Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Shooter of the Beast Forest No. 21

Volume 2 Shooter of the Beast Forest No. 21

"It will give me trouble …"

On the way back, the shrine's long and broken complaints kept on.

The side of Menel is a look of anxious expression that he can not wait to cover his ears.

……Well. These two people seem to have a bad relationship.


Just when I want to say something. Change this stiff atmosphere.

"Especially you! You bastard kid! I dare to make my own claim …! ”

"We are not yours, do not need your consent."


Finally, Menel can not stand it anymore, and the two of you are quarreling with each other.

"I am the god of the temple!"

"So what?"

……For me, it's impossible to transfer the topic of wit to stop the two people who are already arguing.

Ah, these two people are really bad.

"I am very sorry. Recently, my father's workload is too big. I have been in such an anxiety state … "

To me whispering, it was the assistant who wanted to prevent the shrine from breaking into the reception room at the main hall.

A linen-colored scorpion, a neat sergeant suit and a long skirt that completely covers the legs give a serious sense of the squad leader.

"No, I should apologize here.

……In fact Are you the daughter of the shrine chief? ”

It is true that there is no precept in this world to prevent the priesthood from marrying. However, the temple is long, is it already married?

"Ah, yes. But there is no blood relationship. ”

"Before coming to the temple, my father was in charge of managing a temple that also took care of the orphanage."

So it is

Since the above sent him to to manage the temple on the border, I must have quite a talent.

"The predecessors and peers of the orphanage have mostly traveled to various parts of the country through their father's introduction …

And I and a dozen other partners …I came to the mainland of this southern border with my father. ”

There are people all over the country, and there are loyal subordinates.

I am afraid that the temple is actually a very talented person.

Though I just gave a vulgar impression when I met, I only yelled and complained. But the appearance is appearance and the inside is internal.

"- The Shrine of the Temple of God"

I talked to the shrine who had temporarily quarreled with Menel.

"Thank you very much, thanks to the intrusion of the shrine chief, the meeting between me and the Lord of the Lord who is not good at words is finally closed."

"Oh, there is no need for thank you. I am only trying to guard the authority of the temple to stop the self-preparation of His Royal Highness. Your kid is just a matter of convenience. ”

And that adult always makes some extraordinary moves along the temper! It's really a matter of love! Then the shrine chief began another series of complaints.

It seems that the temple is really under a lot of pressure.

……I am afraid that the habit of meticulous speech is also cultivated in order to maintain a spiritual balance. I understood a little bit about the reason why the shrine was not heard in the shrine.

“……Even though the adult is always willful, but our temple must also show respect respect the secular rights. The discussion about the proposal of His Royal Highness will be carried out after the prayer style at dusk. ”

OK, I understandAbout, the one just said … "

"There is something to say!"

"Excuse me, the prayer ceremony at dusk is …What?


The temple's long-brained blue-bellied ridges violently began to shout with violent momentum.

……I am very sorry for the lack of common sense in the world.

It seems that after 200 years, the way the ceremony has changed has changed.

Ceremonies such as night sermons and evening prayers that are existed in Mary's time have now been integrated into a new form – the prayers of the evening.

The various rituals that existed before have become simplistic. I am afraid that it has been affected by the collapse of the "Greater Federal Times" and "Joint Age", and the cumbersome ritual system has been difficult to maintain in various places.

When I explained to them the rituals of night evangelism that I understood, the shrine chief and the assistants looked at each other. It seems that the way of conducting prayers in the past is almost never talked about.

Where is the deep mountain in the place, learned from the monastery of the longevity race that still follows the ancient law? They are asking this question. I am also ambiguous.

……Undead is also a kind of longevity. In short, it is understood that Professor Marie's ancient rituals are underst.

"But it's not about ruling about rituals."

The temple is contemplative

"It is really unpleasant. It is really suitable as a teacher, this mixed child is just like the one that passed passed through 200 years ago, it is really unpleasant. ”

The tongue-like words came again and again, and most of them were facts, so I could not even refute …

Anna of the Aids – After the length of the Temple, a look of sorry has been facing me.

After returning to the temple and meeting with everyone, I received a questioning attack about the curiousness mainly from Bi …

After finishing their chores. I went to the prayer ceremony at dusk.

The rubble ruins are being cleaned up everywhere in the shrine, and the treatment of the wounded people everywhere continued to be busy, but the people in the temple did not give up now today's prayer ceremony.

When the ceremony began, the busy people gradually began to return to calm, let people feel the solemnity of the ceremony …However, I still feel a little uncomfortable

When I prayed in a good place that people deliberately left for me, I always felt that all the direction being staring at me all the time …

Being stared at always felt that I could not calm down. I had to complete the prayer with a little uneasiness.

When the ceremony was over, people slowly withdrew from the chapel. When I continued the prayer of a person, the temple grew in.

The ceremony is over, why are you coming now?

"Wait for me"

Then, there is no other chapel other than me. The temple's long hands clasped together, bent his knees and began to pray

– At that moment. The atmosphere here has changed suddenly.


The praying figure is devout and amazing.

Obviously an obese body, flamboyantly dressed. However, under the appearance of the vain, its inner inside makes people feel sacred and beautiful.

……I am afraid that all only the people I have seen, the prayer above this is only Mary.

“……No problem

The prayer of the shrine chief is shorter than expected.

"That, the Highness of the Temple, I have something to ask."

I carefully weave the language

"There is indeed the protection of God's high place under the temple of the temple."

This feeling is not wrong.

When I first met, I was slightly aware that the shrine was awarded the protection of God …I am afraid it is equal to me or above me.

