Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Shooter of Beast Forest 19th episode

Volume 2 Shooter of Beast Forest 19th episode

I feel that the dragon's neck in my arm is no longer struggling.

But still dare not neglect, there is no intention to let go …Suddenly I noticed that all people around me were silent.

Whether it is people who live in the temple, or people who come to the temple to take refuge.

The sight of countless people is obviously watching me.

In the eyes of people, there are complex feelings –

Ah, it's awful,

The dragon that weighed about 2 tons was remembered – I remember that the 6 – meter – long crocodile had about 1 ton of weight – and I broke the neck of this huge dragon with bare hands.

In order to protect the people around them from being involved in the breath of the dragon, they even rushed to the front of the dragon neck. After calming down, they felt too chaotic.

Maybe now I am being feared by people and maybe.

"Amazing! Good job!

There was a clap of cheers next to it.

Hey? I looked into the crowd and found that the people who cheered were …Tonio.

"Thank God for sending a hero like you to save us!"

Tonyo pretended not to know me, and with exaggerated applause, smiled and walked toward me.

Then, at the angle that everyone could not see, I gently squinted at me.

Then I held my hands tightly after I got up and thanked me constantly.

Even if I was dull, I noticed Tony's intentions.

"Achieved the great dragon! The new hero was born -! ”

Bi Na also seemed to be aware of it, so she played the role of her bard and sang as she played the harp.

"Let us slap the hero to pay tribute !!"

It seems that the response is the first to applaud her, and the sparse applause begins to sound …

Gradually, the clapping sounds like the tide is spreading more and more, mixed there cheers everywhere. The cheering people crowded forward and thanked me over and over again.

……The current situation, once handled badly, is actually quite dangerous.

It's probably hard to deal with me and Menel's words. Thanks to the astuteness of Tonio and Bi, I sincerely thank them both.

"There should be be people who have been buried in the rubble! You, go and help them! ”

When the cheers came to an end, a rational voice came from the crowd.

People began to work together to clear the rubble in the hall and allow the injured to receive treatment. In the face of such disasters, there is an incredible sense of connection between people's all kinds.

“……Thank you in all senses "

"Where, this is also an investment for me."

"Oh, then I will compile this experience into a poem."

After quietly thanking the two people, the two replied

"First, what is your sacredness?"

"Is it surprised?"

"It's a bit accustomed to your knowledge."

When I cleaned the rubble, I started talking to Menel.

"I only feel that I am still not mature enough."


Recalling the dragon, the whole body blood vessels were dyed black, giving off a creepy suffocation.

Is it some kind of sudden mutation, or where is the relic that triggered the trap and was cursed, or is it the evil experimental product?

Even the city that deliberately attacked humans really made people feel abnormal.

Of course, it is also possible that the actions taken by some kind of instinct may be …

However, even if it is a fierce World of Warcraft, a large city that rashly attacks humans can only be seen as a suicide. But it has only gained an overwhelming advantage at the beginning, it is only the reason for the simple surprise. Once people recover from the chaos, sending out soldiers and regular forces of magicians and priests to suppress it will end.

However this time the opponent is an abnormal, I am afraid it is stronger than the average dragon – but it is really ugly, I am.

In the case of Muse, the dragon can be induced more quickly and efficiently.

Mary's praying light wall can be more sturdy. Even if it is affected by scorpion venom and the claws will not break down

Brad's words were solved a long time before they fought each other.

Sure enough, personal ability, regardless of the actual combat experience and the three people have a cloud difference.

This is also the case. If there is no help from Menel, I am afraid that I will die long ago.

Without the help of Tonio and Bi, it is inevitable that we will also meet the social death.

So in my own mind, I started a big reconnaissance against a series of mistakes.

"Hey, how strong your master is, I do not know."

Suddenly Menel told me this way.

"Maybe they are all big people who are scared to death." It does not matter if you want to reflect on it, but it is a little bit more happy. Otherwise, I can not be happy with such a supporting role. ”


Be so reprimanded

Indeed, times there are many places to reflect, but …At the thought of myself, I also reached the same great cause of killing the dragon as the three people.

