Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Shooter of the Beast Forest No.22

Volume 2 Shooter of the Beast Forest No.22

This store is a slightly larger winery and hotel.

The first floor is a wine market and the second floor is a hotel.

If you eat a tyrant meal, in order to prevent night escaping, the upper floor is a hotel, wherever it is common, I think.

The name of the store is "Steel's Sword Court" hanging on the board.

Under the kanban, a small curtain of weapon-like hangs.

That is where the adventurers gather, relying on the mediation office, "the home of the pretender"


Mercenary-like selling technology, doing bodyguards, salvaging the relics of "Dalian State" "Combined Era", Warcraft retreat, etc., relying on bounty to live the illegal people.

As far as the history of concern, it is similar to the sword fighters of the Roman era. Or, there is a cowboy-like guy in the Western drama.

However the social status is not high, but at the same time can a thousand dreams, is the social class that produces heroes.

At dusk.

I walked with Menel on the street full of workers returning from work, looking out from the open door to the lively store.

The store is very lively. Because it is thick winter, it is thicker, and the corner cup is filled with people who make beer toast each other.

However, such a scene is a bit strange.

「…………Warcraft's corner, and leather "

The corner cup made with the horned Warcraft's corner is very calm.

Wearing vests and coats, also made with the skin of Warcraft.

This is not only the trophy of those guys, but also the display of the strength of directness, and Menel whispered next to it.

Step into it.

The line of sight concentrated over a moment of silence, and then smashed again.

Mixed-race half-elf with silver hair, young brown-haired.

But it looks very weak, it has undergone a horrible exercise.


"Ah, you are the" Flying Dragon Killer ", what are you doing in such a remote winery!

I was so happy that I was drunk, and it was a voice from a man who was really nothing.

"Because there is a commission"

"In this case, say hello to the manager, pay a little money, use the bulletin board."

Thank you very much for your kind assistance!

I saw a huge wooden board hanging on the wall of the store, and I used a pin to keep a few sheets of paper and leather.

I also greeted the store manager, bought a number of needle bars including the commission fee, and similarly used pins to keep the power of attorney.

Refer to a short advertisement written in an advertisement written by a character in a previous life.

In order to see what kind of commission is, everyone is surrounded by –


A difficult journey. A meager reward. Warcraft. The long day of darkness. It is absolutely endangered. Survival is also not guaranteed.

The dawn of success will be honored and appreciated.

William G?Mary Brad

After that, silence came.

"Hey, the dragon killer temple"

The first thing I came up with was a greeting with alcohol and banter.

"We also do business. Such an advertisement can not stand up. "

Glittering steel breastplate, the sword on the waist is hung in the bright red scabbard.

On the thick arm is a red face, a thirties adventurer.


While he was talking, I thought that several members of his team also stood up and laughed.

Yeah, yeah, the mood is not good.

I was panicked when Menel's fist began to grip slowly.

"Shut up, |" Forcing the King "" Black Hair "

Slowly, from the side, the words of the ragged man stopped them.

The scarred, burnt, burnt coat reveals a textured coat. The scabbard is ragged, as if it had been modified.

Because I have a beard on my face, I can not judge my age. Though my body is not bad, I can not see a man with good spirits.

However, what I noticed was his finger.

Fingers full of dirt and scars. Its fingertips, nail clippers are very short.

I do not know when when Brad said this Wu Yong's lecture. Pay attention to his nails when he meets the swordsman.

– Whether you allow yourself to have elements that hinder the removal of weapons.

– I can see the tip of the finger.

"As I see it"

He said slowly.

It seems that I do not speak very much.

"I want to |" Adventure Kid "" Mad Men "?

They have not able to but polite, and have some experience in the etiquette and patience of working together.

Do not want | "Forcing the King" "Black Hair" This group of jerk who do not know the fear, etiquette. And want to stick to the boring dignity for its gambling life, "Adventure Kid" "madman"? "

I nod my way.

"As you said …….I just want to hire because they are such people. "

"Hey, have you heard it?" As you said! "

"Flying Dragon Killer" is | "Adventure Kid" "madman" asks for people!

The voice, from a few tables, people who saw this situation was dispatched.

"Hey, |" Pedestrian "" Assault Knight "is a group of guys ….If you know that they are hitting the big luck, they should be invited to treat them occasionally! "

On the other hand, it seems that the is is good. The people who started started to say hello, gently licked and returned to the table.

Although they are looking forward to the opportunity to make money, if this the case, let's just say it. People who value their livelihoods are taken for granted.

People who come close to it are generally physique, the equipment is slightly smeared, and the atmosphere is sharp and stinging.

Most of their equipment is made of warcraft leather, with World of Warcraft's corner cup to drink.

Absolutely right, among the business's bodyguards, it is people people do not look at it.

Burning life in battle and adventure, the real wilder is right, just like Brad.