", The person of the temple, you have stopped using prayer.

Even the present praying posture is to avoid the crowd. "

Why is this, I asked this way?

"It's a fool."

Was smashed

"Young people, you talk about the experience of prayer"

"It is from the protection of God"

"Then why God will pick you up and give it." Is it something special about yourself? Not for this reason. "


"It's God passing you – do you know that?" God shows his miracles through you. ”

It is God's intention to give me the protection. Therefore, the use of prayer must also respond to God's expectations.

If you only use it as a convenient prop, then the divine light will be reduced. If such a fool uses the protection, then the power will be greatly weakened.

Among the people who are fortunate enough to receive the protection of God, this fool accounts for the majority.

The teachings of the shrine continue

"And I am the length of the whole temple. On the ridiculous land That has been developed in order to ensure the money and rights necessary to maintain the temple, there has been a way of shouting and anger. Sometimes accepting bribes even to maintain a relationship with the Chamber of Commerce …In this case, if you use high-level prayer, other people will not doubt that God is actually thinking about such a despicable man. ”

Then young people.

"Is this the result that God expects? If I use prayer, I can preach to my patron, the ruling of Reveld?


Very much so. There must be convincing justice in prayer. Use the protection to promote the power of God. It is the responsibility of the deputy god shrine.

That guy is very good, and it will moderately draw people's hearts. Maintaining holiness and justice on the outside is his responsibility as a signboard. The Governor of Barlow said this.

"And what about you? Immature person. But if you kill the dragon, do you want to call yourself a hero? ”

In the face of questioning, I can not help but be silent and thinking.

PaladinHuh, actually said the Paladin?

Even the young boy who does not understand the true meaning of prayer, dare to call Paladin!Your Royal Highness Wang Di is really a joke! ”

Facing the exaggerated swinging body to ridicule the shrine, I am speechless.



"Even if I do it." Refused the advice of His Royal Highness Wang Di

I heard no. The shrine commander commanded in a full-fledged tone.

The top-down line of sight from the obese body has a different sense of pressure from the royal family when he is in the main hall.

"Give up, immature people. I will not encounter any good things, "

“……Even so

Do not shy away from sight

Facing the eyes of the shrine

"Even so, I want to continue the fate I have received."

So back to

The shrine chief is silent

"Do you regret it?"

"No regrets"


"I think so myself."

"What kind of vows have been sent to God in order to get the protection?"

"Dedicating one's life, crusting evil, saving the lamented person"

"I feel glorious. You are the stupidest of all fools I have ever seen! ”

Grand sigh

"How many people in the world can be like you?"

Thank you for your teaching. I am deep and bowed my head.

After that, I started to get busy.

After the shrine chief conveyed his consent to the consent of His Royal Highness Wang Di …

Guided by Anna's helper. The rigorous priests taught me modern etiquette and ceremonies at a speed that was scary.

Even if the position being awarded is even lighter. Now the processing speed is too fast.

But the ceremony did bring new temporary job to people who lost their homes and jobs shortly after they had just been attacked by the dragon.

……In fact, the past lives have also been seen in the medieval history of ancient history. After the natural disasters, temples and other buildings will be built. This is also a way of redistributing wealth.

Once you become a knight, you will get a lot of support. Human resources, material resources, money, authority, etc are all freely available. In this case, the village near the rescue border can be one step closer.

If you think about it, even if you are the bound by the prince of the younger brother and the shrine, it seems that it is nothing.

……And if the two of them, probably will not not any anything too much.

"No one knows where he was born, no one knows who his teacher is from. Only know that he is the lost god of circulation, the apostle of the goddess of lights

Heroes do not have to ask for a source

The devoutness of his faith is like teaching, and the knowledge is as a profound as the sage. And what is contained in his arm is the unparalleled power that even the dragon can contain. Just like the reincarnation of San Yingjie, his prestige was passed down! ”

…… too exaggerated

"The messenger of the light, the dragon slayer, the unparalleled power – the paladin of the world, William G. Mary Brad!

Appearing on the street of Baifan, the name of the new hero will be passed down! ……Is it better to change this? ”

Said it is too exaggerated!

"Bi, can you not practice in front of me and praise my Wu Xun poem ?!"

"what are you talking about? What is wrong? ”

"It's too shy!"

"Most of them are factual adaptations, and I can not do anything."

"Even if it is a fact, it is too shy!"

When we were chatting in the room, there was a hesitant voice on Tonyo's side with an abacus.

"What's wrong, Tonio?"

"Well, if you have a lot of livestock, the price is still too expensive."

"Ah, it's about this."

As a result of the crusade against the dragon, I have been busy with the Cavaliers recently. But there is no reason to forget the original arrival of the White Sails Capital.

It is the first to be the forest of the beast, the village of the border to bring light to illuminate the darkness.

So I have already considered the method.

"We can buy sick or injured animals at low prices. Then I treat them. ”

It is a pleasure for livestock traders to sell sick and injured animals. The animals are very happy to receive treatment. The villagers are very happy to buy livestock with very little money. It's a win-win solution, and the rest is how to be bargained by the livestock traders who are planning to treat the animals.

How much should I have to pay?

After listening to me, Tonio said that he crossed his hands and fingers on his chin.

"Well, I must also take the real thing to bargain!"

"Please also give your hands to me …"

There are more and more things to do.

However, there is no doubt that it is moving forward.

……God, I will work hard to move forward!

I wished in this way. Feeling the goddess who has been silent and expressionless, it seems to show me a smile

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