Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Shooter of the Beast Forest 17th episode

Volume 2 Shooter of the Beast Forest 17th episode

"White Sails Capital" "White Sails" is a rich city.

Pedestrians on the road can not only wear a variety of colors of dyed clothes, hair, accessories, and the like can also see a certain tendency …That is to say, the so-called popularity is indeed there!

Seriously, it hurts me a bit!

Not only does it have no security checks when entering the city, nor is it surprising to pay a simple tax.

Considering the impression of the medieval city, I thought that there would be a variety of checks, and I was clearly prepared. I did not expect to come in …

"This is the governance policy of this city."

Tonio explained this to me.

The city always has a large amount of supplies transported from the north through the sea, and then transports it like water through the water and land to the whole southern border.

The daily traffic volume is not one and a half points. If you are stuck in front of the city, it will be very bad, and I am afraid it will become a hotbed of crimes such as smuggling or theft.

Therefore, the market of tax, the market will not be taxed as the operating expenses, and as far as possible the hinder the circulation of goods and money .

At least in "White Sailing Capital" "White Sails" has always pursued this way

"Hap …"

What to say, although I do not have any deep knowledge of economic operations, I do feel an advanced and enlightened impression.

This may be why the public is praised by people for their wisdom. I looked around on the street while thinking like this.

"? …… that is? "

On the road, things like pillars stand there.

The top part is covered with an umbrella …

"That is called a street light."

"Street lights !?"


"You do not know that?" I thought that Will's words must know!

That was used by the Sage College for training. Every evening, around the pillars, light is produced by engraving the Spirit of Light. The students of the college used it to do the training of "Ming Ling" and Mana, and the people on the street felt convenient because of the illumination at night. "

"This is part of the training of trainee magic, and you can make a little money. There are other like, for example – "

Tonio pointed to a large facility

"That is an important source of income for trainee magicians and trainee officers. Because of the need for a lot of use such as "Hot of the Spirit" and "Purification"

"- that is"

"Hey, Will, should you know this?"

Bi came to my side and said …That is exactly what is called the existence of a public bath!

Just what I want …!


what happened to you?

"What happened?"Everyone asked strangely

In short, the bathhouse!? Take a shower!? Break in!!

– From the conclusion, the long-lost bath is really great.

For the public baths of this era, let's be honest. It is filled with unclean, turbid water and the like, and this possibility is not unconsidered. But thanks to the ongoing "purification" prayer, the water inside is clear and transparent.

The huge fuel problem is also solved by using "Spirit of the Spirit". I have to emphasize it again, it's great!

The fatigue of the whole body muscles accumulated during the trip gradually dissipated in the heat.

Ah, so happy …Can not help but think so

After coming out of the public bath, there is a smooth feeling of boiled eggs that seem to peel off the shell. The slightly hot body is blown by the wind, so comfortable ~

In front of the square, the men three are waiting leisurely

"La La La …?"

At this time, Bi also came to the baggage storage room while listening to the song.

"Ye -, I have not felt a bath for a long time."

"That is to say."

「……The feeling of being in a mess when traveling is really unbearable. "

Menel also attracted the attraction of people around him because of his appearance and his curiosity about the half-elf.

Though it is usually hidden, it is impossible to hide in the bath.

Now, because of the surrounding sight, a pair of troublesome faces are revealed. So we decided to change places

"Yes, in short, go find a public canteen to eat …"

"what's next?"

"Next, go to the temple, Willsan needs to say hello as a priest."


That's right.

But there are various plans, I have to say hello to the temple organization. You can also use high-level prayers yourself, or you can get more more less convenience.

After considering this, 4 people moved and walked to the public canteen.

There is something like rice! scared me. It feels like foreign rice, probably dry rice.

The flat-bottomed shallow pan is filled with shrimp and shellfish, local fish and other seafood, and the wild vegetables are also fried with oil.

Then add water and rice to cook, like the Western-style risotto.

The fish soup is blended into it and the saltiness is just right.

Eaten a big mouth

Adding a touch of wine is great!

Civilization, this is the taste of civilization.

"It's delicious."

Ah, yes I am already full, and it does not matter if I have a little soup left.

Tonio and Bi talked so much.

As a busy merchant who used the city as a stronghold and a wandering bard, they must have been used to it.

And Meel and I are like a greedy, greedy, non-stop cooking.

So the two had to come back for another …This is the taste of civilization. I am so excited that I am crying.

After eating the dishes, we arrived at the temple of "White Sails". This is a temple built of white marble that reveals a heavy sense of solemnity.

