grab the chest.


Oh, someone knocked on my back.

“……Menel? ”

Come now. After we have tied the ship, we will catch up with you. ”

"Ahhhh …"

After being said by him, I can not stand it anymore.

Inquiries Specifications Inconsistent Talks

I cried as I slammed towards the shore.

I crossed a few meters across the shore and landed on the shore. Because I was too anxious and fell, I hurriedly adjusted my posture.

Then run toward the city of ruins that I miss.


The scenery flew backwards on both sides at an alarming rate.

I jumped over the obstacles, panting, running like a child.

Temple of God, close at hand.

I ran up the hill.

"Brad, Mary, I am back! Then I will come back again! ”

I screamed and screamed at the tombstones of the two people, and then pushed open the door of the temple.

"Gas, I am back – !!"

……Responding to me, there is only silence.

The carvings of the gods that are missed are bathed in the light of the skylight, and there is no change in the past.

Temple, very quiet.


I look around.

I looked around the temple and shouted again and again.

"Gas? …Gass? ”

where did you go?

Gass -?

"Gas, are you not here? …Gass? ”

A uneasiness rushed into my heart.

Anxious feeling filled my chest.

Gass? Did

"Oh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah !?"

Wow, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!?

I was shocked to hear the huge sound coming from behind.

Go back.

"Ah, ah, ah …"

"Ha, ha, ha, negligence is the enemy!

Translucent and white posture, fierce eyes, lonely hook nose.

The figure in the cloak is no different from the one I dep depicted in my heart.

"Hmm …Welcome home, Will. ”

– Grandpa Gass, it is there.

A warm feeling came to my heart.

It's finally coming back, but I do not know what to say.

Gass slowly made the move of putting his hand on my shoulders.

Of course, the spirit of the gaus can not touch me, but maybe it is my illusion, a warm feeling on the shoulder.


Gash's eyes coincide with me, with a very serious expression –

"Do you have money ?!"

"The first sentence of opening is this?"

Still the same, always say something too much.

"More should be said, you are okay, and so on!"

How noisy are you trained by me and Brad and Mary! Definitely not to die! I can not worry about it at this point! ”

There is no point at all! Gas is so stressed.

You do not say I know, really!

"Ah, yes, yes! I have a good time to let the money cycle through life! ”

“!? Tell me in detail!? ”

“……Although I know that you are very passionate about money, why do you show this kind of unexpected expression? ”

"Oh, you, it's a good old man, but I still thought that you would lose nothing."

It's too much …However, um, there is such a possibility.

"That, probably built a chamber of commerce, a port, a rental warehouse, a wood processing plant, a leather processing plant, a forging field, a pottery kiln …"

The next step is to lend the villages the purchase of farm tools and livestock, and also the public facilities.

But it is impossible to operate without deficits, it is indeeded to use "live" funds, and Gass should also like it …I folded my fingers and showed them to him.

I do not know why Gass opened his mouth a little bit.


"You, what are you doing now?

"That, the lord of the downstream."


"Oh, I was shocked."

"Hmm …Yeah?

Gass showed a sympathetic look.

"I was eaten by a widow of a noble family …"Really poor … "

"Why is the premise that I was 'eaten'!"

"If you have not been eaten, then it's the second daughter of the fallen aristocrat who is going through the marriage. It's actually not bad. "

"Do not say it, it's really annoying!"

Too much! It is too much!

……Although I do not know how to get in touch with women, it's just right! But it is still too much!

"The territory, the title, or whatever, I got it by strength! Now I am a famous paladin! ”

I stood up in my chest.

To feel this level within two years, I feel complacent in the face of Gass.

In this regard, Gass seems to admire it.

"Really, in such a short period of time, relying on that age, there is no background to do this …"


"So what about love?"

I removed my gaze.



– Oops, amount. Well.

I have dedicated my life to the gods, oh?

But when is the fate of the battle that you do not know when you die?

This, how do you say, what is the right family?

"It is a coward." No, there is no object at all. ”


My heart was hurt by 10,000 points.

"Hey, hehe …I really hope to see the face of the great-grandchildren before returning to the reincarnation … "

"Can you not so so ironic about me !?"

"The grandson is actually a coward who can not get get a woman …"

"I, I, I, I am not a coward!

"Not a coward or something."

"Only, it's just pure love!"

Gas sighed and sighed deliberately. Brute.

