Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 3 King of Rust Mountain [Library Version Only] 1 – Roll Up

Volume 3 King of Rust Mountain [Library Version Only] 1 – Roll Up

The third volume of the king of the rust mountain

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The small wooden chair, a small desk, and a comfortable bed in the recessed part of the wall.

On the desks and bookshelves, there are daily necessities and books that I left here when I was traveling, and many familiar marks were kept intact.

This is the temple in the temple above the hill, which is very memorable, belongs to my room.


I returned to the city of the dead.

This is a safe return home – if that's the case, but unfortunately the reality is not the case.

The events caused by demons continue to increase.

The roar of the dragon is heard in the Western Rust Mountain Range.

But the messenger of the undead is prophesying, if I go to challenge the evil dragon, I will be defeated …But in the end, I still do not want to break the oath and make up my mind to challenge the evil dragon.

Of course, I am not going to die in vain, but I have also developed a strategy for combat.

The combat strategy is to sneak up on the demon 's warning against the current, launching a surprise attack from the west side of the "Rust Mountain Range". The road will pass through the city of the dead, so this will return to the country.

– This is a short break before the death.

Now everyone was brought to the room they were assigned by Gas, and they took a break.

It was was reminiscent room that I lived in my childhood.

I touched the cold stone wall with my fingers, and several memories appeared in my mind.

……The three people are Undead, they are not able to to perceive the change of cold and heat, but I am a living person, and naturally feel very cold in the winter night when the temperature drops suddenly.

At that time, though Gass complained, I finally made a stone for me (* Note).

(Annotation:Wen Shi, an item used to warm in ancient Japan, wrapped in heated silk with silk or cloth)

Brad told me about his legendary Wu Yong while waiting for the stone to heat up sufficiently while doing the big opening and closing action.

Mary is draping the clothes while smiling and helping Brad to supplement.

That is the passage that has passed passed away, the shiny, happy past.

……Brad and Mary are gone.

However, this must not detract from the value of each day we spend together.

The happy past will continue to shine.

Probably, even if Gass is gone, and one day in the future, I have passed away.

This happy past will will be like the beautiful sandstone deposited on the bottom of the flowing river.

Forever, shine brightly.


As soon as I imagined that picture, I smiled.

Maybe it was because I returned to my hometown and I was slightly sentimental.

At this point, the knocking sound rang.

"–oh, I am coming in."

With the sound of oh, the old threshold opened, and Menel showed his face to look at it.

He looked around and showed a deep expression of interest, his eyes swaying around.

"Is this your room?"


Menel snorted and looked at the room.

"It's so small."

"It was just right when I was young."

This was originally the room for the priests who worked in the temple.

There is basically no space to put in extra things, and the construction is very simple.

“……Will, the old man of Gass is really amazing. ”

"I thought you would say that it is more vulgar than imagined, and so on."

"No, although it is a bit vulgar to say vulgar, but what should I say …"

Menel is as silent as a tissue language.

"When we took us to the room, I felt that everything was seen by him."

I heard Miner 's words and I nodded quietly.

……Many of the great magicians who are famous in the world are silent characters.

Once lying, the power of "Spirit" will be weakened.

"Spirit" will lose sharpness and lose weight; but the blunt and light "Spirit" can not do anything.

Therefore, the magician called "Sage" will choose silence, not to say any vulgar words.

However, there are many gammas words, very much very much.

He said money, women and favorite things, laughing happily.

However, the power in his "Spirit" is not weak.

Just as a silent person can only say a word very heavy.

Those who combine wisdom and secularity will be as sharp as ever when they speak the true words.

"Well, is it amazing?"

As far as I know, such a gaus has only said a lie.

That is – in the dim dungeon, decided not to kill me.

“……He is my proud grandfather. ”

After saying this, I laughed.

Menel also smiled.

Putting down the luggage, unpacking the equipment, and after a sigh of relief, I entrusted everyone to Menel, and then went to the location of Gass – in order to get information from Gass.

Though gass is now an apostle of the gods and is bound to the city, he is also a sage two hundred years ago.

Maybe I will know some information that is helpful to us, even though thought so –

"About" The God of the Gods "is also known as" The Destruction of the Evil ", evil dragon Varaska, I have not met him.

Gass shrugged.

"If I have a chance to meet, I intend to negotiate with him once. If the guy did not join the demonic camp, there would not be so many heroes to sacrifice in the war with King. ”

Whether an ancient dragon born from the gods is joining the enemy or joining one's own will will greatly influence the situation on the battlefield, Gass said.

"Assuming that you want to fight with him, you should aim at his old injury. Varaseka once fought against the gods of "Mu Ling" and countless heroes on many battlefields in ancient times. There were also several stories in which he was seriously injured and the dragon scales were peeled off.

……Dragon scales are very hard. Even Brad can not break the dragon scales into the meat at once. ”

Accompanied by the half-elf hunter, the dwarves and human warriors went to the mountains dominated by the evil dragons, aiming at the old wounds of the dragon scales.

I always feel that the current situation is like the old fantasy novels of the past, but it is not very interesting to become a reality.

“……《To erase the spirit of existence? ”

I asked if the means that Gess thought of himself would work.

If it is the magic of Gash's "Undead" Muling, or –

"If you can hit it, it is true that even the dragon will be wiped out."

If you say the words of Gass to be straightforward, then you can not hit the dragon first.

"The body of the real cologne is so huge, but the speed of flight can still be as fast as the wind. Do you know the reason?

……The ancient dragon is a resident of the mythical world. Compared with those who live in the present, they are more intimate with "Spirit". ”

Therefore, the dragon can fly.

"If there is a" spirit "that can run in the air."

The dragon can ignore the various rules and fly in the sky.

Because they are very close to "Spirit".

"That is the case, the dragon of the ancient times is also the ultimate user of" Spirit ". And Varaseka is not a negotiator like the god of death, but a war – torn who has been through the battlefield? Will, although you are also pretty good magician, if the situation enters the magical shoot, the loser will be you. ”

“……Magical warfare is not good, is it? ”

"The dragon's physique and the level of strength and resistance it produces are not a joke, even a white-edged battle is not good. The use of Brad flow is lost in the muscles. ”

Although I have already understood it, it is really not good to be able to suppress the opponent by muscle to win.

……Most of the time I have relied on muscle to win, and this time I can not use this method.

"First, when it comes to the dragon-dragon practice since ancient times, it is based on our well-prepared preparations, and the opponents are not prepared to raid the enemy's lair …But do you think that the devil is not tied up? Varaseka is probably using the power of the demon as an alarm bell. ”

“……I feel that I do not know why my death is stopping me. ”

The power of magic in the ancient times, the overwhelming physique and muscles, plus the experience and wisdom that has been accumulated over a long period of time to make up for for weaknesses.

– In this case, S. Guganette will naturally judge that I have no chance of winning.

"Hey, Silka Gunnet …." messenger

"Fly came a crow."

Gass snorted unhappyly.

"It seems to be very kind to you."

"Though not my intention."

I frowned and replied.

“……His thinking is the most important thinking of the gods, and most of us who are not gods can not understand his ideas. ”


"Plus he is obviously God but still close to you …Having said that, that guy is really awkward! There is a contract at the time when we can not refuse, and there is a limit! Being able to tear the kind of contract that is against the truth is really refreshing! God's words should be more upright and upright! It is justified that the guy is counted in the pillar of evil spirits! ”

Gass squatted for a while, then sighed.

“……However, it must also be more or less thank you. ”

He said with a sullen expression.

"After becoming undead, Brad and Mary – I see my son and daughter, a few close friends, get the chance to raise your adult, and finally leave the world happily."

Gash's line of sight was unconsciously fixed in a certain position.

The graves of Brad and Mary are in that direction.

“……And, I am the same, I have the opportunity to raise you. ”

Gass moved away from the line of sight.

"I have not received a disciple. My knowledge and skills are limited to my generation; gorgeous blooms, high cleansing, I think this is okay – unexpectedly, after losing the chance of death, it has created a lot of obsession. ”

"Gas …"

"Thanks to your existence, I am in touch with the future – and this is where the fun of living is.

However, I have already died, said said Gashaha laughed.

Then Gass was a little silent for a while, and his expression was serious.

“……Will, do you understand? ”

"It does not matter, I understand."

So I came to Gash alone.


"The room for negotiations with the dragon is basically zero."

That's it, Gass nodded.

"God also admits that there is no war beyond your power in this neighborhood. So for varassera, now is the best time to go out. ”

"I think so too."


"The gods are already warning Varassera."

Undead has even said that he he can lower Muling, he even wants to personally crusade him.

Gass also said that an ancient dragon born from the gods will join the enemy camp or join the own camp will be a great battle.

The so-called dragon is such a huge threat in this era – on the other hand, if the dragon wants to survive, the corresponding battlefield is a must.

"The evil dragon is also conscious. If Varaseka continues to sleep without any countermeasures, if one is isolated, one day there will be a certain god who regards it as a 'planning obstacle' and lowers "Mu Ling" or the apostle to obliterate it. After the early injury caused by the king of Oluvan Guru is healed, he must build his own forces that are enough to go out of the mountain, or join a certain force to cause war. ”

Very much so. It is like a fish that will die without going on. Since Wallaseka can only live in the chaos of battle, then it will not be dominated by pacifist you. If this era does not have the overwhelming existence of "The King", then raise your own banner, or join other forces to cause chaos.

No matter what, all he can is destroy the order of the world and blind the eyes and ears of the gods- "

Gass looked at me.

"The person who is strong enough to cause trouble for him, it is really only you."

I nodded.

"And my strength is not strong enough ….Probably, in the dragon's opinion, although I am more or less an obstacle, he must must be able to cross this obstacle. ”

Just like so far I have crossed the barriers that I think I can cross.

The dragon also treats me like this, and intends to cross me.

"Will …You will die. ”

"Even so, I decided to fight."

The warmth entrusted to me by the gods is still flowing in my chest.

"Even if you leave it alone, after the liberation of the evil dragon, it will certainly cause war."

"Is it okay to escape?"

“……Gass. ”

Gass said with a serious expression.

I am grateful to him and smile back.

"- Because" no death "is not the same as" living. "

If you give give up all the lingering, then it is nothing but death.

That is not the case. I have learned this from past lives and from this life.

“…………There is really no way. ”

Gass sighed.

It is like a general, heavy sigh.

Seeing Garsner's appearance, I changed the conversation with a cheerful tone.

"Ah, yes, gauss. I always want to ask you to come …I have heard the story of the heroes of the three of you killing the dragon. Do you remember the two human boys and half-elf girls who gave money and daggers? ”

"Um? Oh, I really miss it. I remembered.

"They have become a leader and become aristocrats ….The half-elf girl, even though she has now become an old woman, has been waiting. ”


Gass laughed.

It was a lonely smile.

"With my body now …I can not get it back. ”

"That's the way, let me go, no problem?"

After I said this, Gass understood the words I wanted to say.

"Well, then I will give give it to you ….Debt is very important! Can not die easily! ”

That too you must take back the borrowed debts! ”

……Yes, I still have a lot to do.

However the disadvantages are great, I am not going to die.

"That's okay."

The implication of Gas is that since you are going to come back alive.

"You have to be my agent to ask for debt, but you can not just die."

I smiled and rolled up my sleeves and clenched my fists.

"The equipment of the comrades who used to challenge the" King of the Kings "with us in the past is also left in this city – do you need renovate your equipment, including your partner?

"Of course I do."

I smiled and nodded.

Gass said that he would take us to see the weapons and bring us outside the temple.

There is a small warehouse next to the shrine, which is used instead of the storage room to store the tools used by Mary to organize the garden.


I licked my head.

Of course, I have entered this warehouse, and there should be no weapons in it.

No, but, after all, I do not know where Brad hides his weapons.

Check it out

Just when I thought about it, Gass had a few words about "Spirituality." I saw it in the corner of the dark warehouse. I think there is a hidden threshold in the position of the floor.

Everyone has widened their eyes.

……《Enchanted Magic.

"There is still such a place …"

"It is impossible to tell this place to your childhood."

It's just that Mary's thing is so messy, says Gass.

"If you do not doubt it yourself, you can not see through the" Spirit of Words. " When you come to the warehouse, you always come for some purpose. You think about what you have to do in your mind. There is no doubt that the floor will be engraved with "Spirit". ”

The trick to using Enchanting magic is to place the magic where others do not have doubts, Gass said with a smile.

Not to mention the simple power, in the use of this kind of "Spiritual Spirit", I am still far from being as clever as Gath.

It is because of the gap in experience and the difference in personality.

"You, you are too far."

Seeing through what I was thinking about, Gass smiled.

I smiled and shrugged.

"Then, this temple seems to be doing the sale of wine. Brad and Mary changed the above part into a storage, but it was originally a cellar for wine. ”

That's it, Gass said that he opened the door with his mind.


Under the guidance of the bright magic of Gas, we walked down the steps paved by the flat stone, and there was a vast space below it.

What's left of us is the shelf where the barrels were placed in the past –

“……That's awesome!


Mener and Lu love could not help but uttered awe-inspiring words, and Mr. Restov and Mr. Gururez also widened their eyes.

Now there are a lot of weapons and armor on the shelf, and you can know that each piece is a boutique only by looking at the exterior.

"You will bring what you like, which one can be ….The owners of these weapons will agree. ”

After Gass smiled and said this, everyone began to look for weapons after a light ceremony.

Even the eyes of Mr. Restov and Mr. Gurures are on …Sure enough, no matter what age, the so-called men will be keen on weapons, steel, armor.

Then, the people who manage these weapons …

"Gas, these should not be Brad …?"

"Well, this is the arsenal he manages ….These are the equipment of the soldiers who have challenged the Kings with us in the past. Some of them are fine weapons that are left in this town and that owners are unknown. Regardless of the source, Brad could not stand the rust of these equipment, so he brought them back and maintenance them regularly. ”

It turned out that when I was exercising as a child, Brad did not know where to come from the wide variety of weapons I am afraid to come from here.

When I think about this, I look around and see that there are many familiar weapons.

……Oh, but.

"When I was fighting with Sita Ghannet at the foot of the Temple Hill, the revived shin bone warriors also held rusty weapons."

"Ah, most of them are big road goods that come from the city as a funerary." Brad said that the worst fighters who stepped into the reincarnation had to bring their weapons. You think that there are very few people wearing armor, and that is the best evidence. ”

But the secret silver chain armor on your body is that I want to bury it in the graveyard together, Gass added.

"Ah, then this …"

"Nothing is ok, take it." It does not matter if you do not care now, just treat the labor costs of burying his body. ”

"The money is also appropriate, really!"

But now I can not give up on it, I am very sorry, this chain mail was taken over by me, and I prayed in the direction of the mountain foot cemetery.

"Ha, ha, ha, but if it is Brad's son, the kid will forgive."

“……What kind of person is it? ”

"The name is Telperion."Silver Strings of Terpion. ”

This name gives an elegant impression, remembering that it should should be Elvish.

"He was born in the forest of Irene …"

"When the radiant silver string sounds, there are no enemies that can stand."

A breeze-like word came into my ears …The speaker is Menel.

Looking back, I saw him looking at a shiny silver bowstring and narrowed his eyes.

“…………He is my fellow countryman. ”

"Smirk!"You are the forest of Irene. ”

"That's right."

Menel replied somewhat rudely, and Gass looked at him like he saw his old friend's eyes.

"Your silver hair is related to Telperion?"

"However the relationship is a bit far, it is also affiliated with" Silver Moon Branch ", ah …"

"In the words of human society, is it a lineage?"

"That's the one. In other words, you know what it is. ”

In the elf society, the clan with the same myth is "dry", and the blood family connected with blood is "twig".

After that, each was named after the flower and bird style, and Gash taught me this way.

"Ter Perion used to explain this to me like you."

"This way."

"What kind of person is Mr. Terpion?

I asked as I watched the weapon that Menel stared.

It was leather gloves, a bow with silver strings, and a Mithril arrow with a slightly strange shape.

Just as I looked at the weapon, Gass thought for a moment.

“……Very conservative and very proud, very elf-style elves. When I first met Brad, I often quarreled. ”

"Ahhhh …"

Although the Brad accident is a very common sense person, there are also easy to quarrel with people.

If you encounter the typical elf described by Gas, you will definitely get upset quickly.

"Because Terpion is the direct line of the patriarch of the" Silver Moon Branch ", the blood is quite honorable. His composition is naturally correspondingly large. ”

The man who really really got along with him could end his temper, and Menel shrugged.

"Why are such people coming outside?"

"Hmm …

"How about you? According to the custom of the warriors since ancient times, if you want to inherit the famous weapons, you must also inherit the responsibility of telling the story. ”

Gass said with a smile. Telling the story of the martial arts – when I inherited "Over Eater", Brad said so.

Upon hearing this, Menel showed a slightly more complicated expression and then confided with a clear voice.

"The silver string" of Terpion, good at bows and arrows, won the favor of the Holy Spirit, and the posture of running in the wilderness is like. He plays the flute and elegant and crisp, and knows countless inheritances. Among the intelligent elves, he is also a very intelligent person. ”

Menel sang singly, though he did not go to Bi, but he was quite used to singing.

When I heard the voice of Menel, everyone else gathered.

His singing even reached the level where people wanted to throw money at him – then, he seems to have done a lot of work, maybe even relying on singing to make money.

"Ter Perion has a friend who was born in the same year as Telperion, which is rare for elves who don't give birth. They grew up as fellow brothers (* notes). Though the brothers are not as good as as Terpion, but, he is very passionate and full of dreams. ”

I dream of one day going to the world outside the forest.

"Though my brothers told his dreams, Terpion could not understand. Everything in the forest is so pure, why go to the filthy outside world. Though Terpion has a good relationship with his brothers, there is always debate about this. ”

Menel is endless.

"But my fellow brothers are dead. When they went to crusade against Warcraft invading the forest, they ended up, but no one found the existence of the second Warcraft. The second Warcraft attacked Terperion, and the brothers sheltered him at the cost of his life-even if he had dreamt of countless times-on the day he left the forest. ”

My brothers suddenly went away, and even a last word was left.

Menel's tone was slightly reduced.

"- Terperion hugged his brother's death, and he wept three times. The weeping and resounding echoes in the forest for a long time, and the Holy Spirit was also affected by the lament and fell into tears. ”

In a warehouse illuminated by magical light.

Everyone listens to past events around a deeply rooted weapon. I always feel that this scene is full of an incredible atmosphere.

"Then, in order to mourn the friend, Terpion was mourned for seven months, and then, despite the opposition of the elders, put on the lock of the friend, holding the bow of the silver string, and embarked on the journey.

I do not know what the outside world is all about.

"- He began to look for" something "that his friends dreamed of."

(* Annotation:The brothers here are actually grown up by the same nurse, because the literal translation is too damaging, so do a super translation)

Having said that, Menel cast a look at Gass.

"I know things stop here. Later, he heard that he had joined the crusade team of "The King" and sacrificed. – In the forest of Irene, the elders still lament the death of Telperion, and I am bothered. ”

"Hmm …

"Exactly, I have something to ask you, Sage Gash."

"Give me a gaus."

"Nagas father."

Menel's emerald eyes stared at Gass and asked.

"- Per Perion has found," Is something "he is looking for?

Ghost smiled when he heard the question.

He seems to think of a friend who misses, and smiles to look into the distance.

"Well, I found it ….Terpion, he, smashed the wonderful things! ”

"Was I?

Mener's expression did not change much, but his mouth was a little slower.

"Yes, that's great."

In addition, Menel did not listen to anything.

Whether it is the answer of Terpion, or himself.

Instead, he lowered his eyes and prayed silently, then put on his gloves and held the silver bow string shining in silver.

"Ha, ha, ha ….Those things are not mention for the time being, Menel is a child, do you want to use it? However the bowstrings of silver and the Holy Spirit are very good, if the user is too mediocre, even the fingers will be cut off. ”

No question

He unrestrictedly replaced his bow with a new string and pulled it back and forth several times.

He pulled the bow to the full moon state; playing a beautiful tone with a bowstring.

The gaus is very memorable, listening to the pre-war music played by the bowstring.


“……Do not shoot? ”

Dumbass If you shoot in the air, you will hurt the bow. You, do not even know this. ”

"Hey, is that the case?"

Because I do not need a bow, I do not know this.

Ah, but that's it. The strength of the bow will all return to the bow, which will actually damage the bow.

"You know a lot of things, but sometimes they are very slow."

"This is the result of education."

"Do not push the responsibility to me."

Just as we talked like this, everyone, including the audience, laughed.

“……Amount, a few of you. We can not use the time as elegant as an elf. Do not always stare at others, go find your own weapons and go. ”

Menel is so urging.

"I have already decided. NOT REQUIRED ".

Mr. Restov replied calmly.

"You said no need? …Are the weapons here not all-good? ”

"It's really a feast for everyone …However, no matter how good the performance is, I can not entrust my life to an unfamiliar weapon. ”

When he heard that Manel had some surprised words, Mr. Restov replied bluntly.

So, Mr. Gass and Mr. Gururez nodded.

"You are that kind of class."

Menel showed a strange expression.


Lu showed some doubtful expressions, and I explaining to him.

"Ah, everyone has a different approach to this. Menel should say that he is a self-contained one, and he believes that it is not limited to weapons to use all the conditions that can be used. He will borrow the power of the goblin and walk around. He will use all methods to open the distance with the other party and attack again and again. ”

Even if you do not wear a piece of equipment to the wilderness where the monster wanders, Menel can use the stone as a weapon, then call the goblin and defeat the enemy smoothly.

"And in contrast to Menel, Mr. Restov is specializing in close combat. His field of battle is a dangerous distance between life and death, so he will naturally be very concerned about weapons. But it does not mean that that is impossible to fight without a specific weapon, Mr. Restov's current weapons are improved and specialized. ”

He transforms the weapon into a structure that most suitable for his body movements. Once the situation arises, he can pull out the sword in an instant, and he has reached the point where his weapon has reached the level of human sword.

……He transformed the scabbard, removed the meaningless decoration on the handle, and cut the nails neatly, all for this purpose.

"It's for this reason not to put on a weapon that you are not familiar with before the final battle."

After I made this summary, Mr. Restov nodded.

Although I am also a type of weapon that is be used, the idea is similar to that of Mr. Restov, so I can understand his feelings very well.

"Still it is not a top weapon, I still want to fight with the most familiar weapons."

It is clear that there are many excellent weapons in front of him, but Mr. Restov is simply saying so. After hearing this, Lu felt a sigh of relief.

"It's amazing …"

"So, this restorf, the opponent to face next is not ordinary, are you sure?

Gass asked with some concern.

It does not matter. Only


"Sage Gane, please lend me the skills of" Engraving ".


"Please engrave the" imprint "within the extent that it will not damage the weapons and the use of the armor. If it is this degree of change, you will get used to it in a few days. ”

So it is OK, just borrow it from you. ”

Gass took over Mr. Restov's sword, leather and armor using the power of the mind, and immediately broke it down, and then observed it from all angles.

"Hmm …There is no payment, but this should be the work of the Northern School. ”


The Northern School – it belongs to the genre of the Shangwu people who lived in the northern grassland, at the foot of the distant "Ice Mountains", in the gorge of the ice wind, and the iron – clad Shangwu nationality.

The nation fought for years with the evil gods of the south, and the weapons they forged were famous for their snow-clear blades and practical and stable structures.

"Brad likes the southern style, the sword with a wide sword, and the sword of the north I have not seen for a long time ….Well, it's a good sword; it seems that you are very careful about the use, of it's more or less polished and thinned … "

The so-called sword is not a weapon that can be used indefinitely.

If you carefully polish it, you will probably wear about a small ring of steel every time. If you repeated repeated polish it, the blade will will narrower, bent and broken.


"One day, when the descendants inherit this sword, it will no longer be the" Sword of the Unknown ", but will be sung as" The Sword of Restof ".

As time passes, the name of the sword will last for a long time.

Just like Brad, Mary and Terpion, as well as the ancient heroes.


Mr. Restov nodded.

"That's good."

After that, Mr. Lu and Gururez also replaced several pieces of equipment.

"Hmm …

Mr. Gururez chose metal armor and huge shields, plus the old-fashioned one-handed warhammer.

The shield is huge and strong, belonging to the famous dwarf warrior.

The hammer is in the shape of a diamond, and there are several edges that are rugged and seem to have a high destructive power.

"I want these."

"Smirk!"The complete set of equipment of the swordsman, Bavolle, is plain. ”

"Because there are are enough users of sniper weapons."

Some demons have a hard, smooth outer shell, and the sniper weapons are not very effective for that kind of enemy. If the blade is accidentally removed, it will reveal flaws.

Of course, may it is me or Mr. Restov, if you have the use of the sword as a combat weapon, or aim at the crevice attack of the outer shell, but it is better to have someone use the combat weapon.

“……Buffy does not belong to any clan, but is a wandering dwarf warrior who is joking. He can bounce off all the sharp edges, the combat skills are very clever, and the character is very frank. Even if I hate the dwarf, I can talk to him and laugh, and it is a person who feels incredible warmth. ”


"It is a revenge war of" The Kingdom of Black Iron ". He said that he joined the crusade of "The King".

Hearing the story of the heroes of the same family, Mr. Gururez's face with a scar on his face showed a slight smile.

On the occasion of their conversation.

"Hey, then how do you say that you are overweight?"

Menel's strange words came into our ears.

"No, this level is no problem …"

Looking back, I saw that under the gaze of Menel, Lu took a large long-handed tomahawk in his hand and waved it slightly for the knife.

The weapon was quite heavy, and all of it contained contained in handle was made of metal.

“……Ah, nothing No problem, you can use it. ”

"Smirk!" Actually, I have a weapon that you have, and you really have a strange power. ”

Gass narrowed his eyes.

"The original owner of that weapon is" Ewing ".

When I was young, Brad many expressed that name to me.

"Do not talk about skill first. He is double-walled with Brad in strength. He has a round body and always smiles. He is a good old man.

……He does not like fighting very much. If he is in peacetime, he may become a good farmer. ”

It was this man who held Brad's back in the battle with King, repeatedly defeating the demons again and again, and eventually died.

Not just "Golden Power" Ewing –

The Buffy of "Swordsman" is also the same, "The Silver String" by Terpion.

– Now Gass is telling, in the past, Brad told the heroes in a tone of nostalgia, and everyone gave their lives in order to crusade "The King."

Hundreds of weapons and armor, all in their own warehouses, all have their own stories, and all ended with the death of the owner.

Now they are are immersed in sleep as a simple device; the body contains one hero story that will have a huge impact on someone in the future, and falls into a sleep.

My chest suddenly produced a feeling of being touched by something, which made me start to pray.

There is always a feeling that must be done inside.


God is an adult.

The god of light is shining.

Please also –

"Guide their souls and give them rest."

I whispered.

After returning from the prayers of selflessness, I saw that Gass smiled.

That is different from his usual smile, just like remembering the smile of his hometown.



"After trying to find the devil and dragon in the mountains, I want to bring a poet girl. But she is the Halfling, a little noisy. ”

"Well, as you like it ….I will tell her everything. ”

Gash is a sage, and suddenly understands what I want to say.

"Thank you."

If it is Bi, you will be very happy to pass on the legends of this unknown.

When I thought about it here.



"Yes, Will."


"The little girl should not be …"

He showed a look of anticipation, his eyes sparkling.

"Although we are friends, it is not the kind of relationship you expect."

What, Gass seems to regretfully said this, unable to drop his shoulder.

After that, Lu chose a heavy armor for the dwarf.

The city was originally a city where humans and dwarves lived, so there are many armor suitable for short body.

Why do heterosexual dwarves live here?

I felt incredible when I was exercising in the dungeon, but now I understand it.

The city next to the lake is the transit point for trade with the Black Iron Country, so humans and dwarves will live together.

Inferred from the remains of the remains, the city used to be very prosperous.

The city is huge and the people are affluent. The current "light river port" can not be compared with it.

In the past, there must have been smile everywhere.



One day, I want to make this city, this region reproduce the prosperity that once was.

Smash the devil's plot.

Extinguish the flame of the cologne.

Create and protect a peaceful life!

– I really hope to achieve this. With this kind of thinking, I have selected several pieces of equipment among many weapons and armor.

"Big shield."

"Well, to deal with the breath of the dragon."

I nodded when I heard Mr. Restov's question.

It is quite solid, engraved with several layers of "Guardian Spirit", a high-quality shield that covers the whole body.

It is very convenient to use the round shield so far, and I intend to continue using it in the future, but the advantage of the round shield is that it is easy to carry.

"This time the enemy is a dragon, so a bigger shield would be better."

The disadvantage of the big shield is that the weight increase it take take more effort to use it. It may be inconvenient to swing the weapon in the future; but this level is not a problem for the power and skill I have now.

"Add another armor …"

I added a few pieces of metal armor.

When I set foot on the journey from this temple, I did not know how long this journey would be be so I could not wear heavy armor.

And now I know how far away I am from the destination of the decisive battle, so there is no problem this time.

"There is, this."

It was a short sword, the short sword was not bent, and the thick and abnormal blade was sharpened.

"Um? How is this short sword going? Is the handle reversed? ”

"Ah, really, it's a special structure."

"This is a short sword (Stilett) that is suitable for right hand extraction."

Most of the swords are pulled out from the left. The user presses the sheath with his left hand and holds the hilt with his right hand to pull out the sword. This is to match the action of the dominant hand.

However, in order to make it easier to use when fighting, this short sword is made into a structure that is pulled out from the right side.

When fighting each other, the distance between them is inconvenient to pull out the weapon, only need to use the right hand to hold the hilt and pull back, and use the force to swing out, you can complete two actions in one go.

"This is held by Lu, familiar with usage. The long-handed axe is very powerful, but it is difficult to play in close combat. ”

"Ah, yes! That, the owner of this short sword is …? ”

That's my father.

Lu Hao widened his eyes.

"That is to say …!"

"It does not matter, you take it."

Brad used to smile and proudly say to me that this short sword pulled out from the right is a weapon that can be used for great purposes.

In the case of inconvenient use of the usual two-handed sword, he relied on this method to end up with many monsters and defeated most difficult enemies.

……In the final decisive battle, Brad also took this short sword, so he no doubt quite like this weapon.

"I always feel that it is better to let Lu hold this short sword."

It's just my intuition.

But Brad believes in his instincts.

So I also want to be like him.

"This is your father's …Relics. ”

"Yeah. – But it is already yours. It should be held held by you. ”


No Worries. "

I handed the short sword to his hand.

"- I have gotten very, very valuable things."

Right? Brad, Mary.

I said said softly in my heart.

After reorganizing the equipment, we decided to live in the city of the dead that night.

Of course, there is no food in this city.

I also prayed to the gods to get the Holy Communion (bread) as I did before Mary, but that basically only maintains a minimum of physical strength.

Menel said with a dumb expression, "I really can live in such a place for more than ten years." Then went to the forest to raise the ingredients, and there was also the purpose of trying the bow.

Maybe before the sky is dark, he will come back with some prey.

Originally, Mener's technology was very high, and the two years have made great progress.

For example, when the wolf waited for the prey, he could even shoot a finger and gently rub the back of the wolf. It was really amazing. I could not imitate such a thing.

Mr. Restov and Mr. Gururez also went fishing for the lake in order to raise food.

The two men did not meet for a long time, but they were both hard-line fighters. They seemed to be willing to vote.

I think they will probably talk a few words at the lakeside, or they can fish without saying a word.

……I am afraid that from tomorrow onwards, I will encounter many conditions that can not be raised.

The destination of this trip is the dark field where no one is going, and all kinds of difficulties will be encountered all the way.

Everyone understands that this piece of land, which is Guardian – he is now shrinking in the room for everyone's equipment, may be the last place where we can rest in peace.

"Call ~~~~~~" The end is over. ”

Therefore, now I am waiting for them to return, while finishing the kitchen cleaning with Lu.

In the past two years, there was only Gas, who could not feel the cold and heat, and had no appetite and drowsiness. Therefore, the kitchen was covered with a thick layer of ash.

I covered my towel with my mouth and finished the cleaning with skill.

In the past, I used to help Mary, and I often do housework like cleaning. This temple is very vast and there is a lot to be cleaned.

"It will be fine to give it to me."

Lu showed some complicated expressions.

What to say, he seems to be surprised by the housework of the "Palace of the Paladin" who is facing the monarch.

"To do it together is faster. And Lu is also a noble royal family, is not it? ”

"There is only one name."

Lu raised a hand and turned his wrist and palm.

This is the action that the dwarf will do it when it is lightly denied.

"But everyone in the clan values ​​me, even so we are poor. Repairs, crafts, and much more …I even thought about it several times. If I am simply crunchy, I will simply be an ordinary child born in a town workshop. ”

"If you are really born in a workshop in the town, you will imagine it."

I used my hand to cover my forehead like a play, and said in an exaggerated tone –

"Actually, I am a descendant of the dead kings, carrying the mission of reviving the country."

When I heard my serious words, Lu made a laugh.

"Actually, there is also a voice in my heart that says maybe it's not bad, really!"

"Yeah, that's true!"

The task of killing dragons really only makes people shudder.

“……Even so, you have to do it. ”

"Well, do it."

Lu's eyes are crystal clear.

His appearance is still as honest, but the look of the knees has completely disappeared.

"Everyone really misses their hometown. I hope to return to my hometown and hope to get back to my hometown. – But, because I have experienced too much wind and rain, I can not even hold that wish now.

……I am probably more aware of this than anyone else. ”

In my mind, there are many expressions of dwarves that have been encountered so far.

At the same time, I also thinking of the joy of returning to my hometown.

"Because of this, I am going. I want to show you that we have to get back to our hometown and it is ok to get back to our hometown. Moreover, my life for my hometown will ignite the flames in everyone's heart …I think this is really a very good thing. ”

I heard the words of Lu, and I nodded quietly.

He was very gentle and very brave when he said this from the heart.

– I think it is precisely this kind of talent that has the power to become a king.

"But, I also brought in the volume of Sir Will …"

"No, oh."

I immediately denied the words that Lu said with an apology. Not true.

"I also have an understanding that I have to fight ….If at this moment I abandon everything and escape for the sake of myself, then I will face my parents and gaze. ”

In the past, the three men gambled on a weak odds and challenged the powerful and fearful King of the King.

"And, also to the gods."

The gods of mercy and compassion, with regret and remorse, have given me another chance.

Obviously, if I know that after the burst, I will once again be afraid of taking steps and huddle in order to avoid danger. Then, without knowing it, I will only repeat one step and can not take it. And the end of the mistake.

– In that case, what is the face of me to see the gods?

"I, there is another thing I want to do."

"What do you want to do, is it?"


I do not need glory, no wealth, and if necessary, it does not matter if I give up happiness.


"I want to be able to stand up."


"One day, when I return to the gods of the lights, I hope that I can play a little handsome and stand up."

Facing the expressionless god of the gods.

