Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Shooter of the Beast Forest 2nd story

Volume 2 Shooter of the Beast Forest 2nd story



Me and him, both sides did not speak and act.

This scene is slowly filled with tension.

Oh no.

This is really, it's awful.

It was the first time that he had contact with a living person, but he did not have the feeling of Yu Yu.

……The two people have had met each other accidentally first contact (here the author himself used the katakana culture anthropology terminology. Refers to different civilizations, different species

The first contact between the families. )

For a discipline such as cultural anthropology, it is a dangerous situation.

In any case, there is no way to prove that you are not a dangerous person.

This the proof of the so-called demons ("the proof of the devil", the original source is the Latin probato diablolica (devil's proof)

This is a trick that is often used in rhetoric and sophistry. It means that you prove that it is difficult to confirm and there is is way to express it directly. Code

Therefore, you can find Baidu Encyclopedia)

It is in the inaccessible forest.

Where the judicial and security agencies have nothing.

In short, even if there is is sudden violence, it is a place that almost never wants to get help.

Therefore, for both parties, this is an opponent who suddenly encounters armed forces.

If you are a small number of people, you can choose the escape plan right away, but now they are one-on-one.

Is there a handshake of smiles?

If I am an opponent, suddenly the armed man smiles and reaches out …Will it be acceptable?

Or is it to lay down the weapon to prove that it is harmless?

What if the opponent has already started? Still wonder if it is a trap and alert? There is a harbinger of the action of putting my weapon down as an attack.


Use prayer to prove that you are a believer in a godly god?

However there is also the possibility that the other party is a sacred god official, will he be silently watching his opponent use prayer?

……And if he is really a god-dead official, then it is not at all a community with me.

Therefore, it is not acceptable to want to back up the name of an unknown community. In short, there is no way to prove identity.

For subjects such as cultural anthropology, the occasional first contact is really dangerous.

……In this case, tensions and warnings that are hoisted like this often have the potential to develop into mutual killings.

It seems that the opponent is also there, and it is confusing and at the same time highly nervous and alert.

Thinking about how to deal with my arming, like the sight of a quick patrol for confirmation is the evidence for this.

……Whether it is fighting or flight (fight or flight) This is a problem (Shavon is going to be broken)

It's awful, it's awful.

If you go on like this, you have to kill each other. What to say and what to say …

Suddenly, I suddenly skipped an idea in my mind.

Muse's teaching.

Yes, it should be …Slowly, lean your right hand palm against your left chest.

"-" When we meet, there will be a star shining "

Word by word, as cautious as possible, with beautiful pronunciation.

The eyes of the mixed-race elf in silver (because of surprise) are wide.

"The Elven Language …?"

His voice was shaken by surprise. Sounds like a ringing sound.

"You, is the blood of the elf?"

No. But, I think you must have the blood of the elf … "

If the mixed elves and the elves are compared to this level of enthusiasm, they may not be so nervous. I do not think this is a matter of course.

CutWell, it's almost like this. "

, His next words surprised me.

The momentum was suddenly dispelled. He felt that he had recovered his original chatter, and the beautiful face commensurate with the musical sound but the very boring tone.

a rough feeling.

"Compared to this ….Is that "the one" over there, is it your death?

The thing he pointed at with his hand, the wild boar.

Then it was mine, the tip of the short gun with blood.

"Yes, it is me."

When he said this, his eyebrows wrinkled a little.

"Is it like a nobleman?"

Eh …Though this is doubtful, it has been 200 years since I thought about it in the era of Brad and Mary.

In the case of 200 years, it is probably the time elapsed from the beginning of the Warring States period to the end of the Kamakura period.

It is enough for language changes.

The ancient style is also good for the old saying, it sounds like that.

In English, You (you) said Thou (thou this feeling.

Sorry. This is a habit. "

「……Well, how can I do it. Then this wild boar

The change has returned to the topic of wild boar.

"This guy is, my prey."

Pointing at the arrow stabbing the wild boar, the silver-haired hybrid elf said.

The tail feather of the arrow is also the same white as the other arrows in his arrow.

It did not take much time to chase the wild boar. There should be no mistake.

"It's you, the cross knife killed it."

The last blow was my stab.

But do not say that, it's just like "taking away my prey" …

Perhaps in fact, just such a warning is a component of containment.

Because the habits of past lives have become unsatisfactory and say "sorry", first avoid (conflict).

"Is such that. Because the wild boar suddenly rushed out and was not able to kill himself in order to protect himself. But

In short, it is the matter of negotiation.

Negotiating with others.

"Because it is the last blow I gave, can you give me the right to distribute it?

But you do not know if the elves are the same as humans, you should all seek to live in groups.

This kind of negotiation.

The silver-haired mixed-race elf seems to be very good at negotiating, and I easily play with me in the applause than the first time I talk to people. (It is okay.

As has been so has been has been has been has been has been has been has been has been has been has been has been has been has been

While he looks like me in the same age, but because of the long-lived mixed-race elves of this ancestry, it may actually be better than me.