A cloister made up of heavy stone pillars. Trimmed vestibule. The statue of the gods.

What to say, then that part is new, it exudes a style of art.

Really willing to spend money! Bi and Tonio, who talked softly, they waited in the vestibule, and I walked deep into the temple.

In short, following the priest who led the way, I thought that I would be taken to greet a high-ranking priest.

"Ha, ha …"

And the young helper in the robes wearing loose white robes, the slightly troubled

"God of Lights, Grace Phil's protection …?"

"Well, um. Is that true? "

It's so hard, the young assistants say so.

"This temple will use prayers such as" Faithfulness "for believers or priests who come to visit for the first time.

"It does not matter."

If the gods of the evil gods are also mixed in and say, "I hope to say hello to your high-ranking priests."

It is a very important procedure to judge whether or not there is a disguise of a god god official, if there is a small god of the gods.

"That is, the priests who can see the beliefs of others, all go out to sea …"

"Going out to sea?"

In such a big temple? Is there such a thing?

"Well, um. Recently, in all parts of the world, the damage of World of Warcraft has a specific increasing tendency to … "

"So under the deputy shrine, everyone is very busy" …Deputy

In the middle of the corridor, what are you doing?

A solemn voice is thinking

Looking back – the flash of the eye of the gods and suits made of gold and silver lines into the eyes,

And wearing this suit is …A fat middle-aged man, even through the official uniform, can see the slack stomach.

There was a sinister expression on the soft cheeks, and the fingers like sausages were covered with gold and silver rings.

Temple of Bagley Temple!

The helper sang scared his back and said that he was standing upright and straight.

"I am asking what are you doing?

The obese man, the priest of the temple, asked again.

A feeling of urgency.

The assistants were quite shaken, and they could not respond in a serious way.

Though a little rude, I still inserted a dialogue from the side.

「……First time met, named William G. Mary Brad

Get the protection of the god of lights, Gracefield, and come to the shrine greetings of "White Sailing City".

Put your right hand on your left chest and gently pull your left foot to salute.

Follow the etiquette of Mary.

Hum Bart?It's Baggle. Temple manager

Bart Temple, rude gift to me, and then I keep staring at me

"Grace Phil …God of Lights, Grace Phil, the god of loss?

I do not want to have an idiot who is cheating on the name of the lost god.

But you are still still suspicious. Is there any prayer to testify? "

哼 ~ The temple chief laughed with a snore

"The protection gained after awakening is the power that can be used freely …But the protection from God is not only impossible to show, but also something that can be complacent. "

I have been said this – it turns out that it does make sense.

However the risk of prayer is lower and easier than magic, it is the same.

"What you said is. I am still not mature enough, it is … "

The shrine's mood was very bad and he screamed with his nose.

"What is the teaching and experience of the God of Lights?"

"Light and darkness, language and silence, then life and death."

Oh, the sheriff shouted again.

"Hey, remember the name on the list of priests and take him into the temple."

Eh …But I have not used "Faithful Seeing" and "False Looks Down" … "

Asshole! I told you to do what you didn't hear, stupid things!! "

Like a thunderous shout, it caught the attention of the surroundings.

「……I have to go to the banquet organized by the Chamber of Commerce to show my face.

This is fixed in advance. Do not give me a problem, how much money is not enough. "

The prince of the Bagley temple sang a few words to me one after another, and then left the depths of the temple.

The helper who shrank his neck, until he left, still swayed to me with a shaken look.

It's hard work, and I can meet with the Bagley temple, and I can still respond perfectly. The current shrine chief has been obsessed with banquets and enjoyment. Even a prayer is not used, and it is violent and irritable …

Compared with this, the vice-president's high-clean and so on.

AI registered with the ambiguous answer and then joined the other three to introduce the guest room through the temple guide.

But plain, it is not a random hay, but a good bed and quilt bed.

"Hey, the shrine here is long …"

"Well, it's not a good evaluation. Like a vulgar

But it does not have influence on the industrial and commercial unions in the city. "

Bi and Tonio commented on this.

Considering the impression of the meeting, I suddenly heard the noise coming from outside.

DUANG, DUANG, a series of bells rang.


The alarm is very urgent …Is it a fire or something?

Very notice of events

The temple also began to be noisy

Just as we prepare luggage and equipment in the room

I heard the footsteps and screams of running in the corridor.

Hiryu Hiryu Everyone flees –

Walls and roofs, the shadows and sounds of the flight

In the next moment, the impact sounded through the temple.

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