Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Shooter of the Beast Forest No. 12

Volume 2 Shooter of the Beast Forest No. 12

[No, it's not saying something weird!

But to solve the problem of the status quo, travel is the best (method)!

Ale, even he felt that the words were like rumors of people who had now now to go.

[What do you do for travel?]

[Hey, I want to do 3 things]

【3 pieces? 】

Well. The first is about the accumulation of problems, me and Menel, this village is also good, it is wrong to consider such units. 】


There are many problems.

Because there is a lot of things that you want to use now, you can not do it as efficiently as possible.

[In short, the first thing, the number of people searching for Chimera's residence is insufficient.

Then, hire the adventurer of "White Sailing Street" to supplement

The number is enough to go hunting in the mountains. 】

Roller combat using money.

Paying for the payment method or market, as well as the aspect of the system, probably want to to Menel do the tracking of this aspect.

[Then, secondly, now because of Chimera's violent walk, no village can afford endless banditization.

Because of the loss of the same companion, the cooperation of the nearby villages is weak, which is one of the reasons.

In short, on the way to the north, in the name of treatment, we will go back and forth, even if we have to strengthen the surrounding links. 】

If you can, you can promote the faith of Grace Phil, and you will have two birds.

[Third, if you can, lend the villagers to buy farm animals as much as possible.

Though it is the unit of the year, if there is room for expansion of cultivated land,

The uneasiness of tomorrow will also be eliminated, and the hearts of the people should be settled down.]

Even if Chimera falls, and the same powerful Warcraft appearance, it will be meaningless if it evolves into the same thing.

Therefore, in this regard, as a counterpart, the villages are rich and united.

Even if the attack can not be stopped, the surrounding villages will accept the escape, and there will be Yu Yu who sent the rescue from the street. That would be no problem.

"White Sails Street", buy farm animals and come back. "It is, when you go out for trip, you go to the north to take action and treat, hire an adventurer in. 】

In this case, the approximate elements can be solved.

How about it! Such a thought


Menel looked at me with amazement to the extreme.

[Ale? Is there anything weird? 】

[You are not the view of the adventurer, it is the view of the nobility]


[Why, for a World of Warcraft, the whole area should be counted as a whole.]

[Because it, because it is more efficient]

Menel seemed to hold his head in his head, ah, so he sighed.

[Understanding the accompanying risks? 】


[Do you still have to do that that? If you do not do well, you will be killed by it? 】

Ah, that possibility, too?

Because it is a big deal, this risk is there.

If you want to live in an ordinary way, you will never do it.

Me, only my words can survive anyway.


[Well, do it. 】

The desire of the gods, if not responding.

Because it is a poor thing for me, although I do not know what it will become, I may regret it, even then.

[I am the apostle of the goddess of circulation, then, because I want to continue this way. 】

That is, at that time

[- God, swear to you will save the lamented person]

The most important agreement for God.

Because, I want to do what I can.


That being said, Menel sighed.

The hair (caused) stirs back and forth and becan unkempt. Why is this kind of guy whispering for a while with his mouth closed.

[Ah, really! There's nothing to be done. Will be with you. There really

Because (you are to me) have all kinds of righteousness, Menel said rudely.

Different from the tone, the (his) eyes are full of consciousness.

That way, I always feel a little happy.

[Thank you, Menel]

[Noisy, no! The kindness that should be repaid has accumulated too much, there is no way, no way! 】

[It's so cold, really.]

[It's disgusting, do not do that! As a friend! 】

[Ha ha ha, I 'm saying that again]

[Ah, this guy is really! How is it cultivated? I really want to meet his parents.

[If you see it, Menel, it's reversed, is not it? 】


Then, Mary said

The biggest danger that is most likely to occur when doing good things is that "you are acting for good purpose, and you must accompanied by results."

In fact, but it is acting on what I think is good, there is no unconditional lending to you, and the gods will not be guarded.

Well, um. I am still very clear about this kind of thing.

If I am a full-fledged 15-year-old boy, it will be very strange to understand, but if you count the experience of previous life, you can understand it easily.

There are a lot of people who are camping for food, clothing, and transportation. It is better to say that the past life that was met at a minimum is so easy to understand. There are many examples that are easy to understand.

For the "good things" that is related to wasting the same amount of resources and indulging in "the one who works hard for good things".

By the way, depending on on occasion, I feel sorrowful and sullen about "why", "there is no result" and "the world that does not look at the world", or the anger of justice.

Is there such a person? Will people have such period of time? Anyone, everyone understands? And that's exactly it.

In order not to feel that way, practical views and abilities are necessary.

If we want to act with the purpose of goodness, justice, order, and harmony, the means of realization are not impossible than anything.

If this is not the case, the ideal will end with a simple reverie.

In this way, I have had a grand discussion with Menel on the details of the policy just presented.

The specific order of a village tour in a village, the schedule of travel.

How to bring back a lot of farm animals.

If you hire an adventurer like this, where do you stay, food, and dominance.

Probably calculated the money needed for this.

The necessary procedures.

What happens if you do this in a direct performance?


I fully realized the innocence of my opinion.

However, Menel did not say "no"

Or "can not do it", "do it is meaningless" and so on.

In this way, the degree of enthusiasm for those who want to do something can be weakened.

My past life was deeply painful and gritted.

Therefore, if you do not say that, all of you say "what is wrong if you want to do it." "What is necessary and what to do?" This is probably the concern of Menel himself.

In short, rent out to the surrounding villages to educate herders who can bring them to the farmland and bring them back s afely.

Then, if there are large transactions, what can attract business, even the "Bai Fan Street" big business association is also possible.

These two points must not be excluded, and Menel emphasized this.