I can take a straightforward attitude without any shyness –

"Tell her, thanks to you, I have lived through this life."

I hope to be able to thank her directly.


Lu Jing listened to my words quietly.

"So I will not escape. I will fight – and, I can make up my mind, it is also because of your relationship. ”

What would happen if I did not hear Lu's determination and roar at that time.

I may be on the wrong path.


"Thank you."

When I heard my thanks, Lu smiled.

"I am, thank you very much. It is you who accept me as a follower and give me confidence and courage.

– As a witness to the short sword you gave me, no matter what the result, I will not regret it. ”

I also nodded a little shyly.

Next, we may not be able to protect and worry about someone fighting.

Since Lu is well aware, it is no better.

"Yes. I will give it to you behind me, please. ”


We clenched each other's hands again.

At this point, a shout came from afar through the window into our ears.

It seems that Menel is back.

Lu came to the window and looked out. He saw him shouting "wow".

"It's a deer, deer!"


In a short time, I caught a big prey.

"Hurry up and prepare for disintegration!"


We are all busy at once.

A drop of grease dripped from the deer's legs in the grill and fell into the flame, making a "beep" sound.

The meat is overflowing. Wash the washed wild vegetables and cut everything, then put them all in the pan and fry them a few times.


Lu's eyes sparkled.

Menel is a little proud.

Mr. Restov and Mr. Gururez did not say a word.

"Haha, do not care."

Menel sneared in a joking tone and patted the shoulders of the two.

Mr. Restov and Mr. Gururez squinted and opened Menel's hand at the same moment; Gess, who saw the scene, laughed.

……The result of their fishing is zero.

"It's just an accident."


But the mouth said so, the two were unhappy.

Incidentally, although Mr. Gururez's situation is not known, fishing is a hobby of Mr. Restov.

I have seen the appearance of his fishing when he was free. He basically did not give me the fish I fished, so I can imagine how it can be.

"It does not matter, even a powerful warrior is not necessarily good at fishing …"

"It's just an accident."


"It's just an accident, understand."

"Ah, yes, that's true."

I replied without any arrogance.

Let's skip this thing first.

However, Mr. Restov once gave the beautiful flowers in the empty fish basket to the Miss Anna in the name of "Flowers dedicated to the gods", which made me sigh his elegance and romance.

So even if the problem is zero, I do not think there is any any problem, but Mr. Restov himself should want to be a fisherman …

"Okay, it's almost like it."

I used a knife to cut the grilled portion of the whole deer. Because of the Holy Communion (bread), I made a sandwich with the venison and fried wild vegetables on the bread tonight.

The remaining meat is used as the dry food after tomorrow and placed in a container for smoking.

"So let's move."

As always, I offered prayers to the gods of goodness and began to dine.

"Mr. Menel Daoer, where did the deer meet, how to hunt?

"I converge on the beast, and then I ran into it."

"Crash on the face !?"

"Yes. There is not much time left for the reaction, the conditional launch fires an arrow, and then the prey is like hitting the arrow on its own, hitting its key. ”

"The luck is really good …"

"This is the grace of the Holy Spirit."

"We are just too bad luck."


"You are enough, admit that you are not good at fishing?"


"If you admit it, it will be a lot easier?"

"Only, it's just an accident."

"It's really stubborn!"

"Ah ha ha ……"

The bread was stuffed with venison and fried wild vegetables. I used a knife to cut some rock salt and sprinkled it on it.

The hot gravy spilled out and it was was delicious.

This meal is lively and cheerful.

……I can not help but remember the time when Mary and Brad were still there.

A little uncontrollable nostalgia made my chest hurt slightly.

At the end of the meal, everyone returned to their room.

I walked out of the temple alone.

Under the stars, I stood in front of Mary and Brad's tombstones and confided to them many words buried in the heart.

I 'm back!

– although you two are not around me, I am very upset, but still try to get to the present.

– met a friend, and a partner.

The experience so far.

Awkward people.

Receiving and growing.

I reported a lot of things to them.

– I have not forgotten your last words.

– In the future, it will not be forgotten.

– So, I am leaving.

I declared it in my heart, and I went back and saw that Gas is there.

He wandered in the air, as if he was organizing a statement, lost for a while, then –

"I really want to go with you and help you. At this critical moment, I can not use it … "

Speaking of such bitter words.

I shook my head and smiled.

"Gas can say that, it will be enough for me ….Nothing, you just have to wait here, just wait here with Brad and Mary. ”

“……Well, I will wait for you. ”


"When you come back next next time, remember to bring the bride."

"Noisy, noisy!"

The short trip back home has come to an end.

Next, what is about to begin is journey of the dragon.

The third volume of the king of the rust mountain, the first chapter

It is already in the late autumn and the weather is getting cold.

Under the sky floating in the clouds, a small boat crossed the undulating lake and took the wind.

The north can see the majestic mountains that tower into the sky, which is the "rust mountain."

"Here, let's go to the tributary to the west?

"If the map is correct. If the terrain changes, just return it. ”

Menel, standing at the bow, turned back and asked, after I nodded at him, he called the goblin to start the ship again.

In order to get around the west side of the Rust Mountain Range, our ships are now sailing on the lake.

Menel called the goblin to cause the wind to maneuver the ship, very skilled.

There is always a need for a goblin or a magician who can read the wind direction and even manipulate the wind in the waters of the ship. Therefore, such people often do not eat and wear.

Maybe Menel has done this kind of work to make a living.

"This rope should be like this."


On the other hand, Mr. Restov is teaching the operation of the Lufanfan at the stern, the use of the rope and the way of knotting.

Restov is a very experienced adventurer with a great memory and a versatile class. He and Menel are more reliable in this journey.

Lu did not have such experience, but after my workout with Menel and the journey, although it was still a bit rough, his qualification as an adventurer is gradually shining.

"Okay, start here …Mr. Gururez, what is going on on the road, do you have a bottom? ”


After I asked the silent dwarf with a wound on his face, he nodded.

"I do not know what happened after" Big Bang "…"

They were the same, and they were tied to the city, so they did not know what it was like to be outside the scope of their actions.

The destination behind us is the complete dark field that is undocumented and untouched on the map.


Mr. Gururez said quietly.

Before the "Great Collapse", there was a forest of elves in the west of "The Kingdom of Black Iron." The name is, Rose Delu. ”

"Ross Delu …"The Country of Flowers, is it? ”

"Do you know Elvish?"

"Gash has taught me so I can understand it."

Even Gass is not very clear about the language of the giant language, so the language I speak is not so average, but I can still speak many languages.

Especially in Elvish, the user has a long life, so the grammar does not change much.

The current Elvish language does not change much compared to the Elvish language that was mastered by Gass two hundred years ago, so it is a language I am good at.

"The Country of Flowers …I have heard of their rumors. ”

Menel stood at the bow and looked around the forested forests on the shore, saying so.

"Through the Dwarfs living in the caves," The Kingdom of Black Iron ";

Through the beautiful and dazzling "Rainbow Bridge", it is the "Flower Country".

"The Branch of Remmirath" plays a silver harp in it, blowing a golden flute, singing and dancing. ”

Menel gently sang beautiful songs in Elvish.

That's …

“……The song of the journey that has been circulated in the hometown. ”

"It's a song that I miss. Yes, as you said. ”

The trees are adorned with white houses, and the river's whispers are perfectly integrated with the music played by the elves. At the other end of the Rainbow Bridge, there is a colorful garden.

Mr. Gururez said softly.

"The relationship between the elves of" Flower Country "and" The Kingdom of Black Iron "is not good."

"Ahhhh ……Cutting trees and the like? ”

"You actually know."

"No, I do not know. It's just that my hometown has similar problems. ”

Dwarves and elves often argue, Menel said.

The elves who live in the forest meet their livelihoods with hunting, gathering, and forestry agriculture, and reconcile with nature to gain many favors.

The dwarves living in the mountains are cutting down trees, burning charcoal with fire, and refining steel to make many utensils.

Elfs like sunny open spaces or trees, while dwarves like deep caves and dark places.

“……Because there are too many differences in the form and culture of life, it is basically a quarrel when you encounter it. ”

"Hmm …

As half-elves and dwarves, they recalled the problems raised by many ethnic differences.

"As Mr. Mener said, we sometimes compete fiercely with each other, and when we have hated each other, it is even more ridiculous, ironic, and so on …However, we are still neighbors. We buy the grain, leather, salt, etc. produced in the forest of the elves, and they buy iron utensils, crafts, etc. from us. ”

The ship entered the broad branch of the river from the lake.

Both sides are deep forests, and we slowly descend along the river.

"The elves of" The Branch of the Comet "is very good at singing and dancing and the tricks that make the goblin. It is a group that difficult to please and at the same time very proud. "

Like us, Mr. Gururez said this.

His words have become more abnormal.

“……We respect them and they should be like us. ”

I imagine the sight two hundred years ago.

The story of Brad, Mary's life, elves and dwarves.

then …

"They, in" Big Bang "?

"I know that they are holding on to the stubborn resistance in the forest. They will never give up. ……Then the demons began to launch the offensive, "West Gate" closed, and "Rainbow Bridge" was closed. ”

Maybe, Mr. Gururez, who has more words, said so.

"Maybe they survived."

His words are like praying.

"The life of the elf is very long, maybe-"

Mr. Gururez's words came to an abrupt end.

We looked at Mr. Gurudes's eyes and ended up silently like him.


The snoring leaked out from Mr. Gururez's mouth.

The trees are adorned with white houses, and the river's whispers are perfectly integrated with the music played by the elves. The Rainbow Bridge does not have that colorful garden at the end.

In front of the vessel – the blackened river was stagnant and stagnant, and all the trees were withered and withered.

For a long time, everyone did not say a word.

"Whoever is, is not it …Everyone, everyone … "

Mr. Gurudez's voice is very weak.

After that, he wanted to open his mouth and shout something, but he closed his mouth again.

Then, a long sigh.

"What a shame."

His voice is like what to open.

"Guru Reitz …"

Lu said to him with some concern.

"Less Lord, please do not care."

Mr. Gururez shook his head.

The ship was shrouded in silence for a while.

In such a depressed atmosphere.

“…………Well, in the past two hundred years, the flow of the river seems to have changed. ”

Mr. Restov changed the subject and said so.

The river passes through the position of the forest, and the water is soaked with many withered trunks.


Menel frowned.

"I have an impression of this situation."

I was also aware of this when he said this.

Withered forest, silted sewage.

"-" Taboo Word "


Menel said disgusted.

The enemy will only be confused, divided, and surrounded. "If the elves with the name" Twigs "are in the forest where they live, no matter how many enemies and how strong the equipment is, they can only be helpless to them; Then it was constantly broken by each.

Brad also said that do not quarrel with the elves in the forest.


"The other party gathers people" to conduct the high-level "Spirit" to conduct a ritual with "The Taboo Words" – the damn demon who does not know what the principle is, and corrupts the forest!


People often think that "people or groups that can do anything in battle" is very powerful.

Others argue that "as long as there is anything to dare to do, then there are no insurgent opponents.

……This view is not completely wrong, and it is not entirely correct.

The fighting method of "doing everything" is not limited in the short term, but it is very weak in the long run.

Once the taboo is used, the other party will have no taboos and will retaliate back.

If you are regarded by others as "as a kind of people who set morality for the purpose and use it for the scandal", they will not even find allies.

Rather, it is an excuse for the enemy to attack allies – because allies have to bear joint responsibility.

The means of taboos will bring short-lived glory and glory, as well as unavoidable destruction.

– "Whatever you can do" is not very restrictive.

Even the genus of the evil gods, such as the genus of the tyrannical Ilutelier, the higher demon, or the genus of the undead squirrel, the high-level undead, is also valid. They will also follow certain principles.

After all, everyone lives in the same world.

Only the genus of the Dimensian Dial Guma – the devil does not follow this principle.

After all, the mental structure of each other different, and the purpose is different. It is not good for them to observe such principles in the eyes of the devil.

They are a group of monsters from the outside world who has have erosion and domination in their eyes.


Looking at the withered Elf Forest, I think so.

This is, no.

Never let the existence of such things do not care to continue.

"–you must destroy them."

"Oh, what's wrong, I feel that you are full of energy."

"Menell is, a look of war."

"I think like you, can not let them live."

Menel reveals a beastly smile.

Like to respond to Menel's smile, Lu clenched his fists, and Mr. Restov and Mr. Gurure also raised their mouths slightly.

"Just, before this -"


After I said this, Menel responded to me, and Mr. Restov and Mr. Gururez nodded.


Lu looked around with some doubts.

The ship continued to move forward between the frozen water and the withered trees.

However there is no abnormality at first glance, I still put the gun "Pale Moon" in my hand –

That way!

Then pricked out to the surface of the water.

At the same moment, the surface of the water swelled like a burst.

– The gun tip that followed the shining light penetrated the head of the giant snake that flew out of the water.

"Serpent !!"

"Do not be dazed! Again! ”

As Menel shouted at the astonished Lu, a larger water snake flew out of the water on the left side of the ship's side; almost at the same moment, Mr. Restov's sword stabbed like a thunder.

But at this time there was a violent wave in the water that caused the vessel to shake.

The sword that Ristoph stabbed in "Run Through" slightly deviated from the goal and failed to pierce the key –


Mr. Gurureez immediately followed a hammer and smashed the bones of the serpent.

“……Not good. ”

Menel looked around and said said.

Lu said what was going on, with Menel's line of sight looking around –

Pledged of

Then I took a breath of air.

The surrounding turbid water surface shook, a few – no, a dozen thick and long shadows gathered.

"Menell! Full speed ahead! ”


I have not given instructions yet, and Menel called the goblin to create a strong wind and water to speed up the boat.


"Oh, the reaction is slow! The goblins are very weak! ”

It is due to this whole piece of land has been treated to the curse of "The Taboo Words."

The reaction of the goblins seems to be very slow.

Under such circumstances, the spells dedicated to underwater activities such as Water Walk and Water Breathing may be poor.

– Our vessel is in danger of overturning or being sunk.

"Focus on the next curse! Mr. Restov and Mr. Gurures go to the port side! Lu and Menel support! ”

As I shouted, I stabbed "Yueyue" and slashed the head of a water snake that flew from the right side of the ship's side and knocked it back.

This situation is a bit bad. Maybe there will be more more water snakes and even other aquatic monsters attracted by the bloody smell of these water snakes.

……There is no time to hesitate. Using there risks, use the attacking "Spirit". Let the shock wave burst in the water, and use the essentials of exploding the fish to kill the water snake.

After making this judgment, I chose a short and powerful attack type "Spirit" …

"Destruction exists -"

At that moment, the ship swayed violently.

"Spirit of Words" is a mess.


Not good, just as I focused on suppressing the forthcoming "Spirit", an extraordinarily huge water snake flew out of the water and bit my side.

Hmmm …

The boat swayed violently.

I did not get a steady foot, my feet were empty, and I was pulled off the boat.

The turbid water surface has expanded rapidly in my field of vision.

"Will – !?"

As the sound of "咚" fell, I was dragged into the muddy river.


At the moment I fell into the water, I took a deep breath and stored oxygen in the lungs.

There are many people in this world who can not swim, but fortunately, I have generally received swimming education, which in past life or in this life.

……The snake biting my flank seems to be confused and writhing.

Its curved teeth were not sharp enough to penetrate my Mithril chain, and his jaw's bite force was not strong enough to force my rectus abdominis and abdominal obliques to crush my internal organs. Sure enough, muscle is justice.

Even so, if I was dragged to the bottom of the water by him, there would be no doubt that I would die.


The bubbles "噗" and "噗" emerged from my mouth and floated to the surface of the water.

Even if you open your eyes in the silted river, you will only see turbid sewage and a very poor view.

Of course, in the water, you can not sing "Spirit".

Therefore, I tried to push my abdomen to the abdomen, I would not let the upper and lower jaws of the water snake crush my internal organs, and pray, and imagine the light and the clear picture in my heart.

The next moment, the light shone, and with me as the center, the impurities in the river within 100 meters disappeared and became clear water.

– This is "clean prayer."

After clearing my eyes, I opened my eyes. At this time, I can clearly see the big water snakes swimming around in the water. Several of them have gathered together for falling into the water.


I retracted my foot and escaped a few water snakes that aimed at my ankles, waving my arms and driving away a water snake wrapped around my chest.

The movement is very difficult, and the whole body is like being pulled by the river.

If I continue to fight in the water, I will lose sooner or later.

A water snake aimed at the front of my throat and rushed over. I grabbed its mouth, held the upper and lower jaws, and forced both hands with the belt to tear it in half.


The big water snake in my hand is desperately struggling like crazy, and its blood flows into the clear river.

Then I held the water snake that bit my lock armor with one hand and pulled out the short sword on the belt to cut the area near the neck of the water snake.

The blood continuously flows into the water, making the river more turbid.

The other water snakes began to bite the two bleeding water snakes.

They are not the world of Warcraft, that a monsters headed by Warcraft will have very aggressive attacks, but the big water snakes do not have such characteristics, they only attack for predation.

……In this case, there is no need to die with them, as long as they prepare for them a weaker, more vulnerable prey.

Then I came up with several water snakes that attacked me. Constant fighting in an environment without air makes me feel unbearable and painful.

Even so, I persisted until I turned the attention of the large group of water snakes from me to the weaker family, and I swam to the surface.

The river is wrapped around me, and the clothes are very heavy.

I was desperately paddling and showed my face next to the boat.


I have been fighting in the water for a few minutes? The fresh air is really relaxing.

"Lord Will!"

Lu immediately cast a rope.

I grabbed the rope and tried to get back to the boat.

The water drops and ticks from my whole body.

"Call ~~~~~~" Rime table

I held my hands on the deck and kept breathing.

Every part of the body is craving for oxygen.


"Are you all right?"

I nodded and responded to everyone's concerns.

The "Year of the Moon" released before falling into the water fell on the deck. Ah, it's great not to fall into the water; I am adjusting my breathing while thinking like this –

"" Destruction exists ""

Then aim at the surface of the water and release the magic.

This magic accurately hit the target, the whirlpool of destruction was produced in the water, and the shock wave ran in the water with extremely high conductivity, causing huge damage to the water snakes, crushing their bodies and smashing their bones.

The boat is shaking very much.

"Call ~~~~~~"

This is OK, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Not long after, many water snake bodies floated to the surface.

"It's really awkward to start …"

Menel said with a dumbfounded voice.

That is natural. It is impossible to ignore the enemies who will actively attack the ship.

"Menell, move on. In addition, almost I think most of them have been solved, everyone still needs to be vigilant. ”



"Right, that …Just now, the water suddenly became clean. ”

"Um? It's just a "clean prayer". ”


Lu reveals an unidentified appearance, and I am equally unclear.

"That, the amount of purification of" Prayer of Purity "is generally only a bottle of water, and at most a small pool …"

"It turned out to be this …"

Is the problem of output power.

Menel patted the shoulders of Lu, who was confused.

"That's just a simple brute force, just get used to it."


"This guy is serious, but he encounters a battle, he relies mostly on the brute force of a barbarian. Used to it. ”


"I'm used to it."

In the face of some confused Lu, Menel did not know why he said with a look of enlightenment.

"It is too much to say that I am a brute force unique to a barbarian. It is true! "

"How do you describe it?"

"My speed is faster and more powerful than the barbarian, so it is a brute force that is even more powerful than the barbarian!"

After I said so proudly, I saw that Menel shook his head back and forth silently, and Lu nodded to Menel with a complex expression.

"Hey, what is your expression …!"

"It's stunned at you, super savage."

Just when we were joking.

“……The terrain changes here are a bit of a hassle. ”

Mr. Restov's words ended our idleness.

Indeed, this band is completely incompatible with two maps and intelligence two hundred years ago, and it has undergone tremendous changes.

The flow of the turbid river changed and engulfed the position of the forest that used to be.

The shore became a dark wetland and there was no place to make the boat stable.

In addition to this, there are many dangerous creatures like water snakes.

……This scene gave me some kind of real feelings – the dark areas that have never been entered in the past two hundred years are really not blown out.

“……Mr. Gururez, do you have an impression of this neighborhood? ”


Mr. Gururez shook his head from side to side.

"So anything like this …"

"Ahhhh …"

Suddenly Lu shouted.

"How about that, Guru Reitz?"

What? Everyone said to look at the direction pointed to Lu.

His fingers point to the water.

The surface of the water became clear by the "Prayer of Cleanness". Looking closely, the remains of some buildings were arranged at the bottom of the swaying river.

"Hmm …

Mr. Gururez looked at the ruins and thought for a while.



"The style of that building …There is no doubt that it is the building of the elf. ”

"Oh, well done!"

"I really can find out!"

"Well, great work."

"No, it's nothing great …"

After being praised by everyone, Lu smiled.

"How do you go next? Where are we probably by map? ”

"Probably in the vicinity of this …"

The ship sailed away from the body of the water snake, and we looked at the map and controlled it.

After determining the area where we are now, we start moving again.

However, this area has been polluted by the Taboo Words, so it is basically impossible to sail by the spell of Tail Wind.

It is impossible to restore the weak Holy Spirit immediately.

If it is the skill of Menel as a goblin, plus the power of the future "Lord of Mori", maybe it can be improved –

"A large-scale change is likely to be detected by demons."

After Mr. Restov pointed out the most fundamental point, we began to rely on more primitive means.

The road that can be sailed by the sails will stop here. The next step is to to lay down the paddle and slowly row.

Menel held the tiller at the stern and shouted.

We followed his voice to grasp the rhythm and divided it into two sides to start rowing on the left and right sides of the ship's side.

The river is dark and turbid.

There are white dead woods nearby, and those are giant trees that are more than a hundred years old, like the colonnade of the ancient temple.


The forest is dead, and only aquatic creatures occasionally emit some creepy snoring.

I do not know when the surrounding area was covered by white mist, and the Rust Mountain Range can only see a shadow of a sly.

The ship continued to move forward with the sound of the paddle moving back and forth and the sound of the river.

Affected by the gloomy atmosphere around, everyone was silent. Just at this time –


Some kind of breath was added from the water surface on the right side of the ship's side.

I looked there, only to see the bubbles in the water constantly "squeaking" and "squeaking" – then many of the arms popped out of the water.


The arms that emerged from the turbid river were very pale.

Some of them are rotten, and some are left with bones.

Like struggling, it is like relying on the general, they seized our ships.

The boat creaked.

Hmmm …


The ship swayed from side to side, and both Mr. Restov and Mr. Gururez set up their own weapons.

The weapons in their hands are magical weapons that have been refurbished in the city of the dead, and can cause great harm to the undead.

“……Enemy? ”

Menel is quite calm.

He asked me when he pulled out his weapon and prepared for the attack.


I shake my head.

"They are just expressing their pain."

I reached out to the arm of a boat.

The hand swelled in the water due to soaking in the water, giving off a stench.

I took the hand.


Lu swallowed a sip of water.

"never mind."

I passed my thoughts to them.

"Already, it does not matter."

There is no longer any pain.

No longer have to hate it anymore.

No longer need to work harder.

"You no longer have to curse others, you do not have a do anything, you do not have a hurt others."

The arm I held and the other arms that surrounded us were slack.

"- After the things, I will will find a solution."

No longer have to work hard.

No longer, the battle is going on.

No longer have to take it anymore.

It does not matter even if you put put down the burden on your body. So

"Also please, take a rest."

I said this by word, and then prayed.

"The god of light, the ancient lace Philippe Lucy …Please guide them to sleep. ”

The light of Divine Touch illuminates in the sky filled with clouds.

The light of the miracle floats in the air, guiding the soul of the scorpion to the reincarnation.

Suddenly, several blue-white spirits appeared in the air.

Their long hair is neat and pleasing, and the pointed ears are reminiscent of bamboo leaves, and their faces are straight and beautiful.


They gave us a graceful gift to us without saying a word.

"Ahhhh …"

The voice of Mr. Gururez trembled.

That must be the attitude of the elves of Remmirath in the world.


They opened their mouths and seemed to have something to say – but they could not make a sound.


The silence of the bottom of the water took their voice.

Though this is heartbreaking, even so, their posture is still elegant and noble.

They shrugged their shoulders and pointed their fingers in a certain direction.

The rotation of the finger back and forth is to indicate "as fast as possible".

"Go there, right?" As fast as possible. ”

They nodded and responded to me.

Then the leader raised two fingers, then clenched his fist and placed it on his left chest.

That action is like running running water.

"Well, this is …"

"It does not matter, I understand what it means."

I am back with the same action.

– This is an action to say Goodbye to intimate people.

"May the blessings of the lights lead you."

And then

In ancient times, the elves of "The Branch of the Comet" showed a soft smile and gradually faded away.




Mr. Lu, Mr. Gurudez and Mr. Restov did not speak.

"Let's go."

At this point, Menel said so quickly.

"Go in full speed in that direction. Immediately, hurry up! ”


"Do not believe in the time of the elf!"

Menel said with an akkward look. He commanded the goblin with a rather strong tone and used the spell of "Blowing the Wind" again.

In addition to this, he also carefully applied the "water walk" spell to himself and shouted.

"The joke about the elf – 'Slightly wait' is 'wait a year' is true!"

The ship separated the turbid water and marched in the mist at a terrible speed.

"And when time feels so slow, they say 'to be as soon as possible'! That means! ”

The sorrow came from the opposite side of the fog.

"- Sure enough? goddamn

Menel swears and then rushes to the surface with agile, stone-like agility.


On the other side of the fog, Menel screamed and ran.

In general, Menel does not make too many sounds when fighting.

But shouting can make the body more energy and reduce fear, it is the way the fighters fight, not the way the hunters fight.

Menel always acts quietly, quietly giving the enemy a blow.

Now, Menel is screaming to let the sorrowful person know his ownence, and also to us prevent from us from losing his position behind him.

He left his voice as a signpost and rushed forward.

"Taking boat, hurry up!"

Because of the sudden sorrowful relationship, Menel had no time to add the spell "Water Walk" to others.

In this very weak place where the goblin is very weak, he has no way to add a gain effect to everyone at once.

In the case of a crisis in the immediate future, it is a matter of course to take the first step in grasping Mener, who is the most correct in the status quo.

We paddle back and forth and quick and approly the shore. Slim, floating plants grow everywhere on the shore, a muddy wetland that is difficult to distinguish between water and soil.

"Put up the pulp! Will be trapped by mud! ”

Everyone immediately understood what should be done, immediately jumped off the boat and pushed the boat to the shore in the muddy water immersed in the thigh.


We were ready to arm immediately and ran one after another.

Muddy water buried our legs, we just kicked the muddy water forward.

The foothold is too bad. If it becomes a battle, the movement may be subject to considerable restrictions.

The situation is not good, I am thinking about it while I am going to get together with everyone –

"Drink -!"

The sound of a weapon cutting off the meat and bones sounded.

On the other side of the mist, a big snake without eyes swept from the swamp to Menel, and then Menel's long sword flashed past and to the the neck of the serpent.

The head of the serpent rolled into the mud.

A stranger fell to the side of Menel.

Her long blond hair was scattered all over the place, and her long ears were like the tip of bamboo leaves.

It is an elf – survivor!?

"Menell, that person is safe …"

None yet

Menel shouted briefly.

The next moment, the two big snakes came out of the mud around Meiner. Menel escaped the bite of two big snakes, and the silver hair that was tied up jumped with his movements.

He flew a sword to one of them, but the blade did not cut off the snake's body.

The sword blade was trapped in the body of the snake, and in the next moment, a surprising state of affairs occurred –

The first large snake that has been cut off from the head was wrapped around Menel's feet in a headless state.


Menel had to let go of the sword, kicked the headless snake that wanted to entangle him, and jumped a step away.

His body has a "water walk", and it is even lighter when it comes to the mud.

"It's coming, get ready!"

After saving the blond elf falling on the mud, Menel moved back to us.

With the pursuit of the great snakes, we finally saw their full picture.

That is not a big snake group.

In the mud, there are some snake heads that are as thick as a man's body. There are no eyes on the head of the snake. They are connected to a larger snake body.

The long snake has exposed yellow teeth, and the red snakes that frequently swallowed scared us.


"The king of the swamp …"

"Do you have a Hydra?"

After mastering the true body of the opponent, everyone was wary of the huge alien body.

At this time, the part that was cut off by Menel was bubbling and growing a new head.

"Sagitta Flame!"

I immediately released "Spirit".

Created by "Spirit", the flaming sage born in Mana accurately hits the head in regeneration.

A burst of explosion came, Hydra writhed in pain, and there was a fierce roar in his mouth, and even the mud shook.

Hmmm …


The two men with good hearing – Menel and the elves he rescued – held his ears.

I did not bother with their Yu Yu, walked away and observed the reborn neck.

The tissue burnt by the flame stopped regenerating.

"The flame is effective! Mr. Lu, Mr. Gururez, Mr. Restov! Avantgarde

The angry and mad Hydra approached us.

Everyone raised their arms and set up shields to move forward.

"Menell, you take the man back!"


Menel rubbed his shoulders back to the rear with his avant-garde.

I can not take the current guard.

If you want to be able to quickly get over quick view of the snake heads moving back and forth and prevent the cut parts from regenerating, you must be in the rear of the field of vision.


“……Am I a guard? ”

I have always been shouting and standing in front of me, so that everything can be solved.

I have almost no experience in the rear battle, that there is no time to be so emotional, but this position is really full of freshness for me.

"I will burn immediately after cutting! Please come to you in front! ”



"Give it to us."

Everyone responded to me one by one. Then the battle started.

With a sharp and powerful sword, Hydra's snake head was cut down.

That was the attack of Mr. Restov.

He squatted on the snake, and in the case back and forth, even the meat and bones are all two halves. It is impossible to do this with ordinary exercise and skill.

Menel's sword skills should now reach a fairly high level, but he still failed once and the sword was taken away.

However, Mr. Restov took the head of the snake one by one with a natural look.

In line with Mr. Restov's actions, I have released the "Yan Yan Zhi".

It seems that his sharp skills that make people feel cold and sweat have not regressed.

Other than that,


With Mr. Restov's sharp drink, a snake head was at a height that the sword could not reach, but its curved neck cracked open.

That was the effect of the new "imprint" that Gess engraved on Mr. Restov's love sword.

I am afraid it is a unique "imprint" based on "Extension" and "Sharpness".

The feeling of being a magician tells me that the effect of the engraving is to form a sharp blade with Mana in a moment, and then the timing of the sword to break the target of a distance.

Gass's point of view was really strong, and the improvement was quite good with Mr. Restov.

"The touching the sharpness of the distance." The user's strength, or modifying the performance of the fire-breathing or spraying, or simply "touching the sharpness of the distance.

It is no longer possible to speculate on the scope of the sword, which is very tricky for the enemy and very reliable for the person.

"" The Fire of the Sun "!"

I immediately added a smoldering smear to the chopped neck.

……In this battle, if nothing special happened, I plan to use only this magic until the end.

The use of different "speaking spirits" according to the details of the enemy's details is quite wise at first glance and may give a good impression to the defender.

But in fact, if you follow the four steps of "observation, thinking, judgment, and use" in a deliberate manner, it will too too slow.

Instead of doing the same, it is better to follow the two steps of "observing and using" to release short and effective magic, which is much faster. If you know what magic will fly in the back, the avant-garde can also let go.

Nothing extras to consider.

– At least in a fierce situation as the battle, the simple and rude handling of everything will come without any flaws.

I am constantly releasing the "Yin Yan Zhi".

The right hand uses the double casting of Professor Gass (Double Cast) to depict the "imprint" to guide the magic and avoid false shooting avant-garde.

On the contrary, the faster the repetition, the faster. The same words, the same words, as long as the process is continuously released, there will be no hesitation and no doubts;

The flaming stalks hit the target one after another.

Hydra's remaining snake hair had an angry snoring, and one of its heads swept like a whip to the front three.


In the face of such an offensive, Mr. Gururez set up a shield.

The low, but strong body of his dwarf leaned forward and supported the shield; if you look from the side, you will find that his shield forms a "person" with the body.

Hydra's hard, sharp scales violently collided with the metal shield, making a harsh sound, sparking and slipping away.

Mr. The other two were squatting in the shadow of Mr. Gururez's action was not to block the attack, but to dismount the top; Gururez. Hydra's attack was empty.

"Drink, ah!"

The violent blow of the warhammer hit the snake body flying in the air.

Though Hydra has a strong ability to regenerate, the internal organs can not withstand the violent impact.

It was like a timid twisting of the body, trying to resist with several heads, but Mr. Gurureez seemed to be rooted on the ground.

The dwarf's unique body type plus a set of armor of the "Sword":that armor should also have some kind of magic to hold the defense.

"It is now, less master!"


When Hydra was drawn to the attention of Mr. Gurure, Lu launched a charge.

He placed the long-handed axe of "King Kong Power" behind him and swung it up and down.

“……Oh wow. ”

The terrible sound of a bone smashed sounded.

The final result can no longer be described by smashing, and it may be more correct to use an explosion.

Half of Hydra's head was smashed and bent backwards exaggeratedly.

"Drink, ah!"

Lu pulled the long-handed tomahawk to his side, and the backhand made another blow; this time the whole head was beaten and shattered.

Unlike the sharp cuts of Mr. Restov, the cross section of the snake head That was hit by Lu was like being pulled by the giant.

I thought that this was also terrible, and I released the flames.

"Ah, I have no need to play in this way."

I do not want to waste arrows, you know, Menel said behind me.

The general situation of the war has been fixed.

Mr. Gururez, while protecting Lu from the attack of Hydra, waved a real blow to undertake the work of weakening Hydra.

Under the perfect protection of Mr. Gururez, Lu ensured that he had a large movement space and struck Harder's head.

In the gap between these offensives, Mr. Restov, who is a ghost, released a superb sword skill. His timing is very subtle, so I want to learn from it.

……Therefore, my work is only to master the overall situation, while aiming at the target to release the "Yan Yan Zhi".

"Hey, cheer up!"

Hmmm …

To say that Menel's words seem to encourage the injured elves while alerting them.

Although it seems easy, it is necessary to carry out the gesture of not being involved in the battle and always alerting around.

In an emergency situation where you need to fight, if you have the ability to fight, you will naturally want to participate in the war. This is human nature – but if there are too many people participating in the war, it will increase the risk of accidental injury and guilt.

Standby is also an important option in order to allow partners to avoid having to worry about other enemies breaking in and focusing on the battle ahead.

Although I do not think there will be battle with Hydra, but here is the dark field that no one has stepped into for two hundred years. I do not know what kind of existence is hidden here.

"" The Fire of the Sun "!"

In this way, the avant-garde three continued to give Hydra damage, and at that time I shot the "Yan Yan Zhi" one by one –

Not long after, all of Hydra's heads were cut off, and even the sorrows of dying could not be made, sinking silently into the swamp.

"Get rid of …?"

