Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Shooter of Beast Forest 4th episode

Volume 2 Shooter of Beast Forest 4th episode

For a time, everyone has nothing to say.

Here is also the heartbeat acceleration.

But it is calmly and ethically spit out – "What rights do you have to judge?"It is quite dangerous.

In fact, if I ask you I have the right to stir up such a situation, I really do not have it.

"If you make this group of people live, what if you make atrocities again."

The short stature, the elderly Tom's village chief said so.

In reality, this possibility exists.

There is a possibility of failure in the village in terms of timing and momentum.

Even if you are unbeaten, there will be huge losses. Fortunately, I am here, and finally I have tried to get through this barrier. It is just the killing of all people to ensure stability and security. This is the first practical means.

[What if there is a riot, is it? 】

– Conversely, because of luck, I am there.

So, I felt a little bit of a performance and squinted my head. "That will definitely be for me to kill everyone. ”

If you say what you take for granted, otherwise you will swear, I said in this tone.


The village chief is silent

He also thought about it. It's me who suppresses dozens of people here and who are not injured.

[Nothing, it's not that no one is killing such a thing. Confirm your background and reasons, and confirm that there is no compromise / negotiation. It is just the bottom line. The power of the appropriate authority lord does not seem to affect the way it is here, then under the authority of the gods, follow the rules of ancient times. 】

Self-relief, trial alone

This is correct to a certain extent.

In fact, as a very problem, if the social system is not working, it can only be decided according to the rules within its own group.

However, there is a problem with this configuration.

Whether it is a village in the Warring States period, a colony in medieval Europe, or a tribal society in the jungle. As long as it is a similar structure, the phenomenon of fellowships occurs almost everywhere.

Once, two different groups started to kill each other. If there is no other organization with power to intervene to stop the two sides, the chain of revenge will not stop.

As a result, the groups involved in the struggle are very exhausted, reconciliation or compromises are not established, and the possibility of falling into such a state of no progress is also common.

Since there is such a possibility in reality, it is better to prevent such a serious situation from happening.

This is also the case in the past life. In short, if the deceased person appears, it is right to let the feelings go back. It is not necessary for the law to be judged.


[attacked …In short, the first name is the robber. The robbers may have other people besides dozens of people here. If there is time to listen to the reasons and background, I think listing is the best]

Regarding that point (referring to the cause and background), I did not understand very clearly. Since the goddess has sent the gods. Maybe this is a sign of a huge disaster.


In order to avoid the danger in front of you, besieging them, hitting them with a stick, killing them and then hanging them up, then what happens afterwards may be terrible.

For this proposal, Tom's village chief also considered it a little.

[However, the sacred official 哟]

What's the matter?

[Can you guarantee a fair ruling? 】

[If you do not have this, the verdict of the verdict will also sanction me]

In this world, God can exercise power in reality.

But the arrival of Mulling is a rare state of affairs, God can give the eyes of the people who are watching the eyes, and the deprivation of the power of the misbehaving is also commonplace.

[Even if I can not believe it, can the gods who give me strength not believe it? 】

[That is, indeed, if it is the goddess of the goddess of the goddess Raytheon and the goddess of the earth god]

Raytheon Wilde has a broad base of faith in society, and the goddess Madiel has a strong faith in the countryside.

The family of Light God, this statement should be effective.

[How about the other villagers? I swear by the balance of Raytheon's ruling that I will not make an unfair ruling]

[Well, if this is the case]

[Oh, but John was killed! 】

"Hey, there is a man dead here, do not forget this!" Of course, I nodded.

[Thank you very much, then declare again, the battle ends here, and now the referee. Before you reach a formal verdict, you still have to hold weapons to resort to violence -]

look around

[Please do a good question and answer, useless, be enlightened by my beheading. 】

In short, before the trial began, the injured were treated in turn.

Scraps, stab wounds, contusions, and more severe fractures of this degree, people, regardless of the camp I have all cured.

[Hey! Moved, moved! 】

[This next year's farm work can also be carried out]

[God, thank you very much]

These are the reactions of the villagers.


Most of the robbers are always silent.

I do not know if I have any considerations. Menel pretends to be a girl who does not know me. I pretend not to know Menel.

If the justice is suspected, this dangerous trial can not be established. But it does not deny that I have some thoughts, I am not going to distort the principle to help him.

Everyone's healing was over, and then simply the funeral of John who passed away.

I buried his body in the common cemetery. Though it is a common cemetery, it is a small soil slope. Offer prayers.

The lights in the dawn floated, and suddenly it seemed to guide the soul and float into the air.

At that time, being very weak, the soul of John who passed away smiled slightly to his bereaved family.

His wife and daughter are all in tears.

After the battle, all the necessary measures were over, and I hurriedly turned back to the confirmation of the cause.

To be honest, there is not much time left.

The villagers are resistant to preparing food for the robbers, but the more hungry the stomach is, the more robbers will be abandoning themselves. There is no doubt that the villagers will respond to this and get too much conclusion.

No matter what conclusions you will draw, the sooner you start, the better.