[I am not experienced and experienced administrator with you.

A little bit of a problem, an unexpected situation, well, this kind of thing can only let it happen. It is necessary to ensure pastors and businessmen.

Though I can learn to dress up, but compared with other professions, it is just small slag. 】

I think it is already very powerful just to be able to imitate.

Because the street of the deceased spent with three people is without livestock, my treatment of livestock is really complete, and I do not understand it.

[Then, the money is for you to come out]


[I know that you have a property, is it ok? Will be reduced

[No problem]

With that said, Menel showed a slightly annoying expression.

Indeed, this sounds like an annoying expression.

Therefore, it is like connecting words with words to pass the intentions out.

[The money is acquired from the things that my grandfather saved, but it still is not good just by the money.]

With that said, I laughed.

[To this extent, earn yourself]

[Make money, how to earn? 】? Menel squinted like this.

Did not Menel notice it?

[Where, is not there a huge treasure chest? 】

A Chest

That is to say, in the position overlooking the hills of the newly built village, you can see half of the urban remains that submerged in the water.

Directly speaking, it is a practice field that has never been seen before. Compared with the underground street filled with demons and undead, I think it is quite easy to have only sunshine.

But it seems to be full of extremely fierce undead, when I was there, I used to use the guide to the Divine Lights, so I probably returned to the reincarnation.

After this was explained, Menel showed a dazed expression.

[What kind of power and range of effects? The miracle of the ordinary sage's "Do not retire" is, at best, only a few individuals in the line of sight.

[Is that the case?]

[This is only you]

This intrinsic prayer of Grace Phil, who is the reincarnation of the palm of the hand, is the knowledge of the common exchange of the prayers of the ordinary "Do not Retreat". I still know.

The range of effects is also very wide, not to mention the soul can be guided comfortably.

However, it is still unclear how much this is.

In short, the other priests I have met, probably only Mary.

After all, Mary is really amazing.

That kind of spirituality, and the connection with God is still my goal.

Although not used in front of me, she is a master of prayer.

In addition to the advent of the gods, there is a unique miracle such as the dead Su Sheng, as if given all the protection.

I thought about it and then noticed it.

[That is, I only know that I have been given a prayer, and I have no idea of ​​the prayers I have given.]

[Will, you 呐]

When learning and acquying to acquire ancient language magic, even if there is magic that can not be used, it is known to exist.

For example, what is Muse's "There is a lingering spirit", such a unique magic, this kind of existence still knows.

You can learn as long as you know it.

However, the prayer is the basic thing that is given to the care.

Now what kind of surgery can I use, what is the use of the technique, and that kind of thing is like a religious revelation from God.

Therefore, on the contrary, there is very little knowledge about the spells that you use.

Though I still know that "God Drop" and "Dead Susheng", it is because the story is very famous.

In the body of the Great Saint, the gods descended to retreat the evil spirit of "Mu Ling", and the hero who had not completed the mission died and resurrected. There are many stories like this.

[In other words, what can be done (existence).

What is your order? I can probably estimate it]

In the age of adventurers, everything from clumsiness to general priests has been seen, Menel said.

So I spoiled her kindness.

[First is the inherent prayer, the "light guide" of the deceased into the reincarnation

And because there are short guns, ordinary not used, lighting can also be produced in the air.

Then it is to save the dead for a period of time, and to identify the patron saint of the deceased. 】

[The prayer of the goddess of life and death]

Well, so nod. This is also the common point of good God.

[Treatment, returning to the undead, reply to dizziness, scorpion venom, simple barrier]

[The one used there is probably the basics of "Aids", (you) should be more]

[Well, what the disease cures, protection enchantments, etc., as well as the application of divine protection, has been used in the production of communion]

Oof … Even in the temple, it is considered to be the degree of the priest. Sure enough, it is amazing. 】

[Then is the inviolability of the construction of the domain, including the regeneration of the scars, and greatly increased morale and ability for the partners in the jihad declaration. 】


I have a slight impression on the jihadist declaration, but there is nothing wrong with it.

No, this world is a demon god, it is probably very ordinary.



[Not a bishop, the rank of the Archbishop, stupid]

Why do you want to be an adventurer at the border! Being so angry,


[Can I have another way?]

[Generally, the kind of capacity guy is not at the border! 】

Dewang is not expected to reach this level, Menel is complaining while playing with the weapons of the seven thieves in his hand.

Now, we are coming to the part of the city that is flooded.

Coming to the top, invading the remains of the big house in the center of the city, I explored the long-shaped cabinet with the key attached.

On the collapsed walls, the fallen ceiling is full of rubble.

The long-shaped cabinet in the house that barely maintains the past posture, the color fades and the rust rises.

[Ming Ming Menel can all all kinds of things]

I can not do it with a smart action before before complicated lock.

[Well, after all, I have lived for a long time.

Then, this way, so good]

Peng, the lock is open.

[Okay, teach me]

[Absolutely not teach]

[Why, it's too good]

[Not too much! Say your kid is not serious about learning these tricks!?

Unlocking skills such as unlocking, tailing, such as suspicious skills, sliding door locks, tracking trailing such suspicious skills, as a divine officer, if you dare to use it, you will lose trust? 】

This may be the case.

Menel taught me in that tone and opened the long cabinet.

[The trick to deal with thieves is probably. Ok, stay away from me.

Menel used the "go to go" gesture to drive me away.

In the unlikely event that the trap was missed, and it seems that only the Mener was alone for the victim.

Confirming that I had left far enough, Menel cautiously opened the long cabinet.

[Hey, hey !?Yeah !!]

It seems that there is something to gain.

The so-called adventurer is a profitable career if a suitable ruin is found.

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