"Do not care. Hydra's poison is a violent poison that ordinary miracles can not solve. ”

"Yes. Once the head of Hydra was cut off, it can continue to go mad. ”

"Is it even if you cut off all the heads?"

"Yes. If he was injured because he was struggling, it would not be funny at all. ”

After confirming that the avant-garde three did not care, I turned my attention to the rear.


"Will, right away, please." She seems to have been bitten! ”


I hurriedly kicked the dirt and ran over, looking at the elf that Menel was holding.

Her loose hair was contaminated with muddy water, and the violet pupils were scattered and had no focus.

However the body is covered in mud and quite rough, the straight nose and smooth chin are a typical beautiful elf woman.

If I met in peacetime, I must have forgotten to stare at her, she is beautiful to this extent.

"Oh, ah …"

If it is not like this, because of the violent poisoning and spitting of the white foam, it is not the case!

"Get up a little!"

In this case, it is certainly impossible for Menel to let her go to fight!

As I expressed my understanding in my heart, I hurriedly prayed for "The Miracle of Detoxification", but –

“……Already, no … okay …… "

The elf stopped me with a trembling hand.

"Hydra …Fierce, poisonous … "

Hmmm …

Not good.

Not only is the miracle of detoxification, but if the object refuses, the kind of miracle that has the power of healing will not work.

This is because the gods of goodness do not have healing to be used in areas such as prolonging life and torture, which are contrary to their own will. If you want to apply healing, detoxification and other miracles to evil, there is a corresponding method.

……It is already very painful to speak clearly, but still refuses invalid treatment and accepts death. The so-called elf is really a proud race.

Just when I thought about how to convince her.

"Do not talk anymore."

Menel took the elf's hand and put her hand down.

"No …Listen …Partner's …VILLAGE

"Ahhhh ……Really? Enough, honestly accept treatment, fellow! ”

"The same, the cell …?"

Miss Elf eyes wide open her eyes and look at Menel.

Looked at his straight, emerald eyes.

"This kid is not an ordinary priest. The friends of the forest are jealous, you will be saved. So accept the miracle. ”

"Ahhhh …"

Menel's tone is quite tough.

Then clenched her hand.


Said this sentence.

I clearly saw that the elf lady, who was already confused, nodded slightly.

Therefore, I offered prayers to the gods.

– God Ming, please also heal this proud elf.

The prayer turned into a miracle, and the miracle turned into a faint light into her body.

Soon after, the unconscious elf woman slowly returned to normal.

The third volume of the king of the rust mountain, the second chapter

After confirming that Hydra had died and the healing of the elf woman was completed, I handed the weapon to Lu, pulled up the arm of the elf woman, and slammed it down-

"Hey, hey."

She was on her shoulders.

This is the Fireman's Carry used by former firefighters and lifeguards to carry the rescued person – the posture is similar to the shoulder car in judo. After picking up her gently, I moved quickly.

It is now necessary to shift positions immediately.

Because of the battle just now, there are blood everywhere around here.

There have been strange birds that screamed "嘎" and "嘎", hovering in the sky full of clouds, seeking carrion.

If you do not leave this place as soon as possible, you will definitely encounter new enemies attracted by bloody smell.

"Slightly wait."

At this point, Menel retrieved the sword that has been taken away from the body of Hydra and said something.

We do not have that kind of time.

"It will be very soon."

After responding to Mr. Restov, who was a little surprised, Menel wrapped his hand in cloth and pulled out the short sword on the side of Hydra's body to act for a certain purpose.

He cautiously pierced the blade into the roots of Captain Hydra, and replaced it with human beings from the cheek to the ear.


The black body fluid of Hydra is then injected into a small bottle that is carried.

That's …

"You took the venom from the venom?"

"I feel that there will be time when this party will be used."

"Be careful."

How many of Gars and Brad taught me how to use poison, which is a very difficult skill.

It is necessary to use a preservation method that retains its toxicity, and then the poisonously in need, which is quite difficult to use and requires knowledge.

"It does not matter, I understand."

In spite of this, Menel is an excellent hunter and a forest warrior.

On the point of using the venom of automatic plants and monsters, he is better than me. Maybe I am not thinking about it.

"Sorry, take a moment, let's go."

After Menel finished, we took a hard step to the vessel in the wetlands.

In terms of size and equipment, it is quite difficult for Mr. Lu and Gururez to walk, but I need to bear the weight of the elf on my back. The feet are deeply stuck in the mud and taking more than than they are. Hard.

Though it was hard, I still used my legs to separate the soil. Muscle can also play a role in such a scene, it is really good to have continuous exercise!

"Hydra …It's a terrible enemy. ”

Lu said while walking.

His hand trembled slightly. Think carefully, this is the first time Lu is fighting such a huge monster.

"The same feeling. If you do not have a lineup, it is dangerous to face such an enemy. ”

"But the ancient warrior Bakoli defeated Hydra alone."

Ba Gu Li's brave story – this is the ancient Wu Yong legend that will be praised by the time.

That is still the time when many mythical names are active in this world, and many evil gods are arrogant.

The wandering warrior Bacuoli, the name resounds through the ancient kingdom.

He is a war – torn Thunder Walter, brave and noble, using his power for the innocent people and crusade against countless monsters.

It's just that that is is fond of women. In the end, he incurs his own destruction due to the mischief of fate and the jealousy of the evil woman. In all senses, he is a person who is synonymous with heroes.

"I can not help but doubt after seeing the real Hydra. It's impossible to give that alone …No

Menel's eyes turned to me.

"What happened?"

"Nothing, just want to ask, can you beat Hydera alone?"


Everyone else has cast a curious eye on me, and I have seriously thought about it.

It would be easy to use a powerful "Spirit" to blow him away from the distance that Hydra can attack, but Hydra is perched in a misty swamp, unilaterally capturing his position and Attacking is an unrealistic assumption.

That being the case, that is the encounter in the wetlands.

I have used a weapon engraved with the flames of the Imprint, while strengthening the defense, protecting myself with a hard magic shield, and cutting out as many brains as possible in the early stages.

Or, like Ba Gu Li, put a skull on one end under his arm as a shield and fight back and forth with Hydra. In this case, it is probably able to solve it.

This method should work If you continue to use physical enchantment and prayers.

Of course, fighting Sedra alone in the swamp always faces the risk of inadvertent death.

Even so, if the taboo is lifted, the words "Putting everything" are cut off …

"Probably, will not lose."

After hearing my words, Menel looked up at the sky with exaggerated movements and apologized to Walter should not question the greatness of the brave.

In a muddy state, everyone returned to the ship.

We put the weapon back on the boat and took out the towels and blankets. The unknown elf woman is still in a coma, and in order not to let her get cold, we wrapped her in a blanket.

Then we soaked in the muddy water of the thighs and pushed the boat back to the river. After a while, the ship slowly moved along the river.

Hmmm …

"Amount, if you look at it again, it's really mud."

"Oh, really bad !?"

"It will fall when heated."

"Prepare some water or something!"

Everyone accepted the baptism of the swamp, so we used the prayers, the protection of the goblins, the magic, etc., peeled off the soil, and thoroughly cleaned up the body.

If you are sick in such a place, you can not use a "bad" area, so it's important to keep your body clean.

Some of the tricky diseases will not feel uncomfortable at first, but will suddenly erupt over time.

"This is fine."

After we cleaned up our body, the aftermath of the battle was all over.

Mr. Restov went to the helm and guarded the surrounding area without saying a word.

"Then, about the Miss Elf …"

We look again at the woman wrapped in a blanket.

She has a gorgeous blonde who feels very favored by the goblin. The correct face is bloodless and very embarrassing. But the violet pupil is always closed, there is indeed breathing.

……Now we finally have a breather and pause to discuss the situation of this woman.

Considering the case of water snakes, the ship can not be said to be a safe area. Even so, it is a safer place.

Can not expect to have a completely safe place in this dark field.

"Is the survivor of the elf?"


"But we can not get results if we talk about it again."

There is no such thing as "compassionate" in Mener's dictionary.

Hey, get up, he said this, while slamming the elf's cheek like a piece of art.

Even after discovering that she still did not wake up, Menel put a small bottle in her hand close to her lips, and did not hesitate to pour the high-altitude distilled wine into her mouth.

The effect immediately appeared.

“……!? Cough, cough! ”

Because of the strong stimulation, the elf woman coughed and opened her eyes and bounced back.

She does not seem to understand what happened and looks around.

"Oh, got up."

And Menel showed a smile like a mantle, so.

As for the rest of us, it was was due to Mener's excessive treatment and the brain crashed.

“……You, what are you doing! ”

"Just wake you up with a stimulating kiss. How do you feel, the compatriots of the forest? Want to vomit? A headache? ”

"Why, what a vulgar wording! I feel my ears are polluted and my head starts to hurt! ”

While she was cured with a prayer, she was resurrected from a state of sudden death.

Obviously, it consumes a lot of physical strength. The elf lady is really not convinced.

"Oh, there is still the strength to say that is quite healthy."

"Word, then, you just said …KissIt will not, you …!? ”

"Do not worry, it is a bottle."


Miss Elf, even the red tip of her ear, rose up and spoke to Menel in a wizard-like manner.

But I can not keep up with all the conversations in my language ability, I know that she is constantly sarcasm and sarcasm.

And Menel is like a willow branch drifting in the wind, one ear into one ear.

Mr. Lu and Gururez are not good at Elvish, so they can not understand their conversation. Mr. Restov is the expression of holding the rudder and not looking at me.

I think it's almost time to remind them that it's time for the two to get back to the point, but Menel understands this.

He took a little breath of the elf, and put his hand on the left chest.

"'When we meet, the stars shine.'"

He used the succinct movement to greet the Elves.


Miss Elf wrinkled her eyebrows, stopped the sharp words, and returned to the formal greetings with the same succinct movements.

After another ceremony, Menel shrugged.

"I am embarrassed to let you be shocked. I have nothing to educate. – I am the Mener Road of "The Branch of the Silver Moon."

“……I am Dinerindo of "The Branch of the Comet", the flying eagle of the Silver Moon. ”

"May our beggars be blessed and shine through the wonderful silence of the stars."

Their dialogue is like a beautiful music, in the form of even beautiful poetry.

“…………Is not this a good talk? ”

Tina Linde said so dumbly.

"The etiquette of the elves does not conform to my temper. Please let me go except for this. ”

"It's really a man who can not help."

Menel shrugged, and Miss Tina Linde picked up her violet pupil and smiled.

Then she turned to us who was completely placed aside, and replaced it with a Western lingua franca with a little old style.

That is very familiar to me, the wording of the Brad and Mary era.

"Please forgive my rudeness. Are you the leader of this team? I met for the first time, my name is Tina Linde. ”

"I am William G. Mary Brad."

"From the heart, thank you for saving my life."

She said, a beautiful ceremony.

The dark and turbid river flows slowly.

The withered trees are like the bones of the dead wilderness, and our ships shuttle between them and head north along the river.

A little breeze blew the sail.

After the power of the goblin increased a little, Menel once again used the spell of "Shunfeng".


After reporting the names, I told Miss Tina Linde that the purpose of our trip was to crusade the evil dragon Varaska and the demons of the mountains. She was quite shocked.

"Only five people? Are you serious? ”

"Do you think it will we come to to this ghost place for a joke?"

“……Although you may be, but Mr. William over there will not. He is serious and honest. ”

"Is it that I am not serious and dishonest?"

"You can ask yourself this question …However, it is really too messy. ”

"I know this is a mess. Even so, you must do it. ”

“…………I see. Really brave. ”

Although Miss Tina Linde also speaks Western lingua franca, her mother tongue is still Elvish, so the main communication object is me and Nell.

"Why did Miss Tina Linde fight Hydra in such a place?"

"Yes. To explain, it will take a little time to pass … "

"Then eat it first. The elf's 'a little time' is not trustworthy. ”

Menel said so.

really in such a dangerous zone, there is no harm in eating when you can eat.

If it happened, the food would be finished if the boat turned over.

"Lu, there is smoked venison over there."

Yes, indeed.But that's okay? ”

There are no questions. Will eat. ”

There was a question mark on Lu's head, and sure enough, the elf gave a strong vegetarian impression.

"Because the elves who do not eat meat are only in the midst of spiritual practice, there are people with strong nature of the Holy Spirit.

In addition, the elves usually hunt and eat meat and fish, Miss Tina Linde explained.

"Hunting, fishing, maintaining the balance of flora and fauna, this is also the responsibility of the elves who manage the forest."

Appropriate pressure is applied to maintain an ecological balance.

There is really an elf-style idea.

……So we ate the Holy Communion (bread) on the boat and the venison smoked in the city of the dead.

Because the fire can not be used, the food is cold, but the cold venison has been smoked well and has its delicious taste.


Miss Tina Linde's eyes widened with bread and salted smoked venison as if she washed eating rare food.

"…… wait. What do you usually eat? ”

Seeing the reaction of her eating, Menel frowned.

Miss Tina Linde shrugged her shoulders ironically.

“……Can you imagine it? ”

In this muddy river and wetland filled with death and filth, the creatures we walked along were only water snakes and other monsters …Though it is not unimaginable, it will make people reluctant to imagine.

"The reason I will be there, do you think about it? So I will say that I will eat first and give me food. ”


When she heard her, Menel bit her lip with some heart. From this reaction, it should be said said.

Miss Tina Linde continued with a plain tone.

"It's the same as you guessed …It is to reduce the population. ”

Menel's eyebrows are getting tighter and tighter.

Reducing the population means that –

"Where do you feel uncomfortable?"

According to the story of the old woman who abandoned the old woman in the mountains, it is generally described that reducing the population means abandoning people who can not become labor.

In this way, the supply and consumption are balanced, so that all members can survive.

Whether it is the history of past lives or the world of this life, if you fall into a famine, people will reduce the number of old people and patients, and let healthy people and farm animals survive …That is as it should be.

Though Miss Tina Linde in front of us has a bad face, it is healthy no matter how it looks.



"Well, that's not the elf's thinking."

Menel said with a frown, and Miss Tina Linde nodded.

– Yes, that's right.

“……That, what does this mean? ”

Nothing like this, very simple, Menel said with a complex face.

"The proud elf will not give up weak."

His tone is convinced with twelve points.

"No matter how hard life is, the elves will not abandon the elderly and the sick. Their villages seem to be dangerous areas, completely isolated. ”

Surrounded by infinite turbid rivers and mud wetlands.

"Whenever food production is reduced, people who can act and fight will volunteer as a volunteer to go outside.

……It would be best if you could escape from a certain direction and get to a place where people smoke. Even if this goal is not achieved, the population can be reduced. ”

That's right, Menel said.

"Yeah, that's it. – It should be said that only a fool will drive out the weak?

Miss Tina Linde's expression is very serious.

The weak should be guarded, and the strong should sacrifice themselves first.

This is a matter of course, she said so naturally. It is neither a maddening nor a blind faith. It is really a very natural tone.

"This is the so-called elf …"

"What is that? Is it praise? Still ironic? ”

"It's a compliment, really."

Menel's sight is like looking at something dazzling.


The elf is very proud – I have heard this sentence several times, everyone said so.

It turns out that this is the case.

“……Elf, still the same. ”

Mr. Gurudes gently said to himself.

The old wound on his face was distorted by the raised corner of his mouth.

After talking a few trivial things, I said.

"Miss Tina Linde, can you take us to your village? If we can tell us the way to the mountains, we will help you as much as possible. ”

"Tell me Tina."

She tied up the blond hair that was scattered by Hydra and combed it around her neck.

"This is what I can not ask for. It's really a big help. ”

Answered like this and nodded.

The boat traveled along a narrow tributary in the wetland and moved forward for a while …At the end of the sun, we saw a forest.

But that is not the beautiful forest in the mouth of Mr. Gururez.

The forest is filled with a strong death scent like a severely advanced patient.

Many parts of the trunk have become creepy colors, and most of the leaves have withered, turned into brown, and hanged from the withered branches.

We slide the paddles deep into the forest along the river.


Although weak, the mist seems to be toxic.

Ferocious creatures are distributed throughout the forest, killing.

Everyone frowned.

But it has been predicted, it is obvious that this forest is in an abnormal state.

"It's really miserable."

"Well, it is actually very miserable."

Upon hearing the direct evaluation of Mr. Restov at the helm, Miss Tina responded simply.

"The forest is completely polluted. As time goes by, it continues to corrupt and shrink. The creatures here are like strange things that are like like crazy beasts. We are surrounded by fog and mud, and we do not know where to go to contact other normal forces. ……Plus, the only mountain that can be used as a target is the devil and the dragon's lair. ”

Just as she said this, the West once again came the roar of the dragon.

The strange birds called "嘎嘎" circled back and forth, and the strange beasts in the forest also shrank into a group because of fear.

“……This is the case recently. Some people say that they are already finished. ”

"This – not just the influence of the taboo words?

"Yes. It's the evil spirit of the evil dragon. ”

“……Evil dragon? ”

The dragon should be in the mountains, why is this here –

"Under the tunnels dug by the dwarves."

Upon hearing this answer, the expression of Mr. Lu and Gururez was distorted.

"The elves of our" Flower Country "and the dwarves of" The Kingdom of Black Iron "are neighbors in good sense and in bad sense. There are many passages on the ground and underground. After the evil dragons destroyed "The Kingdom of Black Iron", they slept on their remains. The suffocating helium spread through the tunnel to every corner of the forest – and it is still spreading. ”

That's …


“……Do not care. It's not that you hate your dwarfs, just to explain the status quo. That's it. ”

Miss Tina waved her hand and continued.

"The power of the goblin is also very weak. The water, the air and the food contain toxins ….The longer you live here, the more your toxins will accumulate and eventually lead to death. There are many many people who can not move.

The beautiful "Flower Country" is already a past event. We are not going to accept destruction, nor are we prepared to abandon pride …Having said that, now we have one foot in hell. ”

The boat is moving slowly.

We saw several fences and many homes.

The homes made of white walls are dirty, old, and lost their brilliance.

Noticing the appearance of strange ships, several elves swayed.

"- So, we never thought that there would be brave dragons who came here from the outside world."

It's like dreaming.

Miss Tina's words are mixed with countless emotions.

So far, before we came here –

How many people have died of illness?

How many people are gone because of shrinking forests, food shortages, and seeking to get in touch with the outside world?

– There is no doubt that there should be her relatives and friends.

If the exploration is more advanced before the problem of the evil dragon is highlighted, perhaps some of them can be saved.

Just as I was thinking about these things indefinitely – Miss Tina walked to the upper bow with a goose – like movement and turned agilely to face us.

"Welcome to the Country of Flowers."

She placed her right hand palm on her left chest.

Slightly retreating, bowed his head and gave a ceremonial greeting.

"- All of you brave."

Then there was a smile like a flower bloom.

After a while, the situation was flustered.

Miss Tina hurriedly explained the passing of the incident, and I asked them to let me treat the critically ill patients first.

The elves who manage the villages seem to be quite annoyed – can they expose the weak compatriots to the strange strange human beings that suddenly appear? But after I single-mindedly asked for them to let me treat.

AHEM!Soldiers with these weapons, coughing and coughing, have said this to the point, do not let him be ashamed again. ”

The elf elder with old wounds and white hair has observed the weapons and issued permission.

While talking, I still cough.

"Let me cure your cough."

AHEM! Please wait The first thing I have to treat is compared to me – "

"I will cure all of them."

It's just a matter of order.

I originally planned to cure the elves I saw one by one.

"Do not say anything stupid. The healing of the treatment will weaken your strength and concentration. How many people can you treat – "

"No matter whether it is one hundred or two hundred people, there is no problem."


The elves who gathered here, including Miss Tina, widened their eyes in surprise.

"I can cure all of them and I will cure them all."

I said this, bowed my head and prayed for help, and asked for the help of the gods of the lights.

The next moment, the ray of light came to the air, and the elder's cough stopped.

Seeing this only a few seconds of prayer, the elves were noisy, or surprised to know what to say.

I can reach deep prayers with just one breath. This was the realm that was given to me by Professor Mary and I was able to pray day and night and finally reach it.

Even a priest who has granted a miracle must continue to exercise to reach this realm, otherwise he will not be able to use the prayer in the fierce battle.

"-Please concentrate the critically ill patients. If the patient is unable to act, I will proceed in order. ”

I looked around and said this.

It does not matter. I will heal everyone. – Under the light of the ancient Lacey Phil. ”

After I put my hand on my chest and told it, the elves nodded and acted.

They assigned their own jobs and ran around the village.

……When I cured all the village members, the sun had completely gone down the mountain.

"Call ~~~~~~"

Then, I left the village now and squatted in front of the muddy river.

I was able to hear the sound of a weak instrument from the village.

The critically ill patient who had half a foot stepping into the coffin and numbness of their hands and feet because of weakness were reunited one by one.

Everyone has fallen into the tears of joy for the hands and feet to be active again, and enthusiastically embraced friends, acquaintances and even everyone, cheering and cheering. After that, they brought food, drinks and musical instruments together to start a banquet. It can be said that it is a matter of course.

As a guest of honor, I was surrounded by elves and spent a few cups of fruit wine in the center.

Mr. Gururez, Lu and the elves chatted hotly, and Mr. Restov also quietly ate with the elves.

As for Menel? He was drunk by Miss Tina, who was completely drunk, and danced to the unpopular dance before the campfire.

There are a few clouds in the sky, moonlight 朦胧; this is a wonderful night.


I also want to keep this state of intoxication – but I still use the "Prayer of Detoxification" to remove alcohol from the blood.

After all, I do not know when fighting will happen.

It is not yet possible to completely indulge in alcohol.

……Suddenly, the flapping sound rang.

A huge crow flutters its wings and stops at the trees that are bent around me.

Its feathers are black and bright, and the pair of pupils are bright red and ominous.

[- Is the journey smooth? 】

It was a huge crow who was the messenger of the Undead.

"Well, it's still so far …Oh, it hurts … "

The warnings of the gods of the lights rang in my mind and even made my brain faint.

Sorry, the gods, please calm down, nothing.

[Ha ha ha, you really love the ancient lace feilu. 】

The crow screamed and laughed.

Then paused for a shot and licked his head.

【……Do you want to be loved and loved by me? 】

"It's really a joke. So,

What is it for here? I looked at his pair of bright red pupils.

……Nothing, warning, the dark crow said this as an introduction.

[If you want to return, this is probably the last chance. 】

At this moment, the earth shook.

A roar like a sound from the ground rang.

– Hey …

There is a roar in the mountains of the West.

It is a terrible sound that is like crushing a human soul.

After the roaring, the forest is silent.

The sound of joy played by the home of the elves also stopped like a timid.

[I will say it again – if I go, I will die. 】

The bright red pupil is like looking at me straight through me.

[If you challenge the dragon, the unavoidable death will come to you. 】

Undead faintly said.

[Build up your strength. 】

"In that case, Lu will die ….In the face of the scourge of evil dragons, the dwarves felt that they should first bleed. ”

It's all true. The dwarves will die. And whether it is humans, dwarves or elves, there will be hundreds and thousands of lives that have disappeared because of awakened evil dragons. ……However, with the disaster caused by the evil dragon, the ancient lace Philippe you believe can bring more faith. 】

The power of the gods depends on the faith.

Indeed, the greater the damage raised by the dragon, the more people will rely on the gods, and the faith will be more concentrated.

– People will pray to God to get rid of evil dragons.

The power generated by this is also directly linked to my strength.

It is indeed a great help to help me to crusade the evil dragons when the gods gain faith and increase their power and then give them to me as a blessing.

[Once the evil dragons cause huge disasters, powerful warriors and warlocks who want to attack them will be brought together from all over the world. The apostles of the gods will also gather here with the mission entrusted by the gods.

The restoration of the ancient lace Philip will give you the protection, and then you will command the heroes, and finally your sword will take off the head of the evil dragon. 】

The words of undead are very convincing.

[For me, such a proposal is not my intention …But the emergence of the victim should be tolerated. This is not a timid, but rather a brave act. 】

This is very convincing and correct. But

"I can not follow."

Why? Do you want to save everything? 】

The messenger crow is like a little anxious to move on the branches.

【……Indeed, there is now a very weak path on your way forward – the possibility of not giving up any life and saving everything. But once it fails, the life has has passed more than 10,000 or 20,000. And in a short time, there will be no more heroes that can match you.

Even so, do you intend to put ten times and a hundred times of life in danger in order to protect thousands and tens of thousands of lives? It's stupid and reckless! 】

I also think that he is very correct.

“……Undead silk Guganette. You are very correct. ”

In fact, it can be said that it is perfect.

If I am looking for the most important means, then I should do what he said.

[Since you think so …]

"But, at that moment, my roots – the vows and belief that have been set up will collapse."

Undead eyes widened.

– Yes, the only problem is here.

"Only you to these things to me on the basis of knowing this."


In order to make my heart surrender.

In order to let me join my camp.

It is like a cult ritual-giving a living sacrifice on the altar to gain strength.

He is persuading me, give up, tolerate it, and gain strength at the expense of blood and meat. This is the most correct choice.

"Is there a mistake?"


Do not die back to silence.

“……Undead silk Guganette. ”


“……I am a weak human. I know that I am a human being who will succumb to the flow, convince, give up, and be easily frustrated. ”

I am not going to say that I have changed after the reincarnation.

I feel that the essence of my heart and soul is no different from that of my previous life.

So, if you tolerate something and give up something, I will give in.

Said, this is no way.

Saying, there is no chance, it is no longer possible.

Finally, in your own heart, there is an excuse to give up.

I know, I will make excuses for myself again and again, and finally fall down.

"And the gods told me that that even can start from scratch. She gave me the opportunity to stand up again and move forward again. ”

I watched the red dragonfly of the undead, and talked about my feelings for the goddess of light.

What I should do and what I want to do have already been achieved. She extended her hands to the confused and abandoned people and gave me another chance. ”

I do not know how to thank her.

The man, wearing a cloak and a silent god, really gave me an irreplaceable treasure.


"I will always implement it – obey my own vows and bury my faith in my chest. I will always be her her hands and turn into her sword – until the last moment of death, "

Even the method is not the most correct.

Even the means are bizarre and chaotic.

I also feel that I have to do this.

This is the only way that is illuminated by her lights and belongs to me.

"- In the light of the light of the ancient lace Philip.


No death is silent.

He stared at me without saying a word, then sighed deeply.

【……Eh … Has the cage failed? 】

In the distance, the music of the hometown of the elves rang again.

The elves who had had interrupted the banquet because of the roar of the dragon revived the music and played the music again.

The clear sound of the harp is like a beating, playing happily.

YesI noticed it when I saw you for the first time. Notice – your soul is not strong, as long as you give up, you will yield and fall, just a soul of this level. 】

The despair of the first encounter with the undead is once again in my mind.

He gave me such a huge shock at that time, really it was to see through my soul.

[I did not expect you to become a hero. I think that you are just a fragile soul that has gained great strength through the exercise of San Yingjie. 】

In fact, it is true.

If there is no no blame for Mary.

If there is no grace of the gods.

I should have surrendered and collapsed before the death.

[However, you subverted my expectations – did not give up, did not yield. So, you stood up again, challenged me, and knocked me down. 】

The crow of the undead messenger laughed.

Hahaha showed a very happy appearance.

[Though some contradictions …But just because of this, you can become a hero, a fragile soul. 】

"I have never thought of becoming a hero myself."

[Ha, ha, ha. Knowing your own vulnerability, just because you do not give up, you will not give in, until death will not abandon your beliefs. 】

The sound of the elves came from afar.

The image of undead is to be in harmony with the music.

[–people call such such heroes, William G. Mary Brad – inheriting what I have been asking for, all three people. 】

I do not know how to reply to him.

Just, my heart is incredibly smooth.

It is clearly talking to the evil gods, and is in the abyss that once brought me into despair. After I stood up again, I spoke to the enemies who were hostile to each other and live and die.

But my heart is like a prayer to the gods, very peaceful.

[So I will say it again. ……Come to me here. 】

This must be because of –

[I will prepare you for the status of one person below 10,000 people. Whether it is an eternal care or an undead army, I will give you everything. Defeat the evil dragon, crusade the hero, defeat all the gods, conquer the world – by you, and me. 】

Its thinking, strategy, compassion, everything is included – the god of the undead god Taganet is a truly respectable existence.

But that's why.

"Please let me refuse, not the god of death, Taganet."

I put my hand on my left chest and declined his invitation.

I respect him from the heart.

【……Sure enough, still not. 】

I understand, the crow said and laughed.


I nodded.

"–Because you do not want to see see fallen heroes, right?

At the moment I said this, the messenger crow stopped moving.

Unbelievable, I remember a lot of pictures.

"If I gave up the faith of the ancient lace Philip, and belonged to you – I will not be the one you sought at that time."


In the past, the undead god Tagunett said that he wants to create a eternal, gentle world.

He could not bear to see the shining soul being dragged down the ground by the mortal things, and falling into desperation, because the pain and regrets lost the inner light.

"Do not die, Godanet, you are a respectable enemy, a great god."

I think so from the bottom of my heart. Because of this –

"I will not accept your temptation and always maintain a position of hostility against you. Because – I respect you. ”

Though I can not resonate with you.

While they are enemies when they first meet each other.

But I understand that you are a great god.

I know that you have deep compassion for thousands of souls.

So I hope to show you the greatest respect.

To – not to succumb to you, always in a hostile way.

【………………It's really a headache. 】

After the silence, the undead god whispered.

[I was the first time I was seen by the Son of Man … … …You look very straight, but unexpectedly sharp. If you can see see through the intent of the gods, you can call yourself a sage. 】

"Do not dare to be."

I heard the frank and sincere appreciation of the gods, I do not know how to deal with it, I can only answer this.

[But it's a pity that you will die. He was torn by the dragon and died. 】

With some irony, the crow of the non-death messenger laughed.

[If you change your mind, it does not matter if you call me at any time, huh? I will instantly turn you into the highest undead. Even if it is the moment of death, it does not matter if the head is cut off. Um – what if you do not have a head, what will become the Dullahan Lord? 】

Or do you really like the Nolifing King? I am so happy to say so.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"With the dragon as the opponent, if you lose, the body will fly away."

[Ha, ha, ha, that's right! 】

We look at each other and laugh –

[Okay, let's go. Gu Laisi Feilu is also about to lose his temper. 】

Indeed, the warning revelation of the sound in the brain has stopped, but it feels a kind of "squeaky" accumulation of pressure.

The gods are generally very descriptive of the gods, but when the god of death wants to cling to me, the feeling of giving people should be childish, or should it be like human beings.

[Then, I will be there again – my ignorant and sinister enemies, the holy paladin of the lights! 】

Leaving this sentence, the messenger crows flew into the distance in the night sky.

Watching him leave, just in my sudden, a little smile –

"Ah, it hurts ??"

A moment like the impression of being screwed into my mind.

……Good, too good, gods!

On the second day of conversation with the undead.

In the elf village that ended the banquet, there was a quarrel in the early morning.

I used quite a few prayers yesterday, plus a dialogue with the undead, and I felt a little tired. Now I am watching my sleepy eyes and watching the situation from the hut.

"Enough, let's go let's go!"

"So it does not make sense to let you go!"

Then I saw that Menel and Miss Tina were quarreling.

I tried to run a dull mind –

"It seems to be flirting."

After making such a conclusion, I planned to go back to the hut and take a nap, but I was forced to grab the shoulders.

"Hey, wait."

"What did you say?"

Two very terrible voices came.

Because of these two voices, my drowsiness disappeared instantly, and at the same time, cold sweats constantly appeared on my back.

“……Ah, haha. ”

How can I answer now, God Ming?

In order to get away with it, I laughed. Miss Tina sighed with a sigh.

“……Like this time, it is impossible to engage in what kind of love for men and women. ”

Well, it is true.

Now the village is facing a crisis of life and death. No matter what kind of feelings you have, you have a higher priority.

That is,

Menel also agreed to nod.

"If it is not at this time. This is very regrettable. ”

At the moment when Menel shrugged his shoulders, I clearly saw Miss Tina's shocked shoulders shaking and showing a shaken look.

"If you are not this time, what do you want to say?"

“? Naturally, I would like to praise the last two sentences. After all, you are very beautiful. ”


Miss Tina could not help but bite the topic, and the beautiful eyebrows wrinkled.

Just when she suddenly turned to the side and wanted to say something to Menel.

"It's not very common to attach one or two compliments when you say hello."

After hearing Menell 's next words, she fell into a state of rigidity, and then trembled "噗噜 噗噜".

Menel …

"I do not understand that feeling …"

"It should be said that you are too accustomed to getting in touch with women, but instead I am beginning to feel uneasy."

In the field of intimate contact with women, there is a considerable gap between me and Menel.

Probably, it is equivalent to the gap between the Japanese and the Italians in the past.

……But Menel is sometimes surprisingly slow.

"In the elves of" Silver Moon Branch ", if you do not sing a love song to a woman, you will not be alone.

"The the group of" Silver Moon Branch "has been to to be a misconduct!

Miss Tina's violet eyes glared at Menel, and Menel shrugged gently.

"What about your" Star of the Comet "? It's like a lively concentration camp. ”

"I dare to say it !?"

After returning to God, the two of them quarreled again.

The two men's tongues are constantly escalating, and the Elvish language is getting faster and faster. I can not keep up with them.

In this kind of quarrel, the elves use a lot of irony and metaphor, so it is even more confusing.

But somehow, Miss Tina looks a little happy.

……Suddenly, I recalled the gloomy expression of the elves that I saw when I arrived at the village.

Because of the war of "great collapse", they lost a lot of excellent fighters and goblins.

Contact with civilization has also been cut off.

The forest is full of curses and evil spirits. They are isolated, sick, and weak.

The warriors embarked on a journey in search of contact with the outside, but no one came back.

These two hundred years must have been a period of time – even let them forget the hard years of quarreling with people because of such trivial things.

"You are really ◯◯!"

"You are ○○!"


These are not mention for the time being. What do they mean by the words of 骂?

……I do not remember the words that I learned from gambling. I am afraid it is quite rude.

In the gap between the two men temporarily suspended, I inserted and pulled back the topic.

"So, what are you going to say or not?

"The Lord of Mori."

Menel said a little unhappy.

"I should be able to make a little reply to" The Lord of Mori "here."


Yesterday, I was exhausted because I was treating the patient. I still have to discuss this matter after thinking about it.

With Menel in the words, it should be able to to slightly improve the status quo of this forest.


"It's impossible for you to go!"

Miss Tina's reaction was very resistant.

"Absolutely not."

"You …"

Menel frowned, and Miss Tina rolled her arms and put on the stance.

It is true that "The Lord of Mori" is the center of the forest, which is equivalent to the most important vital existence.

Just like the incident that Cornunos wanted to pollute the Beast of the Beast, it would indeed be a big deal if it was touched by a malicious and powerful presence.

However more or less owed us some of the human condition, it is impossible for the inhabitants of the forest to easily enter the place.

