Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Shooter of the Beast Forest 3rd story

Volume 2 Shooter of the Beast Forest 3rd story

Leave the bag unrelated to the battle on hold.

Along the way, the axe was marked on the tree and moved with anxious mood.

This revelation is obviously a preview of the tragedy.

And Menel was also involved.


But I have already understood it before, this era seems to be quite turbulent.

The person I met future may have been a dead body the next day.

Look around.

Dim forest.

Because it is winter, the grass is not luxuriant, it really helps a lot.

But in this darkness, I am afraid that I can not find the village of Menel if I go wild.

However there is also a means of tracking the Menel footprint, it is too time consuming, and I do not know if it will come in handy.

First of all, Menel has a little warning to me and may be fooling in the direction of advancement.

And a hunter like him can only use a little bit of realism, and my tracking is useless anyway.

Thinking like this, I sang a few "mantras" one after another.

It is used when looking for something, and it is known to use "Mantra."

「…………Over there! "

Can only grasp the approximate position.

Though it is only a simple magic of this degree, it is better than nothing.

– There must be a lot of confusion.

Holding the shield, let the force pass through the grass, leaping over the steep slope in one breath and making a soft landing with "feather fall".

If you are serious about exploring the forest, you have to use a lot of troublesome methods to move on.

The so-called village is where there is land that has been developed.

Occasionally stop your steps and use the "Make for Objects" to confirm the general orientation and continue to move.



In front of the forest, you can see the land that has been opened.

It can be seen in a vague way, with farmland connected by fields and acres, and about a dozen houses of people who are surrounded by wooden fences.

It looks like nothing has happened yet.

"Not yet, happening …?"Before original, there was, what ghost)


Still not sure.

It is also very likely that the tragedy has already happened.

I still do not know what caused the situation to happen.

Is a demon, a monster, not a dead, or a warcraft …

If you are close, you may be attacked suddenly.

Singing a few words, "The Mantra", the light of the gunpoint of "Pale Moon" disappeared.

In short, first scouting the situation. Listen carefully and approach with caution.

While thinking like this, leave the forest and lower your body close to the field.


"The direction of the forest seems to have something like light …"

"Is it wrong?"

There are two torches.

While talking, approach this side.

Holding the torch is wearing an old tunic (tunic ancient Greek, the length of the Romans wearing the clothes under the knees, the waist belt), hands

Holding a stick, a fur blouse for middle-aged and youth.

There is a night in the village, that is what happened …At least, it's not like the tension after the tragedy.

Sure enough, the revelation seems to be pre-aware of the situation before it happened.


What I found, the middle-aged men of the two men noticed the shadow of the torch.

……Ah, it's bad. I am still a suspicious person now.

His eyes are round and he is just preparing to speak –

"Oh, ah …"(Can not find the corresponding Chinese character, the sound between ah and 嘎)


Keep your hand in the position of the torch.

Like a broken puppet, I lost my strength. (There are no puppets in the original text. For the sake of easy understanding, please change the gods.

– The arrow with his white tail feather on his head is missing ????Sting on it.

When I understood the meaning, during the moment of my stiffness, there was a sound of stringing.

The second arrow was released.

Still did not understand what happened, just staring at the young man who fell down in the middle-aged man.

「……Hey! "

From the darkness, step into the range of the torch illumination.

It's almost just an instinct to shoot a short shot.

Fortunately, there is a feeling back.

The arrow was lost.

As in the case of sheltering the youth, it is in the direction in which the arrow will be released.

The front of the line of sight …


Rubbing his face, sullen face.

The arrow in the hand is missing, and the silver-haired hybrid elf stands there.

Behind him, there are dozens of men dressed up in dirty clothes armed with sticks and prime guns.

"Menell …"

Then I was sure of one thing.

The village of Menel?

Is Menel involved in tragedy?

Going over to help him?

……How can I be so stupid.

The scene of revelation happens after the viewer knows.

In other words, I misunderstood.


Meneldor is not a victim of tragedy.

– It is the main criminal.

Thinking has not kept up.

Why is Menel.

At that time, there must be a smile.

"Go to control the village. This guy is killing me. "

After Menel spoke.

The men behind him moved.

