Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Armor’s Forest Shooter 20th words

Volume 2 Armor’s Forest Shooter 20th words

"How much is still conscious of what I have asked for my ruthlessness?"

"Even if this is the case, is there any plan for change?"


His eyes have become more intense

For the first time, I understood the meaning of the so-called "killing with eyes" sentence.

If the will is weak, I am afraid that it will only be on the eye, and then I will trembling and change my mind.

Nevertheless, some

"If left unchecked, how many villages will be attacked …The people who have been attacked and become homeless are forced to hunger and attack others, and how many innocent lives have ended. ”

"Pudu sentient beings, that is the great work that only God can do."

The two men's eyes are intertwined and they are not retreating.

His lord Essell shrugged his shoulders

"If the person making such request is just an ordinary person who can seen seen everywhere,"

His Excellency Essell took the lead and changed his gaze, then pressed his own temple, which is probably his habit.

"Really, if someone else came over and petitioned, I will immediately agree. After all, I have not completely planned to intervene.

But if you kill the dragon, you have to think carefully. "

The great cause of Dragon Slayer has a negative effect at this time.

……As His Highness said

If it is an ordinary person, I saw the horror of the border after being attacked, and determined to invest in mercenaries to fight against Warcraft. It is commendable

His Royal Highness will also allow allow this behavior

In fact, the world has always been plagued by World of Warcraft and various evil races.

Since the rescue of the lord does not necessarily arrive in time, it is also common to hire an adventurer to deal with the crisis.

But if it is not the others who gather the troops, but the heroes of the dragons …And it has the etiquette and financial resources that are in line with the nobility.

If you let the right to the lord, the border village of Beastson, who is too far behind, gathers a lot of troops …

Even if you ask "Is there any problem", it is better to say that there are problems everywhere.

For example, as the leader of the rebel forces in the future. In fact, it is a spy sent by other countries. Or give too much stimulation to Warcraft and other evil races in the forest, causing the current balance to collapse.

No matter how you think about it —

Cough In fact, I am even ready to kill you. ”

The pressure of pressure is coming

“……This is really frightening. How do you want me to die? ”

"Looking at your reputation, I simply said that after the battle with the dragon, the internal organs were seriously injured. When I came, I suddenly vomited blood and died.

The guard behind the temple has tightened the body.

I am afraid that at the moment of hearing the command of His Highness "斩", the two men will rush over with the momentum of the flying table.

Not just the two of them, the dark room of this reception room has already prepared soldiers to surround me.

His Royal Highness Wang Di also has a considerable degree of force. Once he has retired after the is finished, it is difficult for me to break through the encirclement and take it as a hostage.

I am afraid that I will be wanted until I die.

Not resisting is death, resistance is also dead.


Suddenly, the temple lowered his eyes and looked behind me.

"This is really, a little scary."

Exaggerated shoulder

Hey? It will not not …Is there anything behind me?

Go back and find that only Menel stood there with no expression.

What, is not this nothing?

It's not so good to keep looking back at Menel, so I turned back and faced my highness.

All in all, the current must must find a way to break the deadlock.

The hand placed under the table, even nervously sweating.

……However, the method of thinking, there is no other than that.

"His Royal Highness"

Your message:

"If the salt is not salty, is it just the garbage of the name of the salt?"


What is the expression of what you are talking about suddenly?

"If you walk in the light with the light, what can the light illuminate?"


Face the eyes of your Highness again

Not afraid

Not flattering

Straight forward

"And I was relying on the god of the lights to pass on a small part of the lights."

"The person holding the light must be closer to the dark than anyone else." This will give the people who are caught in the darkness the light and illuminate the way forward. ”

"This is where my destiny is."

No modification, no need to twirling, no excuse, just desperate, passing your heart

— I petitioned you, can you promise me?

After I finished speaking, I stood up and lowered my head deeply.

It's not smart to cook, it's true. However, I feel that if you want to ask someone else, you must first get the heartfelt.

"Hi William" …

Silence for a moment, His Highness Essell said

"The road you have chosen is probably full of despair."

"Then I will try my best to fly it."

I shrugged and replied

My Highness listened to my answer, and I could not speak for a moment, then suddenly I laughed.