"That, but, Menel is a reliable person. I promise. If you need any guarantee, I will be taken hostage … "

After I said this, Miss Tina shook her head.

She said, this is not the case.

“……We believe in you. ”


"I believe in you, and thank you. I did not know how many people were saved yesterday night.

If you have a request, we will repay you as far as we can. If you want us to contribute strength, we will send soldiers. If we need a leader, then let us lead the way. ”

"So, why."

“……Even if you want us to lead the way, we can not safely bring you to the "Lord of the Lord." ”

Miss Tina bowed her head.

"The area of" The Lord of Mori "is the territory of Warcraft, not our field."

I can not lead the way for you, she said.


"So, more should be -"

"More should you rely on you?"

Miss Tina licked her head and smiled.

"You are the benefactors who saved our lives and let us get back hope. Next, you are going to the battlefield. We will not consider your situation and impose more fighting on you. Because it is very difficult, I can not do anything, so please ask the brave adults to save us? ……Even let your mission postponed! ”

She shrugged.

"It is hard to die. How can we make such a request for shamelessness! ”

This is not simply to accept the help of others.

Instead, hold on to the benefactors and put more burden on you. Miss Tina said so.

I do not know how to answer, and I can not help but look at Menel for help.

Amount, this is what, what should I do …What can I do?

Menel said with a very complicated expression.

"It's a fairy, right?"

I have to point my head.

Their character is very noble and at the same time very troublesome. I am very able to appreciate everyone's evaluation of them now.

……I think this kind of nature should be due to the longevity.

Because the elves are basically not aging, there are very few elderly people and children to be guarded in the village. From the physical point of view, young people are mostly, so this kind of nature will be formed.

Humans who will age in a blink of an eye can not imitate them anyway.

"So, there is no need to spend too much energy to help us."

What should I do? Just when I thought about it, Mr. Gururez appeared slowly.

His face, which was severe due to old injuries, was also full of sleep because he was still at dawn, and is now in a state of shackles.

What happened

"No, that …"

After I explided what happened, Mr. Gururez showed a deep expression of interest.

“……The elf is still the same. ”

"What should I do?"

Well, he nodded and said.

"Just according to our own ideas."

It turns out that it is the old rivers and lakes. It is a famous saying.

"So, let's go according to our own ideas. Menel, do you know the location of "The Lord of Mori"? ”

"Although it is very weak, I should be able to find out how to find out."

"Mr. Gururez, please let Mr. Lu and Mr. Restov also gather. In a fully armed state. ”


"After the gathering, I will leave after breakfast."

Miss Tina issued "Hey, hey?"The voice is confused.

"Hey, wait …Please wait You are just talking about the steps to do the exercise and the movement after cooking. What are you talking about? ”

"Removing Warcraft."

"But, but we do not have …!"

"There is no reason to say that if you do not ask, we can not act. It's just that we are nosy, nosy. ”

After all, Menel said so simply, licking my arm.

"So far, for me and this kid, ordinary Warcraft can not even be called an enemy."

It is no different from walking after a meal. It is even more unbearable for the elf to see death.

I vowed to save the lamented person as the hands of the gods.

……In this real world where the gods exist, the strict and powerful oath is very heavy.

Very similar to the vows of the previous Irish mythology (Geis * note).

(Annotation:Geis in Ireland and symbolizes taboos. In the myth of Celtic, especially in the epic of Ulster, everyone will make an agreement, such as "in …In the case, I will never … ". There are more than one contract, and there can be many. The heavier the oath is, the stronger the favor is. In many stories, the final result of the hero's final disintegration was generated by breaking Geis. )

It's easy to imagine that the ending that was deliberately broken by the oath must not be very interesting. And if we found out that the village was destroyed when we came back, it would really make people sleep at night.

Just like Mr. Gurudes said. It is our own self-speaking nosy and help.

"So, what should the proud elves do when the benefactors talk to themselves in danger?"

"~~! Ah, really! ”

Preventing us from conforming to their principles does not mean that they can physically stop us.

"Slightly wait, I will immediately go and talk to those who can act now and have the skills!" Never leave without permission, understand it! ”

Miss Tina said this, and ran away.

I and Menel and Mr. Gururez looked at each other and laughed out loud.

The forest in which the elves live is considered an inviolable area everywhere.

While there are many reasons that is are there are many excellent hunter warriors and excellent fairy tales in the spirit guarding the forest.

Hostile to the elves in the forest also means miserable death.

Specifically, they will continue to chase the prey like a hunt. The enemy can not even sleep well, and they are constantly confused by the goblins. Finally, they are buried in the belly.

Therefore, the forest of the elves is inviolable and is regarded as a terrible and respectable sanctuary by all races.

However, there are not many powerful warriors and goblins in the Elven Village of "Flower Country".

This is also a matter of course, the main hunter warriors among them bravely fought and sacrificed with the devil when the Great Confederation collapsed.

This is a huge loss for the elf society that has a long life and is not very fertile.

Immediately after the forest was cursed by the taboo, the situation became even worse after the fall of the Kingdom of Black Iron and the isolation of the village.

They can not get enough food, and the power of the goblin is weak. It is impossible to train new warriors and goblins.

The few remaining strong people tried to get in touch with the outside they, they all failed and could not come back.

……Speaking of it, some of the dead bodies in the turbid rivers are in a state of decay.

If it is a body two hundred years ago, it will turn into a bone anyway. ……In other words, it is such a thing.

Coupled with the fall of the "Black Iron Country", unable to replenish weapons, metal products seem to be quite expensive. Even some people use stone arrows and stone gun tips like the Stone Age.

In this case, it is indeed impossible to recapture the throne of "The Lord of Mori" that has been turned into into the World of Warcraft site.

It is better to say that they have been forced into such a desperate situation, but they still retain the management system. They have not given up up their attempts to contact with the outside world and continue to send people out. I think it is really very powerful.

If it is a human village, it will now have a crossed the boundaries of collapse.

“……Then, in the throne is the Worm of the worm …Is it called a magic insect? ”

The sky is overcast, and we walk in the forests of dead wood.

Miss Tina finally called four elf hunters to walk with us.

"The first is the whole body covered with the armor of the armor (Earwig), their defense is quite tricky …"

"Ah, that's it!" I will work hard! ”

"Well, I can be a good training, less master."

When Daxie appeared, he was defeated by Lu's long-handed axe with King Kong Power.

The leaked cockroaches were also broken by Mr. Gururez's warhammer with Sword.

"There will be Purple Moth in the air …"


Menerla rounded the "Silver String" of Tel Perion, and the bowstring sounded a pleasant tone.

As a bow rang, the arrow ran beautifully through the vital moths that came to us and let it fall to the ground.

"Ah, beware, scale powder is poisonous …"

Dismiss this notice

Even without humming, the wind blows away the scales according to the will of Menel.


It really is effortless.

Seeing the appearance of the three giant crushed monsters, Miss Tina was speechless.

The other elves also showed a very surprised look.

But this is nothing to be surprised.

These devils can not even destroy the elf villages that have fallen sharply. After countless exercises, we are not vulnerable to the threat of this level.

"There is no need for us to shoot."

"Standby is also very important."

Hearing the words that I said with a smile, Mr. Restov said so.

Indeed, if we remain vigilant behind it, Lu, Menel and Mr. Gururez will be able to concentrate on the front and let go.

Standby is also a very important task.

We keep this battle into the throne, and it is a picture of larvae and cockroaches everywhere in front of us. It can not help but make people sick. Menel immediately swept it away.

After he injected some power into the Lord of Mori, the poison gas eased, the forest recovered, and the elves cheered.

In the process, I have nothing to do, how to say it, um, the body is a little bit tempted.

"It's good to be able to make a big difference …"

"You, the appearance looks very honest but often bloody."

After saying this, I could not help but look away away.

After the hairy moths were cleaned, the withered trees took back some anger.

The elves looked happy, but the joy slowly faded away.

Then I do not know when, they showed a shy expression.

“……William, is this really good? ”

Miss Tina asked as a representative of the elf.

"what you mean?"

"If you do this kind of thing, if you are caught by the dragon and the devil -"

"That would be very troublesome."

I nodded. It does become very troublesome.

It is already at the foot of the mountain to the east of the mountain. They are all close to this point. However the power placed in the west can not be transferred to the east side in one breath, the risk is still high.


"But ..

Miss Tina still wants to say something, but I raised my hand to stop her.

"Now it is impossible to abandon this village. We all understand that it is likely that there will be a dead person before we return. ”

toxin. Monsters Food Supplies There are countless factors that can lead to death.

In addition, we may not be able to return.

But we are going to challenge the evil dragon with the plan of victory, only the fool will not consider the matter after the defeat.

"So, that's fine."

As the undead said, I am not going to rely on abandoning someone to win.

I made such an oath, and I intend to abide by this oath in the future.

Therefore, the deity of the gods will give me extraordinary protection.

I have not even thought about breaking the oath until now.


"Under the witness of the goddess lights, I do not regret it."

Yes, I do not regret it.

Judging from the trepidation that came from my back neck, the current situation is probably not very good, but even so I am well aware.

From the day I chose this living method, that's it.

Just that …

"- Lu, Mr. Restov, Mr. Gururez, sorry to bring you in. "

Not to mention Menel, this is not so important for others.

Their hearts may feel uncomfortable, so I bowed my head at them.

"We understand that that will surely like that, please do not care ….And if there is no Lord Will, no matter which way we choose, we may not be able to get there. ”

About halfway through the road.

Lu said so, he laughed.

"It's like what the Lord said."

Mr. Gururez's expression was as severe as usual, and he nodded slowly.

"Yeah, it's already happening now ….Compared to this, anyway, are you going to break in directly like this? ”

I have already prepared for this, Mr. Restov said. He knows quite well about my mode of action.

I am really grateful.

"Hey, just break in directly …"

"Yes. Can you take to the nearest underground passage?

……By the way, the ship is ready to be abandoned, so the luggage and food that we did not take away are free to use. Also left a simple map. ”

If they say it to them, they may not accept it, so I just stayed.

……If someone in the elf uses our boat to go upstream in the direction of the lake and reach the city on the lakeside, then Gass will arrange them properly.

My grandfather is very good at Elvish and knows that our town is located downstream of the river.


"If it is already detected by the enemy, speed is the most important. So hurry up. ”


Miss Tina nodded and then looked at the elves behind her, as if she was confirming anything.

Then, come back.

"We will send a person back to the village to tell about this ….Let us bring it too. At least it can be used as a bait or shield. ”

Miss Tina said that everyone showed a sense of enlightenment.

Menel seems to want to say something about it, but I stopped him –

Not required. You are not strong enough. ”

I instantly rejected their consciousness.


While they have recovered, they are only removing the toxins and suffocating gas from the body.

The physical strength that has been attenuated by toxins for a long time can not be recovered with a prayer.

After all, even if they were chosen, their expressions were too gloomy.

"We have not been able to bring a cumbersome surplus."

After I asserted this, Miss Tina's expression was distorted.

"You have done so many things for us …In the end, let us watch you go to death alone? ”


"It is really humiliation …"

Miss Tina frowned and said that her expression was very painful.

"But, I understand ….I will follow, your judgment. ”

"But Tina Linde."

"This is too."

"- Are you planning to turn a blind eye to your own weaknesses, but also to be ashamed of shame?

The elves behind them protested in unison, but after seeing the expression of Miss Tina's returning to her head again, she silenced.

"Now, no matter how we argue, it is just a weak person who is sick. But it's the weak one … "

These words are probably what I said to myself.

"- here, come with me."

She took the step.

I can see that the violet pupil leaked some unwilling tears.

Menel said quietly to me.

"Hey, Will. That kind of words come from me … "

"No, it must be for me."

Menel is planning to take the hated role on himself.

But that is too cruel.

An incredible metal sill is mounted on the stone arched passage.

The door blends the dwarf-style structure with the elf-style decoration, engraved with several imprints written in ancient grammar.

The toxic helium leaks from its gap.

"West Gate" …I did not expect to be able to come here here again one day. ”

Mr. Gururez said with deep emotion.

"Here is the entrance to the Kingdom of Black Iron …"

Lu also looked at the threshold, and for moment he he bit and said nothing.

Everyone was silent for a while.

For Mr. Gururez, it was a violation of two hundred years, and for Lu, it was the first visit – hometown.

“……Really want to go in from here? ”


We add a magic and a prayer to ourselves.

Menel is a leprechaun that evokes the wind and gathers fresh air around.

Mr. Restov was inadvertently vigilant around, and Mr. Gururez and Lu also single-mindedly carried out the final inspection of the weapons.

In the time to prepare for this, I looked at the door.

The metal door knocker is made of imitation flowers, and a large area of ​​the imprint is engraved near the door knocker. I carefully read the "imprint" that has been worn out more than half.

"" Knocking "," It will open "…"For the kings "

A closer look reveals that the gate is made of demon metal that has now lost its refining method, with several blessings attached.

If it is a sinister, do not say it is a knock, but just approaching the door at random will cause great damage.

This is a door made by the superb technology of the "Greater Federal Times", and the current technical level can not be reproduced.

LuKnocking on the door, this is the secret number. ”

I said to the gentle black-haired friends.

"Mr. Will …That, come by me, is it? ”

"Lu is the most suitable."

He is the original successor of the lost "Black Iron Country".

Therefore, there is the right to open this door – no one but Lu.

"It should be done by you."


Lu seems to be hesitant, silent for a while, and finally bite his lips and face the door.

Even if he is tall among the dwarves, he is quite short before he stands at the huge threshold.

He took a breath –


He took the door knocker and solemnly knocked on the door twice.

The sound of 咚 and 響 rang twice.

Then the "imprint" engraved on the door glowed, and the door around it shook slightly.

It was like welcoming us with open hands, and the heavy door slowly opened up – at this moment, a strong cold was spreading throughout my body.


The whole body is stiff and the hair is straight.

An impression is embedded in our minds.

– It was a golden eyelid that stared at us, the reptile.

His gaze penetrated us, and the heart was like being held in the hands of someone and slowly tightening it.

My feet are shaking and my knees are almost slamming.

"Ha!Ha, ha … "

The breath became heavy and flustered.

My instinct grabbed the rational chest with all strength and shouted wildly.

Let's go Run away, run away! Abandon everything and now run away! Can not win!

“……Hmmm …

After returning to God, everyone fell to the ground against the chest.

Even a few elves have passed out.

The golden single eye in our mind exudes murderousness.

The pressure has become even heavier.

The mind is stirred up by uneasiness and fear, and it is almost mad.

Just when I want to kneel on my knees –


I clenched my teeth, injected strength into my muscles, widened my eyes, and slammed my feet.

Healing the waves in his heart, it is to control the disorderly breathing –

"Courage!"! "

I shouted out "The Spirit of Spirit" That means courage and strength.

The power of this "Spiritual Spirit" spreads like a wave to the surrounding space – at the same time, it is like being bounced off, the pressure and the golden eyes disappear.


But in the end, the dragon seemed to smile.

“……Sure enough, being noticed, arrived …?

This is not a devil's trick.

General, no, even a king – level demon can not do this kind of thing.

I have never felt such a heavy pressure on other beings except the "Mu Ling" who is not dead.

And that is brought by a line of sight.

– There is no doubt that this is the power of the dragon.

Even the gods dare not take a nap, and the undead is prophesied to incur my death, the evil dragon of the gods.

"The Destruction of the Evil, Evil Dragon Varaseka …"

Not to mention the devil, I have never thought that the little tricks on our side can fool the evil dragon.

Before and after purifying "The Lord of Mori", I felt the back chilly. At that time, I had subconsciously knew that the evil dragon was afraid to notice our existence.

Though I think I already know it – but I did not expect it to common so sense.

“……Ha! goddamn

Menel gasped and gasped his trembling feet again and again.

"Call ~~~~~~" Rime table

Mr. Restov slowly adjusted his breathing, his hand holding the hilt.

Gurudez and Lu are relying on the threshold, and they have not fallen.

– Going back, except for Miss Tina, the other elves have already passed out.

"Woo. Woohooo. "

Even Miss Tina, who had not passed out, was soft and soft, and her whole body shivered and shed tears.

It's just the sight from the ground that easily caused so much damage.


This is the dragon, this is the dragon.

……Although I have already imagined it, I still can not contain it because of the power of the dragon that is far more common sense.

It is different from Yalong's dimension. I am afraid that in terms of combat effectiveness, he is even on the "Mu Ling" of the undead.

"Going to knock down …Are you going to knock down something like this …? ”

Miss Tina said softly.

"Yes. We came here to knock it down. ”

I look up to the red-brown mountains in front of me.

……《The peaceful scene of "The River of Lights", "The River Port of Lights" appeared in front of my eyes.

Reminiscent of the white sails staggered across the the river and the sea, as well as the sound of the boat.

Recalling the noise of people who work hard every day.

Recalling the daily life that will continue after this.

"We are here to get back the mountains and to back back to a smooth life."

I once again clenched the handle of "Yueyue".

This short gun that has been with me for a long time is just like the first time I hold it, just as it sucks in my hands.

After a spoke, the gunpoint glowed.

……I still have not said anything, everyone has already sorted out the state.

Everyone held the weapon in his hand, stood upright and stood straight.

Everyone showed a very good expression, I thought so.

That is the realization of the consciousness, the expression of the warrior.

"So, we set off."

"However, I will not find a way to come back alive."

"Well, things to do have not changed."

“……Will work hard. ”


Everyone said one by one, facing the threshold.

On the other side of the open door, a dark tunnel like a cracked mouth awaits us.

“……Please wait

Miss Tina said in a loud voice.

Looking back, I saw her standing up with trembling feet and looking at us straight.

Her face was bloodless, and even then she placed her hand on her left chest gracefully.

"- I wait, the elves of" Flower Country "will never forget this kindness. I am here to swear to the ancestral priest Silvia, and one day I will repay you this great grace. ”

Like a blessing to us, she smiled.

"May the good Gods and the courageous Holy Spirit protect the way you go."

Everyone nodded and smiled back.

Then we took the step.

To the stone dwarf tunnel;

Towards the roots of the Rust Mountain Range, the remnants of the once prosperous "Black Iron Country", the dark downhill –

I did not hesitate to take the step.

The third volume of the king of the rust mountain, the third chapter

Stone walls, stone floors.

On the other side of the "West Gate", in the tunnel, the stone passage gives a hard, cold feeling and continues to extend far away.

The passage is wide and the ceiling is high. Because it is an important trade route with the country of the elves.

Because of the relationship between the two hundred years of blank period, there was a thick layer of dust.

According to this situation, there are usually spider webs everywhere, bats and beasts nesting, and there are feces everywhere, but there is actually no such trace.

The reason is that this band is like a smoke-like black smog – the evil dragon's suffocation.

Hmmm …

"People do not want to stay here for a long time."

However we are released the miracle and magic of poison, we are still quite uncomfortable.

And because the suffocation floats in the air, the field of view is not so good.

“……It would be awful if there was an encounter or a fall into a trap. ”

"In addition to the traps under the demon cloth, it is highly likely that the traps set by the compatriots will remain without triggering."

When he heard Lu's words, Mr. Gurudes nodded.

True, true. In order to defend against the devil's attack, the dwarves of the "Black Iron Country" set up multiple defenses. ……In that case, we must assume that the trap we face is not the kind of gentle warning trap, but the trap of entering the level of death.

"Do you want to use fire for lighting?"

"forget it. There may be some bad gas stuck here. ”

According to theory, the light source needs to prepare the magic light and the ordinary flame. If the other side is extinguished, the other side can still still be preserved …There may be gas accumulation, which makes people hesitate to ignite. Therefore, this time it will not ignite. In addition to "Yueyue", I also gathered Mana on several other stones engraved with "The Spirit of Light".

Menel put the stone into a lantern with a visor, which would adjust the brightness.

This is an arrangement that takes into account the need for the front investigator to gather light.

"What should I do with the queue?"

"Menell, the striker will ask you. Alert traps and demons. Mr. Gurureez performed him. ”

Menel, who has a good hearing and is able to detect to detect traps, is at the forefront.

Relying on racial traits, he can see through the darkness, feel sensitive in the underground, and grasp the internal structure of the "Black Iron Country" in the past.

"Then I and Lu are in the center, and I am pleased to ask Mr. Restov to be the last. "

Arrange the senior Mr. Restov at the end, and ask him to guard against attacks from the rear.

According to the actual situation and the adjustable the power of the Lu configuration in the center, according to the actual situation and then adjust the formation.

"The opponent is a demon. Some of them can be attached to walls, ceilings, and some have wings. ”

Be careful of surprises from unexpected angles. After I said this, everyone nodded.

After we went forward, I found that Lu looked around very nervously, so whispered.

"Ah, it's not that you have a vigilant in all directions."

"Is that right?"

"Well, it is impossible."

Humans who remain alert to all directions at all times are only present in fantasy.

In fact, human beings are more likely to perceive things in front than in the rear, and it is also very exhausting to keep the spirit in the enemy's position.

For this reason, the direction in which many people complement each other has its significance.

"However, if there is such awareness, the response will be faster."

Once you receive a surprise attack from the unexpected direction, whether you know in advance that there is a surprise attack from the unexpected direction will cause a certain gap in the reaction speed.

If you encounter a completely unexpected situation, as long as it is a person, no matter who it is, Li will be blank and stiff.

In order to avoid this, just in case I make a reminder …But think about it, this is Lu's first adventure.

"Mernel and Mr. Gururez pay attention to the front and the foot, behind the guard of Restov, so we only need to focus on the upper and lower and left and right vigilance. As for the surprise attack, as long as there is such a concept in the mind. Because the spirit will be quite exhausted, you can stop the alert occasionally and take a break. ”


After I re – explained it easily, Lu nodded hard.

He is really fast.

The technological advancement of the Whiteblade is also very rapid, and the law of exploration like this can be quickly grasped.


After a while, everyone walked on the straight road without saying a word.

Menel sometimes extended his palms back to stop the entire staff and erected his ears to lift the trap.

The set type of zygomatic arch has been degraded for many years, and there is not enough elasticity to be threatening, but the hole, spiked ball, etc. are not the case.

In the blink of an eye, Menel discovered the kind of dangerous traps, and left marks at the launching point, and used the skill to lift the trap and invalidate it.

"It's almost to the Rock Hall." There will be a lot of roads after that. ”

Mr. Gururez said briefly as he looked at Mener's work.

"It's an accident."

At the same time, this sentence was added.

I feel the same, I nodded.

"Hmm …The devil did not attack us. ”

And it is not there at one time.

Obviously we were obviously discovered by the dragon, but they did not come out to meet.

"That is, that, the relationship between the dragon and the devil is not rock solid, is it?

"Now can not be so asserted. Are they gathered in the "Stone Hall" to ambush us? ”

It's customary to list the semi-encircled battles in a wide range and use a single volley to get the enemy. Menel said.

Indeed, it is quite effective to surround and annihilate the other side by introducing it into the depths of its own position.

"Reversely, if there is no ambush in the Hall of Stones-"

"Well, then Lu's idea is correct."

Mr. I will a lot of roads ahead of the "Stone Hall".

If you go there, the devil will be hard to catch us, so no matter what kind of commander will make a judgment that should be gathered in the "Stone Hall" to meet the combat power.

Of course, if that did not happen, the only possibility was that the demon's commander did not notice our invasion.

In other words, this is the best evidence that the owner of the line of sight, Varaseka did not join forces with the devil.

Just when I think about it and move forward.

“…………Please wait

Menel raised his hand to the rear and stopped everyone.

He erected his ears and listened to the movements across the channel that was slowly bending.

"What happened?"

"there's noise. Awkward metal sound. In addition, there are footsteps back and forth. ”

He whispered.

“……Is it an ambush? ”

"Do not know …" What can be determined is only what is there. ”

"The Hall of Stone is on the front."

"That, that is, this is, that …"

As the devil is ambushing, we should have no problem.

Everyone nodded to each other and clenched the weapon.

"The shield that I set up with Mr. Gururez is in front. "

I took the shield off my back.

As long as the two shields that cover most of our bodies are taken care of each other, even if we are half-enclosed volley at the moment of leaving the passage, we can withstand it.

Then observe the opponent's combat power and then adapt to it. Determine whether it is a sudden fire with a magical sweep, or retreat to the channel and respond.

"Menell supported us at the end of the passage, and Mr. Lu and Mr. Restov stood by, assaulted according to the situation. "

I succinctly tell everyone the roles they have assigned.

After the formation, we cover up the illumination and move as far as as possible in the channel.


We stopped before we reached the "Stone Hall". I clenched the short gun and put a finger on it for everyone to see.

Then there was the second one. At the moment when the third root was erected, Mr. Gururez and I rushed out with a shield to start advancing.

After reaching a wide space, the suffocation became thinner.

It is a wide cylindrical space that can feel the wind blowing through it. Like a spiral-shaped opening inlaid on a wall, many stairs can be seen spirally attached to the wall to different locations.



"Dwarf, the dwarf is coming!"

"Human is also …There are also elves. ”

"The" Flower Country "has not fallen ??"

"It's okay, are you escaping from the devil's hand?"

"Not hurt? Peace of mind, brother, here is safe. ”

Many voices echoed in the Hall of Stone.

"Woo. Woohooo. "

Mr. Gururez's face was distorted.


I could not help but bite my teeth.

"How is the battle?"

"In general, come here first."

"Well, you must have eaten a lot of bitterness."

A lot of bones are talking.

They gathered behind a solid fence.

Wearing armor, holding an axe, carrying a shield, looks full of war.

I am afraid that the obsession of being born has swallowed up most of the rationality and eventually became the undead.

They have not been able to understand their own situation so far and continue to fight.

– In order to protect, they have lost their hometown.

“……Everyone, ah. ”

Mr. Gururez bit his lip and sucked and exhaled again and again, speaking in a general voice.


"This is not Gururez."

"You should escape from here."

"What about the people? Are they safe? ”

"Why are you here."

The cheekbones have no eyeballs, and their vision is different from that of ordinary people.

Probably recognize Mr. Gururez with some extraordinary consciousness.

"Is it to escape and come back ??"

"Ha ha ha, I really have your style."

"It will be given to the captain."

"But the guts are good."

"Yes. If you are there, it is equivalent to more than one hundred people. Come on, come fight together. ”

We laughed awkwardly.

Mr. Gururez seemed to say something, but swallowed back, and could not say anything, but who could be him?


It should be up to me to let them fall back.

I thought about stepping forward, but my shoulders were caught.

Looking back.


Lu Wendaluf stood here.

He showed an unprecedented expression of seriousness, with a bright light in his eyes.

"I am coming. – It must be for me. "

Lu said so, going forward, I watched his back.

I have no need to shoot.


"Oulu Gururu adults?"

"No, not a maharaja, the Maharaja should be between the thrones."

Lu went to the front of the horrible bones.

"My name is Wendaluf!"

He tapped the floor with the long-handed battle axe of King Kong Power.

"It is the last monarch of the" Black Iron Country ", the person of the blood of Oluvan Guru!

Hearing the words of Lu's announcement, the bones were louder and louder.


"Not the last."

"As long as we are there."


"Come, look, we are still full of fighting!"

"As long as we stand still, we will not let" The Kingdom of Black Iron "be destroyed!"

"Yeah, it will not be destroyed!"

"It will not be destroyed!"

Lu did not respond to the words spoken by the people, but looked around.

"Wonderful anti-column. – The construction is very good. You have been perfecting and improving. ”

The expression on his face was hard to say.

I saw this in my hometown of my first visit. What is he thinking about now?


"We have done our own technology."

"Absolutely will not let the devil invade from the West Gate."

"The Kingdom of Black Iron will not be destroyed."

"Yeah, it will not be destroyed!"

The bones have denied the destruction of the country again and again.

"Is it is it. But

Lu listened to their words, and then.

"But even so!"The Kingdom of Black Iron is also destroyed! ”

He shouted.

It was like a tear in the body, a very painful cry.

"The soldiers are all dead! Maharaja Oluvan Guru is dead! "The tragic dying of the country of flowers," The Kingdom of Black Iron "became the" Rust Mountain "of the dragon and the devil nesting! ”

Mr. Gururez.

Menel, Mr. Restov, too.

No one spoke.


"It will not die."

"The Kingdom of Black Iron is not going to perish."

"It will not die."

But the cheekbones are groaning low.

"You already know! Do not look away, brave dwarf warriors! ”

Lu once again used words to convince the skeletons. Again and again, again and again.

……I do not know when, the bones are no longer spoken.

Their faces, which should not be recognizable, are full of despair.

"But ..

Lu Shen took a breath and said in a particularly loud voice.

"But the soldiers are jealous!"

He once again tapped the floor with the long-handed battle axe of "King Kong Power" and made clear sound that made people straight back.

"My grandfather, Oluvan Guru, reported a revenge to the evil dragon and took away one of his eyes! His heroic glory even received the appreciation of the gods! ”

Lu's voice eloquently sounded in the Hall of Stone.

"And then I, Wendaluf, in order to inherit his great cause! Come here with contemporary heroes! ”

His back …There is no trace of bending.

"Everybody, the soldiers!"The Kingdom of Black Iron is destroyed!

It is indeed destroyed! However, the goddess Brez, as well as the goddess of light, the ancient lace Philippe Lucy! Please also witness in the Holy See of the gods! ”

The lower jaws of the cheekbones were lifted up.

"- I swear here! Under the name of the good gods and the many ancestral spirits, I will definitely let the "Black Iron Country" take back the prosperity of the past! ”

Just like a flame in the chest is burning, his words are full of heat.

There, there was no figure of the dwarf who was bowing his back.

"The fire of the furnace will never be cut off! The fire ignited by the lights and spread will remove the rust, making the "Rust Mountain" once again become the "Black Iron Mountain"! ”

There is a king there.

"Ahhhh …"

"Woo. Woohooo. "

"Ahhhh …"

After that, Lu was close to the skeleton.

He held the hands of the cheekbones, revealing a smile like a cry, talking to them.

"So, yes, enough ….Everyone, they are doing very well. ”

At this point, the sacrums are turned into ashes one after another.

In the "Stone Hall", the sound of the ax, the shield and the armor hitting the floor was not lost for a while.

After the last death collapsed, Lu turned back.

His expression even made me feel that I was the wrong person.

Is the experience so far making a change, or is it just a moment that giv him him to change? Or both?

But there are parts that are difficult to change in the heart, sometimes there will be changes in the moment that are like two people.

"Less master, say … aweason ……"

Mr. Gururez showed a deeply touched expression.

"We will definitely expel the demon! Little master, even if I use this old bone to change, I will certainly protect you! ”

"If you change your life, it will be embarrassing."

Lu smiled and said.

"I still have a lot of things to ask about Guru Reitz."

Whether it is this mountain or fighting.

Menel took a very flat face and said the words of Lu.

"It's really stupid to set up a vow to revive the country like this to death."

The meaning is not good, Menel said, but Lu shook his head.

"No, not stupid."


"Unlike the words of Sir Will and the Honorable Mener, my vows can still see the end. Not like the two. ”

Lu was a joke, and Menel said, he was put together and laughed.

Later, Mr. Restov was still calm and calm, nodding.

"In order to realize the oath, the first thing to do is to win. Still survive. ”


Lu nodded to Mr. Restov and then looked at me again. ”

“……Lord Will, I have kept you waiting. ”

Let's move on, please give instructions.

He was so urging in a humble tone, and I smiled at him.

"I do not have a call my lord anymore."


"If you say nothing, you can not let the king be a follower."

This is related to decent, authority and so on.

Since I am determined to take back the country and become a king, I can not let Lu's humble service be on my side.

The relationship between the knight and the followers, masters and disciples is now at the moment.

After I said this, Lu suddenly panicked.

"Oh, no, but that, Lord Will …!"

"So, I do not have to call me for you. Is the resolution and oath just now not a lie? ”

Of course

He answered me immediately.

He walked straight and looked up at me.

"I made an oath to the gods and the ancestors. There is no doubt about this. But

He strengthened his tone.

"Even so, Lord Will is also Lord Wil ….It is my respected, unique knight. ”

He looked at it with such a dependent eye, and when I heard such a speech, I could not help but feel soft.

In his hand, he held Brad's short sword that I gave him.



Although he is determined to become a king, his feelings of respecting me seem to have not changed.

It seems that Lu said that he made up his mind.

"Then there is no way."


"Then, Lu."

I smiled and patted him on the shoulder.

"You work very hard, very good ….They are sure, too, very happy. ”


Lu nodded with a cheerful smile.

Then, suddenly, I realized what it was like, and I showed a complicated expression.

“……Also, a little thank you for not dying. ”


In the face of this problem, as a god-minded person who serves the lights, I can not nod. But

Their eternal death is undoubtedly due to the protection of the snails.

Because they are born in the past two hundred years because of their obsession, and because of the protection of Sita Ghannet.

I can only make a complicated expression.

"One, a little bit is also ok."

After saying this, Lu showed a bitter smile and prayed for a moment.

I feel that the deity of the gods reveals a super unhappy expression. I apologize to her in my heart. If I can get your understanding, it would be better, then I will breathe a little.



The dialogue came to an end. With this signal, everyone regained the weapon.

Everywhere in the distance, there is a breath of people approaching.

Heavy footsteps, light footsteps.

It is like the sound of what is dragging, the sound of rolling, and all kinds of strange sounds.

"That this is necessary, it seems that time has been dragging on for too long."

The demon seems to finally perceive our invasion.

But it is too late.

"So, let's go. In order to recapture the "Black Iron Mountains" and the country of the dwarf. ”

I raised a short gun and said so.

It's very simple from here.

Go ahead anyway.

Then, kill, kill, kill and kill.

"Under the light of the ancient lace feilu!"

The pierced short gun runs through the bat wings that looks like a wire-thin demon in front of my eyes.


When he fell, I kicked him off.

The ankle passed back a very strong impact, and this kick undoubtedly shattered the devil's head.

I did not even confirm the confirmation, and I waved "Yueyue" again.


A shot swept a few small demons, and they were hit and slammed into the wall to become ashes.

There is no skill in this attack, and it relies entirely on muscles. In the melee, it is better to force it up than to be awkward.

Most problems can be solved as long as there is violence in the muscles that have been exercised.

After I smashed the remaining demons and repelled the attack from the rear, I looked back.

I saw a group of demons who were crushing the direction of our progress.

……The pinch to defeat the enemy's power, it will become a simple decentralized force, the opportunity to break the enemy.

In the wide stone passage, the demons turned into dust and fell.

"Call ~~~~~~"

In particular, Mr. Restov showed an amazing amount of strength in front.

He is the incarnation of death.

As soon as you encounter an enemy, you will fly up and slash the enemy by the basic posture.

Even if he is occasionally blocked by the enemy, or meets with multiple enemies, he will be able to stab out the combo and kill him.

In the final analysis, he only has to do this, but it is only because of this is it strong.

No matter where the enemy comes from, in short, it takes the lead. In general, one must kill.

