Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Shooter of the Beast Forest 13

Volume 2 Shooter of the Beast Forest 13

In the end, after dozens of days of exploration, I found enough gold coins, silver coins, jewelry and the like.

The remains of the city that have not yet been developed are really tempting things.

"Ordinary relics can not find these things at all, even if they find a nest that is (in all sense) bad."

Menel's hand holds a gorgeous short sword with a secret silver.

It is a short sword engraved with the "Shering" of "Return".

In contrast, the matching ring engraved with the "Recall" of "Retrieve" is a magic weapon that uses a password to transfer the knife to the side without a signature.

By the way, the shoes are also decorated with feathers on the feet.

In a short period of time, the "wings of the wings" can float a little distance from the ground.

But there will be short comings such as untenable, white-bladed warfare, but there will be no footsteps, and troublesome terrain can be ignored.

Because there are no magic items that are obviously suitable for me everywhere, the result of the discussion, Menel took a part of it.

(Probably) I did not think about it when I saved the house 200 years ago.

Therefore, carrying the spoils, the village that slowly descended to the sun set foot on the way home.

From the beginning, he smiled and screamed, holding a short sword, turning, and honing it meaninglessly.

It is always reminiscent of someone's movements.

Specifically, it is me when I started "The Moonlight Night".

"Short swords return"

Menel read the password while throwing the dagger out.

The short sword was transferred and Menel reached for the hilt.


I stared at it like this with a very complicated expression.

What's the matter?

"No, just feel very interested, so"

The eyes replied freely.

I can not think of all sorts of things that happened in the past.

It should be said to be black history.

"Um? Ah, is it? You are the type that is different inside and outside. Is the education policy to suppress feelings? "

Menel seemed to understand the same decapitation.

"Just if there is something pleasing," Oh! "Is not it good like a winner? "

As a matter of course, this is generally said.

"The interaction between nobles, the expression of emotions is the weakness that can be attacked, or the guy who can control his feelings is worthy of respect.

But here is neither a noble home or a banquet. "


"I should be happy when I am happy. It is not a shameful thing. "

– Probably, I think I have widened my eyes.

Speaking of it, I always feel that this sentence is about my heart.

Is it? This is the case. "

Of course, you should be happy, shameful or say something strange.

It is really unreasonable.

Compared with the strange cover, if you are happy, you will be frank and happy.

This is definitely more happy.

This is something that has not been considered in previous lives.

There are many discoveries in contact with people with the same position.

"- Do it, Menel"

"Well, make a big profit."

We hit each other and walked along the road to the village in the direction of the village.

In this way, the funds are enough, but I am very upset.

It's a matter of going to Bai Fanzhi Street to buy things. I must go there together.

No, because it is a proposal I initiated, almost I still have the route.

However, there is Chimera in this forest.

I am afraid that the reason is that the present is full, and there is no reason to take a positive attack with an appetite. It is an intellectual opponent.

It is not impossible to have intellectual knowledge, that is, killing a worm like a child's joke, and it is not impossible to make a joke of a vulnerable human being.

However some people in the past life advocated the natural instinct and kill the prey in order to eat, but that is just some kind of illusion that treats one side of humans or animals in a special way.

Cats can also kill rats without teasing, and dolphins also have bullying. That kind of thing can be made regardless of the type.

So the World of Warcraft in this life is like this, and it is more likely to act like this, presumably natural.

Otherwise, I will hand it over to Menel to buy food. I stayed nearby. This is why even the patrol is considered.

However, this is based on emotional understanding, and there is a deadly place in logic.

Besides, the opponent has wings, and here is a large forest area with many obstacles that are not open.

The obvious offensive side is extremely advantageous.

Having said that, there is only one person on the defensive side who wanders around the circle, because Chimera can attack any place, so there is no point.

Do you expect to be accidentally and Chimera encounter this special luck?

Or, try to let God drop the gods, and pray that they can just go to the scene.

Whether it is relying on luck or asking God to bless, this unconstructive idea is not to say.

However, in the case of my departure, during the surrounding villages, the fighting power of Chimera will be lost.

In the unlikely event that there is no possibility of confrontation, it will be burned as desired.

When I came back, if I saw the remains of burning, many cruel corpses –

This kind of thinking, even if it is theoretically impossible to accept.

If you are something that can be done there, this will not happen.

It is really troublesome.

At night, I was stunned, thinking about it in the hay of the grass in Menel.

Can not come to a conclusion.

The same problem continues unabated.

What should I do at this time?

Brad's words, if you want to do it, do it. Even if you have to decide, you should listen to your instincts.

But since it is a man, once the decision is absolutely unchanged, it will be said

If you are a muse, you must always draw conclusions from the theory.

Emotional understanding is a conclusion that is naturally derived from a thorough study of theories.

Mary's words, pray, entrust it to the gods.

Ask yourself if your actions are in line with the gods' plans.

Among the hay, I was thinking about it.

As Brad said, I have too many bad habits to consider.

