Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Armor’s Forest Shooter 6th words

Volume 2 Armor’s Forest Shooter 6th words

After that, I walked for hours, and the women who were destroyed in the village and the children who were destroyed in the forest met with the children.

They are all dressed in thin clothes, relying on each other in the forest, and shivering beside the burning fire.

Remove the hostages that remain in the village, so that all the members present are …It should be less than 50 people.

The grass has made a self-introduction, the first thing to do is to move first.

There are many people who are slightly injured and have a cold, and the "closed wounds" and "cure · illness" are used in prayer.

"There are treatments for them separately. (I feel that my Japanese English is breaking 6 levels.)

I used the food I just bought in the village and the amount of wild pork that I have left in my hand to arrange the dishes …

Then, even if I do not take care of this, it's okay for the villagers to work on their own …

When I looked at the people who suddenly started to prepare for the food, the shoulder was photographed.


It is Menel.

I just did not know if it was was violent or should be said to to excited. Now it seems a little calmer.

The emerald-colored pupils do exude a sense of reason.

「……Chimera should still be in the village now, let's go and scout. "

Speaking a little loudly, he turned and left.

I greeted the people around me and immediately chased it.

"Hurry up, keep up."

In the forest, he constantly speeds up his pace.

In the end, I almost got galloped, and I was struggling to catch up with something like a bulky shield.

In normal thinking, it is impossible to fly in a place that is almost primordial.

If you can still still do it in this situation, it is not as easy to exercise and not exercise. It is so simple to get used to the level of forest.

Sure enough, he is a first-rate thief (Ranger). (I want to turn into a mountain thief, in fact, I refused, but I can not add special effects)

But he said that there is no way to abandon the village, if he does not lead the villagers, will he still do it alone?


After a while, Menel's footsteps slowed down.

……Walking silently between the trees.

Stretching over the roots of the mossy giant tree, stepping on the dead leaves, thinking about the meaning of the language and action of Menel.

The slightly louder voice of Menel and the rushing into the forest.

Although it is necessary to conduct reconnaissance first, but it is so noticed and like this to prevent the tracking of the gallop, is there any reason …?

Probably I realized that I was thinking about it, and Menel turned to me.

「……The chances of those who stay in the village are not dead. "

Can not help but be speechless.

Yes. Just as the protection of good gods is popular in this world, the "goodwill" of the malicious undead is also in this world.

Going horizontally.

"Like regret and hatred, chaos, or something that is too sudden, death that you have not noticed yet …

It's not necessary (let them) to devote all their ugliness to their brothers or children. "

In the voice of Menel, the color of the cymbal was revealed.

Because the villagers have not noticed it.

So go ahead and clean.

While leading the way, he told me the original.

……Revised the evaluation of his awkward guy and silently sinned in his heart.

Rather than being awkward, it is better to be a realist with good intuition.

It was because of the good intuition that on the day the village was burned by Warcraft, it was understood how many relatives would die if they did not mobilize the robbers.

Because of the good sense of intuition, I immediate felt that the friends and acquaintances of the same village would not be dead.

So there is no such unfounded optimistic idea that there should be no way.

「……I know, I must must everyone return to the cycle. "

In turn, the villagers have taken this kind of state of affairs, as a natural psychological defense mechanism, to look away from from despair and to smile.

I remembered the smiles of the men just now.

It is said that even so can can still be so optimistic, or do not understand the status quo is good, this has not understood.

In this way (this group of people), you can also ensure the wild boar as food at noon, arranging the adjustment of the robber mission at night and incite everyone, always stand

Start with a realistic approach.

I should have been able to to run away from casually, but because of the revelation of the gods …

Of course, you will feel tired, oh, violent.

"Mennell. Thank you"

Not dead.

This should be according to what I expected, and it seems that it is not careful enough. (Did not understand this sentence at all, completely nonsense, please change the servant

I want to make a decision about the situation. )

"I just said that you are abandoning yourself, sorry."

「…………Oh, this little thing minds a ghost. "

The next one, we continue to walk in the forest without words.

From the former village, to the south of the forest.

I am afraid that geographically, it should be near the southeast of that semi-flooded city.

The village that should have been already a village, and it was completely destroyed.

The surrounding area, including the poisonous gas, floats like a mist.

The house is like the bones of a burnt corpse, leaving only the black columns and beams.

The field did not know the distribution was poisonous in the field, and the wheat that was sown in winter was withered and miserable.

There should be a small spring that flows out of the clear spring, and now it is a black swamp.

「………………」At this time, I finally realized it.

The damage is so serious that it was was caused by a World of Warcraft.

……Until now, I finally realized it.

The so-called Warcraft, although very rare, but the "outside world".

Then now, I have no shelter from Brad, Mary and Muse.

I have to face it by my own strength.

「…………No There is no sound, no smell of life. "

The side ear leaned against the ground, and Menel, listening to the vertical ear, muttered and stood up.

"Is there a possibility of ambush somewhere in the suburbs of the village?"

"This possibility can not be denied. Roughly, let's take a walk around the perimeter. "

From time to time, I use the "Things of Searching for Objects", or concentrate on reading the "Mantra" from the surrounding grass and trees.

The mountains and rivers are all made up of of "Music".

Muse once said that it is enough to connect these "mantras" woven with Mana to the appropriate focus and read them.

On the other side of Menel, while paying attention to the movement, he sometimes got information from the dialogue with the wind elves who passed through the whole body.

A physical-level survey plus two mysterious triplechecks.