Immediately after the encounter, the enemy will be assassinated with the strongest blow, and the opponent will never let the rhythm be grasped.

Mr. Restov's style is simple, and he is single-mindedly "suppressing his opponent with his own advantages".

If you want him to make a flaw, you must use a rather brilliant strategy, or simply override Mr. Restov in quantity or strength, and a master with a higher level of swordsmanship than Mr. Restov.

In addition, his favorite love sword is enhanced by Gass's "Spirit of Words", and the fierceness is increased a lot.

There are also some demons who want to shoot or release magic outside the scope of the sword, but they are pierced by the "extended spurs" of the sword, piercing the spinal cord, and turned into ashes.

The enemy is really helpless to him.

"Drink, ah !!"

And now, Lu has absorbed most of Mr. Restov's tactics.

He absorbed it quickly, absorbed the skills and thoughts like a sponge, but it is especially powerful now.

It was like the simplicity of Mr. Restor in Linyi. He boldly plunged into the intensive parts of the enemy and swept through the long-handed tomahawk of King Kong Power before the enemy reacted.

The thick and thick, like the previous traffic signs, the battle axe rumbling, the demons were cut off, and the picture was really spectacular.

No matter what the kind of enemy is there, in short, use the extraordinary power and the heavy weapon to force the opponent to suppress each other, smash all the defenses and blow up the enemy.

This is the battle mode derived from Lu's study of Mr. Restov's method of warfare.

At this time, three demons rushed to him, but Lu swung the tomahawk and smashed the body of the three demons.

It's like a small storm.

“……There should be a road ahead, and then to the right. ”

In contrast, Mr. Gururez is not very good at shooting.

He watched Mr. Restov and Lu with the horrible momentum to create the body of the demon, and sometimes directed the way forward.

Then sometimes –


He will give the final blow to the demons who still have a sinister and sneaky action, and set up a big shield to protect the flaws of Mr. Restov and Lu Xiwei.

……His actions are not gorgeous at all.

However, he has spared no effort as a reserve force. Once he happens, he can exchange with the front line. This kind of move will make make his teammates feel at ease.

Both Mr. Restov and Lu's brains are thanks to Mr. Gururez's support. It is quite plain.

"Thanks to the avant-garde show, I am very relaxed."

Menel made a joke while releasing arrows.

The String of Silver plays a brisk sound, and the arrow of Mithril shines in the air.

There was a scream of dying in the darkness and suffocation at the other end of the passage. If you send it forward, you will see "Captain's" demonic heart being penetrated, and the body will fall to the ground and gradually become ashes.

The goblin with wings responded to Menel's whistle, screaming and flying in the air, and the arrows that were released being shipped to Menel's hand.

Menel took the arrow and his line of sight was opposite to his expression, without any care.

He manipulated the earth leprechaun to hold the devil's foot, and through the wind fairy, the other party could not tell the "Spirit".

The support of the goblins seized the key moments, very precise, fully demonstrating the skills of Menel as a shortstop.

"Thanks to the devil, there is no need to guard the trap now."

It's not all bad things that the devils appearance in groups.

Since they are lifting, even if there are still some remaining, the demons who have already stepped into it have started.

We do not have to to take much risk after moving forward.

For this reason, we disrupted the original formation and made Mr. Lu and Restov, who had the strongest breakthrough, responsible for the front line.

"Will, is it okay for you alone?"

"Yes. There is no pressure behind, and one person is fine. ”

But in the order to pressurize us, there were scattered demons attacking in the rear, but all of them were dealt with me alone, and they were cleaned up one by one.

……The demon army is much more difficult than the human army. "The Demon of the Soldiers is a ferocious warrior who is not afraid of death. In addition to this feature, Captain Level has many types of magic and prayers.

It is is in an open location, a large number of "Warrior Level" who are not afraid of death will bring the battle into the melee, and then "Captain Level" and "General" will open the distance and repeated long distances , even if it is me. Can not turn over.

Because of this, I chose a route that was unexpected to them before I reached the "Black Iron Country" in the tunnel.

If we become such a situation, we have a full chance of winning.

Repeat again, almost pinch is a very effective tactic, but if you do not rely on pinch to defeat the enemy's power, it will become a simple decentralized force, the opportunity to break the enemy.

"You can still have such a surplus behind the temple. You are still the same, so it is unreasonable. Really

"No la."

Then again, if you have been alone, mental fatigue will accumulate and eventually cause mistakes.

It is because I have a partner who can entrust my back, so I can mess around like this.

"Mr. Gururez, where are we going now?

"Avoid the main road that is easily surrounded, and now it is on the third floor." Soon it will be between "light" …I am afraid that the dragon is in the "big hole" in front. ”

We proceeded while undermining the enemies that were attacked.

Still do not know the location of the devil's main will.

But in the dwarf's underground kingdom, there are only a few places where the dragon can sleep without restraint.

"In the past, our ancestors excreted the lakes deposited in the underground lakes to create the" big hollow "…It is equivalent to the foundation of the "Black Iron Country." ”

And the dragon is there. And – I am afraid that the "Ghost of the Disaster" with the golden eyes is already waiting for us.


"The devil should also be aware that we are moving toward the evil dragon …What if they want to to set the stage to meet us? ”

"It will be in the light between the front." That was between the throne of the last speech of the Maharaja Olu Vatican. ”

“……Be sure to get it back. ”

Lu said a short sentence, and I nodded.

"Well, come back and get it."

Retrieve the throne and the crown.

That is just a simple symbol, but because of this, it is very important.

"It must be very troublesome. It is really a good thing. " Hey, I will support you. ”

"Hmm …To get back everything that was taken away. ”

Menel and Mr. Restov nodded and further defeated the demons to move forward.

Devils are like locusts, but most of them are the soldiers of the "Soldier Level", and at most they are only "Captain Level".

In front of senior fighters, they are really different different from the Scarecrow.

We pass through curved, divergent, sometimes longitudinally split, or dim stone passages with stairs.

Then suddenly, I saw the light.


It is a strong and warm light that does not match the underground space.

The light shines from the entrance of the rectangle, just like the entrance to the world of light – after entering it, it is a bright space.

There are many pillars juxtaposed in that wide space.

The ceiling is white and the smooth floor is completely seamless.

The ceiling is full of clear crystals, engraved with the magic lighting of the "imprint".

It is like a beautiful, dazzling light that reproduces the sun.

……Without special explanation, we have already understood that this is the throne of the Maharaja, "Between Light."

Looking deeper from the entrance along the colonnade, the throne is right in front of us.

And on the throne with a beautiful decoration –


There is a demon.

What words should be used to express the devil who sat on the throne in a posture without rules and taste.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the word "humanoid insect".

The two-meter-high body is covered with a golden carapace of the golden worm, which looks like a full-body armor, with a large Spiked Club in his hand.

The mouth that is like a scissors is completely an insect mouthpiece, just like a joke that is nausea – wearing a crown on the head with a tentacles.

That is the "General" demon – Scarabaeus.

“……Lord Will. ”

For a while, we looked at the demon.

"Please let me come."

Lu said to me with a serious expression.

"Lu, no, Wendaluf ….I wish you a good fortune. ”

Thank You!

After saying this, Lutou did not return, and straight forward.

"Wait, hello."

"It does not matter, Menel. Let him go. ”

"Wait for feeding! That is "General"! Anyway. ”

"Even so, it is a battle that belongs to Lu."

I heard that I was so asserted that Menel was silent.

While he seems unacceptable –

"That is the gamble on the throne, the battle of the king."

The pride of the soldiers was put on.

No one can get involved in this battle.

In the vast space, the white colonnades stand side by side, and the light shines out.

Lu Yongtang's correct pace is to advance to the throne of the high place.


In contrast, the beetle demon, Scarcastle, lazily lifted the body lying on the throne.

The mace in his hand exudes the feeling of Mana gathering.

His appearance is an expressionless insect, but it can not read from it the contempt for the short challenger, and the confidence that can be called arrogance for his own strength.

……The enemy crushed his army and ran rampage in the territory. Even so, he had no doubt that he could alone clean up the enemy.

"The expression is really disgusting."

After seeing Mr. Gururez, who was on the front of Lu, re-examined Scarborough, he said.

That's right, I think so too.

However, the devil that can be called arrogant confidence can not be without any basis.

In fact, the beetle demon did indeed capture the "Country of Black Iron."

While he relied on the power of the evil dragon, he defeated the dwarven army that turned into a dead man.



If that is the chief commander of the "King of the Kings" army sent to the "Black Iron Mountains", I am afraid that his strength can be compared with the horned devil Cornunos encountered by the "King of the King", or More on it.

But in the human army, the class of the commander is not necessarily equal to the force of the force, in general, the higher the class of the devil, the stronger and smarter the individual is.

……If I am fighting with it, I should be able to take advantage.

Scarborough is very hard, and he still holds magical weapons that do not know the effect. Even so, I can hardly fight him to the end.

However, for Lu – that is probably a tricky enemy.

"Because of the warrior's discretion, are you going to let him go to die?"

Menel said this, showing a bitter expression.

"His master can be more than one of you."


Mr. Restov also nodded.

"But, no matter what …"

"Yes. I am afraid we can not guarantee that we have the help of Yu Yu. ”

Just as Lu gradually pulled closer to the distance between Scarborough.

There was a creepy voice in the devil's mouthparts.

At the same time, the dazzling light in "Between Light" became dim.

This is because the demon with wings has fallen everywhere, and the light from the crystal engraved with the Imprint has been obscured.


Menel fired at the speed of thunder, and repeatedly shot several demons.

The demons fell one by one onto the smooth floor.

……Yes. No matter how the devil will not have the singled out with us, it will not be of any benefit to him.

They will definitely surround us here, and therefore I will agree to Lu's request.

"It's such a thing …! Hey, Lu, if you can not beat it, let us help, and entangle the guy! Do not die! ”

If Lu can win, then it is the best. "Chess" to hold the opponent's strong "chess", it can also make the battle to the side That is beneficial to us.

If it is Brad here, it may encourage the use of single-handedness to kill opponents instead of taking such countermeasures, but my pursuit of combat is not romantic to that point, there are other plans.

"Thank you very much, Lord Mener! But

I will not despise that romance.

Glory, Responsibility, Mission – The heat that this kind of thing brings can sometimes bring the power to break all predictions and calculations.

"I will win, I will defeat this guy!"

Lu roared.

“……Under the light of the lights! Under the witness of the flame! The people of the mountain will crusade you! ”

With the brave roar of the warrior, he ran to the devil's master.

"Get an axe for the dwarf!"

The long-handled battle axe stroked the arc and attacked the devil's master.

The demon's mace greets the long-handed axe.

On the mace, the broken wood was flying, and the battle axe immediately drawn a different arc.


Lula returned or picked up the long-handed battle axe, with a fierce momentum hair combo.

Among the dwarves, Lu, who is tall and wielded with a long-handed axe, has several advantages over Scarborough, who holds the mace.

I intend to use this. His appearance makes me think of Brad with a big sword. He always gives a a combo outside the range that the opponent can reach.

But we also have no Yu Yu who is not flustered.

The sound of the footsteps and the piercing weapon collided in "Between Light".

The demons of "The Warrior" tried several times to break through the entrance we came to, but they are all defeated by Mr. Restov and Mr. Gururez.

Mr. Restov, like a storm, pierced, waved, and swept the sword formed by mana.

And the few individuals who had escaped the attack were also blocked and crushed by Mr. Gururez, who was waiting at the side of Restof.

Just like a lion does not fear the antelope group, just like a wolf is not afraid of a flock of goats.

The two veterans were not afraid of the locust-like demons, but they defeated them.


I also set up a gun to face the devil who was handing a machete to me.

The demon who had been ambushed beforehand appeared in the hall.

The basics that attack us are the "Captain Level" – and occasionally the upper class of "General".

I waved "Yueyue" and pierced it, flew it, and destroyed it.

Suddenly, a bitter cold spread throughout my body.


I hid by intuition. Something just passed the position where my throat is.

Then there was a second strike and a third strike to me. I leaned on my instincts to block the sniper and spurs that the other party released, and then greatly extended the distance.

The weapon was uploaded back to block the feel of the attack, but still can not see any anything.

"" Drop "," Spider Web "!

I sang "Spirit" to release the magic spider silk.

In the place where there should be nothing, the front end of the spider silk is entangled with something.

The other party probably used the "Stealth of the Stealth" to eliminate the figure, or the demon that was originally invisible.

After confirming this, I immediately shot a short shot to kill him.

"There are invisible enemies!"

"What a trouble, damn it!"Nome and Hilfer, hold hands and dance! The curtain of the whirlwind and dust of the loess is blown! '"

After hearing Mener's cry, the wind leprechaun immediately responded to him, and the wind blew the dust in the hall.

That is the mantra of "Land Dust".

He released arrows and daggers one by one in places where the dust was not naturally distorted, only to hear the sorrows of several deaths.

Menel and everyone keep moving away from the battlefield, using mantras for the flying demons, or giving priority to such individuals with tricky characteristics at a horrible rate.

I am really grateful. I am really grateful. Thanks to him, I do not have to be too wary, just need to compete with the enemy from the front, I am really grateful.

"" Gushing "," Oil ""

Even so, it is impossible to completely ignore the brain.

I used the tip of the gun to sweep the enemy and chase it. The floor is filled with the oil created by "Spirit", because of such a place, several demons in the enemy group fell to the ground.

The devil who was covered in oil and tried to escape was penetrated by me with the tip of the gun.

This is the magic of the gaussian specialization that limits the action of the enemy group, and the practicality is as high as ever.

“……Rime table

The enemy's offensive has eased, and I am here to confirm the situation.

The battle between Mr. Restov and Mr. Gurures is at an advantage.

Go to Lu Wang.


Just seeing Lu Quan relying on the violent violent upper section of the game, he suddenly changed his trajectory and turned it into a sharp sweeping leg.

But it is a sweeping leg, it is also a sweeping leg formed by a long-handed axe with a hook.

Scarborough's left ankle was recessed.


The devil's mouthparts squirmed frequently, sent out the sorrow of inhuman things, and lost balance; and Lu kept chasing him.

He raised a long-handed axe and seemed to want to take the decision.

– At that moment, the devil laughed.

Scarcaster escaped the Tomahawk and jumped to the side.

It is like the foot has not been seriously injured.


No, it is not like.

The wound really disappeared.

A miracle happened.

"Pray for a prayer …!"

It was too late to notice.

– Lu tried to escape with a full blow, and the devil laughed and waved the mace to hit his body.

Hmmm …

Lu's feet flew out and slammed into the pillars behind him.

At the same time, the chain of manna's chain burst open, entangled his body, and bound him to the pillar – the devil's mace was engraved with the imprint of "The Bondage of Spirits"!

However the blow itself has withstood the armor, the impact of the internal organs will not disappear.

Lu Haoqiang took the tomahawk – but the magic chain could not be destroyed by force. The mountains are running out of water!

The demon is a warrior who does not know the fear. Among the high-ranking individuals, there is also a type that can use magic. It is the priest of Dimensian Diali Guma.

Obviously I should expect them to be able to use the prayers like me.

Hmmm …

If I can do it, I would like to release Lu to "eliminate the magic of magic", but it is very difficult.

I grabbed the slight gaps in the joint offensive of the demons attacked from the left and right, kicked one side and immediately turned to stab the other demon.

I have to turn a long gun to knock them down.

Now this situation is really not to go to support Lu.

"God damn it!"

Menel has no more money.

Mr. Restov and Mr. Gururez also did their best to deal with the demons that swarmed.

The beetle's demon mouth squirmed and screamed at the side of the pillar tied to the pillar.


I could not help but yell.

“……It's okay!

Obviously in the battlefield of the hustle and bustle, I do not know why I clearly heard the words spoken by Lu, who was tied to the pillar.

His voice is full of heat.

"I am, I will not lose."

With a bang, the sturdy chain began to scream.

“……Gambling on vows, betting on the thoughts of my compatriots. ”

Lu's face rose red, and the power injected into the body pulled the chain that bound him.

The pillar that tied him was skewed, slammed and began to shatter-

I'm gonna


It was too late to notice that Scarcastle screamed at the mace.

"Recapture, everyone's hometown!"

The chain turned and the column broke.

The magic chain is distorted.

And in the battle axe that greets the mace from the bottom up, I do not know when it's starting to have a red flame.

The atmosphere of the gods came from it. It is not a god of light, nor a god of death, it is a very heroic atmosphere.

I felt that the god raised his mouth and revealed a clumsy smile.

"Drink, ah, ah, ah!"

The battle axes, which is hosted by Shen Yan, depicts the trajectory of a red lotus.

The mace flew into the air with the wrist of Skelbels.

But the beetle demon is also a warrior.

Instead of taking care of the wrist that was cut, he used his other hand to pull out the short sword and handed the defense to a shell to launch the charge.

But this is a bad move.

Because there is the field of Lu.

"Ahhhh …"

Lu entangled Scarborough's arm and lowered his posture, just like the action I had taught him when he cast a forest giant.

Easy Fancy Box

The devil's huge body flies in the air.

……《The king of the Iron and Iron Kingdom, the general commander of the aggressor and demons fell to the ground.

Even with a strong shell protection, it can not offset the impact.

Despite the heavy breathing, the devil still showed considerable stickiness.

His body suddenly protruded four insect-like limbs and grabbed Lu.

Both of them rolled onto the ground and struggled.

Accompanied by "Hey!"An unusual scream, a short knife inserted into the gap between the shells of Scarborough's neck.

……A short sword pulled out from the right.

Brad's carefully polished sword does not allow the enemy to resist at such distances.

If a knife is inserted around the neck, the miracle of treatment will not work.

"Take everything you take away."

Suppressing the constantly struggling demons, Lu will slash the dagger deeper.

“……Come back! ”

The devil slammed two or three times – and then finally stopped moving.

Suddenly, Brad's nostalgic voice once again sounded in my mind.

– They are thinking about it on weekdays.

– Thinking, enough to give yourself a reason to fight for life.

"The enemy has been crusade!"

– Then, when that reason is found.

– They will burn their souls, face the courage to face the battle, and never fear death.

"Hmm …

Yeah, Brad.

It is really like that.

It is really like that.

The dwarf is exactly the real warrior.

When Lu mentioned the first level of Scarborough, the demons that have been attacked like the raging waves became dull.

It is very likely that they have a "freak of miracles" that the evil gods gave to the apostles.

Though in this story, the enemy should be defeated all over the line …But the devil is not easy to deal with the leader is defeated by the crusade, the battleline collapses …

Several "Captain Level" demons inherited the command on the spot, and unified the "warrior-level" demons to carry out tenacious resistance.

At this time, perhaps in order to recapture the leader's first level, several demons with bat wings flew up in the hall, and launched a charge to the first-level, already half-destroyed Lu, who was holding the beetle demon.

"God damn it!"

Most of them were shot down by Menel one by one, but finally, the arrows in the arrow were exhausted.

Just as the two demons quickly moved from the top to the moment when Lu was unable to react –

"Call ~~~~~~"

I throw away the shield and spin the body.


Fully cast the "Yueyue".

But "Yueyue" is not a gun for throwing, the body that has been exercised so far and the usual love gun still respond to my chaos.

Two dying screams rang.

The "Year of the Moon" shot was thrown out, flying in the hall together with the handle – and then beautifully running through the bodies of the two demons, nailing them to the opposite column.

"Not finished yet, Lu! Come on! ”

"Oh, yes!"

In the past, Brad once said that moment when the battlefield defeated the strong enemy and won its first level was the biggest moment of the warrior's flaws.

I also read a painting on the readings of the Warring States Period or the Edo Period That I had read previous in previous lives. It was painted with the image of a warrior who knocked down the enemy and cut his first level and was cut off by the other enemy.

The defeat and loss will quietly lurk in the moment of sweet victory.

I was thinking about this infinite thing in my mind, and I kept the exercised body in motion without stopping.

When a demon saw that I lost my weapon, I waved my hands and knife, and I stepped forward to avoid his attack. I put my hands on the back of the knife and made a circle, so that the opponent's knife should pass. The next position continues to swing forward.

Because of the physical structure, he naturally became unable to hold the handle.

"Hey !?"

Take the knife.

At the same time, along with the momentum of the arms of the opponent, I used the big knife that I took to tear open his position from the thigh to the lower abdomen.

It is also called the empty hand to win the white blade.

In terms of time, it is only a short moment. The opponent escaped his attack and leaned forward. At the same time, the weapon in his hand disappeared and the thigh was cut. I am afraid that the demon who suffered this blow could not even understand what happened.

I did not expect to use such skills for performance in actual combat. I took this kind of thought and continued to wield the sword to catch the enemy.

To be honest, because of the center of gravity will be shaken, I do not really like the big knife.

But most of the weapons I used to learn from Brad.

As long as it is not a very difficult type of chain weapon, I can use almost it regardless of the weapon used. In this case, I can not just look at my preferences.

I showed a little gap to the demons that flew at me, tempting him to attack me face-to-face, then grabbed the opportunity to grab his foot and let him open the door open, and cut his wrist in the form of a counterattack .

It is a big knife with a heavy weight. Once you hit it, you will ignore the bones and everything else and directly cut off the enemy's wrist. It is really convenient.

For me, I like guns more, but I feel that Brad likes to have a big sword.

I continued to wave the big knife, and I smashed the hands and feet of the devil, and cut off the body. I did not know how much the body was, and confirmed the situation around me.

"Call ~~~~~~" Rime table

Mr. Restov had a lot of breathing because of his his relationship.

The same is true of Mr. Gururez, breathing in the big mouth of the armor.

Mener's movements, which are supported by the battlefield and running around, are no longer elegant. Lu Qiang's injury caused by the duel protects him behind Mener.

Then again, if we continue this way, we will also usher in the limit.

However, most of the upper individuals have been crusted, but the devil is still not comfortable.

It's almost time.

After I cut the neck of the last "Captain's" demons in my vision –


The "Deported Spirit" was released to the demons in the hall.

The colorless and transparent fluctuations formed by Mana spread around me in a corrugated manner.

This hit "Spiritual Spirit" finalized the overall situation, but also brought a strong spiritual effect, which is the one I used to win.

The demon who was hit by this tremble trembled and his body was stiff and unable to move.

Even some of the weaker individuals and individuals who suffered this blow in the vicinity turned to the ashes and collapsed.

And many of the remaining demons finally began to lose.

The demons ran away.

Lu probably has reached the limit and fell to the ground on the spot. Menel and Mr. Restov, who are used to combat, are pushing out the remaining physical strength, waving swords and pulling bows to the demons who run away from them, and expanding the results.

But the commander has been lost, the demon of the group may also harass the nearby area. If you can reduce their number, it would be better.

If you encounter enemies who will be against against us, you should solve them well.

Mr. Gururez was on the alert, and I finally got a breath and started treating everyone's injuries.

"The goddess of light, the ancient lace Philippe, please heal and give it vitality -"

I crossed my hands to pray.

The warmth of the light spilled from everyone's wounds, as if nothing had been hurt, all the injuries were restored.

……Even so, miracles can not be restored with physical strength, so you can not be overconfident.

After that, we watched and confirmed if there was any enemies hidden in a corner.

After confirming that the demons had been completely expelled from "Between Light", we all laughed.

Everyone raised their hands and clap each other without saying a word.

The brisk sound of "啪" sounded again and again.

The arms are very tired, but there still is a faint heat on the palms we hit each other.

– That is the heat of victory.

"Oh – I still want to die this time."

Only five people rushed to the base camp of the devil, and then they were too rude, and Menel grabbed Lu's shoulder with his hand.

"Do a good job, a great job!"

"No, nothing, I am just-"

"No! Thanks to the suppression of the enemy's generals, we can make such a big noise. ”

Mr. Restov said this.

"If he is commanding at the rear, we are likely to be encircled by them."

Mr. Gururez also nodded.

I am also the same.

"You took it back – the mountains, and the crown."

I took the crown from the rolling first level of Scarborough and handed it to Lu.

But he shook his head and refused me.

"No, not yet. – There are still things that have not been taken back. "

I also nodded when I heard his words full of enlightenment.

Yes. It is true that the mountains have not yet been retrieved.

……There is still a dragon here.

"In addition, after I have retrieved everything, I hope that Mr. Will will come to wear a crown for me. "

Huh? That is the work of the high priests … "

"You are a high priest!"

Pledged of Ah

It's true that it's like this. After that, everyone smiled.

I also showed a smile.

……Yes, a smile is revealed.

Everyone can still smile.

The opponent is a strong enemy That has never been encountered before.

Although it is hard to say that it is a perfect situation, the battle is like this.

I do not know if it is a deficiency, I do not encounter a situation that is difficult to deal with, but even so, I can only deal with everything as much as possible with the cards in my hand.

Although we have consumed a lot of physical strength, we are full of war and have a clear sky.

Well, this is our best state now.

Come now. First, add the gain that can be added in advance … "

"- wait."

Mr. Restov raised his eyebrows.

"What happened?"

That way!

Mr. Restov pointed the center of the hall.

There are countless demons that turn into ashes, and there are hills where ash is piled up everywhere.


Lu also licked his head – and then there was no blood in his face.

is missing

"What are you missing?"

"The body of Scarborough!"

What? Wait, let's feed, but the head is really here … "

The head is here, but, yes …Did not turn into ashes!

Devils are visitors from different dimensions, and when they die, they become ashes.

Though sometimes weapons and small parts are left, they are different now.

“……Let him escape. ”

"Wait for Will, how could the brain be slashed and the body ran away alone …"

"If the guy is imitating insects, there is such a possibility. Have you seen insects that can move after they have no brains? ”

I remember that I have read in the previous lives that the nerves of insects spread from the ganglion of the brain where the brain is located in a ladder – like manner to the whole body. This kind of structure disperses the information, which is the characteristic of insects.

In other words, if the beetle demon has a structure similar to insects inside the body –

"Even if you are cut off your head, you can escape. Although I do not know what he can think about in the status quo … "

Among the high miracles, there is a prayer that can regenerate the missing parts.

Although it is doubtful whether head regeneration can be made, it is impossible for humans to test or verify, but the devil may be able to do so so.

"Menell, find out the trail!"


Menel immediately began to trace the traces of Scarborough, during which I will add gain magic to all.

If you let him escape and reorganize the demon again, this time we are really likely to be killed by them.


Nice! Everyone shouted like this.

The traces left by Scarcastle are starting from "Between Light and going deeper along the passage.

"This is the way to the"big hole"…"

"Is not he going to ask for help from the dragon?"

Probably It is also very likely that there is no thinking, just that the body is lost to the other side. ”

If I can, I hope the latter.

Considering that the next encounter with the dragon, we applied a full set of gain magic to ourselves, while illuminating the surroundings with magic, while running on the intricate stone road.

The more you move forward, the stronger your suffocation will be.

If this suffocating is from the evil dragon – then Wallaseka is ahead.

"Everyone, be careful!"

We squinted through the dusty old rooms and halls and crossed the cloister.

Cross the bridge over the deep underground valley.

Finally, we arrived at a dark and vast space.

I do not know how big it is here. Even if the range and brightness are adjusted to the maximum, the light of the gunpoint of "Yueyue" can not be reached.

There is a huge workshop here.

The furnace with the flames extinguished and filled with cold and ash is display like a huge tombstone.


The organs carrying the ore slammed in and out, in order to unify the work. In the past, the furnace here once ignited the rumbling flame; the loud hammers continued, the skilled craftsmen scolded the disciples; At the rhythm, people sang songs loudly.

But now, the flame is extinguished and the hammer is stopped. There is neither the shout of the dwarf nor the organ that will move.

Everything is shrouded in darkness and silence.


Mr. Gururez, who knew the past scene, clenched his teeth.

"I have to catch up."


Nodded, we continued to trace the devil's trail.

It did not take long before we found Scholbels.

He is facing us and doing some big opening and closing action to the darkness in the depths of "The Big Hole."

He kept the look of the head without looking at the head, and raised his hands like asking for help.

At that moment, the demon was flattened.

It was flattened by huge, huge, incredible claws that were all over the scales.

Luna, who struggled with it, also belonged to the high position among the demons, "General" –

Like a mosquito, it was was defeated with just one hit.

[Ha ha ha …It's really fragile. 】

Scarborough was turned into an ashes and collapsed. The laughter of inhuman things rang deeper.

A black shadow lies in the darkness.

He is extremely huge.

No, it is difficult to describe his physique with a huge word.

Though some are out of date, at this moment I recall the school buildings of previous schools.

If the school building that looks up from the porch is turned into a living thing, it will probably be this feeling.

The shadow moved to the lower body.

That's it, a burst of suffocating air is blowing in with the face.

There are countless gold and silver treasures around the shadow reflecting the magical light and shining.

[Welcome to my sleeper. 】

The golden-colored pupils stared straight at me.

There was an impulse in my heart that I wanted to turn around and flee on the spot – what can I do with this kind of existence?

[Small things, destined to face the dead thing – report your name. 】

It has a black-colored pupil and a black dragon wrapped around the suffocating body.

– "The plague of the disaster" Varassera slowly raised its head.

The third volume of the king of the rust mountain, the fourth chapter

That can be said to be the appearance of the evil dragon depicted by human beings.

The dwarf's treasure was spread over the land, and the dragon was lying leisurely on the hill formed by the treasure.

You can know the strength of your eyes at a glance.

Double angles are up.

The neck is thick and flexible.

On the body covered with hard scales, there is a pair of huge wing wings.

His back has a sharp, sword-like protrusion that hangs down the back of the spine and gradually smaller, eventually extending to the long, graceful tail, revealing a thorny beauty.

……The golden color of one eye shines in the darkness, in which fearful fierceness and cruelty, as well as intelligence and intellectuality exist simultaneously.

【……What's the matter? Do not you report it? Can not you even say it? 】

The shuddering appearance made it impossible for everyone to move.

The throat is burning and burning.

The heart beats violently.

Instinct, reason, all feelings are telling me – flee!

– Overwhelming predator, right here!


I admit that I am afraid.

Fear and uneasiness are a kind of monsters in our hearts. The more you will decide, the more you do not want to look at them, the more they will become stronger.

The more one is is afraid, the one that is not used ", the more he removes his sight, the more fear will be in the darkness.

Building self-confidence requires not arrogance, but courage is not bluffing.

– Start by accepting everything.

The appearance of Mary who confided in this way came to my mind.

She will not betray herself. She showed everything out.


Admit it, I am afraid of that existence.

Fear of hopelessness, I wish to turn around and flee.

I deliberately began to control the intense, rapid breathing, and slowly inhale and exhale.

Lift your chest, retract your chin, and inject strength into Dantian.

Then I looked up at the dragon and sent a question.

"If you want to know the name of someone else, should you not report your name first?"

I am afraid of hopelessness.

……However, I have made up my mind that I will not turn away from fear and escape.


The dragon looked down at me, and every time he opened his mouth, the breath of suffocating breath leaked out of his mouth.

With a cry, the suffocating air erupted with heat, and even people would mistakenly think of black smoke.

[It seems that you are not a miscellaneous person who came for the sake of wealth and plunder. 】

However, you took down the first level of all demons in the mountains, Scarborough, and let him escape to here.

Naturally, it is impossible to be just ordinary soldiers. The dragon said faintly.

[Since this is the case, report it to my name.

I am the "Soul of the Gods" and "The Skull of the Disaster", born in the glory of the last stars, the endless years are endless. The king of scorpion and sulphur, the compatriot of lava -]

The dragon slowly and lazily raised his body.

A burst of heat spewed out, and the suffocation was so thick that people could not help but want to cough.

[- Varaseka. 】

He opened his wings and the figure was brave and solemn.

The dragon of the gods indicated his name.

[Okay, answer me, oh little things. 】

Just like ancient poetry, he followed the fixed format and reported it.

I must also respond to him.

"My grandfather is" The Sage ", among my parents, the father is" The Ghost of the Lions "and the mother is" The Mother of God ".

I put my hand on my chest and reported my name in high voice.

The teeth of the evil dragon shook a little.

"People call" The Lights of the Border "" The Paladin at the End of the World "- the apostle of the goddess Gulaiss Filho, William G. Mary Brad.

I took my name with pride.

"The first time I met, the dragon of the gods."

Does not contain a trace of timidity, does not contain a trace of humble.

I heard the name of my chest, and the dragon was silent for a while …

Haha. Ha.

Suddenly, I laughed.

[Ha ha ha …The adventure is really a name that people miss. 】

After whispering for a while, Varaseka said so.

"Let's miss …?"

[If they visit me before the devil, maybe I will fight with them and maybe. 】

The dragon showed his expression as if looking into the distance.

What he reflected in his vision should be the scene of "Great Collapse" two hundred years ago.

……Gas has indeed said this.

It is also a means to buy a dragon and pull it to one's own side.

Hehe. There is a little bit of death in your body, plus the apostle you call yourself a light …It turns out that age does not match because of this. 】

Only in this way, Varaseka has already understood my life.

[So, self-introduction and mutual temptation will end here. 】


I gave it a little.

During the time I talked to the dragon, other partners seemed to have tried to adapt to the dragon's pressure and could act.

Just the moment I adjust my breath and prepare for the war.

["The Paladin at the End of the World" 哟 – Do you intend to include me in it? 】

Varaseka speaks a different word.

My brain is blank for a moment.

[What surprises? 】

Contrary to the content, his tone is full of teasing smiles.

[The demons of the mountains are destroyed, and I lose the power that I can rely on. Isolated state is very dangerous and inconvenient for me. – It is also inevitable to seek a camp that can be trusted. 】

The sound of screaming sounds.

Varaseka used his claws to fish the innumerable treasures.

It is very cherished and enjoys the general.

[Of course, I also have selfishness, to collect the equivalent of treasure. ……Do not worry, I do not want to have a head-on conflict with a warrior like you? 】

The dragon laughed as he asked for treasure.

In the short run, this is definitely a bad deal.

The dragon's power is very strong, and it is very reliable if it can be added to one's own side.


"Fifty years later, you will kill me, destroy everything, and then rely on other forces."

I said this a with voice.

Varaseka used to kill the beetle demon like a worm.

"In other words, this is what you do."

Hearing this sentence, the evil dragon was silent.

His body trembled slightly.

At the moment I think he wants to launch an offensive –

heyWonderful Wonderful Very much so.

Varaseka burst into laughter.


Then he slowly calmed his smile and said with sigh of his head –

[Even if it is, is it a bad deal? 】

The evil dragon smiled.


I could not help but silence.

Indeed, as he said.

If I include Varassera in my own shelter and guarantee that I have the potential to threaten his combat power, this dragon does have a reason to cooperate with me.

When you serve us, you may have a little loyalty and a little laziness, but at least it will not be hostile to us.

In that case, I do not need to start the desperate battle of this nine deaths now, is not it?

As long as you win time, the odds will increase, and the undead does not say this. Then entrust everything to yourself in the future?

【……By the way What is the reason you want to fight with me? 】

It is like a devil's sweet talk.

