Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Shooter of Beast Forest 7th episode

Volume 2 Shooter of Beast Forest 7th episode

Then two people walked around the village.

Mener has been hesitating since the beginning.

Shake hands with the undead who are still intellectual and rational, and talk to the parting.

Not like that, the power of the goddess Gracefil, who is the goddess of circulation, forcibly purifies the frenzied and hateful things.

[God of Lights, Grace Phil, please let them rest and guide them]

However, this "Divine.Touch" is only good for the undead, not a versatile spell.

In the case of non-dead resistance, or not the operation is initiated depends on the strength of the surgeon's protection and the opponent's perseverance and mutual resistance.

For example, if Brad, Mary, and Muse are serious resistance, my prayers will not lead their souls.

If I can reach the same field as Mary, they can be forced into the reincarnation like the top three undead.

Therefore, depending on on occasion, there is also the possibility that it can not be sent to the reincarnation. However, fortunately, there is no strong undead in this village.

In front of my eyes, one of the female corpses who frantically waved the scorching kitchen knife was leaving.

A woman who stays in the woods, looks around and understands the situation.

[- I will give it to me later]

I swear by my hand on my left chest.

The female beheaded, as if after saying it, please.

The soul will return to the reincarnation again.


Confirmed around.

The toxic fog is not very clear, but the valuable places have been patrolled, so I am thinking

[Menell. Any other? 】

[There are another one]

Keep up, so that Menel took a step.

Walking on a bare, trampled land.

That is the innermost position in the village.

But it is a remnant of burning, probably, it used to be a big house.

Most of the other homes have at least two rooms plus warehouse and barn, and three houses are rare.

Menel looked at the home for a while, then breathed, exhaled, clenched his fists.

whew Is it, Maple's old woman! 】

This conveyed the sound.


A spirit appeared after the pillars that burned like black.

It's a pretty old lady.

But the waist seems to be still not bent, it looks very pretty.

I thought of Muse a little and then noticed that fact at that moment.

No, the ghost of this Maple mother-in-law is probably the closest to the most undead.

Other souls are either confused or unclear. Somewhere, the mother-in-law's body is as clear as a muse.

Though I do not know how to fight, how powerful is this.

If she is confused, there is a possibility that my ability will not work if the surgery is resisted.

In other words, you must must use the "Pale of the White" or "Everything to Eat", a magical weapon that is common to the spirit.

[Huh, do not worry so much, boy]

It seems that I saw my shake, and the old woman laughed.

[I am still not confused, there is no old confused 哟]

That look is clear, and it is a light of reason.

[Yes, what is that, old woman. But it seems to be infatuated with the rest of the residence, but let's take a look at it, the high-priced sacred officials, and occasionally will appear. 】

Menel talked to the old woman and told the truth to be very rap.

[The lost soul of the old woman should return to the reincarnation, the purification of the land is good, and the wounded person has a hand. Therefore, we will find a solution to the village's affairs, and you will thank us for letting us go. 】

However, if I want to say something, the highly respected high – ranking priest is really too exaggerated and said, is it so powerful? I think I just want to do some remedy at the maximum opportunity.

[What else is there? Do you want to pass on to others? So we will take you to convey]


The mother-in-law sighed and covered the voice of Mener.

[Menell, you, killing?]

For a moment, Menel's shoulders trembled like they were scared, and I did see it.

[No, yes. In addition, suddenly said something, old woman. Suddenly confused? 】

[You know how good it is]


Menel fooled a few words, but it did not work.

Maple's mother-in-law is still so convinced.

[—- You are basically a clean person in the rules. 】

After listening to that sentence, I suddenly understood.

–you you! Why save me!

– Kill me. If you kill someone, you will be killed, right?

– Really think that's okay? I killed someone.

– Now, I have never thought that that God will forgive me!

What is it, where is his deep mind, and he is simply a straight person. Therefore, I will pray for punishment.

If this is not the case, then it will not be said to seek retribution. Fortunately, when you get help, you will also make the best use of this opportunity.

By this moment, I have not found this at all.

It seems that I really do not understand anything about humans.