In any case, the agreement reached an agreement. As a compensation to help disintegrate, I got the meat that I had stabbed to the forelimb to the root, so the negotiation was complete.


Though I still remember Brad's (disintegration method), it is quite troublesome to dismantle a whole wild boar.

……The first is to drag into the river to soak the blood, and then the two together from the wash start (author's own katakana).

The wild boar does not know where to go to the mud bath, and the fur is full of mud.

"Ah, hateful! Not used?

Trapped in the bones, the silver-haired arrow that he pulled from the wild boar lost, and the arrow was gone.

Look at his fuss (the arrow fragments) in the pocket, it seems that metal products now, in this area should be quite expensive.

"Cut the pieces out." After making meat, whoever bites will not be happy. "

Using the flat rocks on the river, carefully remove the debris from the arrow and start disintegrating the wild boar.

But I have learned a little from Brad, this silver-haired mixed-race elf has a better technique on this.

Because the subcutaneous fat of wild boar is delicious, it is difficult to separate the skin and fat limit.

I can see the knife's arms, but this original amazingly correct speed. This is amazingly correct speed.

There is almost no fat left in the part he peeled off.

"That that … …."

He started from the bottom of the big boar's lower jaw and swung his head with a knife.

As if to separate from the spine, hold the head from the direction I am in, and reverse the torsion to disengage the joint.

"Oh, understand."

Because he smiled at him, he got a chuckle response.

He then gently splits the meat and tendons with a knife and cuts the head away.

After I fixed the body of the big wild boar, he only cut the skin from the throat to the side of the buttocks.

If you cut too deeply, it will hurt your internal organs …In this case, there will be tragedies in the contents of the intestines, the bladder, and the contents of the logistics, but this way

Do not worry about anything.

There are other things to worry about.

"Next, this guy is public. Now this period, because it is the breeding season …To strip the stick (original I did not change) and tama

If you look at this situation, "that" may spill. "

"Can, can do it, do it for you!" (…This word is toxic)

… heh Well, it's still a bit confusing. " (The man was actually reversed)

Fortunately, there was no such thing, and his technique was very smooth and smooth.

In this case, I just cut the whole side with a hand axe and spread the ribs to the left and right.

Cut the circumference of the anus, the chest, the diaphragm, and peel off the peritoneum to the side of the spine …

"Good, oh …哟 "(here are some modal particles, can not turn over, oh …When)

He took out the esophagus and trachea from the anus side and took out all the internal organs.

The technique is really good.

This is probably the same as the "pure meat" That was frozen and hoisted in previous movies and TVs.

I took off the head of the big wild boar and looked at myself. I folded my hands and prayed.

……Sorry, thank you. I will cherish it.

"It is godly ….Then, beforehand, the part of the forefoot is yours, give

His shoulders swayed and jokingly said.

The big wild boar is the front shoulder of the fine meat, and the part of the bone joint is cut with a hatchet, so it is clean and neatly separated.

"This will be the assignment."


Holding a hand-axe and a hatchet full of blood in their hands, they exchanged a smile of comfort.

「……Just eat the liver first, it will break down soon. "

"Ah, if I do this, I have a portable pot."

Fresh liver chops are delicious.

Because of the work in the cold river in winter, the hand has been frozen.

During the collection of drifting wood during the mixed elves

「……《Burning (flame author wrote flamow, not found) "Fire (ignites the same Ignis)" (really lost

Japanese English)

Slightly whispered to the dead wood after using the "Mantra" (the dead wood) quickly burned up.

Though not entire distrusting each other …I think so, but regardless of the Muse era, I do not know where the magic of modern society is.

If you want to use it, let's hide it first.

vroom!It's so cold. "

He took off his boots and put his hands and feet in front of the fire. He also came back.

"Oh, cold"

He cast the raft into the fire and he used the same way (sit down).

Involuntarily laughed at each other.

"Sal, really look forward to it"


Raise the hand pot in a hurry, first put the fat of the wild boar.

Wait until (fat) is completely absorbed in the bottom of the pot, put the cut liver into it, then pour the rock salt and fill the (liver).

The smell of cooked meat is good.

"The mother god Marty, the kind gods, thank you for your compassion, I sincerely enjoyed it (idadakimasu).

This blessed food will be a support for our food intake. "

The eyes are drooping and the hands are crossed.

「…………Really super godly. "

The silver-haired half-elves seem to look at me.

An incomprehensible look.

It seems that there should be no type of belief.

However, according to the general situation, I am also an atheist in the memory of past lives. Naturally, it is not the kind of godly person he said.

In the middle of the prayer, it's a bit strange to look at it like this.

"Thank you for your sacred favor ….I 'm gonna start now "

「……Hey, eat it. "

While he did not have any beliefs, he did not ignore the prayers here and began to eat.

After the prayer, the two of us took the washed knife into the pot and took the boiled liver.

Then you can put put your hot (porcine liver) big mouth into your mouth.

……Hot and delicious.

Just a little salt, the liver's rich flavor spread in the mouth.

