Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Shooter of the Beast Forest 16th story

Volume 2 Shooter of the Beast Forest 16th story

Day 2

I came outside the shrine and started practicing short shots when the sky was still dark.

I was told that I was patrolling late at night, and I was a little excited.

Because I heard the name of the Kingdom of Huatru.

It is a country that enters the mainland on the southern border.

Count Dhaka is a nobleman of this country. The kingdom of Huatru has entered the southern border of the mainland for decades. I am afraid that the half-elf old lady in the story is in the country.

There are people who can talk to Brad, Mary, and Muse.

Now, because there are all sorts of things that you can not put down, you must check it out one day.

Rime table

I am proud to say that I am their disciple.

While trying to match the pace of the foot, the gun was stabbed.


Be faster.

For the speed of combat technology, it is not just speed.

The switching between rest and motion is rapid, that is, the "limit of action" as mention in previous life.

STILL Instant. STILL Instant.



More, more, faster.

「……Yeah. Hard work, you really work hard "

When you hear the sound, concentrate on it and let it disappear.

How many times have you been empty?

From the easy breathing, it is only a few dozen times.

"Mr. Tonio "

From the old shrine, there is a man with a beard and a gentle smile.

When the gun is put away,

"No, bother you, do not care. Keep going "

Ah, sorry about that.

Having said that, I could not help but overwhelm the air.

Since it is still not possible today, there is no way to move the body to the limit.

When doing the finishing exercise, gently and casually draw a few times.

Tonio sat on the nearby stump and looked at it.

「……Mr. Will, you are really strong. "

"Is that right?"

"No, well, while I was cheated by the adventurer, I said something a little …"

Tonio smiled bitterly.

I listened as I slowly did the same thing.

Fallen, sink, prance

"Your movement is very succinct, I still understand.

Whether it is the guts before the giants, or the evaluation of Menel.

And anyway, this is my identification as a businessman. "

What's the matter?

"It seems to be a famous gun made by the dwarf. It is very easy to use. "

Speaking of famous products and proportionate human beings, it is still a famous product.

He said shrugging.

"- But there are things that can not be understood."

"Do you understand anything,"


Suddenly, Tonio's sight.

In his soft eyes, it reveals a sharp look like a careful identification of goods.

「……What are you looking for?

I was said, I stopped and said, I said.

"What?Oh, the mission of God … "

"This is your mission as a priest.

Or, if there is a highly respected priest, it may be such a presence … "

What are you looking for, personally, Tonio said so.

「……Why do you want to ask this kind of thing? "

"Because I am a businessman."

Tonyo smiled.

"Sell the goods of this party to the other party and sell the other party's goods to this party.

This is the businessman. It is the business path that can realize the desire of people to exchange materials and exchange them at the price they deserve. "

While his tone is relaxed, the voice is serious.

This is the person's (survival) way, I realized it.


I can not imagine the scene you are satisfied with.

Tonio said.

"You are an incredible person.

The powerful breasts are also very broad, and there are many ways to get the protection of the gods from the injuries that can cure them.

You can feel your etiquette and knowledge, and it seems that there is no shortage of money as an adventurer.

However, it was a tearful burst of Wu Xun's poems, and there was a feeling that it did not exist in the world.

I have never seen seen anyone like you so far. – Said to be a noble, but also slightly different "

It is like a sacred warrior seen in the story, like a paladin.

Tonio said so.

"Because it's hard to get, for the future reference, so come directly to ask you.

What are you looking for? Or, you are really a complete agent of God. "

I was said so, suddenly thought about it.

Consider what I am looking for.

No, originally

"Mr. Tonio. Oh, I am …

I am living with a loved one, a master, and a family who raised me so far, in a small and happy place.

However, at the moment when I decoded to be independent, I suddenly lost those people and I had to leave that place.

– Instead, I received the protection of the god of lights. "

The event of not dying.

That was only a matter of months ago.

"I am still completely ignorant of the world, I do not know anything …

Therefore, I follow the mission of the gods and forget to do it. I think so. "

A place where you do not know anything, I do not know what to look for.

I, probably first, have the need to understand the world.

Bled, Mary, the world guarded by Muse.

"So, I want to know the world.

I want to get from the connection of the knowledge I know, under that interaction, my wish will be born. "

Suddenly, the thoughts emerged.

A vow to live alive.

Laughing together, the posture of three people. 3 people's adventures

I said said little shyly.

「…………There is, I want friends, partners, right?

That is something that was not available in previous life.

It's like Mary and Muse in Bled, partner.

It was not only the three people who raised my loved ones but also my masters, and did not give me anything.

This is something that should be won in the world.

"Is it a friend of Mener?"

"No, that is"

Tonio asked, I smiled bitterly.

"Though I think the relationship is good, I have never admitted to being a friend.

– It feels like I unilaterally believe that he is a friend.

The people in his village really felt that I was placed at the height of "Mr. God Officer "and" God Officer "…"

I do not understand the world, I am placed in a high position, I do not feel used to it, and I feel uncomfortable.

If Menel said it was my friend, would not I be very happy?

Well. I want friends … "

It is very appropriate to say something.

After all, it is such a creature, me.

There are people who have unilaterally designated friends, and they are under 15 years old, because even friends have not said those they want friends.

I think that I have some of the same things as my previous life. This kind of thinking makes me want to tough.

Yes, there is nothing to change.

So it is

After hearing this answer, Tonyo smiled.

It seems to be very happy.

"So, I am probably the third friend to wait."


