Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Shooter of Beast Forest 15th episode

Volume 2 Shooter of Beast Forest 15th episode

In the dark little shrine filled with dust.

Playing with the bonfire of the cymbal, the melody of the three-stringed instrument sounds

After the initial speech, Bi said the hero who appeared in the language.

As in the dream, should you say that?

From where, there is a happy feeling of lightness.

Proud, happy, nostalgic.

"The south side of the marsh, the birth of the child. Border land, barbarians. The baby cries the first sound, (the lion constellation Leo) comet.

The red is long and the body is strong. Negative magic sword, Meteor. The four seas are home, and the sword takes the world.

"The Lion", "Star", "The Mercenary Gentleman", "The Son of War" …Ghost

Brad, Hunedoara

Wherever you go, it's bloody and rainy. Roaring, like a lion

I am excited.

Brad, do not say anything about himself.

That's it. That kind of experience, is that sword a sword like this?

"The sea in the earth, the islands are awkward, or there are children, good deeds."

In the hometown, there are thieves walking in groups, and the child prodigy is fooled by fog. Nowadays, the sages start school, and the child prodigy goes into private school.

The class of the college is generally high, and it is also mad in one step. I do not know how to learn to be a frog.

"Wild Travelers", "No Crown, Sage", "Flowing Water", "Wind and Wind", "…Wanderers "


The real name is known to the world. Deep inside, no one knows "

Do you know the name of Ogastas?

Spiraking of it, Muse is a magician who uses self "reported" Spirit ", considering that the name also has the power of" Spirit ", said the self-reported nicknames or initials.

When I was with me, it was easy easy to self-report my name, probably because I was too worried about the place.

"The country of birth, where is the world. Oriental Wu Ji, the Western King. If the collection of Cuihua, the crystal of the crystal. If you gather in the sky, wear it. Supreme, no doubt. The soul of the goddess, the goddess of the goddess.

"The Virgin of the South", "The Girl of Fatal Lian Shi", "Hands of Grace", "Little Flowers" …Mother of God Goddess


The hand is white as frost, holding the kindness, and the beast is also slamming, but it is also devastating. "

……Mary's origin is unknown, probably born noble, seems to be saying such a thing.

It is true that the noble character will be reminiscent, but Mary said, "No, from a poor village?"It can also be understood.

Because Mary likes to play with the garden, she likes to spread the seeds of flowers and plants.

Beside the temple, one blooms in the spring.

"–Now, it's getting farther and farther away from the past."

Three people's voice, expression, language.

In the brain, tears flowed down.

"Alas. When I return home, I have a lot of thoughts.

Only with the wind, loudly singing – "

Wu Xun poetry began.

Bled, originally a person, seems to be a wandering mercenary swordsman.

However the "Great Federal Times" is a peaceful era, there are still many battles on the borders of various places.

Demon, Warcraft, and even human comrades, who devote themselves to all kinds of battles to make money, one of the reckless people who burned their lives in the battle of the moment is Brad.

I do not know when to say this. It seems that I have heard very realistic explanations about the skills that can be used to provoke troubles. Is that this?

Then on that day, in that incident, Brad and Muse met and solved it together.

His tok his animal reins, his sword would be more skillful. At that time, the barbarian swordsman knew the way of the sage and realized that.

But this is what the two people at that time was the word of the two people I knew, the wise but unreasonable Muse, the very surprised but the unexpectedly common Brad's scene jump behind him. Leap in the eye.

The free travel of the two men continued, and one day, Mary joined.

Then, where is it, what kind of event, why it seems to be a mystery.

It was only because of my established a position in the team-well, imaginable-three people with the ability and character to be famous as heroes on the border.

This preface is over.

The three of them are one of the many Wu Xun, and Bi began to sing this article.

– That is, in the small villages on the border.

In the mountains nearby, it is said that there is a dragon.


A winged wrist that can fly in the sky.

I remember that in the muse's handouts, whether it was classified into dragon species or Warcraft species, there has been academic debate.

There is a dragon-like forefoot that can breathe like a dragon, but it is smaller than a dragon, weaker than a dragon, and stupid than a dragon.

But it is a sufficient threat to people. To crusade, you need to train enough troops of sufficient scale.

