Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Shooter of Beast Forest 14th episode

Volume 2 Shooter of Beast Forest 14th episode

[Roar ——–! ]

That is (only) a huge ape.

It has dark brown hair.

(height) is more than 2 meters easily.

I am afraid there is 250 kg in weight.


The arm is good, and the foot is good (abnormal).

(More than that, the torso, head, lips, and eyes are also (abnormal) thick.

……I can not help but think of the "Giant Man" described in the fighting novels I read in previous lives.

[Wow —— !!?]

Let's take a look at the two people.

(One is) a lean man carrying a cargo, a businessman, (the other is) a girl carrying a stringed instrument …No!


(Translation:halfling is a halfling, a place in the setting of Western fantasy literature, opportunists, hate boredom, curiosity, love food)

Menel muttered so much.

It is really very short.

The action is surprisingly agile.

There are red curls on the pointed ears of the leaves.

That is indeed the Havlin who who read in the book.

Like to sing, dance and cook, happy and wandering little people …No, now is not the time to consider this.

Let's go, the two people who ran over.

(in) the little girl's girl (very soon) is going to catch up with the man full of goods.

[Wow, wait a minute! Fast, throw it away! Fool


[No, but no scarecrow, ah – really! ]

(Translation:Looking at Chinese here may be inexplicable, in fact, it is a Japanese pronunciation problem, there is no deep meaning, but shikashi and Kakashi kakashi, the latter part of the same pronunciation. Switching to Chinese is similar to no, but there are no rhymes like happy events.)

At the time of the worries of the businessmen who were sweating with their faces, the giants rushed in and the two screamed and fled separately.

In the vicinity of the dense branches (places), it is so easy to use the petite body to roll in, it seems that we should be able to escape smoothly …


Seeing the merchants who are about caught up this time, the eyes are full of enlightenment.

Pick up the appropriate (size) branches.

[Here, come here! ]

In this way, throwing the past in the direction of the giants (struggling).

It looks like it is is ready to be a bait.

[come here …… mileHey, (yes) who …Oh, dangerous …Yeah.

There, I (just happened) caught up.

Split the young girl and the big man.

……The giant monkey was taken as a chaotic entrant and stopped.

[Roar ——!! ]

Opened a big mouth and threatened to emphasize the thick canine teeth.

The air is shaking.

I (continuously) stared at the eyes of the giant.

[Oh oh oh oh!! ]

The giant slammed his chest with his palm.

Resounding (as if) the big Taiko drums hit the general terrible sound.

I (continuously) stared at the eyes of the giant.

[Oh oh ………]

(at) one end of the field of view.

It seems that Menar has rescued the man who is a businessman, but the sight has not been removed from the giant.

Just staring at it. The giant screamed as he looked at it.

As Brad said.

When you encounter wild animals, you lose your sight.

……Come on, come on if you want to fight. Do you want to wrestle? Let me be an opponent, is it the first experience to fall to the ground?

(Translation:the original refers to Fall, is a judgment in the wrestling world, referring to the opponent's shoulders touched the ground)

[……OK, OK …

With the fighting spirit continuing to gaze, the giants began to retreat.

After waiting for a while, the giant scorpion changed his gaze and turned back to the depths of the forest.

[……Rime table

It is over without fighting.

Great, great.

[Nothing wrong?]

I thought about it and looked back.

So what's that Just what it is, so good and powerful!

Waiting for the little brother, who are you (in the end), who is the adventurer ??

In general, the giants who are excited are only able to use the line of sight to prevent them from being too good !!

The little girl's girl ran over with a very amazing momentum.

……Curiosity sparkles in my eyes.

[I am Robina! Robina Gudfello! (Robina Goodfellow)

Please call me the Troubadorour Bi (ビ ッ) for the dancing in the sky of free travel!

Then, the unobtrusive businessman over there is Antonio! Love to name Tonio!

The chamber of commerce (because of of the continuous shipwreck (accident) went bankrupt, and now it is only a hawker at the border country road! ]

Miss Bi is a havlin with red curly hair like a child …Girl, right?

Because of the longevity than humans, the age does not quite understand. But it is very, very talkative.

(Also) is a type that has never been encountered so far.

[Ha ha ha, what I have to say is said.

Hello, I am Antonio. Please do not hesitate to call me Tonio. Adventurer adults]

On the other side of Mr. Antonio is a man from 30 to 40 years old with a beard.

But it looks calm and very kind, but (giving a kind of) very tired feeling, I feel a little domineering …

Hum Although it is a bit rude, it is not incomprehensible that the evaluation of [unremarkable"is mentioned by Miss Bi…

[My name is Menaldor, the former adventurer (now) is the hunter of this village. It is currently on the way to the city street to buy supplies. Well, this is …]

With that said, Menar looked over to me.