Varaseka was very clear about what effect his words would have and then uttered the proposal.

[I have not directly hurt your relatives? Are you a greedy person for my treasure? Not to mention that you have not put it the reputation of Dragon Slayer in your eyes. ……Do you think that that I will wake up from the slumber and threaten the innocent people, so come here here with determination and arms? 】

Look, I am no longer a threat.

Has succumbed to you.

Varaseka whispered like this.

The partners did not say anything.

It seems that this development is too unexpected, so that they do not have the margin of the socket.


I also have no surplus.

what is this.

What's really going on?

……I have always imagined Wallaseka as a thug with only military strength in my mind, but is not this the only thug who is superior in force?

[Come on, make a choice, "The Paladin at the End of the World", a contemporary hero. 】

My back is shaking.

The pupil of gold stared at me tightly.

[I choose peace – or choose to die. 】

With a cry, the suffocating heat is leaking from the corner of his mouth.

Along with the terrifying pressure, the sorcerer's question called "The Destruction of the Disaster" rang out loudly throughout the "Big Cave."

I came here with the idea of ​​fighting the dragon.

However, the dragon is willing to succumb to me.

What's the matter? Is it the cause of the dwarf? I am really a demon – like, have had a battle with the dwarves, and also got a treasure, but this is taken for granted as a mercenary? If you become my new owner and think that my poison will hinder the mountain rejuvenation, then I will move to other places without any problem. 】

Of course, it also contains his strategy.

The risks and costs he spoke were logical, and a sly smile was revealed from the bottom of his heart.

[You are a hero? ……Show me how much you can control me. 】

Speaking of such words.

Because this is too much beyond the expected development, my brain is in chaos.

It is true that it is logically true. The words spoken by the dragon are very correct. From the perspective of efficiency and risk, it is also the correct point of view.

If you can avoid avoid the battle with the dragon, you can maintain the security at this stage and enhance your combat effectiveness.

However, I always have a bad feeling.

I always feel that the dragon has deceived me at some point.

However, I do not understand which part it is.

What was it exactly ?! What did I miss?

[I do not have much patience? Fast, make a choice. 】

The dragon urged me.

The chaos is growing.

Should I reject the dragon's proposal? But then we will face a desperate battle.

Then want to receive the dragon's proposal? But in that case, it is completely following the plan of the other party –

My brain is constantly thinking about the same problem and is stuck in an infinite loop.

……No matter how you think, you can not get a conclusion.

I have experienced this feeling …In previous lives.

I used to huddle in the dimly lit room, and it seems that a similar situation has occurred.

Hmmm …

I can not help but scream.

The memories of past lives flashed through my mind.

Dim room.

The light of the display is bright.

I can not move myself.

It is not known what to do.

A sense of burning in the chest.

Time has passed passed in inaction.

Even so, I do not know what to do.

I snorted.

I fell into tears.

Even so, time is still running out of inaction.

What can I do to be saved?

What kind of choice should I make, what should I do?

I do not even know the answer to these questions.

Who is coming, who is coming, who is coming, please …

The memory that ended without making any choices further exacerbated my inner feelings of anxiety.

Dark, sticky something smashed out of the deepest swamp in my heart.

What should I do? What should I do? What can I do?

I have shortness of breath, cold hands and feet, and stiff body.

Obviously, the back is full of sweat.

Just when my chaos reached its peak –

I felt a little palm on my head.

I suddenly looked up, but I did not see anything. There is only a dark ceiling in there.

However, I do not know it is is accidental or inevitable.

Because I looked up, I took a big breath.

With deep breathing, oxygen is sent to my body and travels in the blood.

The refreshing air is poured into the dull and paralyzed brain, while the mind is turning again –

Her words revived in my brain.

– Because the vows of that day are the vows of Yu and Yu.

Well, this way.

I have been saved by her.

And set a vow.

An important vow is unparalleled.

– Do not be afraid. I am with you.

My heart slammed and screamed.

Do not stand back to to the rest is your god.

Unclear thinking becomes clear.

– Yu will be your strength, help you, the rest of the lights will guard you.

The inner tension and chaos have stopped, and the heat is again in the cold body.

The warm flame burns in my heart.

……If you give a so-called courage to a shape.

That may be like the flame in my chest now.


There are several sparks in my brain.

The mind turns cheerfully and establishes a logical relationship.

In the link proposed by Varaseka, I am afraid that using his power and oppression makes me lose my calm and reduce my judgment. It is also one of his strategies.

As long as it is not swallowed by it …The rest is very simple.

I look back at my partner.

"Menell, Lu, Mr. Restov, Mr. Gururez. "

Menel has already placed the Mithril Arrows recovered in the hall on the bow.

Lu also clenched the long-handed axe and put on a posture that can be acted upon at any time.

Mr. Restov's hand grips the hilt, and the speed of the sword is ready.

Mr. Gururez's bulky body and big shield are very reliable.

"The results of this dialogue will determine everything. Please be aware. ”

After hearing this sentence, everyone nodded.

……That is the expression of a warrior who is well conscious.

After the confirmation, I turned my head and looked at the dragon.


Varassera whispered.

In the eyes of the dragon, I may have made quite a big change.

[Is it OK? Then, make a choice, "The Paladin at the End of the World" – peace, or death. 】

"I will not choose."

I did not answer his question with a playful tone.

"–you have to make a choice, Varassera."

The body of the evil dragon shook a bit.

"Smirk!"What do you want me to choose? 】

In the face of his problems, I stepped forward and looked up at him.

The dragon that was originally thought to be as big as a school building now looks a lot smaller.

I am afraid that the original huge one is the illusion created by the inner feelings of oppression and pressure.

"It is repentance, or not repentance."

I asked like this when I opened the door.

At this time, the evil dragon showed his surprised expression for the first time.


If you think about it calmly, this is a very simple matter.

Incorporating the evil dragon of Yang and Yin into its theory, at first glance seems logical, but it is actually a stupid choice.

Suppose we bring Varassera to our camp.

What will Varaseka do next?

Difference Compliance with our instructions? Sleeping down honestly? How could

If you do that kind kind of thing leisurely, one day the dragon will be regarded as dangerous and I will die.

So what should I do?

– There is no doubt that it is secretly active.

In order to improve their existence value, in order not to be abandoned.

Evil dragons will continue to bring me war, increase enemies, and cause disputes.

And it is a massive brutal war That will require the power of evil dragons.

In this case, I can not abandon the power of Varassera.

……And if I seek the power of the dragon and fight with the dragon, the dragon is a symbolic mark that is indispensable to me.

Then I can not even abandon him.

The Dragon Club calls itself my subordinates. In order to stay with me until the day of the nest, and to sure his own safety, he will continue to use the tricks to provoke and erode me and everything in him.

I really do not think I can compete against the conspiracy of the dragon that was born from the gods.

Even if I knew that he was secretly active, he could only rely on him constantly to sure his morale.

It's like an anesthetic that is extremely bad.

"Let me confirm it. The 'peace' you proposed is just 'limited to peace between you and me', and it is not 'peace in my heart', it is definitely not 'peace of innocent people' – right? ”

When I heard my question, the dragon laughed.

Very happy and very happy to laugh.

【Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's right, that's it! 】

The true dragon species born from the gods is one of the closest creatures to the Spirit of Creation.

Lies will weaken the power of the Spirit.

Even if it will be perfunctory, if you ask questions positively, the dragon will never lie.

"In that case, there is only one condition for me – repentance."

Interesting …What do you want me to repent? 】

"Repent of your frantic personality that is always seeking war and constantly planning conspiracy."

I stared straight at the golden eyelids.

"If you have really rehabilitated, make an oath and sincerely seek my asylum."

If he promised that I would live in peace.

Promise that you do not want to, unless you are eager for blood, and converge on the chaotic temperament, live under the knees of the good gods.

"I also swear to the god of lights, which will protect your life. As long as I am alive, I will protect you from the hands of all the enemies. ”

No matter whether it is a dragon or a person, there is no difference.

As long as there are lamented creatures, then I should lend a helping hand.

As long as there is an intention to harm the innocent evil, then I should fight it.

– Just like that day, I gave the vow to the black-haired god.

"This is my living method."

I have made up my mind to live like this.

“……Come on! Is it repenting, or fighting! Say your answer, Dragon! ”

In the face of the problem I shouted, the dragon moved its wings.

A burst of heat and suffocating air came on.


The first thing that comes out of his mouth is praise.

[You answered the "riddle of the dragon", "The Paladin at the End of the World". 】

He suddenly opened his wings and retracted his knees.

[You are not empty and have no murderous coward, nor are you selling people who are smart and keep their own lives. You have the courage and wisdom, and the enthusiasm for continuous advancement on the road of your own conviction is really commendable! You are without a doubt the heirs of those heroes! 】

The slack and lazy gesture had disappeared completely before.

The playful tone has not been left.

[- I agree with you as a true brave. 】

A great dragon of the gods exists here.

[On top of this, the option of repentance is not necessary! 】

The dragon snarled.

[My name is Wallaseka! "" The God of the Gods "and" The Destruction of the Evil "! It is the king of scorpion and sulphur, the compatriot of lava!

Scorpion venom kills and scours, lava is boiling and rolling, but this is its nature!

If there is no war! Disaster! Wu Xun! Treasure Death Live sacrifice girl! hero! – How do you call it a dragon? 】

……Undead is called the evil dragon Varaska as a vulgar.

He is indeed very secular.

He is obsessed with the world, money, strife, safety, sleep …No matter which one of Varaseka's attachments looks like a low-level desire.

But its essence –

[My name is Wallaseka! The strongest and most ancient dragon that scares the gods, Varaseka! 】

He is seriously continuing his existence as a dragon.

He is seriously continuing his pride as a dragon.

He burned his own life as a dragon.

In the squeaking sound that even makes the skin tremble, I am not in a timely manner.

【……Heroes, as well as the warriors who have been led by the heroes. Whether you are buried here, add a new resume to my horrible background, or I am being crucified by you here, as the martial arts of you and so on to the end of the world, there is no problem. 】

His teeth creaked.

The collection of huge and tough muscles began to move.

Negotiation breaks.

The dragon refused to repent, and the only thing left was the battle.

Come on! If you do well, even if your soul is burnt out by the flames of the dragon, completely disappear from the reincarnation …I allow! You have the qualification to challenge me! 】

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

I do not know why, I am a little excited.

This is the battle of the Dragon Slayer.

Rely on the steel you hold in hold hand in go to challenge the fearsome dragon.

……This is the battle of the Dragon!

I do not think I am as romantic as Brad.

Even so, this situation still still irresistibly feeling romantic.

Varaseka is undoubtedly a respectable opponent and the strongest enemy to date.

He deserves our challenge! He deserves a fight with us!

"The Paladin at the End of the World, William G. Mary Brad! – Got! "

I reported my name as the story of the Knights of the past.

Then, challenged the evil dragon of the gods.

In the dim "Big Cave".


Facing the paws of Varaska on the face –

"" accelerate "!"

I took a sigh of words and speeded up my speed.

Then I rushed straight to the evil dragon.

I escaped his claws like a sword, avoiding the fingers as thick as the human body, rushing into his arms.

A loud bang, the broad arm of the trunk passed over my head. One accident, this blow will make me lose my life.

……People will have the impression That "the huge body movements are slow", but that is an illusion.

The huge existence is powerful and rapid only by its size. The length of the step is different, and the range of the arm is different.

The same is true for durability. If an ant is stabbed by a pushpin, it is fatal, but if you use a pushpin to stab an elephant? I am afraid I can make a question mark through the skin.

In this sense, Wallaseka is very strong.

Very simple, unimaginable on the physical level.

Other than that,

"The Blades!"

I broke into his arms and used Mana to extend the tip of "The Moon" and aimed at the old wound on his flank to stab the weapon – but the gun returned a very hard hand.

The weapon was blocked by the scales of the dragon that was twisted.

Dragon Scale.

– If you want to fight with him, you should aim at his old injury.

– Dragon scales are very hard. Even Brad can not break the dragon scales into the meat at once.

The words of Gass recovered in my mind.

Even Brad is hard to cut the dragon scales.


However, I am not always chasing Brad's back!

"Drink, ah, ah, ah !!"

From the toes to the knees, legs, rotation of the waist, to the shoulders, arms, wrists.

I unify the movements of the whole body, use the skills and muscles to the limit, and press the stopped gun blade deeper.

Hmmm …

Varassera made a noise.

The weapon does indeed return the feel of the tough and huge scales.

Above this.

"" accelerate "."

[Hey!? 】

While avoiding the arms of Varaska, I kept accelerating while keeping the "Year of the Moon" piercing.

Running with two arms around the moon, Mana's gun blade marked a scar on the side of Varassera.

I want to escape to the gap between the large furnaces side by side, but Varaseka does not intend to let me go.

[Ha ha ha, pierced the defense of dragon scales! ……It is a good stimulus for waking! 】

The evil dragon screamed, and then there was a breath of breath in his back.

I am afraid he wants to release the hot dragon with suffocation.

Even if it is protected by magic and miracles, if you are hit by a breath, you will only be able to melt the bones together.


However, the breath of death did not hit my back.

"Your opponent can be more than one!"


Even if I do not look back, I know that it is Mr. Menel and Mr. Restov.

During the time when I was facing the dragon, they had spread around and left behind the dragon.

Both of them are strong who can cause damage to the dragon.

Menel's "Silver Strings" played a number of smooth bows, and the secret silver arrow that shone with the light tore the darkness of the big hollow and flew in the air.

Mr. Restov's nameless sword stabbed the speedy sword technique, and the sniper formed by the inscription "The Mark" inscribed by Gass was like a snake, bent and stretched toward Varassera.

Menel is aiming at the single eye of Varaseka Gold.

Mr. Restov aimed at the toes of the foot of Varaseka.

Their offensive is very fierce, the can penetrate the eyes of Varassera, and the sniper is also sharp enough to cut Varaseka's toes.

Even the evil dragons of the ages can not ignore their attacks.


Varaseka had to bend his head and retract his feet to avoid their attacks.

Because of the imbalance of the center of gravity, he can no longer guarantee the quasi-heart of the dragon.

I turned to the gap in the large furnace and turned around. I saw the dragon swaying his head back and forth to release the messy breath, and I used the big shield to defend the aftermath of the dragon.


The afterglow of the oncoming breath is like black smoke, with the heat that can burn a person's entire burnt.

I rely on the defensive magic applied to the whole body and all kinds of prayers, plus the magic shield with the protection of heat and poison "imprint".

– The aftermath is this level.

If you are directly hit, I am afraid not only to die immediately.

The words that Varaseka said that even the souls are burned out and unable to enter the reincarnation are likely to be true.

[The original, quite good cooperation, ah! 】

Varaseka easily digs the slate on the floor with his claws.

As he waved his arms, countless stones turned into bullets to Mr. Restov, but were blocked by Mr. Gururez with the shield and smash of "Sword".

Varaseka did not care to continue to pursue, but the ancient wooden platform built inside "The Big Hole" collapsed.


It is Lu. He used the long-handed axe of "King Kong Power" to break up the high-profile pillars that seemed to be easily destroyed, damual them to fall to the dragon.

But Varaseka waved the high platform, the broken pieces of wood covered his vision.


No matter how you think, long-term war is very unfavorable.

It's hard to imagine the exhaustion of the mythical dragon. It would be better to imagine Varaseka's physical strength as infinite.

The same is true for durability. Regardless of how many times we have been attacked, Varaseka still has considerable margins.

So he did not play his full strength now, but he tried to fight with a sense of pleasure.

And opposite him, even if only once, if we are directly hit by the attack of Varassera, then it will be finished.

No matter how many attacks the opponent has, there are still opportunities to continue to attack, and we will be finished as soon as we are hit.

But we understand this before we challenge, the conditions are too unfair.

If you really want to defeat him in the face, you have to successfully complete this tight-roping attack and defense battle again and again …Then, in the face of Wallaceka, who finally got serious, he once again completed the attack and defense of the next level of difficulty, and finally won.

It is not a difficult level, but it is impossible.

We do not have enough physical strength, and concentration can not last for so long. Even if you use all the luck in your life, you still can not reach that height.

Because of this – to block everything at this moment.

I leaned the gun and shield on the furnace and opened my hands.

"Bundle, Knot, Bound" – "

A huge amount of mana bundled up to my side and rushed.

Accurate and high-speed singing of "Spirit" is like a meteor to Varaska.

"Combination" "Follow" !! "

Because the high platform collapsed, the evil dragon with unclear vision was bound by the chain of Mana.

The bondage method is superimposed one layer after another and is very strong.

["Destruction exists"! 】

The dragon immediately released the "Destructive Spirit", "Spirit" formed a vortex, and wanted to twist the lock; but at this moment, my response was over.

My right hand draws the meaning of "Guardian" and "Spirit" hinders the vortex.

My left hand draws the "Spirit" of the meaning of "eliminating" to eliminate the vortex.


– Triple magic projection.

This is the masterpiece of Gass, and it is my skill to exercise day after day.

Especially the day that the combo fought in the battle between Gas and the undead "Mu Ling" was deeply imprinted on my mind – the trump card in my ace.

"The Death Without Blood" will "take equal steps" … "

In the picture I imagined to gather, the huge amount of mana around me was gathered in my big wrist.

While operating Mana, I am still reading "Spirit" aloud.

At the same time, it is more like a flowing water to describe "Spiritual Spirit."

[I really dare to release that in actual combat! 】

"" Whether it's a poor man's hut "…"

I did not go to the roar of the dragon.

In a state of near selflessness and extreme concentration, I fine-tuned Mana and completed a brief ritual movement.

"" The minaret of the king! "

[- ■■■■! 】

This time, Wallaseka did not comment any more.

He used the unique voice of the dragon and hoarse to sing a certain "Spiritual Spirit" with a strong momentum.

However, it is too late.

This is a ritual magic that should have been done by several people.

It is one of the ultimate magic that one should not be able to release.

"-" All existence erases! "

The connection between the flesh, the soul, the phenomenon, the "Spiritual Spirit" and the "Spirit of the Words" constitutes everything in the Solo, and the colorless and transparent destruction of the magic is the cutting off of this connection, so that the spirits are separated, no longer Contains meaning and returns to Mana.

The ultimate destruction caused by "Spirit of Spirits" – the destructive volatility of "The Existence" hits Wallaseka.

It was like being bitten by a huge beast, and a crater was dug out on the floor.

It is like filling a gap has been eliminated by the fluctuations of "Spirit", and there is a gust of wind in "Big Cave".

There is no dragon figure there.

It seems that it should be swallowed up and destroyed by fluctuations –

“……Cheng, Gong? ”

Lu said that he looked around and said said.

"it seems that … …."

"Unexpectedly, I was not happy when I was victorious …"

Menel said so, Mr. Gururez also agreed.

Mr. Restov nodded as he watched carefully in him.

The hem of his coat swayed with the wind.


The dragon was wiped out.

When the enemy has not already taken the real thing, I seized the gap created by Lu and destroyed his existence with the ultimate destruction magic.

This should be.

– Obviously, but I still can not sure of my victory, because this victory is too easy, too sudden?

Not all of the battles are gambling on the soul to carry out a fight and then win the game.

Sometimes you will be stung by a lower-level opponent and lose your life.

Sometimes, in the face of a higher level of enemies, it is surprisingly simple to win.

……That is as it should be. But no matter what, I can not get the real feeling of victory.

Did I really win?

Because this is too easy to fall into the hands of the victory, everyone is a face without a sense of victory.

Everyone was depressed about their victory, revealing an incredible sense of emptiness. And around us, a gust of wind blew.

Blowing through the wind –

Is the wind blowing?

At the moment of notice, a chill caught my back.

I immediately set up a gun and a big shield and shouted.

"No, not yet -"

However, it is too late.

"Ahhhh …"

“……Oh!? ”


"Hey …"

The blood of four people splashed into the air.

At the same time, a strong impact came from the big shield that I set up, and I was suddenly hit.

I repeatedly bounced and rolled on the rubble ground.

– A paw was born in the wind.

Though this is unclear, it can only be said so.

The wind that blows is instantly turned into sharp claws.

Suddenly, when I was a child, Gass told me that that past past flashed in my mind.

– That is the story of a magician who turned into an animal, assimilated by the animal's thinking, and finally turned into a beast.


I whispered in shock.

[Oh, haha, that's it. 】

The horrible wind that is absorbed the blood of four people rolled up the vortex, and once again formed the shape of the dragon on the crater.

……《The spirit of change.

As the text shows, this is the magic of transformation – but this is a "risk" that humans can not grasp and is extremely risky.

And they thinking will be assimilated by animals, and human thinking can not be restored. Not to mention the change of inorganic matter that is completely different in weight, it must be done in a lifetime That can not be changed back to human consciousness. The risk of this magic is so high.

If there is no very special reason, there is basically no magician to use. That magic is just like the Russian turntable that randomly loads several bullets.

However, this is the case.

After all, how did Varaseka invade the underground kingdom with his huge body?

[It seems to be aware of it. Yes

The evil dragon laughed.

It's like being unable to restrain your own pleasure and laughing.

[–If I waited for the intimacy of "Spirit". 】

The ancient dragon is a person who lives in mythology.

It is the most intimate existence of the Spirit of Creation.

[This is the case, even if there is a lingering spirit, even if I am, I will be eliminated. 】

The pupil of gold shot through me straight.

The hot breath vented out of the tough squat.

[–but that was after the hit. 】

The orbit of "The Existing Spirit" is completely viewed through.

He saw through all, this and the same time he knew that there would be strong winds afterwards, so he used the "changing spirits" to become the wind and pretended to have been wiped out.

Then I mixed it into the wind that was blown up after the explosion, and knocked down everyone with my claws.

– He is familiar with how to deal with this ultimate destruction magic.

No, not only that, but even if I choose other "Spirit", I am afraid the same result.

Including the lost "Spirit" and "Impression" in the past, this dragon has confronted many "Spirit" on many battlefields, and has mastered it and even broken it.


This is the dragon.

This is the god generation, the evil dragon.

My heart was gradually infected by a cold feeling.

I know that feeling.

– Its name, despair.

The evil dragon has laid out the posture leisurely.

His flank only left a shallow scar.


The situation is overwhelming.

I tried to hold the handle of "Yueyue".

If you do not do this, I am afraid that despair will engulf me.

["The Paladin at the End of the World" 哟 – Your fight is quite exciting. 】

Is that an accident?

Varaseka did not immediately kill my plan.

But I did not answer his Yu Yu.

Slightly squinted aside, everyone should have not died yet – not right, not dead? The power of the dragon plus a complete surprise attack, did not kill a person?

It is impossible to do this. Did not kill them.

In that case, that is to say –

[The hostility does not have to be so strong, I have a proposal. Are you willing to be my my servant? 】

That's it.


[You seem to have had it … ……I have prepared an excuse for you? 】

Varaseka laughed.

It seems like music is in it.

In fact, he really enjoys it.

[If I refuse, I will burn all your partners' bones and souls … … …If I threaten you so much, and have the name of protecting my companions, do you have a reason to surrender to me? 】

Menel, Lu, Mr. Restov and Mr. Gurures fell on my left and right sides, and I could not protect them them all once.

After all, with the dragon as the opponent, I have not been able to make a hand in the short term.

[I have seen many humans who have the same look as you. Even if the threat is to burn you, you will not be timid and will not yield.

……Even now, you are stubbornly looking for ways to break through this dilemma. 】


Even now, while keeping my answer in silence, I am desperately thinking about whether there is any means.

[But, I can not find any way – right? No matter how hard to think about it, it is also true. 】

……I have to admit, as the evil dragon said.

I do not have any means to break through this dilemma.

NoNot completely absent. There is another way to not surrender to me. 】

I frowned when I heard his words.

In this case, he wants to give me a hint?

[It's just a matter of self-cutting. 】

He spoke words that I never thought of.

[You have the reincarnation of the goddess, the love of Gu Ru Si Fei Lu? Then cut off your neck and you are fine. 】

There is no ridicule in the words of Varaseka.

[And next time? Will there be another time? Is there another world again? Can you continue forever? If you can not think of it, just give up this game and grab your neck. If you refuse to accept the tragedy, you can pierce your short knife into your chest. Anyway, 'It's not over yet. And next time, this is not my battlefield, right? 】

His words are like ugly caricatures.

In fact, anyone knows that it is not such a simple matter.

However, what the dragon wants to express is not literal.

I shake my head.

"I will not make that choice."

【That's good. If you think that that your life has only a little value, I have not accepted your necessity. 】

For Varassera, who has been obsessively living in this world since it age of mythology, the will to live must be a line that can not be refuted.

[So, choose it – is to succumb to me, or to resist death. 】

The partners were seriously injured by inaction.

I am not in good condition, and only a decisive trump card has failed.

Even after thousands of times of offensive and defensive completion, you do not know if there is a glimmer of victory ahead.

Completely general.

The current situation is even more desperate than the battle of the undead "Mu Ling".


"If you succumb to you, it's easy to imagine how you will use me."


The dragon will let expand expand the war, cause chaos, and create what he likes.

The dialogue so far has made me very aware that he is only possible to live in this way.

"In that case, I can not give in to you."

[Partner will die? 】

"You got it wrong."

Varaseka licked his head.

【Where is wrong? 】

"We have already achieved awareness. No matter who you lose, as long as any one can take your first level. ”

In the midst of the battle, no one wants the partner to lose the chance to win because of sheltering himself.

The so-called warrior is such a existence.

[But, you have no hope of victory yet? 】

there are

I am determined.

Looking up at Varaska.

“……As long as thousands, tens of thousands, and tens of millions of waves swing this weapon, I will be able to win, right? ”

Varaseka seemed to be wide-eyed with great surprise.

Then I felt very funny and laughed.

[That is the miracle that can happen thousands of times? 】

"It does not matter whether it's thousands, hundreds of millions, or a few megabytes. – As long as there is a possibility of victory, as long as there is a possibility of realizing the oath, I will put everything on. "

This is the road I chose.

– If you have a blow, you will endure and move forward.

– Anyway, there is only one dead end after retreating. Speed ​​up the attack rhythm, whether it is a sword or a fist, all of them are forced out!

This is the basis of the battle Brad taught me.

If you feel pain, move on.

Continue to move back.

"From now on, I will be very difficult to get around."

I can not win it.

I will probably die.

However, I barely showed a fierce smile.

The evil dragon also smiled as if he had responded to my teeth.

"Evil Dragon Wallaskar -"

["The Paladin at the End of the World" 哟 -]

I clenched the familiar gun and put on a fighting stance.

"I want to crusade you!"

[I will kill you! 】

I took a step towards the final battle.

That time gave me the feeling that I was not going to die in the flood, but I still tried everything to move forward.

In the prelude, I used all the "Spirit" offensives that I could use, and moved the battlefield out of the area where Menel fell.

Although they may may also be die due to the aftermath of the battle, I do everything I can to do as much as possible.

If Varaseka resisted strongly, I could not transfer the battlefield, but the dragon did not do that.

I do not know if I do not have a care about the enemy that has fallen, or do I expect my enemy to play more easily?

I am running.

The dragon swayed sharp claws, thick tails, stepped on, and sometimes used body to hit or spit out.

I speeded up to avoid his attack, seized the opportunity to release "Spirit" and stab the rifle.

Along with the pronunciation of the dragon hoarse, there will be many murderous "Spiritual Spirits" with unknown meanings coming to me.

I also racked my brains and used all "speaking spirits" to deal with them.

The dragon will sometimes make a violent roar that even the mountains are shaking.

Relying on heavy care, I did not have rupture of the tympanic membrane and fear.

I have been in a disadvantage for countless times because of the aftermath of the breath and the rubble that came from it.

In this case, I stood up again with the healing of the prayer.

I have passed away with death countless times.

The shield has long been distorted and broken.

"Drink, ah, ah, ah, ah !!"

I wanted like a madman, and my body was covered with blood and continued to fight.

Right, claws.



Pierce the scales.

to step

Slant forward.

Drill in.







Take shelter


[Hey! 】

The red mouth is approaching. Human tooth


This is the first time that Wallaseka has adopted a "bite" attack.

Because of the numerous battles with the claws, tails, and stampede, the body has become accustomed to that type of attack and can not immediately respond to his new attack.

Even so, I responded in a flash, and I used the "Yueyue" to protect my body.

The dragon tooth passed by and I was shot.

I stood up and wanted to raise the gun – and then found that "Yueyue" was lightly anomalous.

"Ahhhh …"

"Yueyue" is broken.

The favorite weapon I have been using –

The handle is twisted and the tip of the gun is broken –

No one can fix it anymore.

"Ah, ah, ah ah ah ah ah !!"

I shouted and tried to cheer up the war with the "Yuyue", and pulled out "Putting everything."

Varaseka was also injured.

As long as you pierce its body and absorb vitality, you have not.

【What a pity. 】

At the moment of my stepping.

The ankle was blown up.

"Hey, ah !?"

There are several broken "imprints" engraved on the ground I stepped on.

When did you set such a trap?

Is it in battle? Still beforehand?

[I also know the magic sword. 】

By the way Varaseka was originally the "King of the Kings" camp –

[That is indeed a very threatening sword. It is said that certain "king" demon was forged in order to confront the sword mad "King of the King" and kill him. ……However, if you know the roots, there is a way to deal with it. Like this

I prayed while enduring severe pain. During the time when I was treating my feet, several "vectors of fire" appeared around the evil dragon.

The dragon slammed his wings and opened the distance between me and me.

He does not seem to plan to fight me again.

I want to use the breath and shooting department's "Spirit" to unilaterally drop me out.

【……I really did not take it seriously at first, I really do not think that the Son of Man would be difficult get to this point.

……《At the end of the world, the Paladin William G. Mary Brad, you left so many scars on me, I am amazed. 】

My consciousness is smashed.

Unable to concentrate.

[If this is in the competition, it is so wonderful to fight with the dragon as the opponent, I may give you the title of victory. Your strength can be compared to the heroes of the gods.

……You are the real powerhouse, the brave man of the world. 】

My arm is weak.

The voice trembled, and even "Spirit" could not sing.

– Even so, the dragon is still built.

[But, this is life and life. 】

The dragon has acted in order to charge my life.

I must, beat the dragon.

I have agreed with the gods.

Must fight.

……I squeezed out the last few strengths and lifted the sword.

Concentrate on Mana.

Even with the comfort, I also concentrated on treating my injuries.

[I will not make you feel painful. – Accept death. 】

The dragon took a breath.

I can spurt all my burning smoldering from the dragon's mouth.


Ah, no.

In the face of this blow, I can not do anything.

Even so, I also tried to set up a sword and wanted to tell "Spirit".

Because I received a gift.

I want to live to the end.

Then the suffocating and hot breath will soon come to me –

However, at the end of the day, no matter how long it took, it did not come.


Looking back, I saw a fuzzy light floating in front of my eyes.

A transparent enchantment was born around the light.

"God, adults …?"

……Under the breath of the dragon, I guarded me.

["The Messenger"? Hey, do not you have the power to drop "Mu Ling"? This is a goddess of light. 】

The dragon spurted out the breath again.

Breathing out again and again.

The lights are shaking.

There is a crack in the enchantment.

Even so, she still guards me.

[Do you seem to love your hero quite? But even if there is a column of the "Envoy" reinforcements, the ending will not change. 】

Even these forces in the face of the dragon are just fighting for time.

Even so, she did not give up.

Time and time again and again, resisting the breath of the dragon.

– Yu will be your strength, help you, the rest of the lights will guard you.


She is here to achieve this agreement.

"God, adult …"

The lights did not say anything.

As always, it is silent.

Just, constantly sheltering me.

– Even so, the end of the moment will come.

【……■■■■! 】

The dragon sang "The Spirit of the Words" with a hoarse voice. Unknown volatility spewed out, and the enchantment shattered without any damage.

The evil dragon's mouth has accumulated enough breath.

[The Paladin! You are the enemy worthy of my breath! I will imprint your posture in my memory, but you will have no bones, even the soul will be burned! 】

Vareseka's howl echoed in The Big Hole.

This is how he made a screening for me in his own way.

【……No, that's awkward. 】

However, a new voice suddenly sounded on the side.

It was a flowing voice.

【Who–! 】

The dragon immediately released a breath, but the owner of the sound made an amazing trajectory to avoid the dragon's attack.

[These heroes are my prey, my opponent. – Being loved by people, I still can not swallow this breath. 】

A dark feather is deeper than at night.

The red eyes sparkled with ominous light.

The figure that glides in the air and landed next to me is –

[It turned out to be …Undead silk tower Gunet!? 】

The evil dragon screamed.

In front of a surprised face of Varaseka, the undead is incessantly telling.

[So, then, Lord of the evil dragon Varaseka? Have you just said the "Make" of the pillar god, the ending will not change?

Haha, as you said. I also predicted this. Only heroes are not enough, even heroes plus the god of lights are not enough! They can not kill the evil dragon "The Destruction of the Evil"! But

The messenger crow screamed in a rather pleasant tone.

[Then, what if you have two pillars of God, have you thought about it? How? Does this hero have a chance of winning? ……If I have that meaning, how? Lord Varaseka. 】

[Your words are as much as ever, not dying. 】

[I always feel like a resentment with you, Varaseka. But the hobby is somewhat similar. 】

[My hobby is not as bad as you are. Burning to the last moment to release the light, this is life, this is the soul. What is the use of infinite eternal life, your custom. 】

[You are called a bad interest. Let beautiful things last forever – this is the feeling that nature will produce. Ask people not to let it be damaged. 】

Varaseka is quite unpleasant.

When the climax of the war was poured, I was splashed with cold water, and of course I would feel uncomfortable.

[But you are really a great figure, the Paladin. At the time of the crisis, there are two pillars of goddess coming to your side! Even in the age of mythology, there is no precedent? 】

Varaseka cast a satirical sight on me …Yet.

He seems to convey a very impactful fact.


goddess ……?

[I am both a goddess and a male god, both sides can. Gender is nothing but a decoration for God. Right?

The crow turned his head and stopped on my shoulder, bringing my head close to my cheek.

The lights of the deities of the gods hampered her with a very ferocious momentum.

A silent containment war started on my shoulder.

[Ha ha ha, do not be so angry, Gu Laisi Feilu. I am here to help you. A little bit will play a little role …Eh? That reaction is asking why is it now? No, after all, I was not planning to intervene? However, after watching the fierce battle so far …If you do not add it, feel that you will regret it it? 】

[Because of that reason, is it necessary to intervene in the battle of my Varaska? You are a heroic, hedonist! 】

Varaseka said with hatred.

【Exactly! – These heroes, the paladins of these good things, have their crazy value! 】

Sita Guennett is rightly declared.

[Come, the battle is not over yet! Do you still want to fight again, William G. Mary Brad! My ignorant and wisest enemies, the holy paladins of the lights! Obey your own vows, bury your faith in your chest, and continue to fight until the last moment of death. Are these words not your lies? 】

……I smiled bitterly.

