Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Armor’s Forest Shooter 8th words

Volume 2 Armor’s Forest Shooter 8th words

By using ancient magic and prayers, the poisonous mist is removed, the water source is purified, and the toxins scattered in the soil are broken down.

At this time, Menel also calmed down to some extent.

[……But what about the body? ]

[To say what to do, there is not much to do. For both of us, these bodies are too many. Even if we look for iron shovel and shovel, it is very time consuming to dig a grave for one person. ]

……That way.

Indeed, I have heard that even if the army wants to dig a war with the person, the pottery pot (the personal warfare in the 11 th district, the army in the 11 th district is also called the squadron), it takes more than an hour depending on the tightness of the land. Things like that.

Because this time there are 20 people, if you want to dig a grave that will not be easily excavated by the beast, it will be quite difficult for two people to complete.

That is to say, the funeral is impossible.

[So, cremation? ]

[The water in the human body is a lot. Not to mention that even a fuel is not impossible to burn. ]

It is true that his words are very reasonable.

Of course, if you use the "mantra", then it is another matter. (Like) A powerful "flame mantra" That can burn a whole person into into gray.

(But) In case, the risk of singing failure is terrible.

As the gas teaches, the power of the Mantra can be solved better if it can be solved without using it (the result).

[Even if it is a water burial river, it is very far away]

[It's too far to go back and forth ten times or more]

In other words, as far as the conclusion is concerned,

[In order to prevent the body from being eaten by the beasts, put the remains together, (to of) here to guard the villagers who have returned the refugees and then buried them? ]

[That is quite right]

However, (even if) said this, hesitated instinctively.

Wrapped in a fire (burning) as dark, (or) eaten a part, etc., resulting in a lot of dead bodies.

[is that OK?]

[It is the result of the sleep of the undead, it is the proof that soul is calmly going back to heaven. Even if you use your body slightly, you will not have problems. Though, the guy who will cry will probably have it]

Perhaps thinking of the previous thing, Menar removed the red eyes from me.

[The free village living in the border, the state of the body is not bad, there will be no problem]

In fact

Even when the original village itself appeared to be dead, there was no one who was scared.

I am afraid that death is very common.

Not to mention life (natural death), and more cruel death.

I understand

[Then go (action), I will go to (village). Can the guards please (you)? ]

[Understand, then please]

Menar nodded and entered the forest again.

I looked around and, in the first place, properly disposed the flats outside the village to be used to dig graves.

Prayed for the remains of the remains scattered in the village, picked up (the body), and transported there.

Pray, pick up, carry.

Pray, pick up, carry.

Pray, pick up, carry

Just concentrate on repeating.

Thinking while while repeating.

This situation

Or the weak meat that is me, the logic of the strong one can be forced to pass, even the unified order, the justice, and nothing, probably only near this side.

At least the area called "Beast of the Beast", or a wider area, can be considered to have the same situation.

Also, the dangerous existence like Warcraft is still in the field of life without being expelled.

And when those murders (conditions) appear, buffers do not exist, or because of extreme poverty, the production and reproduction of robbers that are not eating is repeated.

I can think of it here, and it is already quite a serious situation.

(Even if I got here so far, I could not understand it, but how can not say, so think is to think, ask for correction)

Of course, (also think) [hey, that's their culture, their choice. It is not something that outsiders can (just) interfere. ] The yelling (even if the pendulum) of a calm third party, the neutral spectator's shelf through (leave) things here, can not be done.

Social problems based on geography can not be solved due to the individual's efforts overnight. It is also an option to give up solving problems from the very beginning.

(A social problem in The geographical problem of one one one from from from from from from from from from from from from from from from from one of the From the so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so

In fact, I look like a group of people with great strength, magical power and quite a lot of property.

If you want to live a smooth and low-key life, it should be surprisingly simple to achieve.

Find a city that is not too embarrassing to mix in. There will always be a a way. (No,) is done. So the problem is:

[How do you want to do it, right?]

Moreover, it is the same as the time of the undead, and it is the type of the encounter from the beginning (inside) that is invisible from the beginning.

However the surface of Boss, Chimera, from the frontal encounter is not in the wrong order, it should be able to win, I think so, and the social problem of the inside Boss is that even if the sword is chopped, it is impossible to win.

(Though) considering what to do, (but in the end) did not reach a conclusion.

After a while, the villagers led by Menal returned to the destroyed village.

They also re-observed the situation of the village, and it seems that they have been affected.

But it excludes the gifts left by Chimera when he left, this is also a very excessive horror.

Because it was was that that was was quite late in the afternoon, after that, the remaining farm tools were temporarily gathered together, and everyone mourned the will.

Now that the poisonous mist has been dispelled, if it is not buried (as soon as possible), there will be a possibility that Warcraft is close to Chimera.

(Also) A general simple funeral ceremony was held.

To the left of the tomb, everyone dropped the ground in order.

