Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Shooter of Beast Forest No. 9

Volume 2 Shooter of Beast Forest No. 9

[I am sitting here, can I? 】

Do as you please.

I am sitting next to him.

[It's a beautiful view]

[As you can see]


[The nest of the undead, the city. Until now, countless adventurers have been swallowed up and have not returned. 】

Gosh? I lived there for a night before.]

Oh well. It's such a dangerous place.


Menel opened his eyes and stared at it.

It is like holding your head and holding your forehead and shaking your head.

[No, I am used to your lack of common sense, ah, bastard]

Ah, ah, so big sigh.

[The rhythm of your being is completely disrupted, really, give me over, I still want to be a calm person]

heyGive up, you can swear, louder than now!]

【You!Take this out and say things!? Now, Obviously I am still very lost!? 】

[I think that is a cry that can be called called humanity]

[Forget me!! 】

Or serve as your ID when you buy stuff online? do not be shy.

"No, no," I deliberately smiled like this, Maynell wow ah

The unexpected value of fiddling, the reaction is very interesting.

Unexpectedly, how to say it, there are many discoveries when talking to Menel.

I also felt that he was a good guy and did not hesitate to run to kill me. Although I felt that it was a proud, but in fact very straightforward, I felt very calm, but unexpectedly full of fun.

Probably, it's not that only Menel is like this. The so-called human beings are quite multi-faceted.

There are hard parts and a smiley part.

Just look at each other's eyes and you will see see all kinds of things.

What is the relationship with people?

I thought about this kind of thing and smiled with Menel.

Like this, laughing and playing with friends of the same age, perhaps the first time since the childhood of childhood.

After a while,

[How is Maple's mother-in-law? 】

I tried to ask this.

Menel shrugged.

[As you can see, it is a very strange old woman]

The sun disappeared from the horizon,

The world has also changed from a dark red mixed with a purple color to a dark color at night.

[I was born in the elf of the Grassland in the North, "The Glasland". My mother was very curious when she was young. She flew out of the forest. After a few years, I do not know who the child is coming back.. It seems like this is going to die. Then, I was different from from growth rate around me. I was also smeared by the people around me, so I escaped from the forest. 】

Well, the mixed-race, the old saying. Menel said in succession.

The first shot is quite heavy.

[The world of people does not need to say that it is not a paradise. From the beginning, I know that there is no place for me in the Elves. But fortunately, both the bow and the knife can handle it, you can see the fairy when you say it. 】

On Mener's fingertips, the goblins stayed, played, and then left.

[Here, if you want food, you must attack the opponent with the same power you want to kill each other. If this is not the case, will I not be a man in an unknown alley? 】

[After all, there is a very beautiful face]

[Hey, the one over there, a little negative]

[Not very popular with people in that area? 】

【Kill you】

[Because it is very beautiful, there is no way]

Though I do not have homosexuality, I still feel that "it's a pretty face."

[Well, well, in the first place, I became an adventurer. Due to the circulation of the open strategy of the Kingdom of Walter, the south side of the mainland with many remains. 】

Menel's eyes looked into the distance.

[Well, then betrayed by a person in the team, want to kill all the people with poison. 】


Very sultry expression.

[Because the spoils obtained from the relics seem to be worthy, they want to occupy them all. The toxins are mixed in the meals, and because I do not move the chopsticks, the symptoms are lighter. Otherwise it will be killed by the guy. 】

Is this the world, the standard of this region?

Very decisive and decisive, different from the rule of previous life, it is a headache

3. Though Brad is there, he will laugh and make a big noise.

[At that time, all of his team members were soaked like bubbles, and I was also confused by toxins. I did not know where to go, and finally came to the village, I fell. The opening ceremony was too long. Then, it was picked up by the old woman of Mapple. Well, it was said that was was an old woman who was an aunt. 】

Menel continued to speak in the distant view.

[Really, it's a strange old woman. The guy who fell on the side of the road was unexpectedly kind, gave me a meal, gave me a bed to sleep, and said in a serious way to live. Feeling that there are different experiences, the mother-in-law has a lot of people in the village. 】

[What kind of person is it? 】

[Sa, who knows?]

Menel shook his head

[I said that I am a village girl who does not know big words, but it is definitely a lie. Well, no matter how dead, the truth can only stay in the darkness. This is a common thing on this continent.

I suddenly remembered the words of past lives:Some people have history.

Then, unfortunately I can not solve all the mysteries of history.

[Then I was picked up, well, the old woman who loves to preach is always taken care of by her. Then I started to imitate the hunter, how much can still hunt some beasts to supplement the meat?

It is like remembering a treasure that has broken.

With a look of nostalgia, Menel said.

[Although Beastson has a lot of troublesome beasts and Warcraft. But that is a place that is valued and has my place to be–]

And then

[Without any warning, it will be lost]

A village dotted with poisonous fog.

Maple mother-in-law.

Children in the warehouse.