"Brad, he was famous before he met Mary. You are not like him in this place. "

"Ah, Brad, it's very popular."

“……Such a romantic history is quite a good topic? ”

"My father's love story, what makes me feel very complicated, or forget it."

In particular, the story of Gash is different from Bi's story. It is the actual experience. There is no "though this is just a rumor." This can give me an excuse for a retreat.

However, I feel that the famous style is also very Brad style.

"That guy will only take the object of understanding the affair, and the girl who wants to dream is a handsome and handsome appearance, let her make a beautiful dream and leave, very good at pulling out …Can you be your preparation? ”

"So I did not say that I do not want to listen to my father's love story!"

Hahaha. It's really fun to do something that people hate! ”

"It is obviously a sage. But what I have said so far is money and a woman plus a grandson!

Having said that, I have a gaze with Gars.

They snorted and laughed at each other.

The soft laughter gradually became brighter.

I have not seen it for two years, and Gas is still a gamb.

For this reason, I laughed for no reason – probably, gambling is also such a state of mind.

“……But ah, really nothing? Do you think that you should not encounter anything when you start taking risks, like …Saved the little girl who does not distinguish between the top and the bottom, and saves the escaping adventure business woman, the reliable female swordsman results a partner, and protects the ceremonial and complete dead kings. What. ”


"Why show such a subtle expression."

“…………All of them are the same sex. ”

Gass burst into laughter.

After I talked with Gass for a while, everyone tied the boat to the shore and chased it up.

I stood on the hill and waved at everyone, and greeted everyone into the temple.

I have already told you about Gass, and Menel, Lu, and Mr. Restov have made the expression, "Oh, this person."

Only Mr. Gururez saw that Gass had changed his face.

Gass was also somewhat surprised by doubts.

"Um? Where have we seen it? ”

“……I was the wounded soldier who escaped from the mountain two hundred years ago, the magician of the traveler. I did not expect you to be a famous "Sage of the Sage" … "

"Ah, that young soldier." You are already old. ”

"Yes, I am old. I really did not expect to have another day … "

After asking what happened to them, it seems that shortly before the upcoming crusade against the king, the three met the refugee group of the "Black Iron Country".

Mary did not self-report her name and treated the wounded and sickly refugees as much as possible.

Gass and Brad accompanied her.

At that time, since they still still young and immature, Mr. Gururez and Mr. Gulandilu were not allowed to join the array of kings, guarding the refugees to head north.

They were all wounded by Mary after being wounded by the demon again and again.

It is very much like her style, and Mary's face appearing in my mind.

"I am able to live to the present for the loss of you, this time to accompany the new monarch, and also join the sage of the grandson of the sage, the great grandson of William.

"Yes. It's a coincidence, good and good. ”

"Even if the enemy is a dragon, we will not back down.



"………… dragon

When he heard the problem of Gas, Mr. Gururez nodded.

Gass shook "哗 啦 哗".

"………… dragon

Gass slowly looked at me.

I nodded nodded.

"Why did not you tell me before !?"

"It's Gays who first started to talk about money and money!"

I immediately got back.

"Home, actually said to be a dragon!? … …Is it the roaring "The Disaster"? ”

"It's Navaraseka!"

"Stupid, will die!"

"Even if this is the case, it will only be on!"

"Can only fight? Have you considered other methods? ”

"What else can be done done besides this!"

"You stupid!"

The spirit of Gass waved his arm and shouted.

"I can not even think of buying it!"

This is really a whimsy.

"Receive, buy, buy …?"

"Is not the gods also used Varassera? …In other words, it is possible to solve this problem with money and treasure. ”

When I heard this sentence, everyone made a stunned expression.

"Ah, I have an impression of such a whimsy."

"It's an adventure, Lord Menel, I have an impression."


"Hmm …

Everyone did not know why they showed a deep expression of interest, and nodded in unison.

To be honest, to be treated as a gaus, I am subtly unacceptable.

"However, it is quite difficult to buy the evil dragon that was born from the time of mythology ….But if you solve the problem, do not hang it on a tree. The idea is to remain flexible and you can not narrow your vision. ”


However, it is a very Gaussian way of thinking.

In line with the gaussian style of argument.

Very reminiscent, I can not help but be happy.

AHEM!Well, I am sorry to let you see what is wrong. ”

After that, Gass cleared his throat and smiled at everyone.

"Welcome, my grandson's friends. Welcome to this place. ”

Say so with a very pleasant voice.

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