(All are to go over going over goes over goes over goes over goes over 不确 不确 constant 不确 constant 不确 constant 不确 constant 不确 constant 不确 constant 不确 constant 不确 constant 不确 constant 不确 constant 不确 constant 不确 constant 不确 constant 不确 constant constant intolerance Neccessity 不确 不确 constant 不确 constant 不确 constant 不确 constant 不确 constant 不确 constant 不确 constant constant

As I watched, I followed the gas and Mary and sang the sacs learned from them, just like the funeral rituals made in the previous village.

This ritual really only refers to all types of words, and it seems that you must contact the official of the formal organization to learn (the correct ritual).

[So, what should you do (you)? from now on]

The home was almost burned.

Crop estimates are not going to work either.

But some treatment has been done on the soil, the plants that have withered have not been regenerated.

That is to say, there is no home, and there is no food.

(I) can only pay for the villagers to be scattered to nearby villages.

I have thought about it, but.

Hahaha. Hey, look at it]

My serious expression was blown away by the smiles of the villagers.

I waved at me and started to dig the soil under the pergola.


From the bottom one after the other, I found a straw bag filled with inspiration and a jar filled with wine.

[In the vicinity, fire, robbers (ransacks) are commonplace. ]

[Yes, yes, (as long as) I can do something when I can come back. Can come back]

[(We do not have the idea that the priests have been taken care of them, please rest assured)

The people who entered the forest around the village also said that it was hidden in the end, with food and materials back.

(Like) The villages that used to to make good use of me have benefited, and these people do not seem to be easily defeated.

The production of robbers and the reincarnation of production seem to be related to the stubborn strength of local residents, very much.

[(this time) I am very at ease]

At least, it seems that I (before) want to take care of everything from the beginning to the end.

This time I want to say That even Chimera has no help.

They should be able to cope well in their own way, even if I am not there.

In this way, what I have considered should not be taken from the beginning to the end.

(but) plus my strength, what can I do?

An impromptuent arrangement in a blink of an eye.

The violent sound of the women's cooking began.

Well, this (banquet) has both the condolences of the deceased and the congratulations of returning (safe). It seems that it has been decided to open a few cans of wine.

On the way to listening to various conversations, I suddenly noticed one thing.

[……Ale? ]

Menar's figure did not know when it disappeared.

Refused the villagers (invitation), (I came out) looking for Menard.

Read the "Mantra" shown by the trees and the earth, how much can walk freely in the forest.


The smell of the dry forest in winter.

Leaves like bones exposed to the wilderness fall under the tree.

The sun has already fallen more than half, and the west (and has been dyed) the twilight of the setting sun.

The cold wind whistled and swayed between the trees.

The sky near here has become very dim.


The tip of the "Night of the Moon" was lighted slightly by the light.

Can not neglect the general idea.

I have just been attacked by Warcraft, and I do not know where to fly.

There is no feeling of relaxing the alert.

Pay attention to the surrounding, step by step, thinking.

It seems that the difference between the Mapuer and the mother-in-law, (Menal) seems to be quite patient.

Is there anything wrong with Menard?

If it is me, presumably, Brad and Mary left because of an unexpected incident.

……(I) said and noticed that it was really very uncomfortable.

Like this, even though I was not know it yesterday, I could not think of anything to do.

Maybe it's necessary for him (Menal) to think alone and reinvigorate. I should not be a nosy.

But even this this the case.

—- This idiot will please you for the time being.

Because it is indeed asked, there is still a slight obligation to look at the situation.

If he says that I do not need it, he can only go back in frustration.

In any case, the past life was a squatter, and the days until this life were spent in a box that was not in contact with the living.

Therefore, there is no empirical value for interpersonal relationships, and it is already well-recognized.

Even a shameful face is only depressed for a while.


After doing this and making a determined decision, I finally came to the slope above.

(Following to a little climbing slope, translation:the machine is not very sure, seek corrections)

(I do not know) The wreckage of the stone wall or something else, spread out along the slope.

The fluttering, exuding phosphorescent goblin, danced and passed through my eyes while dancing.


Chasing the flash of the fairy, and found a small ruin buried in the front of the road.

Is this the ancient watchtower?

On the small high platform, where the remaining foundations have collapsed, there is a fairy like a firefly flashing.

(To a little expensive little, translation:this sentence is uncertain, seek corrections)

It seems to mourn who looks like.

While whispering to each other, (one side) secretly peeping through the remains.

……Needless to say, (person) is there.

Be careful not to slip on the moss – laden stone and move carefully.

Climb up the slope, bypass the stone wall that was was crowded by the collapse, and the horizon was suddenly widened.


Overlooking the front from the highlands.

There is a vast stone-built street, the ruins.

Countless houses along the radial streets, piers, harbors and warehouses on both sides.

All of this was cruelly destroyed and turned into ruins. Half of the streets That were flooded by the water, the colors of the setting sun, all of them, were gently shining.

[……Hey, Will]

Destroyed sentry tower.

He stretched his roots under a stone gap and stretched under the evergreen tree. He sat on his knees.

White skin under the setting sun. Silver hair flowing, a little pointed ear. With a sad emerald color.

The phosphorescence of the goblins, sometimes, dances around him.


– He is there.

Even if it is lost, it is like a guy who draws. I can not help thinking about the incredible beauty.

(The shape of the United States is awkward, translation:not very sure, seek corrections)

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