"What is the prey, what is it?"

"In the wild?"

"Little things do not take into account 哟"

So I was asked, I showed a bold smile.

"It's a long Chimera."

In this case, people who have been silent for a moment look around and say.

"In the West" "World of Warcraft" "beast woods" survived. The details are unknown. Want to hunt and kill it? "

The man with a beard that first came to say hello muttered, is it lying?

"Is it a flying guy?"


"The place of life is too embarrassing. It is also important to just explore. "

Very much so.

"And if you are attacked in the exploration, it will be a dead opponent."

"It will be like such."

Speaking of this point, they laughed fearlessly.

"- That means, this can be said to be an idiot adventure."

Please let us participate, just have rice and bed. If you have some small money, it would be better.

They said so, I also counted me, so that they made a sound.

Of course, I will pay for it. In this case, there will be be cheers.

"But before that."

What's the matter?

I smiled and reached out to them.

"Can you be fortunate enough to hear your names? I am Will. William G?Mary Brad

"It's Resdorf."

– In the end, how do you say it?

–The recent Wu Xun poem is not a classic like Resdorf who has crossed the Tribulation.

「…………《Cross the suffering? "

"There is also such a name."

The bearded adventurer replied slowly.

After some time in the "White Sails" "white sail".

"Wo, south mark public Eserobald?Rex?South mark

In the temple, the solemn temple. Opposite the numerous participants, His Highness Etheron stands.

Standing next to him is to give a blessing to the deputy shrine who has an impressive slender eyelid and a gentle face.

I am going there.

If you really want to say it, I would like to ask the shrine who gave me a lot of care, but blessed at the time of the request.

In front of everyone, it would be very troublesome if they were given a deep god because they were prayed for piety.

It will be very important for the negotiating opponent to have "when it is a devout priest, it may be said that it is absolutely not necessary, so the shot refuses."

Pray in front of people, because after that, it is a person who prays, so it is really thorough (pray). That's too regretful.

Then, when I said that I was too sorry, the vice-president also said that I also thought that people like you are not known to the world, and it is a pity to be with me.

Obviously, it is a very good person.

"The temple of the other, the embarrassed man, who does not violently abuse the evil spirits, and respects the gods of goodness, such as the guardians of all mankind.

When I arrived at the prescribed position, the highness of the temple took out the sword placed on the altar and recited the speech with the sound of the audience.

The sword was handed to the hand of the deputy shrine and then handed to my hand.

The sword is taken into the prepared scabbard, and according to the manners taught, it is pulled out from the scabbard and put into the sword three times.

With the sword and the sword, the clear bell echoed in the church.

"I want to be a knight. Guarding the doctrines of the gods, the temple, the embarrassed people, the people who pray and labor, the guardian

This is a wish.

I seem to respond to his words, and the sword is changed to a double-handed sheath, and the hilt is handed over.

His Royal Highness pulled the sword out and beat my shoulder three times with the sword.

Then put the sword back in the scabbard, and I stood up and put the sword back in the waist. The clear sound of the sword was heard again.

The deputy shrine chief uses the blessing of purification. The surroundings are full of holiness.

"Pray to the knowledge god who is the patron saint of me, and give this person the blessing of the patron saint!

The sacred lord of Grace God, the god of light, will give this person endless blessings.

The god of knowledge, Enlai. The old one-eyed god. A god of knowledge who is proficient in visible and invisible things.

"It swears that you will be tenacious, respect the doctrine, and protect the weak. – It is the light of eternal life! "

Open your hands and shout blessings.

And wow, a clap and cheers sounded.

It is the light of eternal life!

Blessing to the birth of the new knight!

It is the light of the border!

Bless the knight who gave the lights!

Long live the Paladin!

From this point on, it was like a ceremonial enthusiasm.

The strengths of the ceremony were distributed to the masses, and the cheers were loud.

Under the pretext of granting honors, the countermeasures of the dragon's victimization were adopted for large-scale implementation. Only in this way, it felt that there was enough value.

A grand banquet is being held on the street.

As Yuxing was urged to participate in the wrestling conference that was not held, I did not expect that the result of the happy laughter of five people was defeated by many knights, and they tasted the taste of failure.

Won the "Flying Dragon Killer"! And so on, everyone made a statement without any malicious laughter. Really! I smiled and said.

"Menell! Menel is also here! "

"Do not be kidding!"

Menel still does not want to have a relationship with the ceremonies.

It was taken out.

"Oh, this is the follower of His Royal Highness …"

"It's not a follower, a friend!"

"Not a friend!"

"haha a ……"

Bi sang and sang my poems happily. Make big money and make big money! Though it's already said, I am still embarrassed.

Tonio and Rest have somehow used the carnival of the festival and got in touch with people of all colors. There is no flaw.

This kind of carnival lasted until the night.

– At this point I became, at the end of the world | "The Paladin" "Paladin."

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