It has been completely bruised and bruised.

My hands and feet do not know how many times I have been shredded, and I have revived it by prayer.

Physical strength, good spirits, exhaustion, and even the guns broke.

To be honest, just standing on the body with a sword is already the limit.

I really want to relax my consciousness and leave everything to sleep.

Even so – even then, after being said by the undead.

The words of the gods with lights on my side.

“……Must, fight, go on. ”

I tried to correct my body.

Watching the dragon in a fighting stance.



I have a smile.

"I said, I will be very difficult to get rid of from now on?"

Ha ha ha …This is true, and the toughness is scary. Your hardship even makes the gods act. 】

It is a hero, and the evil dragon laughs like this.

Oh okay. After God has given you a blessing and care, people can finally stand on the same level as the dragon. – Then, the hero who praised the gods burned out, it is the fate of the dragon! 】

Varaseka opened his wings and the evil dragon was still alive.

Though I raised some injuries to him and stripped some scales, it was just that.

[Okay, the goddess of mercy of the soul of the palm! Beautiful women who have not won the battle! How do you give this hero what to protect and how to kill me? 】

With great pride.

If you can get it, give it a try. Varaseka has a war.

– In fact, no matter whether it is a god of light or an undead, it is not a god of war.

The god of the lights is obviously not a god of fighting nature. I also met once with the undead, knowing that she did not have the experience of fighting.

As Varassera said, in essence, their two pillars are gods of compassion.

Even if I get a new undead care, I am afraid that my blade can not cut the dragon's first level –

YeahWill not give it. 】

This is not said said by death.

[This man is my enemy. He is the declaration to be my enemy. – I have no reason to give him the protection. 】


However, Varaseka. Have you forgotten, what is the place here? 】

Upon hearing this sentence, Long Hao's eyes widened.

By the way

Yes, here is –

[This is the country of Black Iron! It was the past in the face of the demon's army and the evil dragons, the Yan warriors confessed to the mountains! 】

A huge force spread from the crow of the messenger who did not die.

The power of the spread is like a colorless and transparent wave that affects the whole mountain range.

[Okay, come back! My friends and grandchildren returned to their homeland! They brought the real hero back! In order to defeat the devil, challenge the evil dragon, get back to the mountains of my hometown and return to here! 】

Can hear footsteps.

Countless footsteps.

[Wandering sleep, this is ignored by the soldiers! It's time to revenge and raise your arms! Let the flame of courage ignite again! 】

I can hear the sound of armor.

I can hear the sound of the battle axe hitting the shield.

I can hear the sound of the earth shaking.

[- Dwarf warriors! 】

The green and white spirits emerged from the various entrances of the Great Wall.

The dead dwarf warriors roared.

In order to get back home.

In order to challenge the dragon again, they shouted loudly.

The crows of the undead angels are like guiding them to fly in the Great Hole.

Hong Liang's horn sounded loud.

As the heart beats, the bass of the drums vibrates the air at a certain rhythm.

The flames of the blue and white souls are beating.

I can hear the footsteps of hundreds of people and thousands of people.

The dragon is happy, or feels nostalgic, narrowing his eyes and watching the scene quietly.

When I watched this scene, there was a footstep behind me.

There are four kinds of footsteps.

“……You should not become a non-dead person? ”

Although I do not understand it from the breath, I still look back and say it.

"Do not worry, we are still alive."

"Well, as you can see."

"It's really a thousand."

Looking back, I saw Menel, Lu, Mr. Restov and Mr. Gururez standing there.

"Thanks to your lonely army, the dragon's attention has been diverted."

"Then, I got the protection of the ancestors – because I was not used to it, so the treatment took a little time.

I see.

In the battle with the beetle demon, Lu's weapon was accompanied by a sacred inflammation.

– He got the protection of Breez.

In that case, I can not do the same level as me, as long as I have time, I can heal the injury and stand up again.

My persistent struggle is valuable.

No death has an action.

The partners stood up again.

Then, I can still fight.

“……William, Lord. This, this is … "

Seeing the dwarf's military, Mr. Gururez was stunned.

Can he believe in this scene in front of his eyes, and he seems to be confused.

"They are comrades-in-arms. – Very reliable reinforcements. "

"Oh, oh oh…"

After I told him, Mr. Gururez quietly fell into tears.

He finally arrived – the battlefield he had eagerly awaited but could not reach.

At this point, a footstep sounded.

It was a very solemn footstep.

It was spirit of a dwarf. He was wearing a shiny Mithril armor, but his body was very slender and gave a gentle feeling.

In his hand, he held a golden sword that shined brightly.


Mr. Gururez can almost say that he kneels down at the speed of conditioned reflexes.

Because of his actions, we understand the identity of the people in front of us.


Lu Hao said with a big eyes.


The last Maharaja of "The Kingdom of Black Iron", the king of Oluvan Guru is here.

He stroked Lu's head without saying a word.

It's like saying that it's doing very well.


Lu's expression collapsed and tears overflowed his eyes.

After that, the king of Oluvan Guru turned his sight to me –


Still without a word, the armor held the sword of the golden sword and handed the hilt to me.


For the amount, give me that, give me? It should be handed over to Lu – generally I can not have such thinking and doubts.

But with Wang's firm gaze, I took the hilt and took the sword.

"Calling the Things of the Dawn" – the sword that once took away one eye of Varassera.

This is the dwarf that has been passed down from ancient times. I am afraid it is a spiritual sword from the gods.

"The hero of the light is shining ….My grandson, and this mountain range, please you. ”

The voice was hoarse, as if it had been burned.

After the spirit of the king of Oluvan Guru, his armor and flesh and blood slowly collapsed.

Grandparent How come, grandfather …!? ”

By the way

Someone told me.

– The flame of Varaseka can even burn the soul.

I am afraid that the soul of the king of Oluvan Guru will not be able to fix the shape after being burned by the dragon.

However I have managed to retain the shape so far, it has reached the limit.

He slowly dissolved and collapsed.



The spirit of the king of Oluvan Guru slowly collapsed –

None yet

With a calm voice, a gentle breeze blown through and over his collapse.

【–Not the right time yet. 】

It is a god-minded person.

The messenger of the goddess of light, Gulaiss Philippe, said with a light.

[Listen, people who can not keep their souls. 】

The words of the deity of the gods are not only told to the king of Oluvan Guru.

Looking closely, there are hundreds of dwarves in the dwarven army that are similar to the king.

They are burned, dissolved, and the soul is already in a semi-disintegrated state.

But even then they did not lose their warfare – but those fighters may no longer be able to participate in the battle.

[The burning of the dragon's breath, can not be attributed to the reincarnation. 】

The deity of the gods announced in a faint tone.

But there was a sorrow in her voice.


[- In this world, I have spent a wonderful life! Stick to the soul of the last moment of life! 】

That god is an adult.

Always confiding indifferently, the silent god of the gods.

The first time a loud voice was heard.

That voice is a genuine appreciation of the dwarves.

It was gentle comfort, praise, and blessing, and it also positively recognized the achievements of the dwarves.

But it has been transformed into a spirit, the dwarves still tremble and cry.

Their living methods have been recognized by the gods.

As a person, as a warrior, there is no more more honor than this.

[The last addition to the Thie! Even in the face of death, even if the soul disappears, you want to implement the words of kindness and justice–

The lights are dancing.

It is like a beautiful, dreamy, firefly that sways at night.

[Leading the way! Bring together the heroes who are still alive! 】

God fires.

The light that guides the soul retains the soul that is collapsing, sends an invitation to the soul that is about to collapse, and guides them one by one to me.

They flew one by one into the body of me and everyone.

I could not help but tighten my body, but I did not feel any pain or shock.

However, their thoughts poured into my mind.

Their regrets, crying, obsession – and the heat that they can not fight in, all poured into my heart.

Go, they tell me this.

We will go with you. We will fight with you.

These words rang in my chest, and there was an incredible power in my body.

The fatigue of the whole body is like a lead, and the fatigue is gone.

The sense of dullness that casts a layer of fog has become clear.

I feel that I can run all the time.

Everything looks clear.

The lost and lost soldiers in the mountains destroyed by the dragon gave me strength.

Even if I do not have to explain more, I understand that I have inherited their souls.

Menel is also, Mr. Restov is also, Mr. Gururez is also.

I waited for the soul of the dwarf warriors with a serious face.

……After confirming that all the souls burned by Longyan were brought to us, the soul of the gradu collapsed king of Oluvan Guru extended his hand to Lu.

Lu took the hand.


"I will not say sorry. My grandson, the country and the people, everything, please. ”

YesPlease give it to me! ”

The two looked at each other for a moment.

Then the soul of the king of Oluvan Guru was scattered into the chest of Lu.

[Oh, oh, it seems that there is no way to enjoy the climax. 】

The "The Messenger" of the Undead is so.

Well. Are you ready, "The Paladin at the End of the World"? 】

The evil dragon asked solemnly.

Even after such a situation, Wallaseka did not rush to attack us.

Instead, we are waiting for us to prepare for everything.

"It's gentle …I am afraid this is not the case? ”

[Oh, haha, how come. 】

The sinister evil dragon opened his wings and showed his majesty in The Big Hole.

[This is like waiting for wine to ferment. The hero is well prepared, gathers all the hands, is full of hope to challenge, but is crushed, the moment the face is distorted by despair -]

He showed his teeth.

[It is the supreme joy for me. 】

Varaseka thus declared that there is no hypocrisy in his words.

In fact, he has defeated countless heroes again and again, burning them together with the soul.

[Come on, I will will you to challenge again, "The Paladin at the End of the World". Whether you are buried here, add a new resume to my horrible background, or I am crucified by you here, as you and other Wu Xun passed to the end of the world. 】

The dragon's body overflowed with suffocation.

[- Now is the time to announce! 】

I did not immediately reply to his words.

Looking up at the gods.

"I'm leaving."

YeahI ordered you again. 】

The goddess's messenger blazed fiercely and shed light.

Then, she, the reincarnation of the goddess Gulith Philippe –

[Go, let the dragon crusade, realize the oath of blasphemy, the rest of the knight. 】

I solemnly gave orders to me.

When I heard this, I looked around the battle of my friends and the soul of the dwarf.

"- Under the witness of the sword! Under the witness of the lights! Under the witness of the souls of the soldiers who are boarding in this chest! ”

I raised the sword of gold;

"Crazy the evil dragon!"

I opened my throat and shouted loudly.

In response to my shouts, even the mountains are shaken.

"Courage is burning, burn it!"

"End our enemies and end the evil!"

"The time for retribution is coming! Now is the time to help justice! ”

"" Warrior 哟 "!"Warrior 哟! ”

"Fate will help the brave!"

It's like responding to countless shouts that are ringing in the ground, and the evil dragons roar loudly-

The final decisive battle began.

[Hey!! 】

The roar of the dragon is constantly echoing in "The Great Cave."

If you are not prepared, the horrible roar will even weaken the soul and make the brain blank.

Facing the paws that are released with the roar;

"Drink, ah, ah, ah !!"

I swept a sword and staggered the dragon's attack from the side and stepped into his arms.

[- "The Flame of the Sun"! 】

"The protection of the lights!"

The dragon's "Spiritual Spirit" and my "Sacred Shield" prayers have violently collided, offset each other, blasted and dissipated.

I leaped all the way through the heat of my chest, and my keen consciousness grasped every part of the body.

I feel that even a subtle movement of the fingertips can now be perfectly controlled.

Even if I do not look at the dragon's arms, feet, and other massive attacks, I can master every attack.

Avoid the claws, pierce the dragon scales, wrap it around the back, and tear.

"Calling the Dawn" "the sword of the Spirit Sword vibrates, giving an incredibly refreshing tone.

Even if several dragon scales have been cut, there is no gap in the blade and no trace of blood.

– Maybe this sword is as sharp as or better than "Putting Everything" that is now in the sheath.

[Oh oh oh!? 】

Varaseka snarled with some anxiety.

But even so, he still fights with me and actively swings his claws to crush me.

It is better to quickly solve the lead. It is better to quickly solve the lead.

He simply made a judgment without any hesitation.

Reminiscent of the trunk of the giant tree trunk, the air is blown away, and the sound of the terrible wind blows from me to the left and right.


Just the moment I escaped this attack and looked for a chance.

[■■■ -! 】

The dragon released a "Spirit of Spirits" That I had never heard before, and the field of vision suddenly swayed.

The hard ground suddenly burst out of the mud, causing my right ankle to sink into the soil.


However I have noticed that this a liquefaction phenomenon because of the knowledge of past life, I can not think of the corresponding "Spirit".

This "Spiritual Spirit" has not been circulated to modern times. It is the Lost Words lost in the gods.

I do not know what kind of way to respond.

There is no way to respond to conditioned conditions, and there is no time for deliberation.

[Square you! 】

I saw a moment of confusion because my feet are trapped, like the palm of a huge table and the fingers of the human body – the claws of the sword came to me.

That blow pressed the weight of the dragon.

If I take the blow on the front, I can not stop it anymore, even if I make some resistance, I will be crushed at once.

Even if you want to avoid it, your feet are trapped and you can not escape the dragon's attack range right away.


The Adventurer's A burst of smoke rose.

"Will !?"

"Lord Will !?"

The partners shouted –

[Oh oh!? 】

For the first time, Wallaseka made a noticeable pain.

He looked at the broken finger with some incredulity.

I used the blade of "Calling the Dawn" to smash and cut one of his fingers and drilled into this gap.

However the dragon's fingers are thick and thin, even if the body is thick, I can cut it off as long as I seize the opportunity.

I have completely grasped the timing of the sword by the previous confrontation.

But Wallaseka is a dragon that has been through battles, no, it should be said that it is a dragon that has experienced wars. The rhythm, laws, patterns, etc. of attacks are not so complicated.

Relying on this unreasonable huge body and countless "speaking spirits", most of his opponents can be unilaterally crushed.

There is no need to spend time "making the rhythm and regularity of the attack complicated" or "researching different attack patterns."

Just like a tiger does not practice martial arts for the purpose of prey.

The natural strong will not go unnaturally, and under the unnatural time, there is no reason to go.

The opportunity that I can seize at a fundamental physical ability and experience is here!

I pulled out the foot caught by the muddy water and moved my whole body. I wanted the dragon to make a sudden shake because the finger was cut and flew, but.

[■■■ -! 】

Varaseka is also not the same.

He immediately released the powerful "Spirit" of the bondage system, trying to hold me and bind my feet to catch me.

I had to release the "Spirit of the Words" while jumping backwards.

……Varaseka's assistant, The Spirit, is very clever.

While he has not been trained in martial arts, those powerful heroes may have changed him to suffer a lot.

He is not simply aware of the attack.

[Hey!! 】

"Drink, ah, ah, ah, ah !!"

The roar of the dragon and my shouts are brought together.

The sword and the claws, "The Spirit of the Words" and "The Prayer" are once again intertwined.

"Shooting !!"

At this point, countless arrows shot from the side to the dragon's huge body.

Just as I was facing the dragon, Lu seemed to lead a group of dwarves around the dragon.


The other team dwarves also launched a charge from other directions.

[Ha ha ha! – This is decent! 】

The evil dragon laughed loudly and his movements became more violent.

With only one stroke, the fully armed fighters were torn apart and flew into the air.

Only one tail, the upper body of several soldiers disappeared without a trace.

The dragon is a very close to life to "Spirit".

Even the spirit can not escape the dragon's minions.

"Oh oh oh oh!"

But the dwarf warriors who have died are not afraid.

One step did not give in, no fear at all, and rushed straight to the dragon.

[Oh! 】

The sword and the axe hit the dragon's foot.

The longbow's arrow and the bow of the bow are constantly coming.

However most of them were blocked by the dragon scales, at this moment, the injury I caused to the dragon at the moment played a role.

The dragon's body is constantly adding new wounds.

It's right here.

Menel's shots are mixed in the numerous arrows that that shoot at the dragon.

Originally, the incomparably accurate sniper was matched with the correction of the goblin, so that the arrows he shot hit the wounds caused by me and other bleeding.

His arrows did not release the light of Mithril now – but incomparably dark.

After careful consideration, it was discovered that Menel seemed to have soaked the arrow of Mithril into the Hydra venom collected in the marshes for a long time.

Hydra's venom is a sinister poison that can make a large beast soft and soft.

Even if Varaseka has a poisonous nature and a very strong and powerful body, it can not be easily done by such fierce and fierce murders that hit the wound again and again.

[Oh, oh …!? 】

If there is only Menel's arrow, there is still a way to do it, but now there is countless arrows that the dwarves have released.

Menel hides his own arrows, like pulling a bow in a hunt.

Varaseka's movements slowly became dull.

Then at the moment when his movements became dull –


Mr. Restov, Mr. Gururez and the spirits of the dwarves bravely entered the dragon's arms.

More dragon scales were peeled off.

Unlike the one that cut the dragon scale on the front side, Mr. Restov is cutting the blade into the gap of the extremely fine dragon scale and then cutting the dragon scale.

Insert the knife into the dragon's scale gap of the active dragon. This is a magical skill that can only be done with a handy speed and skill.

[Do it all smart …! 】

The dragon tail swept across and wanted to knock them down, but –

Everyone! Going on! ”

Centered on Mr. Gururez, the dwarves erected several shields.

Use the ground and your body to support the shield obliquely.

"We are invincible!"

"Courage is burning, burn it!"

Countless shields swayed like a city wall with the roar of the dwarves.

The magic shield engraved with "Imperial" works one by one –


The tail that swept across was tilted upwards.

The dwarves did not evade the dragon's blow – but with the numerous shields lifted to withstand and offset the dragon's blow.

"Let's make our hometown -"

At this point, Lu forced the foot of the dragon.

"Get it back!"

He used an extraordinary grotesque force to sway the long-handed battle axe entwined with the sacred flames – waving toward the dragon's feet.

A huge sound at the moment of the weapon hit sounded.

It was as if the flaming god had personally waved his fist, and the fierce blow broke.

Finally, Varaska's huge body swayed and then fell down with a loud bang.

good chance.

The key parts of the body that were previously inaccessible because of the huge physique are now finally available.

The situation slowly tilted toward us.

I thought so, rushing to the dragon's huge body, but a cold snap slammed into my back.

– Varaseka, laughing.

Black smoke emerged from the mouth of Varasserka.

Not only that, but he can see his belly and throat have a hot color.

Obviously, the overwhelming heat that is accumulated in his belly like lava is still pouring out.


Varaseka has never used any breath since the beginning.

What he is embarrassed is this situation –

The embarrassing thing is that the breath in the abdomen is constantly accumulating, and the main warrior is led to his side, and the breath that can be ejected can be involved with himself, this moment!

[Because it will not spread the treasure, I do not want to use it …]

I am afraid that he is confident that only one person can be it it.

Varaseka called himself the king of scorpion and sulphur, the compatriot of lava.

Even if he accumulates the amount of breath to the limit, he will not die because of the heat and poison.

Varaseka is planning to use this step to decide the outcome.

– If you let him breathe out his mouth, then everything is over.

[The Warriors are jealous -]


At this moment, the idea of ​​how to make up my mind is left behind by me.

[This is your destruction! 】

"" accelerate "!"

I sing out "Spirit" in desperation.

Both the force and the reaction force become abnormal. – I can feel the foot bones of my step crushed because of the reaction.

I turned into a bullet and flew to the throat of the dragon.

Everything is covered in a gray, time-decreasing world.

Varaseka noticed that I was flying, and I widened my eyes. Even so, I wanted to release my breath to meet.

"Drink, ah, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah a!"

I waved "Calling the Dawn" and screamed.

The memory of the warriors hidden in my chest has already informed me of the Spirit of the Spirit That is necessary for the power of this sword.

……In the past, the god Brez gave it to the genus of the darkness.

The dwarf kings of the past generations injected Mana into the ceremony every year. The essence of this sword is like its name.

Spirit Sword "Calling the Dawn".

Calling for the things of the dawn, its name is –

Lève-toi Soleil "from the opera" Roméo et Juliette "by Charles-François Gounod.

A dazzling light inflammation erupted from the sword of gold.

The darkness that covered "The Big Hole" was dispelled in a flash.

The blazing blade of light is the little sun that that god of ignorance gives to its genus.

The sword of light stabbed the throat of the evil black dragon.

Whether it is a dragon scale or a strong neck muscle, it is seen through the light sword.

– The next moment, the accumulated hot poisonous breath spewed out of the throat where the evil dragon was cut, and burst without any scruples.


The Adventurer's

My body is floating.

At that moment, I seemed to see the evil dragon raise his mouth and said "beautiful."

The poisonous and hot breath spouted like an explosion.

The breath was not released from the mouth of Varaseka, and it was sprayed to everyone. Instead, it all hit me in the neck of the dragon.

I naturally know what it will be like if I insert a knife into the water pipe that is about to erupt.

Although it is known, the body moves before the brain works.

With such a huge amount of breath, I am afraid that even the soul will be burned out. But

It should still be able to go with the dragon.

I thought so naively.

If this is my end, it is quite good.

Split the throat of the dragon of the gods and greet death.

What a gorgeous final.

The fiery flame and the violent storm that melted the bones came to me.



The pain of burning the body and melting the bones did not immediately come to me.

– The "St. Mark "on my arm radiates a faint light and guards me.

However the light will soon be swallowed up by the storm of heat and poison …

But my ears seemed to ring Mary's blame – "Can not give up!"


Finally, the heat and viciousness crossed the guardian of "St. Mark "and began to erode my body.

The skin has melted. The muscles have melted. The white bones are exposed, and the eyeballs and internal organs are slowly dissolving.

In the pain, I clenched my teeth –

Pull out "Putting everything".

"■■■■■■ !!"

I used a burning throat to make a roar of anger, and stabbed the sword into Varaska's body in a dark field of vision.

I can feel the breath of Mana's thorns.

The body that I dissolved and disappeared by poison and heat was slowly repaired.

……That is the pain that is going to make people crazy.

The cells of the whole body are burned and destroyed, regenerated, and burned.

But even so, I was desperately trying to use the hand that melted and regenerated to clench the "Put out everything."





It hurts, it hurts

It's sore, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful

– Simply let go of the sword and it will be easier.

I forcibly pressed the idea that I flashed in my mind for a moment.




I am still alive.




The body melted.


Ouch! It hurts, hurts, hurts …

Even so, I am still alive.

Because, I made an appointment with the gods.

till the end. Until the end – until the end of the last!

– I will never give up hope of living!

In the whole body is burning pain.

I firmly grasped the agreement and eventually lost consciousness.

– When I woke up, I fell in a pool of blood.

"Will, hell, ……"

"Lord Will!"

What woke me up was Menel and Lu.

Mr. Restov and Mr. Gurure also seemed to be watching me with great concern.

"Hey, hehe … strange? ”

Unbelievable, my body does not feel pain.

It is better to say that it is is refreshing.

"Hey, can you talk?" Do you understand the current situation? ”

"it does not matter ……Menel. ”

"Do not stand up first."

It's nothing. Always feeling that the state is very good. ”

I stood up and did not even shake a bit.

But it is blood that makes the mood very bad, it is just that.

The blood splashing on me is still very warm, I do not seem to be in a coma for a long time.

Looking around, I saw that the deaths that Varaseka had no longer opened were quietly fell to the side.

really big. Just because he has fallen and will not speak again, he once again realized his greatness.

– I defeated the dragon and survived.

I always feel that there is no real feeling.

"Calling the Dawn" and "Putting Everything" remain as they are, lying on the ground where there are potholes everywhere because of the battle.

It is a weapon of the gods, and even the dragon can not damage them.

The spirits of the dwarf warriors in the blue-and-white posture disappeared due to the fascination with the crusade, and their wishes were completed, and the posture began to slowly become thin.

– If there is no support from them, we will not win anyway.

Thank you very much.

I bowed my head at them.

Then they are raised the shield and the axe, and the smile responded to me.

It was a very hearty smile.

"Help me a lot."

"Thank you for your support."

“……Goodbye, friends, seniors. After that, I will give it to me. ”

Menel, Mr. Restov and Mr. Gururez also spoke one by one.

Finally, Lu Jing quietly –

"We will definitely get back, the" Country of Black Iron ".

Put your hand on the left chest and make a vow.

The smile that the dwarves returned to meet slowly rose into the sky like a smoke.

Just like guiding them, the "ambassador" of the gods was quietly approached by them.

– For a while, we all looked at the scene without saying a word.


After watching the dwarf warriors leave, I confirmed my status again.

The lock of the Mithril has been ruined, and the clothes have disappeared.

This is also a matter of course. I was exposed to the explosion of the dragon's breath that exceeded the limit.

Now I have a coat on my body, which should be covered by Lu Yunling for me to fall naked on the ground.

In addition, my body still has festers caused by fire and poison.

A closer look at "St. Mark "seems to remain on my wrist, which makes me a little relieved.



In addition to the "St. Mark "left on the wrist, the fire and the ulcers slowly faded.

"…… strange? ”

What is unusual.

It was very strange from the beginning.

……My state is extraordinary and good. I always feel that there is an unreasonable force and warfare in the depths of my body.

Pledged of

I picked up the stones of the size of the head nearby.

It was easy to pick up with one hand.

– Not to mention the weight, the stone of that size is difficult to grasp with the fingers of one hand, but I am now holding it hard.



Everyone has widened their eyes –

I always feel that I can continue.

I injected strength into my hand and cracked the stone.

The crack quickly turned into a crack, and it spread to the whole stone in a flash, and finally the rock fell into pieces from my hands.


What is this?

[- You have absorbed the life of the dragon of the gods. Nature will become like this. 】

The sound of the flapping of the cymbals rang.

The crimson crow stopped on the huge rubble hill in front of me.

It is the messenger crow of the undead god Tagugnet.

[Your flesh is heated by the dragon's breath in an accidental situation, and is forged in the battle with the dragon's life and death, and is cooled by the dragon's last blood. 】

I could not help but frown when I heard her words.

[A face is not very clear expression. ……To put it bluntly, the factors of the dragon of the gods are deeply integrated with your soul and body, and it is only natural that the rock is broken. But you are now a human being, it has become a "something" that is similar to a dragon. Now you are in a state of unobtrusive expression. If you try it, you will understand that in such a state, ordinary weapons can not scratch your skin. The magician of the ordinary magician is like a breeze to you.

If the weapon is fired, the weapon itself will be broken, and the factor of the dragon that is intimate with the Spirit will increase the power and precision of your Spirit. As for life …What will happen? It seems that I have not extended it in my judgment, but the resistance to aging and viruses has increased a lot. From the results, it may extended your life. 】


That one.

What is this, this mess …

[But – now, is your body full of power and war? 】


[That is the factor of the proud and violent dragon, naturally it will be like like this. That state will also increase your animal nature. – Do not be proud of your own strength, try to calm the dragon's factor, or it will lead to destruction. 】

Suddenly, the hero of the previous German heroic narrative poem, Siegfried came to my mind.

The brave man bathed in the dragon's blood and gained the immortal body, which caused his own destruction because of love.

Sometimes it is not the battle that brings death to the soldiers, but the fruit of their actions.

[- I do not want to see die die tragically. 】

"Sita Ghannet …"

The crow of the undead messenger cried and laughed.

Her body slowly turned into a dark haze from one end and gradually disappeared.

[But all the power has been exhausted, but the cruel dragon has been crusaded, and a kindness is sold to you. Good business. – Are you still at least grateful to me? 】


I did not deny this.

If there is no intervention by Stoudemone, I am afraid I am already dead.

……Though not my intention, she is indeed my savior.

【That's good! To be an enemy of a hero like you, it is better to sell you some reason and kindness than to use force to make you surrender. In the end, it can be turned into an interest!

……However the dwarf warriors guided by the ancient lace Philippe are a pity, it is more beneficial to the future than to ask them to make you feel embarrassed. 】

In fact, I am quite not good at such negotiations.

While she was hostile to the god of the lights, she was kind to me and could not give her a heavy hand.

Think carefully, including Brad and Mary, and even "God King" seems to have been sold by her, and indeed the essence of the god is more inclined to this ingenious negotiation than the battle.

Plus she once been killed by me, and I understand the line that I can not give back.

However I still still have talism to her in the form of an enemy, what kind of way is it appropriate to deal with her? It is really a god that is difficult to deal with.

[Then I will withdraw. ……Gu Laisi Feilu is also, this time to trouble you. 】

In the face of the messenger lights of the gods who descended, Sita Ghannet's eyes a little slightly mixed with a complex look.

– There are also many stories between the two gods.

[Undead silk tower Gunet. 】

The gods responded to the undead with a calm voice.

【……Until now, I am not willing to give up my ideals. Do not you want to abandon the undead power and lead the soul again? If you want to do this …]

[It goes without saying, I refuse – I have decided to pursue my own ideals. 】


The messenger swayed.

With some loneliness, with some sadness.

【……Goodbye, my sister. 】

Well. Goodbye, my sister. 】

I heard this sentence, I realized it incredibly.

– Because I feel that there is something in common between the two gods.

[Then, William G. Mary Brad. As a hero, you have released a brighter light and gained a powerful power. But as the light increasing, the darkness becomes deeper. Remember not to be mad at war, do not hate others, and women must be able to stop …Oops, you do not have a woman. 】

"It's a nosy."

[Though I understand your feelings of dedication to my sister, I am going to find a partner. Otherwise, I will not have less fun to seduce your children and grandchildren! 】

"What is the worst reason!"


The messenger crow licked his little head.

The red pupils give off the fascinating light.

[When I drop the female "Mu Ling", do you want to have a baby with me? 】


The flame of the angel of the gods was inserted between me and Sita Ghannet, burning with violent momentum and threatening each other.

[啧. ……I did not ask him to give me anything, just a child, oh? Did Riya Silvia often fall in love with heroes and give birth to a child of the demigod? 】

I remember that the passionate spirit of the Holy Spirit, Sylvia, did have such an anecdote.

……However, that is the story of the mythological era.

[But, okay. There is no time left, I will give up this time. Also, yes -]

It was finally considered after a while after the smog collapsed.

[William G. Mary Brad. I used to tell you in the past, do you want to be loved by me, is this the? That is to lie to you. 】


The crow, who gradually fell apart, said the crow repeatedly.

[I love you, William G. Mary Brad. 】

In my mind, a gorgeous goddess phantom reveals a mischievous smile.

After leaving this sentence, the deserving enemy, the great god, the undead god Tagunet instantly turned into smog collapse and disappeared.



For a while, no one, including the gods, did not speak.

That's the one just now, the so-called confession of love?

……God? For people? Is it the object of a clear hostile declaration? And I feel that she still ran and said.

How to deal with it.

At this point, Menel patted my shoulder in the chaos.

"The so-called goddess is really unrestrained …Will, be happy. ”

"I'm sick of you!"

It's good to be told by God when you say love words!

Obviously, even if a woman of humanity says this to me, it will be very troublesome for me.

“……What to say, that kind of woman looks very refreshing, but in fact fact is very persistent, very entangled, so you have to be well conscious. ”

"Please do not really want this."

After being said experienced Menel, it always feels real and scary.

Can you simply pretend not to hear it?

Just when I was thinking about it like this.

【……Yu, the heroes. 】

The gods of the gods tightened the wonderfully relaxing atmosphere with the majestic voice.

Everyone was flustered and postured.

[You crusade the evil dragon – very beautiful. 】

After being so praised –

Suddenly, I finally got a sense of success.

I defeated Varaseka.

Destroyed the horrible and powerful evil dragon and survived. Be able to live – go home.

After thinking about this, I feel a sense of peace.

I can feel that the gods have cast a compassionate sight on me.

[For the dedication of thy, etc., the rest will be rewarded. If you have something to expect, you may wish to tell Yu. 】

The voice of the gods is very stable.

"I sincerely fear."

Lu said out loud.

"Goddess of lights. Including "The Country of Flowers", can you find a way to get rid of the evil dragons around this mountain? ”

[In the present where the evil dragon died, this desire can be realized to some extent. 】

"Then please come to you. Also please, wash my hometown. ”

"So, my request is the same."

This is also related to Tina, who said with a shrug.

"I am the same, to make this wish for the friends who passed away.

"I am just fine. I can use this sword to fight the dragon, I am already satisfied. ”

Mr. Gururez also said that Mr. Restov also nodded.

……Do you have no desire? What should I say?

However, if this is not the case, they will not come with me to fight this battle with little chance.

"So was I … Please also purify and bless this mountain. ”

[Yu's wish, Yu has indeed received it. 】

After such a declaration, the angels of the deity of the gods sang and sang the "Spiritual Spirit" that I had never heard.

The flames are burning.

It was an incredible flame that released a holy atmosphere – the flame that the sacred flame ignited the smoldering suffocation, swept it away, and slowly spread it out.

Do not hurt anything else, just simply burn the poisonous gas.

The flame spread. "The Rust Mountain Range has once again become the Black Iron Mountain Range.

[Cry for those who have left, and bless those who are born. 】

The gods are compassionate, like a prayer, weaving "Spiritual Spirit."

Beautiful and quiet.

It is like quietly wrapping your hands with something that is created by the dreamy little existence.

[There is peace, glory, and joy in the earth. 】

With the continuation of "Spirit of Spirits", the gesture of the "Enchanter" of the gods of the gods slowly began to fade and disappear.

Like the undead, the deity of the deity is so great that it is no longer possible to retain the "ambassador" posture.

[The heroes of the dragons are smashing, and they have taken back the land, etc.]

I lighted the messenger.

It seems that I can see that under the hood, the expressionless gods slightly raised their lips and smiled.

[–will always get the blessing of the lights. 】

Soft voice.

Warm light.

The flames burned the smoldering force with violent momentum. After all the sacred fires was released, the lights of the angels of the gods disappeared.

Unlike the undead, the deity of the gods barely said anything about her own. It really has her demeanor, I think so.

Although I do not feel as close to me as I can, I do not hate the seriousness of the gods.

For a while, everyone kept silent.

Standing in the "big hollow" where everything has disappeared, everyone is immersed in the aftertaste of victory and the real feeling of survival.


A thought flashed through my mind. I was close to Vareseka's bones and closed his huge eyes.

The eye-catching single-eyed dragon is like sleeping.

Until the last moment of the curtain, Wallaseka was a powerful, evil, and proud dragon.

I quietly prayed for the dragon.

I do not know where this terrible soul will go.

Varaseka is a life that burns out life and shines.

Maybe he will refuse to enter the cycle and choose self-destruction.

– Even so, I offered prayers. Pray that the soul of this dragon can be blessed.

“……No problem

After I ended my prayer, I went back.

"There are still a lot of things to deal with afterwards. Go back soon. "

Yes Lord Will also please take a rest and leave the rest to us … "

"No, no, it can not be like this."