Still the topic of attacking the lair. On the flat ground, it is extremely difficult to win with the empty dragon as the opponent.

There are also rare ones who speak the dragon language, serve the dragon and the like, and are worshipped among the lizards.

In the mountain is a beast – like dragon that knows low energy and can not talk.

Occasionally, the dragon will attack the villages on an empty stomach and destroy the livestock houses.

Then each village negotiated once a year to set up things like sacrifices.

As far as I know, at the border, farming is more valuable than human beings.

Then in the year, the sacrifice from a village was a beautiful half-elf girl.

Probably the phenomenon of returning to the ancestors, she was born out of human parents.

Of course, the mother's infidelity will be suspected, so there is considerable dispute. The growing girl is becoming more and more beautiful and is not harmonious.

The envy of envy and jealousy, the attempt to have her admiration, the respect for the dissatisfaction

It is inevitable that a girl is chosen as a sacrifice.

The half-elf people, it is difficult to subtly live with the elves, and have heard it from three people.

Beautiful and capable, longevity. But the elves are more than that.

Is it natural to be at a height, or is it to look at other people very low, or to maintain social distance and live a seclusion?

(Semi-elf) is too good among human beings, too precocious among elves, and it is very difficult to live in the same life.

Menel's past is also about this kind of thing.

The three people who lived in the village heard about it and then disagreed.

During the conversation, Mary advocated help. Brad said that even if it helps to help, it seems to be very troublesome. If you have money, what should I do? Muse is silent.

In fact, is not it a plausible thing?

The poetry gives them a subtle character, especially the Muse and Brad.

Mainly the property of the miser.

As a result, Brad gathered the villagers to ask.

Can we kill the dragon and have the guy who gives the money?

If you give money, you will kill the dragon, how?

After the inquiry, after a little noisy, I was silent.

The current situation of the village is in the same place.

If it fails, Feilong is very excited because of the injury.

Further, even if it is successful, the rewards for the adventurers who kill the dragons will definitely be paid a lot.

Is it worthwhile to get to this point of sacrifice?

Brad snarled this way and left the hotel.

Sure enough, this is the reality, Mary.

That night, there were people people visited three people.

It is a poor serf boy.

He did not know the etiquette and rules, and rudely handed a few coins to the three.

– The dark green copper coins and the dark silver coins with no edges.

Undoubtedly, this is the property of all the teenagers.

So is there a plan to let us fight the dragon, Brad said.

Muse grabbed the silver coins from the side, carefully observed and said one.

"Oh, good money shines with brilliance."

Muse looked at the coin that did not even shine, and smiled slightly, saying so.

Certainly, it is the actual line.

Because, this scene is what I can imagine.

"Hey, Mary. You think so too. "

"Oh, really. I got a good thing, Muse. "

"Yes. I only got something like this. "

"I have to work."

Mary smiled.

Warm and gentle.

Brad groaned his head.

Damn it. It's a cheap job for your kid.

At this time, the boy told Brad a provocative statement.

If it is not enough, I will pay. Even if it is taken taken away by you, it is good to be sold to a slave trader. But I did not see the guy who had the guts to catch up.

That would be enough, Brad took back the dangerous sight. The teenager did not look away away

Brad, laughed.

"What, not perseverance." You are a little warrior. "

I am also a warrior. If the warrior, (experienced) even if you endure the shame and ask for help, the two ribs are the right way.

So no way, Brad touched the boy's head back and forth, and raised his mouth.

"Dry it"



Subsequently, the three men challenged the dragon (initiated).

The dragon is flying.

Fast, flying over the sky from my face.

It's almost a day to go to the foot of the mountain, it's a day to configure food, so consider it.

However the dragon is stupid, there is still the ability to remember the passage of time.

In the plains, there is a simple altar.

It is the moment that I slammed into the past and caught it while landing.

The dragon was bounced off due to the unfolded light wall.

From the curtains of the sacrifices, the lush golden long hair flows.

It's Mary.

At that moment, the muse hidden in the altar, launched the "Bounded Spirit" in a thousand.

The dragon that tried to get rid of the abnormal situation immediately, for a moment, was bound by the magical wings and was not allowed to take off and landed on the earth.

