Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Shooter of the Beast Forest 18th episode

Volume 2 Shooter of the Beast Forest 18th episode

"Oh ah!"

"It hurts, hurts, hurts …!"

"anyone there–!" Someone here is suppressed! ”

Well, it's pretty clear

"Do not push, do not squeeze!"

"My child, someone saw my child!"

"God …!"

a chaos in the shrine

I wore the equipment and came to the atrium. I used the stone pillars around the cloister to step on the footsteps and jumped 2 or 3 times. I came to the roof.

Looking around, I was shocked by the horrible situation in front of me.

Several living facilities and assembly halls outside the main hall have collapsed.

There are also many people who are crushed under the rubble, and the shrine at the moment is undoubtedly in great chaos.

The high-ranking clergymen all go out to toa to carry out the task. At this moment, it is the oil that is poured on the fire, and the number of people remaining can not respond quickly to the disaster at this time.

I can not help but frown.

But even then I can not help rushing like this …That as long as you look up, you can see the sky above the "White Sails", the gray – black shadow is squatting back and forth.

Long tail, huge wings. It is like a blade-like spine arrangement on its back. The neck is thick and even an adult's arms are hard to hold. From the fierce mouth, from time to time, the red flame was pulled out.

The huge body is swirling in the air, full of power and oppression, just watching it is horrible –

This is exactly what is called the existence of the dragon.

Just using the inertia of the flight and stepping on the stone spire in the street, the stone building collapsed easily, and the stones fell to the street like rain. The dragon flew again in the air.

Occasionally, soldiers can be seen facing the air in the air, and this does not cause damage, and even can not attract the attention of the dragon. The machine power is too much.

Even if the soldiers hugged the stone in the street, the range could not be reached. Even if it can be achieved, facing the flying dragon moving at high speed in the air, ordinary stone is probably not useful.

From the mouth of the dragon, a lot of fire is sprayed out

Inflammatory breath

The area that has been involved in the breath, the sorrows and screams of pain continue to come.

The house is on fire, and the people who are trying to escape are in chaos and are constantly crowded.

The screams further attracted the attention of the dragon. The dragon once again broke into the air. Only the wind pressure rolled up the tiles on the surrounding roof and scattered on the street. Several houses also collapsed with the impact. The disaster triggered further screams, and the chaos expanded rapidly in the crowd. There are even a few people who have fallen, so they are involved in the trampling of the crowd.

As the crash sounded, another building was destroyed.

Well, it's pretty clear Why does the dragon run to the human city for destruction? This civilization is clearly the result of the desperate protection of the three people, and it is also the place where people live today …Angry blood rushed to the mind.

Speaking, listen to my demands, fly in the sky, drive out the disaster –

A cumbersome curse that would not be used at all.

While using the fingers in the air, the spirits are further strengthened and the range is extended.

"Thunder" !!

For a moment, the bell rang like a cannon-like sound that broke through the sky.

Even the air around it exudes a scorching smell, and a straight line of attacking the dragon that is in front of the roof of the temple is a thunder …However, it did not hit.

Not only is the distance too far, but also the flying dragon that can fly freely in the air, the line-type attack hit rate is not good. The magic dominated by the ancient language is not suitable for long-range attacks. The spirit is also attenuated due to the distance, and its influence is getting smaller.

Bad Ass

Compared to cursing. Quickly prepare for the second shot. I missed it once in a while! I can not help but be dominated by anger and my thoughts are weakened.

Idiot. What are you doing

Then, the back of the head was knocked out.

Looking back, I found that the half-elf Menel also climbed the roof.

"If you let the anger drive and use that kind of high-level magical shooting, you want to trigger a self-destruction and die!"

"But ..

"Nothing but!"

Menel grabbed my collar.

"The opponent is a dragon, and it is more efficient than power!"

"Think with your smart head and do not always make unnecessary surprises!"

I was reprimanded by the sight of the jade-like eyes.