"No, you can rest safely. It is better to say that you are really chaotic. ”

That's right I did not think I would rush to it at that time … ….However, it was a beautiful sword. ”

"Well, it's like a flash of the sun, I can not forget it forever. – It's a celebration after going back! "

"Ah, good! Then, invite the elves of "Flower Country" to let them accompaniment! ”

"That is wonderful! Wine and food should also be ready- "

"Mr. Tonio is very thoughtful and probably already ready. The celebration must be very grand. ”

"Wow, I always feel very worth looking forward to …!"

We talked about the sky like this.

After talking loudly, I do not know who started first. We hit each other.

The high and brisk sound of "啪" repeatedly sounded in "Big Cave".

The third volume of the king of the rust mountain

After that, we took away a few dragon scales and treasures as evidence of the dragon.

As for the death of Varaseka, if there is a problem with the placement, no matter how rotten it is, I use the prayer to apply the "Miracle of Anti-corruption".

In the words of Mr. Restov, the dragon's body can become a high-level material, and then maybe the equipment can be prepared for disintegration.

However the disintegration of the enemy's body into props has made me have some complicated feelings in the memory of past life, but in this world, the dragon slaughter is like this.

Varaseka should also be well conscious, then I will not hesitate.

Since I have won, I feel that I am the winner and have the right to use all the resources that can be used.

Even so, it is a treasure or a dragon, the amount is too large, and it is impossible for us five to take it away.

Considering that it is possible to be taken away by the Devil's Remnant Party, I opened the enchantment of "Spirit" and "Imperial" in a defensive manner, and then returned to the town along the road.

Instead of taking the land on the east side, but going back to the waterway on the west, it is to confirm the situation of "Flower Country" plus the success of the dragon slaughter.

By the way, my clothes are managed by a set of accessories that are based on the accessories of the dragon and the magical clothing engraved with the imprint of the dragon.

Now that the cold is coming, I do not know how to be half naked to walk on the road. In addition, now my body has become a state that even if it is really naked, it is not so much that people do not want to to it it.

Along the way, I worked with everyone to verify that I inherited the physical properties of Dragon Blood, and frankly said that has has deviated far from humans.

Most of them are like like say saying.

I used to exercise strength and endurance, and now I am on the first floor.

Especially in terms of defense, it can not be called human. The degree of work knife has not been cut and penetrated into my skin.

I did a careful experiment with great care. Finally, Mr. Restov's sniper still works normally. It seems that I have not become an invincible body or an undead body.

Focusing on the perception of grinding, it is possible to feel that the Mana collection process in the body and in vitro has undergone several changes.

The upper limit of power has increased. ……If I have this plan now, maybe I can burn the surrounding area with just one squeak.

It is a humanoid dragon.

If I now have an advantage with the undead god Tagugnet's "Mu Ling", I can also take advantage of it, even if Varaska may be able to confront him alone.

In the vicinity of Warcraft, I can probably slap them in a small tune while relying on physical fitness to defeat them without risk.

That would not work.

This is a very dangerous situation if the battle does not need to be at risk.

If I am accustomed to the body that inherits the dragon's blood, and as a matter of course, my fighting style will be arrogant and chaotic.

If you really become like that, one day I will die.

I do not know if I am dead in the hands of an enemy higher than me, or if I have established many enemies, or I am murdered, in short, there will be no safe death.

This is the same warning that Brad made when he inherited "Breaking Everything."

In addition, as a believer or a ruler, this is very bad.

I do not know the heat and cold, I am not enough how to be hungry, I am strong enough to live in any environment with any one person, how much resonance can be generated with the weak, and when can the resonance last What?

This power is not the blessing of the dragon – it is a curse.

Varaseka has already thought of of result.

……In the final confrontation, how to say that Varassera would not expect me to survive from that breath. However, if it is him, he will probably laugh and say, "The so-called evil dragon is the cursed winner, the existence of the destruction of his life.

Even if I want to eliminate this state, the dragon's factor has been integrated into my body and soul, and I do not know how to exclude it. The only thing I know is that this power does make a big difference to me. S help.

I can not give up this power until the situation stabilizes. That is to say, in the end, I was perfectly placed by Varassera.

……I won the victory.

However, my fight with Varaseka will probably last a lifetime.

If I was as devastated as the evil dragon thought, it was that I lost.

And if it did not smash like the evil dragon thought, I won.

“……I will not lose. ”

Through the continuous underground passage, when I left the "West Gate", I looked back at the mountain and said softly.

Leaving the "West Gate" and stepping down the foothills of the "Black Iron Mountains".

After passing through the rocky fields with huge rocks everywhere, the view widened.

– A gentle breeze blew past.


There are green sprouts on the dead wood.

The soil mixed with toxins was fertile, and the place where the mud wetlands were originally turned into a hard ground, partially transformed into a rich swamp.

It's no longer a gloomy sight when we first arrived.

"Hey – hello -!"

A group of elves shouted and ran from us in the distance.

Running in front is a blond, violet pupil, Miss Tina.

"You are safe and sound!" The dragon roared for a while, but suddenly it became quiet, and then suddenly the incredible waves passed over and the surroundings became clean– "

She said as she approached us and confirmed that we had nothing to do, "wow" and burst into tears and hugged us.

“……It's great that you are fine! ”

There is no disease or toxin in her body, but a soft fragrance that is unique to women, mixed with earth and green fragrance.

"Really, it's too exaggerated."

"Not exaggerating! Really, I still think, you may not come back again … "

"But we won. You can understand it, the dragon is dead. Will is crusting him. ”

Relative to Menel's cold attitude, Miss Tina is already sucking her nose and crying.

"Really, I am not going to die. Because there is still something to do. ”

"What to do …?"

"In short, it is the revival of this region. This area is also affected by the sequelae of the evil dragon gas. ”

"Yes. There are still some places in the mountains that have suffocating residuals …There is also the democrat's party. ”

Lu nodded, and some of his thoughts frowned.

Though at first glance, the suffocation has indeed driven away most of it, it still feels a weak breath. In addition, those dangerous Warcraft who like to inhabit the toxic environment will not leave immediately.

The Kingdom of Black Iron and the Country of Flowers seem to take a long time to get back the prosperity.

"The treasure of the dragon is in the mountains, and now I will take some money from it …"

"You must also consider the distribution method of the treasure."

"If you let a lot of wealth flow into the market and the balance of materials and money collapses, then it will be troublesome. Let them discuss with Tonio. ”


"In addition, after retrieving the mountains, the residents of the" Black Iron Country "will come back."

"In that case, you must have prepared and received them and avoid confusion."

The things that have been done done come out one after another.

“……However I was not very willing, I also went back to the forest in my hometown and tried to ask them to send a few good people to come over. ”

Menel frowned and said so.

I tried to imagine that the silver-haired half-elves who had gone to get the qualification of "The Lord of Mori", with the relics of the heroes of the hometown, with the return of the glory of killing the evil dragons, what kind of commotion would be triggered …

Well, it really makes people show such expressions.

Menel is not the type that has made a career and then returned to his hometown to sigh.

He is – after a lot of trouble in the uncomfortable place to stay away, as for the floods in the future? Anyway, it does not matter to me! –That kind of people.

He did not intend to return to his hometown.

……Having said that, to the mountains and forests, the skillful behemoths who know the nature and the functioning of the Holy Spirit make the nature as much as possible.

If Menel repairs his relationship with his hometown, it does bring a lot of benefits.

"So, I have to go together."


"If the parties do not bow their heads, then what is the sincerity!

"Well, too, it is. Then, when the spring is over, cross the sea. ……Yes, Will. ”

Of course, I smiled and nodded.

I always have the feeling that it will become a big commotion, but it hurts me a little hair anyway!

"You guy, a face that does not matter …"


……《The Kingdom of Black Iron and the Country of Flowers seem to take a long time to get back the prosperity.

But even if it takes a long time, there will always be one day –

The melting pot of "The Kingdom of Black Iron" will once again ignite a bright red flame, and the hammer will be heard.

In the "Flower Country", there will be good music and a beautiful town.

I am so convinced.

After receiving the warm welcome of "The Country of Flowers".

Once again, we boarded the sailboat and set sail along the river that became clear and reached the lake.

Through the lake, through the fog, we once again came to the city of the dead.


Gas is there.

He floated on one end of the city of ruins with a look of calmness.

– though some are out of date, the ghost under the sun is really a very powerful view.

"You are still alive. Yeah

Gass looked at me with a surprised expression.

"Mana's activities are wonderful …Is it a factor of dragon? ”

In the middle of a hair.

It is worthy of "Yi Xian".

"It's a curse, that."

"I understand, Gass. I know what it means. ”

This is the price I paid for defeating Varassera.

At the same time, the proud dragon has indeed carried out the proof of the existence of the dragon.

"That's good. ……Ok, come here. You look quite tired! ”

Gass said softly, then changed his mood and led us to the temple.

But I have not been conscious of it so far, it seems that I am quite excited.

I squatted at the tomb of Brad and Mary and reported the battle with the dragon. After relaxing, I slept like a mud.

After the end of the battle, we finally came to the field without any warning.

After the body that dragon's blood will hardly feel tired, after several life and death crises, the spirit is eager to rest.

I even forgot the morning prayers that must be repaired every day.

……I had a dream, dreaming of the time I spent with Mary and Brad when I was a child.

It was a very happy dream that I ran on the hills of the temple.

……After the short break, it was time for us to return to the "Light River Port".

"We will return the weapons we have lent us before."

Lu said to Gass.

But Gass simply shakes his hands left and right.

"no, I 'm fine. Take it, I can not use it. ”

"Is this a relic of an important comrade?"

“……You are really serious. ”

Gass smiled bitterly.

He is likes this this serious person.

"Because it is the equipment of the comrades, there should be new users to inherit. Whether it is a weapon or an armor, it was born as a prop. It's really pointless to just seal it up, or even to appreciate it. ”

“……Then, please let me accept it with gratitude. ”

"Yes. Being able to become the equipment of the new Dwarf King is also a glory for those weapons. ”

I heard this sentence and I suddenly thought about it.

"Ahhhh …"Calling for the things of dawn. ”

Unconsciously, I naturally put the sword of gold on my waist.

My main weapon, "Yueyue", is very serious, and "Putting Everything" can not be easily pulled out.

Because it is possible to fight with the devil's remnant party and the sly Warcraft, I have been brought to me …

"No! That sword already belongs to Sir Will. ”

"No, how can it be. This is the spiritual sword of the dwarf generation!? ”

This sword is also very necessary for the ordination of the kingship. I firmly want to return him to Lu, but Lu refused to accept it.

He said that the king of Oluvan Guru did not hand over this sword to others, but gave it to me.

"Mr. Will's head is hung with a hero star. In order to avoid unfortunate sacrifices in future battles, please let this sword help you. ”

Even if I say this, I can not accept this sword.

"It sword was temporarily borrowed by me, and I will return the" Country of Black Iron "after I die.

"In other words, why do you have to use a strong enemy to attack it?This time it is a dragon and a dragon. How can I stop here? ”

If the stronger enemies are coming out one by one, what should I do?

I am full of convictions after saying this.




Everyone is silent.

Watching me with a sad sight.

That look is silently saying:Anyway, according to the situation of this kid …


"Well, how do you say …Live stronger, I will help you a little more. ”

Mr. Restov patted my shoulder awkwardly but gently.

"No, that way is also very hurtful!"

Mr. Restov is embarrassed.

Because of this rare expression, everyone laughed.

From the city of the dead along the river, we returned to the "Light River Port."

As we approached, the noise gradually spread, and the women working outside the town screamed silently with their hands, and ran to the river port in a panic.

I can hear them shouting:"The Lord of the Lord is back! Everyone is fine! ”

Soon after, we took the boat to the dock, and the people in the town around around and ran out.

When we weent ashore, Mr. Tonio took the lead and walked to the forefront.

His hair is unkempt and his eyes are covered with dark circles.

I asked him after I left the town, but when I thought about the roar of the dragon, there must have been a lot of commotion here.

It seems that he has a lot of heart, I am very sorry.

Welcome BackThat, what is the situation? ”

I nodded when I heard this question.

After unwrapping the parcels that were deposited with Mr. Gururez, the tip of the twisted corner and the large, heavy scales appeared.

"The devil in the mountains, as well as the evil dragon Varaska – have been crucified by us!"

I shouted at the Longhorn and everyone cheered "wow".

Even in this town, you can hear Varaska's howl and roar.

They must be quite uneasy.

But now, at this moment, these insecurity are gone.

"Wow! Congratulation

Among the crowd, a red-haired villain rushed out.

I caught her and slammed into the circle, and Bi smiled.

"All the staff are safe, great! Saying that the dragon's horn is a little let me see it, and then I have to compose it! – Ah, what new equipment is so powerful!? Where did you get it? ”

It was another burst of enthusiasm.

After that, all the members seemed to accept the interview of the Batter Casserole. Just when I thought about it, we were engulfed by the crowd of joy and blessing.

Mr. Agu Nalu, who manages the Dwarf Street, was present, and Mr. Soli and Mr. Holtz were also there.

Mr. Marcus, the paper tiger who asked them to be a bait when they left, came back safely, just like congratulating each other for completing their mission and giving us a smile.

The old dwarf, Mr. Gurantilu, hugged the shoulders of Mr. Gururez and Lu.

Ms. Anna, the priest, was comforted by Mr. Restov, and said said, "Working hard," with a smile, and I saw Mr. Restov nodded.

Menel took it out in disapproval, and watched us with a good mood in a place far away from us. It really has his style.

I was crowded in the center, thank you, congratulations, well done, long live, and so on, and the cheers were constantly coming into my ears.

I responded with a smile and shook hands and hugged them one by one; after cheering for a while, after people calmed down a little, Mr. Tonio patted his hands hard.

"OK OK. Everyone is tired, including the Lord of the Lord! After all, they came back after defeating the dragon! ”

He said that he separated the crowd.

"Slightly give them some time to rest …Let's hold a party from tomorrow! ”

Yes, he gestured to me with his eyes, and I nodded.

In this respect, I am completely inferior to Mr. Tonio.

I followed the flow that he created.

"Celebrate success and kill the dragon! Ladies and gentlemen, please eat, drink, sing, and celebrate tomorrow! ”

After I shouted, everyone shouted a loud and cheering voice.

Everyone who knows well also smiles, as very happy, very happy, very happy.


This happy scene is guarded by me.

If I did not challenge Varaseka, if I lost to Varassera, I would probably not be able to see the scene.

I have guarded the things I have.

I am timid and fearful, unable to take a step forward in the reincarnation of the previous life, then stand up and keep moving forward – it is not meaningless.

This fact turned into a warm feeling and filled my heart.

……I always feel that the chest is a little warm and panic.

The next morning we started a grand celebration.

The town square is covered with tables and covered with white tablecloths.

The eyes are decorated with flower wheels, and the hot-smelling dishes of women have been made from early in the morning.

The townspeople are dressed up cleanly here.

Everyone has smile on his face.

……I was wearing a gown and stood on the podium of the square and said.

"Well, I will not say it for a long time ….I am also hungry and screaming! ”

I started a joke, and everyone responded that I made a laugh.

"Celebrate our success in defeating the dragon, and the richness of the harvest …Thanks to the goddess of lights! Thanks to the gods of kindness! ”

Thanks to the goddess of lights! Thanks to the gods of kindness!

People followed me after repeating.


Cheers to that! People said in unison, countless wine glasses were lifted up.

The wine glasses are made of both horns and wood. Both colored and monochrome.

At the banquet, they collided with each other and then they were drunk one by one.

There was a natural chatter and a very pleasant laughter.

At this point, the string sounded up.

It is a good time to make money now, and Bi has happily started solo and sang.

The objects she sang were dwarves and elves.

The country that the elves and dwarves lost when they were "greatly broken" two hundred years ago was finally taken back at this moment.

That is the story of "The Country of Flowers" and "The Kingdom of Black Iron."

She moves her slender fingers and plays with sometimes cheerful, sometimes sad music, adorned with words.

Suddenly the tune changed and the music stopped.

Then she began to quietly tell.

The story of the two countries ended in destruction.

……However, after that she gently played the instrument again.

Bi sings, even so.

Even so, there are only people who are there, and as long as the will will not extinguished, the country will recover.

It is like a cycle of reincarnation.

Even falling into the dark.

The light of the gentle goddess will also bring to light to it.

Even poison and darkness cover everything.

Even the terrible demons are screaming, the evil dragons roaring loudly, and fear fills the land.

Even so, "The Paladin at the End of the World" has arrived.

With the light of the goddess of gentleness.

He dispelled the darkness of this South Road and took the courage to move forward.

– Bi's three-stringed instrument sang the paladin's Dragon Slayer.

"The Paladin at the End of the World (3)

The third volume of the king of the rust mountain, the next article:the moon travel road

The sun shines in the cracks of the leaves, shooting sunlight into the trees.

In the clear air, countless giant trees are juxtaposed like the colonnade of the temple.

– The deepest part of "The Beast of the Beast", the great throne of "The Lord of Mori" and "The King of the Skull".

"Oh, here is a good place!"Thank you for your concern, Lord William. ”

"" you are welcome "……Then, about the appointment of our appointment. ”

"Well, we did accept it."

The person who nods me across from me has a huge body that I have never seen before.

This is the forest giant who used to fight with me, the Gangou of the Yoon.

Around us, the other giants of the tribe walked around curiously and set up tents made of great Warcraft leather.

The men are all big men over three meters, and the women are more than two and a half meters tall, so it is quite spectacular.

It feels like I have have a villain.

"If you have a dispute with people, it is very troublesome to lose or win …"


After the end of the Dragon Sacrifice, we returned to the town and hosted a banquet.

If this is a story, then it will be "comfortable and congratulatory" to pull the curtain, but unfortunately this is a reality.

Things that need to be rehabilitated are as many as mountains.

I must report to the relevant parties headed by His Royal Highness Essex and the head of the Bhagley Shrine that the incident was resolved smoothly. It is also necessary to appease the people who are in unease, suppress the riots, preach the correct information, and the block the false information.

The next step is to deal with the high-priority turmoil and the swell of the turmoil that occurred throughout the "Beast of the Beast" because of the roar of the dragon.

Even after processing this, there are still many things that must be done.

One of them is the communication with the tribes of the forest giant I found.

In general, the race of the giant, like the dragon, does not belong to the camp of good gods or evil gods, and is in a neutral position.

……This "neutrality" is not a feeling that "we hate disputes, so neither side wants to participate."

Even if they do not accept the shelter of the two gods camp, they can live. If they are found to have a meal, no matter which of the gods they belong to, they will double back and cause great damage. The giant is so strong that it is so.

Obviously, what reason is there to participate in the group of gods to grab the land game? – Their "neutrality" is this "neutral" with strong power.

It is said that in contrast, the forest giant only inherits the thin blood of the "Original Giant" in the age of creation.

Over time, the mystery of them became thin, their lifespan shortened, and their physique became smaller.

Even so, they have a huge body of three meters high, and they they are far weaker than Menel, they have the same abilities as the superb fairy. The number is small but the quality is extremely high, which is a powerful magic warrior race.

Relatively speaking, the forest giants with relative weak blood are all like this. As for the anecdote of the "Original Giants" who were deeply influenced by the creation era, it is even more chaotic.

"Storm Giant" lives in the middle of the Great Storm in the South China Sea and roams the sea with the storm.

The Lava Giant has long slept in the lava of the Great Volcano, sometimes waking up with volcanic eruptions.

In the wilderness at the far end of the East, "Cloud Giant" lives on countless thunder clouds and rides in the air.

That's exaggerated to make people feel dizzy by listening to these anecdotes.

– Can also understand why the giant and the dragon are equal.

Indeed, if it is of that level, even Vareseka, one of the "Original Dragons", can stand up to him in a step-by-step manner.

Well, the problem is, now that I am not good as myth, the powerful neighbors who have inherited their blood are living deep in the forest.

Living in the depths of "The Beast of the Beast" Means that they do not care about Warcraft.

According to the tents made of World of Warcraft leather, they are standing on the side of the predator of Warcraft …In other words, they are stronger than Warcraft.

If you do not get it bad, you will be in a bad mood with the expanding human circle that is developing the forest.

___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0

Of course, I have people I know among the forest giants, so there are channels for negotiation. Maybe it can be solved by compensation, but that is also the last resort. I can not count on this method from the beginning.


"The Guardian of Lord Seng, give it to me, Ganggu and our family."

In the incident of the horned devil, Cornunos, we knew the position of "The Twin Kings of the Forest", "King of the Oaks" and "King of the Kings". I tried to ask if the forest giant could live near the two giant trees.

Their "Lord of the Lord" is the most important key to this "The Beast of the Beast". If it is destroyed by evil means such as "The Taboo Words", the situation will become very bad.

However, in nature, the sanctuary of "The Lord of Mori" must be covered by green plants, and it is not possible to send people to develop.

Basically, you can only make this a prohibited field, but even if you can not be unguarded, it's really awkward …At this time, what I thought of was them.

They have made permanent residences that will never meet humans.

For the Gemini King, the powerful and communicable guards lived nearby.

This result is probably good for everyone.

– We shake hands to show the conclusion of the contract.

Mr. Ganggu's hand is thick and thick.

In factLord Gang, the Western lingua franca, where is it? 》"

"In the past, I met outside the forest, ah …? Kind, kind …Kind of altar …? "Farming character is a very good man. We exchanged fur and grain, so a little, remember a bit. ”

"This way …"

"That is, three hundred springs, but also the things before. After that, the tribes and humans had a dispute …So I moved to the depths of the forest. ”


It's really a long time ago.

But this is the case –

"And," Maybe, is it a barter? "

"Well," If you can change to metal products, then you will be grateful. What do you need?

"I am here too," Want, Herb, Wood, Leather and Bone of Warcraft.

We communicated on the variety of exchanges for a certain framework.

The rest will be handed over to the actual participants for minor adjustments.

In fact

When this topic came to an end, Mr. Ganggu said.

His eyes lingered on my back.

"You, ah," What about the gun? "


When I heard this question, I just squeezed a smile.

I am afraid that there is some bitterness in this smile.

“……In the battle with the dragon, it was damaged. ”

Mr. Ganggu revealed a pair of "unintentional pokes to other people's wounds", the expression of uneasiness.

"Yueyue" is broken.

In the battle with Varaseka, it is broken, broken, and bad.

But it is a gun that has been protected by countless "imprints", it can only be helpless if it bears the blow of the dragon who is close to the "Spirit".

Of course, I am also careful not to let the weapon be destroyed, but there still still limits in that situation.

Therefore, that is nothing to do.

But it is, there is nothing to do …

Eh …

Sure enough, it will still make people depressed.

After that, I went back to "The River Port of Lights" and sat on the dock and sighed.

– In fact, I have confirmed if I can fix "Yueyue".

After the introduction of His Excellency Esser, I have had with the most superb smiths in the "White Sails Capital", please ask if he can think of a way.

The seemingly silent smither shook his head without saying a word.

That is everything.


However, probably after hearing this answer, my expression is really sad.

Mr. Forging and smithing polished the part of the gun That was broken by "Yueyue" and the left "Spirit of Light" to make a short dagger.

The part of the "imprint" engraved with "Strengthening" and "Sharp" has been broken, and there is really no way to do anything.

"Really, do not give up …"

I pulled out the short sword that was hung from the waist and was polished by the moon, and held it high above the head to cover the sun.

The blade is back with the light that people miss …But this weapon has not been able to achieve the most basic performance I need.

Even in general, I use a lot of deficiencies, not to mention the state of letting the evil dragons who are sleeping in the depths of my soul awaken. If you carefully wave, you will only be broken if you collide with other things.

Warcraft, the demons of the demons, the unknown gods of the South – I still have many enemies that must fight.

I can not use long-term performance weapons just because I love it.

Therefore, it is time to find new main weapons.

……In fact, if it is me now, the weapon can be said to to my my choice.

There are several guns whose performance is higher than that of "Yueyue".

If you still feel that it is not enough, then you will provide funds to the merchants of "White Sails Capital", let them use the boat to buy the locals.

If you have a relationship, maybe even a dwarf, a collection of weapons from the elves can be obtained.

The gun's tip is attached to the gun of the ancient magic of the flame and the lightning "imprint".

After throwing it out, you will follow the enemy and say "Spirit" will return to the gun in your hand.

Or it is made by "Mystery Silver", and it is enchanting gun that confuses the fairy.

There are also simple, yet easy-to-use guns that are extremely hard and extremely sharp, and that are reinforced with Imprint for not making them dull.

However, no matter which one is not in line with my mind.

This is because I have been using using Haoyue for so many years.

In terms of performance, the gun of "Yueyue" is not strong.

It is not comparable to the sword of life that created created the king of the devil in order to kill the opposing King, "Putting everything."

It is also impossible to meet the golden sun made by the forged god, "Calling the Dawn".

It is only a gun that can be adjusted in length and can be illuminated by the tip of the gun.

– But even so.

No matter who says anything, the main weapon of "The Paladin at the End of the World" is a gun that is only solid, capable of adjusting the length, and the tip of the gun can shine.

This is the most worthy weapon I can trust.

And my gun, this one looks like this – probably my mood has not recovered from the chaos.

I feel that I am now more deeply aware of the reasons why Mr. Restov is sticking to the sword.

……The most trustworthy weight That has been so far so far has disappeared.

This fact unexpectedly made me sad.


I watched the short sword.

Thinking, what should I do?

I can not bring this weapon, which was polished into a "moon", into the adventure.

Even if you bring it, it will only be a piece of iron that can not be used, or it will be damaged again.

However, I also do not want him to decide in the room as a memory.

What to do ….

What should I do in the end?

There are still a lot of aftermath work to do after Dragon Slayer, but I can not help but think hard.

– Just at this time.

"Damn, do it! I will do it for you! ”

A full of imposing voice came into my ears.

A young teenager showed a look of anger and rushing to the top of the road along the river. With a black curly hair and a resolute pale brown pupil.

The rough linen clothes were covered with a coat, carrying a simple arrow and bow on the back, and a wooden stick that seemed to be randomly cut off at the waist.

Probably a hunter or a trainee adventurer.

"I will cut off the head of Warcraft to show them!"

"Do not, do not be like this, Glen …Very dangerous! ”

"I'm sick of Alex, do not take me!"

The other child behind the boy was about the same age as his, wearing a kapok dress that was a little bit firmer and had a red hair.

The dark cloak worn by the child was patched everywhere, holding a fairly old gray tree wand in his hand, with a blackish silver trim on the front of the wand.

It is a magician. However, I always feel that he is not from college. It should be the system of an Aboriginal curse.

I was absent-mindedly watching the development of the matter. I saw that the young man got rid of the magician's child and took a lot of steps to go outside the town.

"That, hello."

I have an ominous premonition and talk to him in a panic.

"Um? Why are you? ”

The teenager named Glenn looked up at me with a stubborn expression.

The magician child, known as Alex, showed a sigh of relief.

I squatted a little and kept my eyes on the same level as they were.

"Do not be so angry, I want to ask you where is this going?"

"Go to kill World of Warcraft, kill Warcraft!"

"Killing Warcraft?"

"Yeah." What are you doing! I can not be an adventurer! ”

From the current position and the direction they are coming, I have a bad feeling.

"Ahhhh ……Would not you go to the "Brown Bear Pavilion"? ”

I said said store name.

"How about going!"

"That, that, we happened to meet on the road, and then went there together …Then, that … "

"That bastard, hateful!"

The adventurers gathered in "Brown Bear Pavilion" belong to the group of people who are particularly rude in "The River Port of Lights".

There are many people who have problems with their character.

If a young person who wants to be an adventurer enters like this, probably …Undoubtedly suffered a very excessive insult.

Then, after eating a closed door, I was probably thinking about going to chop a Warcraft head and returning to them. The matter should be roughly the same.

Especially the child named Glenn has a very strong sense of justice.

I do not mention him first, I am afraid that that the children who are traveling with me are also looked down upon and angered.


However, the reality is cruel.

At a glance, Glenn is probably a hunter. While it is exercised, it is only one or two levels better than the average person.

I do not know the magician child behind, Alex brother …Sister. Well, I will not go into this point …How much knowledge you have, but there should be no actual experience. From the perspective of his eyes and standing, he was completely a layman.

I am afraid that in the face of the sudden emergence of Warcraft, he can not sing "Spirit" quickly and correctly.

“……If you go this way, will you die? ”

Here is the "Beast of the Beast." I went deep into the bone marrow to understand how dangerous it is here.

Alex, who seemed to have noticed something, trembled and tightened.

Glenn was also suppressed by my momentum in an instant, but it immediately ignited fighting spirit.

"The guy who is afraid of death is not an adventurer!"

He said so.

Still quite persevering …

"So, have you thought about something more terrible than death?"


"For example, the snake's Warcraft will paralyze the opponent and then swallow it into the abdomen and spend several days to digest the prey. Have you imagined that whole body was dissolved a little bit? ”


Alex took a breath.

and I expressed a little gratitude to the undead god Taganet in my heart.

"There are still people who are not dead."


"Lost your hands and feet, and live like a fool?" Was the thief tied up as a serf to sell? ”

Once the anger rushes into the depths of Warcraft's "The Beast of the Beast", it is this ending that awaits those who are not fortunate. ……However, in fact, because "Beast of the Beast" is too dangerous, there is no thief to build a nest in it.

"Hey, hey."

If that were allow him to dispel the thought, that would be great.

"That is, even so, no matter which way you go, you can not go back!" Can only do it! ”


It seems that these two people have no retreat.

Glenn is probably somewhere in order to reduce the population, come here with friends and relatives or similar situations.

From the expression, Alex, who has a dark expression, is the same.

"But Glenn Jun …That Alex Jun will probably not abandon you, so the child will die together? ”


After hearing this sentence, Glenn's momentum suddenly fell and bit his lip.

They went to this "light river port" without a road, and they had neither knowledge nor what to do next.

Glenn just wants to use brute force to break through the dark future I am still with impossible to do so so.

"That, that … …Big brother is, adventurer? ”

"No, no."

At least I have not claimed to be an adventurer.

"But, a little understanding of the doorway."

"That, then, sorry! Please teach us! ……We, what should we do? ”


Even in a situation where the predicament is difficult, the future is unclear, and the situation is very anxious, it is possible to calmly seek information.

Although Glenn's enthusiasm is also important, this feature of Alex is also a very important qualification.

If the two children have these two points …Then they have a way to live.

"In short, I forgot what happened in" Brown Bear Pavilion ". In front of that avenue, there is a "Blue Sea God Pavilion" with a fish-like sign. Go there and have a look? The boss over there is a warm heart. ”

There will be a newcomer who wants to be an adventurer, let them find the team well, assign the right tasks, and give more or less advice. Unlike the rude tavern of "Brown Bear Pavilion", it was unexpectedly – though very unexpected – a good store.

Alex nodded, and Glenn looked at me with some skeptical gaze, and I continued to say that I was in charge of my own affairs.

"Listen well …The so-called adventurer is doing a job that challenges adventure. But that is not reckless or brave. Instead, in order to survive and prepare for it, I will go all out to take a risky journey of life and death. ”

If you do this, even if it is the cruel fate, you will give some care.

"Do not give up on yourself, listen to the deep meaning behind the words, spend enough money on the equipment ….Then there is some wisdom and courage. If this is the case, one day you will definitely reach the end point you expect. ”

May the good gods give you the protection, I said with such a smile.

……When I came back to God, I had already handed out the short sword that has been polished by Haoyue.


"Give it to you."

"Well, but the shorts are not necessary …"

"Ge, Glen! Glenn!? That is, "imprint" …!? ”

"Yin Ji …Magical short sword? ”

"Well, almost I have engraved the" imprint ", it is not a great thing. I am giving it to you. ”

I want to bless the young adventurers who started their own journey.

Though I have been unable to bring "Yueyue" to my adventure.

I found it "Year of the Moon" in the underground, if I can continue the adventure with someone. If its journey can continue –

That must be a very, very good thing.

"There is the" Spirit of Light "engraved on it, and it should be able to replace the torch."

"You, what purpose do you have?

……Ah, indeed, suddenly receiving such a gift is really scary.

I can not find any benefits or goals for myself, even if I feel creepy.

"So, can you chat with me for a while?"

"Hang up for a while?"

"Yes. Inheriting the magic weapon, but also telling the story of this weapon, this is the practice of warriors since ancient times. ”

“……Not bragging? ”

"Ge, Glen!"

"Haha, you think so."

In contrast, have to stay with me for a while?

With such an idea, I began to tell.

"This is forged by the ancient dwarves, crusade of Chimera, and through the dragon scales -"

The most trusted gun of the Paladin at the end of the world.

This is the story of the journey of PaleMoon, even if the dark clouds cover the sky and the time goes into the night and still illuminate the world.

The third volume of the king of the rust mountain

First of all, greet everyone who read this book in their hands.

It is my pleasure to meet you again. I am Liu Yezhen.

For the loss of everyone, the third volume can be published.

I ended the revision as I did, and I remembered the situation a year ago while writing the postscript. At that time, I was quite anxious especially when I wrote the scroll.

……The problem is the amount.

The equivalent of the three volumes was in advance with friends, confirmed the framework, and then began to write …But unfortunately, the amount of text is constantly expanding beyond the specified amount.

I have heard from the parties that this is a situation that is often the case when writing novels …But is this a good luck for novices? The first volume of the first volume written before ended with the expected amount. I was attached to the spirit of the arrogant and arrogant, thinking that "actually, I am very good at adjusting the amount of text. "?", then self-expanded.

I was quite anxious about the amount of text that continued to expand. Then I was warned by my friend K. The corresponding amount of text was given up and rewritten. I was very impressed by that day.

This work was originally a hobbyist, and wanted to write a layman's work that he liked to publish and submit it online.

But fortunately, commercial publishing has made me want to generate more desires.

Interesting expansion.

Beautiful recovery of the foreshadowing.

I hope to be able to get it into one volume.

If you can, you can leave some white space, and write a little rumor in the book version.

I hope that many people like it and hope to sell it. I hope to be a work that everyone can praise.

I noticed that in addition to the amount of bloated text, my body still still entangled in desire.

……After that, I switched my mind.

However there is no way to cut off this type of desire, but I suppress as much as possible and return to my heart.

Just like what you like, do not care about quantity, return to the mood when there is no book to tell Will's adventure story.

Then when I came back, the pen started to run, especially in the end of the battle, I was very excited, and I was very enthusiastic to write.

I feel that I have learned a lot by writing this story.

Finally, thank you.

Thanks to the rim teacher who painted the beautiful illustration, I was very happy when I saw the illustration in each volume.

Congratulations to the collection "Mute Chord 2 / Rim Art Works" for sale. I am deeply touched by the description of the included illustration. Especially like the design of Menel.

In addition, I would like to express my deep gratitude to Kawakami Kazu who wrote the recommended article for this article. I have been a fan of you since I was in contact with your work in high school.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

Responsible editors, as well as editors of the OVERLAP library, as well as all related people who print and sell the book.

Then, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the people who are holding the book in their hands now.

– Then, pray for our meeting.

Liu Yezhen, November 2016

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