Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Shooter of the Beast Forest 11th story

Volume 2 Shooter of the Beast Forest 11th story

Hey, hey. A high-pitched voice that hits hard objects.

This is the sound of my double-edged axe slashing toward the trees in the forest.

The sound was a bit subtle. At first I thought it would be more unexpected than the sound of a heroic instrument like the axe slamming the trees.

Unlike the fists on the tattered plywood, the backbone of the tree is far beyond the toughness of my past memories.

Cut the tree a little bit with an ax.

Now that the back of the trunk has been cut, it is necessary to cut a deep v-shaped gap to the slightly lower point.

It is important for people in the village to learn to cut such a gap in advance.

Hey, hey. I continued to wave my axe with one heart and one mind.

Suddenly, the sound of the fiber began to rupture. The trees are finally going to fall.

The wood falls from the pre-cut v-shaped notch to the direction of the notch because of its own weight.

The branches that were broken continued sounded a squeaking sound, and the trees fell when the sound of "缯" was heard inside the trees.

If the v-shaped cut is used as the [lower kerf], it is necessary to cut a [saw slash] on the other side.

This is the time required to properly control the direction in which the trees fall.

If you do not finish this well, you will not know which side the wood will fall fall. The probability of an accident in which a felled tree crushes a logger is raised in one breath.

Even a tree must not be underestimated. Because a tree will have a terrible weight depending on the age of the tree.

Therefore, if you fall down with that horrible momentum, people will face the danger of swallowing the internal organs from the mouth and swimming on the edge of death.

I am in this life, I think I can afford it, but it is not a dare to try.

Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job [under the kerf], and I will work while confirming safety.

I continued to hold a hand ax for for tree.

By the way, I recently learned that the two-handed axe actually has practical meaning.

The trees are hard and soft.

Therefore, the axe blade should also have a suitable sharpness and thickness.

If the hardwood has a sharp blade, do not expect it. If the cork is cut with a slow blade, it will of course be inefficient.

Then again, there are also the two more axes are used separately, but the first idea that emerges is that it is troublesome to take two or even three axes in the forest.

So there is a double-edged axe this way.

[Really, everything has wisdom in it.]

Hey, hey. This cuts the trunk.

This time, it was also [saw slash] and [saw slash] were all done.

Forestry Logging woodcutter.

But it is completely unrelated to my past life, there are also various methods, wisdom and proficiency.

I was slightly aware that such sweating work was something I could not do in my previous life. I always felt a little happy.

Of course, I am living to pay for the god of the lights, and I will do all kinds of things in the future.

There is no way to always focus on logging.

However, if I did not hear the voice of God, I would like to be a coward who is not bad in the forest.

Singing while cutting trees.

Cut down all the time, one, two, and three cut down.

Because of the burning of the village, the village's building materials and fuel are insufficient.

But the tents were now propped up on the ruins, the branches were collected. But you can not always go on like this.

In short, it is impossible to cut down many trees.

In the past, I used to see the behavior of villages that burned enemy forces in history, but I think that is because it is effective.

Now I finally understand how much the burden of the party doing this is.

The reconstruction of the village is under way.

Menel and the villagers negotiated a place to rebuild, and it was a little surprising that it was not the original place.

The rest of the reserve food is what I want to save from the Holy Communion. Ironically, there are too many things like these victims. This will always be the case before the next harvest. Wood and fuel have become a top priority.

It happened like this time, and Chimera is still too unreasonable, as if to remove some convenience and pay attention to guardianship.

Therefore, the overlooking the flooded city, there are hills that guard the remains of the tower.

Construction work is being carried out extremely quickly around the ruins.

The cut trees are used as the skeleton of the home, and the walls of the ruins are used to make the walls, which which very very.

Are the villagers looking to see the prospect of reconstruction? Work hard without problems.

But it is a key issue for the livestock because it has broken up, it is no problem to see it as a problem.

It would be better to say that the method of knocking down Chimera is the problem.

Chimera holds wings to fly in the sky.

Chimera has the intelligence to understand the language.

And here is the beast of the beast

Known as the Great Forest Zone.

The facts that can be drawn from the above three conclusions are very simple.

That search is impossible for ordinary people, and hunters with extremely high technology are also difficult to search. That's the way it is.

There are too few clues, and there are no ways to get 10 days or 10 days.

One day after the coward's work is over, on the table for dinner. Menel, who came back from the hut, said so.

He has recently explored the West for several days, and occasionally he will stay outside for a few days to investigate.

Still can not catch Chimera's tail.

[There may be terrain or ruins of a large World of Warcraft's lair in the West. Considering the possibility of magical concealment, I have recently started a survey from there.

…… It has been confirmed before, and the frequency of World of Warcraft eating is very small.

If you have been lurking in the nest, you can only look for it.

But the previous computer RPG or novels, there are simple bosses and countdowns in the enemy, the reality is that.


[I am also good at Menel, I can not find Chimera.]

I am using the ancient language magic, and Menel is the imperial fairy.

There are various kinds of detection techniques in "Spirit" and Goblin.

But the impression of this spell on the other side is very important.

Tracking things you more not seen what you've seen.

[Is it faster for Chimera to attack other places next time, is it faster for me to find his nest?]

Well, the mediation of the road to let the whole staff have a life, and the debt of a gold coin, also knows my true face, Menel said.

There has been no topic since then, leaving a subtle silence.

(Eating) For the whole village, the whole staff was boiled in a large pot, and the wild vegetables and beans were added, and the salty wheat porridge was salted.

However there is a simple taste, it is is delicious but not so delicious.

In fact

[It's really awesome, but how much is a gold coin worth? 】

Suddenly asked

[What are you talking about? Are you stupid? 】 I was stared at by such a look.