……If you think about it, there is still a little excitement.

"Hmm …Mmm! Thank you, Menel, thanks to your help! ”

"Ah ~ ah, I really dare to say …How do you think this is mostly done by you! ”

Then hit me with a joke-like fist.

My mood has also become relieved.

After that, it was busy for a few hours.

About the body of the dragon, it was handed over to the soldiers who came to inspect the situation.

Finally, the rescue of the injured in the surrounding area was completed. At this time, the door of the temple became noisy.

I saw a few priests running towards me in a panic.

"The Dragon Slayer is an adult!"Fly to kill the temple! "

"Ah, please call me William." What's on your mind?

The priests waved their hands excitedly next to them.

I have to go on to help other injured people, so please make a long story, I will convey this.

"His Royal Highness …"

"His Royal Highness, he wants to summon the hero who killed the dragon …!"

Really a brightly colored room

Colorful damask decorations hang on the wall. The decoration in the room is also amazing and amazing, all of which highlights the power of the room owner but does not appear excessively luxurious.

Menel and I are now in the living room of the Lord of the White Sails.

"Welcome, Lord of Heroes"

After the black sandalwood table, it is the welcoming of us with open arms …Wang Di, the king of the fur tile kingdom, what?Hey?Public south mark.

It is also the lord of this "White Sails Capital" –

I really have a sharp look, I commented in my heart.

Gray eyes, as if I can see through my heart. Sharp like a raptor.

The short hair that is erected, the grim face and the body also have a healthy body that has been fully exercised.

Noble dressed, with a sword in the waist …It is not an ornament but a practical one.

Behind him, there are also two fully armed and serious guards.

"It is a great honor to be summoned by His Royal Highness. Under the name William G. Mary Brad. ”

Put your right hand on your chest and your left foot gently back, perfect for the ceremony.


I saw the prince of Wang Di's softly amazed

……Hey, is it wrong?

"You know the ancient way of etiquette, I do not know where your birth place is?

Then I went to the same way for me.

Well, it seems that there is no problem.

ThatPlease understand the description of my birthplace. "

No way, the wrong thing is that I can not explain it clearly.

Just listening to the name on my newspaper can attract all kinds of misunderstandings.

It's like when I was in a previous life, if I heard someone say that I was Jing Yijing, Ba Yizhong or Ning Tengji, and Songli's family, I would suspect that it was a pseudonym.

"Ha ha ha, it seems to be hidden, then there is no way, come, please sit down."

So I sat down after a light ceremony. However, I noticed that Mener did not sit down, but stood a little behind the side of my side.

It seems that I emphasize that I am just a follower …

Ah! The devil …. Push me all the work of talking with great people!

Turning his head a little, his eyes full of resentment looked at Menel. Menel's face was blank, just a little bit of his mouth, "Sorry!"

I noticed the sight of His Royal Highness, and I quickly swayed my body. After all, being a guest in front of my master was too rude.

"But ..Only come to the representative? I should have ordered all the people involved in the dragon to be brought over.

Ah, is it better to bring Bi and Tonio together? Bi will definitely be interested in the magnificent museum. However, they did not directly participate in the dragon slaughter, so they waited in the temple.

"You have about 4 or 5 people."

'Yes! There are 4 people "

Oh … How did he know?

"It turns out that magic, gods, goblins and warriors …It's a well-balanced adventure team. "




"It's just a priest, a hunter, a businessman and a bard to travel together …"


I always feel that I made a mistake …

"I heard about it here! It is good to release a strong lightning strike against the dragon. It is good to let out the light wall in the temple, and to operate the airflow. The most popular ones are the soldiers who challenge the dragon with bare hands and break their necks. ”

Are these four people? Asked like a confirmation

Ah, it turned out to be like this!

"I am very sorry, Your highness, according to what you mean, there are only 2 people fighting."

"Um? What do you mean by that?