When the dragon fell (the ground), it made a loud sound and its body was strong.

Among the sudden appearance of the opponents, there was a person who saved his breath while adjusting his posture. Brad, who was holding a sword, shouted and screamed.

(Flying Dragon) released the breath of the flame.

Mary's prayer in the rear guarded Brad, and the flames were all scattered.

Muse's fingers continued to write "Bounded Spirit", which did not allow it to fly, and the challenger who revealed the fangs challenged the banned dragon.

Then Brad's two-handed sword, just once staggered, cut the dragon's head.

This is the ending, so the dragon's head is incomprehensible.

Just three people. Just three small "foods" will kill themselves.

Its consciousness is about to disappear.

Blood spewed out and wet the earth

The next day, the villagers who came to confirm the altar of the sacrifice found the body of the dragon that was stripped of the important part of the behead.

So the three took the poor teenager and came to the street with the half-elf girl.

I can not live in the village anymore.

What can I do? Brad asked.

There is always a way, the teenager replied.

That took this, so that Brad handed the short sword over.

Inscribed with the "Spirit", the magic of the short sword.

"Inscribed with the old man of Muse". Although it is only a half-hanger amulet, I hope it will be useful.

If you are a warrior, you do not feel like you do not take a short sword.

"Also, please also this.

……Please pay attention to the body. Mutual understanding. There will be a lot of painful things, please remember that patience is the most important thing. "

Mary handed the girl a bag.

Glittering, full of copper and silver coins.

Both of them hurriedly refused.

Is not it more than pay?

This is unacceptable.

For such two people, Muse grabbed their shoulders.

"Well, who said to be white." This is an investment, just borrowing. "

Margin Trading The two people who can not figure it out.

"Listen well, you must work hard, save your property, and increase your reputation.

In the crowd, their reputation will be praised and spread throughout the Quartet.

If it can be passed to my ears, then I will send messengers to get back the loan and interest.

To this end, Muse said, let me tell you the real name.

This is the secret number, remember it.

Then, the teenager and the girl – know the real name of the "Sage of the Sage" that the world does not know.

Teenagers and girls, clasped in the opposite side of the street.

Three Yingjies went down the street in search of new adventures.

So under the blue sky, the Wuxun poems of the Three-Year War Dragons declared the end –

"- Then, is there a follow-up to this story?"

He laughed like a mischief.

"The Count of Dagger in the Kingdom of Walter.

……The correct family name should be "Magic Short", right? "

嘭 ~~, the string sounds in the reverberation.

"In the Earl's house, there are still half-elf old ladies waiting for the ambassadors of the sages."


「……But the sages have passed away, I do not know when the messengers who know the real names of the sages will come and say that they are not necessarily.

The name of the three.

"Then return the dagger and the money from the loan and its interest, plus the part that the husband asked."

The names of the three people are circulating.

"- I want to tell them, I was very grateful at that time."

Until now, it has been. Continue to spread.

"This is the story like this.

It is still still circulating now, the story of the great heroes …Ah? Will, crying? "

(Bi) looked at my face and said, I panic.

The face is red and the eyes are very moist. I am about to cry.

"No, no crying! No crying! "

"Oh, no, come again! The eyes are red and the eyes are red!

Hum, it was originally touched by the story of this adult! "

"No, wrong, wrong! But hey, this …I respect San Yingjie … "

"Speaking of Will's last name is …"

"Ah, I said that is not the case."

"Ah, is it?" The "Kana" is from San Ying Jie? "


Fake, pseudonym!?

"Because you can not use your own surname, just borrow your name from the hero! William is really bold! "

"If you want to live as an adventurer, you have to be like like them. Oh, oh, really ambition. "

"Do you take the elf's way (to name the hero)? This guy is really a nobleman … "

It's a casual statement.

"Yu, the aftertaste is ruined!"

"This is a regular show. It's really moving, you are really weird. "

EH eh?

In the atmosphere at night, (we) loudly arguing and quarreling.

At the same time as the quarrel, I feel that the chest is lit up with something warm.

……Brad, Mary, Muse.

This world, besides me, remembers your people, there are many.

There are still many.

– I am so happy to tears.

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