This past life has not accumulated such experience, and this life has grown up in a closed environment.

I feel that I have not experienced enough people to do things.

Then at the same time, I have to say that this mother-in-law has a wealth of experience in doing things.

You can not use magic even if you can not swing your sword. Probably this person will be better than me.

[Not suitable, what is your bad person? 】


[It's killing again, understand? The lifestyle of blood stasis on the knife edge is no longer needed.]

How noisy

The voice of the mother-in-law is like the cut-off sound of a thick-backed chopper.

In this regard, Menel's voice trembled.

How noisy Then, what should I do?! 】

The voice of shouting is similar to crying.

[Mother, you are dead! The guys in the village are also frozen! What else can I do?! You can only rely on strength! Still say pray to God!? Ah, God, God, save me.]

The mother-in-law reached out to Menel, but she touched it.

[Asshole asshole, asshole! 】

Meiner lying on the ground, I can only just watch it.

[Already enough to let me die with you]

The ruined village swept by poisonous fog.

The sound of the beautiful half-elves screamed through the sky with sadness.

[Semi-elf, the life of the hybrid, it is too long long]

Half-elves can live for hundreds of years.

The life span of humans will simply end.

If you are me, if I am, I can say something to him now. I do not know.

[—- Menell, Menel. Dole

Marple's mother-in-law said in a serious voice. Menel raised his face and the mother-in-law smiled shallowly.

[Even so, the gods still give you the last chance. 】

Menel suddenly opened his eyes and looked in the direction of me. The mother-in-law continued to laugh and said.

[This is the end, the scum general lifestyle is still not to be. 】

That smile is full of love, reminding me of the eyes of Muling, the goddess of the Mother Earth that I have seen.

[Even if you hate God, God still loves you. Even if you do not notice, when you are tired, when you are bored, God always shines on you. 】

The sound echoed.

In the ruined village, the voice of the dead.

Like a young child, quietly telling friends about the location of their treasures.

[So, the only thing left is that you only notice the light. 】

Think of it, Maple's mother-in-law smiled and said, Menel covered his face, and the crying screams leaked out of it.

Then she looked at me.

[The priests over there, wait]


[This idiot, please, you are basically not a bad person. That, how can I ask you to get along well? 】

The last wish of the lost person.

I nodded in response to her words.

Maple's mother-in-law met the nod.

[And attacking the village of Warcraft, that is Chimera. There are three heads, lions with sharp teeth, fire dragons, and magical goats. The wings seem to be the wings of the dragon, the front feet are the claws of the lion, and the hind feet are the hooves of the goat. There is still uncertainty, the tail, that is the tail of the snake. 】

To change the topic, my mother-in-law talked about this topic carefully. That is the information I want.

After killing the people and destroying the village, the killed cattle were caught and flew in the direction of the Tieshan Mountains in the west.

Looking to the west, opposite the poisonous fog, the distant mountains are looming. Is that over there?

[I want this information, boy]

I nod my head and agree.

That's good, Maple's mother-in-law answered with a smile.

[Not a great thank you, this is the degree. 】

[That, is this your nostalgia? 】

When I heard this sentence, my mother-in-law smiled happily.

[That's the way, such a dangerous guy, no one thought that I was just for this and did not die. 】

Because of this, my mother-in-law continued to laugh and said.

[Though sorry, your guidelines are unnecessary. God is actually waiting for me. 】

A light can be seen loomingly beside her mother-in-law. Ah, you are here.

[So, I have to go 哟]


The outside world is in the middle of the dusk, but the powerful people still exist.

[Menell, get up and get up. Things that can not be recovered in the world are as many as mountains. It does not make sense to frown on a face. It's just a matter of stopping. It's better to stand up and walk forward. We have to do something. 】

[It's already annoying, I'm tired of taking care of me]

[Yeah tired, take the children you can not help. 】

Marple's mother-in-law finally shrugged.

[Please thank you after this]

【Yes. – Please leave it to me after this.]

Swear by your chest with your left hand.

The mother-in-law smiled.

Then another soul returned to the cycle.

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