"If you run, Mernell and Obina will be angry. This is terrible? I am holding my head like this, hahaha, so laughing, Tonio stood up.

Look closely at the sun rising.

"Spell, go to the drowning, prepare breakfast together?"

Tonio is very good at cooking.

Breakfast is a mixture of water and wheat flour mixed with branches and fired with a transparent stick toast.

But it is very simple, it is is delicious when it is sprinkled with salt and bacon and cheese which are slightly simmered with oil.

Bi said that it was because of the excellent cuisine of Mr. Tonio that he was with him.

I really like the style of the Havlin people who like to eat.

Though I have taught myself, the ingredients I can collect on the streets of the deceased are extremely scarce, so I have very few hands.

Menel, on the contrary to the slender appearance, accidentally likes to eat male dishes.

The existence of Tonio actually makes our food and life full.

The Holy Communion, which was prayed in the morning class, was a snack along the way.

The world's dinner is two or three times a day-especially the lunch of the physical workers and today it is on the road.

I have been walking all day and the energy consumption is very high. Though I really want to have lunch, I can not stop.

In this case, it is reasonable to burn the fire (cooking) in the morning and evening, and take the Holy Communion in turn at noon. Tonio said this should be the case.

"When you want to return home to your wife?

When can I return it is not known yet?

Biyi Road sang a song.

"The drizzle is floating in the pool

Silently silent, only the rain is left. "

She does not choose a song.

"When will you have a day?

Relying on the rain of the day, laughing for it "

This time is the song of the lover who is about to leave. At the end of the song, there is hope left. This is very good.

"Huh. It's a really good song, this one. "

"The last section is like the light coming out of the clouds."

"Yes, this is it!"

This is great, Bi said in an intoxicating tone.

I really like singing.

As I spoke, there are several villages.

The more northward, the more affluent the villages look.

Occasionally, there are places that can be said to be towns – probably, thousands of people – so big.

Mr. Tonio, while collecting and selling, carried out intelligence gathering work.

No pause, it really is a pretty (sticky) businessman.

"Speaking, how is the" White Sails Capital "now?

Menel asked.

It is said that he has been locked up in the village on the border for a long time, so the port should be long-lost.

"Now the Kingdom of Huatru has changed."

"In other words, Edward II has already been?"

Eh The nickname is "God King." Is a relatively good king … "

"- Yes, is it dead?

In this way, Menel, who closed his eyes, had a feeling of where he had spent many years like a half-elf.

Tonio and Bi reported that the Kingdom of Huatru recently had a recent change in the throne due to the death of the King.

Nowadays, the "Gourd King" Edward II, who has made the country rich, has the desire to open up to the south, and his nephew, Owen, succeeds.

I have only heard that Edward II is an excellent person, and at the same time, it is quite arbitrarily arrogant.

Although the state (government) was properly arranged by the irony of the country prosperous, but the long sleeves and gracefully reduced the rights of the king's proximal aristocracy, the local princes had no opinion.

However, in fact, all the results published are not worth complaining about, because Edward II's alcohol addiction master did not know whether it was a stroke or suddenly died.

No matter how much the gods who are loved by the gods, there is no way for such sudden and violent situations.

Then the inherited Owen king is in the prime of life, not a good person.

Though not slutty or very knowledgeable, it is not as good as as father.

If you use the past school education to compare it, the five-stage evaluation transcript includes about 3 or 4 including the attitude of the profession. But not 5, like this.

The character is lacking in decisiveness, and the princes who were crushed by the first king began to have their own opinions.

For example, it is not good to go south.

No, very good, it should continue.

But the budget, the distribution of the defensive front. That is that, this is this, and the like.

「……This is very bad? "

Eh In the country, it seems to cause a little political chaos.

But fortunately, now on the "Southern Continent"

Not much impact.

His Royal Highness, Wang Di, was sent to be a very good person. "

Wang Di Espel Bald.Rex.Walter

The age is around 30 years old. It is the son of the second lady of the first king. Unlike the king of Owen, he is an outstanding figure of both civil and military similar to the first king.

King Owen, who was worried about the political chaos, could only rule him out and reduce him to his family status.

The revival of the Duke of the South Frontier, which has been cut off (inherited), was awarded to Esser Bald.Rex. The title of the Duke of Walter.

In other words, as the general manager of the development of the South border.

The Duke of Esser accepted the privilege and summed up the Wenwu family of ministers in advance, and immediately set sail.

Though the chaos in the country continues –

"All the nearby government affairs are handled very well. It is thanks to the rule of Ethel. "

It seems to be a very bad situation.

I walked on the road in the field while saying that there was nothing.

Sandy land, wheat ears swaying, cold winds, mixed with the spring of the late winter streets.

Crossing the hills – here, the horizontal lines are wide.

The scent of the tide, slightly itchy nose.

It is the bay. Like to surround the sea, the land spread to the left and right.

Boats that open white sails frequently come and go, the blue sea.

And in front of that, the innermost part, there is a huge city.

Brightly colored red and brown tile roofs. White people lined up along along the slope of the beach.

Prominent minaret, bell tower. The beautiful continuous arch that extends from the outer edge of the street is the waterway bridge.

City It is a city.

Probably, there are more than 10,000 people living.

A town rich in people.

Everyday life is very lively.

Such things, even if they live farther away, feel like they can be lit.

City The assembly of people's lives.

Bled and Mary, Muse, symbolizes one of the things that even protect life.

The sun reflected to the sea sparkling.

The hustle and bustle of the city, I kept watching before Menel and Bi talked to me.

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