"Hahaha!" Do you kick a kick? Well said! I appreciate you very much, hahaha! ”

Holding one hand in one hand, the other hand slaps the table, big burst

As if the tears are laughing

"Hahaha, yes, you can say that the high-level prayers like" Sanctuary "and" Temple ". Also, there are good friends who have a courage.

“……? Eh … Friends

Ah Did not you notice? Just now I talked about the moment I wanted to kill you. Your lord behind Meinel is full of murderousness to me. "

"That is the eyes of the people who are determined to die, just like to protect you from killing everyone here."

I can not help but look back.

"Cut ~ I do not know, I was just thinking about what to eat at night." Say you do not be in that disgusting smirk! ”

Looking at my face with a strange smile, the usual cold Manel became a look of disgust.

Just then – there was a rush of footsteps in the corridor.

"The temple is long! Please stay, the Lord's Highness is now talking … "

"Wait a minute, please wait a little, father!"

"Let go! Give me a hand! ”

There was a quarrel outside.

"Do not stop me! You guys! ”

Suddenly, the door was opened.

The person standing in front of the door is — the shrine chief.

The staff at the main hall behind him and a woman dressed as a patron are a look of sorry.

With a rush of heavy and heavy breath, the temple grew up and stepped into the house.

Without fear, standing in front of the lord's temple

"His Royal Highness, there is a limit to the tyranny!"

Facing His Royal Highness Esser, the shrine chief said so.

"Oh?" Are you arrogant? I do not know what you mean? ”

His Excellency Essar shrugged his shoulders and responded easily to the questioning of the temple.

"Do not be stupid again!"

The temple has an imposing step forward, and the floor even slams

"This is this young man!"

Then pointed to me

"He is already registered in my temple! However the time to come to the theater is still short, it is also a member of my temple! Call him but not to inform the temple, is it that the Lord intends to ignore the authority of the temple! ”

Shouted out in one breath

"Ah, is it?" Do not know, is that the case? ”

"Ah, um …"

It was indeed registered in the temple, but I do not know if it's important, but I'm simply thinking that it's about the same level as the hotel's registration …

"Not a sentence can be shirked without knowing it! Because of the confusion before, I was not in the temple, you actually ignored the order and arbitrarily called! ”

"Even if you say this, the staff of your temple, but he was very happy to send him over."

"That is just that they are under-educated! When I go back, I will hold their necks! ”

Shouting and slamming the hands with gold and silver rings on the table, the impact force even makes the fat of the temple's long body tremble, look up, so good.

"As mention above, he is a member of my temple, if His Highness decides his reward and punishment arbitrarily …"

"About this, the temple is long. He is not a character that can be manipulated like a normal person. "


"He petitioned me to hire a private soldier in order to save the poor people on the border of the Beasts."

"Ahhhh …"

The eyes of the shrine turned to stare at me.

"You, you guy …"

"Really, I just thought about killing him."

The shrine was surprised and opened his mouth, but he could not squeeze it out.

Ah, it's like a goldfish.

"But he is too honest and I am very interested in him."


"How, the temple is long. I intend to appoint him as a knight who is only one generation and can not be hereditary. Will the temple also help? ”

"In this case, it can be called called Paladin Paladin. I and the temple, the responsibility and interests are equally divided …How is this idea? ”

"诶? —-?!"

Unstoppable surprise echoes throughout the room

"Even if it is a paladin, it is also under the control of me and the temple. If there is anything in the event, it can be expelled from the relationship.

"Not this problem ?!"

"The birth certificate already has a registration certificate for the temple. It also has the merits of killing the dragon. What problems are there?

"Not a problem like this ?!"

"What the hell is that?"

"I can not keep up with the topic too fast!"

I'm slamming the table and shouting at the table.

"In short, today I will take him back to talk about it. OK?"

"Oh, of course, please feel free to discuss ….Yeah, if it can be achieved, it is great, the temple is long, after all, I like him very much. ”

"I think this is just a farce!"

Then the temple chief faces me and Menel.

"Kid, go back with me!"


I stood up in a hurry.

Under the stormy invasion of the Shrine, my meeting with His Royal Highness ended.

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