After a while, because of exhaustion of the day, I feel sleepy in a groggy way –

That late night, I heard the sound.


Between sleep and awakening, among the morning glow,

[Go, my light]

There is a black-haired girl wearing a headscarf covering her eyes.

[Dangdang on this road -]

In that that expressionless state

[In any case (remember), the end of darkness is light]

She said her wish.

– All decided.

Is that really an indication from the gods, or my dream, it is not clear.

But even if it is just a dream, that is my sixth sense.

The theory is inspired by intuition.

Believe (this) the result, move forward.

If that is the case, then it will be very soon.

The next morning, I said to Menel that the things that have been decided have also conveyed these words to the villagers.

After the death of the village chief, Mapuer, the village's operations carried carried away at the rally.

The dialogue, which was based on the income of the ruins, the adventurers and the farm animals, was very easy to get approval.

Though a little disappointing, it seems that most of the farm animals have been affected. The situation is very serious.

It is said that it is very pleasant to add consumables such as chickens, pigs, and goats other than farm animals.

I do not think it would be a problem if I go with me, but it is dangerous to walk in the forest.

If the person who protects the baggage and the livestock is not there, it will happen if the person who buys the goods does not want to come back soon.

Considering that the loss of livestock will lead to a worsening of the family situation, and the huge loss of the time when weak people go out to purchase, it is better to endure the risk of being attacked again.

Villagers living in remote areas are always reasonable in their survival.

After saying this, all the well-organized mornings, I and Menel set off.

It is the note of the request and the baggage of the travel.


Disperse valuables and carefully prepare weapons and armor.

All luggage has been confirmed to be no problem.

Because I am going to "White Street", I am planning to buy a big car.

Go out from the hut.

After confirming the door lock of the blinds of the window, I then greeted the rebuilt villager Yiyi.

The reconstruction of the village has made considerable progress.

The soft grass buds began to sprout, and the springs of the hills turned thick, and the moss surrounded the stone walls and corners that collapsed everywhere.

Many of the trees that grew on it were cut down, the branches were cut off, the bark was peeled off, and the pillars of every household were made.

It would be better if it was was originally dryer, but it could not be said to be waste for a refugee without a home.

In the middle of the stake, use the cut branches to hang between the columns and apply the soil to the top to make the wall.

The roof is made of peeled bark, and there is a degree of shelter from the rain.

Simple and simple farmhouse.

Looking around, then I noticed.

There is only one in the innermost place. The stone obtained from the wreckage of the watch tower seems to have any stone-built buildings.

「…………Ale? That's …

"Well, that is a meeting place."

"God officials have been working as cowards and exploring ruins recently."

"The people who rebuilt the scene did not all arrive. Everyone started talking about it a few days ago. "

That kind of practice is said to come from my words and answer in unison.

There is no way for Chimera's words. If it is a hungry wolf, it can be taken as a refuge even if it is attacked.

It is convenient to have such a thing, so when I say it, the villagers nod their heads with a smile that does not know what to think.

What is it, is it hidden?

no. I am a stranger in the village. If I do not understand anything, I'll talk rashly. Is not it arrogant?

As I care a little bit, it seems that there is no malicious look, and we are about to leave, so we do not have to explore it.

"So the gods and officials, please pay attention to take care."

"Please pay attention to the blackmail on the street."

"Menell.Dole is also, no problem."

"I hope that the journey will always be guided by the god of light."

"Stupid, you, the priest is still using you to pray."

"Wow, haha, too!"

There is a lively conversation with a variety of local accents.

Not long ago, people still facing desperate conditions, laughing

I saw the scene, a little, and I felt warm in my chest.

"So, we are gone."

I will lower my head and then turn around and leave.

From behind, a variety of blessings and prayers were heard.

Then I went back to the hills with my feet and looked for the way down the mountain. Menel was there.

Silver-like hair flutters in the wind, carrying luggage for travel.

In the past, it was worthy of being a risk-seeker.

"Okay, are you ready?"

Of course

"So, let's go."

No need for exaggerated language.

We are about to step into the "Beast of the Beast".

Occasionally, there will be roads that will be used by nearby villagers and beasts.

In the middle of the forest, the surrounding scenery is unlikely to change.

The lush forests are extremely dark.

Fortunately, although it is still in the late winter, the situation of the bushes is still relatively prosperous. However, if you keep going like this, there will be a feeling of walking around the same place.

After a half-day walk, the sun began to rise to the middle of the sky, and finally complained.

"Yes, I am moving forward."

"It must be moving moving. Is there no spirit at all?

"Is that right"

"Oh, your mood, I understand."

During the period, I went to the village where I went early. On the beautiful grassland, Menel said.

"If it was this period, the ears of winter wheat fluttered in the wind, it was pretty."

"Oh, that's great ~"

In that sentence, imagine the moment when the heart is moving,

"Yeah, yeah yeah !!"

"Who, who is going to save lives !!"

Resounding the sorrow of the Quartet.

Meran and I exchanged my eyes for a moment and ran towards the direction of the sound.

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