Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Shooter of Beast Forest 10th episode

Volume 2 Shooter of Beast Forest 10th episode

Oldest I saw the dreams of past lives.

Even when I do not remember, my dreams.

I still stay in the room as always.

Lying in the bed with his knees.

Anxiously burning the chest.

So sad. So sad. So afraid. Awful! So sad.

It is clear that there is no (one point) freedom, but I am afraid.

At that time, what was it afraid of?

……I am afraid that I will spend my life inactive.

Living as a burden and then dying.

(Translation:the original is the shackles, that is, luggage, personally feel that that refers to the burden)

(Yes) was born into this world, spent this passively eating the food that was given and then died, this life without meaning, I feel annoying.

What do you want to do.

However, I feel terrible if I want to do something.

I think about what I can do (in the end).

However, in fact (I) did not do anything.

Seeing the opposite side of the display, the things of people working in society, (I) feel envious.

Those people are doing what they want to do.

In order to help who, not as a burden, rely on their own strength to develop a place to survive.

……For someone, (they) is necessary.

It would be like a gem in the window, sparkling.

Even if you reach out, you can not reach it, and the sky is shining.

Crazy, mournful envy, groaning.

I also want to help someone.

For those who are necessary for themselves, work is sweating.

Recognized by (person). Make achievement. Useful.

Until you are exhausted, you may also complain a little.

Get no one will will not behind the income.

Save money (occupation), occasionally on a rest day, a little waste for relaxation.

—- That would definitely make me stand up.

I am a person who has no value or something.

What is the burden?

Whatever you have in vain, you do not have to think about it.

However, such an ideal is only an ideal …The reality is not like that.

I am just burdening and wasting my life in vain (in vain).

In my heart, I have identified myself as myself.

The voice of my own tears my heart.

There is no way, and so on, this is also a way of living, and try to make yourself legitimate.

I do not think about anything, but I 'm redundantly aware.

Sometimes you can simply start thinking about something now, but there is no courage to take a step.

Finally, (I) can only look at something that is warm, beautiful, shiny.

(I) hold down the chest, squat in the bed, tears (not live).

(The chest, the middle of the cloth, and the osmosis. Translation:This sentence flips and the dictionary are not fluent, basically can be understood as very painful performance, but the details are still correct)

Why am I going to be like this?

Why, I am not there.

I also want to do something for whom.

In this way, it is only when (the only) the day of life will last.

(I hate. (I) hate (this way).

It's better to kill me than to kill me.

While I think so, I do not have to say that even if you want to kill me are not.

(There is no courage to actively die.



Who is coming …

Who, come help me.

Please stand up and sing your own life.

Anxious feeling burned in the chest.

So sad. So sad. So afraid. Awful! So sad.

Oh, my thoughts do not know how many times I stayed in the same place, and soon I cut off and disappeared.

—- Dreaming of the past.

(I) suddenly woke up.

Unfamiliar straw roof …No, it's the ceiling that I've seen habits this month.

Looking around, I asked for a good smell from the hay. The walls are thick earthen walls covered with straw.

The dawn of dawn passes through the gap between the doors.

……I am Will. William GMary Brad. (William?GMaryBlood)

Gracefil, raised his hand and mutte, inherited the name of the parents and grandfather, is the priest of the god of lights Red as he looked at his (self) palm.

Occasionally, when the dream of the past life is done, the (my) heart will be dragged forward, and most of the time, the body feels very uncoordinated.

It is usually better to eliminate the arrangement of past life memories. Now I understand it.

Also, one (previous life) has already been like this. If you are two other memories of other past lives, no matter how you think about it, you can not live a normal life.

In order to maintain the balance of mind and body, the status quo can only adjust the balance of mind and body to oneself in one's own heart.

Here is the hunter, the grass house of Menardore.

Make a wall of earthen paint on a straw roof, a small home.

His home, because of the need to deal with the prey in various ways, (and) half of the village in the forest, thus escaped the disaster of the village.

Therefore, this month, I was at his home.

___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0

[……Menar, it's already morning.]

So, walk out of the hay (heap), put on the socks, put on the shoes and fasten the laces.

In a hut with only one room, the bed simply could not be opened. All are earthy.

(Translation:The bedroom is not a bed or a bed in the usual sense, but a floor above the indoor floor divided by wood in the 11th zone. The earth is also an interior design of the 11th zone, in short, it is painted. The stucco floor is the same height as the ground. The general shape of the bed and the earth can be ashamed, or Baidu)


Menar is still in the hay (heap), sobbing in his eyes.

Although he knew it after receiving food, he did not seem to be good at getting up early.

Still let him sleep.

Looking at the next four weeks, the knives, hand axes, baskets, jars and pots were placed neatly in the long cabinet (inside) instead of the chair.

Take out the wooden barrel inside, and put a new firewood into the burning red charcoal fire. I opened the door and walked out from the hut.

(will let) the body (involuntary) tight, the cold air of winter surrounds the whole body.

(Now) Before the rising day, there was still some dim around. The sky in the east is only a touch of purple.

The village seems to have not yet got up.

One hand slammed the barrel to the water intake of the village.

It's still the night time, but I'm just a little bit happy when I'm first to go (this thing).

I took some water, washed my face, finished my mouth, and then wiped my body slightly with a towel.

[Oh, it's so cold …]

Because of the cold wind that was blown, I was dressed in a panic and tied my belt.

Then return to the hut again by drowning.

In the month after that, there are as many things to do as mountains.

The villagers used existing materials to build tents, raised fuel for temporary heating and cooking, gathered livestock that fled, made fences, and planted the fields intermittently …

They worked hard for the tired people to make bread with prayers.