Really, delicious can not be described.

It is best to have another ice beer, think so.

Even the other side, (usually) looks unhappy, and now it is soothing.

The rice after work is really delicious.

– At the time of the attention, the sun was mostly halfway down.

Ah? Ask for directions? "

After almost the question like this, I got the expression that I was as surprised as I expected.

Sure enough, the last question is correct.

This question is a little bit dangerous.

I do not know how to ask for it. It is difficult to induce an answer.

Where do you come from, where you are, etc …

「……It's not a common face Nearby, you, where is the stranger (hopefully I turned the wrong what kind of monkey you are)

"No, this is …It's hard to explain clearly, what should I say?

No matter which world, no identity proof is really troublesome.

Imagine being unable to prove that you are harmless human beings, and that no one else has come to prove it for me.

In the past, the social system of household registration and identity cards was proved in this world by geography.

Those who do not have these are equivalent to saying that this person can not be dangerous.

However, if you want to smother the past, you may be seen.

……Daisy, let's talk honestly.

"It should be from the south side …"

"South? You, this is already the southernmost point. "

"The southernmost point?"

"The southernmost tip of human development."South of the Mainland (south mark), "beast woods"

"Beast woods", that's really a terrible name.

There should be more than than just a big wild boar, there are more fierce beasts.

Be careful.

……Next, how to explain it,

I can not say the things of the three people and the things of the undead, even if they say it, they will only be treated as imaginary fools …

"Even if you do this, come from the south. There are all kinds of love … "

「……Ah, should not it be an explorer who relies on excavation to make a living? (What is the ghost?


In this way, the remains of these Mary and Brad eras remain as they are.

And there is also a profession to discover such things.

If it is true, I will use the things I get from the remains of that city to make a living, maybe it is true.

"Yes, it's almost that feeling …"

"And then, I got lost."


The amazing guy, the silver-haired mixed-race elf, looked at me like this and sighed.

"The first time I saw such a risky adventurer …Well, forget it.

If you go down the river, you can reach the town in about two days.

If you bring something like this, you can get get there. "

Come on, he still cares about the tone of others.

It's a good feeling that I could not get it, but it seems to be completely lost because of the current blundering dialogue.

"That, that. The community you belong to now is … "

He was worried and raised his face, and his face became very gloomy.

Long sighed, then his eyes sharply came over.

「……An unidentified, unarmed person like you, is a fool who is not likable at all.


Because it is completely impossible to refute.

I would also hate to stand on the other side's position. A guy like me is probably brought out of that little community.

"So, (speak) be careful."

It was noticed that the sun had completely fallen and the sky had become very dim.

After he stood up, he picked up the wild boar.

However the body looks slim and thin, it actually seems to be more powerful than the appearance.

Usually you should have exercise.

This world's physical ability after exercise is better than the previous world.

Oops. It does not matter if there is no light? "

"Your worry is superfluous. (There is a very proud one, it can not be turned out to be sad.) "

After muttering something in his mouth, something deep like a ball of light emerged in the depths of the forest.


It is a fairy. Light leprechaun.

Between natural phenomena, assisting in this kind of work, the existence of illusion.

I only saw it in the illustrations, and the real thing was the first time I saw it.

However the elves and goblins of the genus of the forest goddess have a high affinity, it seems that he is also the same.

I am ready for the call of goblin is to feel a sense of impermanence and mutual sympathy, and then accept it, which I have read in the past.

This is a completely different mystery than paying attention to theoretical knowledge and exploring ancient language magic, beliefs, precepts, and then based on these action prayers.


"Well, try not to die in this wilderness."

After that, he took the wild boar and slowly left step by step.

It's really a long-lost talk to anyone.

So somehow, when I thought of leaving, I shouted out unconsciously.

"I am Will! William G?Mary Brad! What about you? "

「…………Menel. Meneldor (or should it be turned into Menerudo?). Well, I should not see each other again. "

After saying this again, the silver-haired mixed-race Melaldor left.

The light of the goblin shines under the feet, taking care of the big wild boar, step by step.

I also followed the seemingly motionless look at his departure.

In order to guard against the beasts attracted by blood, they moved to a certain distance from the disintegration field.

The fire of the fire was redeployed, and temporary tents were built between the trees with canvas and rope.

After setting a few magics to ensure safety, the blanket is ready to sleep.

The obtained forelimbs can be eaten early tomorrow.

But I was a bit worried before, unexpectedly, I can talk to people who are alive.

Menel. Meneldor.

Indeed in the Elvish language, it is the name of the eagle known as the king of the sky.

However the mouth is a bit bad, talking to him is still very enjoyable.

I can not see see each other again, I can fall asleep if I think about it.

– In the middle of the night, I suddenly woke up because of the revelation in my mind.

Like a flashback, the flash in the brain is like a depiction.






Dead body.

Dead body.

Dead body.

Then, it was the silver hair.

"-" Lumen "!!"

Using the light of the "Pale Moon" gunpoint, I rushed into the forest of the night.

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