And more

When I tried to stop them and acted, the arrow lost and flew again.

If you avoid it, the young people behind you will be exposed to the direct track.

So set up a round shield to withstand.

「……Are not they brought by you, are not they?

In Melan's pupil, what emotions flashed in an instant.

But at the same time this moment.


This moment, I saw his stunts.

Menel shot three arrows in one breath.

I aimed my face, wrists and legs separately.

Thoughts are still very chaotic.

But the body trained by Brad responded correctly to Mener's stunts.

Use a round shield to shoot down the sword that targets the face and wrist, and lift the foot to the side to flash the aiming leg.

The impact on the leg, the angle of the shooting angle, so even if you do not escape, do not hit back the youth behind.

Ah? .. Ah …Everyone! Get up! Get up! There is an enemy! "

The young man has finally grasped the beginning of the situation and called it up.

Another person, the middle-aged man who fell to the ground …It has not been saved now.

I can not deal with Menel's arrow to protect the youth, and I have time to heal him.

Let the deceased Su Sheng do this, I can not do it.

"whispering sound"

For the call of the youth, Menel was anxious to think that I would shoot the next arrow.

Anyway, slamming that is the same, really ruthless.

Yet he wanted to shorten the distance by hitting the arrow, Menel also retreated to keep the distance.

This distance seems to be the way he is good at the interval.

"Accelerate __ !!"

Then, shorten the distance in one breath.

After deciding to sing "The Mantra", the explosive acceleration.

"Gnome, hold his feet, oh!"

Like to stop me, Menel summoned.

The ground suddenly became scary and stupid, trying to shake me like that.

I am afraid this is the elf of the servant land, the spell of "slip".

Because it is accelerating. If you are stumbled by your feet, you may have broken your bones.

Can see the expression of Menel's triumph.

At the most appropriate point in time, use the power of the goblin.

I can not make a countermeasure at that moment.

Because there is no corresponding method …


Let the power of the rush run on it (stamping English scribbled)

The huge voice is roaring.

The strong vibration spread, and the earth fears have to stop.


Menel widened his eyes.

The men who attacked the village, and the men in the village who armed with weapons came out, widened their eyes.

It seems that they do do not know.

As long as there is violence in the muscles that have been exercised, most things can be solved directly.

「……Damn it … Damn it) "

Menel went back further as he spoke swearing.

After successively releasing the arrows, I even gave up throwing the knife directly with the bow. I do not know how to throw the knife from the left and right direction.

Something that can be evaded moves the body with a body squat (a kind of body in the judo kendo) to escape. If it does not open, it will continue to advance with the shield.

The shield is really a very convenient thing, it's great.

Menel finally got a sense of enlightenment, set up a hatchet …

"Salamande, burn it, oh!"

Behind, the flame of the torch held by the fallen middle-aged man leaps and shoots me "firebolt"

Puncture the short gun back and forth and pass the flame through. This (attack) method can also be read out in advance.

「…………Real or fake

Compared with the viciousness of the undead, Mener's induction is still within scope of pre-reading.

After the last resort was also cracked, the distance between the stunned Menel was shortened.

"You, strong mess …"

Finally, against the heart of the bitterly smiling Menel, slammed with a short gun handle.

The air in the chest lungs was forced out, and Menel bent his knees.

The diaphragm is paralyzed and the breathing is not smooth, and it is temporarily in a state of inability to act.

During the period, he sang "The Mantra" and used spider silk to restrain him.

Looking at the village, the villagers guarding the village have begun to counterattack the attackers led by Menel.

But there are no more people than Menel.

…………In this case, there is no problem.

On top of this, in the absence of the deceased, the whole staff will be subdued.

– As far as the results concerned, the deceased has only the one that was originally fired.

Dozens of attackers, including Menel, can be almost powerless by me alone.

At that time, the amount of the "Curse" that made the village side into the powerless spider silk was not achieved, it was still within the allowable range.

I was an armed alien, I was mistaken as a person on the attacker …

Then, fortunately, the youth I sheltered from under the arrow proved to me.

In this way, when the whole attacker was tied with a rope, the night has begun to whiten.

The side of the attacker was also good, and the side of the attacker was also good. Several people were injured.