Brad, who has taught me all kinds of daily and farming – related knowledge about Mary and the field, thanked him no matter how thank you.

[Ah …]

Say, that is to say.

I am at work now.

HumNo other word can be described.

The things that are so so crazy and eager for the past life have already come back.

I noticed that there is always a wonderful mood …Gradually, a warm feeling emerged from the chest.

……This is what is given.

This is about giving up everything, (just) giving up, complaining, everything is over …The gentle God descended, the opportunity to come back.

The opportunity to be born again.

……How rare this is, how grateful Dade is.

Before I came to the hut, put the wooden bucket next to the wooden stake for cutting wood. I crossed my hands and prayed on my knees.


I am not wasting what you have given.

In the future, we will definitely live.

Live well, (and then) die well.

Then, swear again.

As a sword of scorpion cleans the evil.

As a hand of sorrow to save the lament.

……It must be at the end of this.

While doing the prayers in the morning, God also gave a few pieces of bread (bread) through the prayer.

If you use this technique to provide food for the whole village, the village's revival (presumably) will certainly be easy, however, this is impossible.

This prayer (/ miracle) consumes a lot of time and effort compared to healing the scar.

Suppose that there is a wound in an accident, even if you can maintain the state of use in an instant, at best, (healing) a dozen people.

In the result of this sacred cake, in addition to me and my family's Menar, the (this) procedure was used as a wound to the treatment and the patient's recovery.

In particular, the relationship of the patient (due to illness), that is, the use of surgical treatment of symptoms, regardless of will, soon (again) suffer from the same disease.

In addition, I started (trying to treat) all the injured and sick people. After doing this, I was taught by Menar (狠狠).

(Initial injury to the sick person and so I though, translation:the second half of this sentence turned over, the dicti onary is weak, seeking correction)

If I accidentally fall down, everyone will be be troubled if no one use the prayer.

That is to say, my health management, in terms of results, is for everyone (thinking), excessive humility will only cause trouble.

(this) is indeed a matter of course.

If it is a temporary matter, I can postpone it, but I can not postpone it in the usual practice.

(and) I will feel embarrassed first, even if I am satisfied with the help of a person who is being helped by others.

……Therefore, for this piece of things, (I) is also welcome.

By the way, Menar also said because of his chattering [I have no problem], (result) was returned to me by the same thing.

Whether it is to find out if Chimera is crusading as soon as possible, or to speed up the revival of the village, Menard (du) is a valuable force (/ labor).

Like me, if you do not pay attention, you will be boring to the troubled talents.

Maybe there is a serious reason in the bones. Menard's character is somewhat self-punitive. There are no problems with a few diseases, but (I) does not have the idea of ​​endorsing it without limit.

After the referee ended, the dialogue between the two villages was gone.

The rest is what Menel needs to accomplish. The repair of this village helps to explore and crusade Chimera, and the return of a gold coin borrowed.

Then it is to prevent Chimera from tyranny again, in order to protect the lives and the property of the people living in the area.

If Menel's own injury leads to a drop in efficiency, this is not what everyone expects.

Whether you are jealous, hateful, or extreme self-penalty, it is the duty of the law to separate these things from punishment and retribution.

As far as my own feelings are concerned, the same thing has not been decided.

I believe that law and order are such things. If I can promote them within the scope that I can reach, I will do so.

At least, it does not matter if you do not follow the rules now. It is correct to follow the power of the relationship to the likes and dislikes of feelings. Now this situation is still very sound.

Having said that, the reason for this phenomenon is this social situation, to what extent can I work hard?

Do stretching exercises while considering such things.

The gap in the travel is good, the repair of the village's neutral gear is also good, there is not a lot of time to exercise.

A lot of time and effort are spent on daily repairs.

In short, stretching and emptying are things that are done every day. Muscle exercise and running are secondary.

I was assigned physical labor such as chopping wood and collecting more active activities in the wilderness. Although I still a kind of compensation to some extent, I still worry about my body being slow.

The stretching exercise is over.

I took out the short gun "Pale Moon" and gently waved.

Cut the sound of the wind.

Assault, twist, and shake.

Assault, twist, and shake.

Move back and forth, simply repeat the action.

The action is repeated very orderly. Sharp movement, smooth trajectory, consciousness and body

Air swing is very important.

Correct and efficient movements have a training effect on the body.

For example, former baseball players, etc., always waving the bat.

Their understanding of the waving bat is the best in the world, but still do not relax and practice the air.

Why so?

Because quite strong people have the correct and efficient action.

Human power will increase or decrease, and weight will increase or decrease.

The form of the body that applies to a month ago is not necessarily best suited to the present body.

Therefore, the most practical action is to to train. If you do not pay attention, your body will be uncoordinated and inefficient. It will soon be weakened and even the previous shadows will not be seen.

Brad also often said that no matter what happens, only the air is not slack.

I followed his words and waved a short gun.

The air of the short gun was over, and then I took out the shield and the one-handed sword, "Everything to Eat", or repeated the same movement.

Use the shield to strike at the same time and step further, hehe!

Strike, hehe.

Strike, hehe.

Strike, hehe.

The body is getting hotter.

I spit out the smell of white.

Repeat the same movements and work with improved precision, just like where to pray.

At the same time as the spirit is concentrated, the dazzling sun is shining from the gap of the trees.

A lively voice came from the direction of the village.

The people who got up almost started working and preparing for breakfast.


The air swing ended in a phased manner. I re-called Menel and asked him to wash his face and put the Holy Communion into the cage and walked out.

Send these to and have breakfast with everyone in the village. This is what you should do today.

The life of a small village at the border.

While there are many things to do, there are many small jobs.

I always feel that I have a happy mood.

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