Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Armor’s Forest Shooter 5th words

Volume 2 Armor’s Forest Shooter 5th words

"- Human value market?

Tom's village chief is puzzled.

Worse, I can not understand it.

"It refers to the murder compensation" (the Wargil is marked on the murder compensation, it is really unrecognizable)

Menel said faintly.

"For murder and injury incidents, instead of blood and blood, it will be repaid with money."


But the past life was only learned with a smattering of knowledge, a society like this has a considerable part of common sense.

In the past, the ancient Germans and the Celts also had this system, but in the Middle Ages in Russia and Scandinavia (geographically referred to as as Scandinavia)

The Vitoria Peninsula, including Norway and Sweden, culturally and politically includes the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. ) Dimension

Pull the system.

In addition, in the area of ​​Islam, even today, there is a substitute for revenge (Kisas ????? Do not ask me what the hell is, I do not know, the wiki gives

My, anyway, the general meaning is to let the prisoner suffer the same pain as the victim), and agree to use the murder compensation.

Even in the teachings of Muse, I remember having heard of a system similar to this world.

Generally, in the case where the amount of money can not pay, the person of the geopolitical relationship will for pay for the offender, therefore playing a murder and injury.

The inhibitory effect of harm …

In short, now, under this situation, how much will be compensated?

「……M. If you want to kill one person, how about a gold coin?

How to think about the extent of a gold coin.

No way !! Too expensive, this is not the past! (Robbery

"It's not appropriate to think about what he is doing! Anyway, how can people who have been burned in the village be able to afford it! (Villagers

"That is a different matter from this. There is too much gold in one gold. What are you thinking about!Robbery

"What is the robbery of the robbers !!"Villagers

……The result becomes this situation.

Muse, how much property do you have?

"- This is the end of the confirmation."

During the discussion of the constant warming process, I took out the coins from the pouch hanging on the belt.

Shining gold, shining under the sun.

The line of sight is concentrated here.

I do not know why, everyone's attention has been attracted – the noise is getting bigger.

"The death penalty for the judgment. I will execute it "

This is a very natural judgment.

It is certainly impossible to be acquitted for acts such as murder and burglary.

Even after listening to the story, I still got the conclusion that I would be beheaded.

Just by disregarding it like this, I am afraid it will become a rather cruel killing method, so it is up to me to implement it if you really want to do it.

「……Then, can you accept the road to settlement of murder compensation, please let me give (compensation) "

– The noise is getting bigger.

"Hey, wait, why are you paying for it?"

"Not just for me to pay. You have to pay 哟, Meneldor.

However, as long as you wish, I can temporarily pay for you instead.

「……God official? Why do you want to do it?

"Why do you want to say this, this is …"

Well, because I have already decided.

"Next, no matter which option you choose, I am going to kill Chimera."

The noise is increasing more and more.

Ah, really, enough.

Why do I have to encounter such a thing when I first arrive at the village.

「……Please be quiet.

I was uneasy at the beginning, and the eater of Warcraft like this was squatting around this place.

I think the reason why the gods will send me here is to let me know about this dangerous existence. "

Destroy the monsters of a village and remember the taste of the people.

I am afraid that other similar attacks will be made, and it is possible to change the imaging of the uninformed people like the robbers last night. (This sentence is a bit unintelligible, please change the gods

It's hard to change the food and drink. )

Although it is not an option that has not been dealt with at all, such an event is not likely to be handled by one person.

"In order to cut off the root cause of the incident, crusade. Not before

Turn your eyes to Menel.

"If you are accustomed to the mountains of the Chimera area, the highly skilled hunters will be more quickly and efficiently crusade.

If the settlement is reached, the part of the money that I have borrowed will be used as a deduction for the ability to use his Chimera hunting ability.

Also, it is necessary to carry out purification and restoration of the village.

「……If the settlement is unsuccessful, it will be killed. Is that true? "

The village chief asked cautiously.

"Follow the verdict. The balance of Wilder's arbitration is high and he must must be beheaded.

There is no need to mention anything else, in this case, I have no reason to provide gold coins, so I will not pay the compensation.

About Chimera's crusade, looking for other excellent hunters …Is there any hunter who is better than him? I do not know. "

The noise is getting bigger.

There was also various opinions on the side of the village, and there was no consensus at all.

"Please take a moment to discuss it."

Because I am here, so this declaration.

"The blood of the blood is still, or the redemption is made of silver. The choice is everyone's. "

The villagers were in a heated discussion on the square of the village.

Is revenge or compensation.

Surprisingly, the dead Mrs. John's wife is also actively standing on the side of compensation.

But it is a pity that the husband's death (can not avenge), considering the child's future parenting problems, it's better to get compensation.

The position is thinking.

It is true that this is the reality of a woman who lives in this dark, medieval environment. Thinking like this, she is always tied.

Menel greeted.

"Are you serious, thinking about something …"

"Just want to help people."

This is also the most efficient way.

This is also to achieve the desire of the gentle god.

「……Then you, the compassionate sage, even I want to help? "

"You have been sentenced to death." Willing to forgive you and save your words, that is, the villagers you killed, not me. (The people here call you

It has been changed to "Jun" before it has been used "Your side", is it anyway that the relationship is getting closer? )


Menel is silent.

The discussion has not yet reached an agreement.

It is killing.

Still forgiveness.

If it is forgiveness, is it any additional condition?

Though it was expected, it was quite time-consuming.

Really, it became quite troublesome.

I only encountered this kind of thing at the beginning. Really, I can not leave my point a little more, the gods are adults.