I nodded

"The one over there is my friend, the fairy named Mernell. It is him who manipulates the airflow to shoot the dragon down. ”

"Well, he is the goblin messenger in the rumor, what about the other people?"

It's me.

“……Can you elaborate? "

"In the beginning, I used the" Thunderbolt "magic attack alone, but it failed. Then, with the help of Menel's power, he threw the thunder. Cobweb, successfully lured the dragon. Then, using the prayers that summoned the Sanctuary and the Temple to with the attack, the weakened dragon slammed into the momentum, it was broken because of the fascination of the dragon. ”

If you tell me by yourself, you will have little confidence. If Mary and Brad Springs know something, I am afraid I will sigh for me.

"Under the crisis, thanks to the help of Menel, the downwind and the bound magic was used to shoot the dragon down into the vestibule. There are many people in the temple who have taken taken refuge, so they did not use the big magic to annihilate, but used a short gun to aim at the dragon's heart sniper, but this time it also failed. ”

When I talked again, I still felt that I was doing too badly.

You must continue to exercise!

"Before the excitement of the crowd swollen around the crowd, they had to choose empty hands to make an assault. I avoided the dragon's bite and hugged the dragon's neck, and hanged it to prevent it from using breath. Thanks to the use of physical strengthening blessings before the battle, the use of strength to break the dragon's neck fracture "


"Unsuccessful battle is really awkward"

"Yes, is it …That's a pity. Well, understand, thank you for your explanation. ”

"Speaking, how about the rescue and treatment of this disaster?"

Many people around the main hall are rushing back and forth.

"Before meeting, I was still busy dealing with various matters. After that, there are also a lot of work, such as reports and instructions, invigorating the masses around the scene, listening to the opinions of the masses, etc. "

His Highness jokingly cocked his fingers

"But there are still things that are more important."

Then the line of sight is directed

ForExpress gratitude to the person who solved the problem. ”

After that, I laughed mischievously.

"Do not dare, I …"

"Humbleness is a good thing. However, my people and I are not ungrateful. ”

"As the representative of" White Sails Capital ", I officially thanked the two."

Suddenly suffered from the attack of the dragon, the degree of damage is very light.

Gently bowed his head and said to me

It is not unusual for people of this status to bow easily. Though it is only a low head, it will not reduce anything. But for those who have the power, they will be reduced, and the reduction is called authority.

"Be flattered!"

We also hurriedly lowered our heads.


……I feel a pain in my stomach.

"Be sure to give rewards. Do you have what you want?


If you refuse, it will cause big trouble, I have already realized it.

"The village of the border of the beast of the south is now used as a base. And that village is now threatened by Warcraft Chimera. "

“……Can you use the power of your highness to send troops?

The Lord's Highness reveals a difficult expression

"If you can say yes or no, the answer is yes, but you can not do it."

He said as he pressed his temples.

"Now in the territory of the southern border of the mainland, the attack of monsters is happening frequently. However, I did not expect that a big guy like Feilong would attack the city directly. ”

Could it be … ….

By the way … That fascination will erode contact with poison and make it violent. "

The violent World of Warcraft, which was polluted by helium, all became violent. I explain to the Lord of the Lord

……After fighting with the undead god, the poison of the degree of suffocation does not work for me, but ordinary people must not bear it.


"The king's national policy, the continuous expansion of the territory has made the territorial expansion too large, even the villages under my territory can not be sheltered …Do you understand that? ”

The implication of His Royal Highness is that it is impossible to send soldiers to villages that have never paid taxes. Because it will attract protests from other villages that pay taxes seriously. Because of the tax payment, the protection of soldiers can be obtained. On the contrary, only tax payment is eligible for protection.

So it's possible, but I can not do it.

After confirming the opinions of the lord, start from here.

"So, can I allow my own adventurers and mercenaries to attack Chimera at my own expense?"

At this moment, the temple of the Lord's Highness is like a beating

Silently, rubbing your hands repeatedly. Then, slowly look at me here.

"His William, the meaning of your proposal – do you understand?"

Sharp eyes shot over

The chill in the air

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