In short, first treat it when thinking about it …

「……Hang up all the staff. "

"This white guy is killing John's murderer, and he has to be entertained to kill (to make a good fight)"


When I heard the conversation of the villagers' turmoil, the thought stopped for a moment.

"That, that!"

The screaming and screaming, the villagers looked at it like this.

100 people, it is a group of less than 100 people.

The man who can fight is about 20 people at most, this feeling.

"No, no judicial procedures?"

"sifa? Without this thing, the adventurer of travel "

Tom and the village chief said, he asked back with doubts.

Can not understand.

Is it that this statement is already like the old saying (poi)?

"Which person is there, who is in charge of governance and ruling in this periphery?"

"Are you asking the lord? There is no such person wow (the accent is too heavy to understand)

"Yes, there is only this village around."

"With such a border, even if there is no governance, you can not get any thing."

"You can only protect yourself by your own life!"

The villagers answered you with a sentence.

…………That, can you say that?

In other words …It's all.

Huh It's customary to kill the thieves and hang them up. "

……Self-reliance, self-reliability criminal law

In the past, Japan also had the same situation in the middle ages when the state power was weak.

Do not rely on social systems.

Therefore, in the narrow community, rules and systems are established, and independent rule and diplomacy are carried out.

Of course, it also includes the referee and the execution of such punishment.

Just say that they are.

Menel, they will be lynched (lynch).

"No, that …"

"Thank you for your help, but this is not something that adventurers can manage."

But I want to say something in a flash, I am not allowed to interrupt by outsiders.

Awkward sight …And Menel's eyes are on.

Menel and my line of sight coincided, shrugged and shrugged.

That's the way it is like saying this.

The eyes are already giv giving up all the eyes (there is no love)

I am accustomed to the occurrence of bad things, and have already (will hope) have worn out …Such a gaze.

– Suddenly, I remembered my past life.

In the bathroom, under the unkempt hair, the dim pupil.


Grace Fil, she is looking forward to what.

Will the innocent villagers be protected from the attacks from Menel like this?

Just let it go, watching Menel be killed.

That gentle god, really just for this, guide me here.

"Next, do you have a sense of enlightenment, thief?"

「……Ha, let's do it. "

Menel smiled.

I laughed at myself.

"Sorry, boy ….It's really a mistake. "

The companions smiled and solitude with each other.

The villagers were waiting for them with boneless sticks.

Immediately, he will be beaten and killed.

– Is this the goddess' wish?

"wrong ……"


Absolutely wrong.

Since there is no reason, it is absolutely wrong.

Then, on this occasion, it can be proved that it is –

"This ruling, wait a minute !!!"

Is not it only me that I can prove it?!

「……My name is William! William G. Mary Brad! "

The legs are in line with the shoulders, straighten the back, tighten the chin …

The metal hoop of the short gun slammed into the ground.

"It is the goddess of justice and the god of mine, Wilde and the goddess of the goddess Madiel, the reincarnation of the goddess Gracefil!

No number of stunned sights came over here.

The bottom of the foot is chilly.

The voice is shaking.

The heart is retreating.

But once I remembered Mary, I suddenly got the courage.

Mary's words will definitely not sit idly by.

"The balance of Weddell Arbitration will not allow lynching in front of us, we will never allow it!"

At the moment of publishing this declaration.

The light around me floated lightly.

Oh, the crowd is commotion.

This is the light that protects the god of the light.

Grace Phil's lights.

– The goddess of ignorance, a slight smile.

Like to inspire that, I try my best to continue to speak.

"This ruling, let me judge!"

I do not understand.

I do not think Menel is right.

However, the implementation of lynchings like this is by no means just.

Against the rising sun, I face the villagers.

"Now, in the name of Raytheon Wilde and the goddess Grace of Light, here, the referee !!!"

Keeping this posture, the loud sounds sound throughout the village, so declare.

– I have sworn.

In his life, become your sword to fight evil and become your hand to help grief.

The goddess of reincarnation (here the author is labeled as a female, can be turned into an adult to call her, can also be used as a girlfriend), Gracefil.

Now, I must extend her hand to the audience today. I am so convinced.

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