[Then, in order to protect the rest of the people, I lost the important thing as a person is such a place, here. If you do not have this, you can not do it.

Menel's voice is like a tired old man, revealing tiredness and giving up.

[It's very painful to live in such a place for a long time. I want to have a hundred words.]

I do not know what to say about Menel.

I remembered the things of the past life and the things that were depressed when I was not dead.

I do not know how to comfort him,

I do not know how to encourage him.

do not understand.

Can not be like Mary.

When I met the ghost of Maple's mother-in-law, I deeply realized it.

This world is indeed a god.

If you become a priest who has received the protection of God, it will become a disease or a wound that can be cured.

Like the super power in comics.

However, this does not mean an increase in life experience. It does not mean that you can speak the words that shock others and support others. Even if you can cure your body, you can not heal your heart.

As a result, it must be caught by myself.

And then


I can not say anything.

It's good to be able to say something.

And he still still see the face for several days.

I hope someone can tell me,

At this time, what should I do?

I have nothing to accumulate in my previous life.

There are few experiences in this life.

If it is Brad, Mary, Muse, maybe there is any anything to say.

However, even if I play all of my words now, I can not say a word.

[Ah, that one, how do you say that? 】

I am vague and say something better.


I always feel that it is really back to the mood of the past life –

But what is there.

If you do not say anything

When you are squatting.


Menel took a sigh of relief and stood up in the "library".

To relieve the body that is about to rust, stretch your arms.

[But, okay. Almost the adjustment state]


Thinking about it, Menel looked at me and seemed to think that I was was strange.

Well, what? Is it enough to put a variety of expressions on your face?

Eh Hey, hey? 】


Oh, no, wait.

It's still so lost until now.

Hey, hey, wolverine, super wolf

[You, when you are a "God Officer", it is really big with the usual drop]

[Hey!? 】

[When you want to live or die, what you said when you were a priest was really cool.]

[No, that is, that]

The sound of banter.

Menel pushed back the ground and stood up gently.

Look at me with serious eyes.

[Will, William. The apostle of the god of light, Grace Phil

He put his hand on his chest,

On that occasion, one knee slammed and the head hangs down.

[I would like to use you as the godfather and pray for the protection of the goddess of lights]

In his words.

In his his voice.

I was amazed and stood up in a panic and face to face with him.

This is, this sentence is

The decisive words to change your patron saint.

[Can you accept? 】

[I will be your guide, let you establish establish contact with God]

Mary once taught me, I am going back to the decisive words of ancient times.

Gently, I held the head of Menel under my arm and prayed to the goddess.

pray for you.

[From now on, the god of light, Grace Phil, will love you, shine on you, be with your path]

In the dark night.

Blurred, my back lit up a thin light, can feel the warmth of light.

[So, I swear to my new patron saint]

Looking up, Menel looked up at the light.

[Until the end of this life, I will save the lives of six people. If possible, I will save more]

I heard the sentence and I widened my eyes.

I have heard this sentence.

– You can save the lives of six people from now on.

– You are still alive now.

[The future is there for this purpose]

Then, like this, Menel said with a smile.

What a strong smile.


[There will be a lot of uncomfortable things, and there will be a lot when you are hit, once there is will times when you just fall down and die. However, there is no feeling of falling down. Always have to find a way to stand up]

I have changed Meiren again.

As the mother-in-law said, look forward and have something to do.

I have never been able to to stand up alone.

In this life, I stood up after Mary rebuked me.

Menel just stood up on his own.

If I encounter a situation that is difficult to cheer up, I will probably change my mood alone. One person finds the reason for my loss, and explores the things that happened in the past. Let's cheer up again.

He probably has the bluffing component, and the help of Maple's mother's words is also there.

But this is also something that I can not do.

If you do not say anything, how arrogant.

He is very strong, and compared to me, as I thought, it has always been strong.

I have a strong life before.

Perhaps, maybe there will be any any.

In this way, the regret of nowhere to vent is blocked in the chest.

[Menell, you are really amazing, I respect you]

[What, what is evil, it is you. " I have never seen a monster like you in the age of adventurers. What is it really? 】

Infused with sighs and respects, Menel stood up and shrugged.

[I am not very good. Because the teachers are really powerful]

[Sure enough, where is the aristocratic child who left home? = =]

"Um? how you said that? 】

[No, nothing. I understand, it will not be debunked.]


[It's almost going back, it's almost time to eat]

[Ah, yeah. If you are here, it will make people worry.

So we went back to the village together.

When I returned to the village, it was the time to pay homage and return to my home.

Though it is just a small party. But I was persuaded by everyone to drink.

Menel sat in the corner and seemed to be involved in a strange offensive and defensive battle.

Or quarrel with each other, or joke with each other. Or it seems to be quietly listening to the dead people in the village full of memories.

Very solemn, but also very happy party

Brad, Mary

That, probably, though only probably.

Maybe I got the object that I can probably a call a friend.

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