……Since the past life, self-introduction has not been very good.

This time I could not help but start nervous.

[I am William. William G. Mary Brad. It is an adventurer, and (also a) the official of the Lord of Lights, the god of light. ]

Please call me Will, and make a smile while talking.

Well, give yourself a qualified score …

[Wow, the great aristocratic name Grace Fil !!?Gracefil is the one on the Southland!

(I heard that there is no god of the gods' faith!

Oh wow, oh wow, there is still! And it is a superb sergeant warrior !?

It's just like the thing that the giants are arrogantly arbitrarily confusing, that's it!

[not bad. This guy, even as foolish as a fool, but the ability is very high.

In any case, (he) came out from "The Beast of the Beast", and even the scene of the beast was not joking. ]

[This means that the beast understands the difference in strength and avoids it !?Oh wow, what is this, great!]


[Ordinary will meet? …]

[Will you meet?So it's called "The Beast of the Beast"]

Even Mr. Antonio also cast a glimpse of what this guy is talking about.

[Then, are you two people?What about guards?Was it killed?]

Menar looked around.

[No, that, when the giants appeared there, they were very ashamed, but (the guards ran from there). ]

[As a by-product of their screaming and escaping, the giants have become very excited, really a catastrophe!]

In fact, (giant monkey) will not attack humans!It is better to say that the horror appearance is actually very gentle! Miss Bi, who is so indignant.

I heard that flower Menar laughed.

[Huhaha, (being) bluffing equipment (pleasing), just got cheated and the deposit escaped!

I have to temper my own eyes, Mr. Merchant, play and play …!]

Mr. Antonio, who had shrunk into a group because of shame, Menar was temporarily patted with shoulders and comforted.

It seems that this is a paragraph of "there is such a thing" between adventurers. This is also the paragraph of "there is such a thing" …

(A translation:This paragraph, the gap between Chinese and Japanese is too big, it is difficult to pull out the original is awkward, the easier to understand example is, A:There was a lovely girl in the next high school class B:There is indeed a This feeling is awkward, something that people in the same circle can understand)


"Ahhhh ……What are you going to do after that? If you can]

[If you can, it's okay to take you to the road, of course, lend it to you as a person]

Suddenly Menar got involved in the conversation.

You are being given me (anyway) to negotiate!The eyes that said whole words pressed against me and had to remain silent.

Yum. A human heart … means:

[Think of "White Sail Street" to buy livestock.

I and this guy are working together to explore in the ruins, almost enough income.

So (I) said, would you like to let the people in the village also relax?

[Ah, it turns out!If that's the case, of course there is no problem. Please let me introduce the businessman who has this way]

[That please … ……It's embarrassing to suddenly insert it. After all, this guy is really a place where he does not know the world. ]

[Ah, is it really a nobleman?I always feel that kind of atmosphere!Is the statement cultivated purely, or does it know that the world is good?

[No, no, about the birth …It's better to say that you will not believe it, or if you should it say it better]

[That is the reason why the family is not good to say the noble and noble adventurer! And still the gods of the unknown God! Wow! very good! The concept of being a poet is constantly expanding! ]

Ale?Whatever it is, it does not work for misunderstandings?Ale?

Since then we have not changed anything, and along the rugged path of the "Beast of the Beast" in the late winter, we have been walking for several days.

Miss Bi and Mr. Antonio soon became Mr. Bi and Tonio.

Mr. Tonio is gentle and very good at cleverness and shortening the distance. Bi is like the idea that the distance between people in the head is very strange.

[Wow, ha! I'm coming! ]

(Because) very energetic laughter, the whole village was all involved in this commotion, a big commotion.

In the sizzling atmosphere of songs and dances, Mr. Tonio started to do business after the tipping, because everyone's cheerful, wallet belts have become loose, and this has become the case.

A very effective combination, even Menard is also admired by this means.

For Menard, there are all kinds of things like business people, not like Mr. Tonio, like thieves and forced sales.

……Probably, the original regular chamber of commerce was born.

And Mr. Tonio also used me as a new element.

The villagers of Bizhu Village got together, and then I found out the patients and injuries and gave them treatment. As a celebration of illness, I was brought to the banquet, which constituted such a process.

(the atmosphere of the banquet) looks more and more high.

All right. Let me look at your condition -]

Say, in turn (for patients) the miracle from "healing" to "healing".

……The essence of magic is (based on) the creation of chaos in the Mantra.

The essence of the prayer is (from) the existence of the world, the light and compassion of God, (ie) the rewriting of reality.

It's really terrible to really want to come here here. (Like) [Nothing happens in general] It's cured.