In short, let's use a small magic that can be grasped freely and with high precision.

In the brain, I recalled the teachings of Muse.

The brain is suddenly cooled …In the case of Muse, there will be no confusion when encountering such a scene.

The efficiency will be high first. Good precision, only the necessary power is enough magic.

“……I understand

"I understand it."

Thinking, thinking

What level of skills can I hold for that dragon?

The circuit in the brain, the spark of countless thoughts flashed out, studied the combination of skills, and then dissipated.

Got it

"Menell, help me! I need your power as a fairy. "


Menel nodded without hesitation

"And Bi and Toni Ossan"

I shouted to the two in the atrium. Because of the magic of the Thunder that was just launched, I have been noticed by people around me since I was on the roof.

"Working with people around you to get people out of the vestibule"

I shouted and shouted

"I will take the dragon and shoot it down here!"

"Wind Elf. Wind elf. The girl of the wind oh – walking in the wind, the song of th the is the word of the wind "

The humming continued to reflect.

The elves gradually gathered around Menel.

"Chorus, may it's a sing or a singer. With your voice, let the original spirits spread to the ten– "

One place in the field of vision, from a sudden flash, and then condensed the flow of the wind, a white girl's figure appeared. That is the wind elf, the wind fairy.

Through its blessing, I began to sing. Different from before, I added other humming in it.

"Knot rope" and "tail-catching". It is a singer used in the fight against a piece of undead. And drive the finger to paint a more complex magic array in the air. The added spirit spreads like a coat of arms on the magical array.

In the end, solemnly open arms –

"Lei Ting" changed. "Spider web

At that moment, the spirit resounded. Focused on the number of humming, spreading the thunder like a fork. Radially composed of a wide network of lightning. There is no attenuation with distance. Just like preying on a dragon in the distance –

The dragon made a painful sorrow,

Unable to keep flying and caught in convulsions.

It is true that the power is greatly reduced due to the dispersal of the light into a mesh. This level of attack may not be able to successfully shoot down the dragon. Soon the dragon regained its flight before falling. I am afraid that the other party only thinks that it is only an attack of the degree of "good pain."

But even so, it is enough

The dragon really looked at this side when it was was hit. Then the hovering rushed over.

The dragon is now aware of me as an enemy. Wild animals will escape if they are attacked. If Warcraft is used, they will always choose to fight back.

"…… coming! ”

The remaining question is, to what extent can my current ability be to the three people who used to be?

During the approaching of the dragon, I continued to apply my own intensive magic and blessings to myself and Menel.

At this time, the bird-sized shadow in the distance, quickly approaching and getting bigger.

God, now is the moment to fight for the oath.

Defeat the existence of evil, in order to save people people sigh!

Please give me care!

Swear to the god of lights!

Holding a short gun in hand, he kept praying. It is comparable to the bishop's level of "Sanctuary" and "The Temple".

A huge wall of light stands on the periphery of the temple. The exclamation sounded around the crowd, but now there is no time to pay attention.

The dragon rushed over and hit the wall of light on the front. A huge crash sounded.

Pray. Pray

May I cast a wall that is not bad for King Kong and reject all evil things!


however the cracking sound of the light wall keeps ringing …

Suddenly, Menel is also a good crowd, and the whole crowd is making a sound.

I forgot for a moment to continue to pray and widen my eyes.

What is that, that is!

A large body that is comparable to the wall of light. The blood vessels of the whole body were stained black. The suffocating gas ejected from the blood vessels. The black suffocation erodes the walls of the sanctuary and gradually collapses …

The claws slammed and the wall of light was broken, as the glass shattered.

The dragon gradually landed, and it was like a reptilian inorganic pupil, which was polluted by helium. It was indeed gazing like me.


I quickly evaded the roof, but the tiles rolled up by the wind were scattered and my posture was interrupted-it was about to roll off the roof.