The perpetrator is a crime for the sake of a person who is important to the perpetrator, and another victim of the crime.

A troublesome situation like this is not a case that I can handle with such a newcomer.

……In short, the lynching of the momentum is stopped first, and the momentum and more fabricated by the presence of the gods are used for for the referee forcibly.

The power of the Muse gold coin is that, even if the injurer can not be forgiven, the possibility of a path of reconciliation that can achieve forgiveness is revealed.

Every effort is made to run the brain hard on this occasion, but so far, there is still such uneasiness.

In order to prevent the group's consciousness from escaping, the threat of violence is exerted.

too difficult.

What should I do?

What the gods are asking for.

Even if I got the guidance of the goddess of light (Gracefield's own nickname), I did not tell me the correct answer.

Just do not think about take Menell's "the villains who attacked the village!"If you kill a piece of film, do not leave it, will the trouble disappear?

If you can talk about the cheap drunkenness of "Rage of Justice", you will not be bothered by this kind of thing.

It's plausible to open a river like this, and there is no formality.

As long as you will get the power of your hand, you can to the enemy you think.


– Even so, please love humans.

– Please go to do good.

– Do not be afraid to lose, to create rather destroy, to forgive others' crimes, to hope for desperate people, and those who are sad.

– Then, guard the weak from all the arrogance.

"So, this is not the way …"


It seems that my destiny will be a very troublesome thing.

Using ignorant knowledge and experience, on this initial stage, we can only strive to do our best.

……Mary, but it is really not easy, but still trying to do it.

Whispering in my heart like this.

During this period, the villagers from the square also returned.

It seems that I finally got the conclusion.

From the conclusion, the village has attached several conditions and chose reconciliation and compensation.

"I wanted to take the knife of revenge, but now I am guided by the gods, the gods and deans who are her agents are here to treated their faces.

As the representative of the village, Mr. Tom made a speech.

"Then the sage is an adult ….Since you already already intervened in the village's ruling, how much responsibility should you assume? Is that okay? "

But of course!

This is rightly so.

The attached condition was that in order to prevent to re-attack on the side of the thief, several people to be taken as as hostages in a short period of time.

After returning the village of thieves from Chimera, I was temporarily monitored and occasionally contacted.

Chimera may also be able to escape from the enemy.

This is also my responsibility if the village can not repair it, and as a result of these poor ghosts failing to do any anything.

At the time of the attention, the unknowing obligations and responsibilities increased.

However, you can see a community connected by 羁绊 like this.

After that, I reached an agreement on many other topics and a ceremony of reconciliation.

I summoned the bread with prayer, and after subdividing it, the two camps sat together and ate the bread. (How do you feel a little cute when the brain is filled?

This is the so-called communion etiquette.

After the actual and formal things ended, a small amount of food and water was bought with a few copper coins.

After recovering the baggage that was put on the forest, I and the thieves set off.

In the forest, you must first merge with the hidden women and children.

The men were rejoicing because they had lost their lives.

Menel, he is still silent.

「……That, thank you. "

A young man talked to me.

"Thanks to your asylum, everyone is saved. No, because of your attack, you will fail …

But like to kill this kind of thing …Sure enough, it is still very conscious.

If you can, you really do not want to say it say. It's great to have no success … "

I always feel that this young man is very cautious.

"It's great to have you," (passer success)

He said so, he laughed.

With this as a starting point, men of all ages are vocal.

Aaah! Anyway, it will give give you trouble. ……Thank you, stop us. "

"The gods are still there, and they still exist …"

"It's a great guts, it's solved all at once."

"Take your blessing, I have a face to face the gods."

Just when the atmosphere is slightly relieved.

「…………啰嗦 "(no road race)

Menel's low voice, but the air in the room is frozen.

"Will. You sucker! …Why are you saving me! "

Menel looked at me.

The boiling feelings shine in the shiny green emerald.

"Kill me. If you kill, you will not be killed.

……Are you doing this really well? I killed someone?

Now, I do not expect to be forgiven by the gods! "

"Hey, Menel …"

"I have said it several times, and it is not me who forgive you. It is the person in the village.

For the deity of the gods, it is only to give you the opportunity as much as possible. "

Khamenel made a sneer.

"You said the opportunity? By now.

How many people have you and you thought I have killed, and unlike this group of guys, I grew up on a bad road when I was young?


"6 people"

6 people, this sentence is repeated in the heart.

Though I do not know what happened, it is indeed a very large number.

I approached Menel.

"In this case"

Looking back at Menel's dazzling gaze.

"- You will save the lives of six people from now on."

The hostile eyes are coincident with each other.

"You are still alive now, and the future will exist for this."


"You can not give up on yourself, Mernell ….If you really want to die, you will live to die. "


Suddenly, the line of sight was removed and Menel moved again and moved.

The atmosphere is full of awkward silence.

Mener, this person, seems to be a pretty awkward guy. (Referred to as proud)

It should be a considerable degree of life (this sentence does not understand I would have sent a quite life)

This reminds me of his unclear eyes on what I prayed.

It's really strange to reconsider now.

Here is the world in which God does exist and parallels its power.

The villagers just now, if they move out of the authority of God, they can carry out their own (views) to a great extent.

With the ability to use prayer, as a priest of many good God agents, you need to bear a very heavy position and authority.

In such a world, watching godliness with distrustful eyes.

This is ……Probably he himself is also convinced that his good God is not protecting himself.

Therefore, the attitude is put forward.

– I could not help but realize that the street of the deceased where the three people are located is a small paradise.

The outside world, but it has not collapsed, has not been destroyed …

But it seems that it is still in the shadows.

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