Therefore, the first thing is to confirm to the villagers.

The villagers seem to have no impression of the thieves who came from the attack.

[Speaking, the villages in the vicinity, how do you say, there are more "hidden feelings"]

The village chief of Tom, who is talking about this, has a very sharp line of sight.

There are tiny old injuries everywhere in the body.

The life he spent is probably not easy.

There is no doubt that ordinary villagers will not be like this.

[At the end of the border, the guys who live in the Beast's Forest, most of them are more or less hidden people. Walking in the forest is dangerous, so the communication with other people is rarely Farther guys, to be honest, not very clear]

So, I beheaded.

I confirmed the situation to several other villagers, and it was the turn of the robber.

What group are you, why do you do this? In this way, one of the young people said with a heavy tone.

【……The village is burned out]

[Is it actually burned out? 】

This is not something that can be ignored. The village head standing next to him is excited.

I stopped him by hand and continued to ask:

[What kind of existence is the burning of the village? 】

[Warcraft that I have have seen before, there are three men who resisted it and they were killed at once. People or livestock were killed and eaten in turn, and the home was burned down, and they were teased with half a minute. The meaning is to use the magic to sprinkle the poison into the field. In the words of Menel, what is it called? 】

The young man's eyes turned to Menel.


Menel kept silent for a while and then replied

I was not present at the time, and I started with this sentence.

[Chimera (synthetic beast). Probably, it is Chimera.

The name Chimera (synthetic beast) I learned from Muse.

Some people say that it is the genus of evil gods. Some people say that it was created in the past using the ancient and magical evil research. It is a bizarre predator of unknown origin.

a gesture consisting of a plurality of beasts whose compositional patterns are generally fixed

The main types are the head of a lion, the body of a goat, the tail of a viper, and their heads. (Chi Meila has three heads, namely the lion head, the sheep head and the snake head.

A huge body that can bite a human bite, and wings that fly in the sky.

Warcraft in Warcraft. Though extremely dangerous Warcraft

[That should not be, World of Warcraft, which rarely appear in front of people.]

[But, except that it is nothing in line with what the said, said I do not know if it's a luck of bait, or is the ancient relics somewhere nearby collapsed, or what is the evil god officer doing? 】

Menel gave a guess based on the status quo, really a person with a lot of knowledge.

【You are? 】

[I am Menel, Menel. Dole. It was was the village destroyed by Chimera, the hunter who lived outside the village. As you can see, the loner of the hybrid, the adventurer is also good at doing anything. When the village was attacked, because the hunting was not in the village]

Menel's voice was gloomy.

Indeed, a master like him, whether he is defeating Chimera or delaying time, can do it.

[It was killed by Chi Meila, the village chief is really a good person, and a rogue like me will accept really, very good people.]


The half-elves of silver hair muttering in the sound of nostalgia.

[I can live here is the grace of my mother-in-law, so I want to give some food to the villagers who escaped from Chimera and were frozen in the forest. Even so, it is really impossible to win with Chimera as an opponent. 】

The handsome face slowly emerged with a bleak smile.

[So let the people in the village die in front of me? So attack the village, kill people, and live in them instead. 】

The more this is, the more cruel it is. That knife-like smile.

[There is no money, nothing! There are no other way than to bring these dozens of people to the town to sell themselves! 】

Exclaimed excitedly:

[So I want to win this rotten village! Yes, I am the mastermind, it is me who incited them and killed the patrolling people! 】

The villagers cast their hatred on him.

However, I understand in the vicinity, his eyes are very calm.

Calmly – focus the villagers' anger on themselves.

[Hey, please. You are a godly and compassionate priest. Even if there are only a few people, can you find a way to let them go? Hey, please.]

He suddenly turned around, pleading sorrowfully like grabbing my life-saving straw.

I have set a plan clearly, but in front of me, he is actually more than anyone …

[How could it be let go, who can guarantee that they will not attack again because of hatred. What's more, according to speculation, there are women and children who can not fight somewhere in the forest.

Tom's village chief plugged in and threw the floor

[Kill you, explore the forest, sell the people over there, for the future life of John's bereaved! 】

The villagers also issued a scream of consent when they heard his shouts.





Men are killed!

Female and child are sold!

Infused with a fierce roar of waves.


I thought that this is because there are beasts and world of Warcraft, it will be called.

But not only that.

Human beings, in order to survive, expose their own beasts and the end of the world.

……《Beast Woods, it's really appropriate.

be quiet

When so, step on the ground with all your strength.

The ground shook and people were silent.

[I can not hold weapons before the official verdict is issued, and you can not resort to violence. Otherwise, you have to cut your head. Have you forgotten it! 】

People who see each other can not hesitate for a moment.

[I understand the reason. 】

Looking at this trend, the village name will will soon be lynched like an avalanche …It is now, now, the judgment must be issued.

"I want to show the verdict, but there is one thing I want to ask before."

Brad, Mary.

Please watch me.

God of Lights.

Please give me care.

[- Abort human prices, I want to confirm]

I told you in the most serious voice possible.

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