It's like wiping off a part of a pencil drawing and repainting it where it is erased.

(This is) the height of God That can not be achieved by human magic.

(Because God) has a certain directionality, which leads to inflexibility. (Though) has a habitat, (but) there is no magical conversion, but still still feels very powerful.

(Translation:certain directional while one kikana while is is kikana from is is kikana from, is kikana from is is kikana from is is kikana from is is kikana from is is kikana from. Kikana from, but kikana from, but kikana from, is from Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic This translation is probably wro NG, please correct me)

The power borrowed from the gods. Never misunderstand as your own strength.

If so, then it will definitely not have a good result.

[That, that. How much should I pay for it …?]

The burn on the wrist was asked by the woman who was cured.

[Ah, (remuneration) is no longer needed. (If you want to thank you, please let us know.

Even if you still feel worried, just buy something from Mr. Tonio.

Now I am still practicing. ]

After saying this, the woman did not know how many times she had lowered her head, and then walked toward Mr. Tonio (full of) various commodities.

When Menal heard that I was still practicing, I rolled my eyes to me.

It's not talking about the Sancha line. Is it really still in practice?

……In this rhythm, I continued to travel between the villages, singing and playing, giving treatment, buying and selling materials, and going north for a dozen days.

I do not know how many kilometers have gone north.

The roads in the forest stretched and curved, and in order to pass through the village known to Mr. Tonio, it was far far.

(Though) I feel that I have gone a lot, but from the point of view of the people on the ground, it is not easy to correct it into a straight distance.

So today (walking) in the dark forest.

Simply raise your right foot mechanically and move your left foot forward.

Wow! Woo!

Hearing extraordinary (spiritual) cheers is Bi.

I was thinking about what I had and ran over, and (around) gradually became brighter …At the time, the vision has become wider.

There are no trees (blocking) around. (Also) there is no faint feeling.

Looking up, the sun shone from the sun that had begun to lean toward the sky in the west.

Spring is like a clear blue sky in front of you, and the side of the head is expanding (slowly).

Falling into sight, the road slowly stretches to the other side of the horizon, and the left and right sides of the road are stitched together in a section of field, like a patchwork depicting beautiful natural colors.

(Translation:patchwork, patchwork, is a kind of craftsmanship, will be printed with different patterns, graphic fabric stitching together step crafts)

……A gust of wind blew, and the green wheat rustling swayed.

Although it does not feel cold, it can not help but goose bumps.

["Wheat Street", arrived! ]

Yahoo! So screaming, Bi danced and pulled Mr. Tonio's handcuffs to spin.

Menar also deeply felt the wheat ears fluttering in the wind.

In front of the majestic plains, I could not help but temporarily lose my words – and then I was caught by Bi, so I danced awkwardly.

(I) could not help but laugh and danced excitedly with Bi.

However, because it was too excited, the sky soon became dark. Even the nearby village did not reach it.

If it was misunderstood as a robber because of a late night visit, it also gave a feeling of being a fool, and also found a temple and decided to camp there.

[Cough, I am very happy today, give me a free play, etc …!]

Bi-shaped a small three-stringed stringed instrument in the shape of a pear – which seems to be called Rebecca – is taken out and exaggeratedly placed on the piano.

[Oh, general belly! ]

AHEM! Then what should be played.

The recent Wu Xun poem "Pierces" is too old-fashioned, but Berkeley is too old to be brave …]

Well, think a little.

[So, the "Three Yingjie" of the "King of the King"!

"The Sage of the Sage" and "The Ghost of War", and the Wu Xun poem of "The Love of Madil"! ]

– Heartbeat, as if stopped.

[Ah, yes, good]

[Really a suitable show]

[Speaking recently, I did not play that way. Speaking, Will you have nothing to do? ]

[No, nothing, nothing! Please let me listen, please let me listen! ]

Oh! Not bad, just as good as hooking! In this case, it will start! ]

The string sound started to sound.

(Let people) miss the distant hometown, shaking the sad resound of the air.

My heart is also beating.

Fleeting time No, I am afraid that it will be us.]

Reviewed very energetic Bi sound.

(Now) with deep mourning, the low flow in the night.

[The heavens) a few times a month, the remaining, more or less (also) only gray and famous …]

String sound

……Still kept.

[Because of this, the noble tunes can not be played.

The majestic Wu Xun is immortal, hoping that the name of Yingjie will reverberate in the world. ]

As the sound began to sound, the excitement that could not be described in my heart rose.

……Still kept.

[Today's story is "Flying Dragon Kill." "Three Yingjie" Many Wu Xun Tan Li …]

Bi smiled at me.

[—- Please listen]

Still keep it! The name of 3 people, still keeps …!

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