That was before the "great collapse", the gold goods of the "Great Federal Times". Compared with the current countries, the money and silver content of the countries are higher, and it is the most reputable currency.

Though there is an unclear term. That is to say, the currency I hold is in the position of international settlement currency and basic currency in the past.

So it is

[No, hey, I want to know the market in the vicinity. It is different depending on the regional and currency circulation. Is not it? 】

In other words, if you understand it, the situation of falsification will disappear.

[Well, the city's words are no matter where they are in the frontier. A gold coin with a higher monetary value can buy 2 or 3 farm animals or something.

[2, 3 cows or horses, is the amount of compensation for a human life high? 】

A Are you not surprised? It is more efficient to farm animals than humans. It is essential to leave farm animals even if people are starved to death. Compared with humans, the life of a cow is more valuable, general speaking]

So simply asserted.

Ordinary? Is this normal?

Cultural differences

I know that there are such times in the history of past lives. But it is a simple world to sum up, it is actually quite shocking.

Is it? Is that true?

Though I always feel that I have been reminded several times, today, this world is such an era.

Then I went around the circle and asked Menel about the history of the world.

It seems that Mary, Bled's era is now called the Great Federal Times.

It is said that it is a federation of various ethnic groups, and there are few battles outside the most borders. It is a very peaceful, golden age.

From then on, the devils were rampant, the rise of "great collapse", the collapse of the "Great Confederation." Here the "Southern Frontier" was swallowed up by the demon group.

"Hundred Heroes" is Bled and they will cruel the demon king. As a result, it seems that human beings have to give up this continent for a while.

After the strait and the inner sea of ​​the Central China Sea, retreat in the direction of the Grand Slant.

However, under the influence of the "Great Collapse", the Central Government lost its ability to rule, and the localities showed a pattern of divisions.

As a result, the situation of the warlords of various forces has lasted for hundreds of years.

In the meantime, there was no intention to shoot the forces of the southern border of the undead, the demon, and the demon.

Since then, the "Southern Frontier" has been to to be been nicknamed "The End of Darkness."

This began with the unification of the Kingdom of the Kingdom of Walter in the southwest of Grassland, and the wind direction changed slightly.

For decades, the Southern Frontier continent began to be liberated and redeveloped.

[In other words, the development of the pros and the opposition in the country have not yet studied it is worth developing. 】

If you open up, the territory will increase, the country will be rich, and it will be able to recover the old land 200 years ago, and the position will increase the development of the pros.

If you are going to the mainland full of evil races, you are worried that you will be heavily counterattacked, the defensive burden will increase, and the opposition will be raised.

Menel does not seem to know the details of the situation, the Kingdom of Walter in the north seems to be a complex and bizarre situation.

In this way, the port in the north of the "Southern Frontier Continental" has a large number of immigrant ships and trading ships in the pioneering base "White Sail Street".

Then there was a large influx of immigrant ships and trading ships, strange guys, retired adventurers, and exiles who were exiled by their hometowns.

In this era, there is no such thing as the management of the country. Of course, it is impossible to shut them all out.

Some people have devoted themselves to the criminal organization of "White Sail Street".

Some people are inaccessible to the power of the lord, and they are deep into the depths of the border, building homes and farming.

Under such circumstances, this "Beast of the Beast" has an independent village scattered intermittently.

When I was purifying the village, Menel's proposal for cremation, burial, and water burial seemed to be a good reason.

That is to say, the origin of the person is different, the custom of the funeral is not unified, and what kind of funeral is possible.

[In addition to such guys, there are also many adventurers. Then again, how many different adventurers and these guys are still to be referred. 】

The adventurer is a career that pursues the remains of the Great Confederation or works as a mercenary to get the food of the day.

It's not a unified organization, it's probably there on the street. It's such a mobile person who accepts commissions in the adventurer's pub.

Basically, there are many people who have no property to make a living, and they all have dream of the Great Federal Times.

In the event that a pot of gold coins was found, a big fortune was made, realizing a major reversal of life.

The guy who dreams of being in the middle of the game, comes here in the name of the adventurer.

Others, guys who want to be heroes, like you, are inspired by the gods, well, all kinds of people have it.

It turns out that, even though, I am also an adventurer for the time being, and I will make a proper inquiry.

[Are you the same? Is the person who is inspired by the revelation feeling the feeling of collecting? I remember that God of Grace is the far – reaching belief in the original Southland. It is so good. Everyone in this village has begun to respect the god of light, Grace Phil. 】

[Can you elaborate a little more? 】

After listening to some, it seems that unlike the "Six Great Gods" who have great beliefs elsewhere, Gracefil has an important belief base in this "Southern Frontier".

It was was in the "Great Collapse" two hundred years ago that the demons was everywhere, and the messengers of the "Southern Frontier" were scattered and the believers fled.

But some of them barely fled to the northern part of the Gransland, they continued their reputation. That belief seems to have been a candle in the wind.

Due to the attack of Warcraft, this land was able to be produced and reproduced by thieves.

Chimera can not simply catch it.

The decline of the Gresfeld faith.

The village is on the way to repair.

There are too many topics and it is a little dizzy.

Brad, Mary, Muse, the world outside is really terrible, I said in my heart.

Then, take a slow breath and spit it out.

– Thinking about maneuvering in the brain.

To be honest, no matter how to think about the task is very heavy, I hope to let me go, but God guided me to this thing, or try to solve it within the scope I can solve.

Then, I have to respond.

The means for this purpose is –

[OK, go out for a trip]

Made such a declaration, and was said [what is it? Is this guy stupid?] This look is staring.

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