"Wind Elf! Beautiful girl of the wind! The whirlwind dance girl! ”

It is the voice of Menel.

He still keeps a clever posture on the roof and is not involved

The maneuver is that big big tail that is contaminated with suffocation is approaching again.

"Let's dance together, the wing of the fool."


"Take the wind and taste the taste of the ground!"

At that moment, a strong downdraft blew over

No matter what state it is, the huge wings are facing the strong downward airflow, and there is nothing in the physical sense.

Collapse of flight form

“……Will! ”

Binding! Knot rope! Bondage! Use the spirits one after another.

The wings are stiff. The dragon raging and struggling to fall from the sky

The impact sounds on the ground

Confirm that the dragon has fallen near the fountain in the vestibule. Me and Menel also descended from the roof.

The dragon's resistance is very high, I am afraid that it will fly to the sky soon.

However, there is no intention to let it go here,

Broken fountain, messy water flow

Raising the gun toward the vestibule

The goal is simple

Take a direct blow to the heart!

Like Brad, who has been cut off in the legend, he is the winner of the critical strike.


Bullet-like acceleration

On the short gun, there is a radiance of the moon, slamming towards the heart of the target.

The surrounding scenery is rapidly retreating, and the breath is close to the huge body of the dragon –

The next moment, the violent roar sounded.

The dragon also began a counterattack.

cross The Adventurer's

The short gun did penetrate the dragon's suffocating chest. In order not to be involved in the counterattack, he quickly and quickly let go.

The cheer of victory has not been said said said

But, however.

Cheatin 'eh ?!

The voice of Bi was passed passed.

Holding a nasty hunch, look back.

Is it blocked by its hard muscles, or is it simply a thorn?

The short gun did not penetrate the heart

The smoldering helium is even more increased. The dragon is looking forward to this side, and in mouth, burning flaming fire!

"Flee away!"

However, there are people behind us who are taking refuge.

Never let it launch.

But there is neither time nor an appropriate countermeasure.

What to do, what should I do?!

This is in my heart, I heard Brad's laughter.

Great Comedy

Come on! Come on! Said with a smile

"accelerate" !!

Once again like a flying dragon! I am afraid that the release of cause self-destruction, and the dragon will have blow the fire in the mouth and switch to the teeth.

Reluctantly moving the body to escape.

Then he used his arms to hang the dragon's neck.

Consider a good method? Judging the nature of the enemy?

I do not need it at all! Only need muscle! Violent Kill it! So happy! In the heart, Brad shouted with a fist.

The suffocating entanglement on the dragon slowly eroded the arm, leaving a burn-like trace on the wrist.

But it's a man's medal-like scar.

"Hey, hello …!"

Resist the dragon.

Cleft your neck and block blood flow from your respiratory tract and arteries

The feet are open, the waist sinks the center of gravity, and the ground is firmly secured.

At the same time as the strength of the dragon, as the dragon's struggle moves, the center of gravity remains balanced.

The huge body of the dragon swayed and fell.

In the vestibule, before the smashing of the messy fountain, the dragon fell.

The impact sound even spread to the ground

But the arm wrapped around his neck is still like a clutch that is stepping on the bottom. Not afraid to let go,

"Winding the first thing …?"

I heard someone saying this next to me.

Yes, it is the first skill.

Since it is a fall with a neck, it is of course a twist.

Of course, I thought about it. Suddenly, the dragon's body struggled on the ground with a terrible momentum! It seems as if I want to fly me.

I can only work harder and tighten my arms!


Agitate the power of the whole body and compete with the dragon.

To suppress its resistance, it is better to press it on the ground.

Will not let you break free!

Your mouth can no longer spit out fire

Your wings can no longer fly in the sky

Your claws, your teeth

Can not hurt anyone anymore -!

Gradually, the dragon's head was twisted to the point where it can not be bent – the direction

In the breath of the crowd, there was finally a sound of a wave, a broken neck.

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