However, there is still no breath of Warcraft.


"Yes, no"

The two agreed.

In other words, I have to explore the direction of Warcraft's movement.

In this case, Chimera should be the kind of monster that can fly, so it should be quite difficult to track and catch it.

「……How long does it take for Warcraft to eat once? "

"My grandfather …The teacher who taught me magic once had cloud, and Warcraft would not eat so often.

Warcraft is not in direct proportion to the huge body …Once you have eaten enough, after a while, you do not have to eat again in months or years.


On the contrary, if the world of Warcraft wants the amount of food in line with the body volume, the life in the world is good, or the Warcraft itself is good, it will be destroyed.

Let's go.

Maybe it's extremely cost-effective, or it's something that complements Mana in some form …There are various sayings about this.

After telling Menel about this related matter, he understood that he nodded.

"This way …Let's delay the tracking first. "

Because the tracking is not easy, and the next victim will not appear immediately, the purification of the village should be given priority.

If I did not plan to fix it earlier, I still did not say that I should should be a robber.

"Sylph, Hilfer, and the Wind of the Elves." In this unclean atmosphere, concentrate on guarding us … "

After being summoned by Menel in the language of the elves, the surrounding wind gently flutters around.

Protecting the body from the poisonous gas, the guardian of the wind elves.

Sometimes the vaguely appearing small things in the line of sight with wings are falling, fluttering and fluttering.

The goblin elf is so called this existence.

My eyes are only while seeing and not seeing, I am afraid that Menel can see it completely in his eyes.

"Let's first release the poisonous spells and spells."

I also use "vitality" and "anti-poison" on my side.

While it can also start with the purification of poison gas, it is safe to ensure that it is likely to be attacked by undead during the period of purification.

Regarding the rest, generally it is not there, there are still many many things to confirm in order to respond to the sudden intrusion of Chimera or other World of Warcraft.


"Well, let's go."

After a simple greeting, Menel and I entered the suffocating and stepped into the village.

However the field of view is very poor in hernia, it is not to say that it is a dense fog that can not be seen within 1 meter.

Because of the degree of slight blurring, it is still possible to grasp what is in the distance.

Even so, burned buildings hinder the view.

I do not know when I will fly anything.

Also consider the danger of collapse, so you can not rely on the building too close, thinking about always patrolling the village first …

「……Big brother …… "

I heard a slender voice.

……Menel's expression froze.

Look at the direction of the sound.

I do not know if it is a storage room or something, a small house that has been burnt down.

What is there, climbed out. (Ghost film is visual)

"Menell, big, brother …"

This is a burning, wreckage.

Burnt black ink, showing the child with half of the bones.

Probably the relationship after the burn, the broken is not complete – only the upper body is left, and almost nothing left.

"Warcraft, what about …? What happened in the village?

The empty eye sockets, looked up and looked at Menel.

Menel still froze.

"I, before, listen to my big brother …Not at all dangerous, I am hiding? "

I am moving forward.

Advance with the elbows.

Drag, drag, and move forward.

"Although it is very hot, I can not make a sound, I have been trying to endure …So

Menel is shaking.

Grit your teeth and hold your fists.

"The big brother, who will come over, has always been so convinced."

The corpse is laughing.

Laughing with a creepy, miserable, but warm expression.

"Big brother, come over. Thank you"

The corpse looks very happy.

It looked very happy to reach out to Menel.


Menel also seems to want to seize, the hand of this corpse sticking out.

But at that moment, it was awkward.

Is it because the body is terrible, deep doubts, or regrets that have not been saved, or are you murderers and guilty?

I can not know.

87 ‥,


I do not know if I feel the sense of rejection, and the expression of corpse is desperate.

Why? What's the matter?That You

It seems that I can not hesitate for a moment.

Judging this, I bent down my knees.

– Hold the black and white dead, tightly hugged.

"Oh, hello … !!"

Menel looked at me with a look of wolverine.

Nothing, Menel.

It's not terrible to embrace the undead.

"you. I have worked hard. ……It's amazing. "

「? Big brother, who is it? "

Among the arms, the young boy is puzzled. (Sorry, did not find it)

Tattered, carbonized skin collapses.

"I am a friend of Menel's brother.

Sorry about that. Menel brother, a little tired "

If you are swaying, please forgive him for this.

「……I see "

The boy nodded.

"Well, good boy ….Come on, Menel

Hold the boy's arm and reach out to Menel.

This time, Menel did not have any embarrassment. Tightly held the boy's carbonized hand.

「…………I am so late, I am sorry. "

"Hmm, it does not matter."

The voice is shaking.

"Get tired, sleep."

"Like, this is the case …I always feel a little sleepy … "

「……May you have a good dream. "


Shaking all over.

Even so, Menel still did not look look away.

「……Grace of the Lights, Grace Philippe. Give him the guidance of rest. "

"The guidance of the divine light (Divine?"Touch)" prayer.

Gently sway the floating lights and sleep peacefully to the soul of the teenager who is closed.

Then, with the surrounding floating, a few lost souls slowly rose to the sky.


Menel sent all this to the end.


What's the matter?



There was a moment of silence like a wording, and then said.

「……I have been jealous of you before.

I thought that you are just a little bit of a little skill and a small money, and you happen to get the protection of God. You can only say beautiful words and the like. "

Sighed, he said again.

"So, sorry,"

「…………『Oh, this little thing minds a ghost. "

Borrowing Mener's own words, a joke.

On his face with a heavy and tired